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File your Taxes by the end of April 18, 2017….

The US Congress writes the countrie tax code (law) ….

The Internal Revenue Service collects to money for the US Treasury…

Tax Day falls on April 18, 2017. That’s the deadline for filing taxes on income earned in 2016. Usually, April 15 is the day taxes are due, but in 2017, that falls on a Saturday. And on Monday, the District of Columbia celebrates Emancipation Day, which is normally April 16, but that’s a Sunday. Emancipation Day affects taxes the same way federal holidays do. Therefore, the tax deadline is pushed out to the following Tuesday, April 18, giving taxpayers three extra days to file their returns.

Originally, back in 1913, the deadline was March 1. That’s when Congress passed the 16th Amendment, creating the income tax on February 3, 1913. It taxed incomes above $4,000. Industrialists opposed it. Prior to that, the federal government derived its revenue from tariffs on imports and exports. That hurt the middle class the most since they spend more of their income on these day-to-day necessities. It also taxed cigarettes and alcohol heavily. In fact, it received 90 percent of its revenue from those two taxes alone. (Source: “History of the Internal Revenue Service,” IRS.)

Congress created the income tax because it wanted to tax everyone more fairly. It had tried a national income tax in 1894. But it was unconstitutional because all federal taxes were based on state population at that time. The only solution was to amend the Constitution, and the 16th Amendment did just that. Congress gave everyone a year plus six weeks as the first deadline…..



You can get an extension.

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DHS Head Kelly throws deportation question back on the door of Congress….

It’s NOT THAT simple though…

It’s ALWAYS about HOW you apply the law since just about EVERYTHING is illegal in one way or another ….

Trump and Co. seems bent on apply the law selectively against immigrants that have had some compassion for those who have been in the country for a good amount of time that have commited no crime except for coming here…

Many ARE upstanding people in their communities that have paid taxes for decades….

Yet Atty Gen Sessions wants to have them charged for just being here?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly called on Congress to fix the nation’s immigration laws, arguing his department shouldn’t have as much discretion as it does on deportations.

“I would argue, Chuck, that we have to straighten this out,” Kelly told host Chuck Todd of NBC on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” “And I place that squarely on the United States Congress. It’s a hugely complex series of laws, and I engage the Hill quite a bit and get an earful about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. But it all comes down to the law, doesn’t it?

“And we are a nation of laws, and I would hope that the Congress fixes a lot of these problems.”…



Congress isn’t ready to tackle Immigration reform…

The number of Southern Border crossing has dropped dramatically ….

And Congress isn’t gonna give the Trump Admin anything close to what it would need ina budget to go thru what Sessions wants…

But the Trump Admin has scared border crossing down AND tourist travel to America is also drastically down ….

All this get tough stuff is costing the American economy in several ways…

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Grass business in California gets Big…REALLY BIG…

The state stops chasing the marijuana trade and moves to let it go above aboard thur regualting it and making money….

The result is an industry that is growing…and GROWING….

But the drug is STILL illegal under Federal law….

After years of marijuana being cultivated in small plots out of sight from the authorities, California cannabis is going industrial.

Over the past year, dilapidated greenhouses in the Salinas Valley, which were built for cut flower businesses, have been bought up by dozens of marijuana entrepreneurs, who are growing pot among the fields of spinach, strawberries and wine grapes.

“This is cannabis meets Big Ag,” said Steve DeAngelo, the executive director of one the nation’s largest marijuana dispensaries, who last year founded Harborside Farms to supply the business.

 The 47-acre farm is dotted with greenhouses that emit the pungent smell of thousands of marijuana plants and warehouses where farmworkers who spent their careers tending to raspberry plants now sit in rows delicately trimming the leaves from harvested cannabis buds. When the last greenhouses are built here next year, the facility will be one of the largest legal marijuana farms in the world.

Harborside and other farms like it are a sign of a new chapter for America’s cannabis industry, in which marijuana is grown openly, like any other crop. Despite the federal ban on marijuana, leaders of the industry are taking a Manifest Destiny view, believing it is only a matter of time for pot to become as widely accepted as alcohol across the country.

