Not My Presidents Day rally in NYC….

The Not My Presidents Day rally is being

The Resistance continues to grow….

New Yorkers unhappy with President Donald Trump’s policies are using Presidents Day to send a message.

The Not My Presidents Day rally is expected to draw as many as 14,000 people to Columbus Circle Monday afternoon, according to a Facebook event page.

“Donald Trump stands against the progress we have worked hard to enact. He does not represent our interests,” organizers wrote on the Facebook page. “He was voted in by a minority of the American public but governs as if there’s no resistance. But there is — and on February 20th, we will honor previous presidents by exercising our constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest everything Donald Trump stands for.”

The rally, which is set to begin at noon, is one of several planned across the country under the same name. More than 20 similar rallies are planned across the country, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

The rally will mark a third day of protests in New York City. About 1,000 people gathered in Times Square on Sunday for the I Am Muslim Too rally, which showed support for the Muslim community. And on Saturday, a mock funeral for the presidency was held in Washington Square Park…


image….demonstrators gather in Battery Park on Jan. 29, 2017 and march to the offices of Customs and Border Patrol in Manhattan. Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Bryan R. Smith

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Donald Trump Still has his supporters…

Politico does a piece on those who showed up at Trump’s Saturday ‘keep the faith in him ‘ ampaign rpep ally in Melbourne Florida …..

They are happy with their newly elected President….

They don’t care about his making things up….

They don’t see that his surrogates are out around the world reversing the words that their guy used to get their votes…

And they agree with their guy that media reporting anything that isn’t their guys point of view is ‘fake’…..

New President’s always start off on rough ground….

But few American President’s have the ground under them as shaky as Donald J. Trump….

And yet?

The man DOES have his true believers ….

And he’s be reduced to playing to them in pep rallies and hiding from the others Americans out there just like those lawmakers in his adopted party….

Many of President Trump’s most dedicated supporters — the sort who waited for hours in the Florida sun this weekend for his first post-inauguration campaign rally — say their lives changed on election night. Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority.

But less than one month into Trump’s term, many of his supporters say they once again feel under attack — perhaps even more so than before.

Those who journeyed to Trump’s Saturday evening event on Florida’s Space Coast said that since the election, they have unfriended some of their liberal relatives or friends on Facebook. They don’t understand why major media outlets don’t see the same successful administration they have been cheering on. And they’re increasingly frustrated that Democrats — and some Republicans — are too slow to approve some of the president’s nominees and too quick to protest his every utterance.

“They’re stonewalling everything that he’s doing because they’re just being babies about it,” said Patricia Melani, 56, a Jersey native who now lives here and attended her third Trump rally Saturday. “All the loudmouths? They need to let it go. Let it go. Shut their mouths and let the man do what he’s got to do. We all shut our mouths when Obama got in the second time around, okay? So that’s what really needs to be done.”

She blames the media for circulating “fake” stories about the president….


image…Supporters of President Trump cheer at a rally in Melbourne, Fla., on Saturday. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

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Democrats need to NOT split themselves apart….Open Thread for Feb. 19, 2017

The Democratic National Committee vote is coming up a week from now…..

It’s really between Rep. Ellison and Tom Perez….

Ellison is a Bernie sanders rep.

Perez is a Obama/Clinton Establishment rep.

Therein lies the problem….

The Democratic party is running in TWO different directions….

The main VOTING part or the party IS establishment …..

The main voice of the party these days is anti-establishment focused on stopping Trump in anyway possible….

The next chance for Democrats to actually gain elective power is next year….

Historically during off year midterm elections the party out of power does well…


The Democrats have a LOT of Senate seats to defend, and good many of them are states that Donald Trump wrestled votes from previous Obama voters…

While ON a WHOLE Trump’s approval numbers are dropping….

In some of those places he won last November he, and therefore Republicans are holding their own….

That’s not all….

While the Democratic base IS energized RIGHT NOW?

Will they be a year and a-half from now when the midterm votes are cast?

Will Democrats beat history and actually come out and VOTE?

How many of those protesting in the streets vote?

How many of these energized Democrats will be pissed at their OWN party elders who KNOW that they will HAVE TO make deals with Republicans for somethings NO MATTER how much their based doesn’t want them to?

Senate Minority Leader is the defacto leader of the Democrats right now….

The New York Democrat started off telling people he WOULD deal…

But THAT did NOT play well with the base, so he changed things up and has fought Trump on his cabinet picks….

