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Elizabeth Warren gets pushback on a lefties only wish for Democrats….

If you haven’t been listening here at the PDog you might think the 2020 Democratic Presidential sweepstakes  hasn’t begun….

You’d be wrong….

Coming out of last November’s Hillary Clinton Clinton loss there was , and still is a push by Bernie sanders and Elizabeth Warren Lefties and Progressives to drag the Democratic party THEIR direction to the EXCUSION of some Democrats who have more moderate views on things like abortion and guns….

It appears that establishment (Obama and Clinton types) and the new Democratic flavor of the month, Senator Kamala Harris, are FIRM in their defense of a ‘Big Tent’ Democratic partying forward for 2018/2020 …..

A Gallup poll out this week showed that more than 6 in 10 liberal respondents have favorable views of Warren. But the same poll showed some respondents were split in support of her: 34 percent said they had a favorable opinion of her while 31 percent viewed her negatively.

While it’s still early in the 2020 race, Obama and Clinton loyalists have signaled that they have a favorite or two among potential candidates, including former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

In recent months, Harris has preached inclusivity, calling on Democrats to embrace centrist Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who have been targeted by the party’s liberal wing.

Amid the 2020 speculation looming around Harris, she has maintained that her immediate priority is helping embattled candidates in the 2018 midterm elections, including moderates and centrists.

“We can’t afford to be purists,” Harris said at an event earlier this year, according to the Los Angeles Times. “You have to ask that question of yourself. Are we going to be purists to this resistance to the point that you let these guys go? Or can you understand that you may not agree with 50 percent of their policy positions, but I can guarantee you will disagree with 100 percent of their replacements’ policy positions. So, that is part of the question. What do we have to do in this movement to be pragmatic?”

At the same time, Warren is fighting to preserve her own space in the 2020 battle, should she choose to run, Manley said…..


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Donald Trump stands Defiant…And increasingly Alone…Open Thread for 8/16/17…

In a pattern that got him last years GOP Presidential nomination and the Presidency itself?

Donald J. Trump has pushed back against what is expected of person who is supposed to be leading the nation and LOUDLY proclaimed HIS version of the truth….

Pushed into walking away from the rightwingnuts that supported him and are against Minorities and Jews…

Trump doubled back to blaming the racial and religious  violence in Charlottesville on EVERYBODY except the White Power types that have been shown on TV being the aggressors…

We’ve always said here the Trump operates in an Alternate Universe and his actions recently seem to be proof…

A mixture of listening to rightwingnuts and anger at being led to do the ‘right thing’ seems to have made the man VERY angry and defiant…

(He STILL has his base people..But even that number is dropping in new polling…They seem to be ALL he has?)

And seems to be pushing him away from what ever support he has had from establishment GOPer’s…Not many are up front in chastising his action in the last 48 hours…But those same establishment GOP lawmakers that he needs to get any legislation passed ?….(Congress voted AGAINST him on Russian sanctions…There is NOT Obamacare Repeal and the Congress is getting ready to take away Trump’s ability to withhold Healthcare Insurance subsidies)

They have to be wondering WTF they would be going out on a limb to do what a New York Real Estate guy, who could give a shit about anybody but him wants….

“After Trump won the election he had the whole party behind him, except for some malcontents in Washington, but that’s shrinking now,” said one GOP strategist who requested anonymity to talk candidly about the president’s standing with his party.

“Even when all we heard about was the dysfunction and staff infighting and leaks, most Republicans were in lockstep behind the president,” the strategist said. “It feels like that is starting to break. It feels like this is getting away from him.”….



Trump is sure to point to his being down though in the nomination race and the general election…And how he came back against the odds …BOTH TIMES….

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Trump National approval numbers drop… Republican numbers also…Poll…

The Marist Organization joins other polling outfits in revealing a steady drop in approval Donald Trump moving into 8th month of being President…

65% of American do NOT like his being in office….

Trump’s supporters like to point to his approval among Republicans as being double that of the general public….

