Trump Supporter and CNN political commentator …’Facts no longer exist’…

I told ya Trump & Co. live in alternate Universe…..

In an interview on “The Diane Rehm Show,” Donald Trump supporter and CNN political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes declared the end of facts. Or, in her own words: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts.”

She explained that contention, too: “And so Mr. Trump’s tweet amongst a certain crowd, a large — a large part of the population, are truth. When he says that millions of people illegally voted, he has some — in his — amongst him and his supporters, and people believe they have facts to back that up. Those that do not like Mr. Trump, they say that those are lies, and there’s no facts to back it up. So … ”

Such gobbledygook logically issues from the mouth of a Trump supporter. If there are no facts anymore, after all, the anti-Trump critique crumbles. All that’s left would be the misogyny, the mismanagement, the narcissism, the conflicts of interest, the failure to open up tax returns, the hostility toward the media, the … actually, the anti-Trump critique wouldn’t really crumble. Whatever the case, Glenn Thrush, a veteran reporter with Politico, scolded Hughes: “There are no objective facts? I mean, that is — that is an absolutely outrageous assertion,” Thrush said. “Of course there are facts. There is no widespread proof that three million people voted illegally. It’s been checked over and over again. We had a Pew study that took place over 15 years that showed people had more likelihood of being struck by lightning than voting illegally in an election.”….


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A-10 Warthog square off against the F-35…..Congress

Score another life line for the old , slow and ugly A-10…..

Image result for F-35/A-10

Lawmakers want to make retirement of the U.S. Air Force’s beloved A-10 attack aircraft contingent on a flyoff between the Warthog and the new F-35, as well as completion of the fifth-generation fighter’s final test period.

The move, outlined in the reconciled $618.7 billion defense policy bill for 2017, is a win for A-10 champions on Capitol Hill, who have been sparring with the Air Force for years over the service’s plan to sunset the venerable Warthog to move precious resources and maintainers to the F-35. It also fuels speculation that the Air Force will give up trying to retire the A-10 for the foreseeable future, a move several top service officials have recently alluded to in interviews with Aviation Week.

In the compromise bill, unveiled Nov. 30, House and Senate negotiators adopted a provision that would mandate the Pentagon’s top weapons tester complete comparison tests of the F-35 and A-10 performing the Warthog’s primary missions: close-air support (CAS) of soldiers in the heat of battle, combat search and rescue, and airborne forward air control. The chief weapons tester must report to Congress on the results of this test, as well as the findings of the F-35’s final test period, called initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E), expected to begin in 2018….


image of F-35 (r.) and A-10…..Project on Government Oversight

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Breaking…Trump Lawyers and Supporters move to stop Presidential recounts….

In the last 24 hours Trump supporters have moved to stop Jill Stein supported recound efforts in Wisconsin, Michidan and Pennsylvania  thrue legal challenges…..

I wonder why THIS ALL the Sudden ?

Attorneys for President-elect Donald Trump have moved to block the vote recount in Pennsylvania, adding to complaints filed to stop similar proceedings in Michigan and Wisconsin.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Stein has now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College,” the complaint filed Thursday states. “There is no evidence — or even an allegation — that any tampering with Pennsylvania’s voting systems actually occurred.”
The filing comes on the heels of the Trump camp’s complaint reported earlier Thursday in Michigan dismissing Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s claims of impropriety during the 2016 presidential race, and a day after the the Wisconsin Republican Party logged a complaint with the Federal Election Committee arguing that Stein was seeking to benefit Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

Stein rejected the president-elect’s efforts as “outrageous” Thursday….



Stein HAS the money to reinmbust the states for their efforts….

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How Trump & Co. want to Sell the Sessions Atty Gen pick to Republicans….

Image result for jeff sessions

This was sent to supporters….

