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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce…

Image result for Brad pitt/angelina jolie

It’s tough being married to movie stars, eh?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are done, according to TMZ. The website reports that Jolie filed for divorce Monday citing irreconcilable differences, and she’s asking for physical custody of the couple’s six children. The problem isn’t another man — or woman — it’s Pitt’s parenting style, according to sources close to the couple. (Jolie was “extremely upset with his methods,” TMZ reports.)

But The New York Post reports there may indeed be another woman – and her name is Marion Cotillard, the French actress with whom Pitt spent several months shooting “Allied,” a World War II drama due out in November.

According to The Post, Jolie hired a private detective who quickly dicovered that Pitt and Cotillard were getting cozy on the set….



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Sen. Warren and Both parties Senators tear Wells Fargo CEO a new one…

The Bank has announced that they have fired up to 2,500 employee’s for creating false accounts to make money…..

Bank of America  Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf  walked into a verbal Buzz Saw up infront  of the Banking Committee of the US Senate this morning….

Wells Fargo & Co. Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf needs to step down, give back his compensation and face criminal prosecution for a scandal in which the bank opened 2 million unauthorized customer accounts, Senator Elizabeth Warren said.

“You should resign,” the Massachusetts Senator told Stumpf Tuesday as he testified before the Senate Banking Committee in Washington.

“You should give back the money you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Warren led a chorus of criticism against Stumpf as both Republicans and Democrats blasted Wells Fargo, demanding more accountability from the company’s leadership. The bank agreed to pay $185 million to authorities including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after a review found employees opened accounts and credit cards without customers’ permission. Stumpf, his right arm wrapped in a bandage, told lawmakers he was “deeply sorry” and detailed a five-year timeline of attempts the bank made to deter misconduct.

“The Wells Fargo board is actively engaged in this issue,” said Stumpf, 63. “The board has the tools to hold senior management accountable, including me and Carrie Tolstedt, the former head of our retail banking business….


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Bill Clinton bids a Farewell to His Foundation….

With the annual UN General Assembly get together in New York City this week  and the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative  also running…..

Bill Clinton was up on the stage ….

But this year things are different….

With his wife seemingly about get the job he had for four years and all the media attention?

Things are about change …..

Founded in 2005, the annual gathering of government, philanthropic and corporate leaders has produced hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable contributions for a range of causes through leverage applied deftly by the master networker-in-chief Clinton.

“No one had ever had a meeting where you invited political leaders, business leaders, philanthropists, NGO leaders from developing countries and from developed countries and in some case just concerned citizens and said, ‘Come here talk about the problems, but you actually have to commit to do something,’ ” Clinton said.

The model of linking private and government commitments for development work “has helped change the face of philanthropy,” Clinton said.

From now on, however, things won’t be quite the same. Clinton announced earlier this year that CGI would end in its 12th year, months before the presidential election. And if Hillary Clinton becomes president, the overall Clinton Foundation is expected to change significantly.

The foundation will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations. Its largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, will spin off into a separate entity, and Bill and Chelsea Clinton will leave the organization’s board.

The changes have come amid a firestorm over an appearance of conflicts of interest while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state as major donors to the foundation appeared to have called on staff at the State Department for favors, although there is little evidence that they were granted…..



The shame of this story is the Clinton have worked in a ‘Robin Hood’ fashions to provide assistance to HUNDREDS of Millions of people around the world thru their efforts while Donald Trump and others have labeled the effort suspicious ……

image…Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

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Clinton keeps at Trump’s Birther Flip-Flop….

While some in the Media have taken Donald Trump’s bait and moved away from his seemingly  effort to change his mind on Barack Obama ‘s birthplace….

Hillary Clinton is saying ‘Not So Fast’….

Trump is  a master to trolling the media  for a news cycle grab…Saying something ….Then getting a second day from it….Then saying something stupid or untrue to lean into ANOTHER day of capturing the Media cycle…

This time?

Trump wants the media pique to go away from the Birther story……

But there are people who feel that he should admit his Five Year Bull Shit hits at Barack Obama deserve a apology ….

Hillary Clinton has joined this  in front of a predominately black crowd of a thousand people at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation…


Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump on Saturday for his involvement in the birther movement, working to keep Trump’s role in the conspiracy theory on voters’ minds the day after the GOP nominee attempted to officially take it off the table.

