Trump sign’s kid’s hat…Then throws it away into a crowd…

It’s just  the kinda guy he is, eh?

President Donald Trump signed autographs for a crowd at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday, but at least two people left sans one hat.

In a video posted by Politico, Trump signed two “Make America Great Again” hats handed to him in a crowd. After he signed them, he proceeded to toss them up in the air and into the gathered crowd instead of handing them back.

One person who thanked Trump initially for signing his hat simply said “no!” after Trump tossed his hat in the air….


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With North Korea..A rerun of the Cuban Missle Crisis?

Our kids where not around to worry  thru President Kennedy vs The Soviet Union’s Nikta Kruschev  on misslies that could reach the US going to Cuba….

It was ascary gambit by a young American President that worked…

Fast forward to this past time period….

We are ALL waiting to see if North Korea leader Kin Jong-un will back down, or will get into a pissing match that will spiral out of control….

What is playing out, said Robert Litwak of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, who tracks this potentially deadly interplay, is “the Cuban missile crisis in slow motion.” But the slow-motion part appears to be speeding up, as President Trump and his aides have made it clear that the United States will no longer tolerate the incremental advances that have moved Mr. Kim so close to his goals.

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson has said repeatedly that “our policy of strategic patience has ended,” hardening the American position as Mr. Kim makes steady progress toward two primary goals: shrinking a nuclear weapon to a size that can fit atop a long-range missile, and developing a hydrogen bomb, with up to a thousand times the power of the Hiroshima-style weapons he has built so far.

While all historical analogies are necessarily imprecise — for starters, President John F. Kennedy dealt with the Soviets and Fidel Castro in a perilous 13 days in 1962, while the roots of the Korean crisis go back a quarter-century — one parallel shines through. When national ambitions, personal ego and deadly weapons are all in the mix, the opportunities for miscalculation are many.

So far, Mr. Trump has played his hand — militarily, at least — as cautiously as his predecessors: A series of Situation Room meetings has come to the predictable conclusion that while the United States can be more aggressive, it should stop just short of confronting the North so frontally that it risks rekindling the Korean War, nearly 64 years after it came to an uneasy armistice.

Still, the current standoff has grown only more volatile. It pits a new president’s vow never to allow North Korea to put American cities at risk — “It won’t happen!” he said on Twitter on Jan. 2 — against a young, insecure North Korean leader who sees that capability as his only guarantee of survival….


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Boston Marathon 2017…

The field of elite women’s runners is off in Hopkinton, Mass. (Paul Rutherford/USA Today)

The 121st running of the Boston Marathon — and the fourth since the bombings — takes place Monday, beginning at 8:50 a.m. when the mobility-impaired competitors set out from Hopkinton, Mass.

The elite women’s runners will set out at 9:32 a.m., with the elite men’s field at 10 a.m. After that, the rest of the field of 32,000 competitors will be off and running.

Among the notables in this year’s field is Kathrine Switzer, who will have a much easier time of it than she did 50 years ago when she was the first woman to officially compete in the race. Bobbi Gibb, who competed unofficially the year before Switzer, will be the grand marshal for the Patriots’ Day race.

Fifty years ago, Switzer’s boyfriend had to fend off a race official who sought to physically stop her from running. “I wasn’t there to prove anything,” she said (via the Boston Globe). “It wasn’t until Jock Semple attacked me did everything change.”

Switzer won the 1974 New York City Marathon and has done TV commentary of the Boston race for 37 years. In 2015, she created 261 Fearless, a nonprofit that wants to use running to empower women. (The 261 comes from her bib number in 1974; the BAA has since retired the number, but Switzer is wearing it Monday.)

“What happened to me was a radicalizing experience. And it was one that made me bound and determined to change things for women,” she said. “Running had given me everything, and I wanted other women to feel that as well.

“Women who are empowered can change the whole society around them for the better and running — I know it sounds crazy — but one foot in front of the other, it’s a transformational experience.”…


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Bernie Sanders may not be a Democrat but the party welcomes his help….

