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More Iowa Poll stuff…They’re ALL close out there….

2012 is here. All eyes are on Iowa.

In case your devotion to your political addiction does not extend to a celebratory event like New Year’s weekend, what follows is a quick recap of the two major polls that came out of the Hawkeye State, with the clock now ticking down to mere hours before the Iowa caucuses begin on Tuesday evening. That pollsters were in the field during the holiday weekend (PPP polled New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day) says a lot about the demand for information about the state of play in Iowa.

On Saturday night, the much-anticipated Selzer/Des Moines Register poll of Iowa caucus-goers was released. The poll, which was one of the few to hit the fairway in the tumultuous caucuses four years ago, gave Mitt Romney a narrow lead (24 percent) over Ron Paul (22 percent).

Despite being in third place (15 percent), the big story of the Selzer/DMR poll was former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Santorum, according to the pollster, was a close second to Romney over the final two days of polling. This seemed to confirm the “Santorum surge” meme that had become conventional wisdom over the past week or so.

Whatever doubt there was in the “Santorum Surge” was eliminated by the final edition of the weekly tracking poll by our polling pals at PPP:

Ron Paul: 20
Mitt Romney: 19
Rick Santorum: 18
Newt Gingrich: 14
Rick Perry: 10
Michele Bachmann: 8
Jon Huntsman: 4
Buddy Roemer: 2

In the greatest tongue-in-cheek admission for a pollster this year, PPP’s Tom Jensentweeted the following invitation:

If you want to take a deep dive here are 340 pgs of crosstabs. If you find out who’s going to win in there let me know: LINK

While those volumes and volumes of data don’t tell us who is going to win tomorrow night, they do, at a minimum, tell us how the three current frontrunners will attain the victory.

Find out how below the fold…..

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Is Rick Santorum about to snag a
come from behind victory?

Public Policy Polling (PDF). December 31, 2011-January 1, 2012. Likely Iowa Republican caucus voters. ±2.7%. (Dec 26-27 results.)

Paul: 20 (24)
Romney: 19 (20)
Santorum: 18 (10)
Gingrich: 14 (13)
Perry: 10 (10)
Bachmann: 8 (11)
Huntsman: 4 (4)
Roemer: 2 (2)
Other: 4 (5)

The good news for Rick Santorum is that he’s surging. The very good news for Rick Santorum is that he’s dominating late deciders—29 percent of those who have decided in last week are going for him, compared to 17 percent for Mitt Romney and 13 percent for Ron Paul. And the excellent news is that one in four voters still say they are open to changing their mind: always good news for a candidate who is surging but has not yet obtained the lead.

Santorum is leading with the usual suspects: he leads among tea party Republicans and conservatives. Apparently Mitt Romney’s say-anything campaign isn’t all that appealing to them and they dislike Ron Paul’s refusal to go to war with Iran because it wants a nuke.

It’s anybody’s guess who will win Iowa, but it certainly looks like Santorum, Romney, and Paul are the only three candidates seriously in the running. And while Romney may yet still win, he has to be worried about his nightmare scenario: coming in third place in a race he was supposed to win—and the emergence of a single Not Romney who has done more than lead a poll, but has actually won an election.:

This is also very good for Santorum:

Santorum is 2nd choice of Bachmann, Newt, and Perry’s voters. Interesting to see how much ship jumping there is in last 2 days

I’ll bet a lot.

Political Roundup for January 2, 2012…Red Racing Horses…..

by: BostonPatriot
Happy Election Year, RRH!President

New Hampshire-Suffolk:

Romney: 41 (39)
Paul: 15 (17)
Gingrich: 11 (17)
Huntsman: 9 (11)


Romney: 23 (18)
Paul: 21 (17)
Santorum: 15 (5)
Perry: 14 (9)
Gingrich: 13 (26)
Bachmann: 7 (5)

(Note: This poll was released late on Friday, before the Selzer/DMR and PPP polls we posted in separate stories this weekend.)Gingrich: Seeking  to inject some energy into a flagging campaign, a white-haired old timer is floating the idea of Sarah Palin for Vice President.

More Gingrich: Newt accused Romney of wanting to “buy the election if he could.” These are the harshest words we’ve heard yet from Gingrich, who has turned negative as his poll numbers have dropped. Gingrich claims that the conservative base is united against Romney, but split among him, Santorum, and Perry.

