Little support from 2016 Presidential candidates for Trumps extreme action on immigrants…

Add Sen. Ted Cruz to the list other Presidential  hopefuls that are NOT supporting his calls for closing Mosques, Establishing Muslim watch lists and hunting them down….Marco Rubio , Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have already denounced the Trump idea’s…

Ted Cruz on Friday broke with Donald Trump over the GOP presidential front-runner’s suggestion that a database be set up to track Muslims in the United States.

“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump’s, but I’m not a fan of government registries for American citizens,” the Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate said during a stop in Sioux City, according to Bloomberg Politics.

“The First Amendment protects religious liberty,” Cruz added of his rationale for opposing Trump’s idea.

Trump expressed openness toward registering U.S. Muslims in a database or giving them special identification based on their faith earlier this week.

He also indicated he would consider warrantless searches for increasing surveillance of America’s Muslim community…


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Senate Republican’s are NOT helping things by blocking Obama’s security picks for confirmation…

As usual?

Republicans talk out of BOTH sides of their mouths….

Senate Republicans are all about national security these days—when it comes to the families fleeing Syria and Iraq, refugees who might come to the United States. When it comes to actually fighting ISIS with tools at our disposal—like blocking international funding to them—they’d rather play partisan politics at home. Case in point, this nomination:

Adam Szubin, who has bipartisan support, has been waiting more than 200 days to be confirmed as the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial crimes. The job involves tracking terrorists to prevent them from raising money on the black market and elsewhere.Szubin’s nomination got a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee on Sept. 17, and Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) praised his past work in countering terrorist financing during his time with both Republican and Democratic administrations.

“He is eminently qualified for this,” Shelby said at the time.

But Szubin’s nomination hasn’t moved since. There’s no clear reason why, beyond trying to make it difficult for President Barack Obama to fill administration posts…..



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Political Roundup for November 20, 2015…RRH Elections…

Tomorrow is Election Day in Louisiana. The best preview of all the Louisiana runoff races is available here….


Hillary: Hillary Clinton’s campaign ordered a comedy club not to make fun of her! After the Hollywood’s Laugh Factory posted a three-minute video of comedians telling jokes about Hillary Clinton on its website, the Clinton campaign called the club and demanded that it take the video down and give them the personal contact information of every single comic who appeared in it. Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada also stated that the campaign actually threatened to put the club out of business if he did not heed their demands. You can see the offending video which has been re-titled “Hillary Clinton vs the 1st Amendment” HERE.

Sanders: Bernie Sanders gave a big speech at Georgetown University explaing his plan for huge tax increase and forced wealth distribution “Democratic Socialism”. Sanders claims his “democratic socialism” will have fewer gulags than all the other versions of socialism the world has seen.

O’Malley: Martin O’Malley has scored the endorsement of a former Democrat Presidential candidate. Unfortunately, for O’Malley the endorsement is from 8 time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. O’Malley’s campaign spokesperson put out a statement rejecting the LaRouche endorsement.

Carson: Is Dr. Ben Carson uninformed on the issues of foreign policy? A major kerfuffle has rocked his campaign since a New York Times article featuring Carson adviser Duane Clarridge implied that Carson didn’t understand enough about foreign policy.

Carson: The award for worst analogy goes to Ben Carson who compared Syrian migrants to rabid dogs…..


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Immigration Reform Groups rally to support Obama who is going to the Supremes on his executive efforts…

Republicans in the South and West states have been able to use the courts to stall his efforts stop deportations of some…..

Immigrant advocacy groups are planning separate rallies Friday outside the White House and the Supreme Court, asking the Obama administration to halt the deportation of most illegal immigrants and calling on the high court to rule in favor of Obama’s stalled proposal to temporarily shield up to 5 million of them from deportation.

The rallies are being held on the first anniversary of Obama’s announcement that he would take executive action to defer deportations for qualified parents of U.S.-born children and for certain younger undocumented immigrants.

The president’s proposal was challenged in court by a group of state governors, who said he was overstepping his legal authority and unduly burdening states. The ongoing legal battle, capped by a federal appeals court ruling against Obama last week, has left hundreds of thousands of families in legal limbo…..


