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The Clinton and Bush families can stay friends now…..

Hillary Clinton IS gonna be the Democratic nominee…

Jeb Bush is NOT gonna be the GOP nominee….

The two families have actually grown friendly…

That won’t be hurt by this years Presidential campaign anymore….

(The Bush family might end up voting for Hiullary if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee?)

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton

A photo of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush smiling in embrace recently surfaced at former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral. The image gives light to the intimate relationship between the Bush and Clinton families—particularly that of Hillary and George W.

In the most recent Democratic town hall on MSNBC, Ms. Clinton told Chris Matthews her vote for the Iraq War—a manifestation of the Bush administration—was born from her agreement with between George W. Bush to secure $20 billion toward rebuilding New York City after 9/11.

“I’m sitting there in the Oval Office, and Bush says to me, ‘What do you need?’ And I said, ‘I need $20 billion to rebuild, you know, New York,’ and he said, ‘You got it.’ And he was good to his word,” explained Ms. Clinton. “Literally, that same day, I get back to the Capitol, and the Republicans are trying to take that money away. We kept calling the White House, Bush kept saying, ‘I gave them my word, I’m going to stick with it.’ So, you know, I had a different set of experiences.”

Despite the Bush family being Republican and the Clinton family being Democrats—especially as the polarity between parties is arguably broader than it ever has been in the past few decades—the two political dynasties have maintained a surprisingly close relationship…..


image….David Chalian/Instagram

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Jeb Bush aim’s to be the last man standing….

Jeb Bush WAS the leader of the 2016 GOP/Republican pack until Donald Trump came along….

Bush hasn’t been all that good on the stump….

But that hasn’t stopped him and his handler’s from moving ahead and focusing on the nomination AND Hillary Clinton…

Jeb Bush is sticking with the plan.

Despite Donald Trump shooting ahead in the polls and Bush’s debate performance getting bad reviews — and amid signs of frustration on the campaign trail from the former Florida governor himself — his supporters aren’t panicking, multiple sources close to the candidate insist. The Bush camp is projecting confidence that the Summer of Trump will fade to winter, and that Jeb will prevail when it matters.

Here are five reasons Jebworld isn’t freaking out:


Trump is the man to beat, the undisputed leader in national and early-state polls. Even Bush, before launching into a lengthy attack on Trump’s conservative bona fides, called him “the current front-runner” this week and said the billionaire businessman had “done a pretty amazing job to get to that point.”

Before Trump soared, Bush was on top. But while Trump’s climb has corresponded with Bush’s fall, Bush hasn’t crashed to earth.

Being No. 2 is not necessarily a bad thing, Jeb’s allies argue: So much focus on Trump, they say, means the rest of the Republican field isn’t training their guns on him.

“It’s going to come down to Trump v. Somebody and Jeb is the somebody,” said one consultant who has worked for Bush, summing up the thinking inside his orbit.

In this reading, Bush’s amped-up attacks on Trump look more like a calculated strategy than a sign of panic. The more the press focuses on Trump v. Bush, the calculation goes, the less attention the lesser candidates get, starving them of oxygen. A two-man race is good for Jeb.



Politico has been on Trump’s case increasingly….

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We want Bush!…The Clinton Team looks for Another Bush vs Clinton contest…..

The Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign people agree with the Republican Establishment …..

(So do I)

Jeb Bush for President…..

The Clinton’s think they can go 2 and 0!.*…..

There is an obvious subtext to the panicked effort to purge the GOP of Donald Trump: to allow the party’s true hero to emerge to vanquish Hillary Clinton and restore peace and justice throughout the land. To most GOP elites, of course, the savior is Jeb Bush, complete with the Clark Kent glasses and aw-shucks good guy demeanor. The Chamber of Commerce crowd is so convinced that Jeb is the man that it (so far) has placed a more than $100 million bet on that proposition.

There’s just one problem—the Clintons want Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, too.