Paul: This is a bit troubling: Ron Paul may not support the eventual Republican nominee, especially if that person does not adopt some of his positions like auditing the Fed. The last thing the GOP needs is for the libertarians to sit this one out so hopefully Paul can come to an agreement with the winner.

Perry: The forgotten man still has a lot of money and organization, and will have an impressive 1,500 precinct leaders working the ground game tomorrow in Iowa. History would suggest that Perry will finish higher than his polling, since his campaign operation will be able to turn out his supporters better than shoestring campaigns like Gingrich’s and Santorum’s.

Romney: If I had told you Mitt Romney would be attacking Rick Santorum on the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, would you have beleived me? Romney lumped Santorum in with Gingrich as a career politician during a stump speech in the southwestern part of the state.

Santorum: Continuing our tour of bizzaroworld, here’s Rick Santorum on TV, playing…the electability card! It’s a good spot, although a little awkward in an endearingly Santorum-ish way.

More Santorum: I partially agree with Jonathan Bernstein here, as he argues that Santorum will be the big story out of Iowa whether he wins or loses. While a close loss would certainly ramp up the amount of media attention Santorum gets (which had been zilch until yesterday), if Romney wins the caucus there will be a lot of press about how he can wrap up the nomination in NH.

Even More Santorum: A good piece from Politico on conservative vote-splitting, explaining why Santorum’s rise worries many anti-Romney voters. The article compares the present situation to 2008, where Huckabee and Thompson split the very conservative vote in South Carolina to allow McCain to win. Gingrich and Perry backers are worried that Santorum will prevent their candidate from beating Romney in SC.

Steve King: 24 hours to go and the man who represents the geographic Republican base in Iowa has yet to make up his mind on an endorsement. Rep. King is a close to Bachmann but had kind words to say about Santorum’s retail-style campaign. Garnering King’s endorsement at the eleventh hour could be just what Santorum needs to complete his surge, but if King goes elsewhere, it could take some wind out of his sails.

Terry Branstad: The governor, on the other hand, won’t be endorsing, but also appreciates that Santorum campaigned “the old fashioned way.” (Read: scratched a lot of county party chairmen’s backs.) Branstad also said that Bachmann and Gingrich should drop out after Iowa if they finish poorly.

Virginia: Bolling Vs. Cuccinelli Round 1. The 2013 gubernatorial primary is spilling over into the 2012 presidential affair, as Bill Bolling is criticizing Ken Cuccinelli’s efforts to get more candidates on the ballot. Only Romney and Paul were able to meet Virginia’s strict signature requirements.

The GOP Candidates finish up in Iowa….Romney will probably win…Santorum looks like he’s gonna be the story…Gingrich?


Even if Romney Wins, Santorum May Be the Story

Jonathan Bernstein: “If in fact Romney, Paul, and Santorum grab the top three spots, it probably doesn’t matter at all which order they’ll finish in. The big story out of Iowa will be Santorum, who has received practically zero media coverage until this week and even now not much. That’s going to be true whether the former Pennsylvania Senator finishes first, second, or third. He’ll certainly (assuming nothing else happens) zoom up to at least fourth in New Hampshire the following Tuesday, and I’d bet he winds up higher than that — perhaps a lot higher.”

Ryan Lizza is secretly rooting for this scenario: “Santorum wins Iowa and much of the English-speaking world Googles his name. Try it yourself, but please not at work or when children are in the room.”


The probable  finish will be Romney or Paul and Santorum in third…

The REAL BIG story is Newt Gingrich is gonna be politically dead…

Mitt Romney and EVERYONE else has put a political beatdown on Newton ‘Newt’ Gingrich  from the GOP…..

On NBC‘s “Meet the Press,” Santorum defended his support for congressional earmarks — saying it was his job in Congress to care for constituents — as well as his endorsement of Romney’s 2008 White House bid. Santorum said he made a “political judgment” that the former Massachusetts governor was the best alternative to Arizona Sen. John McCain, who eventually won the nomination to the consternation of many social conservatives.

Some Iowa Republicans seemed to be making a similar calculation, encouraged by the poll in Iowa’s dominant newspaper.

The survey showed a three-way contest among Romney, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and a rapidly rising Santorum; his momentum convinced many that the former senator presented the best opportunity to stop the comparatively moderate Romney.

