I've seen it all…..La Cie introduces the 'Key' flash drive……really!

Will wonders ever cease??…….La Cie has introduced  the new CooKey and WhizKey USB flash drives. Like LaCie’s iamaKey, the CooKey and WhizKey feature key-like designs by 5.5 Designers……

The darn things look like plastic keys!…..Really……check the links…..the only way you know they are for real are the key tip indents with their covers…..

They come in capacities of 4G’s to 32G’s……


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SE on the Alabama races……

Our buddy SE from over at              did this post on the upcoming Alabama races at this time…….We’re hoping Artur Davis gains some traction…….and SE call’s for Parker Griffith to lose in the AL -5th!…..whew!…..that would be interesting…all that noise for nothing?

Here’s SE’s take………

Here’s a rundown of how I think the Alabama Races will go:

Governor: Incumbent GOP Governor Bob Riley is term-limited, thus setting up a free-for-all on both sides. On the GOP side, State Representative Robert Bentley, former State Community College System Chancellor Bradley Byrne, State Treasurer Kay Ivey, Real Estate Developer Tim James, former State Economic Development Director Bill Johnson, former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, and Financial Analyst James Potts are in the running. On the Democratic side, Congressman Artur Davis, State Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries Ron Sparks, and Inventor Sam Franklin Thomas are in the running. I expect Kay Ivey to win the GOP Primary easily. The Democratic race is still up in the air. If the Democrats nominate Davis, Ivey has a slight edge. If Sparks is the nominee, it will be close til’ the end. GOP HOLD if Davis is the nominee, TOSSUP if Sparks is the nominee.

Lieutenant Governor: Incumbent Democratic Lieutenant Governor Jim Folsom Jr. is running for re-election. On the GOP side, State Senator Hank Erwin and Teacher Gene Ponder are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind Folsom Jr. I expect Erwin to win the GOP Primary and get crushed 57-43 by Folsom Jr. DEM HOLD.

Attorney General: Scandal-mired Incumbent GOP Attorney General Troy King is running for re-election. On the GOP side, King and Attorney Luther Strange are in the running. On the Democratic side, Attorney Michel Nicrosi and former State Democratic Party Chairman Giles Perkins are in the running. I expect King to defeat Strange 54-46 and Perkins to defeat Nicrosi 63-37. In the end, King narrowly wins 51-49. GOP HOLD.

Secretary of State: Incumbent GOP Secretary of State Beth Chapman is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Chapman. There are no announced Democratic Candidates, but two potential candidates are Secretary of State’s Office Administrator Ed Packard and former Secretary of State Nancy Worely. Chapman will defeat whoever the Democrats nominate, if anybody. GOP HOLD.

State Auditor: Incumbent GOP State Auditor Samantha Shaw is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Shaw, and there are no announced or potential Democratic candidates. GOP HOLD.

State Treasurer: Incumbent GOP State Treasurer Kay Ivey is running for Governor. On the GOP side, retired Businessman Terry Dunn, Accountant Ron Stokes, former State Treasurer and former State PSC Commissioner George Wallace Jr. are in the running. On the Democratic side, former State Conservation Commissioner Charles Grimsley and Attorney Jeremy Shearer are in the running. Wallace Jr. will handily defeat the GOP opposition and Grimsley will win 73-27 over Shearer. Wallace Jr. will defeat Grimsley 58-42. GOP HOLD.

State Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries: Incumbent Democratic State Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries Ron Sparks is running for Governor. The Democrats have unified behind Deputy State Agriculture Glen Zorn. On the GOP side, Walker County Economic Development Chair Dorman Grace, former State Conservation Commissioner John McMillan, and Businessman Dale Peterson are in the running. I expect McMillan to win 59-32-9 over Grace and Peterson. Zorn will narrowly defeat McMillan 53-47. DEM HOLD.

US Senate: Incumbent GOP US Senator Richard Shelby is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Shelby, and the Democrats have no announced or potential candidates. GOP HOLD.