Appointment of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions — Attorney General

  • Senator Sessions has dedicated his life to public service.
  • He has a distinguished legal career and has served as both the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama (12 years) and
  • Alabama Attorney General (2+ years) prior to his service in the U.S. Senate.
  • He has been one of President-elect Trump’s trusted advisors on the campaign and will now continue his service as our nation’s chief law enforcement officer.
  • Sen. Sessions worked inside the Department of Justice for 15 years and loves the department, its people and its mission.
  • Sen. Sessions is known for his deep respect and adherence to the rule of law, the cornerstone of American democracy.
  • Sen. Sessions’ strong civil rights record includes a host of desegregation lawsuits he filed in Alabama while he was U.S. Attorney, voting in favor of the 30-year extension of the Civil Rights Act, voting to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder, spearheading the effort to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Rosa Parks, and much more.
  • Even individuals who voted against Sen. Sessions’ confirmation 30 years ago ultimately regretted it. The late Senator Arlen Specter said, “My vote against candidate Sessions for the federal court was a mistake because I have since found that Sen. Sessions is egalitarian.”



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Look at Jill Steins vote totals in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin…More Surprise’s on 2016 Voting Totals…

…twitter tweets….

Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict
Jill Stein is now officially the Ralph Nader of 2016.

Stein votes/Trump margin:
MI: 51,463/10,704
PA: 49,678/46,765
WI: 31,006/22,177

Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict
Dave Wasserman Retweeted Dave Wasserman
To those pointing out not all Stein votes would have gone to Clinton: yup. And I never said all of Nader’s votes would have gone to Gore.


Dave Wasserman ‏@RedistrictBy my estimates, of 227 million eligible voters in U.S.:

40.3% didn’t vote
28.8% voted Clinton
27.7% voted Trump
3.2% voted someone else

Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict
Ventura, CA: 16k new Clinton votes, 8k Trump. Clinton’s national popular vote lead up to 2.55 million (1.9%): …

Dave Wasserman Retweeted
Ronald Brownstein ‏@RonBrownstein 19h19 hours ago
Trump will be the first modern president to get less than half of the vote in both the primary and general

On the House votes….

Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict
House GOP’s 4% geography bonus:

2012: 49% of 2-party vote, 53% of seats
2014: 53% of vote, 57% of seats
2016: 51% of vote, 55% of seats

On Hillary Clinton actually doing BETTER than Obama with the popular vote….

Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict
Maryland just became the 12th state where Clinton’s margin exceeds Obama’s ’12 margin. …

On Jeff Sessions….

Dave Wasserman
‏@Redistrict Dave Wasserman Retweeted J. Miles Coleman
Pretty amazing that Clinton carried GOP Rep. Pete Sessions’s #TX32 but Dems didn’t even field a congressional candidate.

On the popular vote vs the electoral college….

Dave Wasserman
Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538
Nate Silver Retweeted Dave Wasserman
“Why did people miss Clinton’s weakness in the Electoral College?” is becoming a better question than “why were the polls so wrong?”.Nate Silver added,

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Trump & Co. COULD increase the GOP’s Senatoral rinks by offering jobs to EVERY Red State Democrat

Donald Trump has already spoken to Red State’s West Virginia Democratic Senator Manchin already….

He will be talking to Red State Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) today….

Who next?

Democratic Minority Senator Chuck Schumer has THIS to content with and defending a WHOLE LOT of Democratic Senator seats come 2018…..

He will also have to find a way to support his Red State Senate colleagues ….THAT will be difficult….

Hillary Clinton’s loss comes at what could be a VERY bad time…..

Democrats WILL have to get over their loses last month and scramble and hope that somehow President Donald Trump REALLY screws things up….

They will also have recruit GOOD candidates for office and pick their fights in the next two years wisely….

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Jobless rate drops to 4.6%…..But?

President Obama is gonna leave office with a nice low jobless rate….

THAT should have assured Hillary Clinton a win….

It did NOT…..

Despite the OVERALL low number?