California, with its ideal climate and vast market, is at the vanguard of the movement to normalize the drug and produce it cheaply and in abundance.

“California is destined to do with cannabis what we’ve done with every other fruit and vegetable,” Mr. DeAngelo said. “And that’s take half of the national market.”

The move to mass-scale farming is occurring just as some members of the Trump administration are advocating a revival of the war on drugs, including marijuana, which is now legal in some form or another in about 30 states. The federal ban precludes growers of California cannabis from legally shipping out of state, although tons of it seeps out anyway….


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Elizabeth Warren is out with a new Book…

The Boston Globe does a review of the book and the states ‘ Senator and seems to find both wanting….

She is NOT such a big deal back in Massachusetts  as she is to progressives around the country…

The most revealing thing about Elizabeth Warren’s new book is all the material she left out.

In “This Fight Is Our Fight,’’ which is Warren’s 11th book and is set for release Tuesday, the Massachusetts senator trains her scrappy prose on corporations and Republicans while notably pulling her punches on the Democratic Party’s stunning failures of 2016.

She dispatches her decision not to run for president in little more than a page. She forgoes any autopsy of what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party got wrong. She doesn’t even mention meeting with Clinton in Washington to discuss her prospects for joining the ticket as Clinton’s vice presidential pick.

Instead, Warren has produced a policy-focused (or, in her word, “nerdy”) book that is reflective of a politician whose future could depend on preserving Democratic alliances. Put another way, this is no Bernie Sanders-style screed.

In a rare interview at her home in Cambridge on Friday, Warren explained that she wanted to focus on how American government has stopped working for all but the very wealthiest citizens and corporations, and her worry that President Trump “is about to deliver the knockout blow” to the country’s floundering middle class.

“I think it’s time to look forward,” Warren said. In Warren’s case, forward means her 2018 reelection campaign in Massachusetts, upcoming Washington battles with Trump and Senate Republicans — and maybe, though she will not discuss it, a 2020 bid for president.

Pressed on why she doesn’t use the opportunity of a well-timed book to offer a sharper critique of the Democratic Party, Warren’s answer is, essentially: Circular firing squads aren’t very productive.

“I never lose sight of the fact that Democrats have tried to do more for working people than Republicans,” she said. “Have Democrats failed? Yes. There have been places where we have not fought as hard as we should, but Republicans as a party have blocked every move that would have helped working families.”

The new book is relentlessly on message and on brand, as was Warren herself during a 30-minute interview with the Globe.

Cambridge, MA- April 14, 2017: United States Senator Elizabeth Warren at her home in Cambridge, MA on April 14, 2017. (Globe staff photo / Craig F. Walker) section: metro reporter



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There are moves across the country to lower the voting age…..

This is a Democratic push…

Republicans have been working hard to DECREASE the number of people voting in order to continue holding on to political power…

So far Republicans ARE winning…

Democrats need to push harder to GET OUT MORE VOTERS as the country changes its makeup…

We have to change from a country being governed by a right leaning minority that is hell bent on keeping it that way….

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are trying to increase voter participation by targeting young people. Their bills are among nearly 500 pieces of legislation introduced around the country this year to make voting easier, according to a March analysis by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

While Republican-leaning states have moved to tighten voting rules — nearly 90 such bills have been introduced — those efforts have been outstripped by the number of bills seeking to expand access to the polls.

“A lot of young people last year wanted to make their voices heard but were unable to do so because the rules prohibited them,” said Jonathan Brater, counsel with the nonpartisan Brennan Center Democracy Program.

“That has certainly renewed interest in making the system more accessible,” Brater said.

Democrats and Republicans have supported efforts to expand access, particularly online registration. But it’s mostly Republicans who are pushing restrictions such as requiring photo identification at the polls.

Roughly 20 states are considering voter ID laws this year that supporters say prevent fraud and boost public confidence in elections. Critics say such laws target minorities and the poor, who might not have driver’s licenses and find it difficult to obtain them.

Recent voting expansion efforts include automatic registration and extending absentee voting opportunities.

Republicans control the governorship and legislature in 25 states and so far have been relatively successful in pushing through the more restrictive laws. Democrats control just a half-dozen states….