President Obama will ask the Supreme Court to clear the way for his far-reaching overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, administration lawyers said Tuesday, setting up a battle in the nation’s highest court over whether nearly five million undocumented immigrants can legally live and work in the United States….


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Carson drops…Trump hold’s…Cruz and Rubio keep climbing…Polling…

Trump remains in 25% range…Carson drops and Cruz and Rubio are moving up in the polling…

That includes a new NBC poll…..

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has slipped in a new NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll, leaving celebrity businessman Donald Trump alone again at the top of the Republican presidential field.

Trump holds the top spot at 28 percent among Republican and Republican-leaning independents, while Carson has dropped 8 points from the same online survey, which are considered less scientific, conducted last month.

That puts Carson neck-and-neck with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at 18 percent in the new poll. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), another top contender, follows at 11 percent…..


Here’sa couple of other poll ‘s that show Carson slipping…But not as much…

2016 Republican Presidential Nomination


Trump 24, Carson 20, Rubio 12, Cruz 9, Bush 6, Kasich 3, Fiorina 3, Paul 3, Huckabee 3, Christie 4, Pataki 1, Santorum 1, Graham 1, Jindal Trump +4

2016 Republican Presidential Nomination


Trump 26, Carson 19, Rubio 13, Cruz 14, Bush 5, Kasich 3, Fiorina 4, Paul 2, Huckabee 4, Christie 3, Pataki 1, Santorum 0, Graham 1, Jindal 0 Trump +7

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Jonathan Pollard, an American who spied for Israel….Released….

This a favor to Israeli Prime Minister Netayahu from President Obama….

Several American President’s had refused to release Pollard from prison in response to Israeli requests….

Jonathan J. Pollard, the American convicted of spying on behalf of Israel, walked out of prison early on Friday after 30 years, the Israeli prime minister said, but the Obama administration had no plans to let him leave the country and move to Israel as he requested.

Mr. Pollard, who as a Navy intelligence analyst passed classified documents to Israeli handlers, was released from a federal prison in Butner, N.C., after receiving parole on a life sentence, ending a long imprisonment that has been a constant irritant in relations between the United States and Israel.

The prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in a statement that the people of his nation “welcome the release” and that he, personally, “had long hoped this day would come.”


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Local Al Qaeda group seizes Hotel in Mali…170 Hostages…Many released…

This has nothing to do with ISIS…..

It is a local fight…..(There has been a civil war in Mali for some time)

Hostages are being released……

3 deaths reported….

Local police and military are securing the are….

American military personnel are reportily helping the rescue and securing efforts….French Spec Operators are enroute to the area….

Gunmen stormed a Radisson Blu hotel on Friday morning in Bamako, the capital of the West African nation of Mali, seizing scores of hostages and killing at least three people.

An unknown number of gunmen, perhaps four or five, took “about 100 hostages” at the beginning of the siege, said Gen. Didier Dacko of the Malian Army. He said soldiers had sealed the perimeter and were now “inside looking for the terrorists.”

Several dozen hostages, many of them crying – including women, children and older people — had begun streaming out of the hotel after hiding in their rooms, said Amadou Sidibé, a local reporter at the scene. Two members of the Malian security forces were wounded by shots fired from the seventh floor of the hotel, he said.

American Special Operations forces “are currently assisting hostage recovery efforts,” said Col. Mark Cheadle, a spokesman with the United States Africa Command, said on Friday. “U.S. forces have helped move civilians to secure locations, as Malian forces work to clear the hotel of hostile gunmen.”

The siege in Mali, a former French colony, came only a week after terrorists with assault rifles and suicide vests killed 129 people in attacks across Paris….


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Trumps policy plan on Muslim’s hearken back to Nazi Germany?

Donald Trump has been ranting about closing Mosque’s, registering Muslims and setting up troops to hunt down Muslims and ship them to camps or out of the country…..

The House, with 46 Democrats joining the Republicans have voted to exclude ALL Syrians from entering the US……

Kinda silly since the Paris attackers where Belgian citizens……

Are we indeed going back to Pre-World War ll?

Next he’ll want to hunt down the Mexicans …..

And could Black Americans be asked to re-register their birth certificates in a Trump administration ?

I’m beginning to REALLY worry about this guy……

Something isn’t right….