“I didn’t think [Santorum] had a chance, but he’s spent the most time in Iowa and he’s worked his butt off,” said Dennis Patterson, 65, pausing after the first of two morning services at Point of Grace, a megachurch in Waukee, a Des Moines suburb.

Patterson said he loves Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has competed fiercely for the hearts and votes of Iowa’s evangelical community. But her flailing campaign — Bachmann sank from 22% in June to 7% in the latest Register survey — pushed him to Santorum. “You’d like to make your vote count,” he said.

The entire field of GOP hopefuls — all but former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who is focused on winning New Hampshire — has virtually camped out in Iowa the last two weeks and for most, New Year’s was just another work day.

Romney greeted voters at a diner in Atlantic, saying mostly kind things about Santorum. Asked by reporters about their differences, Romney said Santorum was a “good guy” and a friend, and noted his support for Romney’s 2008 White House run.

But he did contrast his business background with Santorum’s lengthy political resume. “I think the people of this country recognize with our economy as the major issue we face right now, it would be helpful to have someone who understands the economy firsthand, who’s spent the bulk of his career working the private sector,” Romney said….


I said yesterday….

Rick Santorum has NO money and organization to speak of……

And his base IS Social Conservatives…

His move up helps split the Conservatives in the GOP even MORE…

And Helps Mitt Romney….

FINAL IOWA PPP POLL…Daniel….Santorum Up…Paul Down….Romney in the Middle


Paul 20 %
Romney 19 %
Santorum 18 %
Gingrich 14 %
Perry 10 %
Bachmann 8 %
Huntsman 4 %
Roemer 2 %

The Republican caucus in Iowa is headed for a photo finish, with the three leading contenders all within two points of each other. Ron Paul is at 20%, Mitt Romney at 19%, and Rick Santorum at 18%. Rounding out the field are Newt Gingrich at 14%, Rick Perry at 10%, Michele Bachmann at 8%, Jon Huntsman at 4%, and Buddy Roemer at 2%.

The momentum in the race is completely on Santorum’s side. He’s moved up 8 points since a PPP poll earlier in the week, while no one else has seen more than a one point gain in their support. Among voters who say they decided who to vote for in the last seven days he leads Romney 29-17 with Paul and Gingrich both at 13.

Santorum’s net favorability of 60/30 makes him easily the most popular candidate in the field. No one else’s favorability exceeds 52%. He may also have more room to grow in the final 48 hours of the campaign than the other front runners: 14% of voters say he’s their second choice to 11% for Romney and only 8% for Paul. Santorum’s taken the lead with two key groups of Republican voters: with Tea Partiers he’s at 23% to 18% for Gingrich, 16% for Paul, 15% for Bachmann, and only 12% for Romney. And with Evangelicals he’s at 24% to 16% for Gingrich, and 15% for Paul and Romney.

Other than Santorum’s rise the other big story of this week is Paul’s fall. He was at 24% earlier in the week but has dropped to 20%. That decline in support coincides with a precipitous drop in his favorability numbers. On our last poll he was at +13 (53/40), but that’s gone down 21 points on the margin to -8 (43/51).

For all that Paul still has a very decent chance at winning on Tuesday- it just depends on whether his unusual coalition of young voters and non-Republicans really comes out to caucus. Among actual Republican voters Paul is tied for 3rd place with Gingrich at 17%, behind Romney’s 21% and Santorum’s 19%. But with independents and Democrats who plan to vote, which we peg at 24% of the electorate, Paul leads with 30% to just 14% each for Santorum and Romney.

There’s a similar divide along age lines. With seniors Paul is in only 5th place at 11%, well behind Romney’s 27%, Gingrich’s 19%, Santorum’s 17%, and Perry’s 12%. But with voters under 45, who we think will make a larger share of the electorate than they did in 2008, Paul’s at 30% to 19% for Santorum and 14% for Romney.

If these young voters and independents really turn out for Paul on Tuesday he has a decent chance. But if it’s a more traditional turnout Romney’s chances are looking really good. As mentioned above he’s winning with regular Republicans. He’s winning with seniors. Most of the time if you’re winning with those groups in Iowa you’re going to win overall. Paul’s unique appeal could confound some of the usual patterns about who turns out for these contests. But if it doesn’t Romney or Santorum could come out on top…it looks like it’s going to be a photo finish.

