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Hillary Clinton gives 2016 Campaign Email List To the DNC…

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Bernie Sanders has NOT….

(Of course….Sander’s isn’t a Democrat)

The Democratic National Committee announced on Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had turned over its email list, giving the party a major boost as it rebuilds under a new chair and prepares for the midterm elections next year and the 2020 presidential race.

The list, provided as an in-kind contribution from the Hillary for America campaign organization, includes more than 10 million new names that the DNC did not have on its voter files, according to both Clinton and DNC aides. The contribution was valued as $3.5 million, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

“This information will help candidates up and down the ballot engage with voters and win seats from the school board to the Senate,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the DNC. “We’re seeing momentum and energy across the country, and this investment will help us harness the energy and turn it into votes.”

The decision to turn over the email list ― in addition to providing the DNC with its analytics and voter modeling tools ― fulfills a campaign promise that Clinton made. During the primary, the former secretary of state pledged that if she were nominated, she would focus her resources on rebuilding a Democratic Party infrastructure that had decayed under President Barack Obama. …



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Grass business in California gets Big…REALLY BIG…

The state stops chasing the marijuana trade and moves to let it go above aboard thur regualting it and making money….

The result is an industry that is growing…and GROWING….

But the drug is STILL illegal under Federal law….

After years of marijuana being cultivated in small plots out of sight from the authorities, California cannabis is going industrial.

Over the past year, dilapidated greenhouses in the Salinas Valley, which were built for cut flower businesses, have been bought up by dozens of marijuana entrepreneurs, who are growing pot among the fields of spinach, strawberries and wine grapes.

“This is cannabis meets Big Ag,” said Steve DeAngelo, the executive director of one the nation’s largest marijuana dispensaries, who last year founded Harborside Farms to supply the business.

 The 47-acre farm is dotted with greenhouses that emit the pungent smell of thousands of marijuana plants and warehouses where farmworkers who spent their careers tending to raspberry plants now sit in rows delicately trimming the leaves from harvested cannabis buds. When the last greenhouses are built here next year, the facility will be one of the largest legal marijuana farms in the world.

Harborside and other farms like it are a sign of a new chapter for America’s cannabis industry, in which marijuana is grown openly, like any other crop. Despite the federal ban on marijuana, leaders of the industry are taking a Manifest Destiny view, believing it is only a matter of time for pot to become as widely accepted as alcohol across the country.

California, with its ideal climate and vast market, is at the vanguard of the movement to normalize the drug and produce it cheaply and in abundance.

“California is destined to do with cannabis what we’ve done with every other fruit and vegetable,” Mr. DeAngelo said. “And that’s take half of the national market.”

The move to mass-scale farming is occurring just as some members of the Trump administration are advocating a revival of the war on drugs, including marijuana, which is now legal in some form or another in about 30 states. The federal ban precludes growers of California cannabis from legally shipping out of state, although tons of it seeps out anyway….


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There are moves across the country to lower the voting age…..

This is a Democratic push…

Republicans have been working hard to DECREASE the number of people voting in order to continue holding on to political power…

So far Republicans ARE winning…

Democrats need to push harder to GET OUT MORE VOTERS as the country changes its makeup…

We have to change from a country being governed by a right leaning minority that is hell bent on keeping it that way….

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are trying to increase voter participation by targeting young people. Their bills are among nearly 500 pieces of legislation introduced around the country this year to make voting easier, according to a March analysis by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

While Republican-leaning states have moved to tighten voting rules — nearly 90 such bills have been introduced — those efforts have been outstripped by the number of bills seeking to expand access to the polls.

“A lot of young people last year wanted to make their voices heard but were unable to do so because the rules prohibited them,” said Jonathan Brater, counsel with the nonpartisan Brennan Center Democracy Program.

“That has certainly renewed interest in making the system more accessible,” Brater said.

Democrats and Republicans have supported efforts to expand access, particularly online registration. But it’s mostly Republicans who are pushing restrictions such as requiring photo identification at the polls.

