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Fareed Zakaria GPS…Putin…The Most Powerful Man in the World….

An EXCELLENT piece of Media about Russian President Vladimir Putin and his history, actions and the why he elistited action against Hiullary Clinton becoming the 45th American President….

exp CNN Creative Marketing CNN Special Report Putin_00000311

FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): Winston Churchill famously said of Russia, it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Prime Minister Churchill, meet Vladimir Putin.

DONALD TRUMP, U.S. PRESIDENT: He is really very much of a leader. He’s been a leader far more than our president has been a leader.

HILLARY CLINTON, (D) FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He was a KGB agent. By definition, he doesn’t have a soul.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: Vladimir Putin is a thug and a murderer and a killer.

BILL BROWDER, EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: He’s the richest man in the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth.

ZAKARIA (voice-over): What does he want from Donald Trump?

JULIA IOFFE, JOURNALIST WHO WITNESSED INAUGRAL CRACKDOWN: Putin is going to eat him like a sandwich.

H. CLINTON: He’d rather have a puppet as president.

TRUMP: You’re a puppet.

ZAKARIA (voice-over): Just how powerful is he?

ROBERT GATES, FORMER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Putin has an untrammeled authority.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How did you check his power?

ZAKARIA (voice-over): So powerful he rigged the American election?

DAVID REMNICK, EDITOR, THE NEW YORK: Of course Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to lose. He despised Hillary Clinton.

DMITRY PESKOV, VLADIMIR PUTIN’S DEPUTY: Whom would you like better?


ZAKARIA (voice-over): While Russia celebrates, Americans ask, what does he want? And is he really the most powerful man in the world?….


Here’s the Special Report link….

[voice-over]: He has created what he calls a vertical of power, unlike any we have seen in any great nations. As the Russian chess grandmaster, Kasparov, noted, himself a harsh critic of Putin, the entire structure of Russian political authority rests on one man. When the Czar died after all, you knew the process by which his successor, his son would be elevated. When the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party died, the standing committee and the politburo would select his successor. But when Putin dies, I almost said if, what will happen? No one knows….

Culturally, it has often thought of itself as the third Rome, preserving Christianity even as Roman Byzantium fell to the barbarians.

Putin understands Russia, but he also understands the world. He’s not foolish enough to make a frontal assault on America or Europe. He knows how to use power asymmetrically with cyber tools and disinformation. He understands the vulnerabilities of free societies, the internal divisions and discord, and the gaping openness. He understands the fragility of institutions like the European Union and NATO and ideas like integration and diversity.

(on camera): In other words, Vladimir Putin understands us very well. The question is, do we — does Donald Trump really understand him?


image…CNN screenshot

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Trump keeps up a election lie at meeting with leaders of Congress…

Image result for trump meets with congress heads

In his usual way of working it?

Donald Trump reveals his alternate Universe view of something…..

No matter how much he tries to undo it?

He LOST the 2016 Presidential vote….

By almost THREE MILLION votes….

Yesterday he gave a Bull Shit explanation about it out load to the leaders of Congress who ALL knew he was lying when he said it….

With Million demonstrating against him last weekend and more doing so since he wiggled the White House gig?

The man is well aware of the illegitimate argument Rep Cummings (D-Ga) made out loud about his ‘win’……

And he doesn’t seem to be able deal with it….

President Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders on Monday to falsely claim that millions of unauthorized immigrants had robbed him of a popular vote majority, a return to his obsession with the election’s results even as he seeks support for his legislative agenda.

The claim, which he has made before on Twitter, has been judged untrue by numerous fact-checkers. The new president’s willingness to bring it up at a White House reception in the State Dining Room is an indication that he continues to dwell on the implications of his popular vote loss even after assuming power.

Mr. Trump appears to remain concerned that the public will view his victory — and his entire presidency — as illegitimate if he does not repeatedly challenge the idea that Americans were deeply divided about sending him to the White House to succeed President Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump received 304 electoral votes to capture the White House, but he fell almost three million votes short of Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. That reality appears to have bothered him since Election Day, prompting him to repeatedly complain that adversaries were trying to undermine him….

The president’s comments about the election results and his inauguration came as he gathered the bipartisan leadership of Congress for a White House reception. He also sought to build support for an ambitious legislative agenda, despite days earlier castigating the very institution he needs to approve it….



