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Bernie Sanders is up for a Grammy…

This should make him and his supporters happy, eh?

If he wins he would join other Democratic top  pol’s  Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter and BaracK Obama …They all have earned them for books…

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) could be adding Grammy winner to his resumé — the 2016 White House hopeful just garnered his first Grammy nomination.

The former presidential candidate and actor Mark Ruffalo were nominated Tuesday in the spoken word category for the audiobook of “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” Sanders’ 2016 tome.

Other nominees in the category include Bruce Springsteen, the late actress Carrie Fisher, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and songwriter Shelly Peiken.

While the nomination marks the first time 76-year-old Sanders has been a Grammy contender, several political figures have snagged the coveted music award in recent years.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Obama are both two-time Grammy winners in the Spoken Word category. Carter won in 2015 and 2007, while the 44th ex-commander in chief picked up the award for 2008’s “The Audacity of Hope” and his 2006 book, “Dreams From my Father.”….



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White mainline Protestants and Catholics grow more supportive of candidate’s that commit “immoral acts”

The moral police are changing their direction?….

Things that would gotten a Republican in trouble years ago , won’t now….

Of course this focus is about Donald Trump and his women issues and  Alabama Republican Roy Moore and a 14 year old….

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Caution though….

The last two polls from Alabama about the Senate race have Democrat Doug Jones catching Roy Moore…..


Many Americans answer this question differently now than they would have five years ago. And for white evangelical Protestants, it’s especially likely their opinion has changed.

That’s what a new PRRI/Brookings poll says. In 2011, 30 percent of white evangelicals said that “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.” Now, 72 percent say so — a far bigger swing than other religious groups the poll studied.

It’s just one poll, but it does suggest a sizable shift in how Americans of several religious stripes think about the connection between morality and politics. White evangelicals also are less likely than they used to be to say that “strong religious beliefs” are “very important” in a presidential candidate. That share fell from 64 percent in 2011 to 49 percent this year.

White mainline Protestants and Catholics also grew more accepting of a candidate who has committed “immoral acts,” while religiously unaffiliated people barely changed. Those “unaffiliated” people in 2011 had been much more willing than the broader population to believe candidates who had committed “immoral acts” could do their jobs. Now, they are in line with Americans as a whole. (The published results did not include data on other groups.)

There is no way to know what caused these shifts. That said, it’s difficult to see this outside of the context of the 2016 election, and in particular what role Donald Trump — fending off allegations of sexual misconduct — plays in it….



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65 Dems Are Backing A Bill To Strip Financial Protections For People Of Color?

The Republicans are quietly trying to strip away consumer protections enforced by the new Federal Consumer Financal Protection Bureau….

And the Democrats seem to have missed this effort…..(The list of Dem’s is in the linked piece…)

Progressive Democrats are scrambling to prevent their colleagues from supporting a bill that would pave the way for racial discrimination at car dealerships. The legislation will receive a vote on the House floor this week, and would make it easier for banks and car salesmen to charge people of color higher prices than white customers.

The bill was written by Republicans, but currently has 65 Democratic co-sponsors, a number boosted by its support from two powerful Capitol Hill interest groups: banks and auto dealers. The bill is opposed by Americans for Financial Reform, the NAACP, the Urban League, the National Council of La Raza and others.

The legislation would nullify regulatory instructions issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2013. Those instructions were an effort to counter longstanding trends involving higher interest rates charged to borrowers of color when they take out a car loan.

Although racial discrimination in consumer lending is illegal, it often creeps into the process……


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Jeb Bush to ‘Relaunch’ his campaign?

He’s trying a ‘do over’ eh?


He’s gonna join the guys on the top do…..


(Could we be looking at a Republican battle for the 2016 GOP nominee with the guys from Florida….Bush vs Rubio?)

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is reportedly preparing a relaunch of his 2016 GOP presidential campaign message.

Bush is launching a “Jeb Can Fix It” tour on Monday in Florida, according to Reuters, in coordination with a new e-book detailing his time as governor.

The news service reported Monday that Bush is starting his 2016 reinvention with speech aimed at presenting himself as a problem-solver.

The remarks will be a “rejection of the ‘competing pessimisms’ created in the [President] Obama era in favor of leadership that solves problems,” a campaign aide told Reuters.

