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Conservatives bargaining to get rid of basics like Prescriptions, New Born Care and Hospitalization….

Ya gotta KNOW WHAT Trump and Ryan are doing to get the Freeedom Caucus on board to get 24 Million to LOSE their healthcare Insurance coverage….

They want Americans to have the freedom to choose their insurance….

They do NOT want the Government to help those who cannot pay for it….

They also seek to deny service to those the more fortunate are helping with their payments into the system….

The cuts the House righwingnuts are abrgining with Trump for for their support would probably make the healthcare for tens of millions of American’s WORST than BEFORE Obamacare……

Trump NO longer cares about his promise for eveyone to keep their insurance…It is now about him getting a POLITICAL WIN.

As of this date MOST Americans do NOT want the Law Repealed….

Remember all that talk during the health reform debate about why men should have to pay for maternity care? What politicians were really arguing about was the “essential health benefits” provision in Obamacare.

In an attempt to make the insurance marketplace fairer and more viable, the law required insurance products sold in the individual market, the fully insured small-group market, and for people who got Medicaid through the state expansions to cover a list of 10 “essential health benefits.” The list included some pretty basic medical care — like pregnancy and maternity care, and lab tests.

Republican Congress members have been pretty consistent about their desire to get rid of this part of the law. It has driven the cost of premiums up, and, they argue, limited Americans’ freedom of choice. But you probably haven’t heard much about the “EHBs,” as they’re called among health wonks. That’s because the assumption has been that killing the provision wouldn’t be possible under the budget reconciliation procedure the GOP is using to rush the American Health Care Act through Congress. (As Vox’s Dylan Matthews explained, the procedure includes the Byrd Rule, which says reconciliation can’t be used to pass provisions that are “incidental,” or don’t change the overall level of federal spending or revenue.)

Now, it seems, that might be wrong. In an attempt to win more support from the party, the latest GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would get rid of the law’s EHB requirement for the individual and small-group markets. (The previous draft of the American Health Care Act already did away with the EHB requirement for Medicaid expansion enrollees.)

They are about as basic as they sound. Here’s the full list, from

Outpatient care without a hospital admission, known as ambulatory patient services
Emergency services
Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care
Mental health and substance use disorder services, including counseling and psychotherapy
Prescription drugs
Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, which help people with injuries and disabilities to recover
Laboratory services
Preventive care, wellness services, and chronic disease management
Pediatric services, including oral and vision care for children….


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March Madness 2017…The Brackets….

The field is set for 2017’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The bracket was revealed Sunday night, with No. 1 seeds Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas, and Gonzaga. Here is our full bracket, which will update live through the tournament. And here’s a link to our printable bracket, just for you.

The 68-team sprint to the finish starts this week and runs until April 3. The bracket was revealed during the Selection Sunday special on CBS after the last conference tournament games wrapped earlier in the day.

The tournament’s First Four is on Tuesday and Wednesday in Dayton. The first round gets played Thursday and Friday. The sites for those games are Buffalo, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Salt Lake City on Thursday, and Indianapolis, Tulsa, Sacramento, and Greenville, S.C., on Friday.

full bracket updated ncaa tournament


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The Dallas Cowboys to trade QB Tony Romo….

You KNEW THIS was coming folks…..

Tony Romo is now expected to be traded rather than released by the Dallas Cowboys, with both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans being potential trade partners, according to league sources.

Details are not clear but the Cowboys now believe they have a trade that will work for Romo and the team, sources said.

Thursday afternoon, Romo posted a message for Cowboys fans on Instagram.

The Broncos also have been talking to the New York Jets about a trade involving quarterback Trevor Siemian, sources said.

If the Jets cannot land Siemian, they have discussed adding Jay Cutler, who will be released by the Bears, according to sources….


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Ways to speed up Major League Baseball Games?

Image result for major league baseball boring?

The NY Times asked for Idea’s…

Here’s some of the answers….

Broaden the Audience. Shorten the Ads.

Major League Baseball wants more action and less downtime during games. That’s probably asking too much, because hitters are paid to work deep counts while pitchers throw harder, with better movement, than ever before. It’s no accident that the number of strikeouts rises every year.

The larger issue, of course, is expanding the business, which means attracting more fans. And baseball won’t touch the biggest impediments to that effort, because it would mean less money now. Want to make the game move more quickly? Cut every commercial break by 30 seconds. Want more people to watch in the postseason? Insist that Fox show the League Championship Series on its regular network, not on the hard-to-find Fox Sports 1.

