Far Right Candidate loses in Austria….

British PM May is being hounded by her moderates to work for a soft exit from the Europen Union now, against the vote to leave the EU ….

Now Austria also seems to have shown a halt to populist  and nationalist fever sweeping Europe and America….

Far-right candidate Norbert Hofer has lost Austria’s presidential election.

On Facebook, he described himself as “infinitely sad” and congratulated Alexander Van der Bellen, former head of the Greens, on his victory.

Although the post is ceremonial in Austria, the poll had been seen as a sign of how well populist candidates might do elsewhere in Europe.
Mr Van der Bellen called the result a vote for a “pro-European” Austria based on “freedom, equality and solidarity”.

Referring to the Austrian flag, he said a “red-white-red signal of hope and change, a red-white-red signal today goes from Austria to all the capitals of the European Union.

“Finally, you know, I will try to be an open-minded, a liberal-minded and first of all a pro-European federal president of the Republic of Austria.”….




Matthew Yglesias ‏@mattyglesias
Under Austria’s quirky electoral system, the winning candidate also received more votes.

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Donald Trump opens 2020 Presidential Campaign By doubling down against Companies sending jobs oversea’s…

President -Elect Donald Trump is doubling down on the central  theme of his recent win….

Sending the IMPERESSION that HE WILL make America GREAT AGAIN….

Donald Trump tweeted this morning that HE will go after Companies that move jobs oversea’s…

He, of course, CANNOT stop companies from doing this…

Congress handles these things thru laws….

He won’t be doing this even with the Carrier company he just ‘announced’ he did with…They say they will keep 1,000 jobs here…

But the fine print says they will lay off just as many and will STILL ship jobs away for tax cuts Pence will TRY to deliver…

But Donald Trump IS doing what he does best….

BULL SHIT his way …..


Trump’s tweet….

“The U.S. is going to substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses, but any business that leaves our country for another country,” read the president-elect’s first Sunday morning tweet, followed shortly by:

“fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the U.S. ……

“without retribution or consequence, is WRONG! There will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies ……

“wanting to sell their product, cars, A.C. units etc., back across the border. This tax will make leaving financially difficult, but…..

“these companies are able to move between all 50 states, with no tax or tariff being charged. Please be forewarned prior to making a very …” before ending with his “expensive mistake” tweet….




Free Trade?

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British Moderates push back against a “hard’ exit from the EU….

British Prime Minister Theresa May was against the Brexit move…

But has begun a dance with German leader Merkel on how she can manage the exit…

Merkel has been firm on NOT letting the Brit’s have it easy ….

THAT seems to have May in tight spot as her countries Conservative party has warned her that moderates, who voted AGAINST leaving the EU are NOW gaining a political foothold…

They want her to spell out her plans for an exit and warn that THEY are pushing back against any hard line on immigration backlash…

They seem to be pushing for a ‘soft’ exit…..Something Merkel seems to be against right now…

Writing in the Observer, the former Conservative cabinet minister, Dominic Grieve, ex-foreign office minister Alistair Burt and former transport minister Claire Perry, along with education select committee chair Neil Carmichael and Bath MP Ben Howlett, say the Richmond outcome must serve as a wake-up call to the prime minister.

“The Conservative party needs to be alert that there is a moderate core of Conservative voters, who voted Remain, and who want to hear the Conservative government speaking above the noise of the Brexiters,” they say. “They do not want the Conservative party to be Ukip-lite, nor to hear that their desire for a negotiated Brexit … is somehow an attempt to delay or simply an expression of Remoaning.

“They want the Conservative leadership to speak for them, too, and Richmond may be a reminder that their votes have another destination if we don’t get this right. That moderate voice is crucial for the party to keep the votes of the middle ground who could lose the Conservative party the next election if they take their votes elsewhere.”

They also demand that May spells out the broad outline of the government’s negotiating position on Brexit before triggering the formal exit process under article 50 of the Lisbon treaty next March.