Speaking to more than a thousand attendees Saturday night at the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual gala in Washington, the Democratic presidential nominee lit into her Republican rival for a Friday event in which the GOP nominee conceded — after years of falsely suggesting otherwise — that Barack Obama is a naturally-born U.S. citizen and eligible to serve as president.

“I know I speak for not just everyone in this room but so many tens of millions of Americans, Mr. President, not only do we know you are an American, you’re a great American. And you make us all proud to be Americans too,” Clinton said in her brief remarks accepting the CBC’s Trailblazer Award, and with Obama looking on from the audience.

Clinton’s dig on Trump came on a day when her campaign played offense on the birther controversy, including a video juxtaposing Trump’s Friday conference with criticism of the New York real estate mogul and fact checks of his claims.

She wasn’t originally planning to touch the birther issue, according to campaign aides. But it appeared to be too much to resist, and Clinton wrapped her slam on Trump into a wider play to African American voters to carry on the Obama administration’s legacy.

“It’s not about golf course promotions or birth certificates,” Clinton said. “It comes down to who will fight for the forgotten. Who will invest in your children and who will really have your back in the White House. We need ideas, not insults, real plans to help struggling Americans, to help communities that have bene left out and left behind. Not prejudice and paranoia. ….



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Donald Trump got $885 Million in tax breaks while making his Real Estate Profits…

That’s what the NY Times figures….

That’s almost a BILLION dollars we the payer had to replace …..

Could this be ONE of MANY reasons that Donald J. Trump is NOT gonna show the world his tax info…

Cause he’s been getting rich off of the Middle Class?

He’s a guy who borrows other people’s money and gets tax breaks , has had several bankrupies and NOT paid suppliers …..

And he wants to be President of the United States?

The way Donald J. Trump tells it, his first solo project as a real estate developer, the conversion of a faded railroad hotel on 42nd Street into the sleek, 30-story Grand Hyatt, was a triumph from the very beginning.

The hotel, Mr. Trump bragged in “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” his 1987 best seller, “was a hit from the first day. Gross operating profits now exceed $30 million a year.”

But that book, and numerous interviews over the years, make little mention of a crucial factor in getting the hotel built: an extraordinary 40-year tax break that has cost New York City $360 million to date in forgiven, or uncollected, taxes, with four years still to run, on a property that cost only $120 million to build in 1980.

The project set the pattern for Mr. Trump’s New York career: He used his father’s, and, later, his own, extensive political connections, and relied on a huge amount of assistance from the government and taxpayers in the form of tax breaks, grants and incentives to benefit the 15 buildings at the core of his Manhattan real estate empire.

Since then, Mr. Trump has reaped at least $885 million in tax breaks, grants and other subsidies for luxury apartments, hotels and office buildings in New York, according to city tax, housing and finance records. The subsidies helped him lower his own costs and sell apartments at higher prices because of their reduced taxes.

Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has made clear over the course of his campaign how proud he is that “as a businessman I want to pay as little tax as possible.”

While it is impossible to assess how much Mr. Trump pays in personal or corporate income taxes, because he has refused to release his tax returns, an examination of his record as a New York developer shows how aggressively he has fought to lower the taxes on his projects.

Mr. Trump successfully sued the administration of Mayor Edward I. Koch after being denied a tax break for Trump Tower, his signature building on Fifth Avenue. Two decades later, in a lawsuit that spanned the administrations of Mayors Rudolph W. Giuliani and Michael R. Bloomberg, he won a similar tax break for Trump World Tower, a building on First Avenue with some of the city’s highest-priced condominiums in 2001.

The tax breaks for those two projects alone totaled $157 million….

“Donald Trump is probably worse than any other developer in his relentless pursuit of every single dime of taxpayer subsidies he can get his paws on,” said Alicia Glen, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development, who first battled Mr. Trump when she worked in Mr. Giuliani’s administration.

In seeking those subsidies, Mr. Trump is not that different from many other developers. But the level of subsidies he has received along with his doggedness in claiming them seem at odds with his rhetoric as an outsider candidate who boasts of his single-handed success and who has denounced what he calls the pay-to-play culture of politics and a “rigged” system of government….

“His whole MO is to exploit the government for everything he could get,” said Jerilyn Perine, the city housing commissioner during the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations. “In the end, the letter of the law gave it to him.”


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Donald Trump’s STAFF throws his ‘Birther’ BS out the Window…Says Obama born in the US….

