Count Asian Americans as NOT in Trump’s corner also…

Donald Trump ain’t gonna carry many people that aren’t white….

And the Black, Browns and Yellow’s are growing in numbers while the white population is NOT….

If Hillary Clinton and Democrats can get these people to register and vote?

Donald Trump is wildly unpopular among Asian-American voters, who are flocking to the Democratic Party, according to a new survey.
Only 19 percent of Asian Americans hold a favorable view of the presumptive Republican nominee, according to a survey of more than 1,000 registered Asian Americans conducted by three Asian-American NGOs, while 61 percent view him unfavorably.

That’s nearly the opposite of Hillary Clinton, who is viewed favorably by 62 percent of Asian Americans — one of the fastest-growing minority populations in the country — and unfavorably by 26 percent. Clinton also scores 14 percentage points higher than her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders, who earns a 48 percent favorability rating.

The survey asked respondents whether they planned to vote for a generic Republican or a Democrat in upcoming House and Senate races; it found that Asian American voters preferred Democrats by roughly a two-to-one margin….


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Donald Trump will NOT have a campaign data part….Clinton and the Dem’s WILL….

That probabaly won’t hurt Trump….

But it probably WILL help Trump take apart the GOP left standing after his Presidential Run….The next 6 months are Trump centric…

And it WILL KEEP helping Democrats….

Democrats now hold a substantial expertise advantage in digital data-driven campaigning, and the GOP admitted as much in their 2012 election post-mortem. John McCain hired only 15 data staffers in 2008, compared with Obama’s 131. To his credit, Mitt Romney increased the number of data hires to 87 in 2012. (Obama had 342). In 2016, Republicans were positioned to build on this effort and narrow the analysis gap between the parties, pivoting off of two consecutive losses into an innovative data strategy — just like in 1964 and 2004.

But Republicans seem set to squander the opportunity. Trump currently employs as few as two staffers dedicated to data, according to reports. (The Trump campaign did not respond to a request to confirm the number of staffers it has devoted to data.) The Republican Party has not consolidated data as Democrats did, instead relying on “a jumble of firms not always working in concert.” Independent firms such as i360, funded by the Koch brothers, have not integrated with the party database.

Meanwhile, Democratic consolidation and expertise building continues. Hillary Clinton set out to assemble a data team three times the size of Obama’s formidable 2012 operation. Several members of her digital and analytics leadership team worked for Civis Analytics, BlueLabs, and Blue State Digital4 — all firms founded by former Obama or Dean employees. After this election, win or lose, Clinton’s data staff will be positioned to bring their expertise back to these companies or found new ones while Republicans continue to chase the data advantage they wasted after 2004….


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Oil suppliers are parking Oil on tankers at sea…

Unbelievable , eh?

The waters between Singapore and Malaysia used to heave with wooden ships carrying exotic spices. Now the Straits of Malacca are filled with vessels carrying a very different sort of commodity.
Oil traders awaiting a recovery in crude are turning to floating storage after benchmark Brent prices more than halved over a span of two years, according to Morgan Stanley analysts led by Adam Longson.

Unlike previous oil storage trades, however, this one is unusual in that current oil prices and storage costs ought to make it unprofitable. Morgan Stanley estimates that the one-month Brent storage arbitrage currently produces a loss of $0.48 per barrel, while its six-month equivalent loses $6.11 per barrel.

That suggests “no incentive to store oil on ships,” the analysts write. “Yet, banks are seeing a sharp uptick in interest to finance storage charters. This storage is not happening for profit. Rather, the market is looking for places to store oil. To profit, traders need to hope for oil prices to rise enough to pay for the new debt incurred for this storage.”

The prospect of debt-fueled oil storage trades may raise concern should crude prices fail to rise enough to offset costs. Moreover, the ‘Singapore supply glut’ means the recent price rally may prove fragile….


