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Mitt Romney and Iowa….

My,  How things change….

Not T-Paw….

Not Bachmann…..

Not Perry….

Not even Cain…..

Mitt Romney is Up in Iowa….

Could he lock up the nomination there?

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of early-state momentum,” said Brian Jones, a top Republican strategist who worked on President George W. Bush’s reelection bid. “If [Romney’s] able to mount an effective Iowa campaign, win New Hampshire and then slingshot into Nevada, that would put him in a very strong slot for the rest of the primary calendar.”

Other leading Republicans agreed Iowa is up for grabs.

“Iowa is extremely wide open. I could make an argument for why all seven [candidates] could win this thing,” said Bob Vander Plaats, a 2008 gubernatorial candidate and head of the socially conservative Family Leader organization. “It’s risen in its importance because of the calendar shifts and the candidate dynamics.”

That’s a change of pace from earlier this year, when former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Bachmann seemed to have the inside edge and Romney

wasn’t looking to repeat his 2008 mistake — when he spent big in Iowa and came in second in the caucuses.

But an NBC News/Marist poll out earlier this week showed Romney winning the state with 26 percent…..

The Republicans further their push against Union rights and the NLRB in the Boeing case…

There is a basic push going on in America…

If you haven’t noticed it …

He’s the story…

The GOP is after Labor Unions, Collective Barginning and Organizing…

More than a century ago people demonstrated and died to force Big Business to provide safe working environments, humane working rules and fair pay….

Under the guise of a poor economy these things are under attack….

Starting with paybacks after last November’s elections to Government Workers benefits and collective bargaining rights…..

The wave has been building in the GOP to undo Labor in every nook and cranny in this country….

From Cops, To Firemen, To Teachers, To Clerks……in Government far and wide….

And also in private business…..

Such as Boeing….

The National Labor Rations Board was put in place to arbitrate disputes between Labor and Management more than century ago…

And the Republican’s in Congress want it gone….

While this Dog would be the first to stand in line a vote for cuts in CERTAIN Rules and Regulations…

Getting rid of the NLRB would not be on my list…

Read this linked piece below…

And you’ll understand why I think this agency needs to keep doing its job…

And why the American people are going to the streets to protest about Big Business in America…

In April, the labor board’s acting general counsel filed a complaint against Boeing, alleging that the company retaliated against unionized workers by opening a nonunion aircraft facility in South Carolina, instead of using a facility in its home state of Washington. Citing multiple public statements by Boeing executives, the general counsel contended that the company decided to locate the plant in South Carolina in significant part to punish its Washington workers for having exercised their right to strike, enshrined in the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

Boeing has an opportunity at trial and in administrative and court appeals to disprove these allegations. It also may avoid the general counsel’s proposed remedy — an order restoring the aircraft production in question to Washington — if it can show that the order would be unduly burdensome.

But for Republicans, the legal process is beside the point.

Representative Darrell Issa of California has disparaged the labor board as a “rogue agency,” and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called the general counsel’s complaint a “job killer” — even though the outcome of the case will determine only the location, not the number, of jobs. Last month, in an ambush against a federal agency’s powers in a pending case, the Republican-controlled House, voting almost entirely along party lines, approved a bill that would eliminate one of the paramount federal rights afforded workers for decades by prohibiting the labor board from ever ordering any employer to restore jobs illegally outsourced or relocated….


The Winner of the Politico Primary Vote…..Hillary!

From Politico…..

Hillary Clinton

(AP )


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she wouldn’t stick around for a second Obama term, but online fans hope she is not finished with politics.

Clinton ran away with the POLITICO Primary, a weeklong feature in which readers were asked to select their fantasy candidate for an independent presidential run.

Suggesting that the Clintons might have another act on the national stage, POLITICO Primary voter @ChristopherFTL tweeted that the secretary “has the smarts to do the job Obama can’t.”

@MarinoBetz said she is “tough, experienced with trouble & won’t quit.”

And @Iverson7502 said: “she is just epic :).”

The secretary tallied well ahead of second-place finisher David M. Walker, the former comptroller general who has been taking his fiscal-responsibility message to campuses and town halls nationwide….


Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Democrats & Republicans both plan more state Senate recalls….

