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The Wall Street ‘Fearless Girl ‘Statue…..

Image result for Fearless girl statue

“Fearless Girl,” the wildly popular statue that has spent the last few weeks staring down the financial district’s well-known “Charging Bull,” has received a new lease on life. Originally scheduled to be removed next week, it will now remain in place until early 2018, officials said on Monday.

“Fearless Girl” was created by the sculptor Kristen Visbal and erected in Bowling Green, a small park, by the financial firm State Street Global Advisors in honor of International Women’s Day in March.

The statue was an immediate hit, drawing crowds who snapped selfies or stood alongside the bronze child and mimicked her pose: hands on her hips, slight smile on her face, and her skirt and ponytail seeming to blow in the breeze.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York stood beside the statue during a news conference on Monday as he announced the decision to extend its stay until the next International Women’s Day, on March 8, 2018. He called the statue a symbol of “standing up to fear, standing up to power, being able to find in yourself the strength to do what’s right.”

Mr. de Blasio said the presidency of Donald J. Trump and the nationwide women’s rights marches the day after his inauguration had given the statue a special power….


image… Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

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March Madness Mens College Basketball gets down to the Final Four…

A LOT people have taken abuse on their bracket guesses as SEC teams rise to the top for the first time in the finals….

Related image

The 79th Final Four has been set. The national semifinals, in Glendale, Ariz., on Saturday, will feature South Carolina versus Gonzaga and Oregon versus North Carolina. The winners will play for the N.C.A.A. championship the following Monday night.

It is an unusual field. The tournament had a dearth of upsets in the first weekend — the final group of 16 teams comprised 12 of the top 16 seeds. But there are two programs, seventh-seeded South Carolina and top-seeded Gonzaga, in their first Final Four, a dual debut of a type that last happened in 1996. And Oregon, a No. 3 seed, had advanced this far only once before — in the first tournament, in 1939, which the Ducks won.

In a sport dominated by marquee programs, there is just one blue blood, North Carolina, which will make its 20th trip to the Final Four.

This year’s Final Four, which will be played farther west than it has been in more than 20 years, will feature two teams from west of the Mississippi River for the first time since 2008, and two teams from the Pacific time zone for the first time ever.

But beyond these fun facts, what do these teams reveal about how to build a champion?…..


image…Bleacher Report

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Trump after FBI/NSA throw downs?…Lets talk about ANYTHING else….

Donald Trump did and ole fashion peep rally in Louisville Kentucky tonight to divert his attention away from the beatdown FBI Director Comey and NSA head Rogers dealt him in the House Intelligence hearing today on Russia,  him and his people and the Trump/Ryancare bill showdown coming in  two days…


On the precipice of the meatiest legislative fight of his young presidency, Donald Trump is increasingly talking about health care like the vegetables of his agenda — the thing he must begrudgingly finish in order to get to what he really wants: tax cuts, trade deals and infrastructure.

At a rally here in Louisville, Trump time and again framed the passage of a repeal and replacement plan for President Obama’s namesake health care law as a necessary step to achieve the rest of his ambitious agenda.

“We want a very big tax cut,” Trump said, “but we cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare.”

The first big test for health care comes Thursday when the House has scheduled a floor vote. But on Monday, at a rally in the state of a senator, Rand Paul, who has been an outspoken skeptic of his health care proposal, Trump barely touched on the health care bill for the first 30 minutes of his speech. And when he did, he suggested it was the province of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was in the crowd.

“Mitch, hey Mitch are we going to be okay?” he said. “Good, thanks Mitch.”

Trump was on the ground in Kentucky for almost two hours but it was enough to boost his spirits after a day of swirling headlines in the nation’s capital about Russia, FBI investigations and his unfounded allegations of Obama-ordered wire-tapping. Fresh polls showed new lows for his approval rating, but inside the Louisville arena where attendees did the wave, Trump’s favorability was somewhere near 100 percent….



It also appears the Trump is throwing House Speaker Ryan and Senate majority Leader McConnell under the bus in the event the Freedom Caucus people are right and the Trump/Ryancare Bill does NOT get the votes….

Trump has NOT got one single major piece of legislation done even though Republicans have majorities in the House and Senate and he ‘s living in the nations’ White House….


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Preet Bharara wants to get in front of the camera’s….

The just fired US Attoney for the Southern District of New York has always moved among those in the entertainment world….

