Daily Kos Morning Digest 10/5/15….Why is Rob Portman running on defunding Planned Parenthood? It might be helping him

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Rob Portman announcing his son is gay.

attribution: CSPAN
Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman

Leading Off: OH-Sen: GOP Sen. Rob Portman got a bunch of flak on Thursday, and rightly so, for saying that the public dollars that currently fund Planned Parenthood should instead go to “community health centers” that “provide the women’s health needs that are legitimate”—implying, of course, that Planned Parenthood’s services are not legitimate. Ridiculous, no doubt, but there’s something else worth analyzing here: the fact that a Republican senator facing a difficult re-election in a swing state is nevertheless running hard on defunding Planned Parenthood.

That might seem like a surprising move, given that polls consistently show Planned Parenthood is very popular with Americans. Indeed, no fewer than five polls released in just the last week have found opposition to defunding the group ranging from 52 percent to 65 percent, while support for the idea rests between 29 and 41 percent. Yet Portman, a savvy campaigner who has always been careful to avoid looking crazy, is all for it. What gives?

The one problem with issue-based polling is that it rarely gives you a sense of how intensely people feel about a given topic. An excellent example is guns: Background checks for gun buyers are enormously popular in poll after poll, but ardent firearms enthusiasts are so hostile to any and all regulations that their zealotry has blocked congressional action on the issue, despite the fact that they represent just a small minority.

Abortion rights often play out the same way: There are many single-issue voters out there who identify as “pro-life” and for whom nothing else matters; there are few on the pro-choice side who match that level of intensity. And that, in all likelihood, is the calculus Portman is relying on—after all, he’s seen all the polls that show voters preferring not to defund Planned Parenthood, and Ohio’s probably not too different than the nation as a whole on this score.

But the anti-Planned Parenthood brigades are fired up with terrifying passion and will do anything they can to destroy the organization, as the mendacious video jihad by the so-called “Center for Medical Progress” has shown. Portman is hoping to stoke this rage, and at the same time, he’s counting on those who like Planned Parenthood to simply not be motivated to the same degree. There’s a good chance he’s making the smart move politically.

This does not mean that Planned Parenthood is a loser of an issue for Democrats. Far from it. They should be completely unafraid to support and defend the group—again, it is still very well-liked and does enormously important work. But unless Portman has a very inaccurate read on his electorate, it does mean that, despite Planned Parenthood’s popularity, attacking the organization is not necessarily a loser for Republicans, and it may in fact motivate the conservative base more than it turns off those in the middle…..


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Political Roundup For Monday, October 5, 2015…Hillary Props on SNL appearance…RRH Elections…


Clinton:  Hillary got her best headlines in weeks, with a down-to-earth showing on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  She even stuck around to introduce Miley Cyrus, which is kind of surprising, if you think about it.

Trump:  For the first time since July, Donald Trump was not leading a national GOP primary poll.  IDB/TIPP found Ben Carson ahead, 24-17, with the rest of the pack further behind.

Jindal:  As I mentioned last week, Governor Bobby Jindal, despite being mired at .5% in an average of national polls, has some momentum in the first in the nation caucus state, Iowa.  In the most recent NBC poll, Jindal is all the way up to 6%.  There’s still really no path for Jindal beyond Iowa, but I could see him becoming the Huckabee of 2008….


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Hillary Clinton rallies for Gun Control….

She has released her Gun Control plan….

This will play well for her with her base….

It won’t change much….

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday suggested Republican candidates such as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush were defeatists on the issue of gun violence.

Clinton referred to Trump’s broadcasted remarks that gun violence will happen “no matter what you do” and Bush’s remark that “stuff happens.” The comments came after a gunman in Oregon killed nine people at a community college.

“No, that’s an admission of defeat and surrender to a problem that is killing 33,000 Americans,” Clinton said during a town hall event in New Hampshire.

