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Open Thread for Dec. 1, 2016…Insurance Companies to get help in Obamacre redo….

Anybody surprised with this?

Republicans will ‘Repeal’ Obamacare, which is actaully the Affordable Healthcare Law….

But it will take a few years ….

Something tells me that Republicans are gonna make sure that Insurance companies make MORE money in the redo….

Sounds like a Hand out Bailout to me….

One Republican lobbyist said that in discussions about a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement, insurers are “painting a picture of the market that isn’t very pretty and Republican staffers are getting the picture.”

“They want to pump money back in to the insurers without appearing like they’re giving them a handout or bailing them out,” the lobbyist added.

A second lobbyist said Republican staff is discussing the effects of actually getting into law a repeal bill similar to the one passed last year through the fast-track process known as reconciliation. That measure would have taken out the core of ObamaCare on a two-year delay.

The lobbyist said Republicans are discussing: “What’s the impact on the 2018 plan year for that, and if it’s as bad as some people say, what are our options to mitigate the impact without looking like we’re bailing out the health insurance industry?”

Asked about the talks with insurers, a Republican House Ways and Means Committee aide said: “We’re talking with all stakeholders and discussing the best next steps as we work to reform this broken health care system.”

It is unclear what specific policies could end up being enacted. A starting point is programs similar to ObamaCare’s risk adjustment, reinsurance and risk corridors.

Those programs help guard insurers against losses by shifting money from insurers faring better financially to those faring worse.

Republicans, though, long denounced those programs as “bailouts” of insurers.

A more likely option could be to get the Trump administration’s Health and Human Services Department to make regulatory changes favorable to insurers….

Iowa insurance commissioner Nick Gerhart, a Republican, sounded concerns about repealing the law without a replacement earlier this month.

“If the new Congress passes a bill to repeal all of the ACA, I hope that a replacement for the ACA is stapled to that bill,” he wrote. “An immediate repeal would lead to devastating consequences in the disruption of people’s care, and create even more uncertainty for millions of Americans.”


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Open Thread for November 26, 2016… Early 2020 Democratic Presidential prospects?

Yea It’s early…..

And unless a mircle happens with the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ?

The White House will be occupied by one Donald Trump if he doesn’t quit or get kicked out…..


I’m asking….

Who would the Democrats be looking to early to run for the Presidedncy in 2020?

Here’s some people  floated by others….

Bernie Sanders. Just after Trump was elected, the self-described “democratic socialist” from Vermont was asked if he’d run in 2020. “We’ll take one thing at a time,” he responded. “But I’m not ruling out anything.” Sanders’ unlikely 2016 surge won him national recognition and popularity across party lines, especially with young voters. But Bernie will be 79 in 2020, older than any major party nominee in America’s history. This obviously presents concern; though at 70, Donald Trump is already older than any other President beginning his first term.

Elizabeth Warren. The progressive populist has so far denied interest in running, but she has a sizable following and a definite lane — which would open up significantly if Sanders chose to sit out. Many fear the Democrats would be unlikely to nominate another female candidate following the misogyny that led to Clinton’s defeat, though the Massachusetts Senator could be the best choice to override that.

Cory Booker. Here’s a reality TV star who’s actually highly qualified to run for President. Booker’s time as mayor of Newark, NJ was chronicled on the Sundance Channel series Brick City and — to make him even more viable as a 21st century candidate — he’s especially adept at social media. He hasn’t been vocal about a Presidential run, but that could be because of his current duties, serving in the U.S. Senate.

Sherrod Brown. Representing the swing state of Ohio, this Senator could likely make a study campaign run, albeit without the name recognition of those just mentioned. His name floated around as a possible Vice President choice for Hillary Clinton this summer.

Kirsten Gillibrand. The New York Senator filled Hillary Clinton’s seat when she was named to Barack Obama’s cabinet. Her name recognition is growing, often around her activism to raise awareness of sexual violence on campuses.

Julian Castro. The Obama Cabinet member comes with a compelling American dream narrative and serious comparisons to the man who appointed him. He was raised in a low-income San Antonio neighborhood by a single mother, only to become mayor of his hometown by his mid 30s, and later, like Obama before him, enjoyed a breakthrough moment by giving the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic convention….


The Hill adds ….

