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Trump is now a Conventional Republican…Forget the draining the swamp stuff…

With firebrand Steve Bannon gone and his buddy Stephen Miller under the thumb of John Kelly?

Donald Trump has had to slow his roll….

Added to that is the realization that Trump HAS TO work WITH his parties conservative wing to get anything done….

And what do you get?

You get a typical Conservative guy in the nations White House…

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Whatever middle to left leanings that Donald Trump displayed before he got his new job (or even that slip out from time to time) have been erased….

The same guy who ran against the Republican Establishment now lies in bed with them…..They are one….

If they squint hard enough, Republicans looking at President Trump can almost see George W. Bush.

Government spending and the debt are soaring, provoking grumblings about fiscal recklessness. Taxes were slashed at the expense of balanced budgets. Thousands of additional troops have been deployed into war zones half a world away. And with the exception of some highly specific tariffs, international trade remains free and unfettered.

For all the ways Mr. Trump has defied and flouted the norms of his office, many policies that he has approved are downright ordinary by the standards of modern Republican administrations. It is a far cry from the mold-shattering approach he talked about before he became president, insisting he would punish China for “ripping us off,” pull out of Afghanistan because “we waste billions there” and slash the debt because it was “bad for the country.”

Many Republicans say that what has unfolded so far is not the Trump administration they were expecting.

“The biggest metaphor for this is that in Trump World, Steve Bannon is a smoldering ruin while the president has a good working relationship with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan,” said Rich Lowry, editor of National Review. “A year ago, I think very few people would have thought that.”….



Mueller’s office charges Gates lawyer with lying to them…

Ya gotta tell them the truth went they ask ya questions…

They are serious about that…

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors have filed a new charge against a man they say lied to federal investigators in the Russia probe.

A charging document filed in federal court in Washington on Tuesday accuses Alex Van Der Zwaan of one charge of making false statements. The information was filed ahead of a plea hearing scheduled for later Tuesday.

The court filing says Van Der Zwaan lied to investigators about his interactions with Rick Gates. Gates, a former Trump campaign aide, was indicted last year on charges of conspiracy to launder money and acting as an unregistered foreign agent….


Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney for the Utah Senate seat…


If ya can’t beat’m?


Donald Trump hasn’t been doing good at all in backing people…

This time I guess he wanted his name on a probable winner…

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President Trump endorsed Mitt Romney as he runs for US Senate in Utah, sending a tweet Monday night in which Trump said Romney “will make a great Senator and worthy successor” to Orrin Hatch.

Romney announced Friday that he was running for Senate, confirming expectations. Hatch had previously said he would not seek an eighth term and had personally recruited Romney to run for his seat.

How Romney would regard Trump has been a question, and he has previously been critical of the president….



In the end?…The NRA gets it’s way….

Politico is out witha piece which explains why the National Roiflle Association has been able to keep American l;awmakers from limiting the sale and purchase of handguns, rifles and assault rifles even as people with those guns have been killing people , adults and children  regularly….

It all comes down to something that is known to lawmakers across the nation….

Gun owners tend to be single issue voters….

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Why does the NRA always win, despite the repeated national traumas, and despite poll after poll showing a majority in favor of stronger gun control measures? It’s not the money. It’s because the NRA has built a movement that has convinced its followers that gun ownership is a way of life, central to one’s freedom and safety, that must be defended on a daily basis.

The gun control majority gets worked up only in the days after public mass shootings, even though such events accounted for only 71 of the 38,658annual gun fatalities in 2016. Then the news coverage shifts, political prospects for action diminish, and the majority gravitates to other political matters while guns continue to take lives in suicides, domestic violence incidents, other crimes and accidents every day.

Since the progressive political prism views campaign cash as the scourge of democracy, gun control proponents are quick to blame NRA donations for why Congress seems immune to public opinion. In a powerful speech last week in Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Emma Gonzalez excoriated “politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the NRA telling us nothing could have been done to prevent this” and added, “To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you.”

