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You could need a passport to travel within the US come next year…

If you don’t have an updated license ?

TSA may not let you thru screening…

The regulation is sure to be changed since some people don’t drive and won’t have passports either….

Even if you’re an American, you may need a passport to fly somewhere in the United States after Jan. 22, 2018.

That’s the date the Transportation Security Admission will stop accepting driver’s licenses that don’t comply with the Real ID Act, which was passed in 2005.

Nearly half of the U.S. states are up to snuff — including Wyoming, Alabama and Vermont — according to the TSA’s website, which is regularly updated.

Residents of these states can continue to board domestic flights with their driver’s license as their main form of identification

; exp;

But nearly half of the U.S. states — including New York, New Jersey, California and Louisiana — aren’t in compliance. But in many cases, their requests for extensions to comply with the Real ID Act standards are under review….


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Lawsuits against Trump holding on to his businesses income move thru the courts…

Donald Trump argues that he can STILL make and take money while being on the job as President….

The question IS?

Can he even keep money he makes form foreign countries or their supporters, who can and will seek influence from President Trump or his Admin or even his political party….

Oh…the Best of  this?

Trump has Dept. of Justice lawyers getting paid to defend him making money out of this deal….

….The British version of “The Apprentice” kicked off its 13th season on Oct. 4, a show that has been a ratings hit for the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is also part of a high-stakes constitutional challenge facing President Donald Trump.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a watchdog group known as CREW, has sued Trump claiming he is violating the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause, a rarely invoked provision barring federal office-holders from taking gifts and payments from other governments. Several other emoluments lawsuits have been filed challenging the 45th president.

The emoluments challenges get their first legal test Wednesday in Manhattan, where a federal judge will consider the government’s motion to dismiss CREW’s case. For Trump, the case could eventually force him to divest holdings or put them in a blind trust, as well as reveal his tax returns. No court has ever considered whether the Constitution requires a president to surrender his business holdings — or the presidency.

CREW maintains that Trump is violating the clause by accepting payments from foreign governments, whether they are staying at his hotels, renting space in his buildings or licensing a version of “The Apprentice.”

“We want the judge to look at the finances of the Trump Organization and then tell the president what he can keep and what he can’t without violating the Constitution,” said Richard Painter, the group’s vice chairman and the former ethics czar for President George W. Bush.

A Trump Organization spokeswoman didn’t return phone and email messages seeking comment on CREW’s claim about revenues from the show. The Justice Department, which is representing Trump, “looks forward to arguing the motion to dismiss,” a spokeswoman said.

Trump argues that CREW and the other plaintiffs in this case lack the legal standing to sue — that they can’t claim the kind of injury from his alleged violation that would get them past the courthouse door. He also maintains that the Foreign Emoluments Clause was never intended to apply to commercial transactions such as restaurant bills, hotel charges, office rent or golf course fees.

“Plaintiffs’ broad-brush claims effectively assert that the Constitution disqualifies the President from serving as President while maintaining ownership interests in his commercial businesses,” the government argued in its brief……


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The NFL will NOT disciple players who continue to kneel…

Donald Trump loses another one…..

We still have the right of free speech and expression in America…

President Donald Trump on Wednesday blasted the National Football League’s decision to not discipline players who take a knee during the national anthem, calling it a “total disrespect” to the United States.

“The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!” the president wrote on Twitter.

On Tuesday, following a meeting with owners and players, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league would not force players to stand for the national anthem….


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Mueller Trump Russian probe Update Oct. 18, 2017…Talking to the insiders…

Special Council Mueller’s people are concentrating on the inner Trump  White House people as they reconstruct the events during the beginning of the Trump Admin…..

The Comey firing and Trump Russian contacts are among the probes direction….

President Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer met with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Monday for an interview that lasted much of the day, according to multiple people familiar with the meeting.

During his sitdown, Spicer was grilled about the firing of former FBI director James Comey and his statements regarding the firing, as well as about Trump’s meetings with Russians officials including one with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office, one person familiar with the meeting said.

