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How She Lost…By a Hillary Clinton campaign insider….

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A good piece that points to how Hillary Clinton misjudged handling her campaign and a confirmation that she simply does NOT have the political feel for how people are doing in America….

The piece also spotlights a recurring problem for the former Senator…

Her inability to let go of those she trusts, when others are telling her things that might be true, but counter’s her inner circle….All that and Clinton’s feeling that she WOULD win and couldn’t lose, something that ALSO triped her up back in the 2008 Democratic nomination race…

She had the problemn in 2008 and it cost her, and in the piece linked below, we  she also repeated the same mistake AGAIN last year…

She DID actually win one of the TWO contests last November…..

She won the popular vote, which would have been enough for any other election in America….But she lost the second contest that gives the prize…The Electoral College vote…And the Job…..

Hillary Clinton’s tragic 2016 campaign faced withering criticism in the press, social media, and now, in Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’s inside account, Shattered. From my vantage point as lead pollster for the Democratic nominees in 1992 and 2000, part of the closing clutch of pollsters in 2004, and invited noodje in 2016, I have little quarrel with the harshest of these criticisms. Malpractice and arrogance contributed mightily to the election of Donald Trump and its profound threat to our democracy. So did the handling of the email server, paid Wall Street speeches, and the “deplorables” comment. And her unwillingness to challenge the excesses of big money and corporate influence left her exposed to attacks first by Bernie Sanders and then by Donald Trump and unable to offer credible promise of change.

Yet the accounts of Hillary Clinton are very incomplete, miss the reasons for her ambivalence, and miss most of the big structural forces at work that made it hard for her to commit to a different path. That is where we learn the most about the progressive debate ahead….

The campaign relied far too heavily on something that campaign technicians call “data analytics.” This refers to the use of models built from a database of the country’s 200 million–voters, including turnout history and demographic and consumer information, updated daily by an automated poll asking for vote preference to project the election result. But when campaign developments overtake the model’s assumptions, you get surprised by the voters—and this happened repeatedly.

Astonishingly, the 2016 Clinton campaign conducted no state polls in the final three weeks of the general election and relied primarily on data analytics to project turnout and the state vote. They paid little attention to qualitative focus groups or feedback from the field, and their brief daily analytics poll didn’t measure which candidate was defining the election or getting people engaged.

The models from the data analytics team led by Elan Kriegel got the Iowa and Michigan primaries badly wrong, with huge consequences for the race. Why were they not then fired? Campaign manager Robbie Mook and the analytics team argued, according to Shattered, that the Sanders vote grew “organically”—turnout was unexpectedly high and new registrants broke against Clinton. Why was that a surprise?

Campaign chair John Podesta wanted to fire Mook, but Clinton stood by him. She rightly admired previous campaigns in which big data and technology were big winners, yet in 2008 it was the candidate and his appeal more than the technical wizardry that pushed Obama over the top. David Axelrod told me that analytics adds a “great field-goal kicker”—no substitute for a strategy and compelling message….

The malpractice grows exponentially with their failure to focus like a laser on winning each target primary or battleground state. Rather than shifting resources and media buys across states based on the analytics’ projection of cost per delegate or voter, they needed to focus on how to win each must-win, winner-take-all state. That meant more distinct state strategies, focus groups, and state tracking polls right to the end.

The campaign’s approach senselessly and increasingly drove up Trump’s margin in white working-class communities, tipping Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The analytics model built around these assumptions was so simple-minded it portended disaster. Despite overwhelming evidence that the Democratic base wasn’t consolidated or excited, the campaign believed Trump’s tasteless attacks and Clinton’s identification with every group in the rainbow coalition would produce near universal support. Thus, they stopped trying to persuade voters and measured only the probability of support for Hillary. The campaign’s task was turning out those Clinton voters, and they fell frustratingly short….

Much More….


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Donald Trump gets Hillary and Bill Clinton a standing Ovation….

It HAD to be tough day for Hillary Clinton….

But she and her husband did the ‘right thing’ for the institution of the American Presidency by showing up at Donald Trump’s swearing in ceremony and afterwards….

