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Trump…’We have essentailly repealed Obamacare’…No Sir…You haven’t….

Actually guy?

The program is ALIVE and well…..


I know yopu and your fellow Republicans are gonna work hard to fuck it up and they point back to President Obama….

But we know the deal right now….

The program has signed up millions in the past month or so….

You guys have tried to make those sign ups harder….

That did NOT work….

The program is supported by mre than 50% of Americans….

Republican governors and states have grown to depend on the program….

Yes, the mandate, whic was unpopular, but essential is gone….Obama put it off for a while anyways….

But that’s all….

And there was a promise to some Senator’s that Republicans would join Democrats in the near future in providing legiaaltive help to stabilize the programs marketplace…..

All this hardly a program repealed….

But you wouldn’t know that anyways, eh?

You live in an Alternate Universe….

President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed the Republican tax overhaul has “essentially repealed Obamacare” but said officials “didn’t want to bring it up” until the legislation had already passed.

“The individual mandate is being repealed. When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed because they get their money from the individual mandate,” Trump said at the start of a cabinet meeting.

He said the tax bill has “essentially repealed Obamacare,” though the legislation has eliminated a key provision of the health care law but not repealed it entirely, and claimed Republicans will come up with something that will be much better, whether it’s block grants or whether it’s taking what we have and doing something terrific.”

“We didn’t want to bring it up. I told people specifically, ‘Be quiet with the fake news media because I don’t want them talking too much about it,’” Trump said. “Because I didn’t know how people would — but now that it’s approved I can say the individual mandate on health care, where you had to pay not to have insurance, okay, think of that one, you pay not to have insurance. The individual mandate has been repealed.”….


Don’t look but Republicanbs ARE working behind the scene’s with Democrats to not have a Govt Shutdown….

Image result for mcconnell/schumer/ryan/pelosi

While the focus has been on getting the tax bill done…

Leaders of both parties in the House and Senate have been quietly working together to deal with the 2018 Budget…While Conservative Republicans have been making the media happy with their noise?….The stepped back to let the Senate version of the tax bill become the law….And while the GOP has been doing their thing without the Democrats on taxes….THAT won’t be the case with the budget which HAS TO have Democratic votes to pass….

No one wants a government shutdown…So the Democrats WILL have get somethings in the final budget….

That means the issue of Obamacare support, DACA /Immigration  and other issues will have to be worked on…

Compromise will have to be in the air….

Conservative House members won’t be happy….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday ticked off a half-dozen “important tasks” that he says must see action by week’s end — including averting a government shutdown — but it’s not clear whether partisan deadlock will make that possible.

Children’s health funding. A warrantless surveillance program. A popular veterans program. Natural disaster funding. An Obamacare stabilization initiative. Averting across-the-board cuts to social programs next month.

“Across all these critical areas, Congress must do what is right for the American people and take action this week,” McConnell said on the floor, kicking off what is likely to be Congress’ final week of 2017.

All that — plus a once-in-a-generation tax overhaul — are on the docket in the next four days.

But shortly after McConnell spoke on Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused him and House Speaker Paul Ryan of canceling the latest round of talks to fund the government past Friday night — suggesting a rocky week ahead.

“The Republican members of the team called off the negotiations and said, ‘Let’s do it tomorrow,’ as the clock ticks,” Schumer said on the floor, warning that there is “little time left before the end of the year.”

McConnell and Schumer have been meeting privately for weeks, along with Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to hammer out a two-year spending deal that would raise spending caps for defense and domestic programs.

That agreement, which sources have said is within reach, would likely include some of these long-simmering issues on McConnell’s to-do list.

Not every conflict is likely to be resolved. Schumer said Monday that he is still pushing for a separate immigration deal to be attached, providing protections for so-called Dreamers coupled with additional border security.

Several liberal Democrats have threatened to vote against a funding bill without a fix for the young undocumented immigrants, even as House Republicans have demanded that it be separate from spending talks….



Obamacare seems to being doing fine…And isn’t going anywhere…

THAT HAS to be pissing off Republicans who will spend next year doing everything they can to make the Obama Presidency signature law a failure it is isn’t…

Oh, and Americans, by a majority   LIKE the Affordable Healthcare Law thanks to the Republicans efforts to destroy it..

In the end?

It will be still be around…

“What we are seeing is that this insurance is meeting people’s needs and it is affordable if you receive financial assistance,” said Elizabeth Colvin of Foundation Communities, a nonprofit in Austin, Texas, that helps low-income people enroll. “So much of the story has been telling people that the ACA is not working. That’s not the reality in central Texas.”