“As well as making clear that it will pursue its own course, and not be pushed into a corner by those who only advocate a hard Brexit, a government decision to publish its high-level objectives for negotiations would not only bring some certainty into that issue, but also be likely to suggest a tone which would be welcomed by a key group of its supporters. The vast majority of Conservative voters would unite behind that and the prime minister, trusting her to deliver the best Brexit possible.”….


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Nancy Pelosi going back to 2006 for 2018….

The Democratic Minority Leader hopes to have here House members hold on against actions that Republicans sold to their supporters that could very well cause them trouble with Americans across the board….After ALL?

Donald Trump actually has a very narrow win enabled by only 100,000 votes in a handful of states…

They lost the presidential election, failed to take back the Senate and barely made a dent in their minority status in the House. Now what are they supposed to do?

Fresh on the heels of being re-elected House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi’s strategy for preventing Republicans from erasing President Barack Obama’s accomplishments over the next two to four years ― at a time when her party has next to no leverage ― is coming into focus. It looks a lot like 2006.

“When people told us it was time for a Republican majority … around now, in 2004 as we got ready for 2005, we had our plan,” she told The Huffington Post in a Monday interview. “We stuck together. We were unified, strategic, and really it was a beautiful sight to behold.”

“And we won.”

She’s referring to the Democratic wave that came in 2006, when her party reclaimed the House and the Senate. That was the year then-President George W. Bush conceded his party “took a thumping,” and when Pelosi was vaulted into the job of House speaker. Two years later, Obama became president, elevating Democrats to the same position of power Republicans are in now.

There were different circumstances then….

….she’s convinced the most effective way to counter the GOP of 2017 is to repeat the effort she led in 2006. It relies on Democrats presenting a united front, hammering in the message that they are fighting for working families ― something Pelosi sees as the core of the party, even if they failed to communicate it widely enough in 2016 ― and differentiating themselves from the kinds of GOP policies that benefit the rich and powerful.

“Running against Washington is tried and true,” she said. “It isn’t easy. You have to have a plan and you have to be unified and you have to be strategic. And we’re prepared to do that….


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Donald Trump is now 2.5 Million votes BEHIND Hillary Clinton…..

Donald Trump LOST the OVERALL Vote….

He is gonna walk around and talk like THAT did NOT happen...


Much of what happened on the first stop of Donald Trump’s victory tour Thursday night, a big rally in Cincinnati, was indistinguishable from the events that occurred before that victory occurred.

There was plenty of media-bashing, for example, and some bashing of the current administration and Trump’s former opponent, Hillary Clinton. About the only sign that things had changed were Trump’s self-conscious interjections that he didn’t need to bash Clinton anymore — and his celebration of how the pundits that he used to predict would get everything wrong actually did.

Trump’s obvious and continuing glee at having won — glee that’s totally justified, of course — is clearly tempered by the asterisks that apply. The biggest of those asterisks is that he trails in the popular vote, which he falsely claimed was a function of voter fraud. But he also went out of his way to suggest that he did far better among groups that were expected to oppose him than anyone predicted.

A constant refrain of his pre-election rallies was that everyone loved him. He used to say he’d win the Hispanic vote, for example, and always pooh-poohed the idea that women would vote against him…

……our[Wash Post] last poll showed less support for Trump than did the final exit polls. In those polls, Trump claimed 9 percent of the support from black voters, a tick above both Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008….

….Trump did about as well as Romney, and worse than McCain and Bush. He did better only than the two Republicans who faced Bill Clinton in the general….

…..He had the worst performance for a Republican with women since 1996 and the third-worst performance since exit polling began. Among white women, a group that normally votes Republican, he did a bit worse than Romney, but not by much….


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Democratic National Commmittee Chair race Update 12/3/16….

The are current three people currently in the running…..

But Democratic insiders are looking for some more people to jump in the race for the party leadership….

Keith Ellison came to Colorado seeking to cement his position as the front-runner for Democratic National Committee chairman. But the Minnesota congressman ended the week in worse shape than when it started.

