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Donald Trump took $107 million promised to charities … and kept it…

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: President Donald Trump singing along to "My Way" dances with first lady Melania Trump while attending the Freedom Inaugural Ball at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Trump will attend three inaugural balls. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch - Pool/Getty Images)

Occupying the White House has proven lucrative for Donald Trump. He’s been able to charge the Secret Service hundreds of thousands for rental space and golf carts. He’s been able to turn his Washington Hotel into a place where the emoluments clause is put to constant test. But the AP reports that no other cash-in matches the one Trump took on day one.

President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee raised an unprecedented $107 million for a ceremony that officials promised would be “workmanlike,” and the committee pledged to give leftover funds to charity.

The $107 million is a massive amount for even the most lavish inauguration. It’s almost twice what Barack Obama took in for a celebration that was much more widely attended and which included many more events. Trump even cut back on the number of inaugural balls to only two, compared to the ten balls that the Obamas attended in 2009. With twice the money and one fourth the events, all but a handful of the $107 million gifted to Trump for the inauguration should be available for charitable giving.

It’s been eight months. How much has been given out? None. None at all.

Nothing has yet gone to charity.

What is left from the massive fundraising is a mystery, clouded by messy and, at times, budget-busting management of a private fund that requires little public disclosure. ….


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Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly suffers thru his boss speech at the UN?…..

Poor man….

No matter how he tries?

His boss is gonna be HIMSELF.….

Image result for john kelly UN
Maybe the guy had a head cold?
Maybe NOT?
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Reserve An Event at a Trump property…Hope for the best…

Before Donald Trump became President people didn’t care much about politics…

They went for the glitz ….

That’s about gone….

Trump places have lost charities and other outfits….Because of Trump’s politics….

Now a good many signups are reported to be looking for a good look from the President’s people ….Politically….

for fahrenthold story (wp/wp)

For the Trump Organization, a potentially troubling trend is emerging.

Before this year, many longtime Trump clients said they would return to use his clubs again — believing that quitting a Trump club would be a political act. Now, as Trump’s presidency has grown more polarizing, some customers say they see it as a political act to stay.

“We are not a political organization,” said Mike Levin, whose charity Harlem Lacrosse this year moved its golf tournament away from a Trump course in New York state, after going there for two prior years. “Given the current political environment, we opted to reschedule for a different course.

In all, Trump owns 12 golf courses in the United States — 11 on the East Coast, and one outside Los Angeles. He owns at least a partial stake in four hotels, in the District, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York’s SoHo. And he owns Mar-a-Lago and a winery resort outside Charlottesville.

To assess the state of Trump’s hospitality business, The Washington Post reviewed public records, data released by the Trump Organization and social-media postings from Trump properties. The Post identified a sample of more than 200 groups that had rented out meeting rooms or golf courses at a Trump property since 2014.

Of those groups, 85 are no longer Trump customers. Many said they left for nonpolitical reasons. But 30 told The Post that they had left because of Trump’s political career.

The Post provided its findings to the Trump Organization, which declined to provide a response or answer questions. A White House spokeswoman declined to comment, referring questions to the Trump Organization.

The Post’s review could not determine if the Trump Organization’s special-event business is growing or shrinking overall.

But it did show, clearly, that one part of that business is thriving. The business of political events…..

At Trump’s D.C. hotel, there have also been a slew of events involving groups that have come to Washington to influence policy decisions.

Just last week, the hotel hosted the prime minister of Malaysia, who is the subject of a Justice Department corruption probe, as well as the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, which wants more offshore drilling. The hotel was also scheduled to host an association of candy-makers, who want federal help in a long-running feud with the sugar industry.

In July, a trade group representing e-cigarette makers and vape shop owners brought about 150 people to the hotel. They paid $285 per guest room. They also paid to rent a ballroom, and reserve the hotel’s Lincoln Library, though the vapers wouldn’t say how much they cost.

Ten days after the group checked out, it scored a victory.

An Obama-era regulation requiring stricter government oversight of e-cigarette products, was put on hold by the Food and Drug Administration.

Tony Abboud, the executive director of the Vapor Technology Association, said in a recent interview that the FDA decision was based on the merits and unrelated to the group’s choice of venue. He said the Trump hotel was chosen as a matter of convenience.