Roughly 20 states are considering voter ID laws this year that supporters say prevent fraud and boost public confidence in elections. Critics say such laws target minorities and the poor, who might not have driver’s licenses and find it difficult to obtain them.

Recent voting expansion efforts include automatic registration and extending absentee voting opportunities.

Republicans control the governorship and legislature in 25 states and so far have been relatively successful in pushing through the more restrictive laws. Democrats control just a half-dozen states….


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Next StarWars flic….’The Last Jedi’…..

Offical teaser ….

Here’s the poster just released….

image from ….

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Add CEO’s pushing Trump away from Bannon influence…

As has happened to most American President’s?

Moving to the center makes governing easier and helps your polling numbers….

Trump, in less than 100 days,  has found that following advise from Stephen Bannon, a guy who in the past wanted to tear up the American establishment government, is getting him political headaches…

Bannon’s brush ups with Trump’s son-in-law has weakened his influenece and open the doors for others help kick him out of the White House…

Wall Street titan Stephen Schwarzman has recently taken on a new, informal job: counselor to the president.

The CEO of Blackstone Group, who has known Trump for years, has become so close to the president that the two sometimes talk several times a week, covering everything from Chinese trade to tax policy to immigration.

White House and New York business officials say Schwarzman was critical to Trump keeping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as the Dreamers program, with Trump making the decision after a call with the hedge fund billionaire. The two also recently chatted at Mar-a-Lago about a possible reorganization of the White House, two people familiar with the meeting say, though the conversation didn’t include specific names.

Schwarzman’s growing influence in Trump’s circle is welcome news to New York business leaders and moderate Republicans, who want the president to abandon his nationalist positions and embrace a more nonideological White House amid lagging poll ratings and infighting dominating the West Wing.

In private conversations, a number of Trump’s friends have told him he could be more popular — and accomplish more — if he embraced a moderate streak and listened to his business friends. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, is trying to orchestrate more power for New York business types, particularly National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, while diminishing the power of chief strategist Steve Bannon, who drives the populist wing of the White House….


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Trump Budget Director looking for a ‘skinny’ Government …

Under the guise of lifting the Trump hiring freeze?

The Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is proposing a Trump Admin that runs like a lean business….

And THAT would be achieved thru DEEP budget cuts…


Budgets ARE proposals….

They are political….

And the American Government’s checks are paid by Congress NOT the President…

One HAS to assume that there WILL be cuts….

But those cuts will NOT be of the magnitude proposed right now….

Such massive cuts would effect Congressional Districts across the country and THAT would not play well….

So we’ll have to wait…

But bear in mind?

The Trump Admin is behind in hiring at last count about 2,000 people….

Some of those jobs that are open may NEVER be filled…

The White House on Wednesday will direct federal agencies to make deep personnel cuts over the next year, according to the White House budget chief and documents provided to POLITICO.

Agency heads will receive a 14-page memorandum outlining changes. The memo, which replaces the federal hiring ban Trump enacted in January, outlines cuts based on Trump’s “skinny” budget, released last month. The budget proposal called for deep cuts to domestic programs and an increase in military spending.

The memo tells agencies to “begin taking immediate actions to achieve near-term workforce reductions.” It also instructs agencies to develop by June 30 a plan to “maximize employee performance” — i.e., take steps to reward employees deemed effective while working to improve or dismiss weak performers. The memo also calls for delivery by September of an agency reform plan to shrink personnel to accommodate long term budget reductions outlined in the skinny budget.

Speaking to reporters, budget chief Mick Mulvaney said the end result will likely take effect in about 11 months. The executive branch will be dramatically different, Mulvaney said, with agencies operating more like private businesses. Mulvaney downplayed the cuts, saying the focus was on making agencies more efficient, not just smaller.

“Really what you’re talking about doing is restructuring Washington, D.C.,” Mulvaney said. “That is how you drain the swamp.”…

The White House’s latest instructions to the agencies would appear to bear the fingerprints of chief strategist Steve Bannon, who pledged himself publicly to “deconstruction of the administrative state.”….