Just hours after Ellison’s role as the favorite was thrown into question by a stinging condemnation of his past statements about Israel by the Anti-Defamation League — a move Ellison and his allies vigorously rebutted — former Chairman Howard Dean dropped his comeback bid and bowed out of the race, scrambling an already complicated contest.

The three remaining announced candidates for the chairmanship — Ellison, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley, and South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison — spoke to state party officials from across the country for nearly two-and-a-half hours here at the Association of State Democratic Chairs meeting, exhaustively laying out their hopes for a rejuvenated party in displays that appeared to leave the DNC membership just as unsure of its next leader’s identity as when it entered the room.

The result is a race that’s even more of a muddle, with the likelihood of additional candidates jumping in prior to February’s vote. Ellison himself appeared to recognize his tenuous position, and pledged in his strongest terms yet to consider giving up his House seat if he gets the chair’s role. He pleaded with attendees to keep an open mind as he insisted the DNC would be his top priority, while the other candidates — and Dean, in his pre-recorded video — insisted over and over that the decimated party needs a full-time chair.

Democrats are still on the lookout for the obvious next leader in the Donald Trump era, an increasingly urgent imperative as they seek to minimize the recriminations and deep tactical divides that are starting to surface across the party in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss.

The party leaders need to “pick ourselves up,” said interim chairwoman Donna Brazile in a private session earlier in the day. “But we should not pick each other apart.”….


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Trump leaning on Another Bush era Republican…Bob Gates…

For the second day in a row Bob Gates has held court at throne in Trump Tower in NYC…..

Image result for Bob gates and Trump

Gates goes all the way back to the Reagan era in government service and joins several other ‘s in providing advice to the incoming President….

Gates has been Sec of Defense, National Security Advisor and CIA Director and far more knowable of how things work in the Intelligence and Defense worlds that anybody in Trumps circles…

In addition?

Gates has worked for just every President in recent history….

He is NOT thought to be in the running for any  postion in the Trump Admin…But it appears he is helping things out…..That afetr he , like others , voiced his disproval of  President-Elect….

Trump DOES seem to be listening a LOT to the American military , which is already making some people very uneasy….

Bob Gates didn’t think much of Donald Trump during the campaign. He penned an op-ed blasting the candidate as unfit for office. But for the last two days, Trump’s inner circle has met with and consulted Gates, one of the few true bipartisan wise men still around. On Friday, Trump himself spoke to Gates. We don’t expect Gates will take a job in the administration. But crazier things have happened. Gates’ book is called “Duty,” and service is his kryptonite. Whatever happens, Gates has been in Trump Tower for two days in a row, and the next president’s inner circle is clearly relying on him for critical advice — and that itself is noteworthy….


image..ABC News

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Add Medicare to the things that ain’t gonna be changed anytime soon by Republicans…

As it begins to dawn on Republicans that THEY are going to be RESPONSIBLE for stuff?

Theye are getting COLD feet on things they and Trump & Co. promised they would do….

First it has been Obamacare….

Now it’s Medicare….

(Sure seems like the Republicans ain’t for ALL that change they SAID they where, eh?)

Folks?….2018 Elections are LESS than 2 years away….

The GOP’s dream of privatizing parts of Medicare is running up against resistance among Senate Republicans.

Interviews with more than a dozen GOP lawmakers reveal they’re not planning to pursue big changes to the popular health care program for seniors — at least not in the first year of the Trump administration.

That hesitation starts with the chairman who would lead any overhaul in the Senate.

“We’ll have to see,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), head of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare. “We’re going to have a whole new look at a lot of things. … It depends on what it is. It depends on how it is written. It depends on what it would do.”

Republican control of the White House and Congress next year sets up an unusual opportunity for the party to pursue its health care agenda, similar to the one the Democrats had when Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi pushed through the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, House Budget Chairman Tom Price — a major proponent of the GOP Medicare plan who was tapped this week to be President-elect Donald Trump’s health secretary — recently boasted that the GOP would get it done next year.

