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Cheers for Trump’s Syria action …Open Thread For April 8, 2017…

I said this right after the Tomahawks where released on the airfield that launched the gassing attack on the Syrian people this week…

American President’s almost ALWAYS get support for military action….


Former Obama official: We “never would have gotten this done in 48 hours. It’s a complete indictment of Obama.”

Former Secretary of State Kerry “absolutely supportive” of Trump’s Syria strike: report

President Obama backed away from his line in the sand when the British Parliament refused to allow PM Cammeron to join him in doing what Donald Trump just did in 48 hours….

Obama was worried about the inevitable issues that WILL come after this…He did NOT want to get more involved in another Middle Eastern quagmire….

Trump doesn’t think that far ….

So right now he gets props from the Right and yes from former Obama inside people even…


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Trump helping Democrats say ‘NO’ and bond…Open Thread for March 27, 2017…

While everyone went around holding their head in dispair after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote , but lost the election?

Subsequent sloppy , egomaniac and plain dumb moves by Trump & Co. have resulted in rising support for President Obama’s Healthcare program and less harsh Immigration action’s….

The Resistance protests and demo’s have embolden Democrats to follow in the Grand Ole Parties footsteps and dig in TOGETHER …say NO...and standby while the Republicans fight their OWN internal battles and spend their days cleaning up behind a guy whose true wanting abilities to get things done isn’t anything like he’s sold to the public…

But Democrats will not be lending a hand anytime soon.

Invigorated by the Republican dysfunction that led to a stunningly swift collapse of the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and relieved that President Barack Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment remains intact, Democrats are in their best position since their embarrassing loss in the November election.

While it is far too soon to suggest that the House Republican majority may be imperiled, Democrats are newly optimistic about picking up seats in 2018, hoping to ride a backlash against Mr. Trump. Seeing an opportunity, they say they will not throw Mr. Trump a political life preserver at what they sense could be the first turns of a downward spiral.

The president’s approval rating was already mired below 40 percent in some surveys, and is likely to remain low after the health bill’s failure. He has no prospects for legislative victories on the immediate horizon, given how complicated and time-consuming his next priority, an overhaul of the tax code, would be even for a more unified party.

And while his electoral success in states represented by Democrats in Congress had been thought to put such lawmakers in a vise between their party and their president, Mr. Trump demonstrated no ability to pick off centrist Democrats in his first significant legislative push. Democrats — red-state moderates and blue-state liberals alike — formed an unbroken front of opposition to the repeal-and-replace campaign.

“We’re not going to sacrifice our values for the sake of compromise,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader. “You think people from red states are going to be for tax reform with 98 percent of tax breaks going to the top 1 percent?”

For Democrats, the task of remaining unified was made easier when Republicans decided to go it alone and hastily draft a bill that turned out to be deeply unpopular. But the health care skirmish was also more broadly instructive for a party still finding its footing now that it has lost both the White House and Congress: Being the “party of no,” it turns out, can pay dividends…..


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Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…

Donald Trump has been in office for about 56 days….

During THAT time he has managed make his support among Americans drop….

Trump is NOT getting the traditional ‘honeymoon bounce’ that American President’s tend to get…

But then Donald J. Trump isn’t ANYTHING like any modern day newly elected President is he?

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Open Thread for Mar. 11, 2017…Democrats see a Midterm opening with Trump/Ryancare Repeal push…

Why NOT?

While House  Republicans come under siege by the Trump White House and Speaker Ryan to vote for a Repeal and somewhat Replacement of Obama’s signature Affordable Healthcare program?

Democrats watch the support for the program climb and protests go on around the country….

The program that the Grand Ole Party ran AGAINST Barack Obama and the Democrats  has become a rallying cry  for those millions who would lose their coverage, while the rich who can afford  coverage  are in-line to receive more tax breaks….(Trump said NOBODY would lose coverage…He doesn’t say THAT anymore)

The 2018 Midterms are less than 2 years away….