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Justice Dept IG to probe Clinton Email action by FBI and DOJ…

A little late?

How will the Trump Justice Dept handle this?

The Justice Department inspector general will review broad allegations of misconduct involving the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices and the bureau’s controversial decision shortly before the election to announce the probe had resumed, the inspector general announced Thursday.

The probe will be wide ranging — encompassing the FBI’s various public statements on the matter, whether its deputy director should have been recused and whether FBI or other Justice Department employees leaked nonpublic information, according to a news release from Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.

Lawmakers and others had called previously for the inspector general to probe the FBI’s pre-election actions when it came to the Clinton probe, alleging that FBI Director James B. Comey bucked long-standing policies with his communications about the case and that information seemed to have leaked inappropriately — perhaps to former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani…..


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President Obama joins Congress in ordering a look possible outside tampering with American Election computers…..

…from Politico….

President Barack Obama has ordered a “full review” of hacking-relating activity aimed at disrupting last month’s presidential election and he expects that report before he leaves office on Jan. 20, a top White House official said Friday.

“We may have crossed into a new threshold and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that, to review, to conduct some after-action, to understand what has happened and to impart some lessons learned,” Obama counterterrorism and homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco told reporters at a breakfast arranged by the Christian Science Monitor.

U.S. intelligence officials have blamed the Russian government for pre-election hacking of Democratic officials and political committees. Several Democratic senators have asked Obama to declassify more details about the attacks and why the U.S. concluded the Russians were behind them….


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Your Rural vote IS worth More than Your Urban vote….

It used to be Republicans wanted to get rid of the Electoral College in America that actually picks the American President….

Now it’s the Democrats….

The Upshot @ The NY Times takes a look at how the Electoral college works which has had Democarts LOSE the Election TWICE for President even though they have won the popular vote…This time by MORE than 2 Million votes….

(The system give white rural America a bulkhead against the countries changing demographics)

In ANY other election in this country?

Hillary Clinton would be a Winner….

Washington Politicans are NOT in any hurry to change the ssytem because to do so would require a Constitutional Convention , which could lead to re-written parts of the countries Constitution ……

But something IS glaring wrong with how having the person with the most votes lose being President…..

(And having a Senator from Montana have as much influenece as a Senator from Texas, California or New York according to population…)

In 1920, for the first time, the Census Bureau counted more people living in urbanized America than in the countryside. This hasn’t been a rural nation ever since.

Yet the idea of Thomas Jefferson’s agrarian America has receded slowly despite demographic change. We still romanticize the family farm, though relatively few of them exist anymore. We view even suburbia in pastoral terms — the “crabgrass frontier,” as the historian Kenneth T. Jackson put it. And, as the recent Electoral College results make clear, we still live with political institutions that have baked in a distinctly pro-rural bias, by design.

The Democratic candidate for president has now won the popular vote in six of the last seven elections. But in part because the system empowers rural states, for the second time in that span, the candidate who garnered the most votes will not be president.

Rural America, even as it laments its economic weakness, retains vastly disproportionate electoral strength. Rural voters were able to nudge Donald J. Trump to power despite Hillary Clinton’s large margins in cities like New York. In a House of Representatives that structurally disadvantages Democrats because of their tight urban clustering, rural voters helped Republicans hold their cushion. In the Senate, the least populous states are now more overrepresented than ever before. And the growing unity of rural Americans as a voting bloc has converted the rural bias in national politics into a potent Republican advantage.

“If you’re talking about a political system that skews rural, that’s not as important if there isn’t a major cleavage between rural and urban voting behavior,” said Frances Lee, a professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland. “But urban and rural voting behavior is so starkly different now so that this has major political consequences for who has power.

Seems the one wild card not mentioned is the founders realization of the power of the “mob” circa 1776. The cities would always produce…

“And it’s not just in terms of policy outcomes,” she continued. “This pervasively advantages Republicans in maintaining control of the U.S. national government.”

The Electoral College is just one example of how an increasingly urban country has inherited the political structures of a rural past. Today, states containing just 17 percent of the American population, a historic low, can theoretically elect a Senate majority, Dr. Lee said. The bias also shapes the House of Representatives.

It exists, as a result, in the formulas that determine where highway funds are spent or who gets Homeland Security dollars. It exists in state capitols, where bills preferred by urban delegations have been much more likely to be rejected.

