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Marco Rubio wants Donald Trump to Win?….

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Never thought you’d hear this?

But Rubio is running to keep his seat in the US Senate now…..

And running AGAINST Hillary Clinton by supporting Trump is how some Republicans are dealing with Donald Trump, who they REALLY do NOT care for…..

As it has been with many of Trump’s vanquished primary rivals, though, the personal differences were the bigger issue. The man the eventual GOP nominee dubbed “Little Marco” and something called a chocker was provoked to mock Trump on the campaign trail as Rubio’s electoral odds faded. Rubio said during the CNN interview that he privately apologized to Trump for saying he had “tiny hands”.

Trump has since warmed to Rubio, amid word that the one-termer was considering a last-minute bid to run for reelection. “Poll data shows that Marco Rubio does by far the best in holding onto his Senate seat in Florida. Important to keep the MAJORITY. Run Marco!” he tweeted May 26…..



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Paul Ryan will NOT stop delegates from moving FROM Trump…

The winds are moving against Donald Trump in Gramd Ole party….

The people who actually vote for the nominee are working on plan to undo his victory and the powers to be in the party are quietly waiting to see how things develop….

With a group of Republican delegates working to stop Donald Trump at next month’s convention, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has given no indication that he plans to stop them.

“It’s not my job to tell delegates what to do,” Ryan told NBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview that aired Sunday on “Meet the Press.” “… They write the rules. They make their decisions.”

Ryan was commenting on what The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports is the most organized effort yet to stop Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

Dozens of Republican delegates who will be voting for the nominee at their July convention want to change convention rules to allow delegates to vote for whomever they want — instead of the candidate who won their state’s nominating contest…..


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GOP Unity?

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 17: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), listens to questions from the media after meetinng with House Republicans on Capitol Hill, on May 17, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

House Speaker Paul Ryan continues walking that tightrope. He has to support Donald Trump, because party unity and all. But he can’t be too enthusiastic or he jeopardizes his own ability to be taken seriously in a few months, when Trump has crashed and burned. He has to signal that, you know, he’s for Trump because he has to be, but you other Republicans? Wink wink.

“The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience. Of course, I wouldn’t do that,” Ryan told NBC News’ Chuck Todd in an interview for “Meet the Press,” a portion of which aired Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” […]

“But I feel as a responsibility, institutionally, as the speaker of the House, that I should not be leading some chasm in the middle of our party,” Ryan said. “Because you know what I know that will do?. That will definitely knock us out of the White House.”

He shouldn’t be leading a chasm, and hey, if a chasm happens to open up in the party, he’ll have had one foot planted firmly on each side of it, ready to make the case that he was on the winning side all along. Problem being, sometimes when a chasm opens under your feet, you fall into it rather than jumping to one side in time.

And remember, Ryan would like us to believe he’s above Trumpism, but the real reason for his angst over Trump is about packaging, not policy. Ryan has been leading the starve-the-poors charge for years now—he’s just been trying to make it look sympathetic and caring, and Trump is blowing up that carefully constructed image……

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Ryan will leave GOP Convention Chair if Trump wants…

Smart move by Ryan….

By calling Trump’s bluff on him?

He drops this whole thing BACK in Trump’s lap….

Trump can ask Ryan to leave, thus putting even MORE of RESPONSIBILITY of a win in Trump’s hands and leaving any pretense of party unity just about gone…And it could free Ryan from ever endorsing Trump…

“He’s the nominee. I’ll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention,” Ryan told the newspaper.

When asked over the weekend about whether he would try to remove Ryan from his convention post, Trump left the possibility open but did not explicitly call for the speaker to vacate the position that essentially runs the main GOP event in July, when Republicans will officially choose their nominee.



There ALREADY is a quiet movement of Grand Ole Party members who have signaled that since it’s gonna be Trump’s Convention?…They’ll be no show’s….

If Trump loses?

There will the nebulas of the 2020 GOP run people smiling at a Trump and company misfortune….