And Democrats see a chance to leverage the potential loss of coverage into  gains in the House and even the Senate that where unthinkable a little while ago….

The Democrats’ confidence comes from two main sources. The first is the AHCA itself, which offers nothing that appeals either to the party’s base or to interest groups that backed the ACA, such as AARP. The second is Trump, who Democrats do not see as a force even in some states that he won. In the states that voted for Barack Obama twice then for Trump — Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — the president’s favorable rating on Election Day was below 40 percent. In Iowa, the only one of those states polled recently, the Des Moines Register poll that accurately predicted a large Trump victory in 2016 found him last month with a wan 42 percent approval rating.

While it’s early in the cycle, Democrats have so far watched credible-seeming challengers in these states pass on 2018 bids. Rep. Tom Marino (R-Penn.), who had been approached by Republicans to challenge Casey, said last month that he would not. Rep. Sean P. Duffy (R-Wis.), who some Republicans wanted to run for Senate in 2018, also demurred, giving first-term Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) a bit more room to vote against the president.

“Donald Trump promised health care for all Americans — coverage for all Americans,” said Baldwin. “And this will threaten coverage for a lot of people.”….


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Democrats need to NOT split themselves apart….Open Thread for Feb. 19, 2017

The Democratic National Committee vote is coming up a week from now…..

It’s really between Rep. Ellison and Tom Perez….

Ellison is a Bernie sanders rep.

Perez is a Obama/Clinton Establishment rep.

Therein lies the problem….

The Democratic party is running in TWO different directions….

The main VOTING part or the party IS establishment …..

The main voice of the party these days is anti-establishment focused on stopping Trump in anyway possible….

The next chance for Democrats to actually gain elective power is next year….

Historically during off year midterm elections the party out of power does well…


The Democrats have a LOT of Senate seats to defend, and good many of them are states that Donald Trump wrestled votes from previous Obama voters…

While ON a WHOLE Trump’s approval numbers are dropping….

In some of those places he won last November he, and therefore Republicans are holding their own….

That’s not all….

While the Democratic base IS energized RIGHT NOW?

Will they be a year and a-half from now when the midterm votes are cast?

Will Democrats beat history and actually come out and VOTE?

How many of those protesting in the streets vote?

How many of these energized Democrats will be pissed at their OWN party elders who KNOW that they will HAVE TO make deals with Republicans for somethings NO MATTER how much their based doesn’t want them to?

Senate Minority Leader is the defacto leader of the Democrats right now….

The New York Democrat started off telling people he WOULD deal…

But THAT did NOT play well with the base, so he changed things up and has fought Trump on his cabinet picks….

It has held up the process…

But it has NOT stopped the most controversial picks from getting confirmed and by NOT making deals Schumer gets NOTHING in return , while the GOPer’s get what they want…

Barack Obama, who is actually responsible for some of this mess because he didn’t get hands dirty in wheeling and dealing with Congress to give cover to his party, is free on the daily grind….

Hillary Clinton, is healing after winning the vote and losing the election that she thought he she had…..Some people think she might even try another run if the party can’t find a young strong candidate ….

So we have the basic’s of the 2016 Democratic primary STILL out there for Democrats…

Who just lost, and have been losing since Obama got into office….

And could lose even BIGGER if they don’t get their shit together SOMEHOW and figure out how to bring some of those Obama voters….

And Bernie Sanders ain’t evn a Democrat….

Go figure?

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What did Trump KNOW and When Did he know it?…Open Thread for Feb. 14, 2017…

Why did the head of The National Security Council go on for three weeks  in office after making phone call’s with Russian’s BEFORE Donald Trump actually was sworn in?

Why didn’t the people in the White House?…..and The President?….Act after being told by the Department of Justice that Flynn did talk to the Russians  about a possible deal on sanctions?

Why was the Vice President deceived?

Was Mike Flynn acting on his own?

Or was he just the messenger for others in Trump & Co.?

There are things that ARE going on in the background that seems unsettling ….(And why do we have a President at odds with his Intelligence Community?)