Image result for preet bharara on TV

The NY Post also thinks Bharara is looking for a New York higher office to run for after doing a stint with his own investigative TV show….

Bharara — who was dismissed as Manhattan US attorney last weekend when he refused a Trump administration order to ­resign — is angling for a TV gig that could help launch a run for elected office, a source told The Post.

“He’s trying to be a liberal Bill O’Reilly,” the source claimed.

Bharara, 48, could be hoping to land a news show on CNN or MSNBC, “a half-investigative reporting, half Larry King-type show, [where] he can be the special correspondent.”

But in the short-term, Bharara is looking to appear on CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” — to prove he’s camera-ready, the source said.

“Preet really wants to do Colbert,” the source said. “He thinks Stephen’s really funny and that it’s a way to audition for a gig, where executives will take notice and say, ‘We should give this guy a show.”



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Chuck Berry the Rock & Roll icon is gone…

Related image

The man who gave birth to the 1960’s Rock & Roll and beyond  will be missed….

Chuck Berry, a music pioneer often called “the Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” died Saturday at his home outside St. Louis, his verified Facebook page said. He was 90.

A post on the St. Charles County police Facebook page said officers responded to a medical emergency at the residence around 12:40 p.m. (1:40 p.m. ET) Saturday and found an unresponsive man inside. Resuscitation efforts failed.
“The St. Charles County Police Department sadly confirms the death of Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr., better known as legendary musician Chuck Berry.”

A musical legend

Berry wrote and recorded “Johnny B. Goode” and “Sweet Little Sixteen” — songs every garage band and fledgling guitarist had to learn if they wanted to enter the rock ‘n’ roll fellowship.
Berry took all-night hamburger stands, brown-eyed handsome men and V-8 Fords and turned them into the stuff of American poetry. By doing so, he gave rise to followers beyond number, bar-band disciples of the electric guitar, who carried his musical message to the far corners of the Earth…..
image…Black Past.Org
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March Madness 2017…The Brackets….

The field is set for 2017’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The bracket was revealed Sunday night, with No. 1 seeds Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas, and Gonzaga. Here is our full bracket, which will update live through the tournament. And here’s a link to our printable bracket, just for you.

The 68-team sprint to the finish starts this week and runs until April 3. The bracket was revealed during the Selection Sunday special on CBS after the last conference tournament games wrapped earlier in the day.

The tournament’s First Four is on Tuesday and Wednesday in Dayton. The first round gets played Thursday and Friday. The sites for those games are Buffalo, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Salt Lake City on Thursday, and Indianapolis, Tulsa, Sacramento, and Greenville, S.C., on Friday.

full bracket updated ncaa tournament


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Donald Trump has been good for MSNBC and the NY Times…And Others….

Both media outlets (And others) have done better as Trump has attacked them and kept them in the left’s eyes….

There is a new safe space for liberals in the age of President Trump: the television set.

Left-leaning MSNBC, after flailing in the Obama years, has edged CNN in prime time. Stephen Colbert’s openly anti-Trump “Late Show” is beating Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” for the first time. Bill Maher’s HBO flock has grown nearly 50 percent since last year’s presidential primaries, and “The Daily Show” has registered its best ratings since Jon Stewart left in 2015.

Traditional television, a medium considered so last century, has watched audiences drift away for the better part of a decade. Now rattled liberals are surging back, seeking catharsis, solidarity and relief.

“When Obama was in office, I felt like things were going O.K.,” Jerry Brumleve, 58, a retiree from Louisville, Ky., said last week as he stood in line for a “Daily Show” taping in Manhattan. These days, he is a newfound devotee of Rachel Maddow of MSNBC — “She’s always talking about the Russians!” his wife, Yvonne, chimed in — and believes Mr. Stewart’s successor, Trevor Noah, has finally “hit his stride.”

“With Trump in office, I really feel the need to stay more informed,” Mr. Brumleve added. “You just don’t know what the hell this guy is going to do.”

Many others feel the same. : Last month, Ms. Maddow was watched by more viewers than at any time in the nine-year run of her show….


…from the NY Times….

For the quarter, circulation revenue increased 5 percent, to $226 million, and digital-only subscription revenue rose 22 percent, to $64 million. Digital advertising revenue rose 11 percent.

In an earnings call on Thursday, Mark Thompson, chief executive of the Times Company, called digital growth “unprecedented” and expressed optimism in the company’s subscription-first growth strategy. He also used the call to needle President Trump over his claims that the publication’s audience and subscriber numbers were “dwindling.”