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Cruz campaign wanted Cruz/Rubio Ticket to stop Trump….

Cruz Campaign: Unity Ticket with Rubio was the Only Way to Stop Trump

By: Sara Gonzales (Diary) @ Red State..

CNN reported Sunday that top officials from the Cruz campaign say Ted Cruz was eyeing a unity ticket with Marco Rubio as his VP running mate.

The campaign admitted they conducted several secret polls in five states- Illinois, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. The result? A blowout of 65 percent to 35 percent, and the takedown of Donald Trump.

Cruz officials say Cruz couldn’t ever reach Rubio on the phone, and their attempts through friends and emissaries to get Rubio on board were unsuccessful. They speculated Rubio was holding out for a contested convention or just waiting for another shot in 2020.

However, a source close to Rubio told CNN there were never any concrete offers to accept or reject a unity ticket, only vague discussions from donors.

But they did add that Rubio wouldn’t have been interested either way, citing several reasons. He felt that two Washington D.C. Senators coming together to dump Trump would have played into Trump’s outsider narrative. He didn’t think they would complement each other well as two Cuban freshman senators. And lastly, he felt the nominee should keep their options open until the convention to make sure they didn’t limit themselves by picking someone too soon.

While this news is particularly depressing to hear, I am disappointed in the Cruz campaign for pointing fingers at this stage….


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Grand Ole party Delegates move to the forefront….

As the Republican party Presidential race narrows down and the party sets upon moves to find a way to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination if he doesn’t get 1,237 delegates on the first go-round….

The party delegates …..Not leaders or even the primary voters are moving into the spot light….

Trump is fighting to have them vote HIS way…

The local and state party heads are digging in to thwart Trump…..

The Party heads are worried about things look….

RNC chief: No changes to delegate requirement likely

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday the GOP likely won’t change a rule that requires candidates to have 1,237 delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination….

Republican Party delegates feel sudden power as balance shifts

The balance of power in the Republican Party has suddenly shifted to delegates, many of whom are entering the national spotlight for the first time….

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The lead guy running for President on GOP side is talking about someone’s else’s wife?

THAT is who 35% of Republicans have been voting for President?

The same guy whose been married THREE TIMES?

The same guy who has made the paper for cheating on HIS wives?

He’s going after some guys wife?

I guess when you have Secret Service and private guards you get THAT LOW and not worry about it, eH?

You can get the media to showboat YOUR comments without reminding people of the ABOVE….


Ain’t NO media outfit gonna do a history peiece on KING TRUMP…

Might get their reporter banded form the Trump show on the road….

So Ted Cruz is forced to give answers back on a guy who day by day seems to show how UNSUITABLE he is to lead a 300 Million country…

……This was a week in which a pro-Cruz anti-Trump super PAC published a picture of a near-nude Melania Trump in hopes of turning Utah voters off to the real estate mogul in advance of that state’s primary. Trump — Donald, not Melania — responded, of course, via Twitter with an insinuation that Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife, had a secret that he would let out.

Heidi Cruz was forced to respond, saying she didn’t have a secret. Then Trump retweeted an image featuring a less-than-flattering picture of Heidi Cruz next to a glamorous one of Melania Trump; the image bore this caption: “No need to ‘spill the beans.’ The images are worth a thousand words.”

Just in case you might have forgotten, this is not a race for junior high school class representative. One of these two men has a very high chance of being the Republican nominee for president. A very high chance.

While the reaction Friday morning to the Cruz allegations tended toward surprise and disgust, neither feeling really makes much sense when you consider the context of the broader campaign.

Trump has proven time and again that there are no limits to what he will say, allege or hint at when it comes to his political opponents and their families….



The way women are treated by Trump in this back and forth is a tribute to how much he  seem’s to trivialize females….

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Thoughts on the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination dilemma….

All this talk about an “open” convention is way premature.

All that depends on the rules.

Actually Trump and Cruz might unite on one matter,that is votes won’t be counted except for those whose names are placed in nomination.

If that happens then the nominee will be either Trump or Cruz.