“We put this together very quickly,” he said.

When asked if the Trump hotel event had influenced the FDA’s decision, an agency spokesman said that the announcement was the “culmination of months-long international discussions” about how to reduce tobacco-related deaths.

Rentals from groups such as these helped Trump’s D.C. hotel surpass its own revenue expectations…..


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The House waters down Trump Budget cuts…The Senate will water down more…

Conservative’s need to get a reality check….

There WILL be cuts…

But NOT of the magnitude promised by Trump for rightwingnuts….

(This is normal for Republican Presidents actually… Who run on making cuts to programs Democrats support and won’t let go away)

Furthermore more money is gonna have to good to disaster relief for Texas and Florida….

….Many of those proposed cuts were reduced or absent altogether on Thursday as the House passed a $1.2 trillion government-funding package.

The package contains significant cuts to government programs, though not nearly as deep as what the Trump administration had recommended.

“I would say that the bill reflects conservatives’ priorities pretty well, as indicated by the fact that only a small number of Republicans [14] voted against it,” said Molly Reynolds, a governance studies expert at the Brookings Institution.

The funding bills are not expected to become law, but represent a likely starting point for fiscal negotiations between the two parties this fall.

“I see the House omnibus as just the first step in an overall process of coming to an agreement,” Reynolds said.

Trump’s budget, released well before hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated portions of Texas, Louisiana and Florida, would have cut FEMA’s funding by $876 million. Instead, the House voted to increase FEMA’s funding by $39 million. Trump also requested cutting the National Weather Service budget by $62 million, or roughly 6 percent. The House cut $25 million.

The Community Development Block Grant, which many members of Congress noted helps fund Meals on Wheels, were targeted for elimination in the administration’s blueprint. The House cut $100 million, but left $2.9 billion of the funding intact.

Trump’s budget proposal called for eliminating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funded the channel that created “Sesame Street” long before it was sold to HBO. Congress left its funding untouched, and only slashed 3 percent from the National Endowment for the Arts, which Trump had also slated for elimination.

On healthcare research, the House approved a whopping $1.1 billion increase for the National Institute of Health. Trump proposed cutting the agency’s funding by $7.5 billion….



The final Senate vote needs 60 votes, not a simple majority….

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The iPhone X reads your face to open itself up…Good or Bad?


I ‘m NOT happy with this feature….

Image result for apple iphone X facial recognition

I don’t mind having to actually press a button to activate my phone…

I’m kinda old school….

It appears I’ve got company on this….

When Apple Inc. unveiled its new iPhone X this week, there was plenty of interest in the new, sharper display, wireless charging, upgraded camera and stratospheric price tag. But the feature that really got people talking was the phone’s 3-D facial recognition system. It is meant to allow you to log in at a glance and to make your phone more secure. But some have concerns about the implications of a technology company mapping millions of people’s faces, and how that might be abused by companies and governments…..


What’s the benefit of Face ID?

Ease of use and security, according to Apple. The iPhone X detects when you’re looking at the display and unlocks automatically, without you needing to fiddle with the screen, Apple says. And it says the system is more secure than Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner that’s been standard on iPhones for the past four years. According to Apple, the chance of someone else unlocking your phone with Face ID is one in a million, compared with one in 50,000 for Touch ID.

 What’s the downside?

Apple software chief Craig Federighi experienced a slight hiccup at Tuesday’s demo: The phone failed to unlock when he first tried to open it using Face ID. Apple later said this was because the phone hadn’t been previously unlocked with a PIN to activate Face ID. What will really make or break the user experience is how long unlocking takes and how accurate it is in everyday use, which we’re unlikely to know until after its Nov. 3 shipping date. Another issue is whether it works better for some people than others. “Many facial recognition systems have a higher rate of error when tested for accuracy in identifying people of color,’’ U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota wrote in a Sept. 13 letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, as he sought reassurances on a number of concerns related to Face ID…..


medium .com

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Donald Trump’s First Lady….

The third wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump (Born  Melejia Knavs) , has moved from growing up in Slovenia to become a fashon model  in Europe and America before becoming the wife of the President of United States…..

Image result for melania trump events

In the early days of the Trump White House, the question frequently lobbed about by Washington’s chattering class was, “Where is Melania?”