Donald Trump “would certainly implement” a database system tracking Muslims in the United States, the Republican front-runner told NBC News on Thursday night.

“I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,” Trump said in Newton, Iowa, in between campaign town halls.

“There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases,” he added. “We should have a lot of systems.”

When asked whether Muslims would be legally obligated to sign into the database, Trump responded, “They have to be — they have to be.”

On Friday morning, Trump rival Jeb Bush called the comments “just wrong.”

“You talk about internment, you talk about closing mosques, you talk about registering people. That’s just wrong. I don’t care about campaigns,” he said on CNBC. “It’s not a question of toughness. It’s to manipulate people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength, that’s weakness.”

Hillary Clinton also denounced Trump’s statement on Twitter.

Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, sounded incredulous when he was asked about Trump’s comments, telling NBC News: “We’re kind of at a loss for words.”

“What else can you compare this to except to prewar Nazi Germany?” Hooper asked. “There’s no other comparison, and [Trump] seems to think that’s perfectly OK.”

Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the nonprofit Interfaith Alliance, drew the same comparison Thursday night.

“My father was in World War II, and he fought to preserve America against what the Nazis were doing,” Moline told NBC News.

“This is exactly why there is an America, to not be like that,” he said.

Trump was repeatedly asked to explain how his idea was different. Four times, he responded: “You tell me.”


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UnitedHealth Group is thinking about leaving the new Healthcare Market….

The company is America’s largest Healthcare insurer….

UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, is suddenly having second thoughts about Obamacare after it reported massive losses from the law’s new insurance marketplaces.

The company cut 2016 earnings projections today after it reported projected losses of $275 million on plans sold through the Affordable Care Act exchanges. The insurer said it’s cutting back on marketing for its exchange plans during the current enrollment period and is reevaluating its participation in the fledgling marketplaces for 2017.

The Minnesota-based insurer has signed up roughly 550,000 of the roughly 10 million individuals who have enrolled in coverage through the exchanges.

John Gorman, an insurance consultant, said it’s disappointing that UnitedHealth is getting squeamish about the exchanges. Gorman, who said the company should have allowed three or four years for the marketplaces to stabilize, suggested the company is retreating because of Wall Street’s sensitivity to quarterly profits.


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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump…Election Projection…

This post is part of Election Projection’s continuing series introducing each 2016 presidential candidate. Follow the link at the end for more information on Donald Trump, including personal information, family status, education and past political experience, as well as links to Trump’s biography and ideological positions.

Known primarily as real estate mogul and television reality show star, Donald Trump has lived a wildly varied life. The list of things Trump has had his hand in over the years is extensive. There are real estate and TV, of course, but you’ll also find there professional football franchisee, golf course resort developer, beauty pageant owner, Wrestlemania host, and, as of June 16, 2015, Republican presidential candidate.

Trump’s rise to the front of the pack of GOP presidential hopefuls has been an unexpected, and some would say problematic, phenomenon. The sentiment among many conservatives regarding illegal immigration has festered into rage, and Trump has capitalized on that anger. His fiery rhetoric tickles their ears with promises of no tolerance and mass deportations of those who are here illegally. Along the way, his abrasive, tell-it-like-it-is style has offended many folks in many different stations of life.

It is that outlandish style that has been, in large part, the source of his momentum in GOP polling. It is also that style that makes him a likely loser in the general election in my opinion. I, like most political observers, have maintained throughout the summer and fall of 2015 that Trump’s days as GOP frontrunner are numbered. So far, however, he has shown much greater staying power than I ever imagined.

The nay-sayers, me included, must concede, may I say incredulously, that he does have a legitimate chance to win the nomination. I still put the odds at 2-1 in favor of someone else in the field, but it is entirely possible that Republicans might settle on The Donald as The Nominee.

Republican Nomination Odds: 30%
30-day Trend: Flat
Candidate Page: Donald Trump, 2016 Presidential Candidate

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Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism…..

In his speech Senator Bernie Sanders pointed to the pieces of socialism in everyday America and how there should be more equity in the countries wealth….he reached back to days of FDR , when the country started the programs that are the bedrock of the fairness and help today…..

Bernie Sanders mounted a vigorous defense of democratic socialism Thursday as he sought to persuade Americans to go beyond the stigma of the phrase and see him as electable.

