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Trump goes after Pro Football players….

Of which a good amount happen to be black and brown in addition to being white…..(Yes I’m going THERE)

The NFL is getting too soft for the President.

Lost in the outrage over Donald Trump calling for NFL owners to fire players who protest during the national anthem, was his take that protecting player safety is ruining the game.

“Today, if you hit too hard, 15 yards, throw him out of the game,” Trump said while throwing a pretend penalty flag during his campaign-style rally in Alabama Friday night. “They’re ruining the game, right? They’re ruining the game. It’s hurting the game.”

In his rambling speech, Trump said he watched the NFL “for a couple of minutes” and said he saw a “beautiful tackle” that resulted in a flag.

NFLPA, Goodell react to Trump; McCoy calls prez an ‘a–hole’

Trump also took credit for the NFL’s TV ratings being down “massively.”

“Now the No. 1 reason happens to be, they like watching what’s happening with your truly.”….


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A look at Global Warming/Climate Change and fruits that stop growing….

FiveThirtyEight takes a look at how warm winters are effecting the natural growth of America’s fruit crops…..


Things are NOT good….

And we have people in charge of our government who will NOT deal with what their children ‘s children will have to deal with as the planet goes thru changes that could be addressed NOW for the future…

2017 has been a bad year for peaches in the Peach State. Georgia’s disruptively warm winter caused the loss of an estimated 85 percent of the peach crop. “We had fruit here in Georgia from the middle of May to about probably the first week of July, and after that we didn’t have anything else,” said Dario Chavez, an assistant professor in peach research and extension at the University of Georgia.1

As temperatures rise globally because of climate change, Georgia is not the only part of the country where warm winters are causing trouble for farmers. California’s cherry crop took a hit in 2014 because of a warm, dry winter. And in 2012, after a warm February and March brought early blooms, Michigan’s apple crop was decimated by an April frost. Farmers have always been at the mercy of the environment, but now agricultural catastrophes brought on by warm winters seem likely to occur with greater frequency.

For trees that fruit each year (such as peaches, cherries, blueberries, almonds and other fruits and nuts), cool weather is as important as warm. Cold air and less sunlight trigger the release of chemicals that halt trees’ growth, prepare them to withstand freezing temperatures and enable them to resume growing the following spring. When a tree enters this dormant state, it sets a kind of internal seasonal alarm clock that goes off once the tree has spent enough time in chilly temperatures.2 This countdown is measured in so-called chill hours — the amount of time the temperature is between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.3 When crops don’t get the chill hours they expect, they can’t properly reset. Buds are delayed, and instead of ripening into juicy, delicious fruit, they remain small and underdeveloped.4……


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Irma aftermath…A Mess but little loss of American life…

Things where bad…

But NOT as bad as it could have been…


Florida emerged from Hurricane Irma on Monday as a landscape of blacked-out cities, shuttered gas stations, shattered trees and flooded streets, while the now-weakened storm kept sweeping northward.

Major streets remained underwater in cities from Miami to Jacksonville, with even more roads snarled by debris. As many as nine million Floridians lost electricity at some point during the storm, and the chief executive of a major utility, Florida Power & Light, said that it could take weeks to restore full service.

Officials were still assessing Irma’s impact in the Florida Keys, which may have borne the worst of the storm. After a survey of the islands, Gov. Rick Scott told reporters that he had seen crippling damage there, including countless overturned trailers and many boats washed ashore. Recovery in the Keys would be a “long road,” he said.

“I just hope everybody survived,” Mr. Scott said. “It’s horrible, what we saw.”

Later on Monday, the Defense Department said that damage to the Keys was so extensive that it might be necessary to evacuate the 10,000 residents who rode out the storm on the islands.

Three other states — Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama — issued storm and tornado warnings as they prepared for their own brush with Irma, which was downgraded to a tropical storm on Monday as its winds slowed. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency alerted residents to “historic levels of flooding” on the Atlantic Coast and urged people to take shelter, if they had not already evacuated. By Monday afternoon, about a million people in Georgia and South Carolina had lost power….


Things are much worst on those islands that would normally be tourists paradises …

To most Americans nervously watching the path of Hurricane Irma, the United States Virgin Islands were little more than marks on a map as the storm churned its way to the mainland. But on Monday, as Irma dropped below hurricane strength and most Floridians counted themselves lucky, it became clear that the country had a humanitarian crisis on its hands in one of its tropical paradises.