Amy Klobuchar

One of Clinton’s more vocal congressional supporters, the Minnesota senator’s name is a regular in future presidential speculation too.

Like President Obama, she’s a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has spearheaded work to curb sexual assault in the military along with Gillibrand and others. She’s very popular in her home state and has a background in law enforcement as a county prosecutor.

Along with Gillibrand and Warren, Klobuchar, 56, is part of the group of women who could attempt to succeed where Clinton fell short in breaking the presidency’s glass ceiling.

Al Franken

A less common pick, the former Saturday Night Live cast member could be an interesting foil to the reality show superstar turned President Elect.

Franken, 65, has sought to ditch the “funny man” reputation since he arrived in the Senate, but has started to open up a bit more recently as he stumped for Clinton and bashed Trump.

Some are buying into the early speculation, with the “Draft Al Franken 2020” super-PAC registered on Wednesday.

Martin O’Malley

O’Malley served as the odd man out during the Democratic primary, taken far more seriously than Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb but unable to get past the low single-digits in the polls.

But many Democrats saw O’Malley’s bid as a low-risk test drive for a future candidacy, as the 53-year-old former Maryland Governor staked out a number of progressive positions and sought to position himself with one foot in either camp of the party.

He’s now angling for a post atop the DNC, which could put him at the center of the effort to reshape the party.

Kamala Harris

The newly-minted incoming senator for California has drawn comparisons to the rise of another young, black Democrat—Barack Obama.

A presidential bid would be on an ambitious timeline for the 52-year-old Harris, who would be just a few years into her first term in the Senate as the body’s first Indian-American senator (her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican). But she has drawn praise for her progressive tenure as the state’s Attorney General and had the field almost entirely cleared for her 2016 Senate bid….

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Open Thread for November 17, 2016…The Media needs to stop crying about Trump access…

Lately ALL we see in the media is crying about how they can’t go EVERYWHERE Donald Trump goes….


Who Gives a SHIT?

Donald Trump was their poster guy for being entertainingly different….

Now that he’s about to get the gig he didn’t even think he probably really wanted?

He don’t need the media anymore….

The guy used the Media masterfully for attention for the past year…

Now it’s the media that is feeling left out?

Now Donald Trump is following in guess who’s footsteps?


Media  editors?

Get used to this….

Some people wanted change ….

They ARE gonna get it….

From a guy who see’s ‘Transparency’ as something OTHER people do….

Not him….

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Open Thread for November 11, 2016….Wait and See….

Shock….. Anger…..Disbelief …Democrats


As I wrote a couple of days ago….

It’s gonna be a shit show …..

People out in the streets…..

Democrats trying to rerun their Primary Race….

Donald Trump making up with the GOP establishment….

Chris Christie out of the Transition….

Pollsters scratching their heads….

Stock market back up….

Democrats in government brushing off their resumes

Did Hispanic’s/Latino’s actually vote for Trump above the Romeny level?

Hillary Clinton getting MORE vote’s than Trump….

Calls for the electoral college to go from DEMOCRATS?

Obamacare …

Immigration ….

Some people laying bets on how long Donald Trump can escape being impeached….

America United?

America of the 21st Century?

Wait and See….

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2016 PDog Election Day 2nd Open Thread

A Much Closer Vote that anyone called EXCEPT for Nate Silver….

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Open Thread for November 6, 2016…VOTE….

Image result for go out and vote

The 2016 Presidential Election is a a scant few days away….


It’s about time….

Enough of the guessing….

Enough of the Bull Shit

Enough of the Emails…

Enough of the polling….

Enough of the predictions….

It’s time for the REAL DEAL….

People have to go out, if they haven’t ALREADY and cast their vote for who they want to lead the country, their state and local government….

Go out and VOTE!…..


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Open Thread for November 1, 2016…Early Democratic Turn Out…..

I have been saying this FOREVER….

Bracak Obama was viewed MORE favorable than Hillary Clinton who has a history and is admittly qualified to BE President….

But that same history works against her also….

Democrats need to make sure that people actually come out and VOTE….Not just answer pollsters questions…..Early voting numbers are mixed and…..

Democrats can ill afford to let up on getting their voters to COME TO THE POLLS and VOTE….

…from Daily Kos…..