Trump, who is VERY aware of people being ‘nice’ to him made sure to be gracious to the Clinton’s who he has socialized with before he ran for President and invited to his 3rd wedding….And of course said shitty things about during the Presidential campaign….

But then?

That’s politics, eh?

President Donald Trump led attendees at the Statuary Hall inaugural luncheon in giving a standing ovation to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. “There is something that I wanted to say because I was very honored — very, very honored — when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton were coming today,” he said of his inauguration. “I want you to stand up.” Watch the touching moment in the video above.

Trump, his family and the entire room applauded the couple. ”Honestly, there’s nothing more I can say because I have a lot of respect for those two people and thank you all for being here,” Trump said….


image… Eliza Collins/Twitter

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Politico does a after action report on the 2016 Presidential race….

Excellent early ookback at the Race for President 2016…..

Gives us a look back at how Hillary Clinton ran and made mistakes that would cost her….How little clues about her loss would be right in front of the campaign people…But Clinton herself would NOT help deal with them….

Also looked back at how Donald Trump ran on his OWN internal’s….Fell down…But always seemed to find a way to get back with the people who would come to support him…..

The Piece IS long but well worth the read for those who would like to read about the campaign so soon  before the number of books hit the book stores….

10 Crucial Decisions That Reshaped America

…..George W. Bush—like Trump, a popular vote-losing winner whose unusual 2000 election victory cast a long shadow over his presidency—viewed politics as a series of “decision points.” Some, he argued in his memoir of that name, were made half-consciously in the frenzy of events, others after careful consultation.

That was the conclusion I arrived at, too, after dozens of interviews with senior Democrats and Republicans over the past 18 months: The outcome of the extraordinary campaign, which has left the country divided and disoriented six weeks before Inauguration Day, came down to a succession of decision points by the candidates, their opponents—and the nation’s top cop—some of which seemed consequential at the time, many of which didn’t.

If Trump leaped, his opponent looked, and for a long time. Hillary Clinton’s choices were, characteristically, painstakingly and privately concocted, befitting a two-time presidential candidate whose defining—and perhaps fatal—characteristic was risk aversion. The omens of defeat were everywhere if she was looking for them—nagging, disquieting, try-and-forget-what-just-happened whispers of looming catastrophe. But the biggest warning was one of the quietest, a razor flick of doubt at what should have been Clinton’s moment of triumph. On the night of July 28, the Bernie Sanders and Clinton supporters shouted in rare unison as their hero Barack Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. “Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!” they chanted. This was not an option. Obama shushed them and reminded everybody—as he always did—that this was Clinton’s hour. Except, it wasn’t.

Trump, of course, couldn’t have been more different from Clinton—in process as in everything else. Improvisational and impulsive, Trump made decisions shaped by intuition, impelled by his branding genius and reality-TV showmanship, largely uninformed by research, polling, ideology or even fact. Above all, every call he made was buttressed by a sense of daring that allowed him to take advantage of every mistake made by every opponent he faced. This was a candidate who decided from Day One that he would win or lose on his own terms, playing the cable networks for free airtime, using his Twitter feed to communicate directly with the media and voters—as if the “Fireside Chats” were written by Don King—and eschewing traditional advertising for rowdy and rousing mass rallies like leather-lung politicians in the era before microphones.

Together, these choices, combined with lightning flashes of luck and happenstance, added up to the biggest surprise in a year of shocks. Here, then, are 10 decisions that defined the 2016 campaign—and changed the course of American history.


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Trump went back and back to the batteleground state’s he won…Clinton didn’t enough…

I’ve said this a THOUSAND TIMES……

Hillary Clinton NEVER liked campaigning…..

It cost her even though she got MORE votes than Donald Trump….

She’s blaming her Electoral state loses on FBI Director Comey….

“Our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum,” Clinton said in a call with donors Saturday, according to a source who participated in the call.

“We dropped and we had to keep really pushing ahead to regain our advantage, which, going into the last weekend, we had. We were once again up in all but two of the battleground states, and we were up considerably in some that we ended up losing. And we were feeling like we had put it back together,” she said in remarks first reported by The Washington Post.

That may be true. But travel may have also been a significant factor.