NY Giants win NFC East, beating Dallas Cowboys 31-14, will host Atlanta Falcons in NFL playoffs


From The New York Daily News…..

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (80) touchdown, 1st quarter, New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium.

Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (80) touchdown, 1st quarter, New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium.


This time there was no collapse. The Giants finished what they started.

With their season on the verge of slipping out of their hands and the nerves of their fans frayed, the Giants found a way to once again save their season. They rode the clutch play of Eli Manning and Victor Cruz and the timely play of their revived defense to a 31-14 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Then they breathed a huge sigh of relief and celebrated their NFC East title and their first trip to the playoffs since 2008.

They took longer than expected to clinch it, too, after they took a 21-0 first-half lead that made it look like they were on their way to a rout. But they allowed the Cowboys to mount a comeback and pull within a touchdown with 10:15 remaining.

But with memories of last year’s horrific collapse against the Eagles likely dancing in their heads – that was the last time they had a three-touchdown lead over any opponent — the Giants They got out of trouble with one, Super Bowl-like play where Eli Manning, on third-and-seven from his own 28, spun out of trouble, reset, and fired a deep prayer down field to Victor Cruz.


Mitt Romney declares he would veto the ‘Dream Act’….

Romney did give one exception….

Illegal Immigrants that served in the military WOULD be offered a path to citizenship….

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has pledged to veto the so-called DREAM Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants if they attend college or serve in the military.

Romney made the comments during a late campaign stop New Year’s Eve in northwestern Iowa.

“The answer is yes,” he said, when asked if he would veto the legislation if Congress passes it and he is in the White House.

Romney said, however, that he would support granting children of illegal immigrants some form of residency in exchange for military service.  “I’m delighted with the idea that people who come to this country and wish to serve in the military can be given a path to become permanent residents of this country,” he said, according to CNN.

Illegal immigration has been a pressing topic at campaign events across Iowa, with GOP candidates pledging to secure the border and resist any efforts to grant illegal immigrants any form of permanent residency.

But Latinos are viewed as a key to winning the general election by both parties—and Romney’s hostility to the DREAM Act promises to be exploited time and again by Democrats and President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Indeed, the Democratic National Committee quickly responded to Romney’s remarks…..


Time Warner Cable Customers Lose MSG Net….

Cable Wars continue in 2012….

As it tends to be …..

The Dolan’s of Long Island are in the middle of them….

Knicks Fans Face Hoopless Nights in Time Warner Cable Fight

MSG and MSG Plus broadcast the National Basketball Association’s New York Knicks.

Photographer: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) subscribers lost access to the network carrying the New York Knicks and Rangers games following the expiration of an agreement with owner Madison Square Garden Co. (MSG)

“We had a deal within reach earlier this year,” Mike Angus, a Time Warner Cable senior vice president, said today in an e-mailed statement. “Despite agreeing to the asked for 6.5% price increase on rates that MSG themselves deemed as fair market rates just last year, MSG reneged on the deal and instead, demanded a whopping 53% increase and refused to negotiate further.”

The haggling over prices underscored the tension in the pay-TV industry over the cost of sports shows. MSG Media President Mike Bair called Time Warner Cable’s claims “categorically untrue,” saying he didn’t know where the company was “getting its math from.”

MSG has urged Time Warner Cable customers to switch to Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)’s FiOS or DirecTV to get access to MSG. Time Warner Cable had 2.8 million MSG subscribers, primarily in New York.

MSG Co. is controlled by New York’s Dolan family, which also holds majority voting stakes in AMC Networks Inc., another cable programmer, and Cablevision Systems Corp. (CVC) MSG Co. also owns the Madison Square Garden arena and Radio City Music Hall…..


Kathy Griffin went down to Bra and Panties on New Years Eve….NYC Mayor Bloomberg Kisses Lady Gaga….


The woman will DO ANYTHING in front of a camera to get attention…

She did last night freezing her ass and chest infrom the camera’s over at CNN….

And getting Anderson Cooper nervous (Why?)

Here’s the piece…..

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Cooper asked, trying to compensate for an uncomfortable situation.

He then waved a “No Nudity” sign in Griffin’s face.

