Senate Democrats don’t have Sanders’s back….They DO have Hillary’s….

Bernie Sanders…..

Who has been in the US Senate for a while…..

Is NOT a Democrat..He hangs with them…

But the Vermont, Independent Socialist Senator would like support from his collegues in the Senate….

The Democratic ones?…You know the ‘Establishment Types?

Ah, Forget It…..

“All of us are laughing going like, ‘How did we become establishment?’” McCaskill said. “I’ve been fighting the establishment my whole life. It feels weird that they’re dismissing all of the senators that are supporting Hillary Clinton by kind of lumping us into some category that most of us find distressing and unfair.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) said the backing of 13 female senators shows that Clinton’s support isn’t “establishment.” After all, she said, they are 13 of just 46 women senators to have served in the history of the chamber, a case Baldwin made to Iowa voters last month while campaigning for Clinton.

The backlash to Sanders’ Wednesday comments and his “establishment” jabs coincides with more targeted criticisms of the Vermont independent. Prominent immigration activist Astrid Silva endorsed Clinton over Sanders this week, prompting a Sanders spokeswoman to dismiss the endorsement as little other than a “press hit.”

That raised the eyebrows of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has remained neutral in the primary but felt compelled to respond.

“Nobody needs to attack her, this little girl that came across the river in a boat with a doll and rosary beads. I’m not going to let anybody mess with her, no matter who it is. Very personal for me, nobody will mess with Astrid. I’ll fight back,” Reid said in an interview.

Then there’s foreign policy, where Sanders has said he would seek to normalize relations with Iran as much as he can. This strikes many colleagues as unrealistic.



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New Hampshire Presidential Primay Polls 2/5/16…Clinton/Rubio Up…Sanders /Trump Down….

Donald Trump still leads the GOper’s….

But Marco Rubio IS Gaining on him….

Bernei Sanders still leads Clinton….

But Hillary Clinton is Gaining on him….

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 29, Rubio 12, Cruz 12, Kasich 9, Bush 9, Christie 6, Fiorina 8, Carson 4 Trump +17

New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary


Sanders 54, Clinton 39, O’Malley Sanders +15

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary

Boston Globe/Suffolk

Trump 29, Rubio 19, Cruz 7, Kasich 13, Bush 10, Christie 5, Fiorina 4, Carson 4 Trump +10

New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary

Boston Globe/Suffolk

Sanders 50, Clinton 41, O’Malley Sanders +9

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary

NBC/WSJ/Marist Trump

30, Rubio 17, Cruz 15, Kasich 10, Bush 9, Christie 4, Fiorina 2, Carson 4 Trump +13

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary

UMass/7News (Tracking)

Trump 34, Rubio 15, Cruz 14, Kasich 8, Bush 8, Christie 5, Fiorina 3, Carson 4 Trump +19

New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary

UMass/7News (Tracking)

Sanders 55, Clinton 40, O’Malley Sanders +15

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary

ARG (Tracking)

Trump 36, Rubio 15, Cruz 12, Kasich 14, Bush 8, Christie 6, Fiorina 2, Carson 2 Trump +21

New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary

ARG (Tracking)

Sanders 54, Clinton 38, O’Malley Sanders +16

…from the RealClear Politics latest polls….1/5/16 …9:30PM…..Check HERE for linls to polls…

FivethirtyEight New Hampshire Pres Primary Forecasts….






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Trump will NOT campaign in New Hampshire over the weekend…

Donald Trump does NOT do retail campaign much….

He’s a fly in…fly out guy….

We have a snow storm over the East Coast as I type this piece….

So NO Trump….

His campaignreadily admits that Cruz, Rubi and Bush DO have a ground push going in New Hampshire and as I posted earlier today…..

Trump is lower expectations for his finish  in the state….

Oh, and it may snow again on Tuesday…..

It snowed here Friday morning. That’s a problem for Donald Trump.
That snow follows two weeks of unseasonably warm winter. That’s a problem for Trump too.

In short, trouble for Trump is falling out of the skies, as New Hampshire’s weather continues to make trouble for the state Republican primary’s current poll leader.

Friday’s snow closed airports, prompting Trump’s campaign to announce it was scrapping the lone event he’d scheduled just hours before it was set to start. The campaign has rescheduled it for Monday. “Here at Londonderry Lions Club, people are showing up for a Trump town hall — and not happy to discover it was canceled without notice,” tweeted Eli Okun, a correspondent for the New Hampshire Union Leader.