There are large pockets of places in America where the above number is meaningless…

THAT is why Hillary Clinton isn’t going to the White House and Donald Trump is out crowing about saving jobs from going overssea’s (And NOT mentioning the job cuts at the same company)…

The U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs in November, and the unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent from 4.9 percent the previous month, according to new government data released Friday morning. The first employment report since voters went to the polls last month shows an economy in strong shape as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office.

The unemployment rate fell to levels not seen since August 2007, before a bubble in the U.S. housing market began to burst. The fall was driven partly by the creation of new jobs and partly by people retiring and otherwise leaving the labor force.

“Overall, it’s a labor market that is continuing to improve, that has a decent momentum,” said Josh Feinman, chief global economist at Deutsche Asset Management. “So that’s certainly encouraging.”

While Trump boasted of the jobs saved in Indiana, the challenge going forward is that the economy continues to shed manufacturing jobs, said Jed Kolko, chief economist at job search site Indeed. The latest report showed manufacturing jobs down from both the previous month and November 2015.

“To bring back manufacturing jobs means overcoming some pretty strong headwinds,” said Kolko.

The November jobs report was also one of the final snapshots of the economy under President Obama’s administration….



Equitable Growth ‏@equitablegrowth
Unemployment also varies quite a bit by education level. Rate for college grads 1/2 of HS grad rate.

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Trump ‘Warns’ American companies against moving jobs overseas…Saves Jobs?

While doing a ‘victory’ visit to the Carrier  plant that HIS people cut a deal with BEFORE they even got into office……

Donald Trump issued a threat to American companies thinking of relocating some of their operations to other countries…..


This IS how Trump & Co. WILL attempt to operate…..

Making sure there is a BIG Media noise to get across a simple view that Trump is projecting strength ……(Putin like?)

The details of the situation with Carrier?

Almost a THOUSAND jobs will BE CUT by the company…..

And Trump & Co. has offered State Tax cuts (Pence is the Indiana Governor , remember?)  and Money from Indiana to allow Carrier to make MORE MONEY……

This is pureTrump showmanship and the while the headlines make him a hero to some working class people?

One should NOT miss the point here….

Trump is VERY clever in making this a headline….

It WILL appeal to HIS base no matter how much the Media sheds light on the overall picture….The thought WILL BE symbolic ….’The PRESIDENT fought for our jobs’…..

Democrats BEWARE…You will be competeing with a showman who is a EXPERT at selling Bull Shit…and the Media will be his willing messenger….

Carrier is gonna MAKE money from people LOSING their jobs and the taxpayers of Indiana…

“Instead of a damn tax, the company will be rewarded with a damn tax cut,” Sanders wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post. “Wow! How’s that for standing up to corporate greed?”

Privately, some business leaders were also unnerved.

“It is uncharted territory for a president-elect to get involved personally in social engineering with a single company,” said an adviser to major corporations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order not to anger the incoming administration.

Now that Carrier “is no longer the political piñata,” the adviser added, chief executives “are asking, ‘Who’s next?’ ”

Timothy Bartik, an economist at the nonpartisan W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo, Mich., said that vague threats from the president-elect could stymie corporate investment as firms seek to avoid decisions that could draw the ire of the White House.

“What are these consequences? Who’s in charge of them?” Bartik asked.

“One of the worst things for corporate investment is uncertainty,” he added. “You would hope that the government would not add to the uncertainty.”

In Indianapolis, where Carrier has been a staple of the business community since the 1950s, the deal was celebrated……



In the linked piece it points to even the UNion being happy with Trump?

THAT IS a PROBLEM for Democrats….

And for some Republicans….Not every company is gonna get tax break promises to balance their bottom line….While having ‘Big Brother ‘ threatening them….

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Open Thread for Dec. 1, 2016…Insurance Companies to get help in Obamacre redo….

Anybody surprised with this?

