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'Slim Budda' at the White House National Security Council….

Ben Chang is “Slim Budda’ the DJ, by night…and the deputy spokesman for the National Security Council during the day….very interesting…..ah, I hope they don’t slip anything too sensitive in front of the guy…since he does move in area’s off the beaten path doing his act as DJ MSG New York……oh, here’s his web site…and on top of all of this the guy  also does modeling!…..

We know this guy isn’t a Republican, huh?…….he spins…..

“Dancefloor jazz, funky breaks, old school & classic hip hop, indie pop/rock, new wave, dance punk, mutant disco…”

What is mutant disco, somebody?

Note: After all this exposure…. he should be able to get more gigs!……

Note #2: I wonder how many hits he gets from within the White House?….he, he, he…..

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Lou Dobbs for President???…yea right!?

I’ll say this..people do have egos…for Lou Dobbs to even think that he should run for president, out loud….give me a break!!!

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For those who want Rudy for the Senate… this…..

Leonard Levitt writes his own column for his blog (which looks inside the New York City Police Department)  every week…..he’s a former crime reporter for New York’s Newsday newspaper… this weeks piece he reimds us of all the things we may have forgotten (I haven’t ) about the former Mayor of the City of New York……

November 23, 2009

So Rudy Giuliani is apparently not running for governor and is dithering about whether to try for the Senate.

We’ve lived through this melodrama before.

A decade ago, after months of indecision following his battle with prostate cancer and his split from wife Donna Hanover, he backed out of a Senate race against Hillary Clinton.

His excuse then was that he was a man of deeds more than words, and that his heart belonged to New York City, and not the U.S. Senate. Translation: As mayor, he loved giving orders.

Does that mean he’s not going to run this time against Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand? Even with a reported 15-point lead in the polls? Well, just remember his 2007 presidential flame-out after he began as the Republican front-runner.

As a candidate now, Giuliani’s problems go beyond appointing a crook as the 40th police commissioner of New York City. More important, in Your Humble Servant’s opinion, are his children, who refused to campaign for him in the past.

Is daughter Caroline, whose graduation from Harvard Rudy reportedly boycotted, still not speaking to him? And God knows what’s up with Andrew who, when last heard from, was suing Duke University for tossing him off its golf team.

Giuliani may indeed be a disaster as a father and a husband, but this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make an excellent Senator, or governor for that matter.

Forget the nonsense from his chum, former Staten Island Congressman and borough president Guy Molinari, that Giuliani declined to run because he feared he wouldn’t be effective in Albany. What he really feared was running against Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic attorney general who is killing Giuliani in the polls.

Indeed, if anyone in New York State can solve the problems of dysfunctional Albany, it is Rudy Giuliani. Put another way, if Giuliani can’t, no one can.

Rather, Giuliani’s problem as a politician is that, while he can solve monumental problems like governing New York City, he creates equally monumental problems because of his personality and character.

For examples, turn to his two terms as mayor, including his six-years as de facto NYPD commissioner.

With Bill Bratton as police commissioner from 1994-96, Giuliani did nothing less than revolutionize the culture of the NYPD. He and Bratton stopped a lot of blood-letting in the streets and shook up a once-proud department whose overwhelmed leadership had literally given up on taming crime. Bratton spawned new systems and new leaders, beginning 15 years of dramatic, then steady, crime declines under the city’s three successive police commissioners.

After the 9/ll attacks, Giuliani inspired the city. Picture Michael Bloomberg in that role and you’ll see why Giuliani will long be remembered when Bloomberg is long forgotten.

What has damaged Giuliani are his own demons. He fired Bratton after only two years with no credible explanation, citing trips Bratton had taken on private jets paid for by wealthy Wall Street friends. This reporter, who followed each twist of their tortured relationship, concluded that Rudy fired Bratton solely because Bratton was receiving too much publicity — at Rudy’s expense.

Those same demons reappeared in 2001 at the end of his second term. Then, he sought to amend the city charter, to extend his term for three months. He told voters — and maybe even believed it — that New York could not survive 9/ll without him.