With one week to go until Election Day, the statistics from Monday’s early vote were, on balance, a disappointment for Democrats. It consisted of the best day of the in-person early vote period thus far for the Republicans in Nevada and also showed a (narrow) bounceback for Republicans in Florida as they continued to offset narrow in-person gains for the Democrats with larger leads among returned mail-in ballots.

Much of the online discussion of early voting this week, however, seems to be revolving around the demographic makeup of those that have participated in the process thus far. A couple of studies released over the past couple of days indicate a potentially worrisome (for Democrats, at least) dive in the participation of African-American voters in early voting. So, the questions now appear to be twofold: 1) Are the studies indicating flagging black turnout accurate? and 2) Does this necessarily portend trouble for the Democratic ticket?


One of the places where the turnout performance (or lack thereof) is a big issue is Florida, where an explosive report was published on Monday by University of Florida Prof. Daniel Smith. Smith argued that African-American proportion of the early in-person vote (with eight days left in the election) has plummeted from 25 percent of the total early vote down to 15 percent of the early vote. A rising proportion of Latino votes relative to 2012 has offset that somewhat, but the white share of the in-person early vote has risen from 60 to 64 percent, according to Smith….



On the other hand, the racial voting patterns in North Carolina are growing a little more difficult to explain. Last week, it was clear that white voters were overperforming their 2012 numbers in early voting, and African-American voters were underperforming their 2012 numbers. But the early lag in African-American in-person early voting had at least one simple potential explanation: the huge decrease in availability of early voting centers, particularly in areas with a high proportion of African-American voters.

However, with nearly 1.9 million votes tallied (according to the VoteTracker project of the conservative Civitas Insitute), there are some very troubling signs. Despite a number of “Souls to the Polls” events over the past weekend, the African-American share of the early vote in North Carolina has barely moved. As of this morning, black voters have made up 22.5 percent of the early vote. By contrast, in 2012, black voters comprised just over 27 percent of the early vote….


Here the evidence is a little more mixed, but still disconcerting. Earlier today, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections estimated that their turnout for this election (an estimate based, in part, on early voter participation) will amount to 62 percent of registered voters. That is considerably lower than 2012, when turnout was 70 percent of registered voters. Given that (a) this is a 30 percent African-American county in a state that is only 12 percent African American, and (b) this is a county that went Democratic by a 69-30 margin in 2012, this would seem to be very bad news.

The offsetting good news, as we relayed in yesterday’s update, is that the two large Democratic vote sinks in the state (Cuyahoga and Columbus’ Franklin County) had both seen a distinct uptick in early voting performance over the weekend, putting them closer to their 2012 early vote shares, though still lagging….


Some of these numbers definitely should raise a healthy level of concern, but there is an important data point that might mitigate some potential trouble spots we’re seeing. A weekend review of polling data by Ipsos/Reuters suggests that Hillary Clinton is doing quite well among early voters in Texas, Arizona, and Ohio, and leading the overall national early vote by 15 points. We can readily explain Clinton doing well in Texas and Arizona (hint: Latino vote!), but Ohio’s story, demographically, has been that the early vote seemed to play right into Trump’s hands….


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Open Thread for October 27, 2016…Fighting the Democrats…

Donald J. Trump is NOT gonna be the next President….

Even Trump KNOWS this….

All the talk from the Media that the Republican Party is gonna fall apart in a political street fight is simply noise…

They will survive …

The thing that is messed up is the comments from the Republican US House Representative from Utah , who like his loser Presidential candidate, is threatening to continue  trying to beat down the winner of the 2016 Presidential election….

To win that election ?

Millions of American’s will mnake a choice…

In my mind it’s all right to NOT be happy with the election results…

But this thing of DELIBERATELY try to derail the wishes of the MAJORITY of American voters is wrong and UN-American…

Representative Jason Chafffetz needs to find other things to do besides trying to run his own crusade to nullify the wishes of the Majority of Americans’s wishes who will be electing the first Woman President…

The last Republican House that did this is fighting for his political life in California…

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Open Thread for October 22, 2016…Reince Preibus WAS Right….

After  the 2012 loss of Mitt Romney to Barack Obama the Republican party took it upon itself to find out why….

Reince Preibus , the Republican party boss proudly announced the results after the report came out….

