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Sanders…’the Clinton people are also going to have to listen to what these people are fighting for’…

Bernie Sanders IS Right…..

But the ONLY way there is gonna be a door opened for ANY of their wants is thru SUPPORTING and VOTING for Clinton come November…

To sit out the General election is to NOT follow thru of their efforts….

And the Republicans , who hold majorities in BOTH houses of Conbgress want to take away things we have ALREADY …Sanders wants are just dreams…Clinton annd Obama have dealt with the REALITY of the political climate in this country….

“The Clinton people are going to have to say, well, maybe Bernie has a point that we should not be the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people or have paid family or medical leave. And maybe, yes, the billionaire class should start paying their fair share of taxes, and maybe, yes, we should break up Wall Street,” he said.

“It’s not me. I don’t control millions of people, but the Clinton campaign is going to have to make the case to those young people that in fact they are prepared to stand up for some real, fundamental changes in this country, and that’s the case they have not yet been able to make,” Sanders said….


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The Boston Marathon 2016…

…from the Boston Globe….

Eileen Winters and her husband, Kevin, beamed with pride Monday as they stood near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Their son, Ryan, was on his way toward Boylston Street, running in the historic race for the first time.

“Words are inadequate,” said Eileen Winters. “It’s something he always wanted to do, and to see him complete a dream of his, as a mother, I can’t explain it.”

Not far away, Marc Fucarile reflected on his performance in Monday’s wheelchair race. He wasn’t exactly ecstatic about his finishing time, but he was happy to have competed in the event after losing a leg in the 2013 Marathon bombing.

All along the route from Hopkinton to Boston, athletes, fans, and public officials basked in the warming spring sun, making new memories but not forgetting that it was the third Marathon since the terror attack that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

A jubilant atmosphere permeated the 26.2-mile route, as the state celebrated Patriots Day with an early Red Sox game and other events including a re-enactment in Lexington.

But the events came with a dose of solemnity, with some saying the attacks and their aftermath had given the Marathon deeper meaning. Public officials continued to be on high alert into the afternoon for any emerging threats.

Alex Giffords, 55, has run 40 marathons around the world, but as he stretched on Hopkinton Common before starting here for the third time, the Mexico City resident acknowledged that this race was different.

“Boston is Boston. There is nothing like it,” he said. “Runners are crazy for this race. This is what we wait all year for….



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Polling Update April 17, 2016…Clinton/Trump in New York, Pennsylvania and California…

Continued Good news for Clinton, Trump and Obama….

Sunday, April 17

New York Republican Presidential Primary

CBS News/YouGov

Trump 54, Kasich 19, Cruz 21 Trump +33

New York Democratic Presidential Primary

CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 53, Sanders 43 Clinton +10

Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary

CBS News/YouGov

Trump 46, Cruz 26, Kasich 23 Trump +20

California Republican Presidential Primary

CBS News/YouGov

Trump 49, Cruz 31, Kasich 16 Trump +18

California Democratic Presidential Primary

CBS News/YouGov

Clinton 52, Sanders 40 Clinton +12

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 50, Disapprove 46 Approve +4

…for detailed info on the above polls….RealClear Politics....

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Efforts to forge a united front in raising oil/gas prices doesn’t work…

This Dog don’t care about if the oil guys make MORE money….

The lower the price of oil?

The lower the price of my gallon of gas….

And since the price of oil will be falling back down from its rise last week?

The price of gas should drop back down also….

Oil prices opened sharply lower in early Asian trading hours on Monday after major oil producers ended their meeting in Doha, Qatar, over the weekend without reaching an agreement to cap production.

Hopes for a deal among major producers, including several from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia, were a main driver in a rally that lifted U.S. crude prices more than 50% from their February lows. U.S. crude settled at $41.50 a barrel on Friday.

Now, much of those gains could be eroded in a market that has already endured a turbulent year, analysts say.

U.S. crude plunged 6.7% at $37.70 a barrel and Brent was down 6.9% at $40.14 a barrel in early Asian trading.

“This is an extremely bearish scenario,” said Abhishek Deshpande, oil analyst at Natixis. “Prices could touch $30 a barrel within days.”


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Bernie Sanders is meeting the Pope in Rome while Hillary Clinton is campaigning in New York…


Why is Bernie Sanders out running around the Vatican in Rome (with his family and Sec Service protection) when he has a primary in New York in 3 days?


He ain’t gonna get primary votes in Rome….