To his credit, he backed down when mayoral opponent Fernando Ferrer called him on it. Former mayor Ed Koch put it best: If Rudy cared so much about the city, he should remain for three months — under the new mayor. (Too bad Koch didn’t make the same proposal to Bloomberg eight years later when he subverted democracy to gain a third term by buying off the City Council a la Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.)

Then, after firing Bratton, what did Giuliani do? He appointed crony Howard Safir. Crime continued to fall but the pressure to keep it down led to one of most outrageous acts in department history: the 41-shot barrage of police bullets that killed an unarmed African immigrant, Amadou Diallo.

To avoid testifying on the shooting before the City Council, Safir pleaded a “scheduling conflict.” Turns out, the conflict was his secret trip to Hollywood.

The night before the council hearing, he was spotted on national television at the Oscars, standing next to actress Helen Hunt.

Even worse, he had allowed the Revlon Corporation to fly him out to the coast on its private jet, and pay for his stay at a four-star Beverly Hills hotel.

Rudy never criticized Safir for the freebee trip as he had Bratton.

But, because this column, which at that time appeared in Newsday, carried updates on the Conflict of Interest Board’s four-corner stall in investigating Safir, he was forced to reimburse Revlon $7,100 for his Oscar excursion.

Then there’s Bernie Kerik, Giuliani’s former bodyguard and driver, who is headed for the slammer. Giuliani appointed him police commissioner despite the warnings of his staff and signals from the Department of Investigation of troubles in Kerik’s past.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Giuliani was cheating on Donna, who believed he was having an affair with his press secretary, Cristyne Lategano. (She denied it, saying that had she been a man, all the time she spent with Giuliani would not have caught anyone’s attention.)

Rudy then jilted her, divorced Donna, and took up with a new girlfriend, Judy Nathan, now his wife.

Sources say she is urging him not to run because during his presidential bid, the media beat her up pretty badly.

But when Giuliani makes decisions, he listens to only one person, often to his own detriment —

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The 'Ragin Cajun' (James Carville) thinks Sara Palin is pretty and so is his wife!

James Carville (aka Skeletor) , the democratic strategist, is fast on feet..and knows how to cover his rear….

While speaking on CNN’s State of the Union program…Carville and his wife , Mary Matalin, a former aide Vice President Cheney,  got into discussing the Newsweek cover that took a picture from Runner’s World magazine of Sara Palin, and ran it on their cover….

Matalin and Palin thought that Newsweek’s use of the cover was sexist (Give me a break, pleaseeee!)

Matlalin then chimed in….”she looked good in it, right?”

To which Carville added..not skiping a beat….”She does…Ain’t no doubt you and her are best looking women in the Republican Party”

You got points on that one Mr Carville…..

Note : This is my post on the pictures of Palin when they came out…..another comment here….

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General Stanley A. McChrystal …..the head of U.S. Forces Afghanistan….

Here’s some information on the military leader of U.S. and NATO Forces in Afghanistan……..

Note: His previous post before this one was the head of the Joint Special Operations Command from 2003 to 2008……

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Gen Patreaus…remember him?…..he's geting an award….. why?

Gneeral David Petraeus, The US Army Central Command, Commander (Middle East),  is going to receive the American Enterprise Institute’s annual Irving Kristol Award……the award is given for….. “notable intellectual or practical contributions to improved public policy and social welfare” and named in honor of Irving Kristol“.

I really don’t understand why he’s getting it, except that there is a conservative  angle to it….that means political…right?…..he’s serving U.S. Army General …right?

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For you Republican Rudy Giuliani fans… remember this?

Rudy Giuliani was pro-choice, and wasn’t against gay marriage ( and he dressed in drag more than once)…..

Just a reminder…..

Be careful what you wish for……..

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The New York Daily News got ahead of itself on Rudy yesterday…..

Yesterday the New York Daily News breathlessly pushed a story that Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani would not run for Governor of New York, but would run for the US Senate from New York…challenging sitting Senator Kristen Gillibrand……

Well, the story was only half right actually…..

Rudy’s handler’s have come out strong backing the no governor run…..But have denied that Rudy has made any decision on the senate race…..If fact, to a tee everyone that knows Rudy doubts very much that he run for the senate, since Rudy is more of an executive type who “run’s things” these days…..

