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Progressive and Liberal Democrats are getting mad at their President…..

This from Jerome Armstrong over at…..

In my view, the last two weeks, the swing of Markos/DKos, Howard Dean,, DFA/PCCC into a more antagonistic activist-based approach has been long overdue. FDL, Glenn Greenwald, David Sirota and others, have been there waiting too; understanding that the politics of the Lieberman/Nelson/Lincoln approach demand that progressives be willing to lose a battle in order to win concessions. RJ Eskew is right: “In a very practical sense the Deans, Hamshers, and Taibbis are accomplishing more than any other progressives to get a better bill.”

This from Huffington …….

The Senate Health Care Bill– Leave No Special Interest Behind:

As we approach the end of Obama’s first year in office, this public subsidizing of private profit is becoming something of a habit. It is, after all, exactly what the White House did with the banks. Just as he did with insurance companies, Obama talked tough to the bankers in public but, when push came to shove, he ended up shoving public money onto their privately-held balance sheets.

This is not just bad policy, it’s bad politics. …There are many reasons for hoping the current Senate bill doesn’t become law. But the biggest reason of all is the desperate need for a DC pattern interrupt. The desperate need to draw a line in the sand against the continued domination of our democracy — and the continued undermining of the public interest — by special interests.

They are not happy at themselves for trusting Obama and sitting bcak….heck they could have read the Dog…I mentioned several times that in the end Barack H. Obama is a more…no less…and tht he wanted a bill…that’s all….I put out there he would NOT fight for the ‘Public Option’ anymore than he would fight for anything else….indeed…the guy was out of the country during every key time Reid had a problem in his chamber and Pelosi had a problem in hers……

and the Republicans where dead after Obama’s instaliation as presdient with both house’s in democrat hands????


…..more from Armstrong……

Absent bipartisanship, Did Republicans Blunder on HCR? Heck no, they played it to a tee:

… if Republicans had played ball, they would have been in a position to eliminate the public option, demand deficit neutrality, and so forth … but they had Democratic centrists to do that work for them, and they won all those battles, to some extent at least, without having to vote for the final bill. Whereas winning the larger war, over the design of the legislation, was probably beyond their capabilities whatever negotiating strategy they took.

…judged purely as a short-term political strategy designed to derail the legislation, it’s hard to argue with the results. Public opinion has turned dramatically against the bill, and every swing-state Democrat who votes for it is courting political suicide. If you’re an opposition party trying stop a legislative juggernaut, that’s exactly the kind of landscape you want to create: One where your opponents know, as they ponder how to vote, that they might well be choosing between the bill they want to pass and the majority they want to keep.

the last ditch effort  …….

Markos (Daily Kos)

…improve the bill. We’re not done fighting.I have to say there is a fairly big split in the progressive, online community, between those who just want to take a deal, anything, and move on to the next big issue, and those of us who haven’t quit fighting. I have to say, the reason Obama that is now talking about drug re- importation, cheaper drugs from overseas, is because we are continuing to fight.

If you laid down arms, you know what? The Ben Nelsons and Joe Liebermans, they keep extracting concessions. We cannot, at any point, lay down our guns and stop fighting.

Once we have a final bill, and things are set in stone, then we can re-examine that bill. But right now, things can still change. To stop fighting for that change, to me, is patently ridiculous.

Any positive change from here on out is going to be because we keep pushing from the left not because we say, “Good enough. Let’s pass it.”

ah, Good luck fella’s ……..

But you were warned here at the little ole’ Dog……

It was your own fault for believing in the impossible…..Politicans are Politicans…we love some ..hate others…but deep down they are all dog robber’s…..all of them

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Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani will NOT run against Kirsten Gillibrand for her senate seat…….

I have said repeatedly here and at Politics1…that Rudy would not run….That he couldn’t take the pay cut….That he didn’t want Bernie Kerik dragged up……that above all he would not fit in the Senate’s old boy seniority style operation…..


While he polls well ahead of Gillibrand ….it was never an option for him……..

Good…the GOP could do better……

This makes it three races in a row he quit ……..

I think his political career  is over……

Update:…….here’s another link …….

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Rasmussen poll numbers for North Dakota Senate race……

Rasmussen Survey

North Dakota

John Hoeven (R) 58 %
Byron Dorgan (D) 36 %
Undecided 6 %

Byron Dorgan (D) 52 %
Duane Sand (R) 37 %
Others 3 %
Undecided 8 %

I’ll bet Dorgan would like to see Sand win the GOP primary huh?