It was Trump who most notably predicted a spectacular collapse for the law.

“It’s imploding, and soon will explode, and it’s not going to be pretty,” he said this year.

After a repeal failed in Congress, Trump stopped payments to reimburse insurers for subsidizing copayments and deductibles, thereby boosting premiums. His administration also cut the federal open enrollment season in half, slashed the ad budget and pulled back money for counselors who help people sign up.

But as premiums increased, financial assistance also went up for those eligible. Under the law, their premiums are limited to a percentage of household income, so those who qualify for help are cushioned from premium spikes.

Instead, the full impact of rising premiums hit an estimated 8 million to 9 million people who buy individual health plans but aren’t eligible for income-based assistance.

“I am at my wits’ end,” said Kris Case. “I would love to have health insurance, but it’s like a luxury. Every year it’s gotten more expensive.”

The Denver-area resident, who’s in her 50s and doesn’t have coverage through her job in client relations for a startup, says she’s seen premiums as high as $1,400 a month.

Ongoing turmoil will translate to demands for Congress to act. But with lawmakers divided by party and faction, it’s not certain what can be done.

“Any thought of ‘repeal and replace’ is clearly gone,” said health economist Gail Wilensky, who served in a previous GOP administration. Alabama voters’ election of Democrat Doug Jones to the Senate underscores that, she said. “Undoing something that has been in place now for close to four years is not a practical way to resolve issues.”

Pending legislation could have contradictory consequences.

Many experts believe the GOP tax bill’s repeal of the insurance mandate will undermine markets by giving healthy people an out.

But other measures would tend to stabilize insurance markets. One is a bipartisan Senate bill that would restore insurer subsidies cut by Trump. The other proposals would provide money to help insurers cover the care of high-cost patients….


Sen Rubio hints Republicans want to attack Social Security and Medicare next…

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Republicans have ALWAYS wanted to cut American’s governemnt helping its citizens get what they pay for….

Probably getting a tax cut is their firts effort to transfer more wealth to the rich at the expense of the poor, middle class and older Americans it seems…

Giving themselsves a YUGE tax cut needs to be paid for some way, eh?

In a videotaped interview with two Politico reporters Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said the quiet parts out loud. Asked by interviewers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman how to address the federal deficit, he replied: “We have to do two things. We have to generate economic growth which generates revenue, while reducing spending. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.” (A video of Rubio’s appearance is here, with his remarks on Social Security and Medicare beginning at the 21:45 mark.)

The only thing that’s new here is the explicit admission by a Republican officeholder that this is the GOP’s master plan to eviscerate the welfare and retirement of American workers. Budget analysts have seen it coming with all the subtlety of a freight train….



Judge blocks Trump rollback of Obamacare contraception mandate

The fight against taking away people’s heathcare benefits will be fought in the courts….The Republicans used them against Obama…Democrats and others will do the same against Trump & Co……

A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Friday blocked the Trump administration from enforcing new rules that would allow virtually any l objection to Obamacare’s birth control coverage mandate.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone granted Pennsylvania’s request for a preliminary injunction, saying the commonwealth could suffer “serious and irreparable harm” from the rules. The long-anticipated policies, imposed Oct. 6, greatly expand the exemptions to the health law’s requirement to provide FDA-approved contraception at no cost.

“The Commonwealth’s concern is absent available cost-effective contraception, women will either forgo contraception entirely or choose cheaper but less effective methods — individual choices which will result in an increase in unintended pregnancies,” Beetlestone wrote in her 44-page opinion. “That in turn will inflict economic harm on the Commonwealth because unintended pregnancies are more likely to impose additional costs on Pennsylvania’s state-funded health programs.”

The Affordable Care Act requires employers to cover birth control with no cost sharing, with narrow exemptions. The Trump administration, in issuing its directive, has said it was acting to protect individuals and groups from being forced to violate their religious beliefs while downplaying concerns that more women would struggle to afford birth control.

A federal judge in California heard arguments over the same issue earlier this week and is expected issue a ruling soon. Four other states — Delaware, Maryland, New York and Virginia — have joined California in the motion….


A Majority of American’s think Trump should step down or be impeached…Poll

The poll was done  PublicPolicyPoilling (PPP) ….

The outfit is considered Democratic leaning….


With THAT out of the way?

It’s not hard to understand the numbers…..