Days before the critical New York primary, one Democratic presidential candidate is somewhere he can’t rack up any last-minute primary votes.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is at the Vatican to address a conference on social, economic and environmental issues.
Sanders landed in Rome on Friday morning, traveling in an escorted motorcade to the Vatican. His wife Jane, their four children and a few grandchildren are traveling with him.

He entered through the Perugino Gate of Vatican City, where he was greeted by a dozen or so expat supporters bearing signs reading, “Rome is berning.”

Sanders began his 15-minute speech to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences with a showing of solidarity and admiration for Pope Francis, emphasizing their agreement on economic justice….


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American’s move to drinking more Bottled water than Soda…

…from Bloomberg…

Consumption of bottled water in the U.S. is set to overtake that of soft drinks for the first time as health-conscious buyers shun soda. Nestle SA, the world’s biggest water bottler, with brands such as Poland Spring and Perrier, may profit from the growing demand. Still, deflation in the industry is taking its toll: price pressure weighed on Nestle’s first-quarter bottled-water revenue, reducing growth half a percentage point to 5.7 percent….

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New York and Fracking….Not a simple political issue for Upstate New York….

Bernie Sanders has been hitting Hillary Clinton on her answer about fracking….The porocess of extracking oil from  underground in huge shale deposits underground in the eastern coast states….

The deposits there offer the area’s state an economic boom, but New York’s Governor Cuomo has banned the process because of political pressuer from enviromental groups who fear the after  effectss from the process….

Hillary Clinton as the US Senator for the state was for the develeopment of the industry, but now says she would only support the efforts if they are tightly regulated…

Bernie Sanders, from neighnboring Vermont is dead set against the action…

The Washington Post takes a look at the whole issue and fact that UpState New York has problems from the loss of manufafcturing jobs in its region and that the people on the ground there could and would find their economy benefits from a state-up of frackling efforts in their region….

On this ?

Hillary Clinton has (As Senator)  and probabaly WILL get some votes…..

What’s presented here is another microcosm of the differences in the approaches of the two candidates. Clinton is strategic and incremental. Sanders is dogmatic and ambitious.

Clinton’s point about bridge fuels is entirely correct. At the beginning of President Obama’s first term in office, the idea that transitioning from coal to natural gas as a means of fighting climate change was widely accepted. The Sierra Club was even on-board with the idea of embracing natural gas. Again, burning natural gas is much, much cleaner than burning coal.

As the New Yorker explained in a great 2011 article on the industry, this was just as drillers had figured out the key technological issue to make fracking work: the horizontal drilling. Innovations in the ability extend a well through the shale unleashed the fracking boom, which in turn led to a glut of natural gas. At the same time, fracking shifted the debate over natural gas from one about bridge fuels to one about the process of fracking itself. Apparent seepage of methane and wastewater into water supplies and water systems drew negative attention to the process, and public opinion shifted.

That’s where Bernie Sanders is now. Fracking is emblematic of the problems with relying on fossil fuels generally. It is to oil and gas what Citizens United is to campaign finance — a not-well-understood phenomenon that’s become a partisan shorthand. Sanders invokes “fracking” because he knows it prompts a visceral, negative response. Clinton’s description of the politics eight years ago is correct, but the politics on the subject have changed.

In New York, which votes next Tuesday, those politics sit very near the surface. It’s more a complicated issue outside of New York City, where the drilling would happen and the much-needed jobs would appear…..


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Some Insurers warn of losses from ObamaCare…That’s NOT the Whole Picture….

The Affordable Healthcare Program (ObamaCare) is chugging along….

We’re gonna see headlines like this one in The Hill…..

Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable

These headlines are gonna have people like the Republicans saying ‘I told you so’….To them the whole program is about politics..NOT helping American with their healthcare…

Well, things are NOT that simple….

The NY Times ran a piece a few days ago that featured an in-depth discussion on the actual situation with the program…

In simple terms?

Some big insures messed up going into the program with their pricing and only provide a small part the coverage , yet command a big media noise presence

Employers have NOT dropped their employer programs which have turned out to be cheaper

Political decisions to make the program more acceptable , actually have made things worst…Rates have been frozen at very low rates longer than they should have been…

Some states have MUCH better programs than others…

And yes, there are actually new companies entering the program and doing well….

Here’s the NY Times piece ….