Update:….it appears that things are not what they may seem to be….we’re checking on things up there in North Dakota…..stay tuned….

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The Zeigeist (economic data) for the week of Decemeber 20, 2009….

The Zeigeist (economic data) from the Atlantic Magazine for the week of December 20, 2009……

Obama Average Job Approval  48.7%

Obama Favorability  53.6%

Right Direction / Wrong Track  35.5% / 56.9%

Congressional Approval  26.5%

Standard & Poor’s

S&P 5001  102.08 (up 268 points since 1/20/09)

National Federation of Independent Businesses

Small Business Optimism Index  88.3 (down 0.9% from October)

ABC News/Washington Post

Consumer Comfort Index  45 points below zero

U.S. Department of Labor

Initial Weekly Jobless Claims  480,000 (down 105,000 since 1/20/09)

Interest on 30-Year Fixed Mortgage  5.03%


Newly foreclosed properties in November  306,672

U.S. Department of Labor

Unemployment  10.0%

U.S. Department of Labor

Consumer Price Index  +0.4 in November

Mortgage Bankers Association

Quarterly Delinquency  9.64%

National Association of Realtors

Sales of Existing Homes, Annual Rate (Monthly  )6.10 million in October  (up 10.1%

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Senator Bill Nelson has been brought on board.….and it seems that Senator’s Snowe and Collins will join the 60 Democrats giving the bill a bit of bipartisan backing……


The Democrats may be sloppy, and let it all hang out….but they have just about done it……

And President Obama is out of town….but on the phone ….I’m sure…..

Note:…..Watch the polls over the Holidays… should be interesting…….if they have Snowe and Collins…..they really don’t need Lieberman … they?…ah, a deals a deal……

Update:.….The ‘Public Option’ is replaced by non-profit insurance companies and the ‘Pro-Choice’ coverage question is left up to each state……..the process pieces should be coming out  in a day or two….does Reid get a bump in the polls?

You see what can happen when BushII has retired?……Healthcare…..better Economy…….Alright!

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The 2010 House and Senate elections, as they look right now from the Cook Political Report shop….

The Democrats holding the House, and “a wash” to minimal gains in the Senate and Governor races?……

For me…it’s to darn early to write off the Senate or Governor races from the dem’s….but he makes a living doing it…..

Here’s their  current call over at the Cook’s Political Report……..

In an email, Charlie Cook summarizes the Cook Political Report‘s midterm election forecast with just about eleven months to go:

“Our House Editor, David Wasserman, estimates, based on what we know today, that Republicans will make a 20-30 seat net gain in the House. A month or so ago, he judged that it would be a 15-25 seat pickup for the GOP. To hit a 41-seat net gain, which would flip control of the House, would necessitate more Democratic retirements in tough districts. There would need to be perhaps seven to ten more members like John Tanner and Bart Gordon of Tennessee, Dennis Moore of Kansas and Brian Baird of Washington.”

“Our Senate/Governor Editor, Jennifer Duffy, currently estimates that the range of outcomes in the Senate could run from a wash, with neither party gaining a net seat on the other, up to a three seat gain for Republicans. In the gubernatorial races, she sees the same likely outcome, a wash to a GOP gain of three seats.”

This is from Politico……..

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Pat Quinn stays ahead of the field in the latest Rasmussen poll Illinois Governor poll……

We did a poll on this race a few days ago, from a local source….the national polling people over at  Rasmussen concur with those results…..Pat Guinn is comfortably ahead in this race…..

Rasmussen Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

Patrick Quinn (D) 41 %
Andy McKenna (R) 33 %
Others 11 %
Undecided 15 %

Patrick Quinn (D) 45 %
Bill Brady (R) 30 %
Others 13 %
Undecided 13 %

Patrick Quinn (D) 41 %
Kirk Dillard (R) 30 %
Others 10 %
Undecided 19 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 43 %
Andy McKenna (R) 30 %
Others 5 %
Undecided 21 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 46 %
Bill Brady (R) 27 %
Others 8 %
Undecided 19 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 42 %
Kirk Dillard (R) 29 %
Others 8 %
Undecided 21 %

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New Rasmussen poll for Michigan Governor…….

Rasmussen Survey

Michigan Governor 2010

Mike Cox (R) 39 %
John Cherry (D) 34 %
Others 9 %
Undecided 17 %

Peter Hoekstra (R) 46 %
John Cherry (D) 32 %
Others 6 %
Undecided 16 %

Mike Bouchard (R) 42 %
John Cherry (D) 32 %
Others 6 %
Undecided 20 %

John Cherry had better start getting busy…he’s got a year to pull up his numbers………he’s behind all the Republicans… there anyone else THAT CAN RUN UP THERE?