Donald Trump’s average disapproval has been steadily dropping in the last few weeks….

Two nights ago his gut, Roy Moore lost to a Democart in the  Red (Republican) state of ALABAMA….

Trump’s past sexual misconduct actions are back on the front pages of newspapers and news channels….

The Republicans are forging forward on a tax bill that is unpopular to a large amount of Americans who will probably see their taxes go up…..

The same group of law makers are also hell bent on knocking millions of Americans off healthcare coverage and cutting their socal safety net benefits….

Oh, and the guy keeps talking like he wants to get invcleved in World War III with North Korea?

Add to ALL of this farmers who are scared he’s gonna wipe out their export makerts and of course the BIG ONE!….

He’s increasingly being shown as a President who tried to stop an investiagtion of WTF he’s been trying so hard to get in bed with the Russian President who it appear had a massive effort to penetrate this countries upper government….

Image result for Trump/obama

The poll says voters would take Obama back by a 56/39% margin….

PPP’s newest national poll finds that a majority of voters think Donald Trump should resign from the Presidency because of the allegations of sexual harassment against him. 53% think Trump should step down to just 42% who think he should remain in office. 53% of voters believe the women who have accused Trump of harassment, to 31% who think they aren’t telling the truth….

In general Trump voters seem relatively unconcerned with his behavior toward women. Just 45% say they would disapprove of Trump sexually harassing women while 22% actually say they would approve of him doing so, and 32% express no opinion either way. Trump voters are also somewhat skeptical of the ‘Me Too’ movement, giving it just a 37/33 favorability rating, compared to 74/10 among Clinton voters. Overall voters agree with Time Magazine’s decision to give the ‘Me Too’ movement its Person of the Year award 51/35, but there is predictable disagreement on that too with Clinton voters saying 82/6 they support the honorees and Trump voters saying 75/15 it instead should have been Trump.

The reaction of Trump voters to the recent charges against Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort is…fire Robert Mueller and hate the FBI. 56% of them think Mueller should be fired to only 17% who are opposed to such a move. 53% say they disapprove of the job the FBI is doing, to just 24% who approve…

One thing that’s not helping the GOP is the tax bill- only 29% of voters support it to 49% who are opposed. And by a 23 point margin voters say they’re less likely to vote for a member of Congress next year who supports it- 49% say support for the tax bill makes them less likely to vote for someone, to only 26% who consider it a positive.

And the more tuned in to the tax debate voters are, the worse it gets for Republicans. Among those who say they’ve heard ‘a lot’ about the tax plan 62% oppose it, and that group of voters gives Democrats a 63-33 advantage on the generic House ballot. Only 26% of voters think the middle class and small businesses will be the primary beneficiary of the bill, with 61% thinking it will be the wealthy and large corporations….

-Only 38% of voters think he’s honest, to 57% who say he’s not. 55% flat out call him a liar, to only 39% who disagree with that characterization.

-62% of voters still want to see his tax returns, to 31% who say it isn’t necessary.

-51% of voters believe Trump is mentally unbalanced, to 44% who say they think he’s mentally stable.

-Just 37% of voters think he’s delivered on his core campaign promise to ‘Make America Great Again,’ while 57% say he hasn’t.

-For the first time we find a majority of voters- 51%- support impeaching Trump to 42% who are opposed….

Lots More Here…


The Alabama that Roy Moore lives in….

The New York Times takes a look at things in Alabama today….

A lot of us have NO idea how the place is and why someone like Roy Moore could ganner votes…

Read the linked piece….

Makes ya scratch your head that the piece is about an American state…

The state is so often stellar in football, residents say ruefully, and not much else, a consequence of generations of bitter fights, political turbulence and eternal divides over race and class.

About 17 percent of Alabamians live in poverty — the fifth-highest rate in the country — and the state’s violence-wracked prisons are jammed to 159 percent of their intended capacity. With budget troubles a chronic fact of life, spending on Medicaid, which has not been expanded, lags. Standardized test scores are among the nation’s lowest. Heart disease and diabetes are endemic.

Last year, Marion, a rural city in central Alabama, suffered a tuberculosis outbreak so severe that its incidence rate was worse than that of many developing countries.

The infant mortality rate for 2016 rose to 9.1 deaths per 1,000 live births, the highest rate the state has seen since 2008. (The national rate was 5.9 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2015, the most recent year for which federal data is available.) The mortality rate was more than twice as high for black infants as white ones, and in some parts of the state, like Perry or Pickens Counties, the rate was 25.6 and 30.3.