Even if it doesn’t and Trump is stopped,Cruz will definitely be in the drivers seat.He will be the only one with an organization to round up delegates.There are so many fissures in the GOP at this time that it is difficult to see anyone else being able to organize anything close to a majority “working the flood.”

Then there is the backlash factor.

The Party will already have to deal with an embittered Trump if he is denied. Are they really going to want to deal with an embittered Cruz who will,rightfully,  view himself, if denied, as a tool?

I don’t see that.Anyone nominated in such a scenario would be in a worst position than either Trump or Cruz would ever be….

My Name is Jack…..

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Republican Party head is getting ready for a ‘Open Convention’….

Donald Trump and the Media floated the idea that if Trump does NOT get to required 1,237 GOP dlelegates by the Republican Convention he SHOULD be the pick….

THAT idea has been knocked down since Trump put it out there….

While Trump is ahead on the nearest guy Senator Ted Cruz….

There DOES seem to be a good chance that if Cruz keeps winning, as the anti-Trump people want him to?

Donald Trump will NOT  get to 1,237 delegates and the PARTY then holds Convention votes to find out WHO DOES get the nomination  with the required amount of delegates….

Trump does NOT want this…..

The head of the Republican Party on Sunday sought to prepare the party for a contested convention, a shift that reflects growing unease among many in the party with the prospect of a Donald Trump nomination.

Speaking on several of the Sunday talk shows, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said the party is actively “preparing for the possibility” that the party’s presidential nominee will be chosen by delegates through a series of ballots at the July convention in Cleveland. Such a scenario occurs when no candidate wins a majority of delegates—1,237 in this case—through the state primaries and caucuses.

Mr. Priebus said such a scenario wouldn’t be “nefarious” and that he would begin a campaign to demystify the process of a contested convention for the public. “This is a delegate-driven process,” Mr. Priebus said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The votes that happen in the states enfranchise the delegates to go to the floor and vote. No one’s disenfranchised. In fact they’re empowered by the delegates they receive.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Priebus further dismissed the idea that voters would be disenfranchised if Mr. Trump, the clear front-runner, doesn’t ultimately win.

“A plurality is a minority and a minority doesn’t choose for the majority,” Mr. Priebus said. “You have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee.”…



The Party people are setting things up for a possibe NON-Trump nomination by CLEARLY stating they WILL back the nominee that does get the 1,237 delegates….

image of Reince Priebus…RNC Head…..washingtontime.com

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The GOP Process…Delegates….Ya gotta get 1,237 of them….

Up to now the media and Donald Trump has been about vague rants and sound bites…

The race has been about an entertainer/businessman physically doing a hostile takeover of an American political party…..

It’s good for the media TV and print ratings….

Good for the ad dollars…..

But with Donald Trump up ahead still?

Things are changing…..

I have always said here that the Grand Ole party is NOT gonna just lay down for Donald J. Trump…..

While talking heads, pundits and others keep talking about the ‘will’ of the people?

The Truth of the matter is the GOP is a private party…..

It’s NOT a public institution….

They make their own rules…..

It is becoming doubtful that Trump will reach the magic 1,237 delegate number before the GOP nominating convention in July in Cleveland , Ohio…..

So attention has been turning to who the delegates will be, how they operate and how the ACTUAL nominee is picked…..

Trump doesn’t want to talk about this technical stuff….

He doesn’t DO detail’s….His campaign organizing has been little if any…..

He’s rich…He makes up his own rules …..


He’s already trying to sell the thing that IF he gets the MOST delegates?…He wins…..

But something tells me that folks who run the show in the GOP WILL be burning the midnight oil to get their final say on who THEY want to lead THEIR party against Hillary Clinton come November….

Were Trump to arrive with the most delegates and leave without the nomination, “I think you’d have riots,” he said Wednesday on CNN.

Noting that “many, many millions of people” have voted for him, Trump added, “if you disenfranchise those people and you say, well I’m sorry but you’re 100 votes short, even though the next one is 500 votes short, I think you would have problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen, I really do.”