Now, though, she is providing an answer, taking on a public schedule that is beginning to resemble those of her predecessors.

This week, the first lady flew with her husband to Florida, where they surveyed the wreckage left by Hurricane Irma and handed out FEMA lunches. She returned to Washington that same Thursday evening to host a reception for the White House Historical Association, a venerable group founded by Jackie Kennedy to maintain and protect the executive mansion. The event included a sit-down dinner where President Trump introduced his wife as “the star of the Trump family.”

On Friday afternoon, she traveled to Joint Base Andrews in suburban Maryland to visit a youth center in a show of support for military families. Then she and her husband boarded Air Force One for a weekend at their New Jersey golf resort.

“She is more visible and starting to do some of the more conventional first lady things,” said Katherine Jellison, a professor of history at Ohio University who studies first ladies.

Still, “we don’t see her rushing in to do some public press conference about her cyberbullying project” — a cause Mrs. Trump said during the campaign she hoped to champion.

From the start, Melania Trump has said she would take her own time filling out the contours of the role….



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Asians Are Still Tokenized Or Just Missing From TV Shows, Report Says

…from Huffington Post….


While it’s well-known that Hollywood doesn’t excel at putting Asian talent on the big screen, a study shows that the industry hasn’t done much to advance the group on the small screen, either.

New research on the minority group’s representation on television reveals that while there are more Asian characters on the small screen now than there were a decade ago, progress is slow. Oftentimes, the Asian characters on TV are tokenized. Moreover, the majority of shows still fail to feature a single Asian-American or Pacific Islander (AAPI) in the main cast at all.

Nancy Wang Yuen, Ph.D., a co-author of the study and associate professor of sociology at Biola University, explained that the absence of Asian roles in the TV landscape could impact the public’s perception of the minority.

“This is something that Asian-Americans struggle with in general ― visibility. You’re not recognized as someone who is fully present in society,” Yuen told HuffPost. “It’s a literal silencing of Asians and it reinforces the stereotype that Asians aren’t expressive, they’re invisible, that they’re not really there. But that’s because [Hollywood’s] not casting them.”

The study, entitled “Tokens On The Small Screen,” examined 252 broadcast, cable and digital platform television shows during the 2015-2016 year, and found that AAPIs make up about 4 percent of series regulars ― a stark contrast from the 70 percent occupied by their white counterparts. What’s more, 64 percent of shows don’t feature any Asian-American or Pacific Islander regular, whereas almost all shows have at least one white regular.

About two-thirds of the programs that do feature AAPI series regulars have only one…..


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Coco and Ice-T…And little one makes Three!….

I has been pointed out that we haven’t had a Coco post in quite a while….

Well she’s a mommy now….

And she’s still a body model…..


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Hillary Clinton gets a rousing welcome from New Yorkers on the first day of her book tour….

And the former First lady, Senator and Sec of State says she’s NOT going away and she’s NOT gonna be quiet….

Good for her!

While the media has highlight oppostion to her…There appears to be a much large fan club out there for Clinton ….

She’s already starting to fend off concerns from fellow Democrats who want her to go away. She’s been trying to brush off anger from Republicans eager to unite against her, and she’s made clear to anyone who will listen: She won’t run again.

That was just fine to the crowd of die-hard fans, many of whom said they just wanted to thank her.

“I am a very passionate Hillary supporter — after 9/11 she helped me get my life back together. I’m a survivor and I was in a lot of trouble. I lost my home, and I was in the first tower,” said Pina, decked out in a black t-shirt featuring an image of Clinton under the words “Yas Queen,” complete with three buttons: “I’m With Her,” “Don’t Tell Me What To Say” and “Don’t Blame Me! I Voted For Her!”

On Monday night, Clinton sent boxes of pizza to the first few fans in line after being shown a picture of them sent to her by longtime aide Greg Hale.

Hillary Clinton attends book signing in NYC

And when Clinton walked in with Len Riggio, Barnes & Noble’s founder and chairman, the cheers were deafening, reminiscent of the campaign’s highest points — far from the long grind she describes in chapter after chapter of the blue-and-white book that was displayed behind her, in front of her, and all around her.

She smiled, waved, and sat, surveying the crowd….


