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Italy's Prime Minister is struck in the face by a bystander at a local rally…..

The Italian Prime Minister was struck in the face by a man at a campaign rally in Milan on Sunday…..Police and Italian security officers immediately detained the attacked for questioning, and placed him under arrest….Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi , 73, was hit with a small metal copy of a cathedral….and can be seen in the video in the link with blood on his face……

Berlusconi has had a tough year…he is in the process of being divorced by his second wife, and is fighting corruption charges……and while he is popular with his country men…this subject, police report, was “mentally unstable” and, was able to get close enough to assault the prime minister……

In this country, such an attack would have sent the media into a tailspin, resulting in hearings, and pointed questions directed at the Secret Service, on how such an act could occur……

But the fact remains…..politicians that wonder into crowds are always at risk ….even if they are in their home towns……

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Attorney General Eric Holder comes home to New York to check on Gitmo Trial operation….

Eric H. Holder Jr, the nations Attorney General. Traveled to New York City Wednesday to confer with most of the security bosses that will handle the upcoming trial of the 5 Gitmo terrorists…and to see the site for himself.

He visited the Metropolitan Correctional Center (Federal jail)…

He visited the United States Attorney’s Office  at 26 Federal Plaza ( the lawyers that will try the case)….

He visited the United States Federal Courthouse (the location of the trial)….

These three locations are no more that a mile from the World Trade Center, where a new One Trade Center  is rising from the pit……

Holder also held meetings with Local FBI director, Joe Demarest, U.S. Marshal’s boss Joseph Guccione, and Bureau of Federal Prisons personnel……

New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly also spoke to the Attorney General, since the NYPD will responsible for the security movements of the suspects, and the general security of the entire area, along other local Law enforcement agencies……( Kelly is working on getting the city back the estimated $75 million it will cost to host the trial, which could last into the summer)

Holder is a native New Yorker, who grew up East Elmhurst, Queens, New York…..Across the East River from Manhattan….

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Guns in America… have or not….a rational discussion is needed…..

In Blowback posting in the LA Times , Richard Feldman decries the emotionalism of the gun vs anti-gun factions in this country ( And a Dec. 1st, NY Times editorial linking the death of the four Washington state police officers, and gun posssesion…the story was “Crazy about guns“)………..and he brings some interesting points… the major cities of this country gun ownership is frowned on….get away from the cities and people want their guns…..

The issue is so toxic that democrats won’t touch it…..and Mayor “Money Mike ” Bloomberg is so against them that he’s invaded other state ‘s than New York to do publicity stunts about the ease of purchasing them…..

Feldman makes these points…..

What is missing from The Times’ editorial and from the ongoing national debate is the following:

First, we need to recognize that guns are present in more than 40% of all homes in this country — like it or not. Any credible discussion of this issue must acknowledge that reality.

Second, gun owners and non-gun owners alike are in universal agreement in this country that violent, predatory criminals should not possess, have access to nor easily obtain firearms.

Third, we all wish that mentally troubled individuals would not own, possess or acquire guns.

The issue can dealt with as it today…do nothing…or the issue can be rationally, and somewhat emotionally be discussed…..but the fact remains that a lot of people want their guns…and a lot of people don’t want them to have them… depends on were you live….

……we need to able to talk about this subject in a rational way…..and people need to be safe….wherever they live,  from bad people with guns….

Note: Feldman is a legal gun owner and a member of the NRA……

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Man loses $127 million in Las Vegas….sue's the casino's for letting him play….what a story!

Terrance Watanabe, a party-favor business owner from Omaha, Nebraska,  gambled in Las Vegas for a year in 2007….And lost…..

He lost big…..$127 million, big……

Now he is in trouble…..he paid back $112 million to the gambling houses…..but has now refused to came up with the rest……

As a matter of fact…he is suing Harah’s Entertainment, the parent company  of the two casino’s, Ceaser’s Palace and the Rio, he gambled and lost the money in…..

Oh, it gets better……

Harah’s has gone to the Clark County District Attorney’s office about the failure to receive its money owed (they extended his credit) and that has resulted in Watanabe being charged criminally with four felony charges to defraud the casino’s……

Watanabe bases his defense on ……casino staff routinely plied him with liquor and pain medication as part of a systematic plan to keep him gambling.’