Spicer declined to comment. His attorney, Christopher Mead, did not respond to multiple calls and emails requesting comment.

Spicer’s interview has long been expected as part of Mueller’s ongoing and widening investigation into Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 presidential election. Before joining the Trump administration, Spicer served as press secretary to the Republican National Committee, and then worked out of Trump Tower during the end of the general election campaign and during the transition, as part of the Republican nominee’s team.

Mueller’s team has been tight-lipped about its process. But Spicer’s Monday meeting shows that Mueller is starting to ramp up interviews with current and former Trump administration officials. Former chief of staff Reince Priebus met with Mueller last Friday…..


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Trump changes his mind on Senate Healthcare compromise ‘deal’….GOPer’s are stuck….

I posted up the announcement that Senators LamarHunt and Patty Murray had what they thought was a compromise to pay insurance companies for carrying low income people on health insurance, that they MUST cover in turn for allowing states wiggle room in their coverage….

I DID mention that the announcement was met with a thud….

President Trump was happy for about two hours with the ‘deal’ until he heard that his party memebers , particuly House Conservertives began to complain LOUD and CLEAR that they would not go along with something that would let Trump boast he got a deal with Democrats that would SAVE a program they have vilified for the past six year….Of course the ageement would be viewed as a direct reputation of their politics on healthcare…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hasn’t said much about the whole thing so far…

House Speaker Ryan wants healthcare to go away….

But it’s NOT that simple…

By kicking the whole thing to Congress, where it should be?

Trump has put the responsibitly for a possible loss of health insurance for tens of millions in Congress’s lap….And could be providing Democratic talking points to run on in next years Midterm elections …Something conservatives are being short sighted about…

No matter what?

Republicans in Congress WILL end up doing something to save the healthcare bill …..

To have people losing their health insurance due to HUGE premium increases next year for a program that a majority of Americans NOW want to keep, just fix, is a recipe for political disaster ……

A bipartisan Senate deal to curb the growth of health insurance premiums is reeling after President Donald Trump reversed course and opposed the agreement and top congressional Republicans and conservatives gave it a frosty reception.

Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Patty Murray, D-Wash., announced their accord Tuesday after weeks of negotiations and five days after Trump said he was halting federal subsidies to insurers. Under the lawmakers’ agreement, the payments would continue for two years while states were given more leeway to let insurers sidestep some coverage requirements imposed by President Barack Obama’s health care law.

In remarks Tuesday in the Rose Garden, Trump called the deal “a very good solution” that would calm insurance markets, giving him time to pursue his goal of scrapping Obama’s 2010 Affordable Care Act, the target of Republican derision since it was signed into law.

Although top Democrats and some Republicans praised the Alexander-Murray compromise agreement, Trump backed off after a day of criticism from many in the GOP.

In an evening speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation, he said that “while I commend” the work by the two senators, “I continue to believe Congress must find a solution to the Obamacare mess instead of providing bailouts to insurance companies.”

A White House official said Trump’s statement was aimed at conveying opposition to the Alexander-Murray plan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The subsidies — called cost-sharing reductions — go to insurers for reducing out-of-pocket costs for lower-income people. Since Obama’s law requires insurers to make those cost reductions, insurers and others have warned that halting the subsidies would force premiums higher and prompt some carriers to abandon unprofitable markets.

“This agreement avoids chaos,” Alexander said when he announced the deal. “I don’t know a Republican or Democrat who benefits from chaos.”

Alexander said the president had encouraged his efforts in two phone calls in recent days. But Trump has also repeatedly called the subsidies bailouts of insurers, who he’s pointedly said have contributed little to his campaigns…..


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NFL Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott free to play for th next two weeks….

Image result for NFL Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott free to play for the next two weeks

A federal judge opened a big hole for Ezekiel Elliott Tuesday granting a temporary restraining order blocking the NFL’s efforts to suspend the Dallas Cowboys running back for six games over domestic abuse allegations.

The ruling allows Elliott to suit up for Sunday’s Week 7 away game against the San Francisco 49ers, and the game the week after against Washington.

