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Germany and Japan promote Free Trade vs Trump….

As Trump & Co. look to step out of exisiting free trade agreements to  haggle his own deals?

Other countries are talking about keeping their trade connections and lower trade barriers….

Will Trump’s experiment cost Americans MORE as other countries turn away from Trump’s American markets?

It appears that Gernany’s Merkel is moving along with China to leave America behind in world trade….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for a concerted effort to defend free trade, saying global markets can be both open and fair.

Two days after U.S. President Donald Trump and Merkel held inconclusive talks at the White House, the German and Japanese leaders opened the CeBIT technology show in Hanover, Germany, by advocating a trade accord between Japan and the European Union as a way to underscore the benefits of an interconnected global economy.

“Of course we want fair markets, but we don’t want to put up barriers,” Merkel said in an apparent retort to Trump’s pledge of enacting “America First” economic and trade policies. “At a time when we have to quarrel with many about free trade, open borders and democratic values, it’s a good sign that Germany and Japan aren’t quarreling about that.”

Abe said Japan, having benefited from free trade and investment, “wants to be the champion of upholding open systems alongside Germany,” though “it will be necessary to have rules that are fair and can stand up to democratic appraisal.”…


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Cuba-US Air Travel dries up….

…from the LA Times….

Only six months after U.S. carriers began operating regular commercial flights to Cuba, Frontier Airlines and Silver Airways have become the latest airlines to cut service to the island nation.

The news comes after JetBlue and American Airlines both announced plans in the last two months to reduce their service to Cuba, either by scaling back on the number of flights or flying smaller planes to Cuba.

The cutbacks suggest that the nation’s airlines may have overestimated the demand for flights to Cuba when U.S.-based airlines scrambled for the slots offered last year by the Obama administration to fly to Havana and other Cuban cities….


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Trump’s anti-immigrant push combined with raising farm wages threaten American Farmers…

Donald Trump SAYS he wants to make America ‘Great’ again….

He isn’t doing so….

As cities across the country raise their min wages one would think there would be good news for American workers….

There are for some….

But farm work in American is principally  done by imported labor from South of the American border….

And  some of those workers are known to be undocumented ….

Trump & Co. idea that America’s would flock to those jobs is misguided and just plain stupid….

And their efforts are gonna could have a profound negative effect on the America’s economy….

This is just one of the backwards thinking that Trump believe in that will require a LOT of work for the next American Democratic president to straighten out…..(Obama had to starighten out Bush II’s mess last time)

The flow of labor began drying up when President Obama tightened the border. Now President Trump is promising to deport more people, raid more companies and build a wall on the southern border.

That has made California farms a proving ground for the Trump team’s theory that by cutting off the flow of immigrants they will free up more jobs for American-born workers and push up their wages.

So far, the results aren’t encouraging for farmers or domestic workers.

Farmers are being forced to make difficult choices about whether to abandon some of the state’s hallmark fruits and vegetables, move operations abroad, import workers under a special visa or replace them altogether with machines.

Growers who can afford it have already begun raising worker pay well beyond minimum wage. Wages for crop production in California increased by 13% from 2010 to 2015, twice as fast as average pay in the state, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Today, farmworkers in the state earn about $30,000 a year if they work full time — about half the overall average pay in California. Most work fewer hours.

Some farmers are even giving laborers benefits normally reserved for white-collar professionals, like 401(k) plans, health insurance, subsidized housing and profit-sharing bonuses. Full-timers at Silverado Farming, for example, get most of those sweeteners, plus 10 paid vacation days, eight paid holidays, and can earn their hourly rate to take English classes.

But the raises and new perks have not tempted native-born Americans to leave their day jobs for the fields. Nine in 10 agriculture workers in California are still foreign born, and more than half are undocumented, according to a federal survey.


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Trump budget would cut Coal Country assistance programs…

Biting the hand that feed him, eh?

If Trump works hard enough?

He can deliver the US House back to the Democrats…

President Donald Trump has proposed eliminating funding for economic development programs supporting laid-off coal miners and others in Appalachia, stirring fears in a region that supported him of another letdown on the heels of the coal industry’s collapse.

The 2018 budget proposal submitted to Congress by the White House on Thursday would cut funds to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The Washington-based organizations are charged with diversifying the economies of states like West Virginia and Kentucky to help them recover from coal’s decline.

The proposed cuts would save the federal government $340 million and come as the Republican president seeks to slash a wide array of federal programs and regulations to make way for increased military spending.