“It’s time for us to say, wait a minute, we’re better than this … and there are steps we can take that improve gun safety and further the prevention of violence by guns,” she added.

Clinton made her remarks while announcing new gun control measures in the wake of last week’s mass shooting.


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Russia warned by NATO on it’s transversing Turkey for Syria airstrikes…

Here we go folks…..

Russian President Putin’s take an inch….Take a foot could be at work ?

The Russian’s have acknowldged that one of it’s fighters strayed into Turkish airspace…

The Aircraft was met and escourted out by Turkish aircraft….

The Russian have advised that their actions in Syria will increase…..

NATO officials issued a warning to Russia on Monday, and the United States began what officials called urgent consultations with Turkey, after Turkish fighter jets intercepted a Russian warplane that entered its airspace over the weekend.

Russia’s actions were “an unacceptable violation” of Turkish airspace, NATO’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said after meeting with the Turkish foreign minister, Feridun Sinirlioglu. Mr. Stoltenberg added, “Russia’s actions are not contributing to the security and stability of the region.”

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, speaking in Madrid during a news conference with his Spanish counterpart, said that American officials were conferring with Turkish counterparts over next steps.

“I don’t believe this was an accident,” said a senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to comment publicly.

“Along with quite a bit of Russia’s behavior, this just affirms our deep concern over what they’re doing,” the official said, adding that Russia’s behavior “raises questions about basic safe conduct in the skies.”


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Bill Clinton will help out…..


Hillary Clinton NEVER liked campaigning…..

It shows….

Few people running for President do….

Bill Clinton DOES…..

Anybody who thought he wasn’t gonna get in there and help his wife, like any political couple would be expected to is just plian fooling themselves….

Exactly how the Democratic Party’s most popular living ex-president will be rolled out in the coming months still the subject of ongoing discussion among Clinton confidants and the campaign’s top brass in Brooklyn, people familiar with those discussions say. He still has Clinton Foundation events on his schedule through at least the end of 2015.

But some decisions have been made: Bill won’t start flying into Des Moines or Manchester anytime soon, for example. In addition to raising money, he will likely slowly start ramping up his own political travel, seeking to energize Democrats beyond the early-voting states — particularly in places like West Virginia, where the local party infrastructure has fallen on hard times, and where her campaign has signed an agreement to help raise money for state Democrats.

The Clinton campaign always expected to tap Bill’s political skills in late 2015. The ex-president wanted to get the foundation’s annual New York summit out of the way before diving fully in, friends told POLITICO, but he has kept close tabs on 2016. That’s included reaching out to Obama-era donors who are new to Clinton circles, and appearing at a handful of private campaign cash events featuring his own longtime supporters.

“They will use him appropriately, but make no mistake: He’s very important to her and very important to this campaign. And he’s a very popular guy,” said another longtime family friend and adviser.

Still, some influential party figures remain wary of the example of 2008, when Hillary was more focused on proving that she wasn’t running for her husband’s third term. Bill eventually played a very public role in that race, but many Democrats still whisper that he helped cost her South Carolina due to his rhetoric about then-Sen. Barack Obama — like his infamous “fairy tale” remark, which the former president has said was misinterpreted.


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New Hampshire Dem Gov. Hassan to challenge GOP Sen. Ayotte….

Democrats seem to be fronting a strong challenge against the new Republican majority in the US Senate….

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan will challenge GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte next year, Hassan announced Monday — a decision that boosts Democrats’ chances of winning the swing-state Senate seat and taking back control of the chamber.

“You can count on me to take my bipartisan approach, my common sense and my commitment to problem-solving and results to the Senate,” Hassan said in a video announcing her candidacy.Polls have showed the popular Hassan — who is forgoing a third two-year term — running close with Ayotte in early matchups.



Larry Sabato moves this race to Toss-Up on Hassan’s announcement….