It has held up the process…

But it has NOT stopped the most controversial picks from getting confirmed and by NOT making deals Schumer gets NOTHING in return , while the GOPer’s get what they want…

Barack Obama, who is actually responsible for some of this mess because he didn’t get hands dirty in wheeling and dealing with Congress to give cover to his party, is free on the daily grind….

Hillary Clinton, is healing after winning the vote and losing the election that she thought he she had…..Some people think she might even try another run if the party can’t find a young strong candidate ….

So we have the basic’s of the 2016 Democratic primary STILL out there for Democrats…

Who just lost, and have been losing since Obama got into office….

And could lose even BIGGER if they don’t get their shit together SOMEHOW and figure out how to bring some of those Obama voters….

And Bernie Sanders ain’t evn a Democrat….

Go figure?

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Establishment Democrats say hold-up on the impeachment talk….

With a newly stirred up base pushing hard against Donald Trump things are getting complicated for Democratic lawmakers….

While the people in the street would send Trump packing yesterday…

The facts of the way the system of American government set a high LEGAL standard for Congress undoing an election vote….

Donald Trump may be unpopular…

But he has done nothing that is publicly KNOW that would rise to level that could be the basis for removing him from office…

Furthermore ?

There is the fact that the Republicans, Trump’s adopted party is the majority party and have been loath to buck him in public in the last month…

THEIR votes would be what would be needed….

Added to this is the FACT the Democrats face a steep hill to climb for next years MidTerm elections….

So while Trump is quietly being mentioned in the same sentence as Nixon by some….

The Democratic base is WAY ahead of its lawmakers who numbers have been dropping and could almost completely disappear if protesters in the street do NOT go to the polls and vote next year no matter how pissed and how many protests they hold…

Democratic officials in Republican-dominated Washington view the entire subject as a trap, a premature discussion that could backfire in spectacular fashion by making the party appear too overzealous in its opposition to Trump. Worse, they fear, it could harden Republican support for the president by handing his party significant fundraising and political ammunition when the chances of success for an early impeachment push are remote, at best.

“We need to assemble all of the facts, and right now there are a lot of questions about the president’s personal, financial, and political ties with the Russian government before the election, but also whether there were any assurances made,” said California Rep. Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “Before you can use the ‘I’ word, you really need to collect all the facts.”

“The ‘I’ word we should be focused on,” added Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle, “is ‘investigations.'”

The problem for party lawmakers is that the hard-to-placate Democratic base has assumed a stop-Trump-at-all-costs posture. At a recent town hall in Albany, Oregon, Sen. Ron Wyden faced three questions about the issue. Rep. Jim McGovern, who was also confronted with the impeachment question at an event in Northampton, Mass., told his constituents it’s not the right strategy for the moment, according to local reports. In California, a real estate broker has launched a challenge to Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher using a new “Impeach Trump Leadership PAC.”

But it’s not just furious rank-and-file Democrats who are raising the idea….


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Conservative Blogs begin to question Donald Trump’s SOP. aginst the media and making shit up……

Listen As Trump Talks About A Terrorist Attack That Never Happened

by Susan Wright @ RedState

….Would we be correct in calling this “fake news,” or is it just the usual Trump BS?

While President Trump was basking in his desperately craved adoration from a crowd of about 9,000 fans in Melbourne, Florida he set about to talk about the rash of Islamic terror attacks around the world.

In defending his executive order banning Islamic refugees and travelers from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., Trump said, “When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden!”

“They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never like they never thought possible,” he went on.
And a problem they most certainly are.

That being said, the attack he’s saying happened on Friday night in Sweden… didn’t happen.

He just randomly made it up, because he knew the crowd would swallow it whole.

In the land o’ Trump truth has become subjective.

The hypocrisy is also astounding, as his loyalists scream about the media and the “fake news” out of one side of their mouths, but promote their own falsehoods out of the other.

Fake news….


Don’t Be Like Them

By Erick Erickson @ Resurgent

….I am no defender of the American media and have been not only quite critical of the media, but have applauded President Trump taking them to the woodshed.

But if you think the American media is an enemy of the American public, you do not really know what a true enemy is. And not only do you not know what a true enemy is, but you now pave the way for, when the left eventually returns to power, an established precedent of treating the opposition like the enemy.

You can say Barack Obama started it, but that’s just a child’s argument. Regardless of who started it, it is not right and frankly it is not American behavior.