I have often repeated here the fact that Senator Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat…

Sure he hangs with Democrats in the Senate and Senate Minority Leader Schumer has appointed him something within the Democratic Senate Caucus…But ….The guy still isn’t registered with the party…He still hasn’t turned over his mailing list to the party….And he’s still talking about stuff that isn’t even gonna happen even with a Democratic President and Congress…

But ole Bernie has his followers IN the Democratic party…

As that party move past a painful lost last November it IS not shutting Sanders out of it’s efforts to regroup…

Sanders for his part is moving to work with the party regulars …

Of course, he will always make sure he gets some media attention by pushing  his socialist agenda…

As long as the party needs his followers they’ll feature him….

Why NOT?

It’s about rebuilding the Democratic Party…NOT Bernie Sanders….

Image result for sanders and perez

While misgivings remain about giving too much leadership to a politician who technically isn’t a Democrat, a clear warming trend is on the rise.

“It continues to drive me a bit nuts that he continues to register as an independent but the bottom line is that he is a good Democrat,” said Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary and openly worried then about Sander’s allegiances to the party.

During the primary, some Democrats worried that Sanders, a self-described “Democratic socialist,” was pushing the party too far to the left.

Others mocked him for being a one-issue candidate who championed what they called “unrealistic” proposals like free college tuition.

And he angered some Hillary Clinton allies for staying in the race too long and cutting into her message and campaign coffers.

At least some Clinton supporters think Sanders deserves a part of the blame for Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump.

And in recent weeks, former President Bill Clinton told new Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez that he didn’t want the Democratic Party “to be simply the party of Bernie,” according to a source familiar with that conversation.

An aide to Clinton refuted the characterization, saying the former president has always said the strength of Democratic Party is its inclusiveness. An aide for the DNC didn’t respond to a request for comment.

What ever bitter feelings exist, many other Democrats say Sanders is key to rebuilding the party.

“If you are concerned with labels, you might bristle at the notion of a registered Independent jockeying for control over the direction of the Democratic Party – and there were certainly some in the party apparatus that expressed precisely this sentiment during the 2016 campaign cycle,” said Lynda Tran, a Democratic strategist.

“But if you’re focused on policy ideas over party labels you might welcome the inclusion of his voice, and frankly other voices too, at a time when the Democratic Party is under intense attack and working on the path forward….


image of Sanders and new DNC President Tom Pere who will go on the road together for Democrats…Democrats.Org

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Nate Silver joins the rest in calling the GA-06 for Democrat Ossoff…But?

It is unlikely that Democrat Jon Ossoff will reach the 50% of the vote he needs to get the House seat after the votes are counted tomorrow night…

A run off isn’t till June…

Plenty of time for Republicans to recover and mount a concerted effort to keep the seat…

Image result for jon ossoff

…….Ossoff will probably finish with less than 50 percent of the vote, which would trigger a runoff between him and the next-highest finisher — most likely the Republican Karen Handel, but possibly one of three other Republicans (Bob Gray, Dan Moody Judson Hill) who are closely bunched behind her in polls.

Furthermore, the combined vote for all Republican candidates will probably exceed the combined vote for Ossoff and other Democrats, although it should be close. And the district has historically been Republican-leaning, although it was much less so in the 2016 election than it had been previously. All of this makes for a fairly confusing set of circumstances and a hard-to-forecast outcome.

Apply these principles to the Georgia 6 race, and you’ll conclude that Tuesday night’s first round won’t actually resolve that much — unless Ossoff hits 50 percent of the vote and averts the runoff entirely. (That’s an unlikely but hardly impossible scenario given the fairly high error margins of polls under these circumstances.) Even if Ossoff finishes in the low 40s, it will be hard to rule him out in the second round provided that he still finishes in first place by a comfortable margin. But even if Ossoff finishes just a point or two shy of 50 percent, and Democrats finish with more votes than Republicans overall,3 he won’t have any guarantees in the runoff given that it’s a Republican-leaning district and that the GOP will have a chance to regroup. With the runoff not scheduled until June 20, there will be lots of time for speculation about what the first round meant — and a lot of it will be hot air….


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Will they follow AG Session’s Immigration get tough policy?

The Attorney General hasn’t named permenet replacements for most of the Obama era US Attorney’s he sent walking…

Any new picks will have to go before the Senate where they will undergo sharp questioning by Democrats and some Republicans on the effects of Sessions orders…

As Sessions put it: “This is a new era. This is the Trump era.”