But they are perceived by some in Appalachia as a betrayal of his promises to help coal miners.

“Folks that live in Appalachia believe that the ARC belongs to them,” said federal ARC Co-Chair Earl Gohl, bemoaning the proposed cut. “It’s really their organization.”

Republican Congressman Hal Rogers, who represents eastern Kentucky’s coal counties, said he would fight to restore the funding when Congress negotiates the budget later this year….


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Republican Super PAC is ramping up early to cover it’s party House members for next years Midterms…

The party with the president in office USUALLY loses a good amount of House seats as a result of the actions of the sitting president….

With Trump losing the popular vote last November and the risdiong support FOR Obamacare now?…and Resisrtance protests on going….

Republicans SHOULD be worried….

The party of the sitting president has lost an average of 25 seats in midterm elections since 1994 and lost majorities three times. With Republicans fighting among themselves over repealing the Affordable Care Act and President Donald Trump at historical levels of unpopularity, Republicans are focusing intently on House races where their 23-seat majority may be most vulnerable amid a tide of Democratic grass-roots energy.

To prevent the House from flipping, the Congressional Leadership Fund, the House GOP’s super PAC, plans to raise and spend $100 million during the 2018 election cycle—twice what it spent in 2016 and eight times what it spent in the 2014 midterm.

The political-action committee is placing paid staff in 20 competitive House districts with the goal of installing a clinical Republican turnout machine to protect incumbents yoked to a president who so far has a net unfavorability rating. It is spending $30,000 a month in each district on online ads like the one Mr. Bacon saw in church.

Mr. Bliss’s goal is to find people who voted for Mr. Trump but typically skip midterm elections and get them to vote for their Republican House member….


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German Chancellor Merkel meets with Trump….

Angela Merkel has been office since 2005, longer than ANY Western head of state…..Not bad for a woman born in EAST Germany….

Germany IS Europe’s strongest nation….

Her term in office will probably be extended during the next German elections for a fourth term….

And since Donald Trump was elected?

Image result for merkel/trump

She has been called the Leader of the Free World…..

In the next 24 hours she will get to spend some time with a guy who is  180 degree’s from what she IS and has done in office….(She got alone fine with President Obama)

Donald Trump doesn’t do too well with strong females….

And Trump will have his friend /side Stephen Bannon looking over his shoulder whispering ‘America First ‘…..

Angela Merkel has displayed a pragmatic view of the world and good enough political sense to steer he country to a good place, leading Europe….

We’ll see how things go….

There IS a LOT riding on their first meeting…..

Their styles reflect their vastly different backgrounds. Merkel, Germany’s first and only female chancellor, was raised by a pastor in communist East Germany, where she earned a doctorate in physical chemistry. Although she is the longest-serving and most powerful leader in Europe, she is unfailingly modest, competent and consensus-oriented. Trump’s all-about-me mentality, Queens upbringing and brash, tabloid-and-reality-TV personality couldn’t be more different.

The contrast in substance is just as stark. From the Eurozone meltdown to the refugee surge, Merkel has been through multiple crises. She has no illusions about Vladimir Putin and the spy-ridden Kremlin team running Russia, and places a high value on quiet diplomacy, free trade, international law and the institutions of the European Union.

Trump is untested, unable or unwilling to criticize Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, determined to judge U.S. foreign policies by the trade balance involved or the extent to which the costs of U.S. military deployments are reimbursed, and happy to talk up the possibility of other EU countries following Britain out the door.

With his alliance diplomacy facing intense scrutiny following reports of tense phone conversations with the leaders of Australia and Mexico, Trump will be on his best behavior. Likewise, Germany’s government has no interest in playing up controversy and hopes to declare the session a diplomatic success.

Nevertheless, Merkel will try to persuade Trump to reverse his cheerleading for the collapse of the EU and put a stop to his ignorant critique of NATO. And why not? Such reversals have become a regular feature of the Trump foreign policy. In the Middle East, despite a lot of talk, the U.S. Embassy in Israel has not moved, nor has the administration taken steps to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran. In Asia, the Chinese government humbled the new president by insisting he shelve the idea of reconsidering Washington’s support for the “One China” policy.