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Salt spread on winter snowy/icy roads is the draining into the nations freshwater…

Image result for salt trucks winter

The stuff melts, or runs off into rivers and streams close to highways….

During the past half-century, annual U.S. sales of road salt grew from 160,000 tons to about 20 million tons, as a group of environmental scientists pointed out in a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of the Sciences. NaCl kept roads free from slippery ice, but it also changed the nature of North America’s freshwater lakes. Of 371 lakes reviewed in the new study, 44 percent showed signs of long-term salinization.

Extrapolating that finding for all of North America, at least 7,770 lakes are at risk of elevated salt levels — a likely underestimate, the researchers said.

Theirs is the first study of freshwater lakes on a continental scope. “No one has tried to understand the scale of this problem across the continent in the Northeast and Midwest, where people apply road salt,” said study co-author Hilary Dugan, a University of Wisconsin-Madison freshwater expert….


image…The Rome Sentinal

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Bill O’Reilly off the air at Fox on Vac till April 24, 2017….

Cooling Off period?

More to come….

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‘Boss Baby’ leads in the Movie Box Office race for early April 2017

A scene from the animated film ‘The Boss Baby.’

A scene from the animated film ‘The Boss Baby.’ Image…DREAMWORKS ANIMATION/Associated Press


In first place, “The Boss Baby” added $26.3 million in its second weekend in theaters, bringing its North American total to $89.4 million. Sufficient buzz and the benefit of voice star Alec Baldwin’s popular portrayal of President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” likely helped the film succeed, Mr. Dergarabedian said….


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New York Governor gets free college tuition ok for some New Yorkers…

Image result for sanders/cuomo

Bernie Sanders is proud of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo….

The Democratic Governor is the first to implement Sanders’ idea of free college for those who qualify….

The program kicks in AFTER students apply and get state and federal assistance….

Budget negotiators struck a deal late Friday that could make New York the largest state to offer tuition-free public higher education.

The $163 billion state budget agreement includes the Excelsior Scholarship, which covers tuition for any New Yorker accepted to one of the state’s community colleges or four-year universities, provided their family earns less than $125,000 a year.

Proposed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in January, the scholarship taps into one of the Democratic Party’s most popular ideas and advances a bipartisan movement to lower the cost of college that is taking shape across the country.

“Today, college is what high school was — it should always be an option even if you can’t afford it,” Cuomo said in a statement Saturday. “With this program, every child will have the opportunity that education provides.”

The scholarship program will be phased in over three years, beginning for New Yorkers making up to $100,000 annually in the fall of 2017, increasing to $110,000 in 2018, and reaching $125,000 in 2019. Nearly 1 million families will qualify for the scholarship.

It is a last-dollar program, meaning the state would cover any tuition left over after factoring in federal Pell Grants and New York’s Tuition Assistance Program. Students must be enrolled in college full time and take at least 30 course credits a year, though those facing hardships can pause and restart the program or take fewer credits.



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Nike Air Jordan 2 Decon “Bordeaux”

…from Nice Kicks….

Often overlooked yet pivotal in Jordan Brand’s global expansion, and the continued progression of high-end sneakers, the Air Jordan 2 looks to take its rightful place in the sun with a new modern iteration — the Air Jordan 2 Decon.

Debuted earlier today in “Mint Foam,” the slimmed silhouette is removed from excess padding and weighty leather. Instead, the deconstructed model features a lightly textured suede fabrication with traditional midsole tooling below…..

Air Jordan 2 Decon "Bordeaux"


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A snap shot of the White House room during the Syrian Airstrike….

The same room *  Obama & Co. sat for the Ben laden raid….

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More ‘Big Apple’ Fans are Mets fans …NOT Yankee fans…

Count me in as with the Mets…

Image result for Mets baseball team vs yankees

For the first time since 1998, a Quinnipiac Poll found that more New York City fans would root for the Mets over the Yankees in a Subway Series. To find out what’s behind the shift, Morning Edition’s Richard Hake spoke with Harry Enten, a senior writer at

“Wins and losses are a big part of it,” Enten said. In recent years, the Mets have just been better.

