Hillary Clinton lays out her plan for dealing with ISIS and “radical jihadism”

She is currently  speaking as type this….

She is laying out a detailed plan relying on expereinece as Sec of State and outsiders….

She is offering a policy,  if  she was  President, would be to the right of her former boss President Obama….Including limited ‘boots on the ground’….

She also has pointed out that the figfht is not gainst ALL Muslums….

And while America should lead….Other countries in the Middle East should be involved….

She also mentions’ radical extremism ‘…..

The lady looks  and sounds Presidential in the speech….

And she shows the inside and outside on this…..Something NO Republican has the experience and breath of knowledge …..

Hillary Rodham Clinton said that ground forces would be needed to fight the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. She said that they would be used to train and help Iraqi forces but should be given operational flexibility on the ground.

“The ground campaign in Iraq will only succeed if more Iraqi Sunnis join the fight,” she said in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

She also called for a no-fly zone in Syria, saying, “we should retool and ramp up our efforts to equip viable Syrian opposition efforts.”

“If we press forward on both sides of the border, in the air and on the ground as well as diplomatically, I do believe we can crush ISIS’s enclave of terror,” she said.

The Democrats so far have spoken mostly in broad platitudes, vowing to support France and stand with American allies in the fight against terrorism, but offering few specifics. In her speech, Mrs. Clinton faced the tricky dynamic of putting forth her own ideas without appearing to criticize President Obama, under whom she served as secretary of state for four years….


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Donald Trump Update…Running on Race….And Fear….

Donald Trump gets a door opened with the Paris Attacks….

He Now includes Syrians and probabalyy ALL Muslums in his walking we hate EVERYBODY except white males show…..

And calls his President a ‘threat’ because he isn’t on the go after ALL Muslims bandwagon????

He is turning out to be the poster guy for a return to wholesale racism in America…..

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump believes that the war on terror will require unprecedented surveillance of America’s Muslims.

“We’re going to have to do thing that we never did before,” he said during a Yahoo interview.

“Some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule,” Trump said.

“Certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy,” he added. “We’re going to have to do things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.”

Trump would not rule out warrantless searches in his plans for increased surveillance of the nation’s Muslims, Yahoo reported Thursday.

He also remained open toward registering U.S. Muslims in a database or giving them special identification identifying their faith, the news outlet added….


Donald Trump says President Obama poses a threat to national security because of his unwillingness to acknowledge radical Islam as a source of terrorism.

“I think he’s a threat to our country,” Trump said on Boston’s WRKO radio on Wednesday, as first reported by CNN. “I mean, he must have some kind of a thing going on because, you know, when you see that he won’t even call them by their name, attack after attack after attack.”…


Trump weighed in on the presidential race, calling Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., “a communist” and hinting at his plans to go after Hillary Clinton, should he win the nomination. He also discussed the “unthinkable” security measures he believes will be necessary to monitor America’s Muslims in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the “safe space” and racism controversies on college campuses, and his favorite parts of Latino culture….



His ‘tough guy ‘ bullshit will most certainly give him a bump UP in the national polling…Which IS Scary…..


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Trump…How to make this Country Great Again?

WTF does THAT mean?

The Washington Post’s Johnahan Caphart wonders if Trump’s words aren’t just code word’s  for complains by White America about their decline in numbers and increase in Black’s, Brown’s and Yellow’s as we move along in the 21st Century….

This week, Donald Trump released his new book, “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again.” And while some are taking offense at his use of the word “crippled,” I’m more concerned about his use of the word “again.” Like, what years are you talking about specifically, dude? When I hear rich old white guys start bringing up the good ol’ days, my Negro senses start tingling. I mean, after all those years of progress, Trump’s really going to go with ‘Nah, I think we had it right the first time’?”

My “Negro senses” started tingling back in 2010 when I first heard folks say they wanted to take their country back. From whom and to what was never really in doubt. From the black guy (meaning President Obama) and to a time when things were simpler (meaning never), perhaps? Things were never simple or idyllic for people of color, African Americans in particular, in the “good ol’ days.”