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Hillary Clinton regrets not going ‘BIG”….

Never mind that the stuff wouldn’t work….

Obama and Trump and others ALWAYS throw out BIG crazy shit that they KNOW won’t work , but that people want to hear….

Clinton was NEVER THAT person….

She now relializes that she made a mistake….

Policy papers don’t get ya to the White House….

Dreams DO….(It is what defines candidates running for office)

(Like Single Payer Health Insurance?)

Image result for hillary Clinton

A cash payment to guarantee a basic income for every American. A nationwide “carbon-dividend program” to tax fossil fuels and redirect the revenue to citizens. Taxing an individual’s net worth instead of their annual income as a way to reduce income inequality.

Hillary Clinton considered proposing each of these transformative ideas during her ill-fated presidential campaign last year, she writes in What Happened, the memoir she is releasing Tuesday. The former secretary of state discarded all of them, however. They were too costly, she writes. Her campaign “couldn’t make the numbers work.”

“We decided it was exciting but not realistic, and left it on the shelf. That was the responsible decision,” Clinton writes about the cash-payment proposal, which was based on Alaska’s program of distributing the state’s oil royalties in dividends to its residents. She is now having second thoughts. “I wonder now whether we should have thrown caution to the wind and embraced ‘Alaska for America’ as a long-term goal and figured out the details later.”

Another reason Clinton does not list, but that is left in the reader’s mind, is this: She didn’t need to go big to defeat either Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary or Donald Trump in the general election. She didn’t need to mimic their embrace of bold but unachievable ideas, to risk making promises she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep. Clinton, both she and seemingly everyone else knew, was going to win the presidency anyway….



Running for office and telling people what you can actually DO in office are TWO DISTICTLY different things ….

Hillary Clinton has just figured that out….

It has cost her….


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Some want Bernie Sanders to help them form a new party….

There are those who want the 76 year old Socialist/Independent Vermont Senator to start his own party …..

It just keeps getting crazier as this go along….

The guy is dancing with the Democrats….

Wants to lead them….(At least that’s the media angle…Actual Democrat voters haven’t given him the Presidential nomination, the DNC chair or much of any wins of his endorsed people in local races, but the guy is a BRIGHT Shinny object the emdia can’t resist)

And now a call for him thelp form his OWN party?


On Friday, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) celebrated his 76th birthday, a crowd of about 60 people gathered on the Mall. They were part of the People’s Convergence Conference, which centered on the specific political goal of drafting Sanders to lead a “People’s Party” — a new, independent force — into the 2018 and 2020 elections. Nick Brana, the former Sanders political aide who had given up on Democrats after trying to wrangle superdelegates in the 2016 primary, smiled and thanked supporters who were about to help him deliver “50,000 plus” signatures to Sanders’s Senate office.

“Two years ago, this was unthinkable,” Brana said into a megaphone. “The establishment media attacks us all the time. Three days after we launched, MSNBC was on our case! They had a whole panel discussion about how Bernie shouldn’t do it.”

Very few members of the media were on hand as the Convergence kicked off. Brana’s campaign, which Sanders has repeatedly (albeit politely) rebuffed, is the best-organized of several efforts to turn progressives away from the Democratic Party. It has the endorsement of Cornel West, perhaps the 2016 Sanders surrogate most adamant about leaving the party; and it has two clear narratives, which suggest that to stay inside the nation’s major liberal party is to accept permanent decline….


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We have never let Hillary Clinton speak for herself….


By DiesIrae  @Daily Kos…..


Say what you want about her politics — love her, hate her, oranything in between — throughout her career one thing is constant. No one has ever accepted Hillary Clinton’s right to speak for herself.

In the early 90s, it was all about how she was too liberal. It was the conventional wisdom that she was far more liberal than her husband. I still remember all the attacks on her for being an outspoken feminist, and the refusal to accept her desire to work for the public interest.

In the late 90s, she was attacked relentlessly for choosing to stay with her husband despite his affair. Never mind that being her personal choice. Then when she got into politics, she was smeared with all the usual tropes against strong women in politics: ambitious, calculating, ruthless.

(Is it any wonder that she reacted by forming a shell? The media, led by certain outlets we all know and love, spent a decade tearing her to shreds not just as a politician, but as a person. She emerged with a siege mentality which arguably handicapped her for the rest of her political career).