US Congress: The GOP easily retains AL-01, AL-04, and AL-06. Here are the others:

AL-02: Incumbent Democratic Congressman Bobby Bright is running for re-election. On the GOP side, Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby and Businessman Rick Barber are in the running. The Democrats have, reluctantly, unified behind Bright. The Independents have unified behind IT Manager Rob John. I expect Roby to be teabagged to death by Barber 52-48. Barber will defeat Bright 54-46. GOP PICKUP.

AL-03: Incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Rogers is running for re-election. The Gop has unified behind Rogers the Democrats have unified behind Attorney Josh Segall, and the Independents have unified behind Real Estate Broker Mark Layfield. Rogers will defeat Segall 55-43, with the rest going to Layfield. GOP HOLD.

AL-05: Incumbent GOP Congressman Parker Griffifth is running for re-election. On the GOP side, Griffifth, Madison County Commissioner Morris Brooks, and Businessman Les Phillip are in the running. There are no announced candidates on the Democratic side, but potential candidates include State Representative Marcel Black, State Senator Tom Butler, Huntsville School Board President Doug Martinson, and former Congressional Aide Steve Raby. I expect Brooks to defeat Griffifth and Phillip 51-45-4. I expect Butler to get in the race for the Democrats. Brooks will defeat Butler 56-44. GOP HOLD.

AL-07: Incumbent Democratic Congressman Artur Davis is running for Governor. On the Democratic side, Attorney Martha Bozeman, State Representative Earl Hilliard Jr., Frank Lankster, former Radio Journalist Patricia Evans Mokolo, Attorney Terri Sewell, Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot, and Mortgage Broker Eddison Waters are in the running. The GOP is unified behind Tea Party Activist Michele Waller. I expect a Runoff between Hilliard Jr. and Smoot, with Hilliard Jr. winning 53-47. Hilliard Jr. handily defeats Waller. DEM HOLD

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Salazar will not go home to Colorado……..

Merlin is doing pretty darn good these days…..he called it!.…..

Statement from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

“Colorado needs a strong, experienced leader with optimism and new ideas for carrying our state forward. That is why I am endorsing John Hickenlooper for Governor of Colorado,” Salazar said.

“John Hickenlooper is a uniter. He transcends political and geographic divides to bring people together to develop solutions. If he decides to run, he will make an excellent Governor for the State of Colorado.”

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Merlin backs up his call in Colorado with Rasmussen Poll numbers……Hickenlopper is the better choice…right now….

Merlin gets backing on his call for Salazar to stay in Washington and for Hickenhopper to run for Governor of Colorado……

Here’s the Rasmussen Poll numbers……..
Colorado Governor Race

Scott McInnis (R) 45 %
John Hickenlooper (D) 42 %
Others 5 %
Undecided 8 %

Scott McInnis (R) 47 %
Ken Salazar (D) 41 %
Others 2 %
Undecided 9 %

Scott McInnis (R) 47 %
Andrew Romanoff (D) 37 %
Others 6 %
Undecided 11 %

Note from Merlin:……
Keep in mind that who runs for Governor will affect the States Senate Race

One thing is clear:

Here are what Colorado Dems want. They want either a Salazar/Romanoff Ticket or a Hickenlooper/Romanoff Ticket.

They need to find a way to get Bennet out.

There may be another Dream Scenario:

A Hickenlooper/Salazar Ticket but that’s a LONGSHOT.

Update:…..it has been brought to the Dogs attention that Ken Salazar…..He was a 2 term AG before running for the senate and giving it up after 4 yrs to hold the Inter. Sec job….he’s got a good shot at the governorship.
There’s a growing hispanic population in Colorado which could give him an edge.

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Sully after the 'Landing'……his documentary…."Brace for Impact"……

Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III , a hero to everyone on US Airways flight 1549…..is celebrating a year of new found life with  ‘ selling urgent airline reforms, a memoir, a television documentary, “Brace for Impact” on TLC , and a reassuring sense that there are indeed heroes among us……

He has embraced the spotlight and ran with it…in the same calm and thoughtful way in which handled that eventful day…..