Ah, let me remind people…the last few races Rudy ‘ran’….Resulted in him quitting the races before they finished…..

This one probably won’t even get started…..

But the democrats , and Kristen Gillibrand in particular are going to be happy with the Rudy and the NY Daily News…..because over the last two days her fund-raising totals have to have doubled or tripled……

Note:…. The NY Daily News is posting the story today as…..’Rudy Giuliani doesn\’t need to run for senator – the former NYC mayor already has money and influence’….that’s not what they said yesterady…..

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President Obama …you to need to stay home for a while..your Congress is scared…..

One could shake their head in disbelief…First Attorney General Eric Holder gets beat up yesterday on the Gitmo five…then today Treasury Secretary Tim Geithners job is asked for by Republicans and some democrats…..And finally Senator Dodd is getting roughed up…..

The thing that is not good, is…all of the people doing the pushing, and shoving are Democrats…all of the people getting pushed, are Democrats too.

While the Democrats control the White House and Capitol Hill….Everyone is still well aware of a few things…..

The unemployment rate has risen to 10.2%, the highest in while, employers are not in a hurry to bring that number down, Two Governors jobs will be in GOP hands come January first..there is a Healthcare Bill on the table, that they will pass, but a lot of people aren’t too happy with it..and the President of the United States, the head Democrat, is off apologizing to people in other countries, who don’t vote in less than a year from now…..

Make no mistake….Instead of crowing that Obama won, and the GOP is dead….There are a lot of scared Democrats out there….And if Holder, Geithner and Dodd have to take the hits…..Oh,well… they don’t really care  about that up on the Hill…..

While I feel President Obama has done pretty good for the last 300 or so days….I still see him as not doing his homework…all politics is local…the two governors that lost a few weeks ago were not really popular with their state’s voters…But the thing that all the seasoned Congressmen and women picked up was that Obama had not coattails at all in the races after lukewarm campaigning for the two….if you put that together with Obama’s conciliatory approach to foreign affairs, and his hands off approach to his domestic programs, you smell trouble….

Presidents don’t really have that much raw power…their power comes from persuasion, threats, and public humiliation…This president has been reluctant to use any power at all, except his media created ‘star power’ , which has slipped away since the day he was elected…..He’s was a smart man at running for president…but so far he hasn’t won too many awards for being president…..

Barack H. Obama needs to come home…he needs to stay home, and huddle with his team on the Hill and have a heart to heart talk….then go back to his handlers, and figure out how to help the Congress, help him get people back to work, how to get private employers to start hiring,  and how to get local democrats re-elected next fall….and while he’s at it..he needs to get a little tougher on the world stage…at least in the media….while we all like that he’s the president (and the people of this planet like him also) that is simply not enough…..

The American President is the ex-facto leader of the World…And while we don’t want step on everyone toes like Bush and Cheney did…it is time for this President to lead…Because his troops are in disarray, and they are scared opf losing their jobs,  just like everyone else.……

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The George W. Bush Presidental Center……

Politico has posted  up conceptual design photo’s of President George  W.Bush’s presidential library due to be constructed in Dallas, Texas at the  Sothern Methodist Unoversity Campus…..take a look……

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Did I really read this?….Holder says the five will not go free even if a jury and judge find them not guilty?

Is this for real?……

This is the whole post from Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff……


Full Post

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2009 4:28 PM

‘Heads I Win, Tails You Lose’: In 9/11 Case, KSM Won’t Walk Free Even If Found Not Guilty

Michael Isikoff

Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged on Wednesday a previously unspoken proviso to the controversial decision to try alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-conspirators in a federal court in New York: even if the defendants are somehow acquitted, they will still stay behind bars.

Holder’s comments at a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee would seem to turn the criminal-justice system on its head. The whole point of a criminal trial is to determine guilt—and if the government fails to make its case beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant walks free.

At least that’s the way the system usually works.

Note: This whole thing is getting worst everyday….next they will be telling the judge and the jury what to say…..



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Memo to the President:…Being the President of the United States doesn't mean other countries are going follow the White House script….

Over the last 300 days or so I have watched President Obama try his Chicago style community organizing routine on the world stage…..And right now, with him coming out of China, it seems to me that things are not working out too good…..