Residents on St. John, which suffered even greater damage than St. Thomas, estimated that 80 percent of its structures had been extensively damaged, and those who had not evacuated were huddling together in groups of up to 50 in buildings that had no roofs. With many roads impassible, some had to walk for miles to food pantries to pick up ready-to-eat-meals and bottled water dropped by American military helicopters….


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Alex Jones …They are drugging Trump…

The rightwingnut Infowars radio guy says his parties leader is being secretly drugged…and he should have his blood tested…

Image result for alex jones

Alex Jones on his show:

Ladies and gentlemen, I was told this by high level sources and it was evident and especially after Reagan was shot in his first year in office when he was acting like Trump, and doing the right things, that he never really recovered. They gave him cold blood, and his transfusion that causes brain damage. They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives. It’s known that most presidents end up getting drugged. Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up, Trump’s such a bull he hasn’t fully understood it yet.

But I’ve talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged. Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But yes, ladies and gentleman, I’ve talked to people that talk to the president now at 9 at night, he is slurring his words. And I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve talked to folks that have talked to him directly…

Now I’m risking my life, by the way, to tell you all this… They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet. The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts.”….


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Hurricane Irma coming next after Harvey….

Irma is forming in the Atlantic by the Caribbean though…

It should be arriving over Florida by this Friday….

For the first time in the 10 days since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the Coast Guard did not have to carry out rescue missions in storm-ravaged Southeast Texas on Sunday. Instead, the service began moving a number of helicopters out of Texas and into Puerto Rico, Florida and Georgia, in anticipation of another landfall threat brewing for the U.S. coast: Hurricane Irma.

“As soon as one ends, we need to make sure we are ready for the next event,” Adm. Paul Zukunft, the Coast Guard commandant, said Monday as Irma, already a Category 3 hurricane, churned in the Atlantic. It is still too early to determine exactly where and when Irma will hit, but model forecasts indicate it is increasingly likely to hit the United States. The National Hurricane Center warned in a 5 a.m. update Monday that Irma could directly affect the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Cuba. A significant percentage of model forecasts have Irma striking the U.S. East Coast as early as Saturday or Sunday, with tropical storm winds arriving in Florida as soon as Friday.

Predictions will improve over the coming days, narrowing in on exactly which part of the coast will endure the season’s next major hurricane….


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Federal judge blocks Texas from enforcing new abortion restriction law…

…from the Hill….

A federal judge in Texas on Thursday blocked the state from implementing new restrictions that would have banned a second-trimester abortion procedure.

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel issued a temporary injunction stopping a ban on the procedure known as “dilation and evacuation,” The Associated Press reported, in what is a major defeat for Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Similar laws have been struck down in Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and a court challenge is ongoing in Arkansas, according to the AP.

The Texas ban was passed in response to the Supreme Court’s decision last year tossing out the state’s previous effort to restrict abortion. The justices struck down a 2013 Texas law that raised requirements for abortion providers and led to more than half of the clinics in the state shutting down. Texas now has about 20 clinics, according to the AP, down from 41 before the law passed.

Thursday’s decision isn’t the first setback for Texas Republicans on abortion this year. In February, another federal judge halted the state’s plan to block Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood….


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Mexico offers to help to Houston flood effort…Gets no answer from Trump State Dept?

Politics vs Saving lives?

Mexico sent manpower and supplies during Katrina….

Image result for mexican help during katrina

They are offering help again…

Texas Governor Abbott  (A Republican) has accepted…..

Trump’s State Department hasn’t answered….

Some reports in Mexico say  the help in on the way….

Mexico reached out to the United States over the weekend, offering to assist with Hurricane Harvey, as it did in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, when it sent a convoy of soldiers to aid emergency relief efforts a week after the levees were breached.

But this extended hand—whether genuinely necessary or merely a gesture of solidarity—has gone officially unacknowledged.

Despite reports in Mexico that the proposed aid is on its way, it is not clear that the U.S. has accepted the offer at all. Mexico’s undersecretary of foreign affairs, Carlos Sada, told the BBC that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott “immediately accepted”—but that was pending approval from President Donal Trump.

A spokesperson at the State Department clarified in an email, “If a need for assistance does arise, we will work with our partners, including Mexico, to determine the best way forward.” A spokesperson at Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs—unauthorized to speak on the record—said, “Texas hasn’t answered,” nor has the federal government….



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Texas Harvey storm will come back on land soon…Recovery will be long and slow…

…from the NY Times….