Republicans will ‘Repeal’ Obamacare, which is actaully the Affordable Healthcare Law….

But it will take a few years ….

Something tells me that Republicans are gonna make sure that Insurance companies make MORE money in the redo….

Sounds like a Hand out Bailout to me….

One Republican lobbyist said that in discussions about a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement, insurers are “painting a picture of the market that isn’t very pretty and Republican staffers are getting the picture.”

“They want to pump money back in to the insurers without appearing like they’re giving them a handout or bailing them out,” the lobbyist added.

A second lobbyist said Republican staff is discussing the effects of actually getting into law a repeal bill similar to the one passed last year through the fast-track process known as reconciliation. That measure would have taken out the core of ObamaCare on a two-year delay.

The lobbyist said Republicans are discussing: “What’s the impact on the 2018 plan year for that, and if it’s as bad as some people say, what are our options to mitigate the impact without looking like we’re bailing out the health insurance industry?”

Asked about the talks with insurers, a Republican House Ways and Means Committee aide said: “We’re talking with all stakeholders and discussing the best next steps as we work to reform this broken health care system.”

It is unclear what specific policies could end up being enacted. A starting point is programs similar to ObamaCare’s risk adjustment, reinsurance and risk corridors.

Those programs help guard insurers against losses by shifting money from insurers faring better financially to those faring worse.

Republicans, though, long denounced those programs as “bailouts” of insurers.

A more likely option could be to get the Trump administration’s Health and Human Services Department to make regulatory changes favorable to insurers….

Iowa insurance commissioner Nick Gerhart, a Republican, sounded concerns about repealing the law without a replacement earlier this month.

“If the new Congress passes a bill to repeal all of the ACA, I hope that a replacement for the ACA is stapled to that bill,” he wrote. “An immediate repeal would lead to devastating consequences in the disruption of people’s care, and create even more uncertainty for millions of Americans.”


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Trump picks another General….James Mattis for Secretary of Defense

Donald Trump once said he wouldn’t listen to the ‘General’s’…..

He thought he was pretty good himself on things…..

It seems after at least 4 National Security Briefings ?

He has decided to rely somewhat on retired General Flynn (National Sec Advisor) and Mattis…..(Trump could end up with retired military men running the Nation’s senior CIVILIAN command OVER the Military something that is NOT common and raises questions of Civilian control…..)

Image result for gen mattis

This may be a blessing….(maybe NOT since Flynn could end up out ranking Mattis)

The General’s ARE career politicians  from the military …..

Both Fliynn and Mattis have served tours of duty in the Middle East …..

They have command units that have been in combat….

Theyu BOTH areprobably NOT gonna be a hurry to send MORE American men and women in harms way….

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis to be secretary of defense, according to people familiar with the decision, nominating a former senior military officer who has said that responding to “political Islam” is the major security issue facing the United States.

Mattis, who retired as chief of U.S. Central Command in 2013, has often said that Washington lacks an overall strategy in the Middle East, opting to instead handle issues in an ineffective one-by-one manner.

“Is political Islam in the best interest of the United States?” Mattis said at the Heritage Foundation in 2015, speaking about the separate challenges of the Islamic State and Iranian-backed terrorism. “I suggest the answer is no, but we need to have the discussion. If we won’t even ask the question, how do we even recognize which is our side in a fight?”…

“If there’s any concern at all, it’s the principle of civilian control over the military. This role was never intended to be a kind of Joint Chiefs of Staff on steroids, and that’s the biggest single risk tied to Mattis. For Mattis, the biggest risk for him personally is that he will have a national security adviser in the form of Mike Flynn whose management style and extreme views may arch Mattis’s eyebrows and cause conflict over time. It’s no fun to be secretary of defense if you have to constantly feud with the White House.”


Note ….

Another retired General is said to be in the running for Sec of State …..David H. Petraeus….

image….Washington Times


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Could ‘Dreamers’ get protection from Congress?