It is nice to see him move on…still flying…..letting us know he’s human and selfefacing…..and lucky in the bed room after years of marriage……

The piece from the New York Times lets on that Sully and his wife aren’t dumb either…they have got the instant fame horse and are riding it aas long as they can……

No problem…..Enjoy…..

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Michaele Steele tells fellow GOPer's ……'Putup…or Shut up'!……

Actually……..he said it this way……

“I’m telling them and I’m looking them in the eye and say I’ve had enough of it. If you don’t want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program or get out of the way.”

— RNC Chairman Michael Steele, in an ABC News Radio interview today, to a group of prominent Republicans who have blasted him over his leadership.

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Kate Gosselin gets a new 'DO'……..

Kate Gosselin….. newly single …and looking fro some changes in her life…and love….. has decided to change her iconic hairdo....

…..and she looks alright!…..a bit more like all the other longer haired blonds (via extensions)… but alright……

Good Luck!

Note:…..you know she’s going back to the old one in a while….but good for her…she’s changing it up for a while….good marketing for here and hairstylist Ted Gibson ……

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Blumenthal has a 30 point lead in the Connecticut Senate race…….

This from Public Policy Polling ……..

Blumenthal is unusually popular, especially in hyper partisan times when voters like few politicians. 59% have a favorable opinion of him to just 19% who see him negatively. It’s no surprise that he’s liked by 71% of Democrats and 60% of independents, but even Republicans view him favorably by a 37/35 margin. It doesn’t take a lot of hands to count the number of Democratic politicians with positive numbers among GOP voters these days.

Blumenthal leads Rob Simmons 59-28, Linda McMahon 60-28, and Peter Schiff 63-23. It would take an epic collapse for him not to be Connecticut’s next Senator.

Nuff said!……..

Update:……here’s the Rasmussen Poll for the race from Merlin…..

Rasmussen confirms PPP. Blumenthal up BIG in Connecticut Senate

Rasmussen Survey

Connecticut Senate 2010

Richard Blumenthal (D) 56 %
Rob Simmons (R) 33 %
Others 4 %
Undecided 7 %

Richard blumenthal (D) 58 %
Linda McMahon (R) 34 %
Others 3 %
Undecided 5 %

Richard Blumenthal (D) 60 %
Peter Schiff (R) 24 %
Others 6 %
Undecided 10 %

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Merlin on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's next move……..Does he go?….Does he stay?

Well what do you know….ole’ Merlin’s working overtime today!…..Here’s his thoughts on Ken Salazar, and the Colorado Governor’s race……
If  the Democrats are smart…..  they should  let  Ken Salazar stay where he is and focus their Attention on democratic Denver Mayor John Hicklooper .

Salazar got elected to the Senate in 2004 with Obama…… in 2008,  Salazar probably thought……’ ok, I’m joining the Presidents Administration.’

Now…….. with one year in as Interior Secretary…… I’m going back to Colorado to run for Governor?

That doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to me.


The Landscape in Colorado is different now then when Salazar ran for the Senate, in 2004.

Democrats are really stumbling in the Rocky Mountain West……

Heck…… even known Pollster PPP thinks Salazar is IFFY.


If I put my money on even…… that Salazar is seriously considering running…… he’ll opt against it.

Hickenlooper will clear the Primary Field, and he’ll be the next Governor of Colorado.

If Salazar does run ……it will be a very close Race and he could actually lose it.

Mark my words.


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The President wore a "Weatherproof" brand jacket in China…..why can't the company advertise that?

The President of the United States like everyone else wears a jacket when it gets cold.…..he wears that jacket in public…….last Novemeber he was in China….looking at the Great Wall…and it was cold….so….he had a ‘Weatherproof ‘brand jacket on…..the people who make that jacket found that out when they saw a picture of President in the jacket, and now they  have a big bill board picture of that up in New York City’s Times Square…….

Well, when the media found about this they of course ran back to tell the White House……..The White House has quietly let it be know that the company did not get the White house ‘permission’ to use the picture of the President……..oh, yea…..the company brought the rights to use the picture from AP, the photographers company…..