Trump out-campaigned Clinton by 30 percent in Florida, winning by 1.3 points a state that had gone Democratic in 2008 and 2012.

In Pennsylvania, Trump made 23 percent more visits and won the previously blue state by 1.2 points.

The biggest disparity came in Ohio, where Clinton made 17 stops and Trump made 26. He won the state by more than 8 points. In North Carolina, Clinton made 16 stops as Trump made 23, and he took the state by a little under 4 points.

And in what may prove to be this cycle’s most stunning 11th hour upset, Michigan hosted Trump 13 times in the last 100 days. Clinton visited just six times in comparison and, as of Sunday, was behind Trump by 47.3 to 47.6 percent….


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Donald Trump’s campaign manager admits her guy is losing…

Conversation held yesterday between Kellyanne Conway and Chuck Todd of MSNBC….

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CHUCK TODD: Let me just ask you about all of these national polls have come out, most of them have shown a large lead for Secretary Clinton, there are a couple that have different methodology that have shown a tighter race. Where do you see this race right now? Do you acknowledge that your behind?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: We are behind. She has some advantages, like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of September, thereby doubling her ad buys from August. Now, most of those ads are negative against Donald Trump, classic politics, personal destruction, (UNINTEL) kind of ads. And that she has tremendous advantages.

She has a former president, happens to be her husband, campaigning for her. The current president and first lady, vice president, all much more popular than she can hope to be. And she’s seen as the incumbent. So our advantage going in when we’re behind one, three, four points in some of these swing states that Mitt Romney lost to President Obama, Chuck our advantage is that Donald Trump is just going to continue to take the case directly to the people.

He doesn’t expect to be able to cut through the noise or the silence and the way we’re treated by some. And so he’s taking the case, he’s going to visit all of these swing states many times, as is his running mate, Governor Pence. And we feel that with Hillary Clinton under 50% in some of these places, even though she has run a very traditional and expensive campaign, that we have a shot of getting those undecided voters that somehow have said, “I know who Hillary Clinton is, I don’t want to vote for her, I don’t much trust or like her,” we need to bring them aboard over the next couple of weeks….


(Italitics are for highlighted comments in the linked piece)


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Hillary Clinton begins to think about running things as President….

While the candiadate  caution’s everyone to wait until November 9th to talk about this…..Clinton people ARE already beginning to think about after she wins the election….

There is two weeks until the votes are counted…

But the voting HAS BEGUN around the country with millions of ballot sheets already marked….

The polls ALL show Hillary Clinton with a single digit lead above the margin of error…..

The counting for Electoral votes has Clinton in the 300 to 350 range which is 30 above the required 270…..

Just about every Republican pollster and serious pundit has quietly agreed that Donald Trump is on his way to a LOSS…

Hillary Clinton has slowed down her direct references to Trump and hopes she can mend fences with some of Republicans supporting Trump….

Image result for hillary clinton winning the presidency

Hillary Clinton is devoting more attention to the postelection landscape, working to bolster Democratic numbers in Congress and trying to set voter expectations about what she could realistically achieve should she win.

Mrs. Clinton still talks about Republican rival Donald Trump on the trail, but she seems more resistant to directly engaging an opponent who has been losing ground in the polls.

The Democratic nominee told reporters she no longer wants to spend time parrying Mr. Trump, having stood on stage with him for three presidential debates. Aboard her campaign plane this weekend, she said: “I debated him for 4½ hours. I don’t even think about responding to him anymore.”

Still, wary of appearing overconfident, Mrs. Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine stress they aren’t assuming the contest is won.

“We’re going to hammer to do everything we can before the polls close the evening of Nov. 8,” Mr. Kaine said Sunday on NBC.

Asked about possible cabinet choices aboard her plane, Mrs. Clinton suggested it would be presumptuous to talk about filling a new administration. “I’m a little superstitious about that,” she said….



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Hillary Clinton supporters STILL HAVE TO come out and VOTE….

Most of us who KNOW that Donald Trump will LOSE the election in a few weeks….

That’s Good….

But you HAVE to come out and MAKE THAT Happen…..