“I think we really don’t know why it’s going up,” said Grace Thomas, the assistant state health officer for family health services with the state’s Department of Public Health, who called the rates a “key indicator of a health care system’s effectiveness” and said black, Hispanic and poor women were less likely to get the care they need.

Paris Daves, 24, said it took her several months after she found out she was pregnant last year to get on Medicaid, although she has since drawn support from an organization called Gift of Life, which works to prevent infant mortality in Montgomery. But as a young, single parent, there are other problems, too, like unreliable public transportation and low wages.

“Minimum wage here is $7.25,” said Ms. Daves, who earns a dollar more than that as a shift manager at McDonald’s. “That’s not enough to pay my rent or take care of my son.”

In Haleyville, northwest of Birmingham, the coming shutdown of the hospital looms over the city where, in 1968, the country’s first 911 call was made.

But you can pick anyplace in Alabama and find issues that feel somewhere between daunting and suffocating. In the Black Belt, named for its rich topsoil, but now a region of widespread rural poverty, people still wonder whether once-plentiful jobs will ever come back….


Republican Senator Collins got ‘rolled’….

I KNEW this was coming…..

Collins should have also….

House Republicans are STILL pleding to REPEAL the Affordabale Healthcare Law….Something Collins wants to help ….

The tax bill could hang on her vote and she’s gonna look pretty stupid if she goes along with NOT getting what she bargined for….

Tax bill chances , for me?…..remains LESS than 50%

Image result for sen collins

The three biggest stories in Washington — a broad overhaul of the U.S. tax structure, a health-care makeover and a spending bill that would avert a government shutdown — all depend, more or less, on one moderate Republican senator who says she’s got a deal that could deliver them all.

The only trouble is, Senator Susan Collins’s deal could unravel fast, putting the Maine lawmaker and her party in a tight spot as GOP leaders seek a major policy win in 2017.

Collins joined 50 of her GOP Senate colleagues Saturday in voting for tax legislation — but only after securing what she’s called a promise that Congress would pass two other bills before year’s end. Both measures are aimed at shoring up insurance marketplaces that experts say would be ravaged by one part of the Senate tax bill: a repeal of the “individual mandate” imposed by the 2010 Obamacare law.

But Collins’s promise came from Senate Majority Mitch McConnell — who can’t always deliver a vote in his own chamber, let alone the one across the capitol. It’s by no means clear that either of the health care bills Collins bargained for will get anywhere in the House, where conservatives regard at least one of the measures with disdain.

“I wasn’t part of those conversations,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Thursday, when asked about Collins’s bargain with McConnell…..



Sen Jeff Flake’s DACA promise will rest on the Democarts NOT him….

Senator’s Collins, Flake and Crker could doom the tax cut bill…



Do they have the votes in the Senate?

The House will not vote next week on a final agreement to rewrite the tax code, though House and Senate negotiators are expected to work through the weekend.

“It will not come up next week, but if it could, I would bring it up as soon as we come out of conference, because I do believe the American people are waiting for a Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues late Thursday in remarks on the House floor….



Healthcare Insurers will make record profits on Obamacare ….

The argument that the Affordable Healthcare is broken is BULL SHIT…..

The argument about Repealing it?

Ridiculous …..

Strickly POLITICAL….

Insurers have finally figured out how to make money in the Obamacare markets: Charge more.

After taking a beating for three years, health plans jacked up their rates for 2017, with the average premium on the most popular products rising more than 20 percent. That created sticker shock for many Obamacare customers while putting many insurers on pace to record profits this year for the first time, according to a POLITICO analysis of 31 regional Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, many of which dominate Obamacare markets in their states.

But the turnaround comes just as Republican efforts to dismantle the health care law are creating new threats to the viability of the marketplaces. That leavesthe plans in a bewildering situation, trying to improve their margins while the GOP declares Obamacare a failure and mounts another push to dismantle the system, starting with rolling back the health care law’s individual mandate.

“The political narrative is over a market in crisis, and that’s just not how the market actually looks right now,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president for special initiatives at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan research group. “At this moment, the individual insurance market looks quite stable and most insurers have achieved profitability.”

The POLITICO analysis shows that insurers, on average, spent 78 percent of premium revenues on customers’ medical claims through the first nine months of this year….


Americans are worried about losing their healthcare coverage…Poll….

A good amount of Republicans continue to bring up efforts to repeal the Affordable Helathcare law also known as Obamacare….