“Not so much, Mr. President,” Mr. Thompson said. “We had spectacular audiences in the quarter.”…


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George W. Bush the artist….

Bush is out with a book of his paintings….

“Portraits of Courage,”

Image result for bush book of art

They are the work of an amateur painter who is focused on his craft. In the introduction, Bush writes: “I’m not sure how the art in this volume will hold up to critical eyes. After all, I’m a novice. What I am sure of is that each painting was done with a lot of care and respect.” He also cites some major 20th-century figures as personal exemplars: Lucian Freud, Wayne Thiebaud, Jamie Wyeth, Ray Turner, Fairfield Porter and Joaquín Sorolla. In the use of heavy impasto, the reduction of the face to a rough topography of color, and the particular love of sharp and sometime jarring contrasts, the work of Turner is perhaps the closest fit for comparison. But you can see what he has taken from Freud, Theibaud and (the sadly neglected) Porter as well. The presence of Sorolla (a Spanish artist who died in 1923), suggests that underneath Bush’s modernist expressionism is an as yet unrealized hankering after old-fashioned Impressionist nuance…



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Has Donald Trump made the American Presidency Common ?….


adjective \ com·mon \ˈ kä-mən

a : falling below ordinary standards : second-rate
Oh hard is the bed they have made him, / And common the blanket and cheap … — A. E. Housman

b : lacking refinement : coarse
said, in his common vulgar way, the city would have to lump it — J. K. Jerome


Image result for trump as President golf

By what magic did the president of the United States become emperor? Did Woodrow Wilson begin that transmigration, and did Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 12 years in the throne finally hoist our top office holder to the position of symbolic monarch, refashioning the White House as his palace in the process? Or was it in 1970 when Richard Nixon temporarily dressed the White House guard in white, double-breasted tunics done up with gold shoulder trim and outfitted them with shako hats?

Whoever issued the curse, Donald Trump has lifted it. No matter what your feelings about the man—you proudly voted for him or you proudly voted against him three times—he has shoved the most grating vestiges of the imperial presidency into the rearview mirror.

Before Trump, the president was regarded—even by his enemies—as a living deity. Now, he’s just another Joe doing a job. Who would have thought? As a rich celebrity and amateur politician, he could have easily brought a sprinkling of Manhattan glitz to the office. Instead, in a mere 50 days he has sanded the faux majesty off the office and freed the masses to direct their worship to other, more credible gods. For this, we owe him a world of thanks!

Baby Donald’s rejection of the presidential cape and crown has not been as deliberate as Melania’s, probably because in his mind he’s been the king of the world since he moved from Queens to Manhattan and he considers the new job a lateral promotion. But his rejection and destruction of 100 years worth of pomp have been no less dramatic than his wife’s. To begin with, he has downgraded the ceremonial position of the White House. Observers complain that he runs off to Mar-a-Lago to play golf too often when what’s obvious is that in his mind he lives in his South Florida palace already and when he jets to Washington he’s only visiting….



And this ‘dumbing down’ of the Presidency is just in 50 Days!


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The Dallas Cowboys to trade QB Tony Romo….

You KNEW THIS was coming folks…..

Tony Romo is now expected to be traded rather than released by the Dallas Cowboys, with both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans being potential trade partners, according to league sources.

Details are not clear but the Cowboys now believe they have a trade that will work for Romo and the team, sources said.

Thursday afternoon, Romo posted a message for Cowboys fans on Instagram.

The Broncos also have been talking to the New York Jets about a trade involving quarterback Trevor Siemian, sources said.

If the Jets cannot land Siemian, they have discussed adding Jay Cutler, who will be released by the Bears, according to sources….


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Some French want Obama to run for THEIR Presidency….

What’s Donald Trump gonna do when he see’s this?

He, he, he…..

(Please do NOT take this story seriously folks)Photo by: AFP

“Oui on peut!”

The slogan on posters in Paris streets translates as “Yes We Can!”

Heard that before?

The people behind the campaign are urging former U.S President Barack Obama to join the French presidential race.

Their online petition has already attracted more than 45,000 signatures and they hope to reach a million of supporters by March 15.

With the buildup to the April-May presidential election so far dominated by the corruption investigation targeting conservative Francois Fillon, organizers say they want to inject a dose of humor in the campaign.