The Nevada gaming rules expressly prohibit casino’s from letting ‘visibly intoxicated ‘gamblers continue to play in its rooms….In the piece, casino employes acknowledge that they knew Watanable was ‘visible intoxicated’ while playing…..

Remember…this money was lost over the period of  a year……

A few other things…..Nevada treats failure to pay off debts as criminal…very few states, if any,  do so….Watanabe is described as very shy, and embraced, but his loses occurred over a year ….he has also gone for medical treatment, and counseling, and has since stopped gambling (as far we know), but has made big-ticket purchases after he stopped gambling (does he have the $12 million owed, and just won’t pay it?)…(or stashed it away?)…casino’s make a lot of money on high rollers, or “whales’,  as they call them in the industry…..and finally, there is a caper were Watanabe fell in his casino room, and the casino’s ‘handler’s may have given him pain-killer drugs….they deny that…of course…..

What a mess… one could make this stuff up…..

With the story out in the media, I’m sure some sort of deal will be worked out…..

But ….This guy needs to stay out of gambling houses…….

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Steven Seagal…the 'LAWMAN'…coming to you from A&E……

The new original series “Lawman” staring the martial arts 90’s actor, Steven Seagal, did a pretty good job for A&E in the ratings, attracting 3.5 million viewers…..breaking the cable stations most-watched original series launches… the reality show Seagal actually goes out in the street as a Louisiana deputy sheriff……

Note: Seagal has not publicized that he has been ‘on the job’ with the department for 20 years…..

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American Student Amanda Knox Guilty of Murder in Italy…..

Could this be the reason while Amanda Knox was found guilty?

……..In testimony at her 11-month trial, Kercher’s friends described what they considered Knox’s bizarre behavior when she was brought into the police station for questioning the day after the murder. Knox began doing cartwheels and handstands and snuggling with Sollecito. “We were all crying, and I didn’t see Amanda crying,” said Robyn Butterworth. “She and Raffaele were kissing and joking.”

But on the stand, Knox explained: “When I feel uneasy or nervous, I act a bit foolish.”…….

In Italy, sentences are often shortened after many appeals are done…..Ms Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison…..

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Roman Polanski is out of jail…..and under house arrest…..

The diminutive Polanski, 76, who fled the United States decades ago, has surrendered his passport, put up $4.5 million in bail , and received a police escort back to his Swiss chalet in Gstaad……convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old, he was 43 at the time…..

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know…..Polanski made a civil settlement in the case, agreeing to pay the girl, now 45 years old, $500,000….but he apparently did not come up with the money…..the victim, Samantha Geimer, married and with three children, has since asked the state to throw out the charges…but still may be owed, at least. $600,000 from the agreement Polanski signed off on 15 years ago…..what a low life, slime ball!

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The other shoe drops…on the White House Social Office and its boss……

Desiree Rogers …the head of the White House Social Office, is indirectly involved in the White House gate crasher caper….and has some explaining to do……she has already had to make some adjustments, due to the gate crasher incident……

Update:…..It appears she won’t be doing it to Congress…..the White House has informed the Congress that Ms. Rogers will not be allowed to tell her story to that body due to the excutive branch’s concern about ‘seperation of powers’……

In addition, The White House Press Secretary has had to back away from his story the Secret Service was solely at fault in the incident, after the White House had to admit that it’s Social Office did not have staff available at the gate in the incident to assist the Secret Service……

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No criminal charges for Tiger Woods……but there could be more problems for him with his wife…..

The Florida Highway Patrol has announced that the ProGolfer,  Tiger Woods, will just receive a citation ($164) for ‘careless driving’ …Woods was never questioned by the police, who did talk to his neighbors ( he was not required to do so)…The police also will not pursue any domestic violence charges against the golfers wife, Elin Nordegren….

While the same thing would never happen with regular people (the cops would have brought them in if they didn’t give a reasonable answer at the scene)…the incident appears to be over…..

Tiger Woods still needs to make a statement about the incident….

Update:!….Woods may not be out of trouble with his wife yet….It seems that another female may have been involved with Pro- Golfer…..Jamiee Grubs, 24, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress is now claiming that she had a 31 month affair with Woods…..