That WAS then….

Ted Cruz started his campaign NOT following the studies suggestions…..

Donald Trump threw the book away….

These days Preibus is trying to keep HIS party in one piece while Trump   NOT follow  his advice puts Trump’s adopted party in conflict….

Preibus WAS Right…..

Image result for reince priebus/trump

And he’s suffering because his voters choose Trump with  the hate and fear Preibus’s party have used to hold on those people in their grip….

America is about to get a 3rd term of Democratic Presidency and could very well have a fourth….Which would mean 16 years of Democratic President’s….

The Republican’s still have a say in Congress…

But the White House continues to escape them….


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Open Thread for October 15, 2016…Now Trump blames the the polls?

Except for the LA Tines/USC Tracking  poll?

Donald Trump is DOWN in ALL the National Polls…

They do NOT fit HIS idea of reality….

In the state polling?

He’s close in several states a Republican should own…

Because they aren’t ‘nice ‘ to him he’s of course attacking them….

First on the LATimes Tracking poll and the rest of the field…

Julie Mason on POTUS Radio  had Anna Greenberg, a woman pollster who has won awards for her work on her show talking about the state of the Presidential race polling right now….She points out something that SHOULD be mentioned…

Real Clear Politics, a place WE feature here

(And is quoted by EVERYONE in politics right now as gospel in numbers)
Leans RIGHT….
Part the reason they INCLUDE the LATIMES/USC Tracking
Poll which is plainly and outlier…

She advises that the higher margins in 538 and the Upshot are because they factor out polls like the LATIMES/USC Tracking poll which pull down Clinton’s average….

Now on Trump’s efforts to deny the reality of the rest of the polling BESIDE’S the LATimes Tracking poll…

With Hillary Clinton extending her lead nationwide and in key battleground states, the Trump campaign is toying with what might be called “poll denialism,” giving his supporters license to dismiss the discouraging data.

At the same time, Trump is continuing to tout unscientific online surveys that say he prevailed at last Sunday’s town hall debate.
On Friday afternoon he said he “absolutely destroyed” Clinton, citing “every online poll, even Time magazine,” a news outlet that is “not exactly in love with me.”

A Time magazine spokeswoman confirmed that Time’s web site did not conduct a “who won?” survey after the debate. (Its most recent scientific poll was conducted in late September.)

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign and its allies are latching onto one of the few scientific polls that show him with almost as much as support as Clinton. “IT’S THISCLOSE,” The Drudge Report claimed Friday, linking to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll.
By the Times’ own admission, “the poll often is out of sync with other voter surveys because it uses different methodology.”
On “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Pence claimed that “these polls have been all over the map.”

Political analysts dispute that…..


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Open Thread for October 12, 2016….Donald Trump is in Deep Trouble….


Ezra Klein
Trump’s plan to beat Hillary Clinton:

– Attack Bill Clinton
– Attack Paul Ryan
– Sue the New York Times

See the problem?

David Boardman ‏@dlboardman 
David Boardman Retweeted Scott Bixby
Eight. …

Scott Bixby @scottbix
SEVEN ALLEGATIONS against Trump today:
– Buzzfeed News
– New York Times
– Guardian…

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe

Donald Trump “just came strolling” into dressing rooms, pageant contestants allege

Christopher Hayes
Anyone feel like we’re in one of those free-fall rides? Or, like, a bad dream where you’re in an elevator that fails?

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Open Thread for October 9, 2016…Trump supporters ARE Trump supporters…

While more and  elected Republican Politicians jump ship on the Trump campaign?…

(They NEVER liked him anyways )

Politico has released a ‘snap-poll’ that reports that 74% of Republican voters think that their party should CONTINUE to support Trump….39% think Trump should drop out of the race for President a month out from election day….

Image result for trump

This is a continuation of the quandary Donald Trump has put his adopted party in this year….

While the elected officials will have to deal with all sorts of things AFTER Trump loses….

Republican voters are continuing to show their distaste for President Obama and Hillary Clinton so much that ANYTHING Trump does or says will NOT stop them from supporting him….

The problem for Trump is this isn’t the GOP Primaries anymore….