Hate on the media all you want. I will gladly join you. But when you label people you disagree with or who you think are obstructing you or lying about you as “the enemy,” you reduce the word in the same way the left does by calling every opponent a racist or bigot. Not every bad person is an enemy. Sometimes they are just bad and I would submit the press is bad, but not an enemy.

Just as there is real racism, there are real enemies. Broadly labeling the press an enemy now will give you little credibility when the real enemy rears its head.

Do not be like them….


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Harold Ford Jr. may be getting ready to primary Dem NY Sen Kirsten Gillibrand…Again…

I never like Kirsten Gillibrand….

Still don’t….

Hillary Clinton’s move to Sec of State gave the junior NY Senator her job , she then got actually got elected to the seat in Congress….

She’s from Upstate NY and was a blue dog Democrat in New York…

Her service in the US Senate has been uneven ….

She has tried to march to the left , but few see her that way….

Harold Ford, Jr. , who was in the US House for ten years in the 1990s, ran for the US Senate in Tennessee in 2006 and narrowly lost against the now Senator BobCorker ….

Ford mounted a primary run against Gillibrand in 2010 …But decided against following thru…..

This time Gillaibrand has over $5 Mill in the bank, but Ford is backed by a wide group of well off New Yorker’s (He and his wife work for Wall Street corporations)  who  are not happy with the junior New York Senator….

Related image

Encouraged by a group of influential New York Democrats, Harold Ford Jr., the former congressman from Tennessee, is weighing a bid to unseat Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand in this fall’s Democratic primary, according to three people who have spoken with him.

Mr. Ford, 39, who moved to New York three years ago, has told friends that he will decide whether to run in the next 45 days. The discussions between Mr. Ford and top Democratic donors reflect the dissatisfaction of some prominent party members with Ms. Gillibrand, who has yet to win over key constituencies, especially in New York City.

About a dozen high-profile Democrats have expressed interest in backing a candidacy by Mr. Ford, including the financier Steven Rattner, who, along with his wife, Maureen White, has been among the country’s most prolific Democratic fund-raisers.

“Maureen and I worked hard for Harold in his last race because we think the world of him,” Mr. Rattner said, referring to Mr. Ford’s run for the Senate in Tennessee in 2006. “He has extraordinary drive and intelligence and will excel at anything that he chooses to do.”..



Others mentioned possibly running against Gillibrand have been Chelsea Clinton and Caroline Kennedy….

Gillibrand has been seen as getting set up for a 2020 Presidential Run….She has said she is just running for re-election to the US Senate


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McCain…Attacking The Free Press Is ‘How Dictators Get Started’

Donald Trump doesn’t like any news about him that isn’t showing him in a positive light….

I guess he though becoming President would stop it….


It actually has INCREASED the media throwing down on him….

The “fake News’ thing is playing too well among most of America….

Trump’s efforts to exclude the Media from the White House didn’t work…

Trump’s efforts to disappear without the media tagging along cause alarm….

Just about the only thing he has done good is to include media from outside the national news-media  in his news conferences….

Of course Trump is trying to just call on ‘friendly’ media for sift ball questions….

But THAT hasn’t worked too much either….

John McCain is right….

America isn’t gonna let Trump get away with silencing the media prying and throwing hard questions at him….

It was that way before Trump ….

And will be that way after he’s left the stage…

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) gave a staunch defense of the free press Saturday, noting that attacks on the media are “how dictators get started.”

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” to be aired Sunday, McCain took a swipe at President Donald Trump’s volleys against the Fourth Estate, particularly a Friday tweet in which the press was called the “enemy of the American people.”
“We need a free press,” said the 2008 Republican presidential candidate. “We must have it. It’s vital.”

“If you want to preserve ― I’m very serious now ― if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press,” he added.

McCain said that without a free press, “we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time.”

“That’s how dictators get started,” he added, noting that attacks on journalists questioning those in power are a tactic used by autocratic governments.

“When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press,” he said. “I’m not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator. I’m just saying we need to learn the lessons of history.”

“A fundamental part of that new world order was a free press,” he added. “I hate the press; I hate you especially,” McCain quipped. “But the fact is we need you.”

Trump has ratcheted up his assaults against media organizations in recent weeks, culminating in a belligerent press conference Thursday in which he excoriated the members of the press as “fake news.”..


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Iraqi Military effort to retake Western Mosul steps off….

Defense Sec Mattis is now the guy to oversee the American and Western efforts (Advisors and some Military air/inelligence and equipment assistance) to help the Iraqi military reclaim Western Mosul from the forces of ISIS as they push ISIS back further from terriotoral gains it had made in its past….