And more than ANYTHING?


How long can Donald Trump last in office ?


David Petraeus CAN be given the job if Trump pardons him and is will to take the heat in the media over his past indescreations…

But there are other names in the mix….

Above ALL?

This is puts Defense Sec Mattis as the top National Sec guy in the room…..

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Open Thread for Feb, 3th, 2017…NO White House voter Fraud ‘Investigation’…The Clean Up after Trump continues…

I guess they talked Presiodent Trump out of it, eh?

(Another about face from Trump’s early rants…The Clean-Up continues)

The White House is backing away from President Donald Trump’s promise to launch an investigation into the voter fraud claims he made up.

One senior administration official told CNN that while such an investigation could happen in the future, it was no longer a priority. This explains why the executive order on the probe that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would sign last month was never released.

On Jan. 25, Trump promised a “major investigation” into the 2016 presidential election, claiming that at least 3 million people had voted illegally, and all those votes had gone to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It’s worth noting that Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by around 3 million.

The president said that the investigation would target undocumented immigrants, dead people who were still registered and those registered to vote in more than one state….


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We’ll get thru this….Open Thread for January 16, 2017

We’ve been here before….

George Bush and ‘hanging chads’ in Florida….

Efforts to return to the ‘good ole days’ that wasn’t so good if you wasn’t a white male…

America IS IN the 21st Century…

It IS a changing place….

It IS a place where some American’s have been able to secure more ‘Rights’ to live their lives as equals….

It IS a place where some American’s are embracing diversity…

It IS a place where some practice tolerance for the new mix of those who help this place be great like American experienced a century ago….

America IS a great place…

THAT is why millions are betting their lives to get here…

By plane, boat and thru the dangers of coming on foot….

And as these ‘different’ people’s integrate themselves into America?

We become stronger….

We’ll get thru this…

Just as we have in the past….

Donald Trump may NOT know what he ‘s doing…

But America does….

‘We the People’ will keep us there…

With Trump in the White House won’t stop us…..

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Open Thread for January 9, 2017…Run Hillary….Run….’Third time’s the Charm’….

I wouldn’t be able to vote for her…I don’t live in NYC….

But I’d join the rest of America in being happy…

And like the NY Times piece below?

Image result for Hillary Clinton

Boy could she have fun messing with President Trump’s program….

Hillary Clinton as New York City Mayor?

Imagine the fun:

City building inspectors start to show up daily at Trump Tower, where they find a wobbly beam here, a missing smoke detector there, outdated wiring all over the place. City health inspectors fan out through Trump’s hotels, writing citations for clogged drains in the kitchens and expired milk in the minibars.

The potholes near his properties go unfilled. Those neighborhoods are the last to be plowed. There’s a problem with the flow of water to his Bronx golf course, whose greens are suddenly brown. And the Russian Consulate keeps experiencing power failures. It’s the darnedest thing. Clinton vows to look into it, just as soon as she returns from the Hamptons.

She makes Alec Baldwin her cultural affairs commissioner, Alicia Machado the head of the city’s office of food policy. She invites the Rockettes to perform at every official city event. Without any hand-wringing, all of them accept.

And she’s the belle of the international ball. When foreign dignitaries cycle through the United Nations, they make sure to drop by City Hall, especially because she was once the country’s secretary of state. She winds up meeting with some of them more often than Trump does. He handles this as any grown-up in a position of extraordinary responsibility would, with crack-of-dawn tweets about what a lumpy loser Angela Merkel is and where he places her on a scale of 1 to Melania.

“Sad!” he fumes, but Clinton couldn’t be happier. His hometown is her fief. She’s the boss of him whenever he’s in the Big Apple, and he’s in the Big Apple a whole lot…..



The word is she won’t and if she lost….Whew????

But a WIN would be a hell of a rebound….

And would get rid the idea that she doesn’t take any risk…


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Open Thread for Jan.3rd 2017…Add NY Gov Andrew Cuomo to 2020 Democratic Presidential list…

The Democratic New York State Governor was pushed aside for Hillary Clinton’s second run for President….