Ever since passage of the Affordable Care Act, a fierce debate has been waged over whether the law would work as advertised. While advocates promised that the design of new insurance markets would transform the way consumers buy health insurance, critics warned that the new market would never succeed. Reed Abelson and Margot Sanger-Katz have had front-row seats to the debate, and the two reporters took a few minutes to discuss when — and if — the market would stabilize.

Margot: It’s been a few weeks of bad news about the Obamacare marketplaces. On Friday, we learned that UnitedHealth has decided to pull out of Obamacare marketplaces in two states. The week before, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association put out a paper offering not-too-subtle hints that some members were losing money. Reed, you wrote recently about how surprising stasis in the employer insurance market means we can look forward to much smaller Obamacare marketplaces than most people expected when the health law passed. And the parade of struggling start-up insurer companies has extended to Maine’s Community Health Options, one of the co-ops that had long been held up as one of the most successful. Health insurers need to submit their rates to regulators in the next few weeks — or decide to exit markets. Should we be worried about a health insurance apocalypse?

Reed: I think people have a tendency to catastrophize, especially when it comes to Obamacare. UnitedHealth, which is one of the nation’s largest health insurers, has only reluctantly embraced the new market, and the company is always held up as an example of why the sky is falling and why Obamacare is going to crash and burn: If United can’t make it, no one can.

United has only a small fraction of the individual market, but some of the Blues are also struggling. What is most troubling is the fact that many insurers are losing money. You may not sympathize much with the insurance companies — and no one does — but they have to make enough money to pay claims. Do you think those losses are temporary — or a sign that the market is fundamentally unstable and potentially unsustainable?

Margot: I think some of both. It seems clear that some insurers just made pricing mistakes. I’d include a lot of the nonprofit co-op plans that have gone belly up in that category. United may fall in that category, too, in some places. That doesn’t seem to me like a permanent problem. If everyone priced too low, they can just raise their prices in future years, and it’ll be O.K. That’s not great for middle-class people who pay their own premiums, but most people in the exchanges won’t notice a difference because of the way the subsidies work…..


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California teacher tenure to remain in place Appeals Court rules….

The court overturned a ruling of a lower court dropping teacher  tenure and other union negotiated seniority based protections for its members….

At issue was the ruling by L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu, which nullified the state’s system of awarding strong protections for teachers — including tenure, which takes effect at the end of their second year on the job.

Treu’s decision would have ended tenure as well as the practice of “last-in, first-out,” which typically results in districts laying off less-experienced teachers during budget cuts — regardless of how well they do in their job.

And Treu also threw out rules that provide teachers a longer and more complex system to challenge dismissals.

Backers of the lawsuit argued that making it easier for schools to get rid of bad teachers would help schools.

Treu concluded the state’s tenure and seniority systems harmed all students, but especially poor and minority students, leading to outcomes that “shocked the conscience.”

Had the ruling been upheld, teachers at unionized schools would no longer be entitled to a level of job security that’s rare, even in the public sector.

Opponents, including Gov. Jerry Brown and the state’s teachers unions, characterize this solution as simplistic and even dangerous….


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Trump supporters are angry at those who do NOT support their guy…

I just did  piece on Sanders supporters….

Here’s piece on Trump’s….

The outsiders seem to attract more REALLY angry people….

So angry that they get nasty and sometimes threatening….

The fight for their party’s leadership turns nasty?

Death threats — including threats that describe death by hanging.

References to where you live.

Not-so-subtle allusions to your family.

Warnings that your personal information will soon become public — or perhaps it has already.

These are just some of the reports coming in from low-level GOP officials around the country about the threats they claim to have received from pro-Trump forces. As Trump accuses other politicians and the party at large of denying him delegates, ominous messages believed to be coming from freelance Trump backers — usually hiding behind anonymity — have injected fear and anxiety into the usually low-stakes delegate selection process at the local and state level.

It will likely be sometime before we know whether the GOP confab in Cleveland will be a full-blown contested convention, but the current backlash from Trumpites portends some dark days ahead if Trump is denied the nomination.

From Indiana to Colorado to Tennessee, those involved in the delegate selection process are receiving harassment and even death threats from Trump fans who believe that the system has been “rigged” against the real estate mogul…..


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Senate GOPer’s ain’t in a hury to cozy up with Ted Cruz….

Cruz’s stepping on toe’s of his fellow party Senate memebers isn’t gonna just gonna  go away……

He has few friend in the US Upper legisiative body….