Like I said..the guy needs to straighten things out with his wife…then address this stuff straight on in the media…so he can go back to playing gulf…

….in the end …this will be between him and wife……

…..But it just seems to get worst everyday……

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The Salahi's do NBC's "Today Show"….no answers on who invited them….

Michaele and Tareq Salahi, in their interview with Matt Lauer on the “Today Show”, insisit that they are working with the Secret Service in the investigation ….and that have ‘been destroyed’ by the last weeks events……

Wait…it’s gonna get worst…..

Note: The White House Social Office is gonna share some of the blame when this gets finished……

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Maurice Clemmons, wanted for the alleged shooting of four cops was granted clemenecy by Mike Huckabee….

Yep….The leader of the Republicans that could possibly run for the Presidency of the United States of America set this man free…..

It happened in Arkansas in 2000, by then Governor Mike Huckabee….at the time Clemmons had at least five felony charges on his record….

This from Huckabee….

…..[he] ‘issued a statement tonight calling the slaying of the police officers “a horrible and tragic event.”

If Clemmons is found responsible, “it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington State,” Huckabee said.

He added that Clemmons’ release from prison had been reviewed and approved by the Arkansas parole board’.


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White House gate crashers will be questioned……

While the story of Michaele and Tareq Salahi’s gate crashing the White House might seem amusing to some ….it has not been to the Secret Service…as I mentioned when the story broke…some Secret Service people are going get burned….and as I suggested…the couple themselves are going to be speaking to investigators, who will forward their finding to their bosses, who will decide how to proceed with this incident……

Stay tuned…there IS going to be more to come……

Update: Here is a piece from the Washington Post on the attention (reality show ) angle…….

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The White House gate crashers were filmed by Bravo TV……

The whole thing with the uninvited Salhi’s getting into the White House and meeting the President, Vice-President and Prime Minister of India isn’t funny….It appears that the couple deliberately walked into the state dinner and were filmed for the Bravo TV network….

Something needs to be done on two accounts…..First the Secret Service needs to check themselves….someone messed up….Second of all…. someone needs to needs to visit the couple, and Bravo and ask for a formal explanation on why there shouldn’t be a legal follow up on their caper…..

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Roman Polanski will make bail……

Polanski, 76, will have to come up with $4.5 million and will be under house arrest…he will be in a holding pattern for skipping out on serving time for having sex with a 13 year old decades ago in California…

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I told you so….Attorney General Holder takes heat for going to civilian Federal Courts….

A few days ago I did a post on the 5 guys from Gitmo going on trial in a New York City Federal court…the point I made in the post is that some of these guys could be found NOT GUILTY…..Apparently a lot of other people got the same message I got…..

The attorney general went thru five hours of hostile questioning in Washington D.C…..first by the Senate…then by some of the surviving relatives of the victim’s of 9/11…while Holder received support from democrats and some of the relatives…I must give the man credit…he hasn’t ducked since he announced the decision to go ahead with the trials…..

And while he is the point man…the decision was made with political inputs and consent by the White House…..

I”ll say it again, I know judges can read and tell which way the wind is blowing….But some of these guys could go free…..

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Again, if these people from Gitmo are going to be tried in US Courts…some are going to be found not guilty….

Josh Gerstein, over at Politico, does a very good piece on something I mentioned a few days ago, when Attorney General Holder announced that he was going to try 5 of the Gitmo detainees, in a New York City Federal Court…..

The thing is…some of these people are going to be found not guilty…already a good number of them have been order released by judges, only to have appeal court’s do the right thing politically and keep the those detainees held for a while longer…..

Most of these people have been harshly interrogated, some of the sources and methods of obtaining information about them are sensitive and some have been detained on information that simply will not be admissible in open court…..

And Attorney general Eric holder will not be able to do a darn thing about it if the  jury decides…’not guilty’…and the judge says let’m go……

Note:….David Axelrod just confirmed what everyone knows…that the government will not be able to keep President Obama’s pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), detention center by January 22, 2010…..

Note #2:…The detainees coming to American soil may be going to a correctional facility in the President’s home state of Illinois…..

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