“Democratic socialism means that we must reform a political system in America today which is not only grossly unfair but, in many respects, corrupt,” he said during an address at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

“If we are serious about transforming our country, if we are serious about rebuilding the middle class, if we are serious about reinvigorating our democracy, we need to develop a political movement which, once again, is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation.”

Connecting democratic socialsm to the major social justice fights now part of the American fabric, Sanders drew heavily on comparisons to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s expansion of the social safety net, noting that policies like the minimum wage, 40-hour work week, collective bargaining, banking regulations and abolishing child labor were called “socialist” when first proposed.

“These vitally important programs were derided by the right wing as socialist programs that were a threat to our American way of life,” he said.

“Yet, these programs have become the fabric of our nation and the foundation of the middle class.”



The speech was not covered extensively by the media…..

And Sanders STILL has to defend his being a Socialist….

Excuse me…..A Democratic  Soiacalist…..

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Larry Sabato’s Mid-November 2015 GOP Presidential rankings….

…..from Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball…..My Guess matches below for the first and second tier…..Marco Rubio is the flavor of the month for the GOPer’s…..

Table 1: Crystal Ball rankings of Republican presidential candidates

First Tier: The Yin and Yang Frontrunners
Candidate Key Primary Advantages Key Primary Disadvantages
Donald Trump
Businessman and TV personality
•Can command the stage, has freedom to say anything
•Draws crowds & media; high name ID; riveting figure
•Billionaire, can self-fund if he wants
•More novelty than plausible nominee
•Produces many soundbites that can be used against him in ads
•Strongly opposed by a near-unanimous GOP leadership
Ben Carson
Neurosurgeon and activist
•Polling well in Iowa, high favorability in party
•Political outsider, no baggage from office
•Strong support from evangelical Christian conservatives
•No campaign experience, media scrutiny raising questions about his biography
•Little chance of establishment backing and funding
Second Tier: The Most Plausible Nominees
Marco Rubio
Senator, FL
•Dynamic speaker and politician
•Generational contrast with Jeb…& Hillary
•Starting to win support from party leaders
•Went left on immigration, hurt him with base
•Is he raising enough money and building a strong enough organization?
Ted Cruz
Senator, TX
•Dynamic debater & canny, often underestimated politician
•Anti-establishment nature plays well with base
•Strong early fundraising and solid understanding that race is marathon, not sprint
•Disliked on both sides of Senate aisle
•Strong Tea Party support ensures establishment resistance to candidacy
•Carson currently blocking him with evangelicals
Jeb Bush
Ex-Governor, FL
•Conservative gubernatorial resume
•National BushWorld money and organization
•Personifies establishment, which typically produces GOP nominees
•Bush fatigue is real and deep
•Well-known but not well-liked
•Personifies establishment, which grassroots loathes
•Early ad blitz not moving needle


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Daily Kos Morning Digest 11/19/15… Maine might become the first state to adopt instant runoff voting statewide

Leading Off:

• ME Ballot: In a fascinating and potentially far-reaching development, organizers in Maine have succeeded in obtaining enough signatures to place a measure on next year’s ballot that would require the state to adopt instant-runoff voting for all federal and state elections. A number of critical races in Maine in recent years have featured notable independent candidates, and as a result, some victors in big races have won with relatively small pluralities. The best example came in the 2010 governor’s race, when Republican Paul LePage prevailed with less than 38 percent of the vote, thanks to a split on the left.

But under IRV, such splits would become irrelevant. Voters simply rank the candidates in order of their preference, and if no one clears 50 percent in the first round, the second-choice votes of those whose top pick was the last-place candidate are re-allocated accordingly. If no one takes a majority at that point, the process continues until someone does. While IRV might benefit Democrats, who’ve generally been on the wrong side of those plurality wins, it simply gives more people a voice and ensures that no one can win an election without the support of a majority of voters.

Republicans might therefore come out against the measure, but they could also benefit from it at the legislative level, so it remains to be seen how the battle-lines will be drawn. While several municipalities around the country use IRV, Maine would become the first state to employ such a system in statewide or congressional elections.

Read More….