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Justice Dept loses ruling on Bank of America $1.27 Billion fine…

I’m NOT surprised by this at all….

In the end…

The Government is NEVER gonna seriously hurt the Banks…

THAT people?

Is the Reality ….

A U.S. appeals court today threw out a $1.27 billion penalty levied against Bank of America in connection with shoddy mortgages sold by the former subprime giant Countrywide.

The loans in question were offered through Countrywide’s “hustle” program in 2007 and sold to now government-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac even though executives knew the mortgages did not meet certain quality standards.

The ruling reverses a lower court decision forcing the bank to pay the penalty and is a defeat for a Justice Department long criticized for not successfully prosecuting mortgage firms and banks for their role in the 2008 crisis. The White House has touted such settlements as evidence that the Obama administration has been tough on the firms that contributed to the implosion of the housing market.

Second Circuit Appeals Court Judge Richard Wesley sided with the bank by drawing a distinction between knowingly breaching a contract — in this case with Fannie and Freddie — and knowingly executing a scheme to defraud the government. Wesley also wrote that government lawyers never showed at trial that the executives personally told Fannie and Freddie the loans were safe.


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Sanders to get more seats on the Democratic Platform Committee….

In a just announced deal  Sanders will get 5 seats ….

Hillary Clinton gets 6 seats…..

DNC Chair Debbie Waserman Schultz picks 4….

There are 15 seats all together…

That should work out fine for Clinton who will essentially be getting the majority of the seats (Up to 10 against Sanders 5, with DWS on Clinton’s side…)

Orignally the DNC chair made the choice of seats solely….


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President Obama tries to calm Asia fears on trade and American Foreign Affairs..

While the media focuses on the current  American President Asian trip as apology visit’s…. 

And on American Politics for the Presidential Race…..

In addition to the President’s trip to Viet Nam, Hiroshema and on to the G-8 Summit in Japan…There is MORE going on under the surface…..

That is…..

Asian/American TRADE and STABILITY ….

Obama was supposed to be here in Vietnam and later in the week in Japan to help seal up the Trans Pacific Partnership, the most concrete example of his pivot to Asia being for real. Instead this trip, aides acknowledge, is now being sucked up in part by the need to reassure leaders in the region that America’s international engagement will last once he’s gone.

They choose their words carefully. But they are nervous.
“In history there is a moment people are getting angry and frustrated, asking for a very quick solution to the problems they are facing,” said Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. Kenichirō Sasae. “I don’t think that’s happening at this moment, but I just simply want to say that once we begin to slip into that mode, there is a danger.”
In his own meetings with leaders, Obama chalks up the campaign rhetoric to anxiety about the uneven economic recovery.

Other administration officials have a fuller pitch, complete with polling data they say shows that it’s the older voters who are the isolationists, which means that the future is really with the younger voters who think more globally and support open trade in the highest numbers.

“That bodes well for the future. This doesn’t mean that America is going to have a generational shift inward,” said a top administration official who’s in touch with foreign leaders. “If anything, in four or eight years you’re going to see more and more people who view themselves as international citizens.”

This argument isn’t really sinking in.

“Politics is politics,” said former Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who’s still often in touch with officials in Asia, but “when you see Secretary Clinton pull back on something as big as TPP—it was an effort she championed—that’s a very disconcerting optic for our allies, especially our Asia-Pacific allies.”

Then there’s Trump, who said, famously, “Who cares if there’s a trade war?” He also suggested that Asian leaders don’t pull their weight in the world, and that maybe Japan and South Korea should go nuclear. So far, he’s not even mentioned Beijing’s incursions into the South China Sea.

“Considering that the vacuum caused by a U.S. withdrawal may invite dramatic change in the region’s political dynamism, we see it as essential that the U.S. continue its engagement,” said a South Korean official.

“The future of the U.S. lies in the Asia-Pacific,” the South Korean official added. “In most cases, not all campaign pledges are translated into policy actions. Whoever is in the White House, I am sure that he or she will not be able to dismiss the benefits of stability and prosperity in the region.”….