This is most important: Make the World Series appointment viewing, as it was a generation ago. October will mark the 30th anniversary of the last World Series game held in the afternoon. If you want to appeal to young fans in all areas of the country, let them watch at least one World Series game every year before bedtime. They’ll repay that good-will gesture when they grow up, if baseball can wait that long for the payoff. — TYLER KEPNER

Seven Innings Are All You Need

Enough about the idiosyncratic habits that obviously slow the game down, but are also part of the game’s natural appeal and help build drama. My advice is to shorten the game. No, I mean, really shorten the game. Reduce it to seven innings from nine.

Beyond the time saved, think of the benefits in eliminating two innings. Starting pitchers would throw far fewer pitches, needing to only go four innings to record a victory. The scourge of serious arm and shoulder injuries would very likely diminish. Not having to rely on middle-inning mediocrity before getting to the late-inning studs would also quicken the pace of games. Many games might take between two and two and a half hours, or the time it takes to play most soccer and basketball games. Games starting at 7 in the evening would be over by 9:30, making it easier for fans on work and school nights. After the seventh inning, everyone could get up, stretch and go home. — HARVEY ARATON

There’s More….

image…The Atlantic

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The Islanders Hockey team could be coming to a Belmont Race Track site…

The New York Daily News is reporting that some serious New York movers and shakers are beginning to get behind the idea…

It seems that James Dolan has a better relationship with the Rangers’ rivals Islanders than he does with Charles Oakley.

Dolan, who owns the Rangers and Knicks, as well as the Wilpon family, which owns the Mets, are just a few members of an investment and development group now tied with a proposed new arena for the Islanders.

The potential new home for the Isles may wind up being built near Belmont Park in Elmont, according to Bloomberg.

The New York Racing Association currently owns the plot of land, which would be far easier for Long Islanders to travel to for Islanders games than the Barclays Center is.

The Islanders are being assisted in their proposal project by Oak View Group, which Dolan is an investor in through his Madison Square Garden Co., and Sterling Project Development, which the Wilpon family controls, according to Bloomberg…..


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Sailing 35th America’s Cup: Recapping Land Rover BAR’s Big Week

Afternoon all!
On the 6th of February the British Challenger Land Rover BAR became the 1st Team to launch a brand new ACC 50 Race Boat. Time to recap & reflect the past week….

Monday 6th February (Launch Day)


The Race Boat was christened by Ben Ainslie’s Wife Georgie Ainslie. The Land Rover BAR Base was christened by Bermudas Minister of Economic Development, the honorable Grant Gibbons.




During the 7th to the 10th February various Team Members of the Land Rover BAR’s Programm were introduced….

Tuesday 7th February

Meet Land Rover BAR’s Race Tactician Giles Scott…


Wednesday 8th February

Meet Land Rovers BAR’s Chief Meteorologist Jessica Sweeney….


Thursday 9th February

It’s about being the best of the British says Land Rover BAR Skipper & Team Principal Sir Ben Ainslie…


Friday 10th February

Meet Land Rover BAR’s Head of Engineering Dirk Kramers. He has been building America’s Cup Boats since 1977. It’s just in his bones….


Daniel G.

Note on Upcoming Launches:

Defender Oracle Team USA will unveal their ACC 50 Race Boat on Tuesday February 14th in Bermuda while Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand will unveal their ACC 50 Race Boat on Thursday, February 16th in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll have Full Reports on their Launches sometime next week.

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NBA Starts a New Pro League Based on Video-Game Basketball

…from Bloomberg  Technology….

Gamers play the NBA 2K17 video game.

Photographer: Chesnot/Getty Images

To go along with its actual, professional basketball league, the NBA is creating a new division for players who excel at video-game basketball.

Based on Take Two Interactive’s NBA 2K series, the new esports league will mimic the structures and conventions of the NBA. Five-person teams will be supported and operated by actual NBA franchises. A first for U.S. professional sports, the NBA 2K eLeague will begin with a player combine, then a draft, with regular-season games and playoffs coming in 2018.

“There’s an untapped audience on both sides of the equation,” said Matt Holt, the NBA’s vice president of global partnerships. “On the NBA side, we have a lot of fans who don’t play the 2K game, and I’m sure there are 2K players who aren’t fans of the NBA. This is another chance to engage them.”

It’s also a chance to reach gamers more broadly. Market research firm Newzoo estimates that competitive video gaming will be a $1 billion industry by 2019, and basketball executives and players have been early adopters. The owners of the Philadelphia 76ers purchased and merged two esports teams in 2016. Sacramento Kings co-owners Mark Mastrov and Andy Miller invested in a team alongside Shaquille O’Neal, and Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis and Golden State Warriors part-owner Peter Guber teamed up to acquire another. The Houston Rockets in December became the first major U.S. sports franchise to hire a full-time esports executive….