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

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Leading Off:• WI Recall: Yeah, baby! As I’d hoped, Wisconsin Democrats are in fact planning on more state Senate recalls, to go along with their efforts to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Indeed, Dem chair Mike Tate says “”It would be irresponsible of the party to not jump on that opportunity.” The Journal Sentinel identifies three initial targets, Sens. Pam Galloway of Wausau, Terry Moulton of Chippewa Falls and Van Wanggaard of Racine, and adds that Democrats may go after others as well. Just based on the numbers alone, Dale Schultz could also wind up on the list, though he has long cultivated a very “moderate” profile and is generally thought to be pretty popular.

But what’s good for the donkey, of course, is also good for the elephant. Republicans want to pile on a couple of recalls as well—though fortunately, they don’t have as many viable targets as we do. They’re mainly talking about targeting Julie Lassa (whom they failed to file enough signatures against this year) and Kathleen Vinehout, but both sit in districts that John Kerry won. GOP Senate Majority Leader also suggested they might try to recall Minority Leader Mark Miller, which we should hope they try, since Miller sits in a very blue seat. Anyway, it’s game on once more!

3Q Fundraising:

• CT-Sen: Rep. Chris Murphy (D): $650K raised, $2 mil cash-on-hand

• IL-08Raja Krishnamoorthi (D): $314K raised, $636K cash-on-hand; Tammy Duckworth (D): $477K raised (revised upward from $386K)

• IN-Sen: Sen. Richard Lugar (R): $842K raised, $3.8 mil cash-on-hand ($3.2 mil avail. for primary)

• KY-Gov (since 5/17): Gov. Steve Beshear (D): $4 mil raised, $1 mil cash-on-hand; David Williams (R): $1 mil raised, $262K cash-on-hand

• MT-Sen: Sen. Jon Tester (D): $1.2 mil raised, $3.1 mil cash-on-hand

• NC-07: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D): $225K raised, $550K cash-on-hand; David Rouzer (R): $200K raised (in six weeks), $193K cash-on-hand; Ilario Pantano (R): $65K raised, $29K cash-on-hand

• OH-Sen: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D): $1.25 mil raised, $4.2 mil cash-on-hand

• RI-Sen: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D): $550K raised, $2.6 mil cash-on-hand

• RI-01Rep. David Cicilline (D): $202K raised; Brendan Doherty (R): $130K raised; John Loughlin (R): $23K raised

• TX-Sen: Ted Cruz (R): $1.1 mil raised, $2.4 mil cash-on-hand

• VA-Sen: Tim Kaine (D): $1.3 mil raised, $2.5 mil cash-on-hand

• WI-Sen: $738K raised, $1.5 mil cash-on-hand (Baldwin formally entered the race on Sept. 6)

Plus a whole bunch more numbers from The Hotline in this roundup.


• HI-Sen: Another union for Dem Rep. Mazie Hirono: The 6,500-strong Hawaii Carpenters Union, described as “the state’s largest private-sector construction union.”

• MA-Sen: If you’re going to plagiarize from someone’s web site, why the hell would you steal from Liddy Dole, of all people? Yet that appears to be exactly what Scott Brown’s web team did. As David Schraub zinged on Twitter, the Brown campaign must have “[f]igured no one’d be in position to recognize it.”

• NE-Sen: This interesting article from the New York Times answers two questions that had been lurking the back of my mind about those ads the Nebraska Democratic Party has been running on behalf of Sen. Ben Nelson. First, where did the NDP get all that money, some $600K or so? Turns out they mostly got it from the DSCC. Secondly (and this is the focus of the piece), how is it that Nelson, who appears prominently in footage shot specifically for these ads, able to legally coordinate with the state party? It turns out that (as election law expert Rick Hasen puts it) we’re sort of in a brave new world here:

[Nelson campaign manager Paul Johnson] and other Democrats said the ads do not run afoul of the rules in part because they do not come within 90 days of next year’s election — a blackout period for coordinating efforts — and they deal with “issues” without expressly urging Nebraskans to vote for Mr. Nelson.