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Trump’s tax Return questions aren’t going away….

The guy says he’s worth HOW MUCH?


Donakld Trump by NOT releasing his tax returns is gonna have people THINK he’s got something to hide….

It does’t matter how he tries to shy away from this….

It’s gonna BE a factor in the November election vote….

Donald Trump bests Hillary Clinton by 2 points among registered voters in the new Washington Post/ABC poll. While within the margin of error, this represents an 11-point swing in his direction since March. The presumptive Republican nominee’s lead is driven by strength among independent voters, who favor him by 13 points.

But our national poll finds that these independent voters are profoundly troubled by Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, a sign of the issue’s potential potency.

Six in 10 independents believe Trump should release his taxes, and almost all of them say they feel strongly about it. Even 44 percent of Republicans want the billionaire businessman to release his returns before the November election, though they are less passionate.

Both candidates are viewed more unfavorably than favorably by double digits. Interestingly, one of the few issues that works to Trump’s advantage right now is tax policy:
— Trump is trying to become the first major-party nominee in 40 years not to release his returns. His excuses continue to evolve:

In 2011, he said he’d share his tax returns if Barack Obama released his birth certificate. The president did; The Donald did not follow through.

In 2012, Trump criticized Mitt Romney for trying to keep his returns private. (Romney eventually relented.)

This January, Trump declared he was ready to release his returns. But, after winning in several primaries, the business mogul clarified that he won’t release them until after the IRS finishes auditing him. (Something which raises its own host of questions.) Then Trump claimed there’s nothing to learn from the filings. Next, he invoked personal privacy. “None of your business,” he’s said a few times. After a backlash, he reiterated that he wants to release them but cannot. He’s bragged about paying as little as possible, which he’s called “the American way,” but he also routinely attacks corporations for using loopholes to “get away with murder” in his stump speech…..


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Progressive Media is turning against Sanders….

Several Progressive media types are asking that Sanders turn his ire against Donald Trump and move to support the apparent nominee of the Democratic party….

The impression that one had of Sanders as above the hardball ego politics has been washed away….

A Trump win come November would set things BACK from even the gains on Obama’s watch…Let alone ANYTHING Sanders might be pushing for…

Through much of the campaign, Sanders wore a progressive halo, making it tricky for Clinton to play classic hardball politics (not that she didn’t try). Even if Democratic voters didn’t believe he was the practical choice, his platform still spoke to the ideological aspirations of many in the party. His supporters heard, “I like Bernie, but…” so much that they turned it into a website providing information designed to assuage unsure voters.

Much of the warm, fuzzy sentiment was based on a perception of Sanders as a non-politician, a man so wedded to his ideals that he would not besmirch them by engaging in petty politics. Democrats of all stripes lauded Sanders in October when he went out of his way to keep the debate focus on policy and take an enticing line of attack off the table, thundering, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”

But in the months that followed, the Sanders campaign adopted an increasingly harder edge, gradually depriving him of angelic protections. Now, with only six states remaining on the primary calendar, the delegate math harder and harder to ignore, and the Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump short of insurmountable, partisan impulses on the left are kicking in, and patience for squabbles is wearing thin….

Right now, the media is getting a lot of the sport it likes, and Sanders is getting a lot less of what he likes. He might consider delivering a speech on how giving reporters fodder for stories about discord only serves to take the spotlight away from income inequality and corporate influence over democracy – which would be a way to urge better behavior from his supporters without sounding like he’s scolding them…..


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Paul Ryan has still NOT endorsed Donald Trump….

And It doesn’t seem like he’s in a hurry to do so….

Paul Ryan loves the word “unity,” but his definition of that term differs sharply from Donald Trump’s vision of a smiling speaker at his side, mouth shut and domesticated — just like Chris Christie.
Ryan, who made peace with Trump earlier this month but remains wait-and-see on the question of whether to endorse the presumptive GOP nominee, sees his 2016 job as ensuring that the party doesn’t become a Cult of Trump — he wants to replace id with ideas.