There IS a Bipartisan effort to draft a bill that would offer undoucumented young people a protection against being deported….

While Donald Trump has said he would increase deportations….

Trump has moved from his ‘deportation force ‘ to deporting only those who have  committed crimes….But who knows what he would do once in office?

It is unklnow if this bill being drafted would get enough support right now….The vote on the bill would be by the current sitting Congress…

Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are drafting a bill that aims to protect undocumented young people who could be at risk of deportation when President-elect Donald Trump enters the White House.

Durbin confirmed on Thursday that they were working on a bill that they hope to finish by the end of next week, after Graham discussed the plans on Wednesday. Details have yet to be finalized, but Durbin said on the Senate floor that it was a “bipartisan effort to say to the new president, give these young people a fighting chance.”

“At least protect them until we’ve had a chance to act on the larger immigration issues before us,” Durbin said.

Their plan is one of many avenues Democrats are going down to protect undocumented young people, often known as Dreamers. Many of these young people gave their personal information to the government because lawmakers urged them to do so, and now they fear Trump could use it to track them down for deportation.

Some of the lawmakers’ efforts focus on President Barack Obama, who created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, for Dreamers that Durbin, Graham and others are now seeking to protect….


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Dem Senator Manchin WILL vote for Sessions for AG….

If there is one Trump appointment that Democarst SHOULD unite against?

It is Sen Jeff Sessions for Attorney General….

Past history and comments for the Alabama US Senator have reveiled a man who does NOT deserve to be the nations chief law eforcement office….

But Democrats in Red States are well aware of the Trump Electoral vote….and have their eye on the upcoming 2018 Senate Elections….

Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is going to have tough time since the Democarst changed the conformation vote approval margin for 60 Senators’ to a simple majority of 51….

Other confirmation votes will be contested….

But none like Sessions….

Senate Democrats facing tough reelection races in states won overwhelmingly by Donald Trump are wrestling with how to vote on his Cabinet picks.

Democrats have directed heavy fire at several of the president-elect’s proposed nominees, criticizing the choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) for attorney general, Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) for health secretary and Betsy DeVos for education secretary.

Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) has pledged a “very thorough and tough vetting” of Sessions and claimed Tuesday that Price might not make it through the Senate because of his views on privatizing Medicare.
But to have any chance of blocking Trump’s nominees, Democratic leaders would need to keep their caucus unified — and there are early signs that some members won’t be willing to hold the line.

Red-state Democrats running in 2018 aren’t closing the door on supporting Trump’s picks. They’re avoiding critical statements that could box them in when the nominations come to the floor for votes next year.

“I’ve always been inclined to try to be receptive to anybody and everybody that the executive puts up as they put their team together,” said Sen. Joe Manchin (D), who’s up for reelection in West Virginia, a state Trump carried with almost 69 percent of the vote.

Manchin has already announced his support for Sessions — whom other Democrats have balked at because of decades-old allegations that he made racist comments — and pledged to keep an open mind on other nominees.

“They’ll be coming to my office and I’ll ask the questions that are important to me, but I haven’t formed an opinion on them. I’ve been receptive,” Manchin said….



Could Trump and the Republicans be trying to pick up another US Senate Seat?

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is considering Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia for the energy secretary job, according to three sources close to the discussions.

The conservative Democrat “is being considered to show the coal people how serious Trump is about coal,” one source said.

Manchin told POLITICO Thursday afternoon that he and his staff haven’t been contacted by Trump’s transition team and he didn’t have any trips to New York City on his calendar. But Manchin, who is up for reelection in 2018 in a state that has become increasingly more Republican over the past decade, also didn’t dismiss the notion of taking DOE’s top job in the Trump administration….


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Most American’s do NOT want Obamacare scraped….Poll

Ironic how people’s minds change so fast, eh?

When Republicans kept saying the program did NOT work and they where gonna just get RID of it people cheered….