In some state’s there will efforts by Trump supporters and others to suppress the anti-Trump vote….


It is NO GOOD to think , ‘ Oh he’s done…I don’t need to vote’…..


YOU NEED COME OUT A MAKE SURE Donald Trump isn’t the guy who COULD become President….

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President Obama….Trump should ‘Stop Whining ‘…..

President Obama went there against Donald Trump on SEVERAL accounts during a news confrenece with Italian PM Matteo Renzi…..

President Obama said Tuesday that Donald J. Trump should “stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.”

Speaking at a Rose Garden news conference with Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, Mr. Obama also called it “unprecedented” for any presidential candidate to “discredit the elections” before any votes were even cast, as Mr. Trump has done repeatedly in recent days.

“One of the great things about America’s democracy is we have a vigorous, sometimes bitter political contest, and when it’s done, historically, regardless of party, the person who loses the election congratulates the winner, reaffirms our democracy and we move forward,” Mr. Obama said.

Speaking of the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power after presidential elections, Mr. Obama said, “That’s how democracy survives.”

“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history, any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s unprecedented. It happens to be based on no facts.”


President Obama on the

Obama also said Trump’s “flattery” of Russian President Vladimir Putin is “out of step” with US norms.
“The degree to which he seems to model many of his policies and approaches to politics on Mr. Putin is unprecedented in American politics and is out of step” with bipartisan approaches toward Moscow, Obama said.
Obama said Trump’s actions rarely surprise him anymore. But he said he was bothered by Republicans who have traditionally taken a harsh stance on Russia, who now back Trump….
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Can Hillary Clinton get Ohio back?

The polling for Ohio has NOT been good for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for a while….

Yesterday she paid the state a visit to try and get things back her way….

Ohio has always been a bellweather state for Presidential election, but it doesn’t seem so this time….

Clinton is thought to have 300 Electoral votes without the state….

But it seems she is gonna try to get it back in the final month by working  Trump tax issue….

“The whole [Tax]story tells us everything we need to know about how Trump does business,” Clinton told a crowd of about 1,100 supporters packed into the city’s main rail station. It was the first time Clinton responded directly to a New York Times story published over the weekend, which revealed that Trump lost close to $1 billion in 1995 and could have offset the massive loss by not paying taxes for the following 18 years. His surrogates over the weekend argued Trump was a “genius” and the only candidate who truly understood the country’s complicated tax laws in order to reform them.

But Clinton on Monday used the report to tell blue-collar workers and union members in Ohio, many of them still recovering from the 2008 housing crisis, that Trump simply wasn’t looking out for people like them.

“After he made all those bad bets and lost all that money, he didn’t lift a finger to help and to protect his employees, or all the small businesses and contractors he’d hired, or the people of Atlantic City,” Clinton said, adding that his tax proposals call for increases on middle-class families.

It’s a message Democrats on the ground here said they expect will help erase Trump’s current lead — the latest RealClearPolitics polling average puts Trump 3.4 points ahead of the Democratic nominee — and shift the state to Clinton’s column….


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Gary Johnson is done…..

The Libertaina had a ‘Dan Quayle’ moment last night….

He won’t recover in the media….

It would be easy to describe Gary Johnson’s appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday as having doomed his third-party candidacy for president were it not for the fact that his candidacy was already doomed. The English language lacks a good way to describe something that was already in very bad shape and then, somehow, becomes far worse rather dramatically. Like if the Titanic had begun sinking but then blew up.

Johnson was talking politics with the “Morning Joe” crew when regular guest Mike Barnicle shifted gears.

“What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?” Barnicle asked.

“About?” Johnson replied.

“Aleppo,” Barnicle said.

“And what is Aleppo?” Johnson asked.

A beat. “You’re kidding,” Barnicle replied. “No!” Johnson said, prompting Barnicle to explain that Aleppo is a city in Syria that epitomizes the country’s refugee crisis and has seen some of the worst horrors of its civil war. But … you probably knew that….


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Trump wonders why is he the Underdog?

REALLY Donald?

The show is OVER.

People SEE behind the curtain….

The crowds ain’t enough….(Ya gotta do your homework)

This ain’t the primaries….