Today, the influence of rural voters also evokes deeply rooted ideals about who should have power in America. Jefferson and James Madison argued that the strength of the nation would always derive from its agrarian soil….


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In Defense of Hillary Clinton….

There are things that NEED to be Said out loud about Hillary Clinton….

Her loss should NOT diminish her efforts and her accomplishments….

Image result for hillary clinton 2016

Sometimes I think I have never seen anything as strong as Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t mean that I like and admire everything about her. I’m not here to argue about who she is, just to note what she did. I watched her plow through opposition and attacks the like of which no other candidate has ever faced and still win the popular vote. To defeat her it took an unholy cabal far beyond what Barack Obama faced when he was the campaign of change, swimming with the tide of disgust about the Bush administration. As the New York Times reported, “By the time all the ballots are counted, she seems likely to be ahead by more than 2m votes and more than 1.5 percentage points. She will have won by a wider percentage margin than not only Al Gore in 2000 but also Richard Nixon in 1968 and John F Kennedy in 1960.”

You can flip that and see that Trump was such a weak candidate it took decades of scheming and an extraordinary international roster of powerful players to lay the groundwork that made his election possible. Defeating Clinton in the electoral college took the 2013 gutting of the Voting Rights Act by Republican appointees to the supreme court. It took vast Republican voter suppression laws and tactics set in place over many years. It took voter intimidation at many polling places. It took the long Republican campaign to blow up the boring bureaucratic irregularity of Clinton’s use of a private email server into a scandal that the media obediently picked up and reheated.

It took James Comey, the director of the FBI, using that faux-scandal and his power to stage a misleading smear attack on Clinton 11 days before the election in flagrant violation of the custom of avoiding such intervention for 60 days before an election. It took a compliant mainstream media running after his sabotage like a golden retriever chasing a tennis ball. It took decades of conservative attacks on the Clintons. Comey, incidentally, served as deputy GOP counsel to the Senate Whitewater committee, that fishing expedition that began with an investigation in a messy real estate deal in Arkansas before Bill Clinton’s presidency and ended with a campaign to impeach him on charges related to completely unrelated sexual activities during his second term.

It took a nearly decade-long reality TV show, The Apprentice, that deified Trump’s cruelty, sexism, racism and narcissism as essential to success and power. As the feminist media critic Jennifer Pozner points out: “Everything Trump said and did was framed in a way to flatter him, and more importantly, flatter his worldview.” The colossal infomercial fictionalized the blundering, cheating businessman as an unqualified success and gave him a kind of brand recognition no other candidate had.

It took the full support of Fox News, whose CEO, Roger Ailes, was so committed to him that after leaving the company following allegations of decades of sexual harassment of employees, he joined the Trump campaign. It took the withdrawal of too many Americans from even that calibre of journalism into the partisan unreliability of faux-news sites and confirmation-bias bubbles of social media….


I know that if Clinton had been elected there would not be terrified and weeping people of color all over the country, small children too afraid to go to school, a shocking spike in hate crimes, high-school students with smashed dreams marching in cities across the country. I deplore some of Hillary Clinton’s past actions and alignments and disagreed with plenty of her 2016 positions. I hoped to be fighting her for the next four years. But I recognize the profound differences between her and Trump on race, gender, immigration and climate, and her extraordinary strength, tenacity and courage in facing and nearly overcoming an astonishing array of obstacles to win the popular vote. Which reminds us that Trump has no mandate and sets before us some of the forces arrayed against us….


There’s a possibility for Clinton to achieve a status that eluded her during the campaign, and over her last 30 years in public life. If elected president, Clinton would have moved into the White House and had to unpack years of baggage—emails, her husband’s scandals, “super predators,” Benghazi—and then deal with the grueling and unpredictable politics of the next four years. That’s a lot to fit in the Resolute desk. But in defeat, that matters less. Her place in American culture is suddenly very different. Hillary Clinton’s transgressions may be largely forgiven by her supporters and largely forgotten by the public.

As a presidential candidate, Clinton was vanquished. But as a feminist icon, she lives on. She’s the women who withstand the painful misogyny of American society. She’s telling your daughter to raise her hand in class, even if the boys make fun of her. She’s pantsuits and she’s the more than 3 million members of the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation. She’s every qualified woman who had an unqualified man beat her out for a job. She’s the “I Voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave. She’s the cracks in the glass ceiling that didn’t break. She’s what could’ve been. She’s the promise of what someday will be.