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Nearly 1,500 economists tout benefits of immigration in letter to Trump…

Candidates for US citizenship take the oath of allegiance to become US citizens during a Naturalization Ceremony for new US Citizens at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC, November 17, 2016. / AFP / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

They make America great

Nearly 1,500 economists sent a letter to Donald Trump and congressional leaders, praising the economic contributions of the immigrants he’s busy attacking and urging a legislative fix to our outdated immigration system so that undocumented communities can finally become a part of this nation on paper:

“[I]mmigration is one of America’s significant competitive advantages in the global economy,” the letter said. “With the proper and necessary safeguards in place, immigration represents an opportunity rather than a threat to our economy and to American workers.”

Among the economic benefits that immigration brings are entrepreneurs who start businesses, young workers who replace retiring Baby Boomers and people with diverse skill sets to keep American companies competitive and innovative in high-growth fields like STEM, the letter stated.

The letter follows a survey of nearly 300 economists by the National Association of Business Economics, which “found that a clear majority believed President Trump’s restrictive stance on immigration is a mistake.” They’re right. In Trump’s home state, “undocumented immigrants contribute about $40 billion a year to New York state’s gross domestic product.”


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Trump’s Not Entry Ban cuts tourist travel TO America…

That applies to countries NOT targeted by as Muslim countries….

The uncertainty pushed by Trump,  Bannon and others efforts to ‘circle the wagons’ around America has resulted in drastic cuts in hotels, airline travel and visits to this country…

The American Travel/Tourist Business is taking a hit….

Oh, and the other part is the strong reaction against Donald Trump himself with his ‘America First’ nationalism talk….

Actions have consequences in places you might not expect…

And it could be compounded by recent reports of Trump administration plans to implement “extreme vetting” of foreign travelers. Visitors — including those from allies such as France and Germany — could be pressed to turn over mobile phone contacts, social media passwords and financial records, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

“The travel ban is only a negative at this point,” said Michael Bellisario, an analyst for the investment bank Robert W. Baird & Co. “It hurts travel, regardless of whether we’re talking about one of the six banned countries or not,” he said, referring to the second, revised entry ban.

Demand for flights to the United States has fallen in nearly every country since January, ­according to Hopper, a travel-booking app that analyzes more than 10 billion daily airfare price quotes to derive its data. Searches for U.S. flights from China and Iraq have dropped 40 percent since Trump’s inauguration, while demand in Ireland and New Zealand is down about 35 percent. (One exception: Russia, where searches for flights to the United States have surged 60 percent since January.)

 The result could be an estimated 4.3 million fewer people coming to the United States this year, resulting in $7.4 billion in lost revenue, according to Tourism Economics, a Philadelphia-based analytics firm. Next year, the fallout is expected to be even larger, with 6.3 million fewer tourists and $10.8 billion in losses. Miami is expected to be hit hardest, followed by San Francisco and New York, the firm said.

The administration’s travel ban deals a blow to an industry that has only recently recovered from a $600 billion loss following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks…..


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Conservatives point to Trump efforts to balance media focus on his gaffs and loses…


Image result for trumpThe American Conservative media tries to find some sunshine in the Trump & Co. cloudy and stormy days…(and increasing numbers of campaign promises …REVERSED)

Trump’s supporters actually LIKE that the guy is a ‘hot mess’ learning on the job with strong losses on his major tries, but progress on his executive actions, a court choice and military action so far…

They knew all along that they were not voting for a man with concrete convictions. And they continue to see that lack of rigidity — his preference for the transactional over the dogmatic — as a quality they want in a chief executive.

So while much of the country sees the swerving on policy as another sign of White House dysfunction, many conservatives shrug it off as esoteric jockeying over foreign alliances, currency manipulation and economic policy. They are focused more, they say, on what they see as a litany of recent victories.

Illegal border crossings are down sharply, a development that Mr. Sessions promoted in a visit to Arizona this week. The Department of Homeland Security just closed its process for accepting bids for construction of a border wall. A new Supreme Court justice adored by conservatives, Neil M. Gorsuch, joined the court this week. And Mr. Trump signed legislation on Thursday aimed at cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“All of these things that people think are just minor issues, for people like me are huge,” said Joyce Kaufman, a conservative radio host in West Palm Beach, Fla., who dismisses the cries of hypocrisy from others on the right. “They can wring their hands all they want,” she scoffed.