Don’t come to me with this one.….because if the President of the United States is standing in public wearing that jacket….I really don’t think he needs to give anyone ‘permission’ to use that picture…..since when does the this politician own the pictures taken in public?

They didn’t set the picture up…they just brought it…...

Take a look at the picture….the guy looks damn good in the jacket………

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Merlin on the unemployment….things should be getting better……..

After getting on his case……our resident Merlin has looked into his crystal ball and produced some 411 on the unemployment picture out there…….His call is a good thing for the current administration and the country……thank you Merlin!…..

Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) — The worst U.S. employment slump in the post-World War II era may have almost ended in December, signaling the recovery will not be jobless much longer, economists said before reports this week.

Payrolls probably fell by 1,000 workers last month, the smallest drop since the recession began two years ago, according to the median of 58 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News ahead of a Jan. 8 Labor Department report. The unemployment rate may have climbed to 10.1 percent from 10 percent.

Stimulus-driven gains in global demand mean American companies may need to start boosting payrolls in 2010 after eliminating 7.2 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007. Manufacturers are leading the rebound in growth as a pickup in orders and rising exports, combined with a record reduction in inventories, spurs production.

“Businesses are starting to come out of their shells,” said Zach Pandl, an economist at Nomura Securities International Inc. in New York. “We have turned the corner convincingly and have started on a path toward growth.”

The declines in payrolls the last two years have been the biggest as a percentage of all jobs since 1944-45.

A 10.1 percent reading in December would put the average jobless rate last year at 9.3 percent. The increase from 5.8 percent in 2008 would mark the biggest annual surge in records going back to 1940.

Economists anticipate the jobless rate will exceed 10 percent through the first half of this year, according to the median forecast of economists surveyed last month..

Government Measures

President Barack Obama last month proposed additional spending on the nation’s transportation system, tax credits to spur hiring by small businesses and incentives to make homes more energy efficient in a second round of efforts to cut the jobless rate.

Lawrence Summers, the White House chief economic adviser, said in a Bloomberg Radio interview on Dec. 15 that the prospect of a return to job growth is “an important achievement.”

The economy grew at a 2.2 percent annual rate in the third quarter, the first gain in more than a year. The median projection of economists surveyed in December anticipated growth of 3 percent in the last three months of 2009. Since the survey, economists at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Credit Suisse have revised estimates to more than 4 percent.

Staffing at temporary employment agencies jumped the most in five years in November, which some economists and executives view as a sign total payroll growth is imminent.

Temporary Help

Increases in temporary hiring are “a classic part of the recovery,” Manpower Inc. Chief Executive OfficerJeffrey Joerres said in a Bloomberg Television interview Dec. 31. The firm is seeing “slow but steady increases in people who are out on assignment. It’s a little bit in every office, which is a good sign because it’s broad-based..”

Manufacturing, which accounts for about 12 percent of the economy, has been a driver of the recovery and is projected to continue to expand. The Institute for Supply Management may report tomorrow itsfactory index rose last month to 54, according to the survey median. The gauge has surpassed the breakeven level of 50 since August.

A separate report from the Commerce Department on Jan. 5 may show factory bookings increased 0.5 percent in November after rising 0.6 percent the previous month, according to economists surveyed.

Another report from the supply managers may show the broader economy returned to expansion in December. The group’s gauge covering non-manufacturing firms, due Jan. 6, probably rose to 50.5, according to the survey median.

Stocks in Second Half

U.S. stocks rallied in the second half of the year as evidence of an economic recovery mounted. TheStandard & Poor’s 500 Index climbed 65 percent since sinking to a 12-year low on March 9, ending 2009 at 1,115.1.

Reports on housing this week may show the market slowing after a government tax credit spurred sales earlier in the year.. The National Association of Realtors on Jan. 5 may report that pending sales of existing homes fell 3 percent in November after rising 3.7 percent the prior month, according to the survey median.

Spending on construction projects, due from the Commerce Department tomorrow, may have dropped 0.5 percent in November after no change the month before, the survey showed.