Things have changed for the better! And that has a lot of white people singing the blues. Writing about a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released Tuesday, The Post’s Janell Ross highlights a jarring statistic and the question that generated it. “ [A] whopping 43 percent of Americans told researchers that discrimination against whites has become as large a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minority groups,” Ross reported…..



This IS another example of Donald Trump fronting ‘fear’ to his base…..

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France will STILL accept 30,000 More Refugees….

While the Republicans in this country run to be the loudest to cry against accepting ANY Syrian’s….


Which had the attacks that killed 139 people?

Will CONTINUE to accept refugee’s…..

WHAT IS WRONG with the American Republicans and WTF are they attacking President Obama for doing what the French are NOT afraid to do?????

French President François Hollande said Wednesday that he remains committed to taking in refugees following a wave of deadly attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people last week.

“Some have wanted to link the influx of refugees to Friday’s acts of terror,” Hollande said in a speech to French mayors. “The truth is that this link exists because the people of Syria and Iraq have fled because they are martyred by the same people who attack us today.” He added that 30,000 refugees “will be welcomed in the next two years.”

Hollande expressed his gratitude to mayors who have welcomed refugees from the “jungle” of Calais, a town on the western coast of France where thousands of refugees are encamped and living in squalor.

He said France has a simultaneous duty to ensure “humanity for refugees and protection of the French people.”…..


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New York City Progressive Mayor DeBlasio has lost white support….

And his Black and Hispanic support has dropped lower also…..

While he got the job coming in as a Progressive…..

Running the city from the left presents pitfalls…..

The City of New York had been run by Republican Mayor’s for 20 years before Democrat Bill De Blaiso assumed office….

Nearing the midpoint of his term, Mayor Bill de Blasio is confronting a city that is deeply divided about his ability to lead, with his efforts to create a more liberal New York overshadowed by growing worries about homelessness and crime, a new poll finds.

Nowhere is that concern more visible than among a group, long cool to Mr. de Blasio, that he has now decisively lost: whites.

Just 28 percent of white New Yorkers approve of the Democratic mayor’s performance, and 59 percent now disapprove, up sharply from the start of his term, according to a citywide poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College. Nearly half say that the city is a worse place to live under his watch — only 9 percent say it is better — and 51 percent say New York is now less safe, even as crime statistics reach historic lows.

Over all, 52 percent of New Yorkers say the city is on the wrong track, including 62 percent of whites and 51 percent of Hispanics. Black residents are evenly split……



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Syrian Refugee’s have to jump thru the hoops to get to America…

The Republicans here in American ALL seem to want to follow Donald Trump’s lead and NOT allow ANY Syrian refugees into this country….

That includes babies and kids…..

There is this misconception that once the Syrians walk across Europe….They will be able to just buy a plane ticket to America and just show up….

That’s NOT how it works…..

How are Syrian refugees referred to the U.S.?

The process begins with a referral from UNHCR. The U.N.’s refugee agency is responsible for registering some 15 million asylum seekers around the world, and providing aid and assistance until they are resettled abroad or (more likely) returned home once conditions ease. The registration process includes in-depth refugee interviews, home country reference checks and biological screening such as iris scans. Military combatants are weeded out.

Among those who pass background checks, a small percentage are referred for overseas resettlement based on criteria designed to determine the most vulnerable cases. This group may include survivors of torture, victims of sexual violence, targets of political persecution, the medically needy, families with multiple children and a female head of household.

What happens once a refugee is referred to the U.S.?

Our government performs its own intensive screening, a process that includes consultation from nine different government agencies. They meet weekly to review a refugee’s case file and, if appropriate, determine where in the U.S. the individual should be placed. When choosing where to place a refugee, officials consider factors such as existing family in the U.S., employment possibilities and special factors like access to needed medical treatment.

How do we know the refugees aren’t terrorists?

Every refugee goes through an intensive vetting process, but the precautions are increased for Syrians. Multiple law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies perform “the most rigorous screening of any traveler to the U.S.,” says a senior administration official…..