As one of the most destructive storms in the nation’s history pummeled southeast Texas for a fourth day, forecasts on Tuesday morning called for still more rain, making clear that catastrophic flooding that had turned neighborhoods into lakes was just the start of a disaster that would take years to overcome.

Local, state and federal officials conceded that the scale of the crisis was so vast that they were nowhere near being able to measure it, much less fully address it.

Across a region that is home to millions of people and includes Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city, no one has a clear idea how many people are missing, how many evacuated, how many hunkered down or were trapped in their waterlogged homes, or how many inundated houses and vehicles are beyond saving.

President Trump landed in storm-brushed Corpus Christi on Tuesday morning to see for himself some of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey and demonstrate his personal commitment to a region still in the grips of a historic natural disaster.

Mr. Trump, who pushed aides to schedule a visit to Texas as early as possible after Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas, on Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane, initially considered touring San Antonio, which is outside the most hard-hit areas. But he settled on Corpus Christi because it was 30 miles away from the most severely impacted parts of the Gulf Coast, and suffered relatively light damage from the initial impact of the storm.

“It’s a real team, and we want to do it better than ever before,” Mr. Trump said of the response effort during a meeting with officials from local, state and federal agencies in a Corpus Christi firehouse. “We want to be looked at in five years, in 10 years from now as, this is the way to do it.”


An off ramp of Beltway 8 in Houston became a boat launch for rescuers searching for people stranded in floodwaters. CreditTamir Kalifa for The New York Times

Local officials reported 10 deaths possibly related to the storm, six of them in Harris County, which includes Houston. But the painstaking and heartbreaking work of clearing streets, going door to door, assessing damage — and finding victims — has not yet begun.

Scenes of people and pets being rescued from the roofs and upper floors of houses revived memories of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when early estimates vastly understated both the material devastation and the death toll, and recovery efforts lasted years.

The administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, said on Monday that he expected more than 450,000 people to apply for federal assistance.

“We’re going to be here for several years helping you guys recover,” he said. “The state of Texas is about to undergo one of the largest recovery housing missions the nation has ever seen.”

For the time being, efforts are focused on the most basic elements of keeping people alive — plucking stranded survivors from the flood, providing shelter, food and water, and restoring electricity to hundreds of thousands of people who were left without power…


President Trump landed in storm-brushed Corpus Christi on Tuesday morning to see for himself some of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey and demonstrate his personal commitment to a region still in the grips of a historic natural disaster.

Mr. Trump, who pushed aides to schedule a visit to Texas as early as possible after Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas, on Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane, initially considered touring San Antonio, which is outside the most hard-hit areas. But he settled on Corpus Christi because it was 30 miles away from the most severely impacted parts of the Gulf Coast, and suffered relatively light damage from the initial impact of the storm.

“It’s a real team, and we want to do it better than ever before,” Mr. Trump said of the response effort during a meeting with officials from local, state and federal agencies in a Corpus Christi firehouse. “We want to be looked at in five years, in 10 years from now as, this is the way to do it.”….


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Hurricane Harvey will leave behind a bill in the Billions….

Think storms  Katrina and Sandy…..

Image result for hurricane harvey

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey will cost tens of billions of dollars and take years to overcome, experts said.

Harvey descended on the southeastern Texas coastline, overwhelming Houston, a metropolis of 4.5 million people, and leaving an unprecedented swath of devastation. Ten people were reported dead with the death toll expected to rise.

The damage comes at a time when the area’s economy, driven by the shipping, chemical and oil sectors, is booming.

With a gross state product of $1.7 trillion annually, Texas has the second largest economy in United States. If it were its own country, it would place 10th – ahead of South Korea and Canada.

Houston and the Gulf Coast region of Texas accounted for 2.9% of the entire U.S. gross domestic product in 2015.

The Gulf Coast has the third most valuable insured coastal property vulnerable to hurricanes in the country behind New York and Florida.

“If you’re talking about lost wages, property damage and rebuilding costs, it’s going to be really bad,” said Michael Carroll, an economist with the University of North Texas….



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Our best wishes for the people of Texas…Open Thread for 8/27/17

As the rain continues and the flooding gets worst?

We hope the best for their safety down there…

We hope that the politicians can come together and proved those assets needle for search and rescue and support service for those made homeless and stuck on roof tops of houses and cars….



“This is the worst because it’s not stopping”: the extraordinary Houston floods

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NFL wives bond to help each other after the crowds are gone…

Image result for nfl action

The spotlight and marketing of the National Football League action is what we all see…

But the game , that gives fame and fortune exacts its toll on the players and Yes…Their wives and families….