The “issue” dodge has long been used, but the coordination here is unusual. As Hasen notes, though, it doesn’t appear to be illegal. Karl Rove’s American Crossroads has asked the FEC for an advisory opinion on the matter, so if this passes muster, I expect we’ll see a lot more like this.

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Democrats and Labor will do more State Senate recalls in Wisconsin……

I am NOT AT ALL surprised at this move….

Which will put the GOP in that state in a continual fight and will play into the 2012 Elections by rallying the Democratic and  Labor base in the state…

Look for the Republican’s out there to cool their heels a bit….

But they HAVE NOT done badly in against the recall movement taking only small loses…

Wisconsin Democrats just recently announced their official campaign to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, following their near-miss earlier this year to recall their way to a majority in the state Senate. But that’s not all: The recall-Walker campaign will also include another bite at recalls for the state Senate.

Under Wisconsin’s recall law, elected officials must have served at least one year of their current term before being recalled — thus exempting earlier this year the half of the Senate that was just elected in 2010. With half of the state Senate up for election every two years, this meant that only those senators who were last elected in 2008 could be targeted for recalls during this past year (and also that the attempt to recall Walker would have to wait). But now, headed into 2012, that ceiling has been lifted.

“There is an opportunity here, given the large-scale effort under way, to target some of the senators who stood by Walker,” state Dem spokesman Graeme Zielinski told the Wisconsin State Journal. “You will know in time who we’re targeting.”

On the other side, Republicans are in turn eyeing recall counter-efforts against Dems. “At this point, no decisions have been made, but all options are on the table. We will wait and see what the Democrats decide to do, and then weigh our options and move forward,” said Dan Romportl, executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate.

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Capping ‘Protect Life’ by deregulating coal ash: Today in Congress

by David Waldman @Daily Kos…

The U.S. Capitol Building at sunset, as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue.  Photo by Mark Noel (

Recapping yesterday’s action:The House bookended hosting a joint session addressed by the President of South Korea with the passage of the “Protect Life by Letting Women Die Act” and the “EPA Regulatory Whiner’s Relief Act.” That’s… uh… that’s it. That’s unbelievable in light of what’s really happening in this country, but that’s actually what they did, regardless. And as the Huffington Post points out, it also means the House followed up its “Protect Life Act” with a bill the EPA saysmay kill 20,000 people. And if that’s not enough, well, there’s the matter of today’s post’s headline.

The Senate had considerably less to do yesterday, but at least some people got jobs as a result. Three judicial nominees were confirmed, as well as a new ambassador to South Korea. What timing, eh?

Looking ahead to today:

The House has a typically short Friday schedule (insofar as a Friday schedule is typical at all), and looks to make a quick exit after considering the “Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act.” I think we can all make a good guess at what that’s about. And while we’re guessing, let’s note that there are six amendments pending—one “manager’s amendment” offered by the Republicans, and five Democratic amendments. Who would like to offer a prediction on the number that’ll actually pass? I’m thinking one.

Today’s floor and committee schedules appear below the fold.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls off Park close down….March Downtown sparks 4 arrests….

The mayor blinked….

Last night we posted here that this thing was going to get bigger and NOT go away….

Bloomberg and the Police are in a no-win situation….

Small aressts will be reoprted by the media and only make things grow…

While the majority od protesters I’m sure are peaceful….

There are ALWAYS people attracted to demo’s that seek confretation…

The police will try to weed those people out…

But in this media age those actions will atrract camera and attention which will only serve to dish MORE emotion into cause…

That emotion will trigger more people…..

The Police need to set firm boundries ….

Police those boundries….

And ….

Keep a good eye on the doing’s INSIDE and OUTSIDE….

While maintaining a dialogue withe the leadership and holding them acountable

I haerd someone on TV last night tell a reporter…

‘It best to just to let this thing run it’s course’

He was right……

'The powers that be can't touch us and this proves it:' Protesters, police clash

NY Daily News

OccupIn a sudden and striking about-face, the city and the owners of Zuccotti Park postponed a cleanup of the area early Friday that would have temporarily uprooted Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway fired off a statement just 40 minutes before the expected 7 a.m. showdown between cops and protesters, saying Brookfield Properties tabled its plans to power-wash the site.
Mayor Bloomberg, speaking on his radio show a couple hours later, said Brookfield made the decision after getting pressured by a number of city pols.
“My understanding is that Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying, ‘If you don’t stop this, we’ll make your life more difficult,'” Bloomberg said.
“If those elected officials would spend half as much time trying to promote \[the\] city and get jobs to come here, we’d go a long way to answering the concerns of the protests.”
“The longer this goes on, the worse it is for our economy. You just go down and talk to the stores in the neighborhood – there’s one or two selling more pizzas, but most of them say this is hurting,” Bloomberg added.