This is a story about a Presidential candiadte being whip sawed by his staff.…..For several weeks his ‘handlers’ have been fighting their boss to get him to become a competitive candidate ….It has been difficult …Trump lamost ALWAYS goes off message and shoots himself politically in the foot….

Image result for trump staff

In saying that their candidate believes Barack Obama WAS born in the United States…. Donald Trump looks like a fool all thes years by supporting the ‘Birther Movement’ ..Saying Obama wasn’t born in America….

This admittance just points to ANOTHER Bull Shit story that Trump has used to TRY to cast a shadow on America’s first mixed race President….

Donadl Trump has NOT ANYTHING about this HIMSELF….

He doesn’t want to…..

ALL of the people who belived Trump on this?

Should feel used and stupid…..

And there is THOUSANDS that are in this category ….

Donald Trump’s campaign on Thursday said he believes President Barack Obama was born in the US, a major reversal from a line of attack he launched five years ago.

“In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate. Mr. Trump did a great service to the President and the country by bringing closure to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement.

“Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer. Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States,” Miller added.

Earlier Thursday, Trump had again refused to say whether he believes Obama was born in the US, despite recent efforts by his top surrogates to downplay the “birther” controversy.

“I’ll answer that question at the right time. I just don’t want to answer it yet,” Trump told The Washington Post.

Trump was responding to a question about whether Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager, was being accurate when she said last week that Trump now believes Obama was born in the United States.

Trump told the Post he didn’t want to talk about the so-called “birther” controversy anymore, but refused to say what he believed about it…..



There maybe a Update on this…

Donald Trump has NOT said a word HIMSELF on this….

image of ……  Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon…

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Polling Update for September 15, 2016…2012 All Over Again?

You will notice that the projections below have dropped BUT have Donald Trump 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 BEHIND Hillary Clinton…

Trump’s leads tonoight are within the MOE’s  for swing states and in double digits in the places they should be…. 

For those who are getting nervous about the current polling margins?

A reminder…

October 10th, 2012  thru November 1, 2012…..

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney where LESS  THAN that 1.0% Apart!.

Real Clear Politics Presidential margin.+1.5% Clinton

Sam Wang Election Consortium Presidential margin+2.5 % Clinton

Election Projection Presidential margin.+1.6% Clinton

Five Thirty Eight



The Upshot


Thursday, September 15

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

CBS News/NY Times

Clinton 42, Trump 42, Johnson 8, Stein 4     Tie

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

CBS News/NY Times

Clinton 46, Trump 44     Clinton +2

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

FOX News

Clinton 41, Trump 40, Johnson 8, Stein 3     Clinton +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

FOX News

Clinton 45, Trump 46    Trump +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Rasmussen Reports

Clinton 40, Trump 42, Johnson 7, Stein 2     Trump +2

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

LA Times/USC Tracking

Clinton 41, Trump 47     Trump +6

Colorado: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 38, Trump 42, Johnson 13, Stein 3     Trump +4

Iowa: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 45, Clinton 37, Johnson 8, Stein 2     Trump +8

Michigan: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Detroit Free Press

Clinton 38, Trump 35, Johnson 10, Stein 4     Clinton +3

Ohio: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 42, Clinton 39, Johnson 4, Stein 1     Trump +3

Missouri: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 47, Clinton 34, Johnson 7, Stein 6     Trump +13

Virginia: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Univ. of Mary Washington

Clinton 40, Trump 37, Johnson 8, Stein 1      Clinton +3

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson

Civitas (R)

Clinton 42, Trump 42, Johnson 5     Tie

Georgia: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson

FOX 5 Atlanta

Trump 46, Clinton 42, Johnson 10    Trump +4

Georgia: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson


Trump 45, Clinton 39, Johnson 6     Trump +6

Texas: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Texas Lyceum

Trump 39, Clinton 32, Johnson 9, Stein 3     Trump +7

Arkansas: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 57, Clinton 29, Johnson 5, Stein 3    Trump +28

Iowa Senate – Grassley vs. Judge


Grassley 56, Judge 39    Grassley +17

Ohio Senate – Portman vs. Strickland


Portman 39, Strickland 31     Portman +8

Georgia Senate: Isakson vs. Barksdale

FOX 5 Atlanta*

Isakson 47, Barksdale 34      Isakson +13

Georgia Senate: Isakson vs. Barksdale


Isakson 48, Barksdale 32     Isakson +16

Missouri Senate – Blunt vs. Kander


Blunt 40, Kander 42     Kander +2

Colorado Senate – Glenn vs. Bennet


Bennet 46, Glenn 39    Bennet +7

Arkansas Senate – Boozman vs. Eldridge


Boozman 44, Eldridge 30     Boozman +14

North Carolina Governor – McCrory vs. Cooper

Civitas (R)*

Cooper 43, McCrory 45    McCrory +2

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 52, Disapprove 45    Approve +7

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports

Approve 50, Disapprove 49    Approve +1

…for more info on the above polls…Real Clear Politics…..

