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Rihanna keeps it up against Chris Brown……

The very pretty young talented performer, Rihanna, has continued to reveal her hurt feelings about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, the gifted 20 year old R& B, singer……Brown who admitted striking his then girlfriend, has had his time in court, and in front of the world ,was held accountable for his actions… should never let things get to the point where they have to use force ….walking away is always the right answer…….

But  Chris Brown is also only 20 years old, he is not a rapper, but a gifted singer, who made a mistake in his personal life.

It is now time to move on people…….Even his ex-girlfriend says…”I actually love and care about him,” says the singer. “I want him to do well, have a great career, have a great life and grow up”….

I agree with her….…

The more people drag this on…the more albums he’s gonna sell …..…that’s all…..

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Does the Secret Service have too much on it's plate?

Back in September I did a book review on the Ron Kessler book about the United States Secret Service…….in reading the book it became apparent to me that the Service was in a bad place……taken from Treasury, where it was born and was the top dog…it has been relegated to the bottom of the food chain at the Homeland Security Department a huge agency… the agency has another problem…… was formed last century as agency to protect the nation’s currency and grew to take on enforcing federal laws and statues against other financial crimes, which fit it’s being home in the Treasury Department.   But its move to Homeland has accompanied its huge growth in its dignitary protection function which has begun to diminish it investigative mission…….

There are now questions about what the agency should be doing as its mission and how it should be organized.…..The Service like any agency always is fighting a rear guard action to protect its turf….In the Kessler book it is mentioned that the Service has been in skirmishes with the FBI over enforcement (every federal agencies has)….while they where in Treasury there really was no leg for the FBI to stand on…the Service was Treasury , but with the movement out of that Department they have become protection oriented.

After a study of the problem by the Congressional Research Service there is a discussion in Congress and the agency what should be done…..Should the agency send some of staff and functions back to Treasury?…Should the agency do just protection?  Giving the FBI its investigate responsibilities?

The picture in the future is uncertain….. Since Congress has just given the agency the additional task of monitoring mortgage fraud, and added more money for the agency for protective functions in the future…….

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Balloon caper is a hoax?…..the extreme's of reality TV…….

It seems that Richard Heene may have planned this caper all along, according to Larimer County sheriff  Jim Alderden……..The department has started an investigation and it appears that ‘Falcon’s” father  had been working on the whole thing for several weeks, so that he could  get a possible reality show for him and the family……if proven true,  I really think that the whole thing was terrible…….

It also gets us to the question…..How far will people go to get themselves on TV?

The terrible thing is subjecting law enforcement and emergency works to a totally false scenario…including the scrambling of military assets and the chase across the state by news helicopters. Which could have caused a serious problem if an accident, or injury occurred in trying to secure the safety of a child, that wasn’t even in danger…..

Things started off good for the couple…but once Wolf Blizer sensed a problem with the child’s answer to a question …things went south……unfortunately people will stage anything to get their ten minutes of fame, and that may turn out someday to be tragic……..

A whole lot of people got used here…….

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Bloomberg and Guns Sales………..a month before the NYC Mayoral Election?…….

Mayor Mike Bloomberg an Independent…running on the Republican line has waged a campaign against illegal gun sales……not New York City…not even in New York State….But in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada gun shows…….

The City and its Mayor will release a report with video showing how New York City investigators made gun purchases in which the dealers asked for little or no ID and  went thru with those sales even if the purchaser admitted that they probably couldn’t pass background checks……

The problem is …this is just a before an election that Bloomberg could lose (unlikely but)? …Second of all…this is simply not going to change a thing, in general, since outside of New York the gun issue is toxic, and no smart democrat is gonna get involved in it , since Al Gore lost critical votes because of it…..

Besides, what did they do with the guns they bought?….isn’t it illegal to lie about buying them?…if these poeple where NYC cops…they aren’t cops outside of the city and New York State, right?…..

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