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has decided he may want some help from Washington after all to stop Trump.

But alas, his entreaties to his Senate colleagues aren’t going very well.

Cruz is facing varied and dynamic obstacles in his quest to build support on the Hill. Some senators are stubbornly nursing grudges against the freshman senator’s 2013 government shutdown gambit or any other number of slights and affronts he committed as a freshman senator that made him deeply unpopular. Other senators endorsed candidates who already dropped out of the race and are unwilling to repeat that mistake with Donald Trump the clear frontrunner and Cruz likely needing a contested convention to win the nomination.

Ultimately, Cruz is little more than a polarizing colleague asking individual senators to go out on a limb for him on his long-shot bid to deny Trump the nomination. It’s a request that makes for sometimes awkward private conversations.

According to one Republican senator, who was given anonymity to disclose details about the conversation with Cruz he had, Cruz’s pitch went beyond a standard courtesy call.

“It wasn’t a short phone call,” the Republican senator said. “It wasn’t a hello, help me phone call.”

The senator said Cruz’s pitch is that even though he had disagreements with the conference on strategy, he and his colleagues had shared the same goals….


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You’re gonna be paying more for Gas/Oil as Oil prices start back up….

I was paying as littlle as $1.79 per gallon a little more than a month ago….

I just paid $2.13 a gallon…..

That’s good….

But it appears that after a bit of bobbing and weaving, the oil producing countries (Mostly Russia  and Saudia Arabia) around the globe have an agreement on slowing the amount of crude coming into the market , thus drying up the amount of oil available….

We’ll have to see if the price rise holds as Iran begins to import oil worldwide …

Oil extended gains after Interfax reported, citing an unidentified “informed diplomatic source” in Doha, that Saudi Arabia and Russia reached a consensus on an oil freeze during talks on Tuesday, regardless of whether Iran agrees to join. Saudi Arabia, the biggest OPEC producer, said previously it would agree to a cap only if it’s joined by other suppliers including Iran, while Kuwait said a deal can be done without Tehran’s support.

Brent crude advanced 3.5 percent to $44.33 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate added 3.3 percent to $41.68….


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Melissa McCarthy in ‘The Boss’ nudges ‘Batman vs Superman’ in this weekend movie box office…

Good for her…

My wife and I went to Batman vs Superman and it was a BIG disappointment…We wasted out money….

The actress’ latest comedy narrowly topped “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” at the weekend box office with a $23.5 million debut, according to comScore estimates Sunday. “The Boss” stars McCarthy as an over-the-top business mogul attempting to rebound after being convicted of insider trading.

McCarthy’s win wasn’t a total knockout. The Warner Bros. superhero smackdown starring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight and Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel nabbed $23.4 million in its third weekend. Despite poor reviews and word of mouth, “Batman v Superman” has earned an estimated $296.7 million to date.

When the final box office figures are released Monday, the DC Comics mash-up could end up overcoming McCarthy’s R-rated Universal comedy.


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How to elect more and better Democrats? Run them…Daily Kos….

 By Mark E Andersen   @ Daily Kos

 This past week we had an election in Wisconsin. Bernie Sanders won, Ted Cruz won, and Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s handpicked Supreme Court justice won. But this post really isn’t about that: It’s about what I noticed on my two-sided ballot in Madison’s Ward 34.

We make a lot of noise about getting out the vote here on Daily Kos. That we need to vote to make change happen, and that we want to elect more and better Democrats. We struggle with low turnout. Well, low Democratic turnout in the latest Wisconsin election (and on the other side of the coin, strong Republican turnout) is the main reason my state has yet another corporate shill as a Supreme Court justice. Turnout and getting out the vote matters. But there is something else that matters too, and the entire idea of representative democracy is in peril because of this one thing.

The text of my ballot is below. Can you see that is wrong with it (other than the Republican Clown CarTM on the top of the ballot)?


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Donald Trump’s ‘off the cuff’ Bull Shit doesn’t work anymore….

Donald Trump jump the line in the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination race because he went around staying crazy stuff and that a lot people bought into because they where ‘angry’…..

The flash and noise attracted the media , who loved the entertainment factor that turned into attention and ad dollars….

Covering Trump’s explosive entering the GOP nomination race and his subsequent rapid rise to the top and staying there was so strong that no one was thought to be able to rival him….

That was the media story….

But all that noise worried the Grand Ole Party stake holders….

The establishment, elites and state and local party members….