It was Trump himself who picked up on this fact when Hillary Clinton singled out Bush for criticism over his remark that “I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” Bush later said he “misspoke.” (This is supposed to be the safe, gaffe-free candidate, right?) By going after Jeb directly, and far from the first time, the Clintons want to “elevate” him, Trump charged, because they know they can beat him.

Here’s something you don’t hear, well, ever, in Washington: Donald Trump is right.

Regardless of whether Clinton survives her primary battle with an ever growing list of potential foes—that before long may include Joe Biden, blast-from-the-past Al Gore and heck, at this rate, maybe even Michael Dukakis—Republicans ought to think hard about the reasons why Bush might be the easiest of the serious GOP contenders for the Clintons to beat. And it’s not just because they’ve done it before.




Bill Clinton and George HW Bush are the Best of friends these days….

Back in the day….Clinton, Bush and Perot debate….Clinton won the job….
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Jeb Bush has his brothers back on Iraq…

He is attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton on Iraq TODAY….

So he’s getting questions about his brother George W. Bush BACK IN THE DAY….

Jeb has come out strongly backing his brothers Iraq policy and ruling out a prohibition against ‘extraordinary interrogation’….Well Almost ALL of his policy moves….Jeb admits that his brother should part of the blame for leaving the place a mess….(One that he BLAMES on Obama and  Hillary?)

Bush’s efforts to present himself as a strong, sensible commander in chief are complicated by the unpopular war his brother waged in Iraq — a war the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, supported at the time — and by his own tendency to view it in a more favorable light.

While Democrats are sure to mine Bush’s words for attack ad soundbites, the candidate showed no signs of tempering his praise for his brother’s war record.
To the contrary, after months of difficulty reconciling the broadly held public view that the Iraq War was a mistake with his own hawkish foreign policy views and an innate unwillingness to rehash and criticize his brother’s record, he has settled on a strategy: unapologetically arguing that the war, however misconceived, brought about an opportunity for a more stable Middle East, one that the current Democratic administration squandered.

“I’m not saying this because I’m a Bush,” he said. “I’m proud of what he did to create a secure environment for our country.”


With 17 of his 21 foreign policy advisers being veterans of George W. Bush’s White House, Bush’s position is no great surprise. And in a wild Republican primary to be decided by a conservative electorate clamoring for a more muscular approach to foreign policy, it might be a smart strategic play.

“It’s not like you can run a campaign for president and not talk about Iraq,” said Tim Miller, Bush’s campaign spokesman. “We can talk about Iraq on our terms. Terrorism and radical Islam is something the country cares about and certainly Republican primary voters are very concerned about it. He wanted to take the mantle as somebody who’s going to have a strategy and be a leader on it. There’s a primary electorate on our side that’s looking for that.”

Specifically, Bush focused again on the 2007 troop surge as a “courageous” decision that, he argues, temporarily curtailed sectarian violence within in Iraq; and he blames President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton for removing American troops too hastily and creating the power vacuum that’s allowed ISIS to take root.

“We just washed our hands of the effort,” Bush said. “We declared success and then chaos occurred afterwards.”

More than anything else Bush said Thursday afternoon here, that statement underlined the political perils of this candidate talking about that war….


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Jeb Bush goes after Hillary on Iraq?

Does he REALLY want to go THERE?

Arguing that Clinton, as secretary of state, “stood by” while Iraq fell apart and as the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, took root across Iraq and Syria puts Bush on offense, shifting the conversation away from whether the war itself was a mistake. (Bush admits now, after stumbling on this question for four days in May, that the invasion was a bad idea.)

“ISIS grew while the United States disengaged from the Middle East and ignored the threat,” Bush will say, according to excerpts of his speech released Monday by his campaign. “And where was Secretary of State Clinton in all of this? Like the president himself, she had opposed the surge … then joined in claiming credit for its success … then stood by as that hard-won victory by American and allied forces was thrown away.”

Bush’s speech is also an attempt to harden negative perceptions about Clinton’s globe-trotting tenure as America’s top diplomat.