Obama’s military stewardship over th effort had been making staedy gains…

The overall push to free Mosul, once Iraq’s second-largest city, began in October, with local troops pushing from the east into the city’s geographically larger, but more sparsely populated, eastern half. In late January, they reached the banks of the Tigris River, which bisects Mosul, and declared the city’s eastern section liberated.

The operation took longer than expected and took a high toll on civilians and the Iraqi forces, but much of the city’s infrastructure was preserved, and a sense of daily life has returned. That is in contrast to the operations to take back other cities from ISIS, including Ramadi and Sinjar, which were laid waste by airstrikes. More than a year since it was freed, not even the mayor of Sinjar has been able to return.

The fight for Mosul’s western half could be even more protracted than for its east. The west is home to neighborhoods of narrow streets, some so small that it will not be possible for Iraqi troops to enter them in their fortified Humvees. That may make the Islamic State’s signature suicide bomb attacks even more effective….

“Mosul would be a tough fight for any army in the world, and the Iraqi forces have risen to the challenge,” said Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of the American-led effort against the Islamic State, in a news release from United States Central Command that announced the beginning of the long-anticipated operation. Some of the 450 American advisers on the ground in Iraq are helping Iraqi officers plan and execute the offensive in western Mosul….



With Trump’s No Enter Muslim Ban stopped Iraqi’s who have helped the American military in the past are again coming to the safety of America after their service …

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Another day…another Homeland Memo leak…Changes coming?

There are few secrets in the Trump Admin…..

Today’s leak about a review Homeland boss John Kelly ordered about more border cops, changing who goes to the top of list to be deported, a way to speed up deportation hearings and moving for more local/state cops for help…..

This is hits the headlines hard again like the 100,000 National Guard mobilization idea that was thought up in the early days after Trump was elected but dropped as impractical and illegal…

Several of these possible actions are actually IN LINE with things done under the early Obama admin……

Some will go forward….

Some will NOT….

But the No Enter Ban and media attention on stuff like this has had it desired effect….

Immigration detentions on the US Southern Border have declined and on the Northern Border people are LEAVING the US for Canada….

In a pair of memos, Kelly offered more detail on plans for the agency to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand the pool of immigrants who are prioritized for removal, speed up deportation hearings and enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests.

The new directives would supersede nearly all of those issued under previous administrations, Kelly said, including measures from President Barack Obama aimed at focusing deportations exclusively on hardened criminals and those with terrorist ties.

“The surge of immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States,” Kelly stated in the guidelines.

He cited a surge of 10,000 to 15,000 additional apprehensions per month at the southern U.S. border between 2015 and 2016.

A White House official said the memos were drafts and that they are under review by the White House Counsel’s Office, which is seeking some changes. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the process is not complete, declined to offer specifics….



While they may not think so…..

Everytime White House guys Bannon and Miller cook up another direction to go with immigration policy that does NOT get reviewed by someone else they will get stopped by the courts and they will, by themselves be curbing the President’s authority in immigration policy as the courts define those powers and take some of them away……

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“I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of an independent California”

People thought Texas would the only state that seeked to un-join the United States of America….

That was before President Donald Trump…..

There is small group pushing their own form protest against the Unted States of Trump….

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of an independent California,” Geoff Lewis said as he stood in a glass-walled conference room adorned with California’s grizzly-bear flag and a sign reading “California is a nation, not a state.”

Sweaty onlookers  from the gym across the hall peered in curiously.

Bolstered by the election of President Trump, the group [15 in all?], Yes California, is collecting the 585,407 signatures necessary to place a secessionist question on the 2018 ballot. Its goal is to have California become its own country, separate and apart from the United States.

The group is advertising at protests and hosting meetups throughout California. Its leaders say the organization has ballooned to 53 chapters, each of which has meetings like the one here to plot out strategy and recruit volunteers.

“Basically, what we’re witnessing is the birth of a nation,” said Tim Vollmer, 57, an academic consultant from San Francisco. “We can lead what’s left of the free world.”

Their recruiting pitch goes something like this:

California — the most populous state, with nearly 40 million residents — subsidizes other states at a loss, is burdened by a national trade system, doesn’t get a fair say in presidential elections, is diverse and disagrees with much of the rest of the country on immigration, is far ahead of other states on environmental policy and, for the most part, is diametrically opposed to Trump’s positions.

Therefore, the argument goes, conditions are perfect for the Golden State to secede.

Yes California primarily advertises through its Facebook page, which has about 39,000 likes….