Trump has trailed Hillary Clinton in most every national poll since he effectively clinched the Republican nomination, though Gallagher noted two recent polls that show Trump gaining ground or even leading, despite most other polls showing Clinton with more significant leads. A Fox News poll released Wednesday evening showed Clinton with a 6-point advantage nationwide, widening her advantage from earlier in June.

“The tide is going to turn and people are going to wake up,” Gallagher nonetheless predicted.

“Well, you know, I really feel it, Mike. I go to Ohio, we were there two days ago, and Pennsylvania and near Pittsburgh and we — I was in West Virginia, the crowds are massive. And you know, I walked out of one, and I said, ‘I don’t see how I’m not leading,'” Trump said, invoking the size of his crowds.


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There WILL be More Opposition piece’s about Trump coming out….

While the Media has been dropping weekly investigative pieces on Donald Trump and business history…..The Clinton campaign has a opposition research group American Bridge working for them…..

And there seems to be a LOT of data they will be able expose about Trump ….and other Republicans running for office……

Of course, Donald Trump has been very helpful  himself….

It is maintaining an archive of digital video footage, with 6,500 clips of Mr. Trump speaking or being mentioned, going back to the 1980s, and 17,000 hours of footage over all. It has also compiled more than 5,000 pages of research on the presumptive Republican nominee and has 25 trackers monitoring him.

American Bridge is playing a more significant role in 2016 than it did in 2012, when the Obama campaign was leery of the group, which was founded by a close ally of Hillary Clinton’s. This cycle, Democrats have relied on it openly for research.

There are special systems that allow it to search by specific strings of words to identify issue targets. It is trying to expedite their ability to quickly frame a case against Mr. Trump. And it is monitoring roughly 600 candidates up and down the ballot, in addition to Mr. Trump….


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Trump moves ahead of Clinton in November polling averages…Update*

Something noteworthy has been going on in polling for November’s  Presidential Election….

Hillary Clinton has been dropping like a stone…..

As Trump in the position of NOT having anyone contest his nomination get?

Hillary Clinton is having her support waver as Bernie Sanders continues working on keeping his supporters engaged in HIM….

I have steadfastly held to the position that Sanders HAS been good for Clinton UP to few weeks ago…..NOT NOW

Now Sanders maybe keeping some Democrats and newbie’s juiced up….

And THAT is beginning to hurt Clinton in the polling….(Trump is ahead by LESS than a whole percentage point)

Sanders is continuing to do what he has been about all along….

Fostering HIS political ‘Revolution’ against the system for HIS own good….

While there are reports that Sanders HAS been talking behind the scenes to Democratic party members …..

Sanders has promised his supporters that he will continue his sidewalk act until the July Democratic convention , which is HIS way of leveraging the party away from Clinton to him….

His polling numbers now show HIM up against Trump by the double digits…..

Bernie Sanders IS fighting a guerrilla war now against the Democratic party….

We are seeing the American Presidency  favorited in the polling by those who would choose between guys closer to fascism and socialism…..Against a women who is wholly qualified to become President….But isn’t out there promising things she can’t deliver….

Clinton’s numbers will recover …..

But as long as Sanders keeps at this?

Hillary Clinton will be receiving incoming from BOTH Trump and Sanders….

Clinton doesn’t like to get out there in the media or in front of large crowds like the others guys do…

And it’s costing her…..



NBC is just out with a poll as I did this post ( It shows Clinton Up +3 over Trump)…..Sanders is creating a drag on Clinton’s POLLING numbers….Her path to a November victory REMAINS Strong against Trump…




Bloomberg Politics ‏@bpolitics 20m20 minutes ago
Clinton says Bernie Sanders has ‘every right’ to continue his campaign http://bloom.bg/1TnRqK1

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Hillary Clinton starts off Way ahead of Trump…But?

Polling out today and in the coming week will show that Hillary Clinton has a wide lead over Donald Trump in the general election race….

November is six months away….

Already we have Conservatives saying they won’t vote for Trump….

Some even are saying they’ll vote for Hillary instead?…We’ll see on THAT….