Despite the best efforts of Cooper’s crew to cover her up, however, Griffin refused to get dressed, instead waving to partygoers in Times Square and flirting with CNN contributor and former presidential adviser David Gergen.

“You’re a big square who won’t let me have any fun,” Griffin taunted a nervous Cooper, trying to get him to follow suit. “Your turn!”

Only after Cooper cut to a back-and-forth with correspondent Gary Tuchman and his 14-year-old daughter in Central Park did Griffin finally get dressed.

But don’t expect the razor-tongued comedienne to apologize for her antics anytime soon.

“I have a no-apology policy,” Griffin told CBS news. “No apologies for jokes. I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly.

“But when I’m on stage, I’m at a microphone … it’s a joke!”


I’m sure she had her shoes on….
Cut to NYC Mayor Bloomberg getting some lip on Lady Gaga…
And He DOES have a GIRL FRIEND…..

 Mayor Bloomberg and Lady Gaga helped ring in the new year together, leading the crowd in the final countdown, and sharing a quick New Year's dance and little kiss as the party in Times Square wrapped up at the stroke of midnight.

Flash!…The GOP is gonna run against Obama reruns!

Are they kidding me???

The GOP is gonna start of by reminding the American public of ALL the promises Obama made from 2008?


Let me get this right…

The GOP newbie House which has steadfastly REFUSED to do shit is gonna blame Obama for NOT getting ANYTHING done because they screwed him?

Are they batshit crazy?

They are gonna let Obama and the Democrats finish each and everyone of their sentences by showing how the Republicans actually made stuff worst?

They are gonna remind the American people that the INCREASED Healthcare they are now getting is Obama’s fault?

They are gonna remind people that the sick US Economy that Bush dumped in Obama’s lap is HIS fault?

They are gonna remind people that a Balanced budget(Fixing the Economy) has meant that 300,000+ public service workers have lost their jobs because GOP Governors have fucked their public workers out of money, benefits and their jobs?

They are gonna remind American’s that EVERY time Obama seeks to change something the GOP says NO Deal?


This is gonna be GREAT!….

Mitt Romney clawing his way BACK to the middle disavowing all the shit he said and the GOP newbie House members have been Un-Compromising on

to get the GOP nomination while ……

The Republican party is showing Obama’s face and words ALL over the place…

And the Democrats are doubling down on each example as to why the Republicans screwed his efforts in EVERY case?

Sounds like free political ads to me…..

Republican officials say they will leverage the party’s newly catalogued video library containing every publicly available utterance from Obama since his 2008 campaign. Television and Internet ads will juxtapose specific Obama promises of job gains, homeowner assistance, help for people in poverty, lower health insurance premiums and stricter White House ethics standards against government data and news clippings that paint a different reality.

The decision by GOP officials to finalize a strategy at this stage underscores the view, in both parties, that the general election campaign has begun — even if an official Republican nominee has not been selected.

The new GOP playbook is designed to take one of Obama’s great assets — the power of his oratory — and turn it into a liability. It details hundreds of potential targets, partially a result of a president who Republican strategists say is unusually prone to making detailed promises.

A 2009 Obama statement that his stimulus bill would lift 2 million Americans out of poverty, for example, is paired against census data showing that more than 6 million Americans have fallen into poverty since he took office. A pledge that an administration housing plan would “help between 7 and 9 million families restructure or refinance their mortgages” is paired against news reports showing the government spent far less than promised and aided fewer than 2 million. And his 2008 Democratic nomination acceptance speech vow that a green jobs initiative would create 5 million jobs is matched up against news reports from this year depicting lackluster results and headlines about Solyndra, the failed solar panel maker that received hundreds of millions in federal loan guarantees.

One Obama quote will be featured prominently: In 2009 he said on NBC’s “Today” show that if he could not fix the economy in three years, “then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”



The Obama campaign and Democrats are expected to raise ONE BILLION DOLLARS….

That’s certainly gonna be enough to rebut all the GOP ads that forget their ‘None Crompromise’ and ‘Rich People First’ stuff they have been doing….


GOP Nomination Odds as of 1/1/12…SE….

Mitt Romney(50%)-Slow and steady wins the race.

Ron Paul(25%)-Some people will just vote for anybody!

Rick Santorum(20%)-Evangelical voters are coalescing behind him in Iowa faster, and in bigger numbers, than I’d originally thought. He’ll poll in the top 3, and gather momentium going into NH, SC, and FL.

