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Overlooked in the Goverment Shutdown thing?…Trump is actually on a Roll…

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Trump & Co. won another one….

(This from a guy with 35% to 40% approval numbers and Republicans in Congress in the teens?)

Donald Trump IS gonna get a ‘Wall’ folks….

And guess who’s gonna pay for it?

Not the Mexicans….

You and me the taxpayers….

Oh, and he ALREADY got himself and his rich friends a tax cut….

And if he and the House Republicans hold tight enough?

He MIGHT be able to have enacted his effort to cut off the entarnce to the country of people of color….

via twitter….

Now that Dems have voted to reopen gov w promise of Senate DACA vote, WH spox on CNN flatly sez POTUS won’t sign Graham-Durbin deal

Just making some points here…


How Schumer and the Democrats lost on the shutdown….

Democrats in the Senate are gonna provide the votes Republicans need to continue funding the Federal Government until Feb. 8th….

What they got for this stand for a few days was basically a ‘promise’…

They LOST….

The winners in this dance was Donald Trump & Co. and the House Republicans….

Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer HAD the cards in the beginning…But played them weakly ….

First of all?

Trump and the Republicans went public in the media defining the shutdown in simple terms….It was about illegal’s….PERIOD….

American’s aren’t gonna support not getting their social security checks, or other things from the government for people who even Americans….

The Budget has LITTLE to do with Immigration actually…

It has to do with spending on Defense while taking money from social and help programs for those Americans….

Republicans NEVER are gonna mention the cuts and redirection of revenue away from people to guns, tanks and a ‘wall’…..

Schumer and Co. was just busy trying to over…


Schumer held things together, but Democrats as usual?

Don’t row together….

With the media stories amplified by Trump’s and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s insistence that it was the Democrats fault?

Democratic Senator’s began to get antsy….

As the hours ran by?

Democratic Senators began to abandon Schumer….

Republican House members then doubled down on their intransigence ….they signaled and got Trump to join them in saying ‘NOTHING’ until a vote….

All this went on while the media played up the idea that the ENTIRE US Government would stop running….

Than is NOT the truth….

As Trump pointed out himself?

Over 80% of the government’s function ARE running….

The fact is Schumer HAD to make a stand somewhere at sometime….

Props top the Democrats who stood with him….

As a matter of fact nearly ALL the Progressive and 2020 possible Presidential sweepstakes Democrats have made plain that Schumer’s ‘deal’ sucks….

But they too, do NOT have the votes…

This whole thing for Schumer rests on-a ‘promise’ to have a vote in the Senate on a DACA/Dreamers bill….

There is NOT certainty that House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan will agree to to support the vote in two weeks….

I would think to get an agreement that makes in any kind of sense means that Ryan would HAVE TO work with Pelosi ‘s Democrats in the House to get around the conservative Republican Freedom Caucus….

Doing THAT got the guy Ryan succeeded pushed out of his job….


There have been rumors that Paul Ryan wants to leave Congress by next year anyways, eh?

This whole thing could be replayed in two weeks folks…

But for now?

The Govt. shutdown that really wasn’t will be over in hours…

And Chuck Schumer walks away with virtually nothing….

Maybe the only gain is that some Senator’s HAVE BEEN forced to cross party lines to even get this?

via twitter….

It’s been a big nothingburger. Democrats started out with a public opinion edge, but it was deteriorating and their tactics weren’t well thought-out . They settled for 30¢ on the dollar, but that’s about what their position was worth. None of this is likely to matter in November.


Democrats will take a ‘promise’ for a DACA vote to end Govt. Shutdown…

I do NOT like this deal…..

Republicans in the spirit of Donald Trump could back out of this deal which has the Democrats approving the House Budget as it stands till Feb.8th for a ‘promise’ to vote a DACA/Dreamers deal ‘in the futire’….

But I see Senate Minority Leader was losing his support from fellow Democrats afraid of being blamed for the shut downs effects…

The Republican hardliners won this round…

The government ‘shutdown’ that wasn’t , should be over in a few hours….

How a small group of Republicans are trying to change centuries of American Immigration policy….

The group seems to be Trump Chief of staff John Kelly, Trump WH Asst. Stephen Miller and some anti-immigration GOP House members….

And so far?

They have Donald Trump on their side….

via twitter….

It feels like the end of the road on could be the same question as 06 & 13: will a R House speaker allow the chamber to pass bipartisan legislation that has majority support even though a majority of House Republicans oppose it?

Women and Independents help Democrats chances for retaking the House…

ABC is out with a poll, one of the hundreds well will see until Novembers Midterm elections , that shows that Democrats are ahead with those who are expected to vote….

The last time there was such a advantage for one party over the other the party in the majority lost heavily in the numbers of seats they had before the midterm election…

Democrats , right now, seem to be forming a ‘wave’ election towards wins….