In 2008, she lost a heartbreaking primary. She dealt with defeat in an incredibly graceful way, endorsing her opponent unambiguously, with passion, and working her heart out to get him elected. After the election, she accepted an offer to serve as his Secretary of State.

What did she get in return? She became a lightning rod for grievances against the president from the left. All of Obama’s deviations from perfection — not to mention her husband’s — became her responsibility. In late 2015 and early 2016, she was accused at every turn of being a secret Republican. Of being against universal health care despite having proposed it and fought for it in the early 1990s. Of being singlehandedly responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other foreign policy mistake over the last 25 years (say what you want about her decisions, some of the criticism was far over the top). Of being a tool of Wall Street. Hell, she was accused of being anti-choice.

The fact that these criticisms were the exact opposite of the criticisms thrown at her in the 1990s was irrelevant. Neither narrative really matched reality. Clinton has been a fairly mainstream Democrat for her entire political life…..


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Melissa McCarthy Wins An Emmy For being Sean Spicer on ‘SNL’….

It didn’t look like she broke a sweat getting this….

Image result for melissa mccarthy/spicer

Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy Award on Sunday for hosting “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year, a role that brought the world more of her now-iconic impression of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy took home the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series at the Creative Arts Awards. Dave Chapelle, who hosted the first “SNL” show after the November 2016 election, won the Emmy for Oustanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance on the NBC show.

McCarthy’s impression of Spicer, which she played multiple times during “SNL’s” 42nd season, earned praise from nearly everyone ― except the White House…


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You may not be able to get a iPhone 8 for sometime….

You may be ale to buy the iPhone 8 starting next week…

But it seems that Apple is gonna ship upgraded iPhone 7’s 7 pluses first , starting the end of this month…


Buyer be aware….

Apple’s upcoming OLED iPhone 8 will not ship out alongside the standard LCD-equipped iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, reports TechCrunch, citing “trusted sources.”

The high-end iPhone 8 will instead “ship out at a later time,” but TechCrunch says it is unclear how long it will be between the availability of the two more affordable models and the iPhone 8.

Apple is planning its iPhone-centric event for Tuesday, September 12, and rumors have suggested the company will start accepting device pre-orders on Friday, September 15, with the first of the new iPhones becoming available on Friday, September 22.

If TechCrunch‘s information is correct, it’s possible Apple will allow people to submit orders for the iPhone 8, but those orders may not ship out until sometime later in the year. Presumably, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus will ship out as planned in September.

Just this morning, The Wall Street Journal said iPhone 8 manufacturing issues could lead to extended supply shortages and shipping delays. Due to problems creating the OLED displays for the device and difficulties integrating Touch ID under the display (a plan that was later abandoned) Apple is said to be approximately about a month behind on its manufacturing timetable….


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Ezekiel Elliott eligible to play Week 1 vs. Giants despite six-game suspension being upheld

…from the NY Daily News….

Image result for Ezekiel elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is eligible to play against the Giants on Sunday night despite having his six-game suspension upheld by NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson. And now a federal judge in Texas will determine whether Elliott must begin serving his sentence in Week 2 or if the NFL’s form of justice deserves more scrutiny in court.

And it doesn’t sound as if court went well for the NFL on Tuesday night.

League attorneys acknowledged to presiding Judge Amos Mazzant in federal court on Tuesday night that Elliott’s suspension cannot begin this weekend because NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson had not ruled on Elliott’s appeal of Roger Goodell’s decision by 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Cowboys announced on Twitter Elliott will play Week 1 against the Giants….



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13 Year old Democrat runs for Vermont Governor….

Democrats have a LOT of people signing up to run these days…

“A candidate for governor in Vermont is too young to vote, but he’s not too young to run,” the Boston Globe reports.

“Thirteen-year-old Ethan Sonneborn tells the Burlington Free Press that he can run because Vermont is one of two states without age restrictions. He’s currently collecting 500 signatures of registered voters, a requirement for the Vermont ballot.”

“He acknowledges he’s struggled to get Democratic Party officials to take him seriously and that campaigning will be difficult during school. But he’s undeterred. He says he’d rather lose the election and get visibility than lose quietly.”…..


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