But it’s a mistake to attribute the NRA’s success entirely to its campaign spending. The dollar amount was considerable in 2016: $54.4 million. But that money was not spent on the entire Congress. Thirty million went to Donald Trump, the rest mainly to six Republican Senate candidates in competitive races, five of whom won. For most members of Congress, the amount of money they get from the NRA is a tiny percentage of their overall hauls. If money were the only reason for their gun rights stances, Michael Bloomberg could offer to double whatever the NRA gives them and flip their votes.

To beat the NRA at its own game, the gun control movement needs to better understand how the NRA has built an army of single-issue voters…..



Washington DC students do a ‘Lie In’ in front of the White House….

…from the Hill….

Twitter video is loading

Washington, D.C. area students staged protests against gun violence outside of the White House on Monday just days after 17 people were killed in a shooting at a south Florida high school.

Numerous students took part in a “lie-in” on the road outside of the White House for three minutes at a time in an effort to symbolize the amount of time it took alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz to gun down numerous people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. on Wednesday…..



It’s getting so that the kids are going to the streets like in the 1960’s?….

The “filibuster-proof” Democratic Senate majority in Pres. Obama’s first Congress (2009-10) was fleeting….

The “filibuster-proof” Democratic Senate majority in Pres. Obama’s first Congress (2009-10) was a fleeting, evanescent, phenomenon of perhaps six or seven non-continuous months during which the Senate was often out of session anyway.

The Democrats increased their majority with the defection of Arlen Specter (R > D, Pa) and the seating, no earlier than July 2009, of Al Franken (DFL, Minn.)

But it was lowered temporarily by the deaths of Edward Kennedy (D, Mass.) and Robert Byrd (D, W .Va), and permanently by the election of Scott Brown (R) to fill Kennedy’s seat.

The only significant thing that the 111th Congress accomplished, and indeed could accomplish, was passing a very ramshackle, jerry-built, jury-rigged Affordable Care Act — and that was by dragging poor old Ted Kennedy away from his death bed to cast the 60th vote for cloture and passage.

It’s silly, tedious, and ahistorical for either Republicans or diehard Democrats to complain about how little the Democrats accomplished the last time they controlled both chambers of Congress. George W. Bush (R) was still President during the 110th Congress (2007-8), and the Democrats could (even in theory) only block GOP filibusters for about a quarter of the 111th. Then, of course, the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives after the elections of 2010.

As I explained in two laboriously-researched and carefully-written footnotes to the Wikipedia article on Party Divisions of United States Congresses….

DSD @ Politicaldog101….

Trump to support improved background checks law?

Well lets see on this…

There has been the Federal Compliance with Criminal Background check bill sitting in Congress going nowhere….

Under media pressure Donald Trump has someone say that he’ll support the bill advancing on the calendar in Congress?


I’m kinda doubtful on this guys word ….

Didn’t he say he’d sign ‘anything’ Congress brought to him on Immigration?

Didn’t they take him in the room and make him change his mind to extent that he made sure he derailed ANY effort on Immigration reform?

This guys word doesn’t mean much…

A White House spokesperson said Monday that President Trump would back improving the federal background check system.

“The president spoke to Senator [John] Cornyn [R-Texas] on Friday about the bi-partisan bill he and Sen. [Chris] Murphy [D-Conn.] introduced to improve Federal Compliance with Criminal Background check Legislation,” the White House said in a statement.

“While discussions are ongoing and revisions are being considered, the President is supportive of efforts to improve the Federal background check system.”

The comments come after a gunman opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 17 people and wounding more than a dozen others.

Multiple students and lawmakers have called for Congress to act following the shooting to prevent a future tragedy.

Last year, Trump overturned an Obama-era regulation restricting certain people from buying guns…..


Trump people seek to play off his tweets in talks with Foreign leaders…

It’s come down to Donald Trump’s staff people and American lawmakers to calm worried leaders around the world about their boss….