The system, however, says otherwise. “You don’t get the nomination if you’re close. This isn’t like horseshoes and hand grenades. There are no points in close. You have to get 1,237,” said Stephen Duprey, a mainstay in New Hampshire politics and a member of the Republican National Committee.

Each state has its own peculiar system for naming delegates after the results of its primary or caucus are in.

Largely left out of the equation: The candidates themselves.

Fully 73 percent of delegates are selected without direct input from the presidential contenders, by state party executive committees or at state and local conventions, said veteran GOP campaign lawyer Ben Ginsberg. “The campaigns have to be sure their people and people who are loyal to them are elected as delegates. That is a complicated process and requires on-the-ground organizing.”


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This is How the GOPer’s could take their Party back from Donald Trump at their Convention…

…from the New York Times……

How Trump Could Be Blocked at a
Contested Republican Convention

A coalition of Republicans is banking on a scenario in which Donald
J. Trump fails to reach the 1,237 delegates required to secure the party’s
nomination before its July convention, creating a potential opening
for another nominee as the delegates vote on the convention floor.

Mr. Trump could lose support
as delegates become free
to vote as they please.

Most states “bind” their delegates to candidates based on primary results. But most delegates are released if no candidate wins a majority in an initial vote at the convention, so those who were bound to Mr. Trump could shift their support. This scenario is less likely if Mr. Trump is close to 1,237 delegates, or if he continues to face a split opposition.

First vote
At least 5 percent of delegates are not bound to candidates and can vote as they please from the outset.
95% bound
to a candidate
5% unbound
Did one candidate get a majority of delegates?
That’s it. He’s the nominee.
Move on to a second vote with some new rules.

Second vote
After the first round of voting, more than half of all delegates, from more than 30 states, become free.

43% bound
to a candidate
57% unbound
Did one candidate get a majority of delegates?
That’s it. He’s the nominee.
Move on to a third vote with some new rules.

Third vote
Many states with a large number of delegates (like California, with 172) release them before the third vote.
19% bound
to a candidate
81% unbound
Did one candidate get a majority of delegates?
That’s it. He’s the nominee.
Move on to a fourth vote with some new rules.
This could go on for a while, but it’s very unlikely.
It would be difficult to get through more votes without one candidate receiving a majority, because many states release their delegates early if candidates withdraw from the race or do not meet a certain vote threshold on the floor, preventing those with low support from remaining in contention.

An “eight-state rule”
could come into play…..

There’s More..

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Some anti-Trump people think the crowded field is fine…


The original line of conventional wisdom about stopping Donald Trump rested on the premise that a winnowed field would spell doom for the divisive billionaire.

Get Mr. Trump, who may still have a ceiling after all, into a one-on-one fight with a Republican like Sen. Marco Rubio or Sen. Ted Cruz, and watch as the anti-Trump vote overwhelms him. While that still may be true, the head of a super PAC trying desperately to keep Mr. Trump for seizing the nomination now believes a crowded field of viable candidates is the best hope for panicked establishment Republicans. This means Mr. Cruz, Mr. Rubio and John Kasich, the Ohio governor urged by some Republicans to drop out, should remain candidates as long as possible.

“For our purposes, it’s very important that these very strong candidates stay in,” Katie Packer, the organizer of the super PAC Our Principles, told the Observer. “This is a long way from being settled.”….


image…outsidethe beltway.com


This is just ANOTHER example of how fractured the GOP party is….

Going ALL different directions in dealing with Trump, who is just going in HIS direction…

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More GOP Presidential Convention talk…..

Unlike Mitt Romney…..

The Grand Ole Party Establishment and Elites are NOT willing to go straight at Donald Trump…But are talking about settleing on waiting for the closed doors and backrooms of the paries national convention to out maneuver the Donald Trump gains in delegates….

The presentation is an 11th-hour rebuttal to the fatalism permeating the Republican establishment: Slide by slide, state by state, it calculates how Donald Trump could be denied the presidential nomination.