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Bernie Sanders and Women…

The Boston Globe and Washington Post examine Vermont Independent/Socialist  (Running in the Democrats race ) Senator Bernie Sanders  and women….

Both pieces point how Sanders artfully exploits women for his personal benefit…..

And how Hillary Clinton continues to have to fight America view of women EVERY DAY …..

While Sanders boasts of himself being the ONLY Progressive?….The concept of America electing a WOMAN to be President against a white Male  isn’t So?

…..The Boston Globe….

Hillary Clinton is not the first progressive Democratic woman to be challenged by Bernie Sanders. He ran against me in 1986 when I was running for my second term as governor of Vermont. At that time he had little affinity for the Democratic Party. When advised that his third-party candidacy might result in a Republican victory, he saw no difference between Democrats and Republicans, saying: “It is absolutely fair to say you are dealing with Tweedledum and Tweedledee.”

Voters did not agree. Sanders received 14 percent of the vote, the Republican candidate, Peter Smith received 38 percent, and I won with 47 percent.

By any measure I was regarded as a progressive governor. If I was vulnerable, it was for being too liberal. As a legislator, my maiden speech on the floor of the Vermont House was in favor of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. My first priority as governor was universal access to kindergarten. I set a record for a Vermont governor’s appointees; women filled half of my cabinet. I sought out talented women, many of whom were the first women to head their agencies.

Women draw on a different network than men and can share an alternative definition of “qualified.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, according to Fast Company, is over 50 percent female. Sanders’s campaign began with a a predominantly male inner circle and continues to face accusation of keeping women out of the top ranks.

When Sanders was my opponent he focused like a laser beam on “class analysis,” in which “women’s issues” were essentially a distraction from more important issues. He urged voters not to vote for me just because I was a woman. That would be a “sexist position,” he declared.

Sanders has emerged as a more sophisticated and astute politician since those early days, and his message has more resonance…


…The Washington Post…..

It is precisely Sanders’s au-naturel-ness that endears him to his young fans: his unkempt hair, his ill-fitting suits, his unpolished Brooklyn accent, his propensity to yell and wave his hands maniacally. Sanders, it appears, woke up like this.

These qualities are what make him seem “authentic,” “sincere” even — especially when contrasted with Clinton’s hyper-scriptedness. Sanders, unlike Clinton, doesn’t give a damn if he’s camera-ready.

This is, of course, a form of authenticity that is off-limits to any female politician, not just one with Clinton’s baggage.

Female politicians — at least if they want to be taken seriously on a national stage — cannot be unkempt and unfiltered, hair mussed and voice raised. They have to be carefully coifed and scripted at all times, because they have to hew as closely as possible to the bounds of propriety available to both their sex and their occupation. They can’t be too quiet or too loud, too emotional or too cold, too meek or too aggressive, and so on.

But they also can’t appear to be trying too hard, either. At least if they want the kind of enthusiastic millennial support that Sanders enjoys.


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Political Roundup for February 5, 2016…Hillary took the money…RRH Elections


Iowa Democrat Caucus: The Des Moines Register released a blistering editorial calling for a complete audit of the results of Iowa Democrat caucus which resulted in a virtual tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Pointing to confusion and problems at numerous precinct sites the paper declared that “something smells in the Democratic Party.”

Hillary: During CNN’s town Hall in Derry, New Hampshire Hillary Clinton explained that she took $675,000 for three speeches to powerful Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs because “that’s what they offered” and that she wasn’t really thinking about running for president when she took Goldman Sachs’ money.

Sticker Kid: Sticker Kid clearly upstaged Hillary Clinton during her post Iowa caucus speech. Is he a symbol of the overwhelming indifference young voters have to Hillary’s presidential campaign? Hillary won just 14% of the vote of Iowa caucus goers under 30.

Sanders: Bernie Sanders should have no trouble getting on the April 19th New York primary ballot. His campaign turned in over 85,000 signatures to the Board of Elections. Candidates only need 5,000 signatures to make the ballot, with 500 from each congressional district.

Cruz: Ted Cruz’s super PAC needs a spell check. They misspelled “country” in their latest ad. Of course “counrty” could be the Canadian spelling.