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President Trump does a pre-election campaign stop in Florida….

The 70 year old did a Campaign stop four weeks AFTER he has become President….

The guy did a retro thing for his friendly crowd….

Sortha like any autocratic leader op[erating in a alternate Universe might, eh?

Trump promised anew to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, reduce regulations and create jobs. He also pledged to ‘‘do something over the next couple of days’’ to address the immigration order that has been blocked in the courts. Said Trump: ‘‘We don’t give up, we never give up.’’


Trump, who held a rally in the same spot in Florida in September, clearly relished being back in front of his supporters, welcoming the cheers and letting one supporter up on stage to offer praise for the president. He also enjoyed reliving his surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The event had the familiar trappings of a Trump campaign rally, including red Trump caps, ‘‘Make America Great Again’’ and ‘‘Trump/Pence’’ signs and at least one sign reading ‘‘Hillary for Prison.’’ Some of the speakers ahead of Trump’s appearance called for repealing and replacing President Barack Obama’s health care law, criticized the news media or lobbed barbs at Clinton, other constants of last year’s rallies.

The music playlist preceding Trump’s appearance included rally favorites like Free’s ‘‘All Right Now.’’ As Air Force One rolled up to the hangar, the theme to the Harrison Ford movie ‘‘Air Force One’’ signaled its arrival. Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, appeared as Lee Greenwood’s ‘‘Proud to be an American’’ played. And his 45-minute remarks were followed by another 2016 campaign favorite, the 1969 hit ‘‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’’ by the Rolling Stones….


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Donald Trump could screw American farmers….

I don’t thing City slicker Donald Trump has any idea that US farmers help feed the WORLD…..

Not just America….

Export/Import protectist taxes would ruin their livelihoods ….

U.S. farmers need exports to keep already low commodity prices at home from collapsing. Gluts have pushed down corn prices to less than half their 2012 peak, and farmer profits may fall for the fourth straight year, the longest streak since the 1970s, the government said on Feb. 7.

That’s why U.S. farmers have backed trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which promised an additional $4 billion to $5 billion of sales by opening Pacific Rim nations to U.S. meat, dairy, and grain. But pulling out of the TPP was one of Trump’s first acts as president. He’s also threatening to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. Both moves stoke worries that attempts to protect manufacturing could harm farmers, with countries such as China retaliating against taxes on finished goods exported to the U.S. by buying commodities elsewhere, says Ed Schafer, who served as agriculture secretary under President George W. Bush. “Trade issues are not as simplistic as President Trump thinks,” he says.

Bob Young, chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest U.S. farmers group, rattles off a series of competitors ready to eat the U.S.’s lunch: Brazil and Argentina in global corn and soybean markets; Ukraine and Russia in grain and oilseeds; Australia and New Zealand in meat and dairy.

Australia is still pushing for a TPP without the U.S., to lock in potential trade gains in Asia. Europe is buying more Ukrainian corn, enjoying lower tariffs that squeeze out U.S. suppliers who had hoped to gain from a European Union trade deal. Brazil and Argentina are becoming the first choice for Chinese buyers who wait for those nations’ spring harvests—when prices are lower—to make purchases.

Competitors are penetrating markets the U.S. once owned…..


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Yea…The Democrats have their work cut for ANY 2018 Senate gains…

The current 52 Repubican to 46 Democratic and 2 Independent ‘s attached to the Dem’s is gonna have a rough time in next years MidTerm voting….UnlessTrump protests turn into actual Democratic votes which seem to drop off when there is no President running…

Senate seats up for election in 2018

After Democrats netted two seats in the Senate last year, Republicans hold a 52-48 majority, meaning the GOP would need a gain of eight seats to reach a filibuster-proof margin.

(That assumes party lawmakers stick together and vote as a bloc, which is never a certainty, as demonstrated by the withdrawal Wednesday of Trump’s nominee to head the Labor Department, Andrew Puzder, in the face of Republican opposition.)

So what are the odds?

If the 2016 election proved anything, it is the foolhardiness of making political predictions, especially this far out. That said, Republicans start in a strong position — though an eight-seat gain still seems like a considerable reach.

The Democrats regaining control of the Senate, which they lost in 2014, is almost impossible to fathom.

When is the midterm election?

Nov. 6, 2018.

How many Senate seats will be contested?

Thirty-four, or just more than a third of the Senate.

Why are Republicans strongly positioned starting out?

Because Democrats will have to defend 25 seats to just nine for the GOP.