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Sailing 35th America’s Cup: Brits to launch ACC 50 Race Boat tomorrow

Evening all!

Tomorrow Preparations for the America’s Cup Qualifiers (Start May 26th 2017) starts in earnest. The British Challenger Land Rover BAR will become the first Team out of Bermuda to reveal & launch their brand new America’s Cup Class Boat (ACC). A Special Edition of the “Inside Tack with Georgie Ainslie (Ben’s Wife)” will be on the Land Rover BAR Facebook Page starting at 16.00 GMT LIVE from their Base Headquarters in Bermuda with Skipper Sir Ben Ainslie and BAR’s CEO Martin Whitmarsh to answer Questions. British Media from BBC and BT Sport have also descended into Bermuda the last couple of Days. It took about 85,000 Hours of Design, Building, Simulation and Training & Testing to built R1.

Also, with tomorrows launch Land Rover BAR’s 28-Day Blackout Period has ended and from February 7th the Team is permitted to train on R1.

I’ll have updates on this Post throughout the Day tomorrow.

Daniel G.

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Sunday’s 51st National Football League’s Super Bowl…

Image result for superbowl 51

The Patriots and Tom Brady are now officially one game away from getting the ultimate revenge on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

If the Patriots can knock off the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, it will set the stage for what could go down as the most awkward trophy ceremony of all-time as Goodell will have to either hand the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady, Patriots owner Robert Kraft or coach Bill Belichick.

The trophy usually goes to the owner, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Kraft to defer to Brady, especially since Brady was forced to miss the first four games of the 2016 season thanks to Goodell’s punishment for Deflategate.

Taking home the Lombardi Trophy won’t be easy though. If the Belichick and the Patriots want to take home their fifth trophy, they’re going to have to knock off the high-flying Falcons.

For the past six weeks, the Falcons have been blowing by everyone: Atlanta has scored at least 33 points in each of its past six games, which includes four regular season games and two playoff games.

Of course, the Super Bowl is different. Many teams have struggled because the moment gets too big, which is something the Falcons will need to avoid. The game against the Patriots will mark Atlanta’s first appearance in the Super Bowl since a 34-19 loss to the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII back in January 1999.

The game will also mark a chance at revenge for Falcons coach Dan Quinn. Before taking the job in Atlanta, Quinn’s was with the Seahawks. In his final game with Seattle, Quinn was the defensive coordinator in Super Bowl XLIX, which coincidentally just happened to end with Quinn’s team losing to the Patriots when the Seahawks decided not to give the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the one-yard line.

On the Patriots’ sideline, Belichick will be coaching in his NFL-record seventh Super Bowl. Belichick had held with the record of six with Don Shula, but now holds it by himself….


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Just get in the Refs face….

FiveThirtyEight points to why National Football Laegue coaches do get on the Refs when they close by them in the middle of the football field sidelines…..

It seems to work….

Image result for belichick and refs

Most NFL refs would likely say they are immune any sideline bias. “If I make a call because a coach is screaming at me on one side of the field and it’s wrong, that’s a bad day for me,” former NFL official Scott Green told us. (The NFL declined to comment.)

But as it turns out, a sideline bias in the NFL is real, and it’s spectacular. To prove it, we looked at the rates at which refs call the NFL’s most severe penalties, including defensive pass interference, aggressive infractions like personal fouls and unnecessary roughness, and offensive holding calls, based on where the offensive team ran its play.

For three common penalties, the direction of the play — that is, whether it’s run toward the offensive or defensive team’s sideline — makes a significant difference. In other words, refs make more defensive pass interference calls on the offensive team’s sideline but more offensive holding calls on the defensive team’s sideline. What’s more, these differences aren’t uniform across the field — the effect only shows up on plays run, roughly, between the 32-yard lines, the same space where coaches and players are allowed to stand during play….


image…Bleacher Report

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Sailing 35th America’s Cup: Rule Changes and Updates…Jan. 10, 2017

Evening all!

It has been awhile since I last wrote about the Cup. The America’s Cup is the most coveted prize in Sailing, however it’s also a Cup of huge controversy and the 35th Cycle of it is no different.