Trump: Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize by a mystery patron. The Nobel Foundation will not release the name of the nominator but our guess is that it rhymes with Shmonald Drump.

Kasich: John Kasich’s super PAC New Day for America has a new attack ad out hitting the other candidates for throwing mud in attack ads. The anti-attack ad attack ad portrays Marco Rubio as a child chugging water.

Carson: Ben Carson’s campaign is in the process of downsizing as the fundraising juggernaut that fueled his campaign seems to be slowing down. Carson’s campaign will layoff more than 50 staffers and cut salaries across the board. The layoffs amount to about half his campaign’s paid staff. To save money Carson will also reduce his entourage and stop flying on private and return to travelling on commercial flights.

Gilmore:  Conservative political commentator/satirist Jamie Weinstein explains how he ended giving a rousing Iowa Caucus precinct campaign speech on behalf of James Gilmore III. Despite Weinstein’s best efforts none of the 12 votes Gilmore received in the Iowa caucus came from precinct Weinstein spoke in…..


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For Clinton and Sanders it isn’t personal….

After numerous debates, town halls and others get togethers the two politicans understand that this isn’t supposted to be personal, but about choices for Democratic voters….

Image result for clinton/sanders

First Read highlights how last night’s contentious Democratic debate ended on a positive note when both candidates were asked if they would choose each other as their running mate.

Clinton’s answer: “If I’m so fortunate as to be the nominee, the first person I would call to talk to about where we would go and how we’d get it done would be Senator Sanders.”

Sanders replied: “I agree with what the Secretary said, we shouldn’t be getting ahead of ourselves. And as I have said many times, you know, sometimes in these campaigns things get a little bit out of hand. I happen to respect the secretary very much, I hope it’s mutual. And on our worst days, I think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any Republican candidate.”

from Polticalwire…..


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Donald Trump expesses doubts about New Hampshire…

Quietly …..Just like he did before the Iowa Caucuses…..

Donald Trump has expressed doubts about winning…..

And in Iowa?

He was right…..

Three days after his loss in the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump is coming down to Earth.

On Thursday, the candidate who criss-crosses the country holding mega-rallies and boldly predicting victory in Monday’s caucuses shifted gears, adding humble retail stops to his campaign schedule and warning his supporters not to assume he will win Tuesday’s primary.

“Don’t think we’re going to win,” he said, telling supporters to show up on Tuesday to deliver the kind of blowout win indicated by public polling of the state. “We have to create a mandate,” he said. “We have to create a mandate.”

While Trump remains a strong favorite to win the primary, his second-place finish in Iowa after boasting of a lead has deprived him of momentum heading into Tuesday’s vote. Indeed, he walked out of Iowa looking wounded and vulnerable.

Now, as Republicans warn Trump not to take New Hampshire for granted, he appears to be taking note and adjusting on the fly.
“I don’t know if I’m going to win but I have a good chance,” Trump said at a packed town hall in Exeter early Thursday afternoon, striking a modestly humble and markedly different tone than he has used on the trail for months.



Trump IS leading in ALL the polling as I type this ….Just like he was in Iowa….

But New Hampshire is well know for having serious voter swings in choices at the LAST minute….And Marco Rubio IS trending in the polling…

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The big Healthcare Companies are trying to game Obamacare…

UnitedHealthcare and Aetna are two of the biggest insurance companies in America…..

They, like hundreds of other insurance companies writing polices on the Affordable Healthcare health program, have had to adjust to the program….

In the last few months we have both companies saying that they MIGHT drop out of continuing writing these polices….


UnitedHealth made headlines in November, when officials said on a call with investors that it was considering leaving the ACA exchanges entirely because of the losses incurred there.

“We cannot sustain these losses,” UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley (pictured above on the right) said then. The insurance company has yet to confirm its final plans, but its losses have fed into accusations that the marketplaces aren’t working.

The gloom-and-doom refrains returned when Aetna said this week it had “serious concerns” about exchanges. Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini (pictured above on the left) told investors that the government “has made some recent changes but more needs to be done.”

It’s true that some insurers fared worse than others adapting to the marketplaces, but growing pains were expected with the ACA, and some insurers are reasonably optimistic about their prospects on the exchanges.

The losses that UnitedHealth incurred in particular are indeed very real, but also to some extent self-inflicted, according to experts.