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Looking at the Apple iPhone 7….

I have an iPhone 6Plus….

My wife has 6S Plus….

Her phone has been ok MOST of the time….

It does it’s OWN thing once and a while….

My phones doesn’t….

We won’t be getting 7’s….

We’ll wait till next years iPhone 8 roll out….

For those of you that are thinking of a 7?

Here’s review form the NY Times…..

Image result for iphone 7

There are two types of tech consumers: Those who upgrade on a fairly regular cycle (about every two years with smartphones) to embrace new technology, and those who upgrade only when they feel they need to.

If you’re in the former camp and own an iPhone that is at least two years old, the decision is obvious: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are great upgrades. But if you just bought the iPhone 6S last year, the improvements will be incremental, and you may want to save your money for the next iPhone.

If you’re in the latter group, it’s a tougher question. If you have, say, the four-year-old iPhone 5, you will see a great improvement with an iPhone 6S or a 7. Your decision may come down to how much the lack of a headphone jack and physical home button bothers you. Audiophiles with lots of wired accessories, for example, may find using a converter too inconvenient.

But taking the leap to the 7 may be a wise bet, even for late technology adopters. Apple is likely to continue making iPhones without headphone jacks, and next year’s iPhone will have a full-screen face with the virtual button built directly into the screen, according to two people at the company who spoke on condition of anonymity because the product details are private. Apple declined to comment on next year’s iPhones….



Wireless headphones COULD mean lost one’s and they cost a bit much….

Some people will just buy the cheaper adapter wire and keep their old headphones which will ne harder to lose….

The iPhone 8 will MORE of basic change than the 7…But will probably cost even more than 7….

Apple has had issues with it’s latest  upgrade iOS 10 and some tech’s advise people to wait awhile for before upgrading your phone even as Aplle says the probloms with the upgrade was fixed…

Apple stock has risen by 10%….The highest since 2013….

iPhone 7 (32 GB) ……$649

iPhone 7Plus (32Gb)……$769


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Hillary Clinton’s comments about Biases where a good start….

While the topical media narrative has been about Hillary Clinton’s being sick for few days….The REAL meat should be in her comments last week in which she called out Donald Trump and at least half of the Right/Republicans for THEIR views on race, religion and sexual freedom….

I have said here several times …She UNDERCOUNTED…..

Her adjustment was to probably not lose ALl Republicans that might have thought about voting for her…..


Donald Trump has brought the spector of fear in addressing race, religion and sexuality to his advantage in the 2016 primary race and win…..

He regularly goes back to these points to keep his numbers up in the general election for President….

Hillary Clinton gets props as far as I’m concerned for these addressing things 

And even MORE PROPS running as America’s first serious Woman candidate for President….

Some conservative critics of the “basket of deplorables” comments have accused Clinton of calling some large swath of Americans “racist.” Ironically, that wasn’t her point at all: Her point was to protect even half of Trump supporters from being called “deplorable.”

The point of Clinton’s comments on Friday was to sort Trump supporters into two baskets: the racist, sexist “basket of deplorables,” and a second basket full of people who “don’t buy everything (Trump) says” but support him because they simply feel “desperate for change” and abandoned by the government. In other words, there was one basket of racists, attracted to Trump because of his racism, and another basket of nonracists attracted to him in spite of it.

When she apologized on Saturday, she tweaked the relative size of each basket but essentially kept the idea that Trump’s racist supporters could and should be separated from the “hard-working Americans who just don’t feel like the economy or our political system are working for them.”

What Clinton was doing, in other words, was drawing a bright line. She was saying that there are certain ideas that it is unacceptable to express in public debate, and that things like questioning the impartiality of a Mexican-American judge because of his heritage, or the open racism and anti-Semitism of the online “alt-right,” need to be shunned along with the people who espouse them….