Trump, using off the cuff , made up stuff reigned supreme….

And THAT made up stuff worked….

No More…..

Around a month ago President Obama made a historic trip to Cuba…..

During THAT week?

Donald Trump disappeared from the air waves…..

Obama owned the news cycles….

Around that time also?

The GOP began to get its act together in working to stop Trump….

While Trump was trying to change the parties rules so he could win the nomination with the MAJORITY of delegates , NOT the 1,237 number….

Ted Cruz was beginning to quietly  work on the ground pick his pocket OF delegates….

Things didn’t help Trump with his premature feeling that he HAD the nomination just about sewed up….

After the media left the Cuba story ….Donald Trump has found himself in whole new world….

The media after having the light turned off for a week and realizing that Trump COULD actually  BE the GOP nominee ?….Have come down seriously hard on the entertainer/businessman turned politician….

They and others are questioning his Mickey Mouse answers on  serious and complex issues….His answers to problems that would require knowledge and forethought on those issues….That from a guy who has shunned experts as unnecessary….

Two weeks ago, Donald J. Trump said he could live with a nuclear-armed Japan and South Korea if it meant they could defend themselves against North Korea without American aid. “I’m not sure that would be a bad thing for us,” he said.

Since then he has changed his tune. After Japanese and South Korean officials raised fears of an Asian arms race, and President Obama ridiculed his remark, Mr. Trump began to say he did not actually want the two countries to obtain nuclear weapons — but that, because of American weakness, “At some point it could happen anyway.”

It was not the first time Mr. Trump has hastily added deflating caveats to his headline-grabbing trial balloons.

In a debate a month ago, he declared himself in favor of torture if it would extract information from terrorists, then issued a statement saying he would respect the law, then followed it up by saying that the law must be changed.

In a television interview on March 30, he suggested that women who have illegal abortions should face “some form of punishment,” then reversed himself in another carefully worded statement, then suggested in an interview that abortion should remain legal, then effectively clicked “undo” with another written statement.

In each case, Mr. Trump appeared to be seeking a sort of shelter somewhere between his original remark and the wave of objections it set off.

None of this seemed to matter much until recently. But the Trump style — long on gut instincts, short on briefing books — has taken a toll. His opponents have called him reckless and unfit to be commander in chief. Mr. Obama has said Mr. Trump “doesn’t know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world generally.”



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The nomination race will be decided by the Democratic and Republican party rulers…NOT the voters in the process…

The American Presidential nomination process is run by the political parties as has been pointed out here REPEATEDLY 

NOT the Government….Not even public events or processes…

The political parties are PRIVATE concerns…

As Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders campaign handlers are keenly aware of these days….Requests by both campaign’s in the media to change the rules have fallen on deaf ears….

The contests are played by the party rules….

And those rules are made to expressly keep guys like Trump and Sanders from coming in a wrestling the party away from the party regulars….

If supporters of Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders feel stymied by the delegate process, that is because it was designed years ago precisely to make it difficult for candidates like them to become their nominee — candidates who party leaders believe, rightly or wrongly, could never win in November.

Like with any private members-only club — political parties are not official government entities — the party leaders exercise considerable control over which candidate gets their endorsement and the attendant privilege of using their political infrastructure, financial support and loyal voter base, without which winning in November is all but impossible.

In the earliest days of the republic, members of Congress determined the presidential nominees, cutting ordinary Americans out of the process. The national convention system has evolved over more than a century and a half to gradually decentralize the decision making.

But not completely. The role of Democratic superdelegates was created after the 1980 election to ensure that rank-and-file voters could not easily vote in an activist candidate. Superdelegates include major Democratic elected officials like governors and members of Congress; national and state party leaders; and notable party figures like former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Democrats have added more superdelegates over the years, and this year they will make up 16 percent of all delegates.

Each of their votes has equal weight to delegates awarded through primaries and caucuses. In New Hampshire, for example, the site of Mr. Sanders’s first big victory, he won about 150,000 votes and 15 traditional delegates. Hillary Clinton won nine traditional delegates. But because six of New Hampshire’s superdelegates are supporting her (the other two are uncommitted), she is effectively tied with Mr. Sanders in the state.

Republicans have far fewer superdelegates. But the way the party conducts elections — a complex, layered system of contests that selects local delegates who in turn select state delegates who then vote for national delegates — can be difficult for newcomers without sophisticated operations to penetrate, as Mr. Trump is discovering.


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