And as a symbol, she comes right when the American women who supported her most need one…



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Clinton blames FBI Director Comey…For HER Loss….

Hillary Clinton points her finger in the wrong direction….

A person who never connected with the Media until the end….

A person who did NOT want to campaign….

Which Allowed the Media to KEEP running with the issue which helped the opposition and poisoned the water for her…

Hillary Clinton maintained the private server….

Hillary Clinton, when confronted with that fact ?….. Could NOT and  DID NOT find a way to adequately deal with the issue…

In having the private server?

She gave the Republicans an issue they would be able to effectively  undermine her trustworthiness, which was suspect BEFORE the email issue…

Hillary Clinton’s close associate Huma Abedin LEFT the emails from her work on her private laptop, which was used by her husband….


FBI Director Comey did what he did because HILLARY CLINTON allowed the email issue to be used by Republicans to whipsaw Comey AGAINST Clinton….

Donald Trump did NOT show HIS taxes…

He told everybody ‘Go Fuck Yourself’….

As a matter of fact he did that OVER and OVER…..

Hillary Clinton Would NEVER be able do THAT….

She made a series of mistakes HERSELF….

She  just wasn’t smart or STRONG enough to get past HER mistakes and who she IS….

She needs to stop blaming others…

She didn’t do THAT bad….

She had the organization, the money and the majority of Americans do NOT think Trump is good for the job….

But it was HER inability to carry the Obama states….

And Comey didn’t do that by HIMSELF….

He had a LOT of help….

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Streak stays alive: Vigo County, Indiana voted for the Presidential Winner AGAIN….

Evening all!

There is something folks about Vigo County, Indiana. Since 1956 Vigo has voted for the Presidential Winner in every POTUS Election. Vigo, where the City of Terre Haute is located kept his winning streak alive on Tuesday by voting for Donald Trump who later that Night won the Presidency.

Another streak was kept alive on Tuesday: Ohio. Republicans can’t win the WH without it. Well, Trump won Ohio.

Daniel G.

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Thoughts on the 2016 Election and Democrat’s future….

Trump was right….

In the end for about 100,000 voters in the MidWest and the South?

Hillary Clinton was NOT Presidential….

On the whole?

Democrats did NOT do so bad…

Hillary Clinton, like Al Gore ,  IS gonna earn MORE votes than Trump…

But WHERE they came from is the issue for Democrats….

If you look at the final electoral map?

The results are stark….

Except for parts of the upper coast of this country ?

The Democrats lost…

The amount of the lost’s are not big…..

They number in some places less than 20,000

But they are losses….

For voters in these area’s Hillary Clinton was just not an option…


Hillary Clinton …

Where do I start ?

Hillary Clinton has been on the American political scene for decades…

For now?

She will NOT be missed by most….

A very smart woman…..

But not a natural political, and unable to exhibit something basic  that gets one to lead large groups of people….

Trust and Empathy….

Her husband had it…..

Barack Obama and even  George W. Bush had it…..

Bernie Sanders had it…..

And Donald Trump has it….

It has NOTHING to do with policy….

It has nothing to do with Political experience….

It is something you either have or don’t….

Hillary Clinton does NOT have it….

The guys above ALL embraced the Media from the start of their campaigns….

The guys above have BIGGER faults than Hillary had….

But their projection of self overcame anything that would work against them…..All except Sanders where able to carry on….

There will be those who say that ground games don’t work anymore for Presidential candidates…

That is all about the media….

They will be wrong….

Hillary Clinton DID turn out MORE voters for herself….

More voters that Trump and the Republicans….


It is WHERE  those voters  voted….


Barack Obama…

American’s LOVE President Barack Obama….

He probably would have won a third term easily ….

But his success I agree with some posioned the waters somewhat for Hillary Clinton….

The Latino/Hispanic vote rose this year……

But the efforts of President Obama also stayed in the news and aroused a backlash in the states that Hillary Clinton lost….

Those in the South and the MidWest…..

In addition, while the Latino/Hispanic vote did increase?

The Trump percentage of the 2016 vote was actually close….