Though widely popular in France, Obama has no chance of success. He is not French and has no right to take part in the race….


image…The four authors of “Obama 17” pose in front of a poster to promote Obama’s candidacy to the French presidential election in 2017, on February 27, 2017 in Paris……TRTWorld

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George W. Bush and Michelle Obama get alone fine thank you….

Actually the Bush family is close with the Obama’s and Clinton’s….

Could it be something about spending eight years in the White House?

They may seem like an unlikely pair, but Michelle Obama and former President George W. Bush have a warm, genuine friendship with one another.

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images
George W. Bush smiles as he speaks with Michelle Obama during an event marking the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015.

“That surprised everybody,” Bush told Ellen DeGeneres on a recent episode of “Ellen.” “That’s what so weird about society today. People on opposite sides of the political spectrum could actually like each other.”

Mike Blake / Reuters
Bush and his wife, Laura, wait to pay their respects with Obama and California Governor, Jerry Brown, during the funeral for former first lady Nancy Reagan in March 2016.

Yet, the reason why the two get along so well is pretty simple: Bush makes Obama laugh.

“She kind of likes my sense of humor. Anybody who likes my sense of humor, I immediately like,” Bush told People while promoting his new book, “Portraits of Courage,” which features his paintings of military veterans.

Obama reaches to embrace Bush and wife, Laura, during a portrait unveiling ceremony.

Bush explained to the magazine that he and former first lady were often seated next to each other at events such as an interfaith memorial service for Texas police officers in July and Nancy Reagan’s memorial service in March 2016.

Tom Pennington via Getty Images
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama embrace Bush during an interfaith memorial service, honoring five slain police officer on July 12, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

“I can’t remember where else I’ve sat next to her, but I probably have a few wise cracks and she seemed to like it okay,” he told People. “I needle her a little bit and around her, I’m fairly lighthearted. [The Obamas] are around serious people all the time and we just took to each other.”….


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Oprah Winfrey teases about a 2020 Presidential run?

Last time her name was brought up for a possible run?

She said the same thing…..


But the chatter is back…..

Image result for oprah winfrey for President

Eleven years ago, the animated TV show “The Boondocks” envisioned the election of Oprah Winfrey to the presidency in 2020. Now there’s a chance fiction could hit reality on the nose.

Asked on Bloomberg Television’s “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” whether she might run, Winfrey teased that the election of Trump stirred her interest: “I [had] thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don’t have the experience. I don’t know enough. Now, I’m thinking, ‘Oh.’”

Before we all get the vapors, note that her next words were left off of the clip zooming through the Internet: “That won’t be happening.” The flat denial is in line with her past responses, like when she told Stephen Colbert in January, “NEVER!”

But past denials can be rendered inoperative, and cracked doors can be flung wide open with enough public pressure. So her tease, deliberate or not, does raise a legitimate question for Democrats: Is Oprah the celebrity kryptonite they need to best Donald Trump at his own game?

Trump’s victory already makes any wild speculation of an outsider presidential bid impossible to dismiss out of hand, especially those from celebrity business figures like Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Disney CEO Bob Iger.

But Oprah is in a class by herself. Cuban and Zuckerberg, like many famously sharp-elbowed corporate executives, are both loved and hated, while Iger lacks a household name. But Winfrey, the rags-to-riches media mogul, is one of the most famous, successful and influential people in the world, and has reached those heights while attracting relatively few harsh critics along the way. Even after she dipped her toe into politics by endorsing Barack Obama in 2008, she retained high favorability among people of all partisan stripes, even though her numbers with Republicans dipped.

She outshines Trump’s private-sector career on several fronts. Trump leveraged his daddy’s inheritance to become a billionaire, despite a sloppy management style and several high-profile business disasters along the way. Winfrey, meanwhile, survived poverty, childhood sexual abuse and workplace sexual harassment to become the world’s first black female billionaire….



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Ways to speed up Major League Baseball Games?

Image result for major league baseball boring?

The NY Times asked for Idea’s…

Here’s some of the answers….

Broaden the Audience. Shorten the Ads.

Major League Baseball wants more action and less downtime during games. That’s probably asking too much, because hitters are paid to work deep counts while pitchers throw harder, with better movement, than ever before. It’s no accident that the number of strikeouts rises every year.

The larger issue, of course, is expanding the business, which means attracting more fans. And baseball won’t touch the biggest impediments to that effort, because it would mean less money now. Want to make the game move more quickly? Cut every commercial break by 30 seconds. Want more people to watch in the postseason? Insist that Fox show the League Championship Series on its regular network, not on the hard-to-find Fox Sports 1.