They are telling others to disregard their bosess tweets….

Imagine THAT?

Don’t listen to the words of the American President?

Sec of State is among the missing …

He’s cuts the balkls out his department ….


Who is running the America Foreign Affairs?

They’re just tweets.

U.S. lawmakers and top White House officials tried to distance the nation from some of President’s tough talk on social media while visiting a security conference this weekend in Munich, Germany.

European leaders at the conference weren’t sure who to turn to about the U.S. stance on global issues.

“Is it deeds? Is it words? Is it tweets?” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said to the Washington Post on Saturday.

Schumer rips Trump’s proposed cuts to gun background check system

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) promised Europe that the U.S. still had the same ties to the continent, despite Trump’s past threats to cut NATO funding.

“There is a lot more support for continuing our past policies than it might appear from some of the statements,” she reportedly told a crowd in Munich on Sunday….


Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s push for paid family leave brused off by Chief of Staff Kelly…


The President’s daughter gets the backhand, eh?

Image result for ivanka trump/john kelly

Ivanka Trump continues to advocate internally for a paid family leave policy — though conservatives inside the administration have told me she’s getting some high-level blowback.

In conversations with associates, John Kelly has dismissively described paid family leave as one of Ivanka’s “pet projects” and said he doesn’t understand how it fits into the White House’s agenda.

  • What’s next: A White House official told me this tension came to a head a few weeks ago. The official told me the issue is being “hammered out internally” and Kelly approved a policy process to work through the issue.
  • To be fair to Ivanka, paid family leave is not a rogue endeavor, even though much of the White House considers it a non-starter…..



Donald Trump continues to try to sell the Russian’s didn’t help him win nonsense…

It won’t work….

His efforts to tarnish the FBI, CIA, NSA and Dept. of Justice (He’s at this since the election) isn’t gonna change the minds of most of the American public and the rest of the world…(his view does stick with his true believers though)

Trying to throw the blame even on President Obama and Hillary Clinton is making him look even more desperate…And the more he mentions this?

The more ingrained in the media and public eye it is gonna be…

I’m sure that Mueller’s people have even MORE proof that Donald Trump got help that Hillary Clinton and the world had know idea to what extent….

The man is lucky this country has no ‘do over’ mechanism…..

President Trump, in a series of angry and defiant tweets on Sunday morning, sought to shift the blame to Democrats for Russia’s virtual war to meddle in the 2016 election, saying that President Barack Obama had not done enough to stop the interference and denying that he had ever suggested that Moscow might not have been involved.

Mr. Trump, who has said little to publicly acknowledge a threat to American democracy that even one of his top aides called “incontrovertible” on Saturday, asserted that the efforts to investigate and combat the Russian meddling had only given the Russians what they wanted, saying that “they are laughing their asses off in Moscow.”

“If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams,” Mr. Trump wrote.

From his Florida estate, the president has spent the weekend stewing over news coverage of an indictment secured last week against more than a dozen Russians by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel leading an investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia.

The indictment says that while the Russians began their scheme in 2014 with the goal of undermining the American democratic system, they eventually shifted their focus to trying to help elect Mr. Trump and disparage his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The president has repeatedly seized on the fact that the efforts started before he became a candidate, but has glossed over the conclusion that they evolved toward supporting his candidacy. The indictment does not assert any wrongdoing by the president or anyone affiliated with him.

In another tweet on Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has tried since the campaign to sow doubts about who was behind the election intrusions, said that he had “never said Russia did not meddle in the election,” quoting a comment he made in a 2016 presidential debate.

“I said ‘it may be Russia, or China or another country or group, or it may be a 400 pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer,” Mr. Trump wrote. “The Russian ‘hoax’ was that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia — it never did!”…..


Joe Biden 2020?…Democrats for 12 years?


We’re less than 3 years out from election day 2020….

There are a LOT of Democrats thinking about running for their parties Presidential nomination….

Only one guy has signed up already….