Considering that Trump went out of his way to criticize Merkel just ahead of his inauguration, saying her decision to admit hundreds of thousands of refugees was a terrible mistake and that he intended to treat her and Putin in roughly the same way, expectations for the meeting are modest. No diplomatic breakthrough is envisioned, and a general meeting of the minds between two longstanding allies before the world’s media should be sufficient to avoid further diplomatic damage.

Behind the scenes, however, the evolution of the Trump-Merkel dialogue will shape the direction and strength of the Western alliance…


image….Daily Express

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Donald Trump’s withdrawl from world market’s is helping OTHER countries…And will Hurt ours…

His idea to NOT go along with International trade deals like the Trans Pacific Pac is creating a vacuum that OTHER countries are only TOO willing move in to their advantage….

While Trump & Co. reason that America can hold out for better terms?

American agriculture and manufacturing companies are going to be shut out of markets and THAT is gonna cause American jobs and maybe even drastic drops in prices from over capacity IN AMERICA….

Here’s what happens when the U.S. pulls out of a major trade deal: New Zealand seizes the opportunity to send more of its milk and cheese to China. Japanese consumers pay less for Australian beef than for American meat. Canadians talk about sending everything from farm products to banking services to Japan and India.

President Donald Trump dumped the 12-nation TPP right after he took office, saying it was a “horrible” deal and blaming it for sucking American jobs abroad. But now other countries are ready to rush into the vacuum the U.S. is leaving behind, negotiating tariff-cutting deals that could eliminate any competitive advantage for U.S. goods.

That phenomenon is on stark display this week in Chile, where more than a dozen Pacific Rim countries are meeting in a beachside hotel to talk about moving on in the post-TPP era. China, not one of the original signers of the TPP, is here looking to cut deals. So are Canada and Mexico. And while the U.S. would normally send a high-ranking trade official to this kind of gathering, the Trump administration, is just sending an envoy from the embassy in Santiago.

Competitors say they have no choice but to take the money U.S. businesses would have earned otherwise.

“We are not trying to take market share from the U.S. It’s more like you are putting money on the table and pushing it towards us,” said Carlo Dade, director of trade and investment policy for the Canada West Foundation, a Calgary-based think tank.

In the long run, U.S. companies could move jobs and factories abroad to take advantage of trade deals that make it cheaper to produce goods in other counties. And U.S. industries, particularly agriculture, could lose billions of dollars a year in export sales….


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GOP Speaker Ryan has a CBO Problem….

GOP House  SpeakerRyan has problems with Conservative Republicans, Democrats, Senate Republicans and Democrats, and Centrist Republicans in his own House….

House Republican leaders plunged into damage control mode Monday after a brutal budgetary assessment of their Obamacare replacement threatened to upend Senate GOP support and armed their critics on the left.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s team quickly pinpointed rosier elements of the report by the Congressional Budget Office, from cost savings to lower premiums. But the bottom line — that the number of uninsured Americans would climb by 24 million within a decade — threatened to upend the GOP leadership’s fragile efforts to unite congressional Republicans around the plan.

“Can’t sugarcoat it. Doesn’t look good,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.). “The CBO score was, shall we say, an eye-popper.”

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas sought to distance the Senate from the House bill, saying “we expect to do better” than the results that CBO showed.

“The House is going to continue to work on the bill to try and build support for it. But until they do, there’s not much for the Senate to do,” Cornyn said. Asked about conservative predictions this bill can’t pass the Senate, he said: “It’s premature to talk about that.”

That’s to say nothing of centrists spooked by the CBO results. Though conservatives have been the most vocally resistant to the plan so far, the new figures underscore the danger that moderate Republicans who hail from states that embraced Obamacare’s massive Medicaid expansion face if they support the bill. This contingent of House Republicans has been mostly muted about the bill so far and has been viewed by leadership allies as likely to fall in line.

The CBO score is a new obstacle for Republicans hoping to coalesce around a health care vision…..


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Trump/Ryancare would drop 24 Million Americans from Healthcare rolls…Congressional Budget Office report..

THAT is a loss of healthcare to almost 10% of Americans….

And 14 million would lose their insurance within  a year….

But House bill would save $337 Billion  projected out to ten years…

Oh, and healthcare insurance premiums could rise by 10 to 19% right away….

The White House called the report ‘Bogus’ …

It certainly has NOTHING to do with Donald Trump campaigning  on a promise that ‘NOBODY’ would lose their Healthcare Insurance….

The House Ryan crew focused on the budget savings without answering for the millions who would NOT have health insurance that Obamacare makes available…

The bill the way it is written will NEVER get the 60 votes needed in the US Senate. as several Republican Senators have come out against….