Larry Sabato Retweeted
Geoffrey Skelley ‏@geoffreyvs
Maggie Hassan (D) to challenge Kelly Ayotte (R) in ’16, shifting Crystal Ball #NHSen rating from Leans R to Toss-up.

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Scalise thinks he has House GOP Majority Leadership job locked down…

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said Sunday he has secured the votes to be elected majority leader, the No. 2 job in GOP leadership.

The Louisiana Republican held a conference call with backers Sunday evening during which he indicated he’s locked up support from more than half of the 247-member GOP conference. Closed-door voting for the majority leader post is expected on Thursday, though some Republicans are pushing to delay it until after a new Speaker is sworn in.

“I’ve been making calls all day. I haven’t stopped working, and I know you haven’t stopped working either,” Scalise said, according to a source on the call. “In this race, the winning number has always been 124. A couple of days ago, we actually hit that number and we’re continuing to add to it each day.”


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Sixty Four Days To The Next Big Mass Shooting: America’s Problem With Violence…The Oligarch Kings….


Jeb Bush is in trouble. Well, European media is unhappy with his remarks about the latest school shootings. Following the atrocities at Umpqua Oregon, he appears to have simply shrugged his shoulders and said “Stuff happens” whilst walking away. Trump too just said “people slip through the cracks” and dismissed it at that. My email box has received comments from readers of the blog (mostly foreign non-American readers) incredulous that this can even happen.

Two hundred and seventy four days into 2015 and we have already had 294 mass shootings in the USA. A mass shooting being defined as where four or more people are shot in any one incident. The atrocity at Umpqua Oregon was merely the 45th school shooting in 2015. We may expect the next “Big mass event shooting” that will capture the news headlines in a little under 64 days’ time. Meanwhile we will just have to do with the day to day violence.

The press has woken up once more to politics in the real American world. It most certainly is not a pretty sight. But this is not a recent collapse into political or social anarchy, we cannot simply blame the usual suspects of single parent families; deprivation; poor schooling; drugs; or modern “rap” culture. Sadly it is simply a return to business as usual.

Americans have always had a history of resolving their inner issues, and personal disputes by violence. It runs from the school playground through the neighbourhoods, into the work-place and on up to and including the White House itself.

Remember that four out of the six Presidents in the sixties, seventies, and eighties of last century had attempts on their lives, and one was successful.

America is a violent society. It has always been violent and its politics have been particularly so. Nine Presidents out of the 44 have suffered assassination or attempted assassination: Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, Harry S Truman, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford (twice) and Ronald Reagan. Of these nine, four died…..


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The NY Times does a piece on the Democrats anti-establishment feelings…

The New York Times has a piece spotlighting the unrest of some in the Democratic party against the establishment, in an echo of the Trump phenomenon….

They point to Senator Bernie Sanders leading the charge against the party regulars not going far enough to the left…..

Of course these feeling are ALWAYS out there come Presidential campaign time….

But this time the Donald Trump show has pushed them to new level….

One might want to point out that BOTH Trump and Sanders have very little chance of gaining their parties nomination….

But the unhappy feeling IS out there for both parties….

Liberal activists in Iowa and elsewhere have pushed local Democratic officials to enact minimum-wage ordinances in the face of inaction from state and federal government officials in both parties. Environmentalists put enormous pressure on Mrs. Clinton to come out against the Keystone pipeline project, which she did last month. Many progressives in New York City complain that the Democratic mayor, Bill de Blasio, appears to have lost his appetite for a criminal justice overhaul.

And last week, about 80 Democrats in New Hampshire banded together to demand that the Democratic National Committee allow candidates to participate in more debates than the six that the party has sanctioned. Many activists see the limit as rigging the debates in favor of Mrs. Clinton, whose advisers wanted as few as possible.

“There’s a level of anger among Democrats that the establishment has decided not to address, whether it’s about debates or other issues,” said Peter Burling, a former New Hampshire state senator who is supporting former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland in the presidential primary.