Strong support from women and independents is fueling Democrats’ large early advantage ahead of this year’s congressional elections, a sign that two groups that have recoiled from Donald Trump’s presidency will play a decisive role in November, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The ongoing government shutdown and rising economic optimism are just two factors that could shuffle preferences over the nine months before Election Day, with Republicans hoping to take more credit for economic growth and cast Democrats as anti-Trump obstructionists.

By 51 percent to 39 percent, more registered voters say they would support the Democratic candidate in their congressional district over the Republican. Democrats’ 12 percentage-point advantage on this “generic ballot” question is the largest in Post-ABC polling since 2006, although it is slightly larger than other polls this month.

Judging from past elections, Democrats are expected to need a six- to eight-point advantage in national support this fall to gain the 24 seats needed win control of the House…



The piece reports the generic House Democratic margin IS 12% points right now….That would historically mean a ‘wave’ election for the Democrats…..

Trump aides launch a media push against Schumer…But don’t knock a possible deal…

The Trump White House aides have been in the media since late Friday night blaming Democrats and Senator Chuck Schumer in particular for the government shutdown, whose effects are just starting on the first workday after the budget vote was not approved by the Senate …..

But as a bipartisan group of Senator’s work hard to get to a deal?

The Trump people have NOT criticized the leaking details of any deal…

A new poll out this morning seems to indicate that the Trump and GOP effort to stick blame on the Dem’s and Schumer has NOT completely worked….

Trump has repeatily backed away from portions he agreed to take on approving any budget ‘deal’…

The White House dispatched several senior aides Monday morning to make the rounds on television morning shows. They did not hide their frustrations with Schumer and other Democrats, but they chose their words carefully when asked about the possible compromise and the odds of the government reopening as soon as Monday afternoon.

Asked on ABC’s “Good Morning, America” program if he is confident the federal government will re-open on Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied: “I sure hope so.”

But she also accused Schumer of “playing games” over DACA and government funding. She reiterated the White House stance that it will resume immigration talks once the government is funded and operating. Sanders also was asked to respond to this charge Schumer made on Saturday: “Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O.”….


Republican’s are to blame in shutdown…Poll….

A new poll out has the Republicans taking the blame for the government shutdown due to the Senate’s NOT having the votes to pass a House designed budget…

The Democrats will NOT agree to the terms the Republican majority , along the President, are backing…

Pre-shutdown polls from last week showed nearly half of respondents said they’d hold President Donald Trump and/or congressional Republicans responsible for a shutdown, compared to less than one-third who said they would blame Democrats in Congress.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, conducted Thursday and Friday also found more voters would blame Republicans in Congress for the government shutdown, 41 percent, than would blame Democrats, 36 percent. Democratic and Republican voters, by wide margins, held the other side responsible. But more independents said they would blame Republicans, 34 percent, than Democrats, 27 percent.

Yet the shutdown is no clean political win for Democrats….


The Senator’s trying to put tougher a budget deal….

Rollcall does a piece on the group of about 20 Senators from both parties trying get a ‘deal’ put together that would garner enough votes in the Senate to pass….

They have a daunting task…..

House Republicans have indicated that they are NOT inclined to go along with ANYTHING different from their bill…This means that IF House Speaker Ryan wants to get something the Senate agrees to passed?

He, McMconnell will HAVE to get Democratic votes to do so…

There is growing optimism that the Senate will be able to muster the votes necessary to advance a three-week funding measure to reopen the federal government, Republican and Democratic aides and lawmakers say.

The deal is a central discussion of a coalition of roughly 20 bipartisan members that have been meeting Saturday and Sunday. The group is discussing the offer with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y.

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., all issues are on the table. “Sen. McConnell is saying we’re going to do all issues, including immigration, which is a major issue,” Graham said outside the room where the bipartisan group met.

“Progress, making progress,” Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said.

Sen. Lamar Alexander also noted “progress” but wouldn’t provide details: “We’ll know more in two hours,” he said around 3 p.m. Sunday after a bipartisan meeting of approximately 20 lawmakers dispersed.

“The leaders have to meet with each other … Mitch knows my thinking on it,” Alexander added….


image.. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The House GOP lawmakers are playing hard to get….

The House has voted on its Budget bill….

The Senate doesn’t have the votes to pass one….

While the result of that is a shutdown of some the US Govt. service’s….

House GOPer’s say they won’t budge on requiring THEIR budget’s passage before even talking about immigration….

So far?

Senate Democrats have held out from giving into House Republicans demands…

Rank-and-file GOP members said the House will not be bound by any agreement reached across the Capitol on immigration, something Senate Democrats say is key to ending their filibuster of a three-week stopgap bill the chamber is planning to vote on around 1 a.m. Monday.

“I don’t see any of our people interested in some half-baked idea that’s produced by a self-appointed group of senators,” Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said. “The only thing the speaker tells us that he has signaled to [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell he can do is change the dates.”

Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the shutdown “blew up” bipartisan, bicameral negotiations that were underway on an immigration measure to include border security and a replacement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program .

A bipartisan proposal from Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Richard J. Durbin of Illinois is one that House Republicans and President Donald Trump don’t support, Ryan said…..