Now that the GOPer’s have won things?

And people REALIZE that they could be hung out to dry?

They have had a change of heart?

Only one-quarter of the public wants to repeal ObamaCare completely, according to a new poll.

The poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 26 percent of the country wants to repeal the entire law. Meanwhile, 30 percent want to expand the law, 19 percent keep it as is and 17 percent scale it back.

The results come as Republicans are planning to repeal ObamaCare early next year. The date that repeal takes effect is likely to be delayed for a couple of years, though, as Republicans try to come up with a replacement plan for the 20 million people who gained coverage through ObamaCare.

The poll finds an uptick in Republican respondents who want to scale back the law, rather than fully repealing it, since the election. In October, the poll found 69 percent of Republicans wanted to fully repeal the law. Now, that number is 52 percent. The share calling to scale it back rose from 11 percent to 24 percent at the same time….



Republicans will NOW OWN the program and must be VERY careful how they handle it….

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Should Democrats target Arizona, Texas, Georgia for 2020?

Intriguing thought…..

Don’t know how long it would get Democrats actually pull off…..

But taking Texas?

Whew THAT SHOULD cement Electoral College things…..

California , Texas and New York?

In Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and the rest of the country, as the demographics continue to turn, as more Latinos come of age and register to vote, and as more Latinos join the voting public, Republicans will find themselves in a quandary. This year’s exit polls in both Michigan and Wisconsin show that 12 percent of voters identified immigration as the single most important issue facing the country; in both states, those voters overwhelmingly supported Trump: 71-25 in Michigan, 75–23 in Wisconsin. If the GOP continues to try to appeal to those voters with Trumpian stances on a border wall and deportation, then they will be effectively writing off their party’s chances in growing states like Texas, Arizona and Georgia. If, however, national Republicans choose to compete for Latino votes in those growing states, they risk alienating the enthusiastic supporters who helped Trump flip Midwestern blue states.

The Democrats’ immediate task is to tie the Republican Party as a whole to Trump and the attitudes and positions that contributed to his underperforming in longtime GOP states — and to provide reinforcement and further encouragement to voters who took the first step in knocking down the red wall.

If a Trump administration cements the voting trends apparent this year, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Minnesota could become red states. But by 2020 and 2024, Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada may well become solidly blue, with Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and even Florida and Texas trending that way as well. It will take some time, but these trends will favor the Democrats in the long term, especially since these latter states are likely to gain House seats reapportioned out of the Midwest — thus giving these growing states increasing power in the Electoral College.

Quite possibly, promoting a Southwest/West and East Coast coalition will pay greater dividends for Democrats than trying to woo back the Upper Midwest’s former Democrats who delivered the recent election to Donald Trump. That doesn’t mean writing off the Midwest or ignoring it, but simply understanding that contrary to the conventional wisdom, it is the Democrats, not Republicans, who in the future will have to reconfigure their electoral strategy to win the White House…..


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Barack Obama before and after the 2016 Election….

The New Yorker does a good  personal piece on Barack Obama  going into the 2016 Presidential Election assuming that Hillary Clinton would win….And dealing with the fact that she didn’t….

Obama talks about his complex feelings about Donald Trump before Election Day and his actions after…..

Image result for Barack Obama

The morning after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Barack Obama summoned staff members to the Oval Office. Some were fairly junior and had never been in the room before. They were sombre, hollowed out, some fighting tears, humiliated by the defeat, fearful of autocracy’s moving vans pulling up to the door. Although Obama and his people admit that the election results caught them completely by surprise—“We had no plan for this,” one told me—the President sought to be reassuring.

“This is not the apocalypse,” Obama said. History does not move in straight lines; sometimes it goes sideways, sometimes it goes backward. A couple of days later, when I asked the President about that consolation, he offered this: “I don’t believe in apocalyptic—until the apocalypse comes. I think nothing is the end of the world until the end of the world.”