The other reason, he said, is that many younger fans never got to see the Yankees in their prime: “The Derek Jeter Yankees. The Darryl Strawberry Yankees. The Paul O’Neill Yankees. They have no real memory of that.”

….from WNYC….

image…Sporting News

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DNC Chair Perez and Bernie Sanders join for cross country rallies…

For the Good of the Party!…..


Image result for bernie sanders/ tom perezImage result for bernie sanders/ tom perez

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will rally in at least five states later this month, just weeks after Perez defeated Sanders’s preferred candidate to run the DNC.

“We’ll be traveling — and Tom will be traveling with me — to traditionally conservative states,” Sanders said. “It’s absolutely absurd that the Democratic Party has turned its back on working people in literally half the country.”

“We’ve talked a lot about the need to compete everywhere, and when we talked about a 57-state-and-territory strategy, we meant it,” Perez said.

The duo will rally in Maine on April 17 and wind through the South and Southwest until April 22, hitting Kentucky, Florida, Arizona and Nevada. More stops, and more DNC investments, are possible in Nebraska — where Democrats hope to win back the mayoralty of Omaha — and in Montana, where a Sanders-backed House candidate has begun to attract attention ahead of a special election.

“This is part of our effort to revitalize the Democratic Party, to turn it into a grass-roots party — to tell people that Donald Trump’s agenda is not what he promised them,” Sanders said. “On issue after issue, he’s turned his back on working people and sided with the millionaire class.”….


image of Perez and Sanders….cnn and newsmax…..

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Trump’s Company settle’s another one….

Gonna be  LOT of these….

President Trump’s company and D.C. chef José Andrés have settled a nearly two-year-old legal dispute stemming from the chef’s decision to shelve plans to open a restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel following Trump’s controversial immigration rhetoric.

The Trump Organization, now run by Trump’s adult sons Donald Jr. and Eric, issued a joint statement with the chef’s firm, ThinkFoodGroup, Friday morning. Terms were not disclosed and spokespersons for both companies declined to comment….


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Trump orders US Air Strikes against Syrian military targets..

In response to Media reports, on the ground video and questioning BY the Media …..

Donald Trump moved from not caring about what occurred within Syria’s borders, to blaming President Obama  for the gassings, to acknowledging that Syria was HIS issue now, to ordering air strikes on the base that the US military observed the aircraft that did the gas bombing left and returned to …..

Image result for tomahawk missiles

Quite a change in the last few days….

The first question out of the box will be what does the Russians and Iran do?…(The US Military Command has been in touch with the Russians and other Allied nations on this action)

Frankly I don’t think Trump and the General’s much care about that….

Trump seems to have the support from American lawmakers, who have been briefed in on this….


Trump’s polling numbers should rise as it always does after American President’s take military action around the world ….But?

The U.S. military launched approximately 50 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield late on Thursday, in the first direct American assault on the government of President Bashar al-Assad since that country’s civil war began six years ago.

The operation, which the Trump administration authorized in retaliation for a chemical attack killing scores of civilians this week, dramatically expands U.S. military involvement in Syria and exposes the United States to heightened risk of direct confrontation with Russia and Iran, both backing Assad in his attempt to crush his opposition.

President Trump said the strike was in the “vital national security interest” of the United States and called on “all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria. And also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types.”

“We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world,” he continued. “We pray for the lives of the wounded and for the souls of those who have passed and we hope that as long as America stands for justice then peace and harmony will in the end prevail.”

The missiles were launched from two Navy destroyers — the USS Ross and USS Porter — in the eastern Mediterranean. They struck an airbase called Shayrat in Homs province, which is the site from which the planes that conducted the chemical attack in Idlib are believed to have originated. The targets included the runway as well as aircraft, hangars and fuel…..



FULL TRANSCRIPT: statement on Syria strikes

images of US Navy Tomahawk missiles launched…

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