But the Maris poll has the Republican approval dropping almost 20% points in the 8 months since Trump got sworn in…

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating is at its lowest point since taking office with only 35% of Americans giving him a positive score.  55% disapprove of the job he is doing which is his highest negative rating as president.  Although still popular among his key constituency, notably, his job performance rating has dropped among strong Republicans from 91% in June to 79% now. In addition, by more than two to one, Americans who strongly disapprove of his job performance, 42%, outnumber those who strongly approve, 20%.  In June, his overall approval rating stood at 37%, and 51% disapproved.  At a similar time in President Obama’s tenure, 55% of registered voters approved of the job he was doing, and 35% disapproved.

“While Republicans are still largely in Trump’s corner, the cautionary tale for the president lies in the softening of support at his base,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “Since his numbers among Democrats and independents are weak, a crack among his most ardent supporters is something Trump can ill afford.”

More Americans also have a negative impression of the president. 60% of residents, including one in five Republicans, view Trump unfavorably, representing his most unpopular standing since assuming office.  Only 34% have a favorable view of him.  When this question was last reported in June, Trump’s negative score was 56%, and his positive rating was 37%.  There has been a drop in the proportion of strong Republicans who have a positive view of the president from 94% in June to 80% this time…..


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Anti-Trump Independents as a Third party?

Fed up with Trump co-opting the Republicans and fed up with Democrats?

A Centrist Party group third party get together is in the works….

(The piece points to this being a majority disenchanted GOPer thing….)

The independents are banding together.

That is, 13 independent candidates who feel they don’t fit in the Republican Party in the age of Donald Trump are joining forces with a few registered Democrats, all looking at runs for governor and Senate in 2018. The plan is to create shared infrastructure and funding for a slate of campaigns around the country, in the hopes of making this more than the latest go-nowhere whining about how awful the two-party system is.

But with a historically unpopular Republican president in the White House and a Democratic Party in epic disarray, they think this is actually their moment.

On Friday, leaning hard into the symbolism of declaring their independence, the group—put together by the Centrist Project, founded by Charles Wheelan, an academic at Dartmouth—will meet at the Union League in downtown Philadelphia for a weekend-long mini-convention. They’ll get briefings on campaign mechanics and polling. They’ll get a rundown on potential staff hires and interested donors. A member of En Marche, French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, will do a briefing on how a party that didn’t exist a year ago won the presidency and now a majority in the National Assembly. Two prominent former Republican operatives—Matthew Dowd, chief strategist for George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign, and Reed Galen, who worked on both Bush campaigns and was John McCain’s 2008 deputy campaign manager—will weigh in with advice.

The model, they hope: Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, a lifelong Republican who quit the party two months before the 2014 election, picked a Democrat as his lieutenant governor/running mate, and squeaked out a win against the Republican incumbent. Walker recently announced he’s running for reelection, and he says he never looked back at his decision to leave the GOP—and that was before Trump split the party with a working-class message and heretical stances on entitlement programs, trade and basic decorum….



The mention of France’s Macron is a bad example..His  numbers have dropped from 65% approval to 36%…..

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FiveThirtyEight’s look back at why the Media missed the boat on last years Presidential…

Image result for clinton/trump

In a piece written back in January (and with updated links below) Nate Silver blames just about EVERYBODY on oversimplifying last years election reporting and predictions….

He blames the polling for being overly nationalistic…

he blames the pundits and forecasters for NOT realizing the extent of damage James Comey inflicted on the Clinton campaign…

He blames the media for herd journalism and not noticing later in the campaign the changes in the polling…

He blames his own self for following the thought that Hillary Clinton could NOT lose….

And he blames the NY Times for running two shops….

One the inside one that sold the idea that Hillary Clinton WOULD win no matter what….

And the political side like the Upshot that DID notice and report the closeness of the race in the end….


I didn’t really see it but Silver claims that the media is NOW trying to make up for it’s miss by overselling the idea that Trump’s Republican support NOW is stronger than the polling shows….

Consistent polling over the last several weeks HAS shown that President Trump IS losing support down to the middle 30%’s….A level that is lower than any President in modern history….


I believe that Silver is arguing that the polls REALLY did NOT get things that far off the mark…

Trump LOST the popular vote…

Silver argues that Clinton’s big electoral win was more of Pennsylvania and Florida not the other few states….That she gained with Latino’s but lost with the Democratic bedrock vote of Blacks’…And that her ground game wasn’t all that bad.