But Republican plans may be even more fraught with political problems than the Democratic one. Polls show seniors are deeply skeptical about privatizing either Medicare or Social Security. And Democratic lawmakers looking to reclaim the populist mantle are already salivating over how they might exploit Republican efforts to privatize Medicare. But at least for now, they may be disappointed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dodged two questions about Medicare premium support at a press conference this week. “I am not going to speculate on what the agenda may be on a variety of issues,” he said….


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The NYPD’s new ‘Midget’ Police Cars….

Police cruisers , or ‘radio cars’ as they used to be called are usually full size sedans with lots or room for stuff  police officers need for their mobile offices….

When the Ford Crown Victoria’s developed problems with where their fuel tanks where?

Departements moved from them and Ford discontineued the model….

Dodge Chargers where the rage for a while and  Chevy Impala showed up in soem departments….

But lately Ford is back as the police car choice of a LOT of depatments with it’s Explorer SUV police package ….

Image result for nypd ford explorer police cars

So it caught my eye that New York City Police Department has some it’s ‘finest’ riding around in two-seat Smart Fortwos ….

Image result for nypd midget police cars

The ‘midget’ cars aren’t pushing the police package SUV”s  out of the picture….They ARE replacing scooters that the cops used have…

The Police Department is among the first public safety organizations in the world to introduce the cars, manufactured by the German automaker Daimler AG, in large numbers, with 150 already in service and at least 75 more coming.

The cars each cost about $23,400, compared with $29,500 for a three-wheeled scooter. And unlike the scooters, officers do not need a motorcycle license to operate one. It is also deceptively spacious. (The 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn posted a picture on Twitter of its tallest officer, standing 6-foot-6, seated snugly behind the wheel).

The scooter was limited to 35 m.p.h., while the Smart car is fast enough for the highway. Even so, officials emphasized it was still seen more as a scooter than a squad car.

“When you call 911,” Mr. Martinez said, “a scooter’s not coming.”

On a recent morning in Brooklyn Bridge Park, one of the Smart cars cruised along the waterfront, nimble enough to circle back on a narrow walkway. At times, it seemed to generate almost as much attention among tourists as the bridge….



The ‘midget’ FourTwo Smart car is actually a Mercedes….

Top image…You Tube….

Midget Police car image….Autoworld news

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Donald Trump has NO idea what Foreign Affairs is about….

The President – Elect….Actually still a private citizen has been making phone calls ON HIS OWN to various leaders of other countries without consulting anyone else…..

Some of those calls are contrary to American Foreign Policy norms….

These outreach efforts are NOT gonna mean anything to the average American….

But they ARE gonna cause problems for the America Government on various levels that Trump does not KNOW about and probably cares about….

It is gonna be up to a LOT of people to corral some of the  future President’s actions and he blindly does things….I say SOME because I’m sure NOBODY will be able to rein him in and for THAT America is gonna look stupid and suffer and the next President is gonna have his or her work cut for them putting things back together…One hopes that Trump does NOT work himself into something he can’t handle….

So much for him making America ‘Great’…..

Let’s hope he gets thru the next few years without getting America in trouble….

It appears that Donald Trump will be making things up as he goes along….At least for now…

The president-elect has shown little heed for the nuances of international diplomacy, holding a series of unscripted phone calls to foreign leaders that have roiled sensitive relationships with Britain, India and Pakistan. On Thursday, the White House urged Mr. Trump to use experts from the State Department to prepare him for these exchanges.

The White House was not told about Mr. Trump’s call until after it happened, according to a senior administration official. The potential fallout from the conversation was significant, this official said, noting that the Chinese government issued a bitter protest after the United States sold weapons to Taiwan as part of a well-established arms agreement grudgingly accepted by Beijing.

Mr. Trump’s call with President Tsai is a bigger provocation, though the Chinese government did not immediately issue a formal response. Beijing views Taiwan as a breakaway province and has adamantly opposed the attempts of any country to carry on official relations with it.