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Donald Trumps base of voters is weak…..Poll

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz ARE on the upswing and it seems that MOST of Trump’s voters will eventually leave him at the altar for either Rubio or Cruz ……

That in a new Washington Post Poll….

Carson, Cruz, Trump, and Rubio are all tied together in the center of the plot. If any one of them were to drop out, most of their supporters would shift to another of the front-runners.

But Cruz seems particularly well positioned to pick up support if both Carson and Trump exit. Many Carson and Trump supporters list Cruz as their second choice.

Rubio, on the other hand, stands to gain a significant number of supporters if Carson’s campaign ends, but fewer if Trump drops out.

There are also some interesting ties that do not exist. This is most notable for Trump. As the front-runner in our poll, he has the most first-place support, but he still was not the first choice for 70 percent of Republican voters.

What’s striking in the graph is how few arrows run to Trump. In fact, the exits of only two candidates — Carson and Cruz — are likely to benefit Trump. No other candidate’s supporters list Trump as a second choice.

This suggests a potential ceiling on Trump’s support, at least for a while. Unless the candidates who drop out are Carson or Cruz, Trump won’t immediately benefit.

Of course, these results derive from a single national survey that only provides a snapshot of the race…..


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There is NO Mexican immigration problem…More are LEAVING America…

Things have been going in that direct for a while….

The US economic slowdown and Mexico’s economic uptick along with the Border enforcement ALREADY in place has diminished this issue….

So when Donald Trumps and others rant about building another Wall?

He’s talking about YESTERDAY….


Pew [ Research Center  Polling ] found that slightly more than 1 million Mexicans and their families, including American-born children, left the U.S. for Mexico from 2009 to 2014. During the same time, 870,000 Mexicans came to the U.S., resulting in a net flow to Mexico of 140,000.

A half-century of mass migration from Mexico is “at an end,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew’s director of Hispanic research.

The finding follows a Pew study in 2012 that found net migration between the two countries was near zero, so this represents a turning point in one of the largest mass migrations in U.S. history. More than 16 million Mexicans moved to the United States from 1965 to 2015, more than from any other country.

“This is something that we’ve seen coming,” Lopez said. “It’s been almost 10 years that migration from Mexico has really slowed down.”

The findings counter the narrative of an out-of-control border that has figured prominently in U.S. presidential campaigns, with Republican Donald Trump calling for Mexico pay for a fence to run the entire length of the 1,954-mile frontier. Pew said there were 11.7 million Mexicans living in the U.S. last year, down from a peak of 12.8 million in 2007. That includes 5.6 million living in the U.S. illegally, down from 6.9 million in 2007.

In another first, the Border Patrol arrested more non-Mexicans than Mexicans in the 2014 fiscal year, as more Central Americans came to the U.S., mostly through South Texas, and many of them turned themselves in to authorities…


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Hillary Clinton lays out her plan for dealing with ISIS and “radical jihadism”

She is currently  speaking as type this….

She is laying out a detailed plan relying on expereinece as Sec of State and outsiders….

She is offering a policy,  if  she was  President, would be to the right of her former boss President Obama….Including limited ‘boots on the ground’….

She also has pointed out that the figfht is not gainst ALL Muslums….

And while America should lead….Other countries in the Middle East should be involved….

She also mentions’ radical extremism ‘…..

The lady looks  and sounds Presidential in the speech….

And she shows the inside and outside on this…..Something NO Republican has the experience and breath of knowledge …..

Hillary Rodham Clinton said that ground forces would be needed to fight the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. She said that they would be used to train and help Iraqi forces but should be given operational flexibility on the ground.

“The ground campaign in Iraq will only succeed if more Iraqi Sunnis join the fight,” she said in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

She also called for a no-fly zone in Syria, saying, “we should retool and ramp up our efforts to equip viable Syrian opposition efforts.”

“If we press forward on both sides of the border, in the air and on the ground as well as diplomatically, I do believe we can crush ISIS’s enclave of terror,” she said.

The Democrats so far have spoken mostly in broad platitudes, vowing to support France and stand with American allies in the fight against terrorism, but offering few specifics. In her speech, Mrs. Clinton faced the tricky dynamic of putting forth her own ideas without appearing to criticize President Obama, under whom she served as secretary of state for four years….


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