Hardworking Americans can have deplorable beliefs. Hardworking Americans can prop up systems with deplorable outcomes. Even people who think they are trying not to be racist can do these things.

Do the 65 percent of Trump supporters who told Public Policy Polling in May that they believe Obama is a Muslim go in the irredeemable “basket of deplorables,” or are some of them hard-working Americans too?

What do you do with the downwardly mobile Americans who started out feeling that nobody cared about them, but have since gravitated toward an explanation for their suffering that pins the blame on black beneficiaries of “affirmative action” and refugees? What do you do with the Trump supporters who have taken the term “deplorables” as evidence that Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about them, not as a statement about their racial beliefs?


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Apple backing away from Driverless Cars….


Get back to Computers….

Self Driving Calls are an invitation for trouble in my mind….

Apple is rethinking what it plans to do about self-driving cars, just as other big tech companies appear ready to plow ahead with competing efforts.

In a retrenchment of one of its most ambitious initiatives, Apple has shuttered parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of employees, according to three people briefed on the move who were not allowed to speak about it publicly.

The job cuts are the latest sign of trouble with Apple’s car initiative. The company has added resources to the project — code-named Titan — over the last two years, but it has struggled to make progress. And in July, the company brought in Bob Mansfield, a highly regarded Apple veteran, to take over the effort.

Apple is not the only big tech company pursuing autonomous driving technology. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has tested self-driving cars on the road for years, but its focus has been on designing the underlying software and systems to make that technology work. Tesla has a self-driving feature within its cars that has come under scrutiny in recent months after a fatal accident was connected to its use…..


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Hot Weather…A/C …Summer Colds….

Anybody notice how many of us are walking around with colds or sinus infections this summer?

When it gets THIS HOT you gotta have Air Conditioning if you can afford it….

If you’re luck?

You work in an air conditioned  building….


There IS a downside to all this…

Your sinus cavities KNOW the difference between OUTSIDE air with reasonable humidity and the a/c air with has little to none….

Your sinus cavities also KNOW when the filters on those a/c units are dirty because they haven’t been changed….

I know some people LOVE the HOT weather….

This Dog will be VERY happy when the a/c’s can take a rest….

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The FDNY gets it own mini Air Force…..

The NYPD cops have their helicopters, six of them….

The operational orders are that the Fire Deptartment can request the ridealong use of the chopper, but rarely do so….

So it is NOT surprising that the New York City Fire Department has been able to get ots own air assets, like a lot of Fire Departments around the country, particularly on the West coast where they have a lot of brush fires…

The FDNY isn’t gettinh helicopters ….

They are getting small drones…..

“It’s more situational awareness of what’s going on at the scene,” Mr. Wall, who is assigned to the department’s Command Tactical Unit, said. “It’s another view.”

Officials said they expected the drone to be put to work in the city in the coming weeks, responding to two-alarm or greater fires. Two more will be added by the end of the year.

The drone is painted fire-engine red, and officials joked that they had considered having “Keep Back 200 Feet” emblazoned on it, just like on the trucks. The drone weighs only about eight pounds, but it is a far more sophisticated device than the ones used by weekend hobbyists. Costing $85,000, it captures both standard video and infrared images.

That tool for a chief is just night and day from what it was not just 30 years ago when I started, but 15 years ago,” Daniel A. Nigro, the New York fire commissioner, said. “And moving forward, technology like this is a terrific advantage for us and for fire departments around the country.”….



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Polling Update for September 8, 2016…The Polling Trends continue….

The trend continues…

Clinton slipping in some national polls while keeping to around 5% in others…

She remains at around 300 to 320 Electoral votes in the projections…Some though have Trump up to 200….270 are needed to win…

Real Clear Politics Presidential margin...+2.8 Clinton

Sam Wang Election Consortium Presidfential margin+3.8 Clinton

Election Projection Presidentail margin….+4.4 Clinton

Five Thirty Eight



The Upshot


Thursday, September 8

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Rasmussen Reports

Clinton 43, Trump 39, Johnson 9, Stein 2     Clinton +4

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 43, Trump 43, Johnson 8, Stein 2      Tie

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 47, Trump 47    Tie

Ohio: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 37, Trump 41, Johnson 14, Stein 4     Trump +4

Ohio: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 45, Trump 46     Trump +1

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 44, Trump 39, Johnson 9, Stein 3    Clinton +5

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 48, Trump 43     Clinton +5