The Department of Homeland Security — already required by Congressional statute to fill 40,000 detention beds each day — has found 33,000 more beds for the 15,000 new customs and immigration officers Trump is hiring to fill, with some help from friendly local police departments.

Sessions’ reinforcements are arriving a decade late. Since the Great Recession, more Mexicans have returned there than arrived here — 140,000 more between 2009 and 2014, according to Pew Research.

They fit in, though, with Trump’s law-and-order revival act that’s really only concerned with order, at all costs, to make America — nearly as safe as it’s been in my lifetime — feel safe again to his voters.

Sessions, a Southern gentleman, should visit his boss’ hometown to see how America’s safest big city, a haven for immigrants, has eliminated bad laws and cut down on needless enforcement while still maintaining order.

 But in the Trump era, power is flowing back to Washington. With the President yet to nominate a single U.S. attorney to replace the 46 he fired, his A.G. is now ordering each of his 94 districts to designate a “border security coordinator.”
Among other things, they’ll press prosecutors to drop discretion and bring whenever possible identity-theft charges — which come with a mandatory two-year sentence — and also felony charges against anyone caught for a second time illegally entering, which is a misdemeanor.

America has 270 immigration judges now and a backlog of over half a million cases. Sessions, war-on-terror-style, is filling that “dire need” with a pathetically insufficient “surge” of 50 new judges this year and 75 more next year. At the same time, he’s demanding his prosecutors bring many thousands more cases so that a painfully clogged justice system is in danger of becoming one that provides no justice at all.

These are “complete bulls–t cases with no thinking to them, no lawyering to be done,” said the prosecutor. “You are found here, ergo you are guilty. It’s a strict liability offense.”

We’re in this mess because Washington’s lawmakers failed to update laws that do more harm than good — to pass a comprehensive immigration bill or revoke those that underpin the failed “war on drugs.”

That’s left governors, mayors, commissioners and prosecutors with tough decisions about how to use their limited resources to coax the best results out of janky arrangements. Our legal system depends on selective arrests and prosecutions, and many more pleas than trials.

If every law were strictly enforced, it would collapse….


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File your Taxes by the end of April 18, 2017….

The US Congress writes the countrie tax code (law) ….

The Internal Revenue Service collects to money for the US Treasury…

Tax Day falls on April 18, 2017. That’s the deadline for filing taxes on income earned in 2016. Usually, April 15 is the day taxes are due, but in 2017, that falls on a Saturday. And on Monday, the District of Columbia celebrates Emancipation Day, which is normally April 16, but that’s a Sunday. Emancipation Day affects taxes the same way federal holidays do. Therefore, the tax deadline is pushed out to the following Tuesday, April 18, giving taxpayers three extra days to file their returns.

Originally, back in 1913, the deadline was March 1. That’s when Congress passed the 16th Amendment, creating the income tax on February 3, 1913. It taxed incomes above $4,000. Industrialists opposed it. Prior to that, the federal government derived its revenue from tariffs on imports and exports. That hurt the middle class the most since they spend more of their income on these day-to-day necessities. It also taxed cigarettes and alcohol heavily. In fact, it received 90 percent of its revenue from those two taxes alone. (Source: “History of the Internal Revenue Service,” IRS.)

Congress created the income tax because it wanted to tax everyone more fairly. It had tried a national income tax in 1894. But it was unconstitutional because all federal taxes were based on state population at that time. The only solution was to amend the Constitution, and the 16th Amendment did just that. Congress gave everyone a year plus six weeks as the first deadline…..



You can get an extension.

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Thirteen photos that will make you fall in love with America all over again…

A June naturalization ceremony was held at Glacier Point in Yosemite, a magnificent setting for a special moment.

The U.S. Department of the Interior, the agency in charge of the nation’s national parks and monuments, has a wonderfully rich mine of gorgeous photographs on its Instagram page, highlighting how diverse the landscapes and monuments of the United States truly are. On this Fourth of July, it seems fitting to take a look at some of the natural beauty that makes this country so unique—and makes the vision of preserving our natural places a truly patriotic mission for all of us.