“If Jeb Bush wants to spread blame for the situation in the Middle East, he doesn’t need to look much further than his next family reunion,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of Correct The Record, the organization tasked with running Clinton’s rapid-response operation. “Jeb championed former President George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy from Day One, from the invasion of Iraq based on faulty intelligence to the strategy regarding ISIS.”

Clinton’s official campaign held a conference call Tuesday afternoon, putting senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan on the line with reporters to argue that Clinton’s tenure in Foggy Bottom was spent rebuilding relationships with allies after George W. Bush’s “policies that for eight years set the cause of American leadership back.”



Whose BROTHER got America into Iraq… and THOUGHT we had won there?


With his call for support of Sunni allies, he echoes a main theme of the Obama approach. And his support for increasing the Pentagon budget reflects to a considerable extent the policy of the Obama administration. But that has faced opposition from some Republicans in Congress who have sought to freeze military spending as part of efforts to cut back the size of government…


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Trump daily news story…Who else is running?…The Debate…


Since ‘The Donald’ showed up?

Everybody else, just about ALL 15 or 16 of them are struggling to keep up with the guy who has rocked to the head of the line….

The Media overs it as much as Trump…


Donald Trump’s rise in the polls has caused heartburn for many people in the Republican Party, but it is the second-tier candidates in the presidential field who have been hurt most of all.

Candidates who have years of political accomplishment to their names are being starved of oxygen by the business tycoon. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, three-term Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are among the figures being sidelined by Trump — and their annoyance is bubbling to the surface.

Earlier this week, Graham complained about the rules for the first major televised debate, which is less than a month away and will be limited to the top 10 candidates in the polls. At present, Trump would easily make the cut and Graham would not….


A Republican debate is coming soon….

And Jeb Bush(Who led the field up now)  and the others running will be focusing on getting their political punches at the guy who seems to be running all over THEIR efforts to get some daylight….

Since announcing his presidential bid last month, Donald Trump has thrown haymakers at a variety of candidates, but he’s gone after Jeb Bush with particular zeal. He has called the former Florida governor a “total disaster,” has asked “How the hell can you vote for this guy?” and has even gone after Bush’s Mexican-born wife on Twitter.

Now, those close to his campaign say, Bush, who has taken on the mantle of frontrunner, is bracing for the possibility of a presidential debate pile-on — with Trump leading the charge.

Gaming out how Trump — a bombastic figure who refuses to abide by usual the rules of political decorum — will present himself has become a growing subject of speculation in Bush’s world…..



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Donald Trump disses Jeb Bush’s wife…Then erases tweet

‘Because of his wife’: Donald Trump tweets then deletes attack on Jeb Bush

by Laura Clawson @ Daily Kos….

Donald Trump celebrated the Fourth of July by retweeting, then deleting, an anti-immigrant attack on Jeb Bush. Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone grabbed a record of Trump’s tweet that “#JebBush has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife.”

Now-deleted retweet by Donald Trump saying

attribution: @GoAngelo

Is Trump trying to turn around and undo the damage his vicious anti-immigrant comments have done to the Republican Party? On the one hand, he’s a leading Republican presidential candidate (!!!) saying horrible thing after horrible thing about immigrants, particularly Mexican ones. On the other hand, here he is attacking another leading Republican presidential candidate for being too pro-immigrant because of his own Mexican wife, a move that potentially sends the message that not all Republicans hate brown people. Is this some kind of 11-dimensional chess to inoculate the rest of the party against being tied too tightly to Trump’s views, despite the well-established anti-immigrant policies of the Republican Party?

Nah, Trump is probably just that nasty and stupid…..

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Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to have big Media days …..

Today Hillary Clinton will have a BIG policy rally on New York’s Roosevlt Island….

On Monday, Jeb Bush will announce that he IS actually running for President….

(The rollout for Bush is gonna be watched more closely)

Both events are likely to crowd out the other guys running for their parties nomination and could be a peek at next years Presidential nominee’s….

There WILL be a LOt on writting about the two events in the coming week…

The two most famous names in the 2016 presidential race are hosting their biggest events to date.