And points NOT to Trump’s strength in campaigning, but to the loss of less educated white males in swing states….(Later polling analysis shows that Middle Class white’s in those two states also left Clinton hanging…)

The picture further goes to show that while Democrats do well in Blue states?

They are at a disadvantage in the electoral college if they cannot pull in the swing states…The idea that the popular vote demographic FAVOR Democrats is the opposite of the electoral college field…

To win you must win TWO distinctly difference election races on Presidential election day…

Here’s the link….

Winning the job of President of the United States is a HIGHLY complex endeavor and Nate Silver’s piece kinda says sometimes the win fell to a  guy who just beat people down for his adopted parties nomination and just lucked out running against an unpopular woman, who made mistakes in her personal life she couldn’t sell to the right voters….


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Young White Guys and the Democrats future candidates list…

As the post Barack Obama Democratic party regroups from Hillary Clinton win/lose last November?

FiveThirtyEight points to something nobody seems to have said out loud….

A good amount of the people running for office for the Democrats are fairly young while males….

They are NOT cut from the Bernie Sanders cloth either….

A few are ex-military and most of them are pragmatic , borrowing a bit from the parties left and middle…They are more of the Bill Clinton ‘feel ya pain’ types that can gain the white vote that Obama lost since 2010 , while trying to keep the minority vote he commanded….(Black tend vote Democratic in the end?…Well they can stay at home a bit like they did for Hillary Clinton also)

Obama, of course, was a figure of incredible historical import — the first black major party nominee and then the first black president. His promise of change was economic — he was the (relative) outsider fixing the mess of the financial crisis created by craven New York and D.C. insiders — but also cultural: voters, black and white, could cast a ballot for him and be a part of history.

Kander, Ossoff, Perriello, and Buttigieg offer the promise of change as well, but the meaning of that change is more vaguely implied. Each has promised to bring the message of the Democratic Party back to the people it has forgotten. That’s all well and good, but who exactly are those people?

Clockwise from upper left: Jon Ossoff, Tom Perriello, Jason Kander, Pete Buttigieg.


Since the election, a debate has been raging in the Democratic Party about the best path to electoral victory: appeal to whites who voted for Obama and later Trump, or turn out those who stayed home in 2016, namely black voters?

This group of newcomers’ appeal is in part to white voters, and the attention given to Kander, Ossoff, Perriello and Buttigieg in recent months suggests Democrats are, consciously or not, leaning most toward the plan of winning back white voters. Election results for these men do show certain promising patterns. Though Kander lost his Senate race, he outperformed Clinton’s 2016 and Obama’s 2012 showing in a number of places and outright won counties that neither Clinton nor Obama could swing, namely Platte and Clay, outside Kansas City. Both Platte and Clay are wealthy and white places — each is 87 percent white, and the median income is $68,254 in Platte, $62,099 in Clay — and are in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District, represented by Republican Sam Graves. Graves won reelection in 2016 with 68 percent of the vote in the district…..


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Big Democratic donor’s look past Joe Biden to Kamala Harris…

The Hill is out with another piece that points  to California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris being the early choice of establishment Democrats …Not Joe  Biden , who leads in Democratic early polling for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination…( Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat)….

Image result for kamala harris

As we all know , but shall be repeated anyways….

Biden is 74 years old….Harris is 52….

The donors the Hill contacted ALL supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…

As I have pointed out here?

Kamala Harris IS the early leader with Democratic insiders…Not Biden, who has been to the altar several times but never blessed by the party…

It’s early….

But NOT that early….

And having donors in your corner is what ya want if you are gonna run for President in2020….

Major donors to former President Obama aren’t committing to Joe Biden.

While it is exceedingly early in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination, top Obama donors are signaling that Biden cannot depend on their support.

Some say they might prefer a fresher face.

“He’s got more than 40 years in Washington,” one Obama donor said of Biden.

“He’s the opposite of what the party says it wants right now. He’s going to have a tough time if he runs.”

The Hill contacted more than 10 top donors to Obama for this story.

None of them would commit to backing Biden, and many of them said they preferred to find a new voice to run against Donald Trump in 2020.

On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat, the donors say they are picking up on the party’s mood for a new direction, and that they have to be practical about who they back financially.