From the newest citizens of the United States, above, to those who died for their country, below:

Vietnam Memorial, Washington DC

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

For more breathtaking beauty, from sea to shining sea, meander below the fold with me ….

From the Dept. of Interior about the photo below: “St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1931 to provide wintering habitat for migratory birds and is one of the oldest refuges in the country. It includes coastal marshes, islands, tidal creeks and estuaries of seven north Florida rivers, and is home to a diverse community of plant and animal life. The refuge also has strong ties to a rich cultural past, and is home to the St. Marks Lighthouse, which was built in 1832 and is still in use today.”

St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge, Florida.

St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, Florida.

U.S. Dept. of Interior, on photo below: “Not all of our public lands are far from urban areas. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area chronicles two hundred years of history, from Native American culture, the Spanish Empire frontier and the Mexican Republic, to maritime history, and the California Gold Rush. It also provides some pretty killer views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.”

Golden Gate National Recreation Center, California.
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Hillary Clinton gives 2016 Campaign Email List To the DNC…

Image result for hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has NOT….

(Of course….Sander’s isn’t a Democrat)

The Democratic National Committee announced on Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had turned over its email list, giving the party a major boost as it rebuilds under a new chair and prepares for the midterm elections next year and the 2020 presidential race.

The list, provided as an in-kind contribution from the Hillary for America campaign organization, includes more than 10 million new names that the DNC did not have on its voter files, according to both Clinton and DNC aides. The contribution was valued as $3.5 million, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

“This information will help candidates up and down the ballot engage with voters and win seats from the school board to the Senate,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the DNC. “We’re seeing momentum and energy across the country, and this investment will help us harness the energy and turn it into votes.”

The decision to turn over the email list ― in addition to providing the DNC with its analytics and voter modeling tools ― fulfills a campaign promise that Clinton made. During the primary, the former secretary of state pledged that if she were nominated, she would focus her resources on rebuilding a Democratic Party infrastructure that had decayed under President Barack Obama. …



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DHS Head Kelly throws deportation question back on the door of Congress….

It’s NOT THAT simple though…

It’s ALWAYS about HOW you apply the law since just about EVERYTHING is illegal in one way or another ….

Trump and Co. seems bent on apply the law selectively against immigrants that have had some compassion for those who have been in the country for a good amount of time that have commited no crime except for coming here…

Many ARE upstanding people in their communities that have paid taxes for decades….

Yet Atty Gen Sessions wants to have them charged for just being here?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly called on Congress to fix the nation’s immigration laws, arguing his department shouldn’t have as much discretion as it does on deportations.

“I would argue, Chuck, that we have to straighten this out,” Kelly told host Chuck Todd of NBC on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” “And I place that squarely on the United States Congress. It’s a hugely complex series of laws, and I engage the Hill quite a bit and get an earful about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. But it all comes down to the law, doesn’t it?

“And we are a nation of laws, and I would hope that the Congress fixes a lot of these problems.”…



Congress isn’t ready to tackle Immigration reform…

The number of Southern Border crossing has dropped dramatically ….

And Congress isn’t gonna give the Trump Admin anything close to what it would need ina budget to go thru what Sessions wants…

But the Trump Admin has scared border crossing down AND tourist travel to America is also drastically down ….

All this get tough stuff is costing the American economy in several ways…

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Grass business in California gets Big…REALLY BIG…

The state stops chasing the marijuana trade and moves to let it go above aboard thur regualting it and making money….

The result is an industry that is growing…and GROWING….

But the drug is STILL illegal under Federal law….

After years of marijuana being cultivated in small plots out of sight from the authorities, California cannabis is going industrial.

Over the past year, dilapidated greenhouses in the Salinas Valley, which were built for cut flower businesses, have been bought up by dozens of marijuana entrepreneurs, who are growing pot among the fields of spinach, strawberries and wine grapes.

“This is cannabis meets Big Ag,” said Steve DeAngelo, the executive director of one the nation’s largest marijuana dispensaries, who last year founded Harborside Farms to supply the business.