One reason that may come out in post analysis is that President Obama has deported MORE people than any recent American President….Also….President Obama has tried very publicly to reform  Immigration and failed VERY publicly , thus making white and Latino voters annoyed at him and maybe casting votes for Trump or NOT voting at all….

Everytime President Obama issued a Executive order on something?

The Republicans made a VERY big deal about it….

They fought him in the courts….

THAT narrative found ears in the American South and MidWest….

In the Blue states these efforts bolstered Clinton’s vote probably …

But she HAD those votes going in….


The Media….

Let’s face it….

The Media counts for something….

Love it…

Or Hate it?

It sets the table….

Donald Trump came to the table as an entertainer…..

A guy who LOVES the spotlight…..

Hillary Clinton NEVER liked the spotlight….

Never trusted the Media….

And in a way her husband IS to blame for that….

She suffered in the end for it….



Hillary Clinton’s lawyer and lack of media and political smarts will looked at in this will be examined for a long time….

She simply got played by herself and the Republicans….

I’m only going to relate this….

Donald Trump by his shear Media presence was able to go thru the last 18 months WITHOUT showing his taxes….

The guy simply said ‘Fuck You…I’m NOT showing them….’

The issue went away ….

Hillary Clinton carried the issue on her back the WHOLE campaign, unable to deal with it in any effective way….

It hurt her in those places she need the xtra few thousand votes….


The Future of the Democratic Party….

A few days ago EVERYBODY was worried about the split of the Grand Ole Party….

I warned here that they would be ok….

They will…..

Oh, they’ll have a whole lot political fist fights coming their way with Trump in the White House, the establishment  trying to corral him and bring him back to reality , while the hard-right knuckleheads try to get their piece….

But the real trouble place is the Democrats….

With Barack Obama stepping down?

The Democratic party has issues….

Look a the party leadership….

It is OLD….

It is hurting …..

The Republican’s have the whole ball of political wax…..

They just the White House to Trump….

Couldn’t even get the Senate and had no chance to get the House…

The leadership of those bodies are BOTH over 60…..

Looking at the electoral map today?

A Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is NOT the answer for making headway in the South and MidWest….

Democrats will need a YOUNGER bench to go to work….

Democrats will need to SLOW their roll on some issues in the South and MidWest and concentrate on enabling those area’s to improve THEIR economic vitality …..

And Yes….

Obamacare , the Affordable Healthcare Law IS gonna need adjustments…

The person Democrats send to run for the White House in four years  will have to be Media Savvy ….(America seems to NOT to be ready for a Woman President)

Should have little political history to have GOPer’s chew on …..

And have the file on ALL the mistakes that will accumulate during the next four years by Trump and Republicans….

There are a LOT of Americans who ARE upset and walking around in disbelief….

THAT by itself is NOT enough….

DEMOCRATS HAVE TO find away to get more votes in the South and Mid West…..

THAT is what they need to WIN….


The Dog….

Image….The Washington Post

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Donald J. Trump is elected President….

In a stunning evening that proved most of the pundits and pollster wrong AGAIN….

Image result for trump

Donald J. Trump has captured the American Presidency by virtue of the Electoral College numbers in the states…

It appears that Hillary Clinton, like Al Gore, could actually win the popular vote…

There will be complaining about that by Democrats , but this is the way this country picks it’s leader….

I don’t pretend to be happy about this…

But,  I’ll get over it in a while…

Some thoughts….

First Donald Trump….

Forget most of the Bull Shit that Trump used to get the job…

He isn’t gonna reinvent America..

The place , that he ranted against isn’t set up to handle big changes….

Ask Barack Obama….

The Democrats and his own parties establishment will be pulling at him to conform and they have their own needs and wants…

Trump is gonna find in the time before he takes the job that it will harder than anything he has every done….

Now ALL of the private things he has tried to hide from others WILL be fair game for the Media and they will pounce…

All of the Media spotlight and negativity will only make Trump stronger to his cult like base…He has flaws…

But he will have support , because he is in the end a simple old timer that projects old fashion Republican ‘I don’t give a fuck’….

Now Hillary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton , as usual?

Ran a terrible campaign…

She is who she is….

And repeats the 2008 primary mistakes…

From day one she signaled that she did NOT like or want to campaign…

On a basic human level she quite conveyed that sense that she was one of us…

She was NEVER comfortable with the Media , that Sanders and Trump where able ride in the beginnings of their campaign….