Rule Change

On December 16th 2016, rougly a month ago the Protocol governing all the Dates & Specifics of this years Event got amended. All 6 Teams including Defender Oracle Team USA now have to take a 28-Day Blackout Penalty in which they can’t test/sail their newly built ACC 50 (America’s Cup Class) 50 Race Boats. Teams originally were permitted to launch these new Race Boats which will be raced this year starting May 26th 2017 on December 27th 2016 150 Days prior to the 1st Race of the America’s Cup Double Round Robin Qualifiers. The Launch Date for the 4 Teams located in Bermuda will now be on the 6th of February 2017 or around that Date assuming the 4 Teams started their 28-Day Period on January 9th 2017 (yesterday). You may ask why did this all happen: The ACEA (America’s Cup Event Authority) under Supervison of former Oracle Team USA CEO Russell Coutts and former ACEA Commercial Director Harvey Schiller canned/scrubbed an Event in Auckand which was apparently promised to the New Zealand Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand back in 2015. Unfortunately all the other Challengers who have nothing to do with this fiasco have to suffer as with the 28-Day Period.

Meanwhile in Bermuda…
The Race Boat for the British Challenger Land Rover BAR arrived at the Bermuda Navy Dockyard on January 3rd 2017…
unnamed (3)

It will now be assembled getting ready for the Launch on February 6th 2017.

Meanwhile in Auckland…
the New Zealand Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand taking a “Different Approach”. Per Team Skipper & Wing Trimmer Glen Ashby they will launch their ACC 50 by the end of January in Auckland and start Training Sessions on the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland using the New Zealand Summer. They will use the 28-Day Blackout Period to ship their Boat to Bermuda probably starting late February.

Revised America’s Cup Class 50 Launches

Defender Oracle Team USA: 6th February 2017
Challenger Land Rover BAR (GBR): 6th February 2017
Challenger SoftBank Team Japan (JPN): 9th February 2017
Challenger Artemis Racing (SWE): No Launch Date given to date but believed in February 2017 as well
Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL): End of January in Auckland
Challenger Groupama Team France (FRA): Taking a similar approach as TNZ launching & sailing their Boat in France and then using the 28 Day Period to ship to Bermuda.
Daniel G.

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Key Calendar Date’s for 2017….

The Washington Post  lists Political, Governmental, Sports and what else dates to mark on your calander if ya much care….

The liberal world order faces existential threats in the year ahead, as Donald Trump tries to eviscerate Barack Obama’s legacy, Vladimir Putin maneuvers to install additional allies in other western capitals and Angela Merkel seeks to survive the continuing populist backlash.

The Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal are in danger. The future of Syria, Ukraine and the South China Sea hang in the balance.

The stock market is surging and consumers are more confident, but the economy is fragile and CEOs are terrified that the new president might target their business next. The Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the second time in a decade last month, and the board plans to do so again in 2017. But how much and when remains unclear.

There are many other “known unknowns” about the coming 12 months. Congress will vote to “repeal Obamacare,” but what comes next? Will conservatives cave on a trillion-dollar infrastructure package, ballooning the deficit? Will the Wall Street guys who Trump has stocked his government with be able to stop him from launching destructive trade wars? How young will Antonin Scalia’s replacement be?

There are also “unknown unknowns.” The hard truth is that more terrorist attacks, perhaps on American soil, are inevitable. There are scandals we can foresee, but many others we cannot. And we’re being careful not to offer firm forecasts after so much conventional wisdom turned out to be so wrong last year. As Yogi Berra said: It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

Since the start of the decade, I’ve produced an annual list of notable dates to prepare for in the upcoming year. It’s a useful exercise that forces planning and facilitates longer-term thinking. The 2016, 2015 and 2014 versions hold up well. Continuing the tradition, here is what I am putting on my calendar for 2017…..

Jan. 3: The 115th Congress convenes today. Republicans have control of both chambers and the presidency for the first time since 2006 and now plan to push the most ambitious conservative policy agenda since the 1920s.

Jan. 4: Dueling Obamacare rallies. President Obama visits the Capitol for a photo opp/pep rally with congressional Democrats about the importance of defending the Affordable Care Act, while Mike Pence visits his old stomping grounds to discuss repealing it.


Jan. 5: John McCain holds a hearing on Russia’s election-year hacking. Liberated by his reelection, the 2008 Republican nominee may emerge once again as the main maverick in the Senate. Trump wants to move onto “bigger and better things,” whatever that means, but the former POW still has scars from his service on the frontlines of the Cold War. Literally. So he’s not about to look the other way as an ascendant Russia wages a quiet war against the United States just because his party now controls the White House. The Director of National Intelligence and the head of the National Security Agency are among the witnesses that Mack the Knife is hauling before his Armed Services Committee. (Walter Pincus has more in his new column this morning.)