Andrew Cuomo, whose Dad, Mario, passed up a run for President, is only59 years old now….

He’s be 63 November 2020….

He worked for Bill Clinton’s HUD Depratment and was the NEw York State Attorrney General….

He’s got Kids from a marriage to a Kenndy and is currently living with TV personality Sandra Lee….

Why do I say count him in for 2020?

The below picture tells it all…..

Image result for andrew cuomo/sanders

Cuomo just announced a Bernie Sandesrs favorite…

Free College tuition for young New Yorkers…

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo seized on a potent issue that energized younger Democrats during the presidential race, pledging on Tuesday to cover tuition costs at state colleges for hundreds of thousands of middle-and low-income New Yorkers.

Under the governor’s plan, college students who have been accepted to a state or city university in New York — including two-year community colleges — would be eligible, provided they or their family earn $125,000 or less a year.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democratic centrist thought to have presidential ambitions, has tracked left on a series of issues during his second term, championing a higher minimum wage and paid family leave, though he continues to face criticism from some progressive groups over sometimes working closely with Senate Republicans….


(Cuomo legalized Same-Sex Marriage in New York and toughtened Gun Control in the state)

Stay tuned for more…..

image….Common Dreams

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Open Thread for December 10, 2016…The Democratic Patry Future…

It’s been more than a month since election day 2016…..

There are people I talk to even now that tell me they are ‘afraid and scared’ about America’s future….

There are those who I speak to who are happy with the election results…

The ones scared cannot understand what happened and are concerned about what Donald Trump had been feeding to the voters who voted for him….

The voters who DID vote for him WHERE scared…But NOT any longer….

Trump supporters voted partly for him because Donald Trump said to the them?

“I will make America Great again’…….

Of course we ALL know that America IS the most powerful country on the planet…..

But those Trump voters?

They keep telling people that ask if THEY thought things where OK….

They didn’t…..

There are a million reasons why Trump is going to the White House and Hillary Clinton is retired from politics….

But lets get something straight…..

Hillary Clinton BEAT Donald Trump…..

In any sense of the contest she WON….

She has OVER 2.5 MILLION MORE votes than Trump….

But the way things go in choosing a President in America you have to win numbers generated by state’s…..

That she lost….

Even there though?

NOT by much…..

The number of votes is thought to be around 100,000 now….

But that number could drop to around 70,000 voters….

That is from a total of more than  127 million votes….


Hillary Clinton actually didn’t do so bad OVERALL….


The problem for Democrats is Clinton lost states that Barack Obama carried….Some by less than 10,000 votes…..

All this brings us to Democrats on the whole…


Since barack Obama assumed the Presidency Democrats have been losing ground across the country….

And in two years in the 2018 election things cold get even worst….

Democrats have a larger numbers of House and Senate seats to defend than Republicans…..

Right now the left wing of the party wants the party people in Congress to NOT work with incoming President Trump….

But THAT isn’t the problem one might think….

Democrats have been LOSING because they have stopped listening to the people America is leaving behind in the 21st Century....

In the Rust Belt states that Hillary Clinton lost?

Donald Trump dropped in to talk MORE than Clinton…..

Trump isn’t gonna keep most of the promises he made to these people….

But he listened to them….

Democrats come across as NOT interested in some of America’s workers…Be they predominately white, or hispanic or even black….

The party , and the next Presidential candidate must seek votes in the Rust Belt Midwest ANDa a Southwest which most people do NOT  know came is stronger for Clinton  in some places than some of Obama states Clinton lost…..

The key to Democrats is to start reaching out to those who voted for Obama but left Clinton….

Granted that Hillary Clinton did NOT appeal to a good many Obama voters because she was NOT a good campaigner and the Republicans HAD been running against Obama for six years and she embraced him…..

But Democrats have been losing in state and local races also….