On Nov. 14, Mr. Trump spoke with Xi Jinping, China’s president, and a statement from Mr. Trump’s transition team said the two men had a “clear sense of mutual respect.”

Initial reaction from China about Friday’s telephone call was surprise, verging on disbelief…..

For his part, Mr. Trump has shown little concern about ruffling feathers in his exchanges with leaders. He also spoke on Friday with the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, who has called Mr. Obama a “son of a whore,” threatened to shift Manila’s focus to China, and been accused of ordering the extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug dealers.

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump appeared to accept an invitation from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to visit Pakistan, a country that Mr. Obama has steered clear of in his nearly eight years in office, largely because of tensions between Washington and Islamabad over counterterrorism policy and nuclear proliferation.

Lawmakers expressed alarm at the implications of Mr. Trump’s freewheeling approach.

Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut and a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, learned of the Taiwan call before taking off on a plane, and dashed off a quick series of Twitter posts.

“What has happened in the last 48 hours is not a shift. These are major pivots in foreign policy w/out any plan. That’s how wars start,” Mr. Murphy wrote. “It’s probably time we get a Secretary of State nominee on board. Preferably w experience. Like, really really soon.”



One wonders if this brush up will move Trump from trying a ‘political’ Sec of State pick to someone who knows what they are doing?

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Donald Trump made Promises he won’t be able to Keep…

Image result for white working class americans

Paul Krugman@ NY Times…

Donald Trump won the Electoral College (though not the popular vote) on the strength of overwhelming support from working-class whites, who feel left behind by a changing economy and society. And they’re about to get their reward — the same reward that, throughout Mr. Trump’s career, has come to everyone who trusted his good intentions. Think Trump University.

Yes, the white working class is about to be betrayed.

The evidence of that coming betrayal is obvious in the choice of an array of pro-corporate, anti-labor figures for key positions. In particular, the most important story of the week — seriously, people, stop focusing on Trump Twitter — was the selection of Tom Price, an ardent opponent of Obamacare and advocate of Medicare privatization, as secretary of health and human services. This choice probably means that the Affordable Care Act is doomed — and Mr. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters will be among the biggest losers.

The first thing you need to understand here is that Republican talk of “repeal and replace” has always been a fraud. The G.O.P. has spent six years claiming that it will come up with a replacement for Obamacare any day now; the reason it hasn’t delivered is that it can’t.

Obamacare looks the way it does because it has to: You can’t cover Americans with pre-existing conditions without requiring healthy people to sign up, and you can’t do that without subsidies to make insurance affordable.

Any replacement will either look a lot like Obamacare, or take insurance away from millions who desperately need it.

What the choice of Mr. Price suggests is that the Trump administration is, in fact, ready to see millions lose insurance. And many of those losers will be Trump supporters….


image…National Review….

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The National Football League Custom Cleats….

The NFL has encouraged it’s players to sport custom cleets (shoes ) representing for their causes for week 13 of play….

We feature some of them…

Image result for NFL custom cleats
Image result for NFL custom cleats
image…The Daily Dot
Image result for NFL custom cleats
image…CBS Local Sports
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Sailing 35th America’s Cup: Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing moves to Bermuda…

Evening All….
The long awaited move by the British Challenger for the 35th America’s Cup, Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing to Bermuda, has finally commenced and Sailing Operations on their T3 Test Boat will begin in earnest next week…

2889The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series is over and Land Rover BAR have two vital bonus points forward into the next stage of the competition for the 35th America’s Cup. The team now start the transition of sailing operations from Portsmouth to Bermuda.

The well-known Wall Street Journal has also a very insightful Article up about Britains Quest to get their Cup back after 166 years of hurt….


The biggest Innovation which certainly has never been done in Cup History before by the British Challenger is a fully functional & operational “Mission Control Center” back home at their Main Base in Portsmouth, UK. Engineers & Designers will be able to see in “Real Time” what happens during Testing & later during Racing in Bermudas Great Sound. The Mission Control Center was first inaugurated during the America’s Cup World Series Event in Chicago back in June.