                        Bloomberg Survey
Release    Period    Prior     Median
Indicator                 Date               Value    Forecast
ISM Manu Index            1/4       Dec.      53.6      54.0
ISM Prices Index          1/4       Dec.      55.0      58.8
Construct Spending MOM%   1/4       Nov.      0.0%     -0.5%
Pending Homes MOM%        1/5       Nov.      3.7%     -3.0%
Factory Orders MOM%       1/5       Nov.      0.6%      0.5%
Vehicle Sales Mlns        1/5       Dec.      10.9      11.0
Domestic Vehicles Mlns    1/5       Dec.      8.4       8.3
ABC Conf Index            1/5      Jan. 4     -44       -43
MBA Mortgage Applicatio   1/6     Dec. 26    -10.7%     n/a
ADP Payroll ,000’s        1/6       Dec.      -169      -75
NonManu Index         1/6       Dec.      48.7      50.5
Nonfarm Payrolls ,000’s   1/8       Dec.      -11        -1
Unemploy Rate %           1/8       Dec.     10.0%     10.1%
Manu Payrolls ,000’s      1/8       Dec.      -41       -35
Hourly Earnings MOM%      1/8       Dec.      0.1%      0.2%
Hourly Earnings YOY%      1/8       Dec.      2.2%      2.1%
Avg Weekly Hours          1/8       Dec.      33.2      33.2
Whlsale Inv. MOM%         1/8       Nov.      0.3%     -0.3%
Cons. Credit $ Blns       1/8       Nov.      -3.5      -5.0
Unemployment Rate may be up a tiny bit at 10,1 %
But I expect things get better from now on.
I don't think we've a double dib Recession
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Open Thread for January 7……..

Whew!….What a rush!…The last 36 hours have been like being on roller coaster….We tripled our hits… to an all time record!…..Keep  sniffing around here at the Dog!

Keep coming back…and if you haven’t done so…Subscribe….

Oh, yea….. Get on those keyboards and drop us a line…..

Or make a comment!

It doesn’t hurt

Come on and do it!

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The Republicans stay on TSA nominee Erroll Souther's case……

This from AviationWeek Magazine…..

Senate Republicans are heightening their attacks on TSA administrator nominee Erroll Southers, and are penning a letter to the White House expressing their opposition to his confirmation and demanding new answers about his record.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) is one of the authors of the letter, which appears to mark a significant change in his position on Southers. Previously, DeMint has held up Southers’ Senate confirmation because he wanted Southers to say whether he supports collective bargaining for TSA screeners. DeMint said he had no issue with Southers’ competency or qualifications.

But the letter to the White House focuses on a different issue – inaccurate information Southers supplied to Senate oversight committees relating to an ethical violation during his FBI career more than 20 years ago. Southers initially told lawmakers he had asked other officers to access files on his ex-wife’s boyfriend, but then later admitted he had downloaded the files himself.

This is probably  a batshit reason…Okay…..

This is political hardball  from the Republicans, who have Southers caught by the b*#ls…for somethting that happened 20 years ago……

It was resolved twenty years ago…GIVE IT UP!

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The Battle of the "babbleheads' Vice Presidents…..Biden vs Cheney…we go to the video tape!

Here’s the link to the PoliticDaily.Com feature……he, he, he….

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Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover…Take the Huffingtonpost vote…..

Here’s the largest picture I could find of the Photo…..and take the vote and disregard all the other silly stuff below it……

Here’s the link……..

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Tiger Woods isn't the only one……..

Turns out the White House Budget Director Petere Orszag is a new daddy…..Turns out when he found he was going to be one…he booked…….

From the New York Post….

White House budget director Peter Orszag’s ex, shipping heiress Claire Milonas, gave birth to little Tatiana Zoe in New York Nov. 17. That was just six weeks before Orzsag and ABC news babe Bianna Golodryga gleefully announced their engagement on national TV and in the press.

Orszag and Milonas, the daughter of New York-based Greek shipping magnate Spiros Milonas, were a serious item when he met the stunning Golodgryga at the White House correspondents’ dinner.

Listen…this ain’t my business…but as I have said here many times…we are all human…..

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