News of the postponement set off a wild celebration among the hundreds massed at the park, which they have occupied for the last four weeks. They hugged, sang, danced and beat on drums – all the while proclaiming victory.


Morning Political Roundup for October 14, 2011…RedRacing Horses….The Hermanator…

by: BostonPatriot

It’s Cain’s Wold! It’s Cain’s World! It’s party time, it’s excellent!POTUS

Cain: The Hermanator has gotten to the front of the pack by playing to the base, and this ought to keep them satisfied. Speaking on a Tennessee talk radio show, Cain mentioned Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint as the kind of people he’d look at for VP.

9-9-9: Grover Norquist isn’t a fan of Cain’s tax plan, preferring to modify the current tax code instead of adding a sales tax. Ironically, Norquist says he’d rather the President leave tax reform to Congress…but the point man for fiscal issues in Congress, Paul Ryan, said yesterday that he loves the “specific and credible” 9-9-9.

Perry: This could end up looking like a very shrewd move. Sagging in the polls, Perry sent his wife Anita out on the trail in South Carolina, where she lamented that Rick had been “brutalized” by his party because of his faith. Perry is a man without direction at the moment, and if this is the first step in trying to rebuild the Huckabee “moral majority” coalition, he may start to gain some traction with the religious right.

Romney: Rush Limbaugh brought down the hammer on Romney yesterday, stating, “he’s not a conservative.” Granted, Romney’s core constituency has never been Rush listeners, but this is the kind of stuff that could hurt him if he ends up in a protracted one-on-one battle with someone like Perry or Cain.

Florida: ARG! American Research Group has a very hit-or-miss track record, so take this poll with a grain of salt, but Cain leads Romney 34-28 in the first large state on the primary calendar. As in most other recent polling, Gingrich (11%) is in third by himself. Cain’s lead is the product of 43% support from those who say they support the Tea Party.

Nevada: Boycott Arizona Nevada! The Silver State started the chain reaction that could push New Hampshire into December, and at least two candidates will boycott its caucus in protest. Gingrich and Huntsman are sitting out in support of NH, and Bachmann and Santorum may do the same. This probably won’t mean anything, however, unless one of the three big names joins the four minnows. (Paul, who did fairly well here in 2008, has pledged to compete in Nevada regardless of the date.)

New Hampshire: But the boycott may not be necessary. State GOP chairman Wayne McDonald is pushing back at Bill Gardner, saying that a December date would “diminish the significance” of the primary. He suggests January 10th, arguing that because Nevada is a caucus rather than a primary, it does not violate the “no similar contest with seven days” law.

New Jersey: Chris Christie’s popularity made me wonder if Romney could give Obama a run here, and Quinnipiac’s answer is…maybe, in a national landslide. Obama leads Romney 47-41 and Cain/Perry by double digits, despite majority disapproval (43/52). Republicans seem to have a ceiling of 48% in Jersey (maybe the big fella can break it in 2013).

Veepstakes: “Insiders” in both parties overwhelmingly selected Sen. Marco Rubio as the strongest choice for VP in a National Journal poll, mostly citing his eloquence and ability to appeal to Hispanic voters. Rubio has said several times that he has no interest in the job, and has had a generally quiet first year in office. Surprisingly, with all the focus on the Latino vote, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval did not receive a single vote.