Jan. 10: Obama delivers his farewell address. The White House said yesterday that the speech at McCormack Place, where Obama spoke on election night in 2012, will “offer some thoughts on where we all go from here.” Since George Washington began the practice in 1796, farewell addresses have often been among a president’s most memorable speeches, often played on a loop in their libraries. Recall Dwight Eisenhower’s prescient warning about “the military-industrial complex” and Ronald Reagan’s inspiring paean to “the shining city upon a hill.


Jan. 20: Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Watch for a flurry of executive orders and bill signings during the hours after he’s sworn in. The transition team will huddle this week to discuss which ones will get top billing.

Jan. 21: Demonstrators will gather on the National Mall for the 2017 “Women’s March on Washington,” protesting the newly-minted President Trump. The event is expected to attract thousands….


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Ronda Rousey needs to stay with acting…

Second time in a row the fighting actress gets beat in the ring….

This time?

She doesn’t make it thru the first minute….

She needs to give up the ring….

Ronda Rousey rose to fame by handing out one-sided beatings. Her fall has occurred in the exact same fashion.

In her first appearance since a stunning knockout loss to Holly Holm last year, Rousey (12-2) suffered another lopsided defeat to defending bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes on Friday. The 135-pound championship fight headlined UFC 207 inside T-Mobile Arena.

Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight just 48 seconds in, as Nunes (14-4) rocked Rousey with right hands along the fence. Rousey did not go unconscious, as she did from Holm’s infamous head kick, but she was essentially out on her feet. It is the fastest knockout finish of Nunes’ career.

UFC women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes, right, scored the fastest knockout of her career, needing just 48 seconds to defeat Ronda Rousey in their main-event title bout Friday night at UFC 207. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“I’m stopping everybody like that,” Nunes said. “When I asked for this fight, I knew everything. I was preparing my mind, spirit, body. I know Ronda Rousey is big. They know and love Ronda Rousey, but no one is going to take this belt from me.”…


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Russian Sports official’s admit widespread doping operations…

…from the New York Times…

Russia is for the first time conceding that its officials carried out one of the biggest conspiracies in sports history: a far-reaching doping operation that implicated scores of Russian athletes, tainting not just the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi but also the entire Olympic movement.

Over several days of interviews here with The New York Times, Russian officials said they no longer disputed a damning set of facts that detailed a doping program with few, if any, historical precedents.

“It was an institutional conspiracy,” Anna Antseliovich, the acting director general of Russia’s national antidoping agency, said of years’ worth of cheating schemes, while emphasizing that the government’s top officials were not involved.

A lab director tampered with urine samples at the Olympics and provided cocktails of performance-enhancing drugs, corrupting some of the world’s most prestigious competitions. Members of the Federal Security Service, a successor to the K.G.B., broke into sample bottles holding urine. And a deputy sports minister for years ordered cover-ups of top athletes’ use of banned substances.


Russian sports officials had vehemently denied the doping operation’s existence despite a detailed confession by the nation’s former antidoping lab chief, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, in a New York Times article last May that was subsequently confirmed by global antidoping regulators…..


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The National Football League Custom Cleats….

The NFL has encouraged it’s players to sport custom cleets (shoes ) representing for their causes for week 13 of play….

We feature some of them…

Image result for NFL custom cleats
Image result for NFL custom cleats
image…The Daily Dot
Image result for NFL custom cleats
image…CBS Local Sports
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Sailing 35th America’s Cup: Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing moves to Bermuda…

Evening All….
The long awaited move by the British Challenger for the 35th America’s Cup, Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing to Bermuda, has finally commenced and Sailing Operations on their T3 Test Boat will begin in earnest next week…

2889The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series is over and Land Rover BAR have two vital bonus points forward into the next stage of the competition for the 35th America’s Cup. The team now start the transition of sailing operations from Portsmouth to Bermuda.

The well-known Wall Street Journal has also a very insightful Article up about Britains Quest to get their Cup back after 166 years of hurt….


The biggest Innovation which certainly has never been done in Cup History before by the British Challenger is a fully functional & operational “Mission Control Center” back home at their Main Base in Portsmouth, UK. Engineers & Designers will be able to see in “Real Time” what happens during Testing & later during Racing in Bermudas Great Sound. The Mission Control Center was first inaugurated during the America’s Cup World Series Event in Chicago back in June.


(It’s similar like when the United States still had their Space Shuttle Programm up and running with the KSC at the Cape having the On-Site Operations and then the Mission Control in Houston)
Richard Hopkirk, Engineering Manager for Land Rover BAR described the “Mission Control Center” as a big breakthrough.

Racing for the 35th America’s Cup starts with the ACQ in Bermuda on May 26th 2017.

Daniel G.

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