As Mr. Trump’s policy reversals and other contentious moves draw scrutiny from the news media and criticism from his political adversaries, many Trump supporters seem to be rallying around him in the face of what they see as a relentless onslaught.

“That does tend to bond them to him — every day they see him attacked,” said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, which is backed by the billionaire Koch brothers. The group has been canvassing voters recently in the suburban Atlanta district that will hold a special congressional election next week that many see as a bellwether for Mr. Trump’s popularity….



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House Republican Moderates resist efforts to move towards Freedom Caucus on Healthcare Repeal..

Ain’t gonna work…

With people up in their faces back home…

Moderate House Republicans (and others targeted by strong home crowd protests) are not gonna bend to right to help a Trump/Ryancare repeal of the Affordable Healthcare program…

Any Changes in the program will have to come from within the Trump White House…

Not from Congress right now…

Centrist Republicans are throwing cold water on prospects that the House is getting closer to a deal on ObamaCare repeal.

The centrists object to demands from conservatives that states be given waivers that would allow them to repeal ObamaCare requirements.

The conservatives say the state waivers would reduce premiums, but centrists worry the move would also put insurance out of reach for people with pre-existing conditions.

Preventing insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions is one of the most popular parts of ObamaCare.

“I certainly learned … that under no circumstances should we pass legislation that would in any way diminish the pre-existing condition matter, that nobody in our society should ever be denied healthcare coverage for a pre-existing condition,” Rep. Leonard Lance (R-N.J.), a member of the centrist Tuesday Group, told reporters this week after a hosting a raucous town hall in Flanders, N.J.

Lance was one of dozens of centrists who opposed an earlier GOP repeal bill that was pulled from a planned House vote in March.

During Congress’s current spring recess, GOP lawmakers have faced pressure from constituents at town halls to vote against repeal and protect the pre-existing condition provisions.

And it’s not just rank-and-file centrists feeling the pressure….



The Trump Admin has continued the Obama Admin substities programs to keep insures in the program around the nation…

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Canada Introduces Legislation to Legalize Marijuana…And Regulate it’s sales…

The government up there moves to control and make revenue from the underground sales of marijuana…

Canada appears set to be the guinea pig for large industrialized countries when it comes to marijuana legalization.

The country’s Liberal government on Thursday followed through on a 2015 campaign promise by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and introduced legislation aimed at regulating the sale and production of marijuana.

Mr. Trudeau has repeatedly said, as he did in Parliament this week, that it is easier for a teenager to buy a marijuana cigarette than a bottle of beer, “and that is not right.”

 Details still need to be worked out, the government said, including how cannabis will be taxed and how Canada’s provinces will regulate the retail network in which the product will be sold.

The main goal, the government said, is to control the production, distribution, sale and possession of marijuana, and keep it out of the hands of criminal organizations. Criminal offenses for illicit production and trafficking will remain in place. Research done for Ottawa indicated the illicit marijuana market generates an estimated 7 billion Canadian dollars ($5.26 billion) a year for criminal organizations.

If approved by both chambers of Parliament, it will be legal by mid-2018 in Canada…


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Republicans’s endure Town Hall beatdowns back home…

Away from the protections of Trump and House Speaker Ryan in the nations capital?

Republican lawmakers take it on the chin back home from energized  (Mostly liberal) crowds voicing there support for Obamacare, Immigration of some sort, and worries about a President who seems to be learning on the job on how to BE President…


Thus continuing to remind Republicans that there STILL is a  LOT of Americans AGAINST them and the guy who lives in the White House….

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) “endured a brutal face-to-face confrontation with angry constituents Thursday as liberal voters dominated a standing-room-only audience at a town-hall meeting in downtown Mesa,” the Arizona Republic reports.

“Even before he took the stage, the audience chanted ‘health care for all,’ showing their support for former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the health-care-reform law that Flake has opposed. Flake was battered with questions about that issue as well as President Trump’s proposed border wall; his resolution to stop an Obama administration-era rule on internet privacy; his opposition to taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood; and his support for eliminating the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees to secure the confirmation of Trump’s pick, Neil Gorsuch.”