No Sunday Evening deal on Shut down….

McConnell and Schumer at the Capitol

Schumer and McConnell are talking….

But the House and White House have been NOT willing to make ANY deal on DACA/Dreamers unless there ispassge of THEIR version of the budget….

A bipartisan Senate leadership meeting this evening between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer ended without a deal to end the government shutdown, per CNN’s Manu Raju. There’s still hope for a deal before tonight’s scheduled 1 a.m. vote, but the main sticking points continue to be the length for any potential continuing resolution to fund the government — three weeks seems most palatable for Republicans — and a firm commitment by GOP leadership for a vote on DACA….


image…Al Drago, Pool / Getty Images

Democratic Senators in Trump states vote FOR House Budget Bill….Against the Shutdown…

In Donald Trump country ?

Most voters would be glad  to see illegal and legal immigrants, not yet citizens gone….

While Republicans and Trump on the whole aren’t popular….

Trump commands a roughly 70% approval rate among GOP voters, even though those same votes admit that Trump is not all there….

Democrats have been winning special elections on the state level since Trump moved to Washington….But Democratic Senator’s in Trump states have to be careful….They must keep their Democratic vote and bite into some the Republicans who can and have walked away for Trump…And THAT is a gamble most of those Senator’s are taking right now…

On the other hand the Democratic base , particularly Latino’s are adamant that something be done to protect the Dreamers…

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer still has enough Blue State Senator’s to keep the Senate from passing a Budget…

But the Republicans will be trying to pick off more Senator’s….

If Schumer can hold the remaining Senator’s?

The Republicans will HAVE give in a bit….

This IS the way the system IS supposed to work….

And Majority Leader McConnell is brushing aside calls for changing the budget vote to a simple majority, which he could probably muster…He is well aware that a change in majority status for HIS party could come back to bite his party….

Democrats assembled the votes to block the House bill, with their 2018 candidates coming up with multiple reasons to join in. Kaine, whose shutdown-averse state is home to the largest concentration of federal workers in the country, had praised the short-term spending bill in December as a “solution that avoided brinkmanship.” But with imminent deals on hurricane relief or DACA, he said, “Enough is enough.”

Kaine rejected Republicans’ characterization that Democrats will own the shutdown, saying his vote merely amps up the pressure to finalize a budget.

The five holdout Democrats — Jones, Joe Donnelly (Ind.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Joe Manchin III (W.Va.) and Claire McCaskill (Mo.) — did earn some enmity from liberal groups. Justice Democrats, founded in 2017 to threaten primary challenges to “corporate Democrats,” tweeted photos of the five and promised to “replace them in 2018.” After Donnelly announced his yes vote for the GOP bill, Jesse Myerson, an organizer with the liberal Indiana group Hoosier Action, tweeted that “in order to beat the Republicans this year he will need PEOPLE who are ENTHUSIASTIC enough about him to CAMPAIGN for him.”

Yet there’s little evidence that the holdout Democrats are at risk of primary defeats.

Of the four up for reelection this year, only Manchin has an opponent who has filed a campaign finance report. As of Sept. 30, challenger Paula Jean Swearingen had $59,783 on hand, while Manchin had $4,131,896.

The groups working most closely with Democrats had few complaints. In December, they had been frustrated, but held at bay, when 18 Democrats voted for a short-term spending bill that did not extend DACA. On Friday, when asked about their colleagues who were likely to hold out, the Senate’s liberals said that activists had already succeeded in moving a critical mass of Democrats to their position….


Trump is asked to stay away from the Shutdown talks…

We are in day two of the 2018 government shutdown dance….

Republicans in the House and some on White House staff want to have the dance their way….

And so far?

They have with Trump as the DJ playing their music ….

But standing on the stage is members on BOTH parties…

They have been agreeing on music to play…

But the other GOP guys keep shaking their heads ‘NO’….

They even are telling the unpopular DJ to scrap the rules and just GIVE them ALL the music choices they want….

The talks are on going to get something the DJ will play…

But an agreement is gonna have to be made by a (Isolated ) DJ who really doesn’t know his music…But likes to be the only one on the stage

Stay tuned….

“This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present,” he wrote on Twitter before dawn, appending the hashtag #DemocratShutdown. By afternoon, the president’s trip — which was to include a lavish $100,000-per-couple party to celebrate his first year in office — had been shelved as aides contemplated with dread the potential practical and political impacts of shuttering the government.

Inside the White House, Mr. Trump, the neophyte president who has styled himself the ultimate dealmaker, remained remarkably disengaged from the complex process of hammering out a politically palatable deal that could provide a way out of the morass.

Senior advisers counseled him to do less, not more, negotiating, arguing that the shutdown was a political problem that Democrats had created for themselves, and had to find their own way to resolve. But Mr. Trump, a highly reactive personality who detests headlines questioning his leadership — like those that dominated cable TV throughout Saturday, during coverage of the shutdown and women’s marches throughout the country denouncing his presidency — felt stymied and wanted somehow to intervene, according to one presidential adviser….