“UnitedHealth’s complaints are real,” Caroline Pearson, senior vice president at Avalere Health, told TPM. “But that doesn’t mean that the whole market is collapsing.”

For many reasons, UnitedHealth’s circumstances were different than other insurers: it sat out of the exchange for a year, the individual market was never a significant interest of their company, and their plans were mis-priced for the competition, experts said.

Peter Lee, the director of California’s exchange, accused UnitedHealth of using the ACA as scapegoat for its own miscalculations.

“Instead of saying, ‘We screwed up,’ they said, ‘Obamacare is the problem and we may not play anymore,’ ” Lee said in an interview with California Healthline. “It was giving an excuse to Wall Street and throwing the Affordable Care Act under the bus.”

Other insurers have had issues, but their complaints are also geared to obstacles they foresee in the future…..


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Marco Rubio isn’t a Moderate even though some Conservatives THINK he is…

Using Georeg W. Bush as a moderate Republican…..

This Week Magazine goes on to point to how the Florida GOP Cuban-American Senator is way to the RIGHT of Bush….

Rubio IS viewed by many Conaservatives as a moderate soley based on his efforts in the past on Immigration…..

And right now?

2016 internaHe’s the guy they seem to be turning to….

…..Rubio is far, far more right-wing than George W. Bush ever was. That Rubio has a chance of serving as a consensus candidate positioned somewhere near the ideological center of his party is a tribute to just how far right the GOP has lurched since Bush left office seven years ago.

Here are five areas where Rubio clearly and sharply outflanks W on the right.

1. Bush signed Medicare, Part D into law, vastly expanding drug benefits for millions of Americans. Rubio, by contrast, has promised with great fanfare that he will eagerly work with Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would strip millions of Americans of health insurance. It’s also true that, like all the Republican presidential candidates, Rubio talks vaguely about replacing the ACA with a wonderful, unspecified market-based alternative. But no informed commentator on either side of the issue expects any Republican proposal to strive for coverage of as many people as the ACA currently does — let alone as many people as it would have covered if a series of Republican governors hadn’t refused to participate in the law’s expansion of Medicaid.

2. Bush cut taxes drastically. Rubio, meanwhile, would cut them…even more drastically……


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Jobless rate drops to 4.9% as Wages increase…

The Economy  keeps getting better….


Job growth settled into a more sustainable pace in January and the unemployment rate dropped to an almost eight-year low of 4.9 percent, signs of a resilient labor market that’s causing wage growth to stir.

The 151,000 advance in payrolls, while less than forecast, largely reflected payback for a seasonal hiring pickup in the final two months of 2015, Labor Department figures showed Friday. The jobless rate fell to the lowest level since February 2008. Hourly earnings rose more than estimated after climbing in the year to December by the most since July 2009…..


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The Fifth Democratic Debate Presidential Primary after report….It was a Good one….

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders had moments of common ground among their differences on the issues.

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders had moments of common ground among their differences on the issues.Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times

…from  Political Wire….

Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire was easily the best of the campaign so far. It was truly great.

The debate focused entirely on substance and the differences between the candidates. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders probably agree more than they disagree, but this debate highlighted where they diverge. It was very useful to anyone watching.

Both candidates did a great job. It was an evenly-matched fight but Sanders kept Clinton on the defensive for most of the debate. With the exception of foreign policy, it was primarily fought on Sanders terrain. By that measure, he won. But Clinton also did her best to use everything in her opposition research file against Sanders.

Of their weaknesses, Clinton still hasn’t figured out how to answer the charge that she’s in the pocket of Wall Street. Sanders still hasn’t figured out he needs to come up with a coherent foreign policy view. In the end, the debate was probably a draw.

The real winners were Democratic voters….


Here’s the open thread from Daily Kos…..

Here’s Updates form the Huffington Post….

…from FiveTghirtyEight….

I thought it was the best debate for the things that happened toward the beginning: the two of them sort of poking at each other on questions of electability and progressivism. But I didn’t like some of the questions on points that I think voters won’t really care all that much about — TV ads, data breaches, scuffles with unions. They wanted Clinton to attack Sanders on that and she just didn’t bite and it felt like dead space in the debate. Although, I guess there’s only so much these two disagree on….


…from the Washington Post….

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, meeting Thursday night for their last debate before the New Hampshire primary, squared off fiercely on the question of whether the party should strive toward its liberal aspirations or set its sights on the achievable.