Some Bernie Sanders supporters say it’s Bernie or else…..But most KNEW he wasn’t gonna be the Democratic nominee as they cast their votes for the past month…

That this will be a nasty and hard fought general election goes without a doubt….

Donald Trump has shown that he will go personal….

He doesn’t do details …..

He’s about telling people that he is the ‘Alpha’ male….

And he WILL step on ANYONE and EVERYONE’S back to get what he wants….

THAT has worked for him with most Republicans….

Hillary Clinton has assured people that she’s ready this time…

That she is experienced and qualified to assume the Presidency….

THAT has worked for her with the base of the Democratic party….

As things unfold we are going to see a colossal fight play out…..

The future of the Republican Party…..

This countries ability to deal with changes in who/what it is….

This countries ability to envelope ALL of its people in their rights….

And the way the country deals with the openness of the new social media world are ALL on the line come November…..

A general election matchup between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton became all but certain on Tuesday after Mr. Trump’s decisive victory in Indiana.

He would begin that matchup at a significant disadvantage.

Yes, it’s still a long way until Election Day. And Mr. Trump has already upended the conventional wisdom many times. But this is when early horse-race polls start to give a rough sense of the November election, and Mr. Trump trails Mrs. Clinton by around 10 percentage points in early general election surveys, both nationally and in key battleground states.

He even trails in some polls of several states where Mitt Romney won in 2012, like North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri and Utah.

Could Mr. Trump overtake Mrs. Clinton? Sure. Mrs. Clinton is very unpopular herself. Her polling lead is a snapshot in time, before the barrage of attack ads that are sure to come her way. There have been 10-point shifts over the general election season before, even if it’s uncommon. But there isn’t much of a precedent for huge swings in races with candidates as well known as Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. A majority of Americans may not like her, but they say they’re scared of him. To have a chance, he’ll need to change that….


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Hillary Clinton is to the left of Donald Trump on Foreign Affairs…

Contrary to an NY Time piece that branded Hillary Clinton , the former Sec of State as a Super-Hawk….

A look at her record compared to the Republicans running for President shows her to left of the guys and compared to even Bernie Sanders?

She’a about even….

And she WAS the Sec of State for FOUR years….

Late on Thursday, the New York Times magazine published a lengthy profile of Hillary Clinton under an illustration of her as a toy soldier and the headline “How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk.”

The profile, by Mark Landler, traces her evolution on foreign policy, explores her legacy as secretary of state, and seeks to deduce a Clinton worldview. It’s fascinating, deeply reported, and well worth reading. It also reiterates what is perhaps the defining piece of conventional wisdom about Hillary Clinton and foreign policy: she is a super-hawk.

“For all their bluster about bombing the Islamic State into oblivion, neither Donald J. Trump nor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have demonstrated anywhere near the appetite for military engagement abroad that Clinton has,” Landler writes.

“Unexpectedly, in the bombastic, testosterone-fueled presidential election of 2016, Hillary Clinton is the last true hawk left in the race,” he adds.

A few hours after the piece went online, something else was published comparing the presidential candidates on foreign policy. And the story it told could not have been more different.

It was a simple scorecard, assembled by a non-partisan nuclear nonproliferation group called Global Zero, comparing the five remaining candidates on a battery of eight foreign policy issues.

On every issue that Global Zero measured, Clinton is indicated as far less hawkish than all three of the Republican candidates, and as basically tied with Bernie Sanders. She supports the Iran nuclear deal; the Republicans all oppose it. She supports using diplomacy to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis; John Kasich is the only Republican to do so. She supports negotiating with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons; no Republican candidate does.

This measured only policies related to nuclear weapons, and so is far from comprehensive. But on these major geopolitical challenges — including the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, which seem among the few crises that could plausibly draw the US into war — Clinton is significantly more dovish than all three Republican candidates….



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Trump wants to run against Sanders….

If Donald Trump had his way, Bernie Sanders would defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

“I’d rather run against Bernie to be honest,” Trump said Monday at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina. “I’d rather run against a socialist-slash-communist in this country, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think it will be Hillary because she’s being protected by the Democrats.”

But later in the rally, he changed his mind…..


(He does THAT OFTEN….)

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