Newt Gingrich(15%)-Falling poll numbers in a state like Florida say it all, really. He’ll stay in until Florida.

Rick Perry(15%)-Guy’s just not in the game at all. He’ll be gone after Iowa.

Jon Huntsman Jr.(8%)-Currently polling fourth in New Hampshire. If the trend continues, he could poll in the top 3 and gain some momentium going into the Southern primaries.

Michele Bachmann(5%)-Another one who’ll be gone after Iowa.

Fred Karger(0.3%)-Fred who?

Stewart Greenleaf(0.06%)-Nothing much to say, really. Breaking out of decimal digits in New Hampshire is the only way he’ll attain any degree of credibility.

Bachmann and Perry will line up behind Santorum when they drop out, giving him additional traction within Conservative circles. Gingrich will line up behind Romney once he drops out.


As of this posting …

This weekly feature moves to SE for as long as it is done…..

The funny things politicians say……

by Georgia Logothetis @ Daily Kos…

A word cloud of one of Mitt Romney’s speeches

There’s something about political office — running for it and occupying it — that forces you to continuously wrap yourself tightly in the hideous snuggie that is a politician’s lexicon and to grin like a fool while doing it.The phenomenon goes beyond the mere use of expected platitudes like “we can do better,” “let’s get this country working again!” or the obligatory three-part-zombie-mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

The most bizarre and often hilarious part of a politician’s public marketing is self-marketing.

I suspect there’s a ritual that takes place relatively early on in the candidate recruitment process where candidates are taken into a consultant-filled conference room, stripped out of their $2,000 suits, forced to watch reruns of Home Improvement and encouraged to read Reader’s Digest while valets swap out the Benz for a used Ford Focus in the parking lot.

Looking (and driving) the middle class part is only half the battle. The trick is making the non-middle class candidates sound like they’ve frequented IHOP for more than just a campaign stop.

That’s a mission impossible that would make Ethan Hunt proud. But it doesn’t stop candidates from awkwardly and persistently engaging in the task.

Take Newt Gingrich. He played “poor Newt” last week, claiming he was “a middle class person”…by comparing himself to Michael Bloomberg. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney (who’s been in politics 1 out of every 5 years of his adult life) insisted last week that “I don’t have a political career.” Contain your laughter, please.

The list goes on and on from candidates in big and small races and from both sides of the aisle, as if claiming you’re “normal” and “average” enough times will wish it to be true (at least in the minds of voters).

The fact remains that no matter how many times a candidate professes to be a distant, slightly better coiffed cousin of Mike Rowe, no matter how many times they get photographed in their jeans and plaid “work shirt” with rolled up sleeves (yes, someone checked the tags were off before the photo shoot), and no matter how many times they throw in a “folks” or “y’all” or strained Simpsons reference into their speech, it is and always will be an act — and most voters know it as such.

This is the grand charade of our federal political system. It is a vast, multibillion dollar expanse of power with a single entry point: money. If you have it, you can run and even get elected. If you don’t, you can’t and won’t. Generally, only the wealthy can afford to run for office, which is why the make up of Congress looks like this.

And so every campaign season, the parade of abnormal Americans come calling for votes with their best impression of us normal folks. They eat corn dogs at festivals they’ve never heard of, tour factories they’d never work in, shake hands with folks they wouldn’t ever hire, wear clothes from stores they’ve never shop at, and speak in a way that sounds more like an Arthur Miller script than a sincere attempt to disclose any authentic governing philosophy.

Our role as voters is to participate in a spectacular suspension of disbelief. We pretend, if only for the duration of the campaign, that this man or woman that sounds like us can perhaps speak for us in Washington.

Do we actually believe it? Rarely. Because no matter how good a speechwriter you hire, no matter how great a media consultant may be, and no matter how many weeks of training a candidate may have as they go through their “middle class crash course” to learn how the other 99% lives, no matter how well they memorize the price of gas and the cost of a gallon of milk, true authenticity in speech and action is priceless. It’s one thing even the richest of candidates (hey Mitt!) can’t buy.

Dog Foot Note….


Barack Obama is ALSO a politician…..

Let us NOT forget…..

Election*Projection…2012 Projections for SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI and Wyoming…

From the The Blogging Caesar at Election Projection…..

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