“[We’ve] gotta be realistic and strategic, not emotional,” said one top fundraiser to the Obama-Biden tickets in 2008 and 2012. Democrats can’t support a candidate over obligation, the fundraiser added….



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Kasich LEADS Trump in early New Hampshire GOP 2020 Presidential Primary poll…

Way too early….

And Trump is NOT on the attack….

But an interesting result…

(The Jimmy Carter one term comparison comes up again….)

This is only the second time since the New Hampshire Poll began in 1976 that potential challengers of the same party were tested against an incumbent president. The first time was in the September 1978 New Hampshire Poll when Jerry Brown and Edward Kennedy were included in a ballot question with Jimmy Carter….

NH Republican Presidential Primary Ballot
Kasich Trump Undecided
Likely primary voters 52% 40% 8%
Republicans (65%) 51% 42% 7%
Undeclared voters (35%) 54% 37% 9%
Men (50%) 40% 53% 7%
Women (50%) 64% 28% 8%
18 to 49 (40%) 49% 42% 9%
50 and older (60%) 54% 39% 7%
Approve of Trump job (44%) 37% 56% 7%
Disapprove of Trump job (53%) 64% 28% 8%


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Will Sen Collins stand up to Trump hurt her back home?

Image result for susan collins

The word is Collins might looking to run for Governor back home in Maine….

Polling indicated that she win the election hands down….

Problem is ?

Conservatives would probably try to knock her out of the Republican primary first….

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is Maine’s most popular politician and if she runs for governor in 2018, she may be a shoo-in — if fellow Republicans don’t block her path to the Blaine House.

The senator was one of three Republicans to vote against party leaders’ latest bid to repeal the Affordable Care Act last month, dealing a fatal blow to one of President Donald Trump’s key priorities. It led Gov. Paul LePage to escalate a intra-party war against her.

The conservative governor told party members in Canaan that she’ll “back down” on the gubernatorial run she’s considering if his base rejects her. He wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed saying Collins and Sen. Angus King, an independent who voted with her, are “dangerous.”

Collins has been named the most moderate U.S. senator and has irked conservatives before. If she stays in the Senate through her term’s end in early 2021, this may be little more than a flashpoint, since she regularly registers approval ratings above 65 percent here.

But if she runs for governor in 2018, several active Republicans told the Bangor Daily News that they would expect a tough primary fight. Mary Mayhew, LePage’s former health and human services commissioner, is the only Republican to declare so far with more hopefuls on the horizon…..


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With Donald Trump floundering?…Several Republicans head out on the 2020 campaign trail….

Donald Trump as the incumbent President just 6 months into his term shouldn’t be worried about the 2020 elections…

He SHOULD be governing….

But THAT isn’t the case…

With no major legislation passed….

With the lowest poll numbers in recent history….

And with a Special Procutor sniffing around his campaign and finances?

A LOT of people join this dog is believing that Trump won’t be strong for the 2020 elections, let alone be in office….

Image result for trump worried


Several Republicans are hitting the primary trail, despite Trump’s raising money for the 2020 elections that should have him as the Grand Ole Parties choice to keep his office from the jump….

Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have already been to Iowa this year, Gov. John Kasich is eyeing a return visit to New Hampshire, and Mike Pence’s schedule is so full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president hoping to clear the field than a No. 2 sworn in a little over six months ago.

President Trump’s first term is ostensibly just warming up, but luminaries in his own party have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for 2020 — as if the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue weren’t involved.

The would-be candidates are cultivating some of the party’s most prominent donors, courting conservative interest groups and carefully enhancing their profiles. Mr. Trump has given no indication that he will decline to seek a second term.

But the sheer disarray surrounding this presidency— the intensifying investigation by the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the plain uncertainty about what Mr. Trump will do in the next week, let alone in the next election—have prompted Republican officeholders to take political steps that are unheard-of so soon into a new administration.

Asked about those Republicans who seem to be eyeing 2020, a White House spokeswoman, Lindsay Walters, fired a warning shot: “The president is as strong as he’s ever been in Iowa, and every potentially ambitious Republican knows that.”

“They see weakness in this president,” said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona….