 The 47-acre farm is dotted with greenhouses that emit the pungent smell of thousands of marijuana plants and warehouses where farmworkers who spent their careers tending to raspberry plants now sit in rows delicately trimming the leaves from harvested cannabis buds. When the last greenhouses are built here next year, the facility will be one of the largest legal marijuana farms in the world.

Harborside and other farms like it are a sign of a new chapter for America’s cannabis industry, in which marijuana is grown openly, like any other crop. Despite the federal ban on marijuana, leaders of the industry are taking a Manifest Destiny view, believing it is only a matter of time for pot to become as widely accepted as alcohol across the country.

California, with its ideal climate and vast market, is at the vanguard of the movement to normalize the drug and produce it cheaply and in abundance.

“California is destined to do with cannabis what we’ve done with every other fruit and vegetable,” Mr. DeAngelo said. “And that’s take half of the national market.”

The move to mass-scale farming is occurring just as some members of the Trump administration are advocating a revival of the war on drugs, including marijuana, which is now legal in some form or another in about 30 states. The federal ban precludes growers of California cannabis from legally shipping out of state, although tons of it seeps out anyway….


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Elizabeth Warren is out with a new Book…

The Boston Globe does a review of the book and the states ‘ Senator and seems to find both wanting….

She is NOT such a big deal back in Massachusetts  as she is to progressives around the country…

The most revealing thing about Elizabeth Warren’s new book is all the material she left out.

In “This Fight Is Our Fight,’’ which is Warren’s 11th book and is set for release Tuesday, the Massachusetts senator trains her scrappy prose on corporations and Republicans while notably pulling her punches on the Democratic Party’s stunning failures of 2016.

She dispatches her decision not to run for president in little more than a page. She forgoes any autopsy of what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party got wrong. She doesn’t even mention meeting with Clinton in Washington to discuss her prospects for joining the ticket as Clinton’s vice presidential pick.

Instead, Warren has produced a policy-focused (or, in her word, “nerdy”) book that is reflective of a politician whose future could depend on preserving Democratic alliances. Put another way, this is no Bernie Sanders-style screed.

In a rare interview at her home in Cambridge on Friday, Warren explained that she wanted to focus on how American government has stopped working for all but the very wealthiest citizens and corporations, and her worry that President Trump “is about to deliver the knockout blow” to the country’s floundering middle class.

“I think it’s time to look forward,” Warren said. In Warren’s case, forward means her 2018 reelection campaign in Massachusetts, upcoming Washington battles with Trump and Senate Republicans — and maybe, though she will not discuss it, a 2020 bid for president.

Pressed on why she doesn’t use the opportunity of a well-timed book to offer a sharper critique of the Democratic Party, Warren’s answer is, essentially: Circular firing squads aren’t very productive.

“I never lose sight of the fact that Democrats have tried to do more for working people than Republicans,” she said. “Have Democrats failed? Yes. There have been places where we have not fought as hard as we should, but Republicans as a party have blocked every move that would have helped working families.”

The new book is relentlessly on message and on brand, as was Warren herself during a 30-minute interview with the Globe.

Cambridge, MA- April 14, 2017: United States Senator Elizabeth Warren at her home in Cambridge, MA on April 14, 2017. (Globe staff photo / Craig F. Walker) section: metro reporter



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There are moves across the country to lower the voting age…..

This is a Democratic push…

Republicans have been working hard to DECREASE the number of people voting in order to continue holding on to political power…

So far Republicans ARE winning…

Democrats need to push harder to GET OUT MORE VOTERS as the country changes its makeup…

We have to change from a country being governed by a right leaning minority that is hell bent on keeping it that way….

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are trying to increase voter participation by targeting young people. Their bills are among nearly 500 pieces of legislation introduced around the country this year to make voting easier, according to a March analysis by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

While Republican-leaning states have moved to tighten voting rules — nearly 90 such bills have been introduced — those efforts have been outstripped by the number of bills seeking to expand access to the polls.

“A lot of young people last year wanted to make their voices heard but were unable to do so because the rules prohibited them,” said Jonathan Brater, counsel with the nonpartisan Brennan Center Democracy Program.

“That has certainly renewed interest in making the system more accessible,” Brater said.