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New Q polls for Pennsylvania Senate race……..

Quinnipiac University Pennsylvania Poll……

2010 Senate Race

Democratic Primary

Arlen Specter 53 %
Joe Sestak 30 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 15 %

General Election Match-Ups

Arlen Specter (D) 44 %
Patrick Toomey (R) 44 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 11 %

Patrick Toomey (R) 40 %
Joseph Sestak (D) 35 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 22 %

Ole’ Arlen comfortably ahead in the primary and neck and neck in the general….look for the guy to survive the switch over in parties……Sestak just ain’t getting it in both contests…

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Whites will become the minority in the United States by 2050…….

uh…oh……what’s this country going to do?

…’s the story by Sam Roberts  in the New York Times……

Without new immigrants, by the middle of the century the nation’s population would begin to decline, the elderly would account for nearly one in four Americans and non-Hispanic whites would remain a majority, according to new projections by the Census Bureau.

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Numbers currently for Pennsylvania Governor…primaries and general election……

Quinnipiac Pennsylvania Governor Poll

Pennsylvania Governor 2010

Democratic Primary

Dan Onorato 14 %
Joe Hoeffel 8 %
Jack Wagner 7 %
Chris Doherty 6 %
Tom Knox 5 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 59 %

Republican Primary

Tom Corbett 38 %
Jim Gerlach 12 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 47 %

2010 General Election

Tom Corbett (R) 45 %
Dan Onorato (D) 30 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 22 %

Tom Corbett (R) 43 %
Jack Wagner (D) 33 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 23 %

Tom Corbett (R) 46 %
Joe Hoeffel (D) 30 %
Others 1 %
Undecided 23 %

The democrats seem to be behind at this date here….I expect things to pick up for them though….

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Current Florida general election contest for Senator…….

Rasmussen Survey

Florida Senate 2010

General Election

Marco Rubio (R) 49 %
Kendrick Meek (D) 35 %
Others 4 %
Undecided 12 %

Charlie Crist (R) 42 %
Kendrick Meek (D) 36 %
Others 11 %
Undecided 11 %

This one is a surprise for me…..I would think that Kendrick Meek the leading democrat would do better against Marco Rubio at this time….but my alter-ego here at the Dog thinks Rubio is for real….I will argue that Meek should be able to close (carrying democrats, indie’s and moderate GOPer’s) if Rubio pulls out the nomination, since there should be problem with Rubio moving to the right of Crist (who lead this by miles a few months ago), who is a moderate republican….moderates are an endangered species these day’s huh?

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Current Missouri Senate Poll for you………

The Democrats should be happy with this one……

Rasmussen Survey

Missouri Senate 2010

Robin Carnahan (D) 46 %
Roy Blunt (R) 44 %
Others 4 %
Undecided 6 %

Roy Blunt has never led in ANY PUBLIC POLL put forward in 2009. This guy is a complete disaster…….

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Hillary Clinton finds redemption as the Nation's Secretary of State….

While Barack Obama won the democratic primary for presdient….and went on to get the job…..a strange thing has happend….Hillary Clinton has found redemption from the nations ‘news-watching’ public.…she currently leads the President in the Clarus Poll and a recent Gallop poll…..

The former First Lady and New York State Senator ran one the worst first half season presidential primary campaigns (which cost her the nomination), but has found that people respect her trademark hard work ethos and her traveling all over the planet for her country and her boss…but,  to be fair to the president…. she has excaped the poll robbing problems Obama has been saddled with…..Healthcare, The Economy and Wall Street bailouts…..

While not in the drivers seat…and tired from being on the road more than the president (image that?) she must smile to herself when she see’s Obama taking shoots from the right…and the left….he, he, he

You know…..if she keeps this up she could run????………..

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New Rasmussen Poll has GOP Florida senate primary race tied!……

Charlie Crist,  the Florida Governor has lost his entire lead to former state House speaker Marco Rubio…….

The newest poll has both tied at 43% each……

We have all watched as the moderate Crist began to lose his lead to the right leading Rubio…..Crist like others in both parties (a lot of democrats in GOP district’s are not running next year) is a victim of the GOP move to the right to regain voters after the Obama presidential win……

My hope is that Rubio’s ascension in the polls and right leanings, will help Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla) capture the senate seat in the general election……

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New Rasmussen poll…..62% of Americans's think Afghanistan will be a Harder fight than Iraq…..

They’re right…..and I agree……..

Here’s the piece …….

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