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Married Ladies Allegedly Want to Bang Eli Manning…..

Every once and a while I run across something crazy ….

This is one of them…..

From Jezebel……

Married Ladies Allegedly Want to Bang Eli Manning

Some of you may care about the outcome of the upcoming Super Bowl (unless, like many, you’re already convinced of the grossness of both teams and are rooting for Legionnaire’s disease). However, as always, cheating website Ashley Madison is asking the tough questions: who would married ladies rather do, Eli Manning or Tom Brady? Oddly, 54% of women picked the doofy Manning because of his supposed “boy next door” looks. Shutdown Corner theorizes that ladies might also feel threatened by sleeping with a man who’s also been with Gisele Bundchen. Sadly, Ashley Madison did not calculate the percentage of women who would rather contract Legionnaire’s disease than have sex with either quarterback; we suspect that number might be high…..



The women out thee…..

Any comments?

From my paper this morning…Whatever Works……

by  @Whatever Works……

Republican candidates proclaim Obama’ an economic failure, mistaking  slow growth for no growth or contraction. Or they’re just lying. Here are seven headlines from the front page of the Business section of my paper this morning:

  • Spending more, laying off fewer
  • Hiring and investment show companies plan to grow (National story). [boxed quote accompanying that story: “With big ticket spending rising and the labor market firming,  the economy is a lot better than some central bankers think.”]
  • Delayed a year, recovery is inevitable says Florida economist(Local story)
  • Lakewood Ranch makes sales list: ranked number 9 on national list with 301 new home sales in 2011 (Local story)
  • Survey of architects shows growth likely (Local story)
  • Another call center is moving to Bay area (Local story)
  • Caterpillar profit climbs 60 percent (National story)

Aren’t the candidates here in Florida? Maybe they should read the papers.

Ice-T: Hillary Clinton A ‘G,’ Will Be First Woman President….

I HAD to post this……

Ice-T Loves Coco, But Also Hillary

(Jezebel Photo)

The rapper and actor, who is making his directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival with the documentary “Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap,” says he expects President Barack Obama to be re-elected. After that, he predicts Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

The 53-year-old entertainer said, “She did the Secretary of State job, she was a G, she held it down, she didn’t cry,” referring to the former New York Senator with the hip-hop term for gangster (a positive thing).

“Obama will support her,” he said, “and she’ll be the first woman president.”

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Two key North Carolina Democrats say they won’t seek re-election…..

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

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Leading Off:• NC-04/NC-13NC-Gov: There were two major developments in North Carolina politics yesterday, both involving Democrats who said they would not seek re-election—developments which may yet wind up inter-related. Early on Thursday, Rep. Brad Miller, a strong progressive and a great friend to the netroots, announced that he would drop his congressional bid in the 4th District, where a new Republican-drawn map had pitted him against fellow Dem Rep. David Price. (You can read more about our thoughts on what led to Miller’s decision, which was immediately felt hard by his many fans, here.)

A little later that same day, Gov. Bev Perdue, who sported bad-to-awful poll numbers almost from the moment she took office, declared that she, too, would not run again this November. (Our reaction to Perdue’s move, and the reasons for it, can be found here.) Perdue’s departure set off a wave of speculation, public statements, and hearsay about who Democrats might tap to replace her. (Hey, I hear Brad Miller might be available….) The situation has been moving very quickly—and one major candidate has already joined the race—so here’s our best attempt to keep tabs on the very broad field that’s under discussion:

• In: Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton — “I am the only candidate who has run and won statewide and I look forward to waging an aggressive campaign,”• Likely in: State Rep. Bill Faison —”You should probably expect the announcement will be in that direction”

• Considering: Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx — “I will spend the coming weeks talking with my family and friends about how I could best serve our city and state”

• Considering: 7th CD Rep. Mike McIntyre — “I am always open to considering broader opportunities to serve, including the possibility of governor”

• Reportedly considering: Former 2nd CD Rep. Bob Etheridge — “A former aide… said he should be considered possibility”

• Reportedly considering: 11th CD Rep. Heath Shuler — “A source close to… Shuler… [says] he is strongly considering and leaning towards running for governor”

• Not ruling it out: State Rep. Dan Blue — “Didn’t rule out a campaign, although he said he wasn’t positioning himself for one”

• Not ruling it out: Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines: “I’d say it’s too soon to rule anything out”

• Not ruling it out: 13th CD Rep. Brad Miller — “I haven’t given it a first thought … There are other qualified candidates out there”

• Not ruling it out: Former state Treasurer Richard Moore — “Said he hasn’t decided whether to enter the race, but he said he’s not sure he’s the right person to run this year”