(It’s similar like when the United States still had their Space Shuttle Programm up and running with the KSC at the Cape having the On-Site Operations and then the Mission Control in Houston)
Richard Hopkirk, Engineering Manager for Land Rover BAR described the “Mission Control Center” as a big breakthrough.

Racing for the 35th America’s Cup starts with the ACQ in Bermuda on May 26th 2017.

Daniel G.

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Trump Supporter and CNN political commentator …’Facts no longer exist’…

I told ya Trump & Co. live in alternate Universe…..

In an interview on “The Diane Rehm Show,” Donald Trump supporter and CNN political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes declared the end of facts. Or, in her own words: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts.”

She explained that contention, too: “And so Mr. Trump’s tweet amongst a certain crowd, a large — a large part of the population, are truth. When he says that millions of people illegally voted, he has some — in his — amongst him and his supporters, and people believe they have facts to back that up. Those that do not like Mr. Trump, they say that those are lies, and there’s no facts to back it up. So … ”

Such gobbledygook logically issues from the mouth of a Trump supporter. If there are no facts anymore, after all, the anti-Trump critique crumbles. All that’s left would be the misogyny, the mismanagement, the narcissism, the conflicts of interest, the failure to open up tax returns, the hostility toward the media, the … actually, the anti-Trump critique wouldn’t really crumble. Whatever the case, Glenn Thrush, a veteran reporter with Politico, scolded Hughes: “There are no objective facts? I mean, that is — that is an absolutely outrageous assertion,” Thrush said. “Of course there are facts. There is no widespread proof that three million people voted illegally. It’s been checked over and over again. We had a Pew study that took place over 15 years that showed people had more likelihood of being struck by lightning than voting illegally in an election.”….


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A-10 Warthog square off against the F-35…..Congress

Score another life line for the old , slow and ugly A-10…..

Image result for F-35/A-10

Lawmakers want to make retirement of the U.S. Air Force’s beloved A-10 attack aircraft contingent on a flyoff between the Warthog and the new F-35, as well as completion of the fifth-generation fighter’s final test period.

The move, outlined in the reconciled $618.7 billion defense policy bill for 2017, is a win for A-10 champions on Capitol Hill, who have been sparring with the Air Force for years over the service’s plan to sunset the venerable Warthog to move precious resources and maintainers to the F-35. It also fuels speculation that the Air Force will give up trying to retire the A-10 for the foreseeable future, a move several top service officials have recently alluded to in interviews with Aviation Week.

In the compromise bill, unveiled Nov. 30, House and Senate negotiators adopted a provision that would mandate the Pentagon’s top weapons tester complete comparison tests of the F-35 and A-10 performing the Warthog’s primary missions: close-air support (CAS) of soldiers in the heat of battle, combat search and rescue, and airborne forward air control. The chief weapons tester must report to Congress on the results of this test, as well as the findings of the F-35’s final test period, called initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E), expected to begin in 2018….


image of F-35 (r.) and A-10…..Project on Government Oversight

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Breaking…Trump Lawyers and Supporters move to stop Presidential recounts….

In the last 24 hours Trump supporters have moved to stop Jill Stein supported recound efforts in Wisconsin, Michidan and Pennsylvania  thrue legal challenges…..

I wonder why THIS ALL the Sudden ?

Attorneys for President-elect Donald Trump have moved to block the vote recount in Pennsylvania, adding to complaints filed to stop similar proceedings in Michigan and Wisconsin.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Stein has now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College,” the complaint filed Thursday states. “There is no evidence — or even an allegation — that any tampering with Pennsylvania’s voting systems actually occurred.”
The filing comes on the heels of the Trump camp’s complaint reported earlier Thursday in Michigan dismissing Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s claims of impropriety during the 2016 presidential race, and a day after the the Wisconsin Republican Party logged a complaint with the Federal Election Committee arguing that Stein was seeking to benefit Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

Stein rejected the president-elect’s efforts as “outrageous” Thursday….



Stein HAS the money to reinmbust the states for their efforts….

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