Elliott, whose case has more twists and turns than a busted play, won the latest round in his ongoing contest after a Judge Paul Crotty cited the immediate harm Elliott faced by being sidelined.

The restraining order is in place until Oct. 30….



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Federal Judge blocks parts of Trump 3.0 Travel ban…Update

The Supreme Court had thrown out part of the efforts to halt Trump’s Banning power…

This is a new effort by a Federal Judge , who call’s Trump’s actions against current Congressional Immigration Law…The Trump Admin will appeall the judges ruling…

Hawaii federal judge issued an order Tuesday blocking major parts of President Trump’s newest travel ban, suggesting it violated immigration law.

The decision from U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu stopped the administration’s travel restrictions nationwide hours before they were scheduled to take full effect Wednesday.

The newest travel rules, which Trump signed Sept. 24, indefinitely ban entry to the U.S. by most nationals of Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea. They also restrict travel by certain Venezuelan government officials and their families.

Watson’s order, issued in response to a lawsuit filed jointly by the state of Hawaii, a Honolulu-based mosque, its imam and two state residents who have relatives in the affected countries, prevents the government from enforcing the new restrictions on travel from all of the nations except North Korea and Venezuela….



A second federal district judge has put a hold on President Trump’s latest travel ban.

Judge Theodore Chuang, a federal district judge in Maryland, temporarily blocked the majority of the president’s ban on nationals from eight countries, but he said the president could still ban individuals from North Korea, business officials from Venezuela and individuals lacking a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.

The order now allows entry of individuals from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad.


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Could Democrats grab a US Senate Seat in Alabama?

Oh Shit!

If this Special Election race to replace Attorney General Sessions went to the Democrats I think the media and Republican heads would explode ….

Looking for another poll on this race…

Could bad news about WTH out here Moore be sinking his chances of an expected win and give Democrats that unexpected seat?

Is the Steve Bannon angle the kiss of death for GOP candiadtes for office?

Republican Roy Moore (left) and Democrat Doug Jones.

A new Fox News poll in Alabama finds Roy Moore (R) in a dead heat with Doug Jones (D) for U.S. Senate, 42% to 42%, with another 11% unsure.

Among just the 53% of Alabama registered voters who are “extremely” or “very interested” in the race, Jones has a one-point edge over Moore, 46% to 45%….


image…Republican Roy Moore (left) and Democrat Doug Jones.  (Associated Press)

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Judge: DACA legal advice must be made public….

Will this EVER happen?

A federal judge in California on Tuesday ordered the Trump administration to turn over emails, letters, memos and other materials related to its decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The order by U.S. District Judge William Alsup, based in San Francisco, also appears to cover legal advice about winding down the program, which grants quasi-legal status and work permits to so-called Dreamers.

Acting in a series of lawsuits filed over the decision, the judge said the administration had waived its attorney-client privilege by claiming the decision was driven by concerns that the program is unconstitutional…


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Reps. John Delaney, D-Md., and Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii work Iowa for 2020….

With the Democratic Hillary Clinton Presidential nomination set aside gone for 2020?

Democratic long shots are already hard at work doing ‘getting to know you’ events in Iowa….

Image result for rep delaney/gabbard

Unity was the main message coming from a pair of U.S. Congress members who spoke before about 200 Democrats on Sunday north of Ames.

Reps. John Delaney, D-Md., and Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, were the keynote speakers at the Central Iowa Democrats Fall Barbecue, a fundraiser for the Boone, Greene, Grundy, Hamilton, Hardin and Story county parties as well as the Iowa State University Democrats, at Prairie Moon Winery. Gabbard is a former vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Delaney has already announced that he’s running for the 2020 presidential nomination.

Their speeches were sandwiched between 4-minute rapid-fire remarks from the Democratic candidates for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District and governor.

The 2016 presidential election was especially divisive, contributing to an us-versus-them mentality steeped in identity politics. But Delaney said the biggest problem has been the government’s inability to get things done. He said, “We never spend any time talking about the things we agree on.”….