• Out: State AG Roy Cooper — “I am honored to serve as attorney general and plan to file for re-election”

• Out: State Treasurer Janet Cowell — “I intend to seek re-election as state treasurer”

• Out: Ex-state Sen. Cal Cunningham — “I am actively having conversations about the office of Lieutenant Governor”

• Out: Former Gov. Jim Hunt — “A secretary said he wanted everyone to know that he has no plans to run again”

• Out: SoS Elaine Marshall — “I have important business to finish at the Secretary of State’s office and I hope I can count on your support in my campaign”

• Unknown: 2002 & 2004 Senate nominee Erskine Bowles — no public statements, though some unconfirmed reports say he’s out

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Political Roundup for January 27, 2011…Red Racing Horses…..

by: BostonPatriot
POTUSDebate: The moment in this clip probably best encapsulates last night’s debate: “You’re fired.” The line was Romney’s response to Newt’s idea that businesses would invest in a colony on the moon. It was that kind of night for Newt and sort of a coming-of-age debate for Romney, who was assertive and passionate for the first time.

Romney: Speaking of Romney attacking Gingrich, this is a very well made spot. The ad links together Nancy Pelosi’s Ethics investigation of Gingrich with the current “Nancy’s Secret” nonsense (my apologies, it just feels that way) by using a third piece of damning evidence: Newt’s ill-advised global warming PSA with Pelosi. Click above to watch. Newt called the ad “hypocritical” and “desperate.”

More Romney: The Miami Herald ran a quick fact-check and found out it was indeed the Romney campaign that ran the ad accusing Newt of calling Spanish “the language of the ghetto.” The spot played on Spanish-language radio in Miami this week. In most cases Mitt would look bad, but there was so much good for him at the debate that this is a non-issue now.

Gingrich: I was afraid I was going to have to link a dozen articles but this Politico piece sums it up: from the TV commentators to the blogosphere, every conservative pundit released the hounds on Newt yesterday. Combine that with Romney’s ad blitz and two uncharacteristically poor showings in this week’s debates and it’s easy to see why the SS Newt is sinking again.

More Gingrich: The good news is Newt picked up the endorsement of a well-known former California congressman. The really, really bad news is that it’s Duke Cunningham.

Santorum: Rick performed well in the debate last night, and the flow of this primary season means he probably has one more charge left in him. And now he has help: Wyoming billionaire Foster Friess says he will continue to fund Santorum, although not in Florida. Sheldon Adelson has company.

National-NBC: Newt is slipping in Florida but still leads nationally for now. NBC has him up 37-28; the poll also finds Obama leading Romney by 6 and Gingrich by 18. This is the back end of the NBC poll earlier this week that had Obama above water for the first time since early summer.

Florida General: Two polls of the big sunny swing state showcase the electability gap: Suffolk sees Romney beating Obama 47-42 and Gingrich losing 49-40, whileQuinnipiac has Mitt tied with Obama at 45 and Gingrich down 50-39.

Michigan: We’re still a month away from this primary but EPIC-MRA has Romney up only 31-26 on Newt in his birth state.

Minnesota: The last part of PPP’s dullish MN poll (there was nothing more interesting to check on this week?) keeps it in the possibly-maybe-in-a-landslide category for the general. Obama is up by low-to-mid double digits over the Republicans; Mitt (41-51) does best but there’s less of a gap here.


President Obama talks to the students….

I’m sitting in front of my computer with the TV coming over my shoulder listening to the President of the United States do a campaign speech to student at the University of Michigan…

It is almost electric…..

Obama’s pitching the Economy….

And more important Student Loans….

A long with Taxes….

He has the students in his hands…

Going back and forth….

Relating HIS moving thru school…

Growing up….

Obama weaves the story that EVERYBODY has to do their fair share….

Get it?

He’s reminding these kids that America HAS to pitch in from ALL ends….  

The rich …..

NOT just the Middle Class….

His other pitch to the kids is that student loans ARE out there….

And we need to do something about that….

Giving loans directly to students….Not the banks…

Help set up different means to provide higher education…

Including working on college costs to students…..

The President moves all around giving a walking tour of his issues with the Congress, who would have to pass anything to do with the 

students and won’t before this election….

They know that…

And he’s put that out for them to bite at….

And these students WILL be able to vote this fall….

And We Should Hate Newt Gingrich for This?

This from Erick Erickson @ Red State…..

All the members of the Republican Party who have been complicit and collaborative in the destruction of our nation in the past few decades always talking about smaller government while never fighting against the tide of creeping socialism have now come out against Newt Gingrich.

Yesterday, at National Review, Elliot Abrams attacked Newt Gingrich for attacking Ronald Reagan from the right.

Today, it is Bob Dole’s turn.