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Ted Cruz challenges Obama ….Seeking Trump like headlines…

…from Daily Kos….

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) talks to reporters after the Senate passed at $1.1 trillion spending bill following a long series of votes, many on procedural matters or to confirm members of the Obama administration, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington Decemb

image …Reuters

President Obama has been sharp in his criticism of Republican posturing against Syrian refugees, and some of the Republicans are taking it personally—or trying to get personal benefit from it. Ted Cruz is way, way out in front of the pack, challenging the president to “insult me to my face.” Obama hasn’t actually named Cruz in any of his remarks so far, addressing the policies Cruz is proposing without naming him directly, but from the way Cruz is talking, you’d think the president had engaged in personal schoolyard taunting.

Cruz could barely contain his glee Wednesday as he spoke to reporters, saying “it’s fairly remarkable that President Obama has now chosen, two days in a row, to attack me directly. He just called me offensive the day before he called me un-American.” Again, mind you, Obama did not name Cruz. But Cruz really wants the Republican base to believe he did, because, wow, being personally attacked by President Obama? That is gold for a Republican primary candidate, and Cruz is looking to mine that gold.

Cruz also took the opportunity to frame himself as a spokesman for the fearful, saying Obama was “attacking me, and attacking everyone else in this country who believes we should not be bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees that the Obama administration cannot vet to determine whether or not they are ISIS terrorists.” About that vetting process:…..


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On-Line Sales slow…..

…from BloomberBusiness…

Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. both saw a big slowdown in online sales growth last quarter, fueling concern that the brick-and-mortar chains aren’t transitioning fast enough to e-commerce.

Target’s Internet sales grew 20 percent third quarter, missing the 30 percent gain it expected, the retailer said on Wednesday. The previous day, Wal-Mart posted quarterly e-commerce growth of 10 percent, compared with 16 percent in the second quarter and 21 percent a year earlier.

The deceleration underscores the challenge of competing with Amazon.com Inc., the world’s largest Internet retailer. Wal-Mart is spending as much as $1.5 billion this year to improve its e-commerce operations, and investors expect to see a big bump in sales. Target also has stepped up its online investments…..


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Was the Paris attacks about the French..Not about ISIS?

This afternoon while listening to Sirius Radio’s  program…’The Midday Briefing’ with Tim Farley……

One got a very different view of the ‘why’ for last Fridays violent shooting attack in Paris…..

Farley hosted the channel’s  2 to 3pm news guy, Olivier Knox, who works also for Yahoo News…..

Knox, who spent half of his growing up years back and forth between the US and France talking about a lot background and basic’s the general media has neglected to mentioned….

I’ll list the points….

  • The French have had a long history of dabbing in Syrian affairs…..
  • The area where the Paris police have been looking for suspects and conducted yesterdays raid is described by the American media as a suburb…..Knox describes the area as more of a vertical slum of apartments that emigres come to when arriving in France with not much money….
  • French President Hollande has been in political trouble up to last Friday….His strong action and proclamations may help him climb back into favor in France
  • Knox also touched on how the disparities of France HAVE to be very apparent to immigrants to a country that has despite the number of Middle Eastern people within borders looked down on the new arrivals….

Knox’s perspective could led one to believe that last weeks attacks where NOT about ISIS….Knox pointed out that American’s worring about refugee’s?… Are wrong….The terrorists that American and others should  worry about are those who travel to Middle East war zone , train and fight…THEN return to engage when they see the conditions  at home…..

The attacks are against the culture’s and societies of the West that segregate new arrivals…They offer them no hope to better their lives, as they thought they could, from views from their home countries….

The very moves to isolated and possibly cut back, or to cease allowing those in the Middle East from escaping their plights, COULD be the root cause of even MORE violent attacks…..

In the end?

All the fancy ISIS based analysis maybe to much over the top….

By ostracizing others?

The world maybe helping itself to violent pushbacks….

Even  though THAT doesn’t make any more sense then closing the door against others not so fortunate enough to live in peace….