He isn’t gonna get the spot….

Another guy , who isn’t even a Democrats runs a close second to the leader in polls of Democrats….

Former Vice President Joe Biden….

If your are a regular here you’ve seen several posts about the 78 year old guy who just lost his job less than 2 years ago….(there will be more)


He’s started runs for the nomination TWICE before only to drop out…

Yes, he is well liked across the Democratic political spectrum….

Yes, he IS at ease with blue collar white males…..

And YES he’s the leader in polling of Democarts who would beat Donald Trump if the election was held right now….

Image result for joe Biden

But it’s not…..

We don’t know who the Republicans will be running in 2020….

Donald Trump maybe, if he hasn’t been forced to quit….

Mike Pence if Trump does have to quit….

But if Biden does run?

The ole’ timer WILL be the guy to knock of from the Democratic pack that he is current leading….And he will have to make up his mind by early next year , if not sooner of lose the money people’s backing and the organization initiative ….

…..Biden began a planning meeting for his new diplomacy center by addressing the elephant in the room. He said he was keeping his 2020 options open, considering it a real possibility. He insisted he had made no decision, and didn’t need to yet, according to five people who either attended the meeting or were briefed on it by those who did.

Biden also expressed interest in bringing those in the room onto his team if he decides to launch a campaign. At the same time, he gave them an out: There would be no hard feelings if they decided they were content in their current roles outside of government, said the people, who demanded anonymity to discuss a private meeting.

The political world has long tried to game out Biden’s plans for 2020. After all, he came close to running last time only to see President Donald Trump pull off a victory that many Democrats openly suggest wouldn’t have happened had he, not Hillary Clinton, been their nominee. Several people came away from the meeting with the impression that if no strong Democratic candidate emerges in the next year or so, Biden would feel strongly compelled to run.

A presidential candidate twice before, Biden would be 78 on Inauguration Day if elected in 2020, a concerning prospect for some Democrats even though he’s only a few years older than Trump. One possibility that Biden’s longtime advisers have discussed privately is that he could announce his intention to serve only one term, clearing the path for his running mate to take over in 2024 and potentially setting up Democrats for a 12-year White House stretch…..



Mueller and Rosenstein play their cards masterfully…

The Robert Mueller Special Counsel Grand Jury handowns has  grabbed the media spotlight….

They pushed the Florida High School mass shooting out of the top of the news cycle….

The fact that Mueller’s indictments cemented the fact the Russians DID help Trump played great for Trump, who focused JUST on himself….

But the best part politically for Trump was Rob Rosenstein saying that Trump was in the clear from the Grand Jury action…

That accomplices something both Mueller and Rosenstein probably wanted….(seems they know how to play the ‘game’ also, eh?)

Breathing room….

They certainly KNOW that Donald Trump has issues tied to money and other things…

But by saying he’s in the clear now ?

They settled him down….

That and they reminded everyone that they were far from finished and that they certainly have bigger fish to fry…And means they need people to let them continue doing their job….

Question though?

The indictments are against Russians…

Trump likes and defends the Russians…

This was a good / bad thing, eh?

  • We’ve only been reading about [Mueller’s] interviews with Trump associates and White House officials — because these are the folks that Washington reporters talk to.
  • But Mueller has been picking apart complicated, secretive and well-funded Russian networks that could only have originated from the Kremlin.
  • Mueller’s indictments are not the work product of some frivolous fishing expedition to indict Trump, as some of Trump’s conservative allies have claimed….

  • It will now be even harder for Trump to fire Mueller. Capitol Hill already would have gone crazy if Trump tried that. But after Mueller has done such substantive work — even earning the lavish praise of Trump lawyer John Dowd — it’s impossible to imagine Trump getting away with firing him.
  • The fact that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a press conference is significant. It was a major vote of confidence in the Mueller probe: This is Rosenstein saying he’s proud of this work, and fully supports it.
  • It’s also a notable show of independence by Rosenstein — a Heisman to the White House….