Bush’s new 730-page e-book, “Reply All,” compiles his email exchanges with constituents during his tenure as Florida’s governor.

The moves come as Richard Corcoran, who served as chief of staff for Sen. Marco Rubio (R) during his tenure as the Florida House Speaker, endorses Bush for president.


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Congress probabaly will NOT renew DHS spending in time….

The Conservatives are gonna make Senate majority Leader Mitch  McConnell eat his ‘no shutdown’ words…..

Congress will have just 4 days to vote in a spending bill for the huge Department of Homeland Security….They haven’t beeen able to ok any of the last 3 tries….The President is on record as saying he will veto any bill that tries to cut into his efforts at Immigration reform…


The essential workers in the departement with 240,000 or so workers are gonna come to work , even if they won’t get paid and Congress will….

The last time Republicans did this?

They got blamed….

But Conservatives THAT time thought they where right in doing so on principle…..

Tell that to the Government workers who have to pay their bills on time…
“It’s worth having this fight,” said Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.).

Gone are assurances from Republican lawmakers that there won’t be a shutdown later this month.

Most DHS employees are considered “essential,” meaning that workers like border patrol agents and Transportation Security Administration employees would remain on the job, albeit without pay. So in the eyes of some lawmakers, a DHS shutdown wouldn’t have as much impact as the government-wide shutdown in 2013.

“The shutdown would be extremely limited. It would be only in one department, with only a small percentage of people in that one department. But again, nobody has a goal here of shutting anything down. The goal here is to get the president to get right with the Constitution that he swore an oath to uphold,” said Rep. John Fleming (R-La.).

Of course, many Republicans in the House and Senate think allowing DHS to shut down would be a bad idea.

“I think a shutdown would be a huge mistake for a whole host of reasons, especially given the fact we have ISIS on the march and terrorism again in Europe,” said Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), who voted against language last month to freeze a program allowing illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to obtain work permits.

“This strategy was never designed to succeed. Everybody knows that. So now we have to face the reality and do what the American public sent us here to do, which is to govern and fund the Homeland Security department,” Dent told The Hill.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who is up for reelection in 2016, also thinks a shutdown would undercut Republicans pledges to govern Washington more efficiently….


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The Nation: Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants; He Denies it

What I never understood with this guy is…

His wife is Mexican-American….

All this anti-immigrant stuff


For a good many of his nearly 20 years on TV, Lou Dobbs, the stout, white-haired former CNN anchor and financial analyst, filled his evening hour with rants against illegal immigrants and those who hire them.Now, a stinging article in The Nation alleges that Dobbs, a 65-year-old millionaire, has employed illegal immigrants to tend his show horses and multimillion homes, according to a yearlong investigation by The Nation and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. The 3,200-word story included interviews with five immigrants who, The Nation said, worked without papers on Dobbs’ properties.Dobbs, according to The Nation, allegedly employed illegal immigrants through labor contractors. The 1986 immigration laws made it illegal to hire undocumented immigrants, even in private homes, though it is said to be widely ignored.

The story, headlined “Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite,” brought an angry denial from Dobbs, who was let go by CNN in November 2009 following protests by Latino activists.”The Nation tries to do a hit piece on me, attacks my daughter, and the national liberal media asks no question of the left-wing house organ,” Dobbs said Thursday on Twitter. Speaking to ABC News, he denied The Nation’s allegations, saying the article is a “political assault” based on what he called “the lie” that he has hired illegal immigrants. “I have never, do not now, and never will.”

(Dobbs invited the article’s author, Isabel Macdonald, to appear on his radio show on Thursday afternoon. Dobbs and Macdonald are scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell at 10 p.m. Thursday).Dobbs, who calls himself an independent populist, is flirting with a run for the U.S. Senate or the presidency in 2012 and is scheduled to speak on Saturday at the Virginia Tea Party Convention, his second Tea Party appearance this year. Dobbs and his wife, Debi Lee Segura, a onetime CNN sports anchor, live on a 300-acre estate in Sussex, N.J., where they raise horses, and own a winter home in Eagle Isle, an exclusive gated community in West Palm Beach, Fla…..


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