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A counter view of Democrats House chances next year…

While his OVERALL numbers continue to drop?

His support in base area’s has held firm….

Vox is out with a piece that examines the Trump base….And throws some cold water on the pundits that have been increasing  thinking that Democrats efforts to get the US House back are good….

The Jeff Duo piece paints a different view of the problems that Democrats will have encroaching on Trump territory to try make gains in House races that are needed to get the 24  or more House seats to make Nancy Pelosi the House Majority Leader….AGAIN…

It appears that in congressional districts held by Republicans, there remains a core group of right-leaning voters who don’t seem concerned about the messy dramas emanating from the White House.

The pattern is the same when we narrow the focus to the closest 25 congressional districts on either side. (The pattern also persists when we look at close counties, which rules out gerrymandering as an explanation, since county lines are not regularly redrawn for electoral reasons.)

So what’s happening here?

It’s important to point out that the data set we’re using is massive, but not without its caveats. Our 50,000 respondents come from online surveys, and while this a nationally representative sample, it might not precisely capture the opinions of those who shun the web. Furthermore, our results end in the first week of July (our August survey is currently in the field), so they don’t reflect the latest shifts in public opinion. A lot happened in July — the Don Trump Jr. emails, the failed Senate health care bill, the brief, wondrous White House career of Anthony Scaramucci — and other polling suggests that these controversies have caused Trump approval to slip further in recent weeks.

What’s safe to say is that Trump approval has remained surprisingly resilient in the places that matter most to Democrats right now: the districts they hope to win in 2018.

Our polling data also casts a different light on the special House elections of the past few months, where Democrats have made startling gains. In the high-profile race for Georgia’s Sixth, for instance, Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff nearly defeated Republican Karen Handel, even though the district went Republican by a 62-38 margin in 2016. (For reference, GA-6 doesn’t even count as one of the 50 closest Republican districts.)

Many pundits took the close Ossoff-Handel race as a sign that backlash against Trump would trigger a Democratic surge in 2018. Overall, though, our surveys suggest that Democrats will have a tough time in vulnerable Republican districts, where opinions about Trump have been slow to change — particularly among the Republicans and swing voters that Democrats will need to rely on to win seats.

All of this seems to be another sign that Americans are divided, not only by ideology but by the information they consume and the company they keep. Trump approval might be declining across the nation, but not so much in the Republican enclaves that Democrats desperately hope to flip…..


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Trying to carry Trump has it’s downside for Republican lawmakers….

They go home AGAIN with little to show for their efforts in Washington DC since Trump arrived….(and has been beating them up just like during last years campaign)

The Senate left town for the rest of the summer Thursday, bringing a historically unproductive period of governance to a close for Republicans, who failed to produce any major legislative achievements despite controlling Congress and the White House.

The Affordable Care Act they vowed to undo stands untouched. The sweeping tax overhaul they pledged has not materialized. A worsening relationship between President Trump and congressional Republicans threatens to create new roadblocks in September, when a looming funding crisis could shut down the government.

By their own accounts, Republicans have failed to enact the ambitious agenda they embarked upon when Trump and the GOP majorities swept into power in January. The president has fallen well short of the legislative pace his two predecessors set in their first six months on the job.

The lack of a signature accomplishment Republican lawmakers can highlight at home this month has given rise to a new level of finger-pointing and soul-searching in a party that stood triumphant eight months ago after winning back full control of the federal government….


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West Virginia Democratic governor switches to GOP…

Image result for west virginia gov

…from Politico….

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced a party switch Thursday evening in a surprise appearance with President Donald Trump in Huntington, West Virginia.

“Today, I will tell you, with lots of prayers and lots of thinking, I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor,” Justice said. “So tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican.”

Justice’s flip is further confirmation of his state’s sharp rightward turn, and reflects Trump’s widespread popularity in a state the president won by a landslide in 2016.

Trump, who has promised to restore lost coal industry jobs, has lavished attention on West Virginia since taking office.

Justice, who seldom worked with other Democrats, recently spent a well-publicized day hunting with Donald Trump Jr. — a familiar political optic in a largely rural state with a strong hunting tradition. But his move still blindsided his old party, which is now left with control of just 15 governor mansions.