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson


Clinton 42, Trump 38, Johnson 15    Clinton +4

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson


Clinton 41, Trump 44, Johnson 4     Trump +3

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 47, Trump 43     Clinton +4

Colorado: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Magellan (R)

Clinton 41, Trump 36, Johnson 13, Stein 3     Clinton +5

Oregon: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

DHM Research

Clinton 38, Trump 25, Johnson 10, Stein 3     Clinton +13

North Carolina Senate – Burr vs. Ross


Burr 41, Ross 37     Burr +4

Oregon Governor – Pierce vs. Brown

DHM Research

Brown 43, Pierce 35     Brown +8

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports

Approve 51, Disapprove 48    Approve +3

…for more info on the above pollsReal Clear Politics….

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Gary Johnson is done…..

The Libertaina had a ‘Dan Quayle’ moment last night….

He won’t recover in the media….

It would be easy to describe Gary Johnson’s appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday as having doomed his third-party candidacy for president were it not for the fact that his candidacy was already doomed. The English language lacks a good way to describe something that was already in very bad shape and then, somehow, becomes far worse rather dramatically. Like if the Titanic had begun sinking but then blew up.

Johnson was talking politics with the “Morning Joe” crew when regular guest Mike Barnicle shifted gears.

“What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?” Barnicle asked.

“About?” Johnson replied.

“Aleppo,” Barnicle said.

“And what is Aleppo?” Johnson asked.

A beat. “You’re kidding,” Barnicle replied. “No!” Johnson said, prompting Barnicle to explain that Aleppo is a city in Syria that epitomizes the country’s refugee crisis and has seen some of the worst horrors of its civil war. But … you probably knew that….


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Seems Colin Powell TOLD Hillary Clinton how to He kept using his Blackberry…

Powell as did Obama when they got into office where warned by security people to give up their BalckBerry smart phones….

Powell as did Obama questioned this ….

In just released emails between the two Powell cautions Clinton on using her private smartphone, but then reveals that he had gone on to use his after doubting the caution given to him….

Clinton has from the beginning ssked that ALL of her emails be RELEASED…..

None of the emails has actually pointed to anything illegal that she had did…..And she had company in what she did…..

It has been revealed the current Defense Sec Carter had been using HIS own private cell phone for a time after he came on the Secretary job….

Another example of the Clinton Double Standard….

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s advice to Hillary Clinton about using email at the State Department was made public Wednesday by a top House Democrat.

The early 2009 exchange — itself conducted via email — shows that Clinton sought guidance from Powell about how she could continue to use a BlackBerry in the executive suite at the State Department.Powell’s response warns Clinton’s about some of the pitfalls of using email, but also appears to indicate that he defied instructions from security experts not to use such devices in State’s offices designated to handle classified information and conversations.

“DS [diplomatic security] would not allow them into the secure spaces, especially up your way,” Powell wrote. “When I asked why not they gave me all kinds of nonsense about how they gave out signals and could be read by spies, etc….I had numerous meetings with them. We even opened one up for them to try to explain to me why it was more dangerous than say, a remote control for one of the many tvs in the suite. Or something embedded in my shoe heel. They never satisfied me and NSA/CIA wouldn’t back off. So, we just went about our business and stopped asking.”

“I had an ancient version of a PDA and used it,” Powell added. “In general, the suite was so sealed that it is hard to get signals in or out wirelessly.”


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Chicago has already had 500 Homicides this year….

Last year closed out @ 491….

Chicago recorded its 500th homicide of the year over the weekend. In all of last year, 491 people were killed.

It seemed like the Labor Day weekend would not be as bloody as other recent summer weekends in Chicago. By the end of Sunday, four people had been killed and 34 shot—relatively low numbers for a city where homicides are on the rise. But then as the holiday weekend continued into Monday, there was an 11th-hour surge in violence. Between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday, an additional nine people were killed and 31 were shot. The Chicago Tribune explains:

The uptick in shootings in this weekend’s final hours mirrored the end of the Fourth of July. Gunfire in the final hours of that holiday made up half the entire weekend’s bloodshed.

Police attributed the 11th-hour surge to retaliatory acts, often involving gangs, after a weekend of parties and tense encounters.

This weekend brings Chicago’s homicide total to 512. Nearly 3,000 people have been shot this year.

It was also the deadliest holiday weekend of the summer, surpassing the six dead from Memorial Day and five dead on the Fourth of July….


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