House Republicans’ proposal to rewrite federal health-care law would more than reverse the gains the Affordable Care Act has made in the number of Americans with health insurance, while curbing the federal deficit, according to a widely anticipated forecast by congressional analysts.

The analysis, released late Monday afternoon by the Congressional Budget Office, predicts that 24 million fewer people would have coverage a decade from now than if the Affordable Care Act remains intact, nearly doubling the share of Americans who are uninsured from 10 percent to 19 percent. The office projects the number of uninsured people would jump 14 million after the first year

But the GOP legislation, which has been speeding through House committees since it was introduced a week ago, would lower the deficit by $337 billion during that time, primarily by lessening spending on Medicaid and government aid for people buying health plans on their own.

The report predicted that premiums would be 15 percent to 20 percent higher in the first year compared with those under the Affordable Care Act but 10 percent lower on average after 2026. By and large, older Americans would pay “substantially” more and younger Americans less.

The 37-page report provides the most tangible evidence to date of the human and fiscal impact of the House GOP’s American Health Care Act. It also undermines President Trump’s pledge that no Americans would lose coverage under a Republican remake of the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted by a Democratic Congress in 2010.

The report’s arrival produced starkly different tacks from the White House and Capitol Hill — with top aides to the president immediately seeking to discredit it while the House’s Republican leaders praised the report for reinforcing their argument that the plan curbs federal spending and gives Americans the freedom to be insured or not — their choice…..


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Democrats signal they’ll fight against Trump Border Wall funding…

Senate Minority Leader Schumer has chosen a place to fight where he could get a good amount of support against Trump’s campaign promise from Republicans even….

And the Mexican’s of course…

Senate Democrats are warning GOP leaders not to include funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in a funding bill to keep the government open, saying it could jeopardize the measure’s passage.

“We believe it would be inappropriate to insist on the inclusion of such funding in a must-pass appropriations bill that is needed for the Republican majority in control of the Congress to avert a government shutdown so early in President Trump’s Administration,” the Democrats said in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran (R-Miss.).

The signers of the letter, released Monday, include Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), as well as Sens. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.).

The government is currently being funded through April 28 by a stopgap spending bill that was passed in December.

Already, President Donald Trump’s secretary of Homeland Security has directed his agency to look for funding sources it might already have available as the administration looks for ways to fulfill one of the the president’s top campaign promises. A Morning Consult/POLITICO survey in January found 47 percent of Americans support construction of the wall, while 45 percent do not.

The Democratic senators said the wall could be expensive and “raises considerable issues that have not been resolved by the Congress or the Department of Homeland Security.”

Another Morning Consult/POLITICO survey in January showed that support for the wall dropped considerably when the issue of cost was raised….


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Democrats try to find their sea legs….

The New York Times does a pice on the internal search the Democratic party has gone thru after the Presidential Election….

With a focus on the party’s defacto leader Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)….

Image result for chuck schumer

The piece points to how the party and supporters first dealt with a sense of shock with Trump’s wholly unexpected win…..Then moved a hard ‘NO’ movement in the streets supported by Sen. Warren and Sanders…..

But the piece points out that Democratic politicians  are NOT like the ones of the American Right….

They believe in NOT going at things by saying ‘NO’ to EVERYTHING….

They understand that precarious place they are in with the huge loses they have experienced during Obama’s run and want to be very careful not to shut themselves completely out in the USA Senate….

So while Chuck Schumer might be called out in the streets for voting for some Trump people…

He will continue to do so while working hard to make sure other Trump cabinet picks are held up…..

In Schumer’s defense?

The piece points to Trump calling Schumer early on to promise a working relationship, but Schumer being smart enough to name terms that he knew Trump could not hold as he worked more and more with the likes of House Speaker Paul Ryan …..

The seesaw between the party of ‘NO’ and pragmatics by Democratic lawmakers will continue ….

But the lawmakers have  joined chorus against Trump and the Republicans in the Media and in their own ways at work in Congress…..

The Tea party way has become the New Democratic templete to some extent…..

Who knew?