Gabbard sung some of the same tunes in her own remarks. She said that by embracing the “spirit of Aloha” it can help Americans and lawmakers, “to rise above the hatred and darkness and divisiveness that has really pervaded so much of our politics.”

Like Delaney, she mentioned bipartisanship efforts to improve infrastructure, veteran services and education. Conflict between Democrats and Republicans is to be expected, but Gabbard, who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders during last year’s presidential election, also cautioned against infighting within the Democratic party. The focus has to be on serving people, she said.

“We’re going to have different ideas on how to get there,” she said. “We’re going to have different ways, different approaches on how best that service can be done…..



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Bipartisan Senate Obamacare agreement lands with a thud for GOPer’s….

The agreement worked out between Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrat Senator Patty Murray seems like a compromise that will keep money flowing to healthcare insurers and let states have some wiggle room on their coverage….

It is NOT a Repeal of the current National Healthcare Program….

It IS a reinforcement of the very law that Republicans tried to hang around the Democrats….

Donald Trump has forced his own Republicans to either take the blame for casting tens of millions of American out of their coverage or YES…Making a compromise with Democrats…(They can’t pass a Repeal we KNOW)

If they approve this?

Republicans KNOW they are eating their OWN ‘crow’….Served up by their party leader……

In advance of the deal’s announcement, many Republican senators were already distancing themselves from the emerging plan.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what the Senate should do,” said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) Tuesday morning.

In the House, which passed an ACA repeal bill, there appeared to be even less appetite for a bill that bolsters an element of the law that they have pilloried for seven years without more forcefully rolling back other parts of it.

“This is like we have to fix the Senate’s failure,” said Cole. Using a football analogy, he blamed Senate Republicans for fumbling the ball on the one-yard line.

In the eyes of Cole and other leading Republicans, the party’s congressional majorities were put at risk by the unsuccessful repeal push. With Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon already threatening primary challenges against senators up in 2018, some fear that asking lawmakers to reinforce the bill they tried to undo is simply not a defensible position.

On the other hand, doing nothing is also likely to spur criticism of the Republicans.

As senators announced their agreement, a new analysis emerged Tuesday showing the large stakes for insurers in the short term if the cost-sharing payments are not restored. By the end of 2017, health plans will lose more than $1 billion nationwide, according to the analysis by Avalere Health, a Washington-based consulting firm.

Both state and industry officials welcomed the prospect of a possible deal on the subsidies, but they also warned that it could come too late given that the 45-day open enrollment period for the ACA begins Nov. 1.

The timing — just two weeks before the start of the fifth enrollment season for ACA coverage — could mean havoc back in states, where some insurance regulators already are reeling from Trump’s decision to stop funding CSRs…..


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McCain goes after Trump like Corker has…

Image result for biden/mccain

In an event that John McCain made with Joe Biden?

The Arizona Republican Senator joins Sen Corker and Sec of State Rex Tillerson and using strong comments to deride Donald Trump as President….

An emotional Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) launched a thinly veiled critique of President Trump’s global stewardship Monday night, using a notable award ceremony to condemn “people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”

McCain said that “some half-baked, spurious nationalism” should be considered “as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

The 2008 Republican presidential nominee spoke with Independence Hall in his line of sight, having just been awarded the Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center, a nonpartisan institution built across the street from the spot where the Founding Fathers debated the nation’s future.

The award was presented by Joe Biden, the former vice president who served 22 years in the Senate with McCain. Biden is now chairman of the Constitution Center.

In his remarks, Biden paid tribute to McCain’s commitment as a captured Navy pilot refusing early release from his Vietnamese captors, to his bipartisan work in the Senate….



Trump warns McCain….

Ah….Add McCain to the increasing group of Senators have little reason to support their party leader?

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The American public is largely unaware of the price its military pays to fight the United States’ distant conflicts

Donald Trump has been taken to task for NOT acknowledging the loss of four US Special Ops Green Berets in Niger….

He addressed the issue causally yesterday…

Few people know that John Kelly, Trump’s Chief  of Staff has lost a son in Afghanistan due to land mine…

Kelly, and all the general’s surrounding President Donald Trump have had the job of sending letters and speaking the families of soldiers they commanded in combat….