Image result for nfl player injuries and wives

The wives have begun to use social media to reach out to comfort , support and educated each other…

The women’s hunger for information is a sign of their husbands’ uncertain journey into retirement, when players are left to deal with injuries, depression and a lack of structure.

The conversations may not be easy, but many women on the page are reassured when they find out they are not alone.

“I didn’t even know what was wrong with my husband, and I didn’t know any wives,” said Janet McCoy, whose husband, Mike, played eight seasons with the Green Bay Packers and died in February 2016 after battling dementia. “What is fantastic about this site is that now I have been able to help other wives and validate what they were going through.”

Lately, one of the most frequent topics is the N.F.L. settlement with players who sued the league for concealing the dangers of concussions. Players started registering in February for the settlement, which will pay players with severe cognitive and neurological problems up to $5 million each, and the pace of questions about the deal has quickened with the approach of the registration deadline on Monday.

More than 18,000 of the estimated 21,000 retired N.F.L. players or their representatives have registered, and tens of millions of dollars have been awarded to players so far. Nesbit has posted many notices encouraging women to sign up their husbands, and given the page’s wide access, she may have ultimately prompted hundreds of players to register.

The wives and partners, then, are critical in these cases because they can help players overcome their fears. More broadly, they are a crucial link to players who sometimes vanish as they move to new cities, get busy with their families and start new careers.

“I said if we get the information to the wives, we can get to the husbands,” Nesbit said, as her cellphone pinged with alerts. “It was long, long overdue.”…


top image…sporting

bottom image…

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Senator John McCain has brain cancer…..

I wish the man the best….

Image result for mcCain

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been diagnosed with brain cancer, the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix said Wednesday.

The tumor was discovered after the senior Arizona senator underwent a minor procedure last week to remove a blood clot from above his left eye.

“Subsequent tissue pathology revealed that a primary brain tumor known as a glioblastoma was associated with the blood clot,” the hospital said in a statement.

“The Senator and his family are reviewing further treatment options with his Mayo Clinic care team. Treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.”

McCain’s latest diagnosis is not his first battle with cancer. He underwent a procedure in 2000 to remove a type of skin cancer called melanoma from the left side of his face.

McCain, 80, also had a melanoma removed from his left arm in 2000 and another removed from his nose in 2002. Both were determined to be the least dangerous types of melanoma.

McCain’s office said in a statement that the Arizona Republican remained in good spirits Wednesday and is confident that any treatments will be effective.

“He is in good spirits as he continues to recover at home with his family in Arizona,” his office said….



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US warns Syria against using chemical weapons…Again…

The Trump Admin has warned of military action again it there is a chemical/gas attack by the Syrian military against opposition troops and civilians….

The White House issued a stern warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday night as it claimed ‘‘potential’’ evidence that Syria was preparing for another chemical weapons attack.

In an ominous statement issued with no supporting evidence or further explanation, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the US ‘‘has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.’’

He said the activities were similar to preparations taken before an April 2017 attack that killed dozens of men, women and children, and warned that if ‘‘Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.’’….


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Six Resign from Trump’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS…

…from Politicalwire….

“Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS have resigned, furious at what they say is the new administration’s regressive health policies and a lack of care from President Trump,” BuzzFeed reports.

The six wrote a letter to Newsweek: “As advocates for people living with HIV, we have dedicated our lives to combating this disease and no longer feel we can do so effectively within the confines of an advisory body to a president who simply does not care.”

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2016 Global Carbon Dioxide rate breaks a record…Report

…from Bloomberg….

Even after a quarter century of United Nations talks to save the climate, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels climbed to a record last year, according to new data from oil major BP. India and Indonesia led nations where emissions grew, more than offsetting declines in countries including the U.S., China and the U.K., the report showed. The UN established a global framework to tackle climate change in 1992….



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The man, whom neurologists are calling a “medical mystery,” has performed highly exacting tasks in one of the country’s top legal positions despite having virtually no short- or long-term memory.

 Dr. Davis Logsdon, the chairman of the neurology department at the University of Minnesota Medical School, said that the Alabaman’s brain “defies explanation.”

“In all the medical literature, we have never seen an example of someone capable of holding down such a high-powered job while having no memory whatsoever of people he met, things he said, places he has been, or thoughts he has had,” Logsdon said. “It’s the stuff of science fiction.”…


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