Hilary Clinton will hold her first large-scale public rally on Saturday on Roosevelt Island in New York. Jeb Bush, who has been a de facto candidate for months, is expected to officially launch his candidacy on Monday at Miami-Dade College in Florida.

While both occasions are expected to have a celebratory air, Clinton and Bush are also looking to steady their campaigns and ease concerns among the party faithful about their chances.
“What we have here are two frontrunners who are running into obstacles. Some of those obstacles are from unforced errors, but there are also strong headwinds from the more ideological elements of their parties,” said Kellyanne Conway, a GOP pollster who is not affiliated with any 2016 candidate….



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Jeb Bush Update…Going to Europe….

He’ll be announcing he’s running for President in week or so…

But this week he’s ding what they ALL do….

Going to Europe….

(Obama is actually in Germany right now)

And Hillary?….

Well, She WAS the Secretary of State, eh?

But then Jeb’s brother told Europe he really cared less about them…..Didn’t he?

Jeb Bush is heading to Europe, trailed by ghosts.

One is his brother, George W., arguably the most unpopular U.S. president in Europe since the end of World War II.

The others are Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and other GOP rivals who, following in the stumbling footsteps of Mitt Romney, appeared to flunk their foreign-policy tests with early gaffes.
For Jeb, who hopes to portray himself as the most substantive and qualified of the potential Republican nominees, the trip is a chance to showcase his gravitas — and amplify his critique of the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton foreign policy.

That a two-term governor who’s taken 89 trips to 22 countries on six continents since leaving office in 2007 is spending his last week before announcing his presidential bid traveling in Europe shows just how much the current primary debate is focused on foreign policy. Even a seasoned politician like Bush sees a need to burnish his credentials on the subject, knowing he’ll be compared to perhaps his biggest rival for the nomination, Sen. Marco Rubio, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…..


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Jeb Bush Update…1971…Mexico…

Jeb Bush (center) was the varsity tennis team captain during his senior year at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., 1971.

Politico Magazine highlights the most pivitol year in John Ellis “Jeb” Bush ‘s life….

He was born in Midland, Texas, and he spent a good bit of his boyhood in Houston, and he went to high school in Andover, Massachusetts, and to college in Austin, Texas, and he has lived for the last three and a half decades in Miami. But at the top of the list of the most important places in the world in the life of Jeb Bush is the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, and its conservative, old-world Catholic capital of León.

León is why he proposed marriage in Spanish, why his three children are Mexican-American, why his favorite foods are enchiladas and chilaquiles — why he is not a Protestant like the rest of his pedigreed New England family.

Jeb Bush’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas; his youthful tour as a banker in Venezuela; his decision to live in bilingual, bicultural South Florida; his lucrative business partnership with a Cuban-American real estate developer; his stubborn insistence on a doors-open immigration policy in a Republican Party that has moved away from it; even the portrait of the patron saint of Mexico that hung in the mansion in Tallahassee when he was the governor of Florida — so much of it can be traced back to León.

“My life really began in earnest when I was 17 years old in León, Mexico,” Bush, the third member of his family to seek the American presidency, said this week in a packed living room in Bedford, New Hampshire.


image….Jeb Bush (center) was the varsity tennis team captain during his senior year at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., 1971…..Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

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Jeb Bush 2016 GOP Nomination Update….We’ll Finish…And We’ll Win….

Today’s political headlines boast of Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee…..

All of the above , and others are mentioned with Jeb Bush….

Jeb….Like Hillary has run silent and deep….

Moving around the country , collecting money and support, seeming oblivious to the emdia that aches for a political fight….

Here at the PDog?

Most agree the election next year will be between Hillary Clinton and Yes….Jeb Bush…..

So does Jeb and his handlers…..

“They are loyal to him and support him, but they’re watching closely to see if he can campaign in a way that says, ‘Yes, he has energy to get the base electrified,’ ” said David McIntosh, president of the conservative advocacy group Club for Growth. He said there is growing “angst” in the Bush bloc of the Republican donor community.

“This isn’t like 1999, when the money decided there is no one else but George W. Bush and watched it all come together,” McIntosh said.