This is probabaly something that will cost them votes down the road by pissing people off….

Congress may have moved on from health care. The public has not.

With taxes and spending, debt and defense piled up on Congress’ extremely full plate this month, a new poll by POLITICO and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that Americans remain sharply focused on health care — but Republicans and Democrats aren’t looking at the same things.

Republicans say their top priority is making another attempt at getting the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, repealed and replaced.

Democrats say theirs is getting the Children’s Health Insurance Program funded. Congress missed a Sept. 30 deadline to renew federal funding, and now coverage for 9 million low-income kids is enmeshed with all the other year-end spending fights.

Given a list of 15 policy issues pending in Congress, Republicans put Obamacare repeal on top. Forty percent called repeal an “extremely important priority” and 33 percent said “fixing the current problems” in the health care law was a top concern. Obamacare beat out other top priorities for Republicans, which included halting unauthorized immigration (38 percent), cutting taxes (35 percent), and boosting national defense spending (34 percent).

The unrelenting emphasis on Obamacare — when so many other issues float on and off the public’s radar — suggests it’s truly a defining, gut issue for the GOP…..



Republicans BY THEMSELVES have done what President Obama and Democrats couldn’t do….Make take the  new healthcare program acceptance above 50%….

House Conservatives will NOT agree to Senate ‘deal’s for votes…

I kinda knew THIS would be the case….

I have continued to say the chance of passage of a final tax cut/give away is less than 50%….The whole thing rest’s again on just a few Republican Senator’s (Collins and Flake)…Just like Healthcare....

House conservatives are already indicating that they’re prepared to block some of the key legislative promises that Senate Republicans demanded in exchange for their votes on tax reform legislation.

Those promises materialized in the frantic final hours of the tax debate last week, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) gave Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) assurances that some of their personal legislative priorities would be dealt with in exchange for their votes.

Collins said she received a promise that the Senate would consider two bipartisan pieces of legislation that would ostensibly mitigate the negative effects that could come from the tax bill’s repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate. Flake said he received a “firm commitment from Senate Leadership and the administration” to work on a permanent protections for the soon-to-be-ended Obama-era program that shields children of undocumented immigrants.

Both senators ended up voting for the tax bill, giving it the 51 “yes” votes it needed to pass. Within days, however, reality began setting in that those promises might have been flimsy at best.

Moving the Collins and Flake deals through the House was always going to be an uphill climb, with a conservative bloc sharply opposed to both measures, having dubbed DACA a de facto form of amnesty and arguing that the health insurance market stabilization bills that Collins supports are tantamount to a bailout for health insurers and what they view as a broken system. On Monday, those conservatives railed against McConnell for making promises on legislation that they have long opposed.

“We still have the same issues. Nothing has changed in the last two months just because we’re fulfilling our promise on delivering on tax reform,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), the chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, told The Daily Beast. “I find it problematic to be promising something that the House has shunned from very early on.”…..


Are the Republicans helping the Democrats regain their political footings?

By working on passing law’s that are already unpopular and will hurt Americans come payday….Are they sowing the seeds of the Democrats chances of gaining back a majority in the House and electing a President in three years that will help rollback the tax give back to the rich and help Americans keep more health insurance benefits?

Of all the horrors Donald Trump has (and has yet to) inflict upon the republic, a huge tax cut for the rich was the most inevitable. But it is also the most easily reversible. Lifetime court appointments, carbon pollution, the degrading of democratic norms — all of these will prove difficult or impossible to undo, and leave costs deep into the future. The Trump tax cuts will not.

Indeed, the passage of the Trump tax cuts will help lay the groundwork for their undoing by increasing the chances Democrats regain control of Congress. The moment Trump won his election last November, he immediately forfeited his most potent advantages: He no longer had the deeply unpopular Hillary Clinton as his opponent, and he lost the advantage of Democratic complacency (which tends to build up over time when their party holds the White House.) An anti-Republican wave of some size was always inevitable. But Trump compounded the problem by surrendering another potent advantage: his brand as an economic populist loathed by the financial elite and planning to raise taxes on rich people like himself.

Probably nothing has done more to erode Trump’s public standing than the consistently plutocratic cast of his domestic policy. The tax cut is the second-most-unpopular major piece of legislation in recorded history, behind only Trump’s other major domestic initiative, the health-care-repeal bill…

Democrats have nothing to fear from making repeal of the Trump tax cuts for the rich a defining party plank. On the contrary, they have a great deal to gain.