“But the conversation kept coming back to health care.”

“An angry, overflow crowd of about 500… gave Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) an earful Wednesday about his positions on health care, immigration and climate change. Two hours later, an even larger, more vocal group did the same,” according to the Oregonian.

“The twin bill marked the nine-term Republican’s first town halls since he helped craft a controversial GOP health care bill that would have ended coverage for some 24 million Americans by 2026. He closely aligned himself with House Speaker Paul Ryan, the primary sponsor of the legislation, even though more than a third of his constituents in the sprawling 2nd Congressional District are covered by Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor.”

Above from Politicalwire....

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The Brit’s (And other countries) put the US on to the Trump people numerous Russian connections…

No surprise….

Trump people like Maniford , Flynn, Page and others DID GET SNOOPED ON IN THE US as they talked to Russians known to US, British, Canadian , Australian and other Western intelligence services….

This dog pointed out that Trump was partially right when cried about his being Tapped….

What one does NOT understand is the silence of President Obama?


Every nation listens in to Every Other nations phones, faxes and wireless traffic….You may NOT know this but the intelligence world does….Trump’s p[eople where either ballsy or more likely just plain stupid….

Oh, yea?

On Trump?

The guy hasn’t been back to his NYC home since, eh?

Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added.

Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said.

Another source suggested the Dutch and the French spy agency, the General Directorate for External Security or DGSE, were contributors.

It is understood that GCHQ was at no point carrying out a targeted operation against Trump or his team or proactively seeking information….



If and When the FBI/CIA and NSA issue their report?

Depending on the detail?

There IS gonna be a LOT of explainiong to be done by Trump and his friends….

Remember…. Atty General Sessions says he’s out of the loop on this…

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Trump signs off on giving state’s funding say-so over Planned Parenthood abortions….

Trump signs off on something conservatives had been fighting against  President Obama for years…

President Donald Trump signed legislation Thursday that would give states the flexibility to withhold federal family planning money from Planned Parenthood.

Trump, who has had few opportunities to enact legislation during his first three months in office, signed the measure in private, quietly reversing an Obama administration regulation. The bill overturns a rule that prohibits states from refusing to distribute federal family-planning money to clinics simply because the facilities also perform abortions.

The legislation is part of a broader effort by Republicans to cut off federal funding from health-care organizations that perform abortions, a fight that could resurface as Congress tries to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month.

But the measure’s narrow path to Trump’s desk underscores the difficulty the president could face as he targets Planned Parenthood: The bill passed the Senate only after Vice President Mike Pence cast a tie-breaking vote, as two Republican senators opposed efforts to cut the organization’s funding.

“This is an important step the administration is taking,” Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told reporters Thursday after Trump signed the bill. “We want states to be in charge of decision-making.”…

Various Stances

Trump has taken various positions on Planned Parenthood. He was one of few Republicans running for president last year to praise the group for the health care it provides women. At the same time, he pledged to defund the organization because it performed abortions….


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Donald Trump is making his way back to the GOP Center….

No surprise here….

All the Trump bullshit to get elected is just THAT…

Bull Shit….

Image result for Trump

Trump & Co. has to deal with Congress and the Courts and an energized Democratic base….

Initially, Trump sought to follow ‘take no prisoners ‘ Steve Bannon’….THAT worked on the campaign trail….

But That has run him into a brick wall with the courts and lawmakers and most other things…They are their OWN power centers…

He IS the President…(He is learning on the job)

You simply cannot go Rogue and operate like a businessman who just watches TV and Conservative Cable News programs.


Trump will move to a better place…

Failure to do so will cut short his time living in new house…

The office makes the man…

The Man does NOT make the office…

Can his base follow along?


Do they abandon him?

President Trump is abandoning a number of his key campaign promises on economic policy, adopting instead many of the centrist positions he railed against while campaigning as a populist.

Trump will not label China a “currency manipulator,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, despite a campaign pledge that he would apply the label on his first day in office. He also said he was open to reappointing Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen after saying last year that the central banker should be “ashamed” of what she was doing to the country.