In particular, Bush’s backers wonder when, exactly, he is going to formally get in the race and start making his case to voters in earnest.

The answer: Not any time soon. Bush, who has already stockpiled record sums, intends to hold back from officially declaring his bid for at least another month, according to people familiar with the plan.

The strategy is being driven by a confident, tightly knit group of Bush advisers who are focused on amassing as much money as possible for his allied super PAC on the theory that a considerable cash advantage will enable Bush to outlast his competitors.

The approach is similar to the tack Mitt Romney took in 2012, when the former Massachusetts governor prevailed at the end of a protracted primary contest in which a half-dozen candidates briefly tasted front-runner status, only to fall. Romney precipitated many of those falls, using his financial edge to relentlessly attack one opponent after another….



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Jeb Bush Update…He’d defund Plnanned Parenthood?…

Well, this is More Like it for Social Conservatives , eh?

A Bush senior advisor, from the Christan Right has made this statement, which has no confirmation for Jeb himself…

Jeb Bush supports efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, according to one of his senior advisers.

Jordan Sekulow is a prominent Christian evangelical attorney and joined the former Florida governor’s team last month as a senior adviser. He spoke Saturday at the Faith and Freedom Summit in Iowa, where nine presidential hopefuls appealed to the group of conservatives in attendance. Bush, who is exploring a run and widely expected to jump into the field, skipped the event and sent Sekulow in his stead.

“We have got to defund Planned Parenthood, by the way, and Gov. Bush supports those efforts,” said Sekulow to applause from the crowd.

Generally, legislation targeting Planned Parenthood prevents federal money from going to the family planning provider’s clinics until it can certify that it no longer offers abortions — even though Planned Parenthood only uses federal money for non-abortion services….


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Both Bush I and Bush II started high and dropped in the polls….

Interesting facto from Politicalwire and Pew the polling people….

Two Volatile Bush Presidencies

Pew Research: “The presidents with the starkest gaps between their highs and lows in job approval are George W. Bush and his father. George W. Bush’s 86% high came soon after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a moment of national unity. But near the end of his presidency in 2008, his approval fell to a low of 22%. The elder Bush’s approval reached a high of 89% in March 1991, following military action led by the U.S. to reverse Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait; his low rating of 29% came in August 1992.”

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Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy…“my own man”

Jeb Bush did what the other guys running for President next year haven’t done….

He tried his hand on Foreign Affairs…..

It wasn’t actually original….You really can’t think he would be with a Dad and Brother doing stints directing America’s action’s around the world….

But Jeb HAS to go their on Foreign Affairs because he’s most probably going to be running against a woman who HANDLED American Foreign Affairs….

Remember now….

He has only risen to be a Governor….

Even Barack Obama sat in the Senate and his brother’s Foreign Affairs foray’s ARE suspect….

The speech, which was more of a Q & A some feel , is another move by Bush, This Dog believes to run in the general election more than the primaries….

Jeb thru in some red meat about being strong…But had to cop the fact that his brother made mistakes in handling things in Iraq , where he declared things where done…But where things where done so bad that American ‘advisors’ are flowing BACK there and the region is basically destabilized…..

Jeb Bush pointedly sought to distance himself from his brother’s presidency on Wednesday, declaring himself “my own man” and acknowledging that “there were mistakes made in Iraq” even as he used his first major foreign affairs speech to call for an assertive American presence that recalled President George W. Bush’s approach to international relations.

It was no coincidence that Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor who polls suggest faces challenges with Republicans and voters in general because of his name, made his first intentional break with the last Republican president in remarks on foreign policy, the area that sent his brother’s presidency spiraling….


A piece in Politico points out that Jeb Bush in putting together a Foreign Affairs advisory group for his Presidential run he has gone back to the same guys that conferred with his father and brother on things….