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Political Roundup for November 18, 2015…Endorsements…Bush leads…RRH Elections


Endorsements: Here’s a helpful list of endorsements each presidential candidate has received thus far. Jeb Bush has clearly won the endorsement race on the Republican side, although as the trend line shows, his pace of endorsements has clearly gone down, while Marco Rubio’s has gone up.

Jindal: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) is dropping out of the presidential race saying it is “not my time”. Although he has never gotten out of the low single digits in polls nationally, there had been some thought that he could catch fire with evangelical voters in Iowa. But polling doesn’t indicate that he was ready to break out of the pack there either.

Unions: The SEIU endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday, a big get for her as they were one of the few big unions who had yet to endorse. Organized labor appears to be closing ranks around Clinton, as the AFSCME, AFT and NEA have also endorsed her. The AFL-CIO has not endorsed, but generally does not endorse in primaries, preferring to let member unions endorse on their own…..


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Foreign Policy should be Trump and Carson’s exit cards…Republicans…

Days after the Paris terror attacks Republican leaders across the country believe they have finally found the thing that will push the 2016 Republican Presidential race back to candiadtes that are professional politicians ……

Foreign Affairs…..

Donald Trump is talking about bombing ISIS and closing Mosques…

Ben Carson is reported to be clueless about even studying up on Foreign Affairs by inside people….

Republicans hope that their voters will realize that both the guys mentioned are the first act and they finally need to get off the stage…..

Donald Trump and Ben Carson have demonstrated more staying power than anyone predicted. But now, after the terrorist attacks on an American ally, Republican elders think their party’s flirtation with inexperience is nearing its end.

The reemergence of foreign policy atop the Republican agenda will force voters to reevaluate the outsider candidates, particularly as both Trump and Carson display a lack of knowledge about national security and the terrorist threat, party stalwarts said.

“The losers are going to be Donald Trump and Ben Carson on national security,” said Katon Dawson, the former chairman of the South Carolina GOP. “As the Republican base sobers up, they are the two, if this story lasts a long time, it’s going to hurt.”

Indeed, in interviews with current and former GOP chairs, veteran operatives, lobbyists and strategists, the long-held conviction that neither Trump nor Carson will win the Republican nomination has only strengthened since the attacks in Paris last week.



The same feeling applies to Bernie Sanders who was never in the Democratic race anyways…..

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Christian groups don’t want the door shut on Syrian’s coming to America….


All of the guys running for President under the Republican brand name that have come AGAINST Syrian refugees just walked into a speed bump…

American Christian religious groups are uneasy with talks of religious testing in any way….

Faith-based groups, who play a key role in resettling refugees to the United States, say they are dismayed by the wave of anti-refugee fervor set off by the Paris terrorist attacks and are urging supporters to contact elected officials on behalf of victims of the Syrian civil war.

Evangelical Christians, as well as Christians more broadly, are a core group in the Republican electoral base and are among the most passionate advocates for aiding refugees.

A push by Republican presidential candidates to ban Syrian refugees “does not reflect what we’ve been hearing from our constituencies, which are evangelical churches across the country,” said Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy at World Relief, an evangelical organization that helps resettle refugees. “Most of the people have been saying we want to continue to work with refugees, that what happened in Paris … doesn’t reflect who refugees are.”


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Paul Ryan forgot himself…He regroups…..

Newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan forgot himself a few days ago…..

We posted a piece in which Ryan revealed that he thopugh he could make some progress on things WITH the President and Democrats….

NOT A GOOD LOOK, there Mr Speaker…..

Today we have a piece in the Wall Street Journal that mentions CONFRONTATIONS  and possible GOVT SHUTDOWNS against  the White House!…..(And ‘rider’ goodies that Conservatives will seek to widdle away White House policies and actions, piece by piece….

What a surprise?

Not really…..

Ryan is now playing the game…..

Conservatives don’t want to see their guy mentioned in the same sentance as President Obama , or the White House unless they are butting heads…..

Ryan will still get deals…..That’s his job…..

But he WILL have to play the game for as long as he can stand it……

After which time he will do a ‘Boehner’ and quit…..