Marco Rubio wins Florida. John Kasich wins Ohio. Ted Cruz notches victories in the Midwest and Mountain West. And the results in California and other states are jumbled enough to leave Trump three dozen delegates short of the 1,237 required — forcing a contested convention in Cleveland in July.

The slide show, shared with The Washington Post by two operatives advising one of a handful of anti-Trump super PACs, encapsulates the newly emboldened view of many GOP leaders and donors. They see a clearer path to stopping Trump since his two losses and two narrower-than-expected wins in Saturday’s contests.



But the slow-bleed strategy is risky and hinges on Trump losing Florida, Illinois and Ohio on March 15; wins in all three would set him on track to amass the majority of delegates. Even as some party figures see glimmers of hope that Trump can be overtaken, others believe any stop-Trump efforts could prove futile…..


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Kasich releases his Tax Returns…We’re STILL wait for Trump

Kasich, Cruz and Rubio have ALL released tax returns information…..

Donald Trump has NOT….

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio released partial tax returns on Saturday showing that he and his wife earned more than $5 million from 2008 through 2014.

Mr. Kasich follows two of his Republican opponents, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who released partial tax returns last weekend. Their actions, followed by Mr. Kasich’s disclosure on Saturday, add to the pressure on Donald J. Trump to release his returns.

Mr. Kasich, who finished a day of campaigning in Michigan on Saturday by addressing a Republican Party dinner here in Saginaw County, released the first two pages of his federal tax returns for 2008 through 2014, a seven-year span….


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Trump aide backs down a bit on Trump NOT showing up for Debate…

Roger Ailes, the FOX huncho , who is , maybe duelig with Donald Trump on his latest attempt ot hijack the media and Ted Cruz by making a fuss about Megyn Kelly could always just put a chair out on the stage to rep Trump NOT showing up to his FOX debate tomorrow night….

Now Trump could ace this debate, Iowa and prbably the nomination if he doesn’t show up and his numbers climb and he goes on to win in Iowa next week…


Donald Trump could not show up and his numbers could drop and he could be the subject of some serious abuse and redicule for ducking a women asking him questions….

I have NO idea if any of this is gonna happen…

But the NY Times is reporting that Trumps campagn manger is ALREADY trying make some wiggle room on if Trump wil show up….


Ailes maybe gets to put the chair up there abd gives the others people, including Ted Cruz, and chance to throw at Trump and NOT have there…..

Image THAT, eh?

Donald J. Trump’s campaign manager used slightly less absolute words on Wednesday about Mr. Trump’s plans to skip Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, saying he didn’t “think” there was any way the candidate would change his mind about attending the event on Fox News.

Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager, spoke on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. One of the hosts, Mika Brzezinski, pressed him on whether Mr. Trump might change his mind and join the debate in Iowa, the final one before the state’s caucuses on Monday.

“Any chance that he will do this debate in any way, shape or form?” she asked. “Any way to turn this around?”

“I just don’t think so,” Mr. Lewandowski said. “What you have with Mr. Trump, that you have a clear leader. A person who he says at best is not going to be toyed with. A person who understands when a bad deal is in front of him and is ready to walk away from a bad deal. Something that this country should be able to do.”



This Dog wouldn’t AT ALL surprised if Donald Trump ended up making some sort of ‘Deal’ and showed up on stage tomorrow night…

This whole caper is not about Meygen Kelly….This is about stealing the spotlight from Ted Cruz in Iowa…That’s MY call…

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Kasich says it’s up to New Hampshire….

Kasich just states the obvious….

Bad numbers in New Hampshire and Iowa will narrow down the Republican Presidential field…

Image result for john kasich

Kasich on moving on: With the New Hampshire primary a month from Saturday, Kasich said, ““If I don’t do well in New Hampshire, I’m going home. I’m not dragging it out,” later adding, “I’m counting on the people here to help me do well. I feel good. I’m optimistic that we’re going to come out of here like a firecracker.”



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