She IS more qualified that anyone in modern history to BE President…

But to get the job?

THAT is NOT nearly enough…

But more that anything else?

Hillary Clinton lost the job because she simply could NOT get away from the email’s story…

The Republicans started on it…

She NEVER was able to explain the actions enough…

And in the waning days of the campaign the FBI Director put the issue front and center after House Republicans made him do it…

The Republicans played the long game against Hillary Clinton and she was never able to get ahead of it….

The Media…

The Media in the beginning got pimped as I continually said here when the ‘Donald’ jumped in…

And entertainer, not shy in front of the camera’s, with Bill Clinton’s need to be loved…He swept the GOP primaries by being larger than life and being willing sink lower than anybody else and call them names….

The played to the media’s hunger for something ‘different’…

After Trump won the nomination, the Media turned on him and he retreated from their embrace, but even with that ?….The Media was hooked…

Clinton , as mentioned before, has NEVER liked the media and will be a footnote to future candidate’s as how NOT to deal with the media…

The Pollsters….

They got is wrong…..

Almost ALL of them….

Wether it was people lying to them or other factors?

They screwed up in the general election as in the primaries…

We’ll be hearing why for the next four years…

The Black, Brown, and Yellow vote….

As in the Texas Governor race last time the Democrats sold everyone on the ‘ground game’…..

Its looks like it worked , because Clinton will probably end up with more votes than Trump…


Barack Obama WAS History….

Hillary Clinton simply was as i say above NOT sold as such…

No matter what?

She is a white female…

While minorities came out in large numbers for her…

There hearts where NOT in it ….

The White Vote….

Let’s face it…

Donald Trump is the poster guy for the 20th Century White ‘I’m the MAN’….

With all of the 21st Century changes ushered in by America’s first Black (Mixed) President ?

A lot of white people ARE scared….

Donald Trump masterfully has used THAT for the last year to demobilize anyone that ain’t his religion or skin color….

He isn’t gonna build a Wall across the US Southern Border….

He isn’t gonna stop the flow of people coming here any better that President Obama who has had more deported that any America President ….

But the perception thing?

He and Republicans are aces at THAT ….

America is gonna be fine for the next four years….

The change parties thing is alive and well still….

For the last few weeks my posts here assumed a Clinton victory…

I and others WHERE WRONG…

We ALL must hope that Donald Trump can fumble thru this with the help of those who KNOW BETTER helping him measure up to the office….

Democrats have a LOT of soul searching to do….

I know America is divided ….

But the Democrats simply cannot run somebody that promises to make TOO much of a radical change in things…

Trump and the Republicans in the end will NOT dismantle ALL of Obama’s efforts…

America is in the 21st Century we cannot go backwards….

But Democrats need to find someone young with little history to be strapped around their efforts to run…

Democrats need to find someone who LOVES to campaign…

Democrats need to KEEP at efforts to organize Black, Brown, Yellow  and Whites that will become MORE of what America is everyday…

Donald Trump IS a wake up call to Democrat’s….

This election like 2010 is a message….

And Democrats better get THAT message…

2018 is a cold wind coming and while the country changes?

Republicans could keep winning and trying to go inward and backwards, which is NOT what this countries strength is…


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Open Thread for November 6, 2016…VOTE….

Image result for go out and vote

The 2016 Presidential Election is a a scant few days away….


It’s about time….

Enough of the guessing….

Enough of the Bull Shit

Enough of the Emails…

Enough of the polling….

Enough of the predictions….

It’s time for the REAL DEAL….

People have to go out, if they haven’t ALREADY and cast their vote for who they want to lead the country, their state and local government….

Go out and VOTE!…..

image… eveningsun.com

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Political Roundup for November 4th, 2016…The mess after the election?…RRH Elections

This is the final weekend before election day, which is a good time to remind you that regardless of who wins on Tuesday we will have to spend the next four years either dealing with stories about investigation into Hillary Clinton’s negligent handling of classified government information and pay to play donations to her “charitable” Foundation or stories about women Donald Trump sexually harassed, financial fraud allegations against him and a myriad of other shady business and tax dealing he’s engaged in over the years. Good work America!


Trump: Porn watchers like Donald Trump. Trump won porn site RedTube’s presidential poll 52% to 46%. Who could have guessed that guys who like to watch p***y prefer a candidate who likes to grab p***y!