2012 House Predictions…10/14/11…SE

Here’s a list of the districts that I think are either in play or probable takeovers for either party come 2012:

In Play

For Democrats: AR-2, CA-3, CO-3, CO-4, CO-6, FL-13, FL-22, IL-11, IL-13, IL-17, IN-8, IA-4, MD-6, MN-8, NE-2, NV-3, NH-2, NY-9, NY-13, NY-25, OH-1, OH-6, OH-7, OH-16, PA-6, PA-7, PA-8, PA-15, TX-23, TX-27, VA-2, VA-10, WI-7, WI-8
For Republicans: AZ-7, AZ-8, CA-11, CA-18, CA-20, CA-47, CA-51, CT-4, CT-5, GA-2, HI-1, IL-12, IA-1, IA-3, KY-6, ME-1, ME-2, MA-3, MA-4, MA-10, MI-5, MN-1, MN-7, MO-5, NJ-6, NM-1, NY-1, NY-23, NY-26, NC-7, NC-8, NC-11, OH-9, OR-1, OR-4, OR-5, PA-4, TN-5, TX-15, TX-35, VA-11, WA-9, WV-3

Probable Takeovers

For Democrats: FL-25, IL-10
For Republicans: AR-4, GA-12, IN-2, NC-13, OK-2, RI-1, UT-2, WA-2

The Senate: Democrats playing HEAVY Defense in 2012…Daniel…

Morning Dog Pak!

With the latest Recruiting Coup for Republicans that former Governor Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii) would run for for the States Open Senate Seat Democratic Prospects to hold the Uppper Chamber after the 2012 Elections grew EVEN MORE dismal.
The Cook Political Report immediately shifted the Hawaii Senate Race from Solid Democrat to Toss Up.
Jennifer E. Duffy writes:
“The 23 Democratic-held Senate seats on the ballot next year provide Republicans with a target-rich environment of races in GOP-leaning and swing states. Solidly blue Hawaii should not be a likely candidate for a spot on that list of targets. But, Republicans have managed to recruit the one GOP candidate who can make this race competitive. And, with former Gov. Linda Lingle’s announcement this week that she would run for the seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Dan Akaka, this race moves from the Solid Democratic column to Toss Up.”
According to the Cook Report Democrats now have 7 Toss Up Seats (Hawaii, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, Montana, Wisconsin and Virginia) and One Open Democratic Seat which is already in the ‘Likely Republican’ Column (North Dakota).
Democrats have also Two Seats which are ‘Leaning’ their way but could very likely be moved in the Toss Up Category (Ohio & Florida)
Usually when there is a close Presidential Race in both States as it is likely it usually affects the Senate Race.
Republicans have only Two Toss Up Races (Nevada & Massachusetts)
Daniel G.

Open Thread for October 13, 2011….

The Political Story these days is Cain vs Romney….

Not Perry vs Romney….

We’ll see how long the Herman Cain as the top Conservative plays….

And he keeps taking Rick Perry’s Poll numbers


We’ll be watching to see how the GOP Primary schedule works out….

President Obama is holding his own in the polls…

But he’s STILL going to have to get his game going better…

Occupy Protests are growing….

And the ‘authorities’ are beginning to come down on the demo’s…

So are the Republican’s who correctly reason that the actions ARE

Gonna favor the President and the Democrats….

We have ANOTHER GOP Debate coming up this Tuesday…

We’ll see if Cain can stay ‘loose’….

And Rick Perry just about closes the door for good on any come back…

I’m Glad to have you visit this place….



The Dog…..

Senator McCain will lead the charge against any Super Committe Defense cuts….

This Dog has pointed out that almost any cuts sent up by the Super Committee on the Defense Budget will NOT be looked favoribly upon by the House and Senate…

While the Administartion has ordered cuts to be made….

It may turn out that Congress may undo those cuts….

Now if there are NO cut to the Big Three Social Programs…


Little or No cuts to Defense…

WTF are there gonna be cuts?

Side Note…

I’m getting the feeling that the this whole ‘Super Committe ‘ caper is gonna be straight up Political BULL SHIT…

(From what I read they haven’t done a damn thing yet)

We’ll see if my nose is right…..

Cause McCain may be the only one with balls to say…

‘He ain’t having the cuts….’

(CBS News Photo)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says he’s so committed to defense spending, he’d overturn key provisions of the debt ceiling deal to protect it.

In a Capitol press conference Thursday, McCain told reporters he’d be “among the first” to suggest ignoring any cuts to defense that would take place if the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction (the so-called “Super Committee”) fails to produce a plan by Nov. 23.

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