If Mr. Sanders proves too liberal to capture the nomination, allies of Mr. Biden believe the vice president is positioned to seize on anger at the establishment if he enters the race — even though his long tenure epitomizes it. These supporters say the freely emotional Mr. Biden is more capable of soothing Democratic anxieties than Mr. Sanders, a flinty Vermonter, or Mrs. Clinton, whose attempts to appear more likable and funny can come across as overly calculated.

Still, Mr. Biden has not decided on a run, and “Draft Biden” efforts have not yet caught on anywhere near the way Mr. Sanders has.


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Trump’s lead continues to fall in new 10/4/15 polling….

The elevator is going down for Donald Trump…….

Sanders is leading Cliton in New Hamshire……

But Clinton IS AHEAD of Sanders in Iowa…

Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus


Trump 24, Carson 19, Fiorina 8, Cruz 6, Rubio 6, Bush 7, Walker, Huckabee 5, Jindal 6, Paul 4, Kasich 3, Christie 4, Santorum 1, Graham 1, Pataki 0

Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus


Clinton 33, Sanders 28, Biden 22, O’Malley 3, Webb 1, Chafee 0

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 21, Fiorina 16, Carson 10, Bush 11, Kasich 6, Rubio 10, Cruz 6, Christie 7, Paul 5, Huckabee 1, Graham 0, Walker, Jindal 0, Pataki 0, Santorum 0

New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary


Sanders 42, Clinton 28, Biden 18, O’Malley 2, Webb 1, Chafee 1

More …..

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Open Thread for Oct. 4 , 2015….Make the call Joe…..

Joe Biden has people out there setting him up for a run for President….

They have media guessing….

They have donor ‘s guessing….

They also have Joe guessing….

Biden, who has been Vice President and just about everything on Cpongress since before his current boss was born has a problem…

He’s run FOR President TWICE…..

Both time he didn’t get very far….

He’s has some tough personal stuff in his life that he had to come back from…

He’s tight with his boss Barack Obama amd he gets along fine with who he would have to challage for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton….

The fact remains that Hillary Clinton leads the race for the Democratic nominaton and has raised over $100 Million already while contiuning to set up a field organiztion across the country to grab the nomination and to run in the general election…

Biden has none of this….

9 days from now there will be a Democratic debate….

It will feature Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders….

So far?

No Joe Biden….

Joe has NOT indicated that he wants to run for President…

But in the polling since his suppoter have begun setting him upo for run he has climbed right over Sanders , who is actually running….

This HAS to be thrilling for Joe Biden, who has always had to stand on the side while others get the job….

But he’s gotta do the right thing pretty soon and either jump in…..

Or tell everyone he’s NOT running…..


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Hillary Clinton has fun on Staurday Night Live’s season opener….

Hillary Clinton introduces ‘Val’ the bartender in ‘SNL’ season premiere

Hillary Clinton helped “Saturday Night Live” kick off its 41st season late last night, joking about the Keystone pipeline and Donald Trump, among other campaign issues.

The sketch opens with SNL castmember Kate McKinnon, playing Clinton, introducing herself to the actual Democratic front-runner, a bartender named “Val.”

“I’m just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone pipeline will destroy our environment,” the real Clinton says.

Jokes about “taking her time” to make that decision, her “young, cool vibe” and Donald Trump follow.

“Uh, you’re all losers,” Clinton says, imitating Trump, in the sketch, which you can watch above…..



Hillary plays ‘Val’ the bartender and sage and sympathic ear…

She also gets chance to sing along, ‘hang out’…..And leave her shoe

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Can Bernie Sanders last with JUST small donations?

Probabaly NOT….

Bernie Sanders rails against big money in politics and insists that he doesn’t want an allied super PAC — but the majority of Democrats in early states say he can’t rely on smaller-dollar donors alone if he wants to beat Hillary Clinton.