While the media was HEAVLY focused on the military and war in Viet Nam, and the Middle East…That focus is gone….

Trump flexing about North Korea has American military bosses adamantly AGAINST any actually military engagement against the Korea’s…The general’s KNOW that the American public despite the media showing polls that say Americans’s are FOR the military action that Trump threatens ?

The sacrifices made by the men and women warriors are simply NOT KNOWN by average Americans….

Kelly is the most senior U.S. military officer to lose a son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan. He was giving voice to a growing concern among soldiers and Marines: The American public is largely unaware of the price its military pays to fight the United States’ distant conflicts. Less than 1 percent of the population serves in uniform at a time when the country is engaged in one of the longest periods of sustained combat in its history.

President Obama devoted only six sentences to the war in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address in January. The 25-second standing ovation that lawmakers lavished on the troops lasted almost as long as the president’s war remarks.

Kelly has largely shunned public attention since his speech and his son’s death. He discussed his speech and his son to provide insight into the lives and the burdens of military families.

“We are only one of 5,500 American families who have suffered the loss of a child in this war,” he said in an e-mail. “The death of my boy simply cannot be made to seem any more tragic than the others.”

…from the Washington Post March 2, 2011….

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Popular Former Gov. Phil Bredesen a Democrat, could run for Tennesse US Senate seat…

Image result for bredesen

Former Gov. Phil Bredesen, the last Democrat to win a statewide race in Tennessee, is considering a bid to succeed retiring Republican Bob Corker in the U.S. Senate.

Bredesen said in a statement Monday that he is mulling an entry into the race after several people urged him to reconsider his initial statements that he had no interest in running.

“In the days ahead, I’m going to do some research, talk with people and carefully think this through,” he said. “I’ll make a decision quickly.”

Bredesen, who turns 74 next month, is a wealthy former Nashville mayor who was first elected governor in 2002. He had largely withdrawn from politics and public life since completing his second term in early 2011.

Bredesen acknowledged that it would take a vast amount of money to wage a successful bid.

“Set against that, I love solving problems and in Washington right now there is plenty of material,” he said.

Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn jumped into the Senate race shortly after Gov. Bill Haslam announced he wouldn’t run with a video calling for a “conservative revolution” and saying that “too many Senate Republicans act like Democrats or worse.”

A Blackburn primary victory could make a moderate Democrat like Bredesen competitive, said Kent Syler, a political science professor at Middle Tennessee State University and a former Democratic congressional staffer…..



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Trump Drug Head pick won’t get the job….

Due to a CBS ’60 Minutes’ and Washington Post focus on Rep. Tom Marino’s past actions ?

He will Not get the White House Drug Czar job….

In addition, the media focus pieces has moved Trump announce soon a push to deal with the opioid crises…..

Trump said “that he will declare a national emergency next week to address the opioid epidemic and declined to express confidence in Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.), his nominee for drug czar, in the wake of revelations [joint WashPost/’60 Minutes’] that the lawmaker helped steer legislation making it harder to act against giant drug companies,” reports the Post lead story.

Why it matters: The report “detailed how a targeted lobbying effort helped weaken the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to go after drug distributors, even as opioid-related deaths continue to rise.”…


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Daily Polling Numbers for October 17, 2017….Trump/Virginia Governor…Update!

Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Virginia Governor – Gillespie vs. Northam Christopher Newport Univ.* Northam 48, Gillespie 44 Northam +4
Virginia Governor – Gillespie vs. Northam Roanoke College* Northam 50, Gillespie 44 Northam +6
President Trump Job Approval CNN Approve 38, Disapprove 57 Disapprove +19
President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 41, Disapprove 57 Disapprove +16
2018 Generic Congressional Vote CNN Democrats 54, Republicans 38 Democrats +16




New Monmouth poll of has Republican Ed Gillespie up over Democrat Ralph Northam by a margin of 48%-47%. They had Northam up 5 in Sept

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