Rumors that Justice was going to make the switch circulated throughout the day, but West Virginia Democrats and multiple national Democrats who have worked for Justice in the past said he gave them no notice on the party switch….


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Could a Democrat dispose Nevada GOP Senator Dean Heller?

The guy wanted to do the right thing on Healthcare Repeal…

In the end he backed own….

He now has issues….

Democrats need to any and ALL US Senate seat wins they can get next year….

RENO, NV - APRIL 17: Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) listens at a town hall with Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) inside the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on April 17, 2017 in Reno, Nevada. Heller and Amodei spoke with constituents for over two hours on key issues including immigration reform and healthcare.   (Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images)

Dean Heller

Sen. Dean Heller cannot be having a good day. A new poll shows the Nevada Republican in serious trouble as he heads for his 2018 re-election bid. Public Policy Polling has zero good news for Heller, and some very good news for Democrats looking to unseat him.

  • Heller’s job performance approval is just 22 percent, with 55 percent disapproving.
  • Heller trails a generic Democratic opponent, 31 percent to 50 percent.
  • The poll was taken July 26 to 27, just before Heller voted (again) for Republican healthcare repeal plans. Asked if they approved or disapproved of “the Senate Republicans’ health care repeal and replace plan that is currently being debated, 54 percent of people said they disapproved. Again, and it can’t be emphasized enough, Heller voted for that plan.

To recap: Nevada voters don’t approve of the job Dean Heller is doing in Washington. They didn’t approve of it before he went to the mat for a healthcare repeal bill they also don’t approve of. And if the election were held today, his Democratic opponent would take 50 percent of the vote to Heller’s 31 percent.

Heller is beatable, but he will benefit from a lot of Republican dark money between now and Election Day 2018,…


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Donald Trump just won the Presidency…It Shows

Donald Trump was NOT supposed to win the Presidency….

In fact?

Image result for trump

He LOST the popular vote by almost THREE MILLION votes….

He started off with just 44% of American’s happy with him in the Real Clear Politics average…

THAT number has dropping in the last few days to 38.4%….

In just about ALL polling, independent, democratic and republican leaners?

Trump is BELOW 40%…..

We add these numbers to Trump’s inability to have signed ANY major legislation generated by his adopted parties, (which he ran against) majority led House and Senate….(and locking the Democrats out of things)

And top things off with NUMEROUS personnel changes on the front pages of the news media and Donald Trump’s tweets that highlight his inability to tell people the truth….

All of this is giving America and the World a President that is weak politically and getting weaker by the day….

……while presidents’ parties don’t always march in step with the White House agenda, partisanship can count for a lot. Even within Jimmy Carter’s White House, which was notorious for clashing with Congressional Democrats, party loyalty guaranteed a certain amount of support.

This means that Trump came into the White House at a disadvantage. Although his victory has sparked a lot of interest in why he won, the fact remains that he won fewer votes than Hillary Clinton and a below-average share of the Electoral College for a winning candidate. He also won with much less support from his own party than most newly elected presidents have received. Moreover, he articulated plenty of positions that were at odds with the GOP’s usual stances (and sometimes at odds with his own previous statements). This is especially true on health care: During his campaign, Trump promised to cover more people for less money, but that’s not what the House and Senate bills did, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates of their impacts.

Finally, while the political conditions go a long way toward determining how “strong” a president is, the White House needs a certain amount of organization to take full advantage of them. First, when it comes to policy, the main advantage that the president has over Congress is coordination. While Congress has to balance the ideas and opinions of 535 people, the executive branch can theoretically speak with one voice. Here the problems within Trump’s White House are about more than optics…



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Extreme candidates help the other guy/gal….Poll….

Another advance look and lesson for next years Midterm elections….

Extreme candidates for the House of Representatives do worse than moderates because they mobilize the opposing party to turn out to vote, according to new research from Andrew Hall and Daniel Thompson of Stanford University.

Political scientists and campaign experts have been divided for decades about whether candidates are successful when they win over swing voters — those who aren’t loyal to any party — or when they encourage members of their own party to show up at the polls. The research suggests that when it comes to ideologically extreme candidates, the deciding factor might be the other party’s turnout.

Donald Trump actually LOST the popular vote by almost 3 Million…..
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