Gee willikers! Why are those numbers so lopsided?

Senate terms last six years; the seats that are coming up in 2018 are ones that were last on the ballot in 2012, when Obama was seeking reelection and Democrats, riding his coattails, gained two seats. That simply means more Democratic-held seats will be contested in 2018.

The reverse took place in 2016. After making significant gains in the tea party election of 2010, Republicans had to defend 24 Senate seats compared to Democrats’ 10.

Any other reason Republicans are strongly positioned heading into 2018?

Indeed. Ten of the 25 seats that Democrats are defending are in states that Trump carried — in some instances by huge margins. He won West Virginia, where Joe Manchin is seeking reelection, by 42 percentage points, and North Dakota, where Heidi Heitkamp is seeking a second term, by 36 percentage points. He also carried Montana, Indiana and Missouri — where Democratic incumbents are facing reelection — by double-digits.

What do historical trends suggest?

Many of those didn’t hold up so well in 2016, when Trump pulled off one of the biggest political upsets of modern times. So it may be best not to go there…



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Homeland Security Sec advies new No Enter ban is being drawn up….

The DHS boss says this time he’s in the mix and that the executive order from Trump will account for those traveling and should not effect those with Visa’s and Green Cards….

We’ll see….

And expect freash legal action against any new ban….

President Donald Trump’s revised executive order on immigration will be “more streamlined” than the version now being challenged in U.S. courts, with a roll-out plan aimed at ensuring no one is caught up in it while traveling, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said.

It’s a “good assumption” that the new order won’t affect people holding valid visas or green cards, Kelly said, as the administration seeks to avoid both new legal resistance and the chaotic scenes seen at airports last month, when many travelers were caught in limbo in the hours after Trump signed the order.

“I will have opportunity to work a roll-out plan, in particular to make sure that there’s no one, in a sense, caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports, which happened on our first release,” Kelly told a panel at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday…..


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Immigration and Customs Enforcement defend New York raids…

The ICE offical took pains to point out that those they will deport HAVE been cited for criminal offenses and not just random pick-ups…

It should be pointed out that raids like ones have resumes where also done during the the early to mid Obama administration ….

When federal immigration officials arrested 41 people in the New York region this month, immigrant advocates suggested the action was an indication of the Trump administration’s new priorities in detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants.

On Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, released a list detailing the offenses of those who were detained. Among the most serious were 12 people with convictions for sex-related crimes, including three cases of rape and six involving offenses against children; nine with convictions for driving under the influence; three with robbery convictions; and two with convictions for distribution or sale of cocaine.

All of the convictions listed qualified as deportable offenses under the Obama administration.

“Citizens of New York City and the surrounding areas are safer every time another criminal is removed from the street,” Thomas R. Decker, director of enforcement and removal operations in ICE’s New York office, said in a statement….

An ICE official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the cases were active said that most of them were at local detention centers and that it was unlikely any had been deported yet…


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Pakistan doubles it’s effort against militants…

Pakistan has been reluctant in the past to go after some of the Taliban militants that go back and forth over their biorders into Afghanistan….

Drone stricks by American aircraft where criticized in that couuntry even though its military rountinly allowed the drone program to go on…

Just hours after a deadly blast killed at least 70 people and wounded more than 150 others at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine in southern Pakistan Thursday, the country’s military issued a series of tweets vowing “no more restraint for anyone.”

On Friday, about 100 suspected militants were killed and dozens more arrested in raids across Pakistan, according to Major General Asif Ghafoor, Pakistan’s military spokesman.

Pakistan and Afghanistan share a porous border that militants have crossed easily for years. Two major groups have been involved in recent attacks inside Pakistan: The Pakistani Taliban and its offshoots and an ISIS affiliate. The Pakistani Taliban, which takes refuge in Afghanistan, has links to, but is distinct from, the Taliban operating inside Afghanistan. The ISIS affiliate, which claimed Thursday’s attack, is present in Nangarhar, the eastern Afghan province. Pakistan reportedly launched an assault on the area Friday.

Pakistani military authorities also said Friday they handed over a list of 76 militants present in Afghanistan, demanding their extradition. The names on the list weren’t made public, but in the past Pakistan has said members of the Pakistani Taliban, including its chief, Mullah Fazlullah, are in Afghanistan. It’s unclear if the Afghan military can do anything about it. Although the Afghan government controls Kabul and many other large cities, the Taliban and its allies enjoy wide support in more rural parts of the country, and, indeed, control large parts of Afghanistan….


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