This is most important: Make the World Series appointment viewing, as it was a generation ago. October will mark the 30th anniversary of the last World Series game held in the afternoon. If you want to appeal to young fans in all areas of the country, let them watch at least one World Series game every year before bedtime. They’ll repay that good-will gesture when they grow up, if baseball can wait that long for the payoff. — TYLER KEPNER

Seven Innings Are All You Need

Enough about the idiosyncratic habits that obviously slow the game down, but are also part of the game’s natural appeal and help build drama. My advice is to shorten the game. No, I mean, really shorten the game. Reduce it to seven innings from nine.

Beyond the time saved, think of the benefits in eliminating two innings. Starting pitchers would throw far fewer pitches, needing to only go four innings to record a victory. The scourge of serious arm and shoulder injuries would very likely diminish. Not having to rely on middle-inning mediocrity before getting to the late-inning studs would also quicken the pace of games. Many games might take between two and two and a half hours, or the time it takes to play most soccer and basketball games. Games starting at 7 in the evening would be over by 9:30, making it easier for fans on work and school nights. After the seventh inning, everyone could get up, stretch and go home. — HARVEY ARATON

There’s More….

image…The Atlantic

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Trump gets Media ‘tone’ plus…Schumer points to NO change in action…

The media narrative for Donald Trump’s speech was pure Trump showmanship…

Style over Substance just like the campaign…..

While there was floats of moderation on Dreamers and Gang of 8 immigration moves….

THAT did NOT happen……

Donald Trump made sure he gave the Republicans in Congress what THEY wanted……

Image result for Trump/schumer

It was up to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to go on TV and point out that Trump actually changed NOTHING in policy on immigration, and other things….And that his call for increased spending across the board in defense at the cost of EVERYTHING else won’t fly in Congress….

‘Tone’ isn’t action ……

Trump’s address before a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, a State of the Union-type event, has been generally well-received for its optimistic tone, a stark contrast from the darker language he has used in the past. But Schumer said the president’s remarks will ultimately amount to little because they do not match the way he has governed.

“This president’s speech matters a lot less than the speeches of just about any other president because they’re detached from his reality. He talks one way and does another,” Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday morning, adding on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Trump “talks to the working folks of America, they were his main constituency, but the way he’s governed has been totally with the hard right special interests against the working people.”

While Trump billed himself in his remarks as a promise-keeper, Schumer said the new administration has thus far failed to keep up its end of the bargain with voters.



One assumes Trump said little about Foreign Affairs and the Military due to those policies being run by the General’s and Bannon….

image…NY Post

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Trump makes more Promises in Speech to Congress…

..from the Washington Post….

Trump condemns anti-Semitic threats, vandalism
President Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, laying out the agenda for his presidency and, in broad terms, his vision for the country.Pulling upon his campaign speeches and others since taking office, the president ran off a list of accomplishments since taking office and issued promises for the year ahead.

Trump highlighted new lobbying restrictions, and executive orders he put in place to reduce regulations, restart halted oil and gas pipelines, and crack down on illegal immigration.

“Above all else, we will keep our promises to the American people,” Trump said.
Reiterating a much-repeated promise, Trump vowed midway thorough his speech to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act but stopped short of resolving disagreements among Republicans about how to do that.

In one of the speech’s tenser moments, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who was seated in the audience, looked on, shaking her head as Trump criticized the law. Pelosi helped then-President Barack Obama pass the law and has sharply criticized Republicans for trying to undo it. Trump appeared to be pointing someone out in the crowd when he called the law a “disaster.” It was not immediately clear whether he was singling out Pelosi or someone else.

Trump told a series of stories to highlight his calls for reforms to the Food and Drug Administration and public education….

He touted “billions” in new investments by American companies in the weeks since his inauguration, seeking to highlight the actions his administration has taken to keep his campaign promises….

He did call for Republicans and Democrats to work toward reforming the immigration system into a merit-based program focused on the “well-being of American citizens.”

Trump argued that the country’s current focus on low-skilled immigration hurts American workers and strains the country’s finances.

The comments come hours after Trump said in a meeting with journalists that he would support comprehensive immigration reform efforts with a pathway to legalization for law abiding immigrants….

Later in his speech, there were some audible groans in the crowd as Trump announced that he has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create on office to address victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. The office is called “VOICE” — which stands for “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement.”….


The speech..annotated….

image…The Hill

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