They will NOT get ahead by turning MORE the left which helps them in the coastal states only….

They must find a way to engage the others in the Middle of the country North and South who feel like they are being shuttered out of the American Dream for new comers……

I know this simplistic and there are other factors like race and fear of changing social norms…..

But dealing with even THOSE topics need to be addressed…..

A failure to reach back will only continue the governing of America by a minority supported voter group that IS growing smaller everyday ….

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Open Thread for Dec. 1, 2016…Insurance Companies to get help in Obamacre redo….

Anybody surprised with this?

Republicans will ‘Repeal’ Obamacare, which is actaully the Affordable Healthcare Law….

But it will take a few years ….

Something tells me that Republicans are gonna make sure that Insurance companies make MORE money in the redo….

Sounds like a Hand out Bailout to me….

One Republican lobbyist said that in discussions about a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement, insurers are “painting a picture of the market that isn’t very pretty and Republican staffers are getting the picture.”

“They want to pump money back in to the insurers without appearing like they’re giving them a handout or bailing them out,” the lobbyist added.

A second lobbyist said Republican staff is discussing the effects of actually getting into law a repeal bill similar to the one passed last year through the fast-track process known as reconciliation. That measure would have taken out the core of ObamaCare on a two-year delay.

The lobbyist said Republicans are discussing: “What’s the impact on the 2018 plan year for that, and if it’s as bad as some people say, what are our options to mitigate the impact without looking like we’re bailing out the health insurance industry?”

Asked about the talks with insurers, a Republican House Ways and Means Committee aide said: “We’re talking with all stakeholders and discussing the best next steps as we work to reform this broken health care system.”

It is unclear what specific policies could end up being enacted. A starting point is programs similar to ObamaCare’s risk adjustment, reinsurance and risk corridors.

Those programs help guard insurers against losses by shifting money from insurers faring better financially to those faring worse.

Republicans, though, long denounced those programs as “bailouts” of insurers.

A more likely option could be to get the Trump administration’s Health and Human Services Department to make regulatory changes favorable to insurers….

Iowa insurance commissioner Nick Gerhart, a Republican, sounded concerns about repealing the law without a replacement earlier this month.

“If the new Congress passes a bill to repeal all of the ACA, I hope that a replacement for the ACA is stapled to that bill,” he wrote. “An immediate repeal would lead to devastating consequences in the disruption of people’s care, and create even more uncertainty for millions of Americans.”


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Open Thread for November 26, 2016… Early 2020 Democratic Presidential prospects?

Yea It’s early…..

And unless a mircle happens with the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ?

The White House will be occupied by one Donald Trump if he doesn’t quit or get kicked out…..


I’m asking….

Who would the Democrats be looking to early to run for the Presidedncy in 2020?

Here’s some people  floated by others….

Bernie Sanders. Just after Trump was elected, the self-described “democratic socialist” from Vermont was asked if he’d run in 2020. “We’ll take one thing at a time,” he responded. “But I’m not ruling out anything.” Sanders’ unlikely 2016 surge won him national recognition and popularity across party lines, especially with young voters. But Bernie will be 79 in 2020, older than any major party nominee in America’s history. This obviously presents concern; though at 70, Donald Trump is already older than any other President beginning his first term.

Elizabeth Warren. The progressive populist has so far denied interest in running, but she has a sizable following and a definite lane — which would open up significantly if Sanders chose to sit out. Many fear the Democrats would be unlikely to nominate another female candidate following the misogyny that led to Clinton’s defeat, though the Massachusetts Senator could be the best choice to override that.

Cory Booker. Here’s a reality TV star who’s actually highly qualified to run for President. Booker’s time as mayor of Newark, NJ was chronicled on the Sundance Channel series Brick City and — to make him even more viable as a 21st century candidate — he’s especially adept at social media. He hasn’t been vocal about a Presidential run, but that could be because of his current duties, serving in the U.S. Senate.