A wave of Republican officials abandoned Donald Trump on Saturday, but, at least for now, rank-and-file Republicans are standing by the party’s presidential candidate, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was unearthed Friday that had the GOP nominee crudely bragging about groping women and trying to lure a married woman into an affair.
Overall, fewer than four-in-10 voters — 39 percent — think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out.
Story Continued Below

But voters are largely viewing Trump’s comments through their own partisan lens: 70 percent of Democrats say Trump should end his campaign, but just 12 percent of Republicans — and 13 percent of female Republicans — agree.

As of now, GOP voters largely want the party to stand behind Trump. Nearly three-quarters of Republican voters, 74 percent, surveyed on Saturday said party officials should continue to support Trump. Only 13 percent think the party shouldn’t back him.


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Open Thread for October 5, 2016…Trump doesn’t have enough white guys…

What works in the Republican Primary does NOT get it in the General Election….

……“Donald Trump’s strategy in this campaign has been fairly clear from the beginning: Drive up Republican support among white voters in order to compensate for the GOP’s shrinking share among the growing nonwhite portion of the electorate. And Trump has succeeded in overperforming among a certain slice of white voters, those without a college degree.”

“But overall, the strategy isn’t working. Trump has a smaller lead among white voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012, and Trump’s margin seems to be falling from where it was when the general election began.”….

Harry Enten @ Five Thirty Eight….

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Open Thread for Oct. 1, 2016….Clinton turns to her base in the home stretch….

It’s Get out the Vote Time people….

Coming off her attacks in the first debate and before….

Hillary Clinton is working HARD to rimnd people WHO Donald Trump IS…

And what he IS and IS NOT capable of doing….

Image result for clinton and sanders campaign

While Trump’s supporters don’t care what he says, or has said in the past….

The Clinton campaign isn’t letting those things go…..

And Donald Trump is NOT happy about that…

Gone are Clinton’s regular references to winning over moderate conservatives and her sly allusions to GOP leaders meant to give defecting Republicans a framework for abandoning their nominee. With 39 days to go, Brooklyn headquarters and battleground state operatives are activating the massive surrogate machinery, a heavy early voting push, and a large-scale registration offensive they think they need to secure a win in November.

Never mind, they insist, that Donald Trump lacks anything close to an equivalent turnout infrastructure.

“The thing about this election is — as unconventional as it is — what’s remarkable is how conventional it is,” said Steve Schale, a Florida Democratic strategist who ran Obama’s state teams. “You go back to 1976, there have been a billion votes cast for president, and there’s less than five million votes separating the Republican and Democratic candidates. Why would this be different?”

Clinton’s targets almost universally echo Obama’s from four years ago in the individual states where the election will be won and lost.



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Open Thread for Sept. 22, 2016… Donald Trump IS running out of Time….

Image result for Clinton/trump

Donald J. Trump  being Trump made a batch of bad moves in the last two weeks just as his poll numbers had started to look better….While Trump had some Democrats worried with his polling climb…..

Trump just HAS to BE Trump…..

That  has resulted in Trump’s jump up in the polls seemingly coming to an end as Clinton’s General Election numbers seem to be climbing….

That adage floated during the GOP primaries that Trump is NOT able to get support much past  40% of the voter’s is  probably correct….

The Democrats are  starting to bear down on their ‘Get Out the Vote’ push….

Trump has no such effort….

Trump is now hiding from the Media except for Fox News….(He has the Washington Post STEADILY on his case….)


While people are ALREADY voting.….

Clinton’s poll numbers are getting better….

The clock IS already running on the election vote ….


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Open Thread for September 15, 2016…About those polls…

Image result for hillary clinton 2016

Today Real Clear Politics and everybody else doing polling has Hillary Clinton on drop in their polling numbers….

As I pointed out in tonights Polling Update?

The polls for the ‘Swing’ states are VERY close with Trump leading in the some of polls…

But Trump’s lead in THOSE polls are with the polls margin of error…

If you look at the projections from the guys we feature?

Hillary Clinton continues to lead by 2 to 1  and 3 to 1……

State polls Clinton  STILL give her 300 or so Electoral votes….


While the Media is happy to have  the ‘Horse Race’ they always want…

And the polls narrow as they always do in early fall…

Hillary Clinton seems STILL on her way to becoming the First Woman American President in its history….


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