Bush’s advisory team is being pulled together by two mainstream Republican foreign-policy experts who served both his father and his brother, Richard Haass and Robert Zoellick. They have enlisted not only old GOP lions like James Baker—who first served under Ronald Reagan and distinguished himself as George H.W. Bush’s secretary of State—but also neoconservatives such as Iraq war advocate Paul Wolfowitz and John Hannah, Dick Cheney’s former national security advisor.

According to one long-time GOP foreign-policy expert who is not yet part of the Bush team but has consulted with the candidate informally, the neocons were added to help shore up Bush’s credibility with a party base that barely knows him and is already suspicious of his moderate views on immigration and education….


To be fair….

Hillary Clinton hasn’t said much of anything…Unless you REALLY had your ears to the ground the last 6 months to a year…

But it is well known by insiders that Barack Obama ‘s Secretary of State on the first go-round was to the right of him and THAT will NOT hurt her if you look at the polling for how people feel about terrorism policy , which is probably the single thing important to Americans right now….


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Bush getting Florida endorsements …Rubio has one…..

The Hill has asked around in Florida for who is backing ex-Florida GOP Governor jeb Bush and who is backing current GOP Senator Marco Rubio…..

Seems Bush has the backing, on the record of 6 House members….

Rubio has one….

There are 8 undecided’s and 2 who didn’t answer the phone….

Jeb Bush is courting Republican lawmakers from Florida and securing their endorsements for his likely bid for the White House.

The former Florida governor has rounded up the firm backing of five members of the Florida GOP congressional delegation, and others are leaning in his direction. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who is also mulling a 2016 presidential run, only has one clear backer from the Sunshine State.

The Hill surveyed the 17-member GOP delegation, and found that Reps. Ander Crenshaw, David Jolly, Dennis Ross, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Díaz-Balart are already in the Bush camp.
“I’m with him, I’m all in with him,” Díaz-Balart told The Hill. “I don’t think there’s anybody more prepared to be president than Jeb Bush.”

Like Bush, Díaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen are supporters of comprehensive immigration reform. Republican operatives say Bush’s immigration stance will hurt his chances in the 2016 primary.



The linked piece seems to have an ad and sports feed that has NOTHING to do with piece below…..

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Jeb Bush is raking in the campaign Money far above his rivals…

I will continue to feel that the GOP 2016 Presidential nomination is jeb Bush’s to lose….

Not just because of his campaign war chest….(Technically at least)

But also because he will amass a campiagn team that will make most the others look like Saturady night at the amateur hour….He probabaly will be the establishment favorite which counts for soemthing also….

With all this?

Exspect possibly a LONG general campaign that could kick in well before even the Conventions next summer….

In fact for Jeb?

It’s already started…..

So far Hillary has been almost invisible …..

Jeb Bush’s money juggernaut is far eclipsing the efforts of his would-be rivals for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, putting his two political committees on pace to amass an unprecedented sum of tens of millions of dollars by early spring.

The former Florida governor’s overwhelming dominance in the race to line up financial backers has come at a speed that has impressed longtime Republican money players, who say wealthy party backers have rapidly migrated to Bush since 2012 nominee Mitt Romney decided against another White House run two weeks ago.

At one Manhattan fundraiser for Bush at the Park Avenue home of private-equity titan Henry Kravis this week, about 25 attendees paid a minimum of $100,000 each just to get in the door. It’s one of six events for Bush’s PACs — including one next weekend in Palm Beach — with such a price tag.

“I think they will come up with an eye-popping figure,” said veteran GOP fundraiser Fred Malek.

Bush’s press for dollars has been so intense — averaging one fundraiser a day — that his Republican competitors do not even claim they can compete at his level and acknowledge that he is the unrivaled financial leader.

“Are they raising a lot of money? Yeah,” said Ray Washburne, a Dallas real estate developer who is heading efforts to solicit contributions for Gov. Chris Christie’s new political committee. “We’re in the making-friends stage.”

“Money does not buy elections,” Washburne added. “Look at Hillary and Obama back going into ’08 — she had all the money and he had none.”

Despite Bush’s robust lead, party strategists and fundraisers agree that there is still plenty of room for his rivals to maneuver because of the changed nature of this year’s money primary


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