The sooner Trump gets it, the quicker he’ll jump on the unity bus, a relaxed but adamant Ryan suggested during a 45-minute interview last week for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast.

“When people go to the polls in November, they are not just picking a person … they’re also picking a path,” said Ryan, who spoke repeatedly of unity with the front-runner — while refusing to bet on a Trump victory this fall.

“I think this is a ‘we,’ not just one person,”


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The anti-Hillary Clinton feeling among Democrats is actually LESS than the anti-Obama among Dem’s in 2008…


All the worrying about Sanders people not moving over to Clinton in the end is probably vastly overblown….

Almost every Sanders supporter I know that is rational KNOWS their guy ain’t gonna be the Democratic nominee…

They may not like it when I go back and forth with them…..

But when asked if they will let Donadl Trump get by without their vote?

Most get quiet and admit they REALLY won’t contirbute to THAT…..

So it is good to point out trhat the same anger and grief was apparent in 2008 when it because clear that Barack Obama would be the Democratuic nominee….

I know that personally…

I was for Clinton….

Took me a few days….

But like the GOPer’s….

I had to readjust my head to point in different direction….

Afte that?

I was fine….

And right now?

Despite the feeling out their on social media and political media….

The support for Hillary Clinton is actually pretty darn good….

Republican voters remain remarkably pessimistic about the state of their party. More than eight in 10 call the party divided, and 43 percent say they are discouraged about its future. About two-thirds think Mr. Trump can unite the party this year.

By contrast, fewer than half of Democratic voters say their party is divided, and eight in 10 are hopeful about its future. More than eight in 10 think Mrs. Clinton can unite the party after the primaries end next month.

However, Mrs. Clinton is still contending with resistance to her candidacy from supporters of Mr. Sanders as their contest carries on and grows more contentious. Twenty-eight percent of Mr. Sanders’s primary voters say they will not support her if she is the nominee, a figure that reflects the continuing anger many Sanders supporters feel toward both Mrs. Clinton and a process they believe is unfair…

Still, the Democratic resistance is less widespread than it was in the 2008 primary. While 72 percent of Mr. Sanders’s supporters say they would vote for Mrs. Clinton this fall, a Times/CBS News survey taken in early May 2008 found that only 60 percent of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters said they would vote for Barack Obama in the general election.

Mr. Trump, his primary race decided, is still confronting opposition from some of the voters in his party who backed other candidates. Three in 10 voters who supported other Republican candidates said they would not vote for Mr. Trump in November….


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Polling Update May 22, 2016….Clinton ahead in Florida and Ohio…

Sunday, May 22

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl

Trump 43, Clinton 46 Clinton +3

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

ABC News/Wash Post

Trump 46, Clinton 44 Trump +2

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton

CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 43, Trump 42 Clinton +1

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 46, Trump 42 Clinton +4

Ohio: Trump vs. Clinton

CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 44, Trump 39 Clinton +5

2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination

ABC News/Wash Post

Clinton 56, Sanders 42 Clinton +14

President Obama Job Approval

ABC News/Wash Post

Approve 47, Disapprove 51 Disapprove +4

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 52, Disapprove 43 Approve +9

…for more details onn the above polls…Real Clear Politics.….

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‘You can’t beat Hillary Clinton with nothing’….

It’s sinking in around the Grand Ole Party….

Donald J Trump IS gonna be the nominee ….

A LOT of the party regulars , who told anyone who would listen that they would NOT vote for Trump now find themselves boxed in….

They don’t really LIKE Donald Trump…They agree he’s a GIANT QUESTION MARK that talks a LOT of garbage……


They do NOT Like Hillary Clinton and another 8 years of Democrats MORE….