And he embraced the Export-Import Bank, a government agency that he mocked last year and that has long been despised by conservatives who labeled it crony capitalism.

The statements represent a move toward the economic policies of more centrist Republicans and even at times align with the approach of former president Barack Obama. Should he follow through on the newly articulated positions, it would suggest that the candidate who ran as the ultimate outsider is increasingly adopting a more moderate economic agenda.

The reversals come amid a period of rapid evolution for Trump on both foreign and domestic issues….



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NY Democratic Governor Cuomo moves to left for 2020…

The New York Governor seems to be setting the stage for something he wanted to do four years ago….

Run for President….

Something his Dad backed down from in the last minute…

The governor denies any presidential hopes, but the state’s 2017-18 budget— passed on Sunday, nine days late — contains many elements of a possible campaign platform, including issues like holding down taxes, increasing a child care tax credit and extending a tax on the state’s wealthiest earners.

Such initiatives have also been interspersed with attention to moderate social reforms, including gun control and paid family leave, dappled with more progressive policies like protections for transgender residents and a rejection of fracking.

Many of those moves were a departure from the early years of Mr. Cuomo’s first term, when his centrist tendencies saw him stray from the liberal platform, often to the chagrin of his own party.

“I had good friends in this area who couldn’t distinguish him from a Republican,” said Jeanne Zaino, a professor of political science at Iona College in Westchester County, the well-to-do area where Mr. Cuomo now lives.

Mr. Cuomo announced his plan to make state colleges tuition-free in January alongside Senator Bernie Sanders. CreditSam Hodgson for The New York Times

But after a surprisingly difficult primary challenge on the way to his re-election in 2014, Mr. Cuomo’s leftward tilt began, including support for a tiered $15 minimum wage — an idea he had earlier dismissed — in 2016.

The election of President Trump brought about another adjustment to Mr. Cuomo’s political compass. He began positing that a socio-economic disconnect was the reason Mrs. Clinton lost, arguing at a fund-raiser that the election had proved to Democrats that “there is a middle class that we have not been attentive to, and it’s a middle class that’s been suffering for a long time,” The Daily News reported.

While some similar post-mortems were offered by others, Mr. Cuomo’s position as governor of New York — the president’s home state — may have given them extra weight, even as he began to criticize Mr. Trump’s policies on immigration and abortion, and subsequent proposals to cut federal funds to the state.

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Democrats move to Economic Hopeful message for 2018, NOT just anti-Trump…

Smart Move….

Democrats are gonna have to win back white voters that voted for Obama twice , but bailed on Hillary Clinton…

In rural area’s and other places their change in voting was due to economic factors NOT Donald Trump himself…

Democrats need to get those voters back…Which should lock into the Republicans efforts to cut healthcare, jobs, and benefits for middle  and lower cl;ass Americans…

That will be about economics…. Not hard turns to the ideological left….

Democrats are beginning to craft an economic message for 2018 that goes beyond the tempting, single-minded strategy of demonizing Donald Trump.

Licking their wounds after an embarrassing showing in November, Democrats vowed to charge into next year’s midterms with a proactive sales pitch to voters. While many, including party leaders, have fallen right back into the same anti-Trump pattern they say cost them 2016 in the first place, top Democrats now say they’re working on “a strong, sharp-edged, bold economic message,” as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer put it Tuesday.

Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have met twice, according to aides, in addition to multiple staff-level meetings, to flesh out a broader economic agenda that’s expected to emerge as soon as early summer.

The package will be “populist” and designed to “unite both wings of both caucuses,” one senior Democratic aide said. Infrastructure and trade are expected to be key components, another aide confirmed.

Though Democrats have long diagnosed their failure to put forth a compelling economic message as a root cause of their crushing 2016 losses, their pursuit of a populist package this year reflects the lasting influence of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid on their longer-term agenda. And after initially sending different signals about their plans, with aides expecting a cohesive campaign message would not emerge until next year, House and Senate Democrats now insist they are moving on the same track.

“We’re spending a lot of time on this,” Schumer told reporters Tuesday, vowing that Democrats would “hammer on” their economic proposals throughout the midterm campaign…..


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