Sherrod Brown. Representing the swing state of Ohio, this Senator could likely make a study campaign run, albeit without the name recognition of those just mentioned. His name floated around as a possible Vice President choice for Hillary Clinton this summer.

Kirsten Gillibrand. The New York Senator filled Hillary Clinton’s seat when she was named to Barack Obama’s cabinet. Her name recognition is growing, often around her activism to raise awareness of sexual violence on campuses.

Julian Castro. The Obama Cabinet member comes with a compelling American dream narrative and serious comparisons to the man who appointed him. He was raised in a low-income San Antonio neighborhood by a single mother, only to become mayor of his hometown by his mid 30s, and later, like Obama before him, enjoyed a breakthrough moment by giving the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic convention….


The Hill adds ….

Amy Klobuchar

One of Clinton’s more vocal congressional supporters, the Minnesota senator’s name is a regular in future presidential speculation too.

Like President Obama, she’s a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has spearheaded work to curb sexual assault in the military along with Gillibrand and others. She’s very popular in her home state and has a background in law enforcement as a county prosecutor.

Along with Gillibrand and Warren, Klobuchar, 56, is part of the group of women who could attempt to succeed where Clinton fell short in breaking the presidency’s glass ceiling.

Al Franken

A less common pick, the former Saturday Night Live cast member could be an interesting foil to the reality show superstar turned President Elect.

Franken, 65, has sought to ditch the “funny man” reputation since he arrived in the Senate, but has started to open up a bit more recently as he stumped for Clinton and bashed Trump.

Some are buying into the early speculation, with the “Draft Al Franken 2020” super-PAC registered on Wednesday.

Martin O’Malley

O’Malley served as the odd man out during the Democratic primary, taken far more seriously than Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb but unable to get past the low single-digits in the polls.

But many Democrats saw O’Malley’s bid as a low-risk test drive for a future candidacy, as the 53-year-old former Maryland Governor staked out a number of progressive positions and sought to position himself with one foot in either camp of the party.

He’s now angling for a post atop the DNC, which could put him at the center of the effort to reshape the party.

Kamala Harris

The newly-minted incoming senator for California has drawn comparisons to the rise of another young, black Democrat—Barack Obama.

A presidential bid would be on an ambitious timeline for the 52-year-old Harris, who would be just a few years into her first term in the Senate as the body’s first Indian-American senator (her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican). But she has drawn praise for her progressive tenure as the state’s Attorney General and had the field almost entirely cleared for her 2016 Senate bid….

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Open Thread for November 17, 2016…The Media needs to stop crying about Trump access…

Lately ALL we see in the media is crying about how they can’t go EVERYWHERE Donald Trump goes….


Who Gives a SHIT?

Donald Trump was their poster guy for being entertainingly different….

Now that he’s about to get the gig he didn’t even think he probably really wanted?

He don’t need the media anymore….

The guy used the Media masterfully for attention for the past year…

Now it’s the media that is feeling left out?

Now Donald Trump is following in guess who’s footsteps?


Media  editors?

Get used to this….

Some people wanted change ….

They ARE gonna get it….

From a guy who see’s ‘Transparency’ as something OTHER people do….

Not him….

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Open Thread for November 11, 2016….Wait and See….

Shock….. Anger…..Disbelief …Democrats


As I wrote a couple of days ago….

It’s gonna be a shit show …..

People out in the streets…..

Democrats trying to rerun their Primary Race….

Donald Trump making up with the GOP establishment….

Chris Christie out of the Transition….

Pollsters scratching their heads….

Stock market back up….

Democrats in government brushing off their resumes

Did Hispanic’s/Latino’s actually vote for Trump above the Romeny level?

Hillary Clinton getting MORE vote’s than Trump….

Calls for the electoral college to go from DEMOCRATS?

Obamacare …

Immigration ….

Some people laying bets on how long Donald Trump can escape being impeached….

America United?

America of the 21st Century?

Wait and See….

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2016 PDog Election Day 2nd Open Thread

A Much Closer Vote that anyone called EXCEPT for Nate Silver….

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