By mid-February, spirits in Democratic Washington had palpably lifted. You wouldn’t have described the mood as triumphal; it was more as if everyone had emerged from the basement after a tornado to discover that, while the car was upside down somewhere, at least the house was still standing. The travel ban remained marooned, at least temporarily, in the courts. (A redrafted executive order was issued on March 6, but it was unclear if it had fully resolved the legal issues of the first.) Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, the fast-food C.E.O. Andrew Puzder, backed out of consideration for the job in mid-February after the Republicans concluded that they did not have the votes to confirm him. The project of doing away with the Affordable Care Act was still tied up in committee amid disagreements among the Republicans themselves — an inevitable consequence, perhaps, of their eight-year all-or-nothing opposition effort that the Democrats were now studying. And the infrastructure bill that had threatened to divide Democrats against themselves never materialized; there was talk now of it being pushed back to 2018.

On Feb. 28, a few hours before Trump was due to give his first speech to Congress, I went to see Schumer in the minority leader’s chambers in the Capitol. The senator was sitting in a leather wingback chair in his shirt sleeves, and he seemed to be in a genuinely upbeat mood. “Things look much better for us and much worse for him than I ever imagined based on the first month,” he told me. The day before, three Republican senators — Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul — had held out for nothing less than full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. “That’s the three votes they need, even with 52!” Schumer crowed. (The following week, a replacement bill finally began to advance through committees in the House of Representatives, but Paul declared in a Fox News interview that it would be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.) He pointed to the crowds that Indivisible and other groups had turned out in the thousands at town halls across the country the previous week. “Trump is the enemy, and his Republican acolytes — not Democrats,” he said. “We’re already beginning to coalesce around that. It was very positive. They throw a few brickbats, fine. This energy is enormous…



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Iran receives first Airbus Commercial Jetliner after sanctions lifted…

They have taken possesion of a A-330 widebody …..

Iran Air will receive 99 more aircraft….

Iran Air is also in-line to recieve 80 more commeracial aircraft from Boeing, which is probably why President Trump has gone silent on twitter against the Iranians…

If it come down to it ?

One would expect  Iran to get dropped from Bannon efforts to stop people from coming from Iran to America…

Boeing is slated to make $34.5 Billiuon on its Iran deal…..

That;s a LOT of America paychecks….

Airbus SE said Friday it had delivered the first long-range airliner to Iran since the easing of sanctions on the country, marking another milestone for controversial agreements the European plane maker and rival Boeing Co. struck last year to replenish Iran’s aging fleet of planes.

Airbus handed over an A330 widebody plane to Iran Air just two months after it delivered a new short-haul plane to the Iranian flag carrier. The deliveries are part of a 100 aircraft order Iran Air placed with Airbus. The airline also plans to take delivery of 80 long- and short-range planes from Boeing. The orders are worth more than $34.5 billion at list price, though buyers typically get deep discounts.

The aircraft deals have angered U.S. lawmakers opposed to the nuclear deal that Western powers agreed to with Iran. The accord struck in 2015 eases sanctions on Iran in return for Tehran agreeing on limits to its nuclear program. Congressional critics of the pact have tried to block the aircraft sales from proceeding, introducing legislative measures to bar financing the purchases.

Before his election, U.S. President Donald Trump was critical of the nuclear deal, but hasn’t said whether he will try to undo the deals since taking office in January.

Big plane-leasing companies have said they are reluctant to place planes in Iran until there is greater certainty over U.S. policy toward Iran…..



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The White House internal fight over Trade policy….

It appaesr that contrarty to the campaign talk?

Trump is sidding with the Wall Street guys led by Gary Cohn who do NOT want to raise tarrif walls against Euopre and othe countries like Mexico and Canada….

This would mean going AGAINST Stephen Bannon and his economic guy  Peter Navarro….

They need to get this take care of soon….

German Challor  Angela Merkel is due to arrive in Washington soon…

She has already lecturened Trump on the US repsonisbity to accept refugee’s and will NOT be receptive to Bannon nationalist views, having already kicked British PM May to curb in the Brexit talks….

A civil war has broken out within the White House over trade, leading to what one official called “a fiery meeting” in the Oval Office pitting economic nationalists close to Donald Trump against pro-trade moderates from Wall Street.

According to more than half a dozen people inside the White House or dealing with it, the bitter fight has set a hardline group including senior adviser Steve Bannon and Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro against a faction led by Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs executive who leads Mr Trump’s National Economic Council.

At the centre of the debate is Mr Navarro, a firebrand economist who has angered Berlin and other European allies by accusing Germany of exploiting a “grossly undervalued” euro and calling for bilateral discussions with Angela Merkel’s government over ways to reduce the US trade deficit with Europe’s most powerful economy.