New House Speaker Paul Ryan struck a confrontational stance with the Obama administration Tuesday, setting the stage for showdowns over domestic spending and national security matters as Congress works to wrap up business for the year.

Mr. Ryan, speaking at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting, said a spending bill needed to avoid a government shutdown in December must include Republican policy measures, injecting fresh drama into the year’s final budget fight.

He also forcefully warned President Barack Obama against using executive action to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and transfer its detainees to the U.S.

The Wisconsin Republican didn’t explicitly suggest government operations could lapse when funding expires on Dec. 11, but he didn’t rule out such a possibility. He said Republicans will force Mr. Obama to accept some conservative provisions, known as “riders,” in the sweeping spending bill…..


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Paris police find 3 attack suspects…Gun fight ensues…

There are reports three of the suspects have been killed in a shootout with police….Three more suspects have been arrested…

Heavy gunfire broke out early Wednesday as French police conducted a large operation near Paris reportedly targeting high-level terror suspects involved in last weeks Paris attacks.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian jihadist who is suspected of being a lynchpin in the assaults that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday, was one of several people targeted in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis, a spokesperson in the Paris prosecutor’s office told NBC News.

Several explosions could be heard around 7:30 a.m. local time (1:30 a.m. ET), about three hours into the operation. Heavy gunfire was first heard at around 4:30 a.m…..’


Updated …..

Three people were killed as French police raided an address in the the northern suburb of Saint-Denis linked to last week’s terror attacks in Paris, a government official said.
The operation that began about 4:25 a.m. near the cathedral where French kings were entombed cornered an armed group that includes Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind, AFP said….



At least two people died in the operation — a young woman who set off an explosive vest, and a person whose body was riddled with gunfire and shrapnel — and eight were arrested…..


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Middle East conflicts throw the A-10 a lifeline…….

The old, ugly, slow, sturdy and deadly ‘Warhog’ has friends pushing for it to keep flying…..

The Air Force has told Congress over the past two years that it must retire the A-10 to save money in its budget and free up maintenance workers for newer the newer F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is now entering the inventory. Congress has yet to approve the request.

Now Carlisle says the Air Force is looking at other ways to complete its maintenance duties, including hiring contractors.

Operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Africa have placed a “greater demand on the capacity of the United States Air Force,” he said. The general also said the Pentagon is buying the F-35 at a slower rate than anticipated several years ago.

The final decision on whether to delay the A-10 retirement rests with Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James and Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force chief of staff.

But Carlisle still plans to offer up the A-10 for deployments as long as they’re still around.

“If I have them, I’m going to use them,” he said. “They’re a fantastic airplane and I’m going to take advantage of them.”



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Can Russia find a way back into the West’s good graces thru Bombing ISIS?

In reaction to the Paris attacks?

The French have been looking to add countries to the on going efforts to work against the Islamic State…..

With it’s military now involved in proping up Syrian Presidentr Assad….Russia has also said it would join efforts against ISIS…..

A LOT of America and other military types are unsure what to think on this…..

And could it lead to Russia starting to mend it’s fences with President Obama and the West?

France, Russia and the U.S. moved beyond talk of cooperation and into the far more difficult realm of action Tuesday, as the “grand and single coalition” French President François Hollande called for to combat Islamic State began coming into view.

Mr. Hollande telephoned his Russian counterpart to discuss possible joint plans, and made arrangements to visit Washington and Moscow next week to pursue the formation of a major new alliance. France launched a third round of airstrikes Tuesday night against Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, while waves of Russian warplanes and cruise missiles struck the same area.

The effort could yet dissolve, as major problems—especially the legacy of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and discord over Syria’s future—haven’t gone away. The involvement of Arab allies with overlapping and uneven agendas complicates regional diplomacy.

But among the signs of potential progress, Russia gave Washington advance notice of its airstrikes Tuesday—the first time it had done so since the Russian bombing campaign started Sept. 30.

Moscow’s determination on Tuesday that a bomb had destroyed a Russian jetliner last month over Egypt accentuated the appearance of common cause…


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