The dynamic between the two contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination was far more intense — and far more personal — than it has been in their previous face-offs. That reflected how close their race has become in the wake of a virtual tie in Monday’s Iowa caucuses. The debate was sponsored by MSNBC and the New Hampshire Union Leader….


…from the NY Times…

Democrats Decline to Press Certain Lines of Attack

Sometimes not attacking is better politics. That reality was on display in the second hour of the Democratic debate, as both Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton stayed silent when they might have done otherwise.

When moderators raised with Mrs. Clinton the issue of her emails as secretary of state, she aggressively defended herself, calling it an “absurd situation” that involved retroactive classification of material. Asked to comment, Mr. Sanders simply said: “There’s a process underway. I will not politicize it.” With Mrs. Clinton smiling, Mr. Sanders went a step further.

“There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not asked to attack her on that issue and I have refrained from doing that and I will continue to refrain,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton returned the favor a minute later when the moderators quizzed Mr. Sanders on several questionable actions by his campaign staff. Like his rival, Mr. Sanders defended himself before the question was put to Mrs. Clinton for a response. Do you want to jump in, she was asked?

“No,” she said simply…..


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Megyn Kelly to do next Fox GOP debate….

What’s Donald Trump to do ?

Image result for megyn kelly/trump

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly will co-host the network’s GOP debate in March after Donald Trump skipped the network’s January debate due to controversy over her role.

The network announced the details for its third presidential debate, on March 3, in Detroit, where anchors Brett Baier and Chris Wallace will also reprise their roles as moderators.

The debate will come after the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, as well as after the March 1 “Super Tuesday” votes also nicknamed the “SEC primary.”


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16.3 M people have signed up for Healthcare due to Obamacare…

And the uninsured rate has dropped to a low of 9%….

Not bad for a program that was suposed to be a failure by Republicans….

There have already been record gains in lowering the uninsured rate under ObamaCare. A survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year found that 16.3 million people had gained coverage since 2013, a number that combines gains from the law’s marketplaces and its expansion of Medicaid.

The country’s uninsured rate has fallen to a record low of 9 percent since the passage of the Affordable Care Act…


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New Polling bounces in New Hampshire …Hillary Clinton gains in new poll…

As with the GOPer’s?

The New hamposhire primary ALWAYS has voters moving around in their preferences up to the very end….

I have pointed out that polls before this weekend are meaningless….


A new Tracking Poll is the second poll to show Clinton moving to cut down the HUGE lead Bernie Sanders has over Clinton….

This poll is a UMass7News one…(She is still more than 20% behind in the poll..But that is down by almost 10% pst)

Ah, Remember 2008?

Stunner in NH.: Clinton defeats Obama

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary Tuesday night, pulling out a stunning victory over Sen. Barack Obama in a contest that she had been forecast to lose.

On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain also laid claim to this election cycle’s title of “Comeback Kid” by defeating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and climbing back into contention for his party’s presidential nomination.

Clinton has been the national front-runner, but tracking polls had shown Obama surging ahead in New Hampshire after his victory in the Iowa caucuses last week….


Hang on people….

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Drug Companies want to KEEP RAISING their prices….

People NEED their drugs….

Drug companies count on that need to raise prices and make a larger profit….

A solution to these increases is move to faster rollouts of generic versions on expensive drugs giving consumers more choices…

News of questionable practices involving higher drug prices has stirred public outrage, provided notable moments on the campaign trails of presidential candidates and helped send some pharmaceutical stocks into a downward spiral. Several congressional committees are examining the trends in drug pricing.

Martin Shkreli, the former chief executive of Turing, who is facing federal securities fraud charges, was subpoenaed to appear at the hearing. His lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said Mr. Shkreli would exercise his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and not answer questions. Nancy Retzlaff, the chief commercial officer of Turing, will testify for that company.

Under Mr. Shkreli, Turing acquired the rights to Daraprim, a 62-year-old drug for a parasitic infection, and raised the price fiftyfold, to $750 a pill.

Valeant has increased the price of numerous old drugs, but the House committee has focused on two heart drugs, Isuprel and Nitropress. Valeant acquired both a year ago and immediately raised the price of Isuprel by more than 500 percent and of Nitropress by more than 200 percent, provoking protest from the hospitals that buy these drugs….


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