The officials and people dealing with the White House said Mr Navarro appeared to be losing influence in recent weeks. But during the recent Oval Office fight, Mr Trump appeared to side with the economic nationalists, one official said.

The battle over trade is emblematic of a broader fight on economic policy within the Trump administration. It comes ahead of a visit to Washington next week by Ms Merkel, the German chancellor, and amid preparations for a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Germany next week at which allies’ concerns over protectionism are likely to be high on the agenda….


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Trump Admin asking for bids to build a 30′ high Good looking US/Mexico Wall….

Never mind that the guy doesn’t have the money to do this and it doesn’t seem like Conbgress IS in a hurry to give it to him….

But he’s made this a campaign promise, eh?…

Image result for trump US/Mexico wall

President Donald Trump built his campaign on the promise of a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. Just a month after his inauguration, the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to begin construction.

And last Friday, the department took a step to make sure it will look good.

 In a little-noticed update, the department now says it wants a wall that will be “nominally 30 feet tall,” and, importantly, that bids will be judged on “aesthetics,” as well.

The new language, perhaps coincidental but likely not, appears to be a bureaucratic translation of Trump’s oft-repeated promise to build a “beautiful” wall from 30 to 55 feet high.

Of course, the federal government does not typically focus on beauty in building its walls, fences and barriers. Procurement officers prefer to evaluate bids on concrete things such as price or a company’s past performance — or, for that matter, concrete itself. As a contract requirement, appearances usually only figure into high-end projects (think of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial).

But the Trump administration’s apparent demand for a wall with style is only one of the oddities that has arisen in planning for the massive project, estimated to cost as much as $21.6 billion and cross hundreds of miles.

The rush for raising the wall has veteran contracting officers comparing the process to the rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan, multibillion-dollar efforts widely considered failures because of poor planning.

“This isn’t normal,” said Steven L. Schooner, a professor of government contracting at George Washington University. “This is shoot first, aim later.”

A CBP spokesman said the agency was “not in a position” to conduct an interview for this story.

The initial request, released with fanfare on Feb. 24, was not for building the actual wall, but for a prototype of a “total wall solution.”….


image…Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Trump and Bannon work to cut back tourism to America….

Stepethen Bannon wants to circle the wagons around America to make sure ‘outsiders’ don’t come here it seems…

He’s gona get part of his wish….

As the No Enter Bans and Immigration stories continue in the media in America ( and people are told they cannot come to America) and around the world?

Foreigners will begin to look elsewhere to go….

And American’s will lose money and jobs…..

The effects on tourism are not theoretical. On Monday, Reuters reported on data from flight-analysis firm ForwardKeys. Their numbers suggested that inbound travel fell 6.5 percent during the eight days after the first Trump immigration ban was announced. Those figures recovered when a court blocked the ban from being enacted, but, once the administration announced plans for its revised ban, those numbers dropped again. Bookings from the Middle East dropped 27 percent after the ban.

What economic effect might result from the new politics of immigration remains to be seen. But tourism will almost certainly be negatively affected. In the wake of the new executive order, the National Restaurant Association quickly put out a statement expressing its concerns.

“We must balance our safety and security with the importance of the economic contributions of travel and tourism to our country as we are already seeing negative effects the previous Executive Order is having on our economy,” Executive Vice President Cicely Simpson wrote.

In January, the entire leisure and hospitality industry employed 15.79 million people in the United States. Not all of those people deal with international travelers. Over the next few months, though, it seems likely that even fewer will…..


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Asian Pacific countries could go ahead with the TPP Trade pact without the US…

…’Ya gotta be in it to win it’ may NOT be the outcome on this one….

Asian countries should pursue a Pacific trade pact even after the U.S. walked away, and its standards should be incorporated into other regional deals, according to a report authored by half a dozen former trade envoys.

Donald Trump withdrew from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership in one of his first acts as U.S. president, throwing an agreement that covered 40 percent of the global economy into disarray. That’s left the other nations scrambling on what to do: Either try and proceed without the U.S., hope Trump changes his mind (or Congress does), or prioritize a separate regional deal being championed by China.

The president has attacked trade deals in general and touted an “American First” doctrine that would punish countries whose policies are deemed by the administration to be undermining U.S. jobs. But the rest of the world shouldn’t embrace Trump’s protectionism, the Asia Society Policy Institute report argues…..


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