That’s the assessment of this week’s POLITICO Caucus, our bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives and strategists in the early states. This week, the Caucus has expanded to include South Carolina and Nevada in addition to our insiders already participating in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Story Continued Below

The consensus on Sanders’ need for big money was strong: 83 percent of South Carolina Democrats, 62 percent of Nevada Democrats and 54 percent of New Hampshire Democrats said he cannot beat Clinton with only small-dollar donors. Of Iowa Democrats, 40 percent said the same.
Insiders from those states said that at best he could win a contest or two, but the big donations and unlimited contributions that a super PAC brings would be essential if his campaign stretches into the later stages of the primary season….


This also bring up other points….

This Dog believes that Sanders situation with money WILl affect Donald Trump should he somehow 

bounce back from his drop already in the Republican Presidential Sweepstakes race…

He’s rich…

But I fail to see him actually spending the hundres of millions of dollars to sustain a run and organziational ground game needed as he fades in the free media market now…

In the case of Hillary Clinton?

One coiuld see a good reason why she won’t go but so far in beating up Wall Street….Although she’s a Democrat and some might think she won’t get money from Wall Street types?

They overlook the fact that Hillary as the US Senator from New York gave her a reason to carry the ball for them for years…In addition, her husband has moved in circles that inlude the Wall Street types for decades (Including Trump)…..

Presidential campaign cost more than a Billion Dollars….

You HAVE to get money from big time donors….(Elizabeth Warren withstanding)

President Obama gave up limits to get elected….

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Cougars are sometimes afraid of screaming kids?

One actually booked up a untility pole to the top ……
Cat on a wire

Cats climbing stuff is hardly worth mentioning. But a cougar up a power pole? Now that’s impressive.

On Tuesday, a couple miles away from Cougar Buttes (a real place) in Lucerne Valley, a cougar clawed and clung its way to a perch typically reserved for birds and other winged creatures.

“Strange that it was a utility pole,” Andrew Hughan of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife wrote to the Los Angeles Times about the climbing cougar, also commonly called mountain lions in Southern California. “No one can recall seeing a lion like that.”

And why did the cougar run up the pole? To flee a busload of screaming kids after school, apparently. The Associated Press reported that the cat got spooked by the excited kids. And there atop a 35-foot-high wooden pole it stayed all Tuesday afternoon, navigating high-voltage wires….


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National Teacher’s Union backing Hillary Clinton….

Clinton has been vocal about teachers getting beatup by Republicans…..

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

The union’s campaign arm had indicated that it was recommending the endorsement earlier this week, as Politico first reported. Members of the 3-million-strong union who support Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), have already protested the move, just as Sanders supporters from the American Federation of Teachers did when Clinton secured that union’s endorsement in July.

“Clinton is a strong leader who will do what is best for America’s students. For more than four decades, Clinton has fought to make sure all children have a fair opportunity to succeed regardless of their ZIP code,” said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the NEA, in a statement. “Clinton will continue to advocate on behalf of students, educators and working families because she understands the road to a stronger U.S. economy starts in America’s public schools.”


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Second Poll with Ben Carson topping Trump…Trump going down…

The first poll come for just Louisiana Republicans only…

We have a new 2016 Presidental Poll that has Carson 7 points AHEAD of Donald Trump…..

Trump continues his slide in the polls as he drops from the media spotlight….

Other polls show Trump’s support slipping in recent weeks. The Real Clear Politics average of six national polls shows him falling from 30.5% in mid-September to 23.3% by the end of the month. That average does not include the IBD/TIPP findings.

2016 Republican Presidential Nomination


Trump 17, Carson 24, Fiorina 9, Rubio 11, Bush 8, Cruz 6, Kasich 4, Huckabee 2, Christie 2, Paul 3, Jindal 1, Santorum 0, Graham 0, Pataki 0

2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination

Clinton 42, Biden 22, Sanders 18

The poll is small…377 people and has a MOE of +/-5%

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