Democrats and Republicans have supported efforts to expand access, particularly online registration. But it’s mostly Republicans who are pushing restrictions such as requiring photo identification at the polls.

Roughly 20 states are considering voter ID laws this year that supporters say prevent fraud and boost public confidence in elections. Critics say such laws target minorities and the poor, who might not have driver’s licenses and find it difficult to obtain them.

Recent voting expansion efforts include automatic registration and extending absentee voting opportunities.

Republicans control the governorship and legislature in 25 states and so far have been relatively successful in pushing through the more restrictive laws. Democrats control just a half-dozen states….


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Turns out Trump Needs China after all….

After ALL the chest thumping AGAINST China to get votes is over….

Anybody with some smarts saw thru that….

Now that Trump & Co. has jawboned the North Korea’s into holding up on the nuclear tests by offering China most favored trading status, which of course is the OPPOSITE of throwing a trade wall at them ?….We get a failed missile test …That’s all…

Front the jump you HAD to know the Trump simply was NOT gonna  fight economically or militarily with China…

You had to know when the crew he hired for Goldman Sach’s and the General’s BOTH explained the REAL WORLD to the guy ?

He had to descend from the Alternate Universe he lived in…

He’s the President now for worst…

He’s growing up…

President Donald Trump explained the decision to not label China a currency manipulator, which reversed a promise he made during the election campaign, as a function of receiving Beijing’s help in reining in North Korea.

“Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!” Trump said in a tweet early Sunday to his 28 million followers.

The comment was Trump’s first in response to a failed missile test by North Korea overnight. Spending the weekend at his Florida estate, Trump also wished a “Happy Easter to everyone!”

The U.S. on Friday stopped short of branding China a currency manipulator in an annual foreign-currency report from the Treasury while urging the world’s second-largest economy to let the yuan rise with market forces and embrace more trade….


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Thousand’s across the nation march in protest Demanding Trump show his taxes…

This ain’t going away…..

From Seattle to the District, protesters are gathering in cities throughout the country Saturday to call on President Trump to release his personal tax returns. The protests fall on the country’s traditionally recognized deadline to file taxes, April 15.

In all, more than 100 marches are expected to occur throughout the day. The main march unfolded in the nation’s capital, where protesters gathered for a rally in front of the Capitol and then planned to march near the Lincoln Memorial in the afternoon. In South Florida, activists say they will march to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, where the president is staying this weekend.

Presidents are not required to release their tax returns but have done so voluntarily dating to the 1970s.

In Washington, participants at the march portrayed the president as a greedy politician who refuses to be open about his financial dealings.

Hundreds wore shirts with an image of Trump’s face as the Monopoly mascot. Others held signs with former president Richard M. Nixon’s face, saying even Nixon, who resigned the presidency in disgrace, released his taxes. There was a large inflatable chicken, with hair that resembles Trump’s, suggesting Trump is “too chicken” to release his taxes.

C.J. Ingram, a D.C. resident in her 50s who works in a funeral home, attended the march, her first protest during Trump’s presidency.

“I’m really mad because he made Barack Obama produce his birth certificate, and he’s not even producing his tax returns,” Ingram said. “Come on, really? What are you hiding?”….


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North Korea show’s new missile’s…But does NOT do nuke bomb test…

With the US and China warning the North Korea’s to hold up….

They do their annual military parade for their young leader…..

But only show transport’s with casing’s for supposedly new intercontinental ballistic missile that could conceivably reach the American West Coast…

But there was NO additional testing of a nuclear device as was thought to be coming….

We’ll see how this plays out…

Both countries need to back down….

As the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, watched from a platform, long columns of goose-stepping soldiers, accompanied by a fleet of tanks, missiles and rocket tubes, marched through a large plaza in the capital, Pyongyang, that was named after Mr. Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung, the country’s founding president.

Saturday was the 105th anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth and the North’s most important holiday, called the Day of the Sun. The United States, China and other regional powers had feared that North Korea might mark the occasion by conducting its sixth nuclear test or by launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. The United States sent a naval strike group to the area in a show of force.

But no seismic tremor emanated on Saturday morning from the North’s nuclear test site, where recent satellite photographs have shown what appeared to be preparations for an underground detonation….


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