Cruz: Ted Cruz’s conscience allows him to campaign for Donald Trump in Iowa. THIS is who Ted Cruz really is.

Johnson: Reason takes a look at how Gary Johnson’s vote total will effect Libertarian Party ballot access. 0.5% of the vote will get them access in Michigan and New Mexico for 2018. 1% will get full ballot access in in Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, and Wisconsin in 2018 and 2018 and 2020 access in Oregon. In Connecticut 1% will get their Presidential candidate ballot access in 2020. 2% gets the Libertarian Party full ballot access in 2018 in Iowa. 2.5% gets full ballot access for 2018 in Oklahoma. 7,500 votes gets 2018 access in Washington D.C. 3% gets 2018 ballot access in Arkansas, Idaho, and Massachusetts. 3% would have earned the party ballot access in Ohio for 2018 and 2020 but since Johnson is listed on ballot as an Independent and not a Libertarian it is not relevant. 5% gets full ballot access for 2018 in North Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas and for 2018 and 2020 in Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Washington state. Finally these 13 states give third parties no special ballot access benefits no matter how well their presidential candidate does; California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton…

Your Birthday Present is coming November 8th!

image…Noah Berger/Bloomberg

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We’ll happy when the 2016 Election is OVER…


I’ve had enough of Donald Trump’s Bull Shit…

I’ve had enough of the Media overexposure of the guy…

I’ve had enough of the polls that I will feature here up until the election…

I see I have a LOT of company on this…

Image result for 2016 elections

No matter whom they support at the polls, Americans can mostly agree on one thing about this presidential campaign ― they’re really, really ready to be finished with it.

An 81 percent majority of Americans say they wish this election were over, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, with just 12 percent saying they’re enjoying watching things play out. More than three-quarters of people in both parties say they’re ready to move on.

An identical 59 percent of Democrats, Republicans and independents say they’ve heard too much discussion of the presidential election. Just 7 percent of all Americans say they wish they’d heard more….



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More and More Women are signing up to vote for President this time…

And THAT is NOT a Good Thing for Donald Trump, who has gone out of his way in dissing women….(Especiually seen in the First Presidential Debate)

That and the prospect of the history of Hilarry Clinton being the first woman President does NOT bode well for the Republican Presidential candidate with the increase in women voters…

Clinton has long held a massive advantage with women overall, polls show. But on the Friday following the first debate, McDonald said, he saw North Carolina absentee ballot requests spike among women. Over the next week, 59.4 percent of requests would come from women. Only about 55 percent of requests came from women in the week prior to the debate, he noted in a blog post. In Georgia, McDonald spotted a similar trend: 59.3 percent of requests came from women the week following the debate, up from under 57 percent the week preceding the debate.

“It was more of a bump than it was a permanent increase in absentee balloting activity by women,” he cautioned. But he also said that “I think at least partially, it’s interest and enthusiasm from these women.”

And that surge occurred before the release of a tape that caught Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women— a tape that caused 14 percent of North Carolina voters surveyed in a Suffolk University poll to change their view of Donald Trump.

The increase in Democratic women voting early in North Carolina reflects broader challenges for Republicans in the state so far. While Republicans typically do better in early voting by mail than Democrats do, their numbers in North Carolina in 2016 have consistently trailed their 2012 numbers, when Mitt Romney scored a narrow victory over Obama, while Democrats have outperformed their early vote-by-mail numbers they recorded four years ago….


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The media needs to stop worrying about Trump won’t concede the Election Results…Update


Lets get something straight here…

Donald Trump IS gonna lose his race for President in 23 days…

American is gonna choose it’s First Women President…

On December 20th she will; be Elected officially…

Donald Trump is laying the ground work to massage his ego about the upcoming loss….

Him losing is NOT gonna delegitimize the way America choses its President….

Media stories cropping up now about how the country will be thrown into turmoil if Trump doesn’t get HIS way are ridiculous and irresponsible and should be packed away by media editors …

America has been fine without Donald Trump for centuries….

It isn’t gonna have trouble after he loses….

We’re better than that…


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said he and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will “absolutely” accept the results of the general election.

“The American people will speak in an election that will culminate on Nov. 8,” Pence, the GOP vice presidential nominee, said in an interview that aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


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