Obama’s insistence on hope felt more willed than audacious. It spoke to the civic duty he felt to prevent despair not only among the young people in the West Wing but also among countless Americans across the country. At the White House, as elsewhere, dread and dejection were compounded by shock. Administration officials recalled the collective sense of confidence about the election that had persisted for many months, the sense of balloons and confetti waiting to be released. Last January, on the eve of his final State of the Union address, Obama submitted to a breezy walk-and-talk interview in the White House with the “Today” show. Wry and self-possessed, he told Matt Lauer that no matter what happened in the election he was sure that “the overwhelming majority” of Americans would never submit to Donald Trump’s appeals to their fears, that they would see through his “simplistic solutions and scapegoating.”

“So when you stand and deliver that State of the Union address,” Lauer said, “in no part of your mind and brain can you imagine Donald Trump standing up one day and delivering the State of the Union address?”

Obama chuckled. “Well,” he said, “I can imagine it in a ‘Saturday Night’ skit.”….

A man of inherited fortune and a stint at the Wharton School was an unlikely champion of the rural South and the Rust Belt—this was no Huey Long—but Trump was shrewd enough to perform his fellow-feeling in blunt terms. “I love the poorly educated!” he told the crowd after winning the Nevada caucus. “We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people!”

When I joined Obama on a campaign trip to North Carolina just four days before the election, Hillary Clinton was hanging on to a lead in nearly every poll. Surely, the professionals said, her “firewall” would hold and provide a comfortable victory. David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, said that Clinton was a “one hundred per cent” lock and advised nervous Democrats to stop “wetting the bed.” In battleground states, particularly where it was crucial to get out the African-American vote, Obama was giving one blistering campaign speech after another.

“I’m having fun,” he told me. But, thanks in part to James Comey, the F.B.I. director, and his letter to Congress announcing that he would investigate Clinton’s e-mails again, the race tightened considerably in its final week. When Obama wandered down the aisle of Air Force One, I asked him, “Do you feel confident about Tuesday?”

“Nope,” he said.

But then, in Obamian fashion, he delved into a methodical discussion of polling models and, finally, landed on a more tempered and upbeat version of “nope.” He was “cautiously optimistic.”…



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America continues moving to be less White….

A LOT of People voted against the America of the 21st Century….

The movement of Brown and Yellow people into America is gonna keep happening no matter what Donald Trump has ranted against …..

Image result for american diversity

Twelve years later, the Obama era is ending with a lesson—taught by Donald Trump—in how deep political divisions of race and geography remain. The electoral map that emerged on Nov. 8 looked like a sea of red speckled with islands of blue. Hillary Clinton won the cities and close-in suburbs where affluent professionals, millennials and people of color are clustered. Donald Trump prevailed in the farther-flung suburban, exurban and rural places where residents are disproportionately white and aging.

It will take a long time to fully understand why this election turned out the way it did. But part of it, undeniably, has to do with anxiety about how America is changing. Some voters idealized a picture they grew up with, in which culture and politics were dominated by a white Christian majority. They found a voice for their disorientation in Trump’s rhetoric and his promises that he could restore an older vision of the country.

Demographic change, however, is not a force that is easy to halt — and as American leaders and policymakers grapple with the country’s real challenges and political trajectory, it’s the actual face of Future America they’ll need to deal with, not an imagined one. It might sound unknowable, a kind of crystal-ball exercise with numbers, but in many ways the picture is already becoming clear. The big trend lines in our population are powerful and hard to budge. The next official snapshot will arrive in the form of the 2020 Census, which experts project will show an America becoming slightly less white and more diverse: white Americans will likely make up 2 percent less of the population than they did in 2015, while Hispanic Americans will make up 1.5 percent more. Asian Americans, foreign-born Americans, and those who identify as multiracial will all make up a larger share of the country, while the black population will hold steady….


image….Parker Associates

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