“I am slow-walking the Donald Trump candidacy. It’s a very deliberative process. You can’t beat Hillary Clinton with nothing, and the question is can we fundamentally energize conservatives quickly and can we use our joint desires to unite to find a path forward,” said Ken Blackwell, a former ambassador in the George W. Bush White House and key figure in conservative circles who formerly advised an anti-Trump super PAC. “That’s very methodically playing out.”

The biggest sea change may be taking place in the donor world. During the primary, Trump put Republican Party benefactors on notice, arguing they had far too much influence and pledging that he wouldn’t court and woo them – an attack that left many of them with a bad taste in their mouths. Yet, as they ponder the prospect of another Clinton presidency, many of the GOP’s most wealthy figures are drawing up plans to finance Trump’s campaign.



For sure there WILL BE Republicans that will NOT support Trump….

There are reports of some donors moving to support down ballot Republican Lawmakers ONLY and some Conservatives will sit things out…..

It is also reported that the Trump campaign has been slow to engage state and local party people for the general election campaign….

We’ll see how much of the GOP backs Trump…..

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On President Obama’s watch America HAS done Better….

Barack Obama telling the story of America. 

Right now, Democrats appear to be at each other’s throats. However, it’s highly likely that a month from now, the party will come together just as it did in 2008. The fight this fall will be between two candidates, yes, but also two vastly different understandings of our national narrative, of the course of our development over the past several decades and, in particular, the last eight years.

In two recent commencement speeches, one at Rutgers and the other at Howard, President Obama deftly laid out the differences. He defined a progressive understanding of our collective path that has the virtue not only of being accurate, but also of being one that will help progressive candidates win election this fall and beyond.

The president’s take may be more nuanced than that of Mr. Trump, but that’s more about Trump than anything else. In a nutshell, the Obama argument is this: Although we’ve got more work to do to improve opportunity and increase justice for all Americans, we have made real progress, we’re moving in the right direction, and we are significantly better off than we were in the past.

“In fact, by almost every measure, America is better, and the world is better, than it was 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or even eight years ago.“

And he’s right.

 Digging into the details, he continued:

And by the way, I’m not — set aside 150 years ago, pre-Civil War — there’s a whole bunch of stuff there we could talk about.  Set aside life in the ‘50s, when women and people of color were systematically excluded from big chunks of American life.  Since I graduated [from college], in 1983….crime rates, teenage pregnancy, the share of Americans living in poverty — they’re all down.  The share of Americans with college educations have gone way up.  Our life expectancy has, as well.  Blacks and Latinos have risen up the ranks in business and politics.  (Applause.)  More women are in the workforce.  (Applause.)  They’re earning more money — although it’s long past time that we passed laws to make sure that women are getting the same pay for the same work as men.  (Applause.)

Meanwhile, in the eight years since most of you started high school, we’re also better off.  You and your fellow graduates are entering the job market with better prospects than any time since 2007.  Twenty million more Americans know the financial security of health insurance.  We’re less dependent on foreign oil.  We’ve doubled the production of clean energy.  We have cut the high school dropout rate. We’ve cut the deficit by two-thirds.  Marriage equality is the law of the land. (Applause.)

Note that even as Obama highlighted progress on gender equity, he also reminded us that progress is not perfection, and called for continued efforts to achieve full equality. There’s one other thing the president did not mention, but which is of crucial importance in understanding the achievements of his administration in terms of progressive economics. The federal tax code has become significantly more progressive than it was eight years ago, and is overall more progressive than it has been since before Reagan’s presidency…..


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We’ve seen the Republican nominee ‘Unity’ bounce before…In both cases Democrats won….

Everybody in the media  is ALL excited !

Trump closing on Hillary!….

Trump UP in the RealClear Politics average !


Ah, Wait a minute ?

Didn’t this happen SEVERAL times before?

Don’t get ahead of yourself people….

Trump IS NOT leading Hillary Clinton right now…

Donald Trump takes a unity bounce lead, just like John McCain!