The new foreign policy under this president has been to try to find an opening (by even apologizing)…then work top find a ‘consenus’ on small issues and use that to find a ‘comfort factor’ to move to larger issues….

But as with his trip to China, his fruitless attempts to get a deal with Iran on nukes, to stop settlement building by the Israeli’s and broker a agreement with Honduras, his pull back of a missle shield for the Russian’s…things are a not so easy…Americans in particular, don’t grasp the concept that there are other sovereign nations out there that act in their own interests…they act for their own self preservation, and political needs……and then there is the recent economic problems…..the Chinese, who feel like they should always be looking down on the West…have found it hard to listen seriously a young black American President that just got his country saved by their infusion of money….they have repeatedly smiled, and gone their own way, with Obama, who is looked at increasingly as ‘out of their league’ by a lot of leaders….I’m afraid that most of these leaders are reacting to something Obama is trying very hard not to do…use the’ iron fist.’…

While George Bush was a pain to most people’s of each one of these countries..their leaders respected the fact Bush, and Cheney would never hesitate to use the full force of ALL of their cards to get what they wanted…..Obama does not seem ready for this…..

And so why we watch him go from summit to summit and watch him agonize over troop movement decisions……I may be beginning to see an american president that is marginalizing his ability to project american political power outside this country….

You can be the good guy as an American President, and be liked….but no one likes to get rolled …and President Obama is starting to look like one who is indeed getting ‘rolled’……

You’re not in Illinois Mr. President…wake up…and get tough…..

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Biden leads Castle in a potential Deleware senate run……

Beau Biden, the Vice President’s son (and the Delaware Attorney General, back for JAG duty in Afghanistan)…who has not come out and announced a run for his father’s seat…but, he now leads Republican Rep. Mike Castle by 5% points…Speculation is Castle’s vote against the President’s Healthcare Bill may have been a benchmark that lost Castle the majority of the states sampled voters…..

In April, Castle was up 21%…….

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Nike retro Air Jordan XI 11 Space Jams sneakers going for WHAT??!!….

Ah, Nike” Air Jordan XI 11 Space Jam XI ‘s at $6,000 ….say what?

Six thousand dollars!…did I stutter?

Well, Ok I think they’ll actually go for $175 to $450 a pair….that’s the new retro ones (that might go on sale on December 23th, but you didn’t hear that here)…..

And they first came out nine years ago? (when the movie “Space Jam’, with Michael Jordon staring in it came out)


Now lets get serious…… those in prestine shape, that go out the door with low production numbers might be worth the full six grand?……if you want them right away from price scalpers…



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Andrew Cuomo gets ready to run for New York Governor…..

A while ago, I said to everyone that would listen that Andrew Cuomo, the Attorney General of New York State, would wait for the late fall, or early fall spring to seriously begin to displace current sitting Governor Paterson…..Well, today brings a piece on the front page of the New York Times about Cuomo starting to ‘shop around’ for a ticket for his fall run. It is a given that even though Paterson is starting to run commercials, and hire staff (like Harold Ickes) to bring up his poll numbers….he’s gone

The only republican to be seriously running for governor is Rick Lazio and he will be running uphill for the next year since Cuomo has huge numbers in polling against every republican including Rudy Giuliani…..

Like the last person to be Attorney General (Eliot Spitzer), the job seems to be a spring-board to the governors mansion…..while the democratic front-runner, Cuomo must be careful with the states minority voters and politicians …….He has gone out of his way to mend fences because they haven’t forgotten Cuomo’s stepping all over Carl McCall’s feet in his bid to become governor years ago….

The names floated in the piece for Lieutenant Governor are Bill Thompson, the black outgoing NYC Controller who barely lost to Bloomberg for Mayor…..The upcoming District Attorney from Nassau County, who just got re-elected to her second term, Kathleen Rice….and Janet DiFiore, the District Attorney of Westchester County….

Stay tuned folks…this one will be interesting……

Update:….Lazio today attacked Cuomo for undermining Paterson…..(why is he getting in democratic business?)

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Lou Dobbs takes a hit on Saturday Night Live……

He, he, he…..what goes around…come around…..the ex-CNN anchor gets his……

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