Bob Dole, you will remember from George Stephanoupolos’s memoir of his time in Clinton’s White House, totally cut the legs out from under Newt Gingrich and House Republicans during the government shut down. According to the Democrats, they were within twenty-four hours of caving to the House Republicans’ demands, but Bob Dole surprised them all by caving first.

Dole went on to lose to Bill Clinton and still hates Newt Gingrich for it because Gingrich was the face used to attack Dole — a man who would have been the hero in the fight had Dole not caved.

And we’re supposed to hate Newt Gingrich because Bob Dole caved to the Democrats twenty-four hours before they were going to cave to Gingrich?


The fix is in for Romney…..


Red Light Camera’s Suck……

The piece below cites a Florida study that shows that they DON’T stop Red Light running….

They actually make it Worst…

And we ALL know they are just a way for local governments to collect MORE $$$…..


​Everyone knows red light cameras suck. But now anew study from the University of South Florida indicates that they might actually be dangerous and lead to an increase in red-light-running fatality rates in cities that use them.

The research, published in the Florida Public Health Review, tore apart a study released last year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety — an industry group funded by insurance companies — that said red light cameras could have prevented 815 deaths if installed nationwide.
The USF researchers raised several concerns with they way in which the industry group collected and analyzed the data. “Our review reveals the 2011 IIHS study is logically flawed and violates basic scientific research methods that are required for a study’s findings to be valid,” the USF researchers wrote. “It has neither internal nor external validity. More importantly, the IIHS did not fully explain the results of its analysis.”
After analyzing the data in a way that’s not logically flawed, the USF team concluded that cities using red light cameras had a 25 percent higher rate of red-light-running fatalities when compared with cities not using them…..

Daily Manila Part #2……Newt Moon Base… “That was Campaign Bull Shit!…” What isn’t?

“That was Campaign Bull Shit!…”

What isn’t?

“He was talking to Florida Aero Space People….”

Pandering in politics? Outreageous!

“The US current does NOT have a manned space capability…”

Thanks to who?

“We sent US astronauts to the Intl. Space Station in Russian Capsules…”

Many Russian immigrants run taxi services here. Whats the point?

“We JUST retired the Shuttle Program which was a SPACE SHIP Program because after two spectacular loses …”

20 years apart . . .

“US Manned Space travel became Risk Adverse…”

It always was.

“There are several PRIVATE low orbit and few serious programs at work…”

But NASA has been gutted and the military is close behind.

“In addition the Government is working slowly on the Orion Program which is a suped up Apollo Telephone Booth capsule”

Which was a suped up Gemini Capsule.

“We AIN’T going to the Moon except in the Movies….”

Many people think Apollo 11 was a movie. And John F. “We must land a man on the moon” Kennedy was shot by Castro who was hiding in a tree in Dallas on Nov. 22.

Anyhow, we have a secret program! Ah ha!

“More campaign bull shit.”

Just pandering.

And roughly translated from the Obama Latin, nowadays “Bull shit” means “bipartisan.”

Ta, ta!

North Carolina Governor: Incumbent Beverly “Bev” Perdue (D-NC) WON’T SEEK RE-ELECTION…Daniel….

….What a SHOCKER this Morning for North Carolina Democrats….
POLITICO and various Tar Heel State News Outlets reporting that 1st Term Incumbent Governor Beverly “Bev” Perdue (D-North Carolina) will announce today that she WON’T SEEK RE-ELECTION for a 2nd Term this Year…Perdue won her 1st Term narrowly in 2008 over then Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory (R-North Carolina)
McCrory will run again for Governor this Year….
North Carolina Governor  Bev Perdue is pictured. | AP Photo
Daniel G.

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak admits ‘Liquid Lunch’s ‘ during Taping Breaks…..

One for the truth….

As a matter of fact he admits he didn’t really know WTF was going on AFTER Lunch during taping the shows….

Pat Sajak: I’ve Been Drunk on Wheel of Fortune

BY RENNIE DYBALL @ People Magazine…

Thursday January 26, 2012 10:05 AM EST

Pat Sajak: I've Been Drunk on Wheel of Fortune | Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak

Doug Benc/Getty

Ever wonder why Pat Sajak has unending enthusiasm toward the purchase of a vowel?

Turns out, margaritas have something to do with it.

The host of the long-running game showWheel of Fortunesays that back in the day, he and Vanna White occasionally had a drink – or six – while working on the show.

When asked by Dan Le Batard of Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable, which airs on ESPN 2, if he ever hosted the show while intoxicated, Sajak, 65, came clean.

“Yes,” the TV veteran admitted with a laugh. “When I first started and was much younger and could tolerate those things. We had a different show then.”