By: Neil Stevens (Diary ) @ Red State

Donald Trump is the last Republican running. That’s a great time for a candidate in the polls, when everyone else is out and the party is supposed to be rallying around you.

So why isn’t he winning more states?

U.S. Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney speaking with the media at a campaign rally at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

The point when you’re the last candidate in the race is supposed to be a turning point for a candidate. In 2008, John McCain hit a low against Barack Obama of 42-48 on March 11. Mike Huckabee had just pulled out on March 4, Once the polls caught up, John McCain led 46-45 by March 25. Of course, Barack Obama continued to gain as he continued to defeat Hillary Clinton, and you know the rest of the story.

Mitt Romney had a similar situation after Newt Gingrich quit, though he never quite got the polling average lead. He did lead some polls, though.

In both of the last two elections, the unity bounce helped Republican made gains. Some polls even showed Mitt Romney leading, and most showed John McCain leading. Both men went on to lose, with McCain losing even bigger than Romney did. How? Well, in McCain’s case, the Democrats had yet to unify. Once they did, he fell behind again.

So now we turn to the case of Donald Trump. His party’s presumptive nominee has taken a few leads in national polling despite being down in swing and target state polling. He’s down in Florida, he’s down in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The map is brutal for him right now…..



Trump is running against Hilolary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton is running against Trump….

Bernie Sanders is still out there stealing from Clinton, something Trump does NOT have to deal with…

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Can Trump win the Presidency with Little to NO ground game?

He took the GOP nominayion strickly on Free media….

He’s slow to set up a ground game for November….

That while Hillary Clinton has already started her’s across the country…

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is reportedly off to a slow start organizing his campaign in key general-election states, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

Trump doesn’t have any general-election staff in Ohio, a swing state in the general election. His senior aides in New York and Washington haven’t yet been in touch with the state’s Republican Party, according to the report.

“It’s like we’re all at ground zero,” said Ed Rollins, who is co-chairman of the pro-Trump super-PAC Great America PAC.

“I think we have a superior candidate. It’s a question of whether you can build the resources. Campaigns are used to building for two years, and we have far less time to do it.”

Trump’s political director, Rick Wiley, started searching for top Ohio staff over the past week. The campaign hopes to have the staff in place by June…..


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Bill Clinton back on the trail…For his wife….

William Jefferson Clinton is paying his wife back….

For all the time she stood behind him as her marraige oath probabaly said….’For Better or Worst’….

He’s out on the campaign trail…

Like old times..But this time he’s doing it FOR his spouse ….

Bill Clinton’s schedule many days is more packed than Hillary’s, though by design it rarely registers on the national radar.

This is the invisi-Bill campaign. The former president who flickers occasionally on cable news channels remains a big draw on the off-Broadway circuit of presidential politics. It is a low-altitude tactical deployment that leaves a light footprint, aiming to maximize his value as a political asset without stirring the negatives that also trail him.

His new duties have not come without stumbles, and they conjure the implications of a Clinton restoration. Presidential spouses are expected to exert their influence over china patterns, not China policy. No one, however, is under the illusion that Bill Clinton would remain cloistered in the East Wing. Still open to question is whether voters will welcome his return or worry about it.

Clinton has not sat for a formal media interview since last fall. But he pops up in obscure and unlikely places, where the presence of the former president is certain to dominate local front pages and evening newscasts and generate buzz in the community.

Usually, he draws no more than a few hundred people, in contrast to the crowds of 10,000 and up that flock to the ­mega-rallies of mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Clinton almost never takes questions from his audiences. Instead, when he is finished speaking, he wades into them, lingering at the security barricades until the last person who wants one gets a selfie, a hug or an empathetic ear.

And he gathers intelligence. Campaign officials say he is in constant contact with Hillary’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters, sending back reports of what he is hearing from donors, activists and ordinary voters….



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