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Google asks the NSA for help on the China cyber attacks……….

This issue is not over……

Google has turned to the National Security Agency for technical assistance to learn more about the computer network attackers who breached the company’s cybersecurity defenses last year, a person with direct knowledge of the agreement said Thursday.

The collaboration between Google, the world’s largest search engine company, and the federal agency in charge of global electronic surveillance raises both civil liberties issues and new questions about how much Google knew about the electronic thefts it experienced when it stated last month that it might end its business operations in China, where it said the attacks originated. The agreement was first reported on Wednesday evening by The Washington Post.

By turning to the N.S.A., which has no statutory authority to investigate domestic criminal acts, instead of the Department of Homeland Security, which does have such authority, Google is clearly seeking to avoid having its search engine, e-mail and other Web services regulated as part of the nation’s “critical infrastructure.”

Google made the original complaint and noise because it’s management was deeply disturbed by the Chinese actions……while those actions are par for the course of doing business in that country which does not follow too many of e=anybodies else’s rules…..this new information about Google’s action is going to be headache for the White House, and the State department….for comerce and foreign relations resons……

The question will be… How strongly the Chinese are willing to tramp all over Google’s and other business to go after dissidents?….

While the piece just deals with the civil liberties side of the issue of the Cyber attacks…..The Dog warns….. There will be more to come on this issue from other quarters……..

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Police Crime Data is political……..

Do you feel safe in your city?

The answer to that may come from your local police departmenet……The information from your local beat cop, or police officer riding around taking reports in a cruiser  most of the time dictates the answer to my above question…..

Perceptions always matter in everything…..

If there is a report of a large amount of crime…..That is going to effect everything in an area from house prices, education and voting patterns…

With this I mind …I give you this about the New York City Police Department and a study a group of recently retired supervisor’s completed…..

Those supervisor’s where the people to supply those figures to their bosses…..The head of their departments…..who then report their figures to their bosses …..the heads of  their Towns or Cities……

[Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1995 discussing the crime rate. At left is the police commissioner at the time, William J. Bratton.]

More than a hundred retired New York Police Department captains and higher-ranking officers said in a survey that the intense pressure to produce annual crime reductions led some supervisors and precinct commanders to manipulate crime statistics, according to two criminologists studying the department.

The retired members of the force reported that they were aware over the years of instances of “ethically inappropriate” changes to complaints of crimes in the seven categories measured by the department’s signature CompStat program, according to a summary of the results of the survey and interviews with the researchers who conducted it.

The totals for those seven so-called major index crimes are provided to the F.B.I., whose reports on crime trends have been used by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his predecessor,Rudolph W. Giuliani, to favorably compare New York to other cities and to portray it as aprofoundly safer place, an assessment that the summary does not contradict.

In interviews with the criminologists, other retired senior officers cited examples of what the researchers believe was a periodic practice among some precinct commanders and supervisors: checking eBay, other Web sites, catalogs or other sources to find prices for items that had been reported stolen that were lower than the value provided by the crime victim. They would then use the lower values to reduce reported grand larcenies — felony thefts valued at more than $1,000, which are recorded as index crimes under CompStat — to misdemeanors, which are not, the researchers said.

Others also said that precinct commanders or aides they dispatched sometimes went to crime scenes to persuade victims not to file complaints or to urge them to change their accounts in ways that could result in the downgrading of offenses to lesser crimes, the researchers said.

“Those people in the CompStat era felt enormous pressure to downgrade index crime, which determines the crime rate, and at the same time they felt less pressure to maintain the integrity of the crime statistics,” said John A. Eterno, one of the researchers and a former New York City police captain.

His colleague, Eli B. Silverman, added, “As one person said, the system provides an incentive for pushing the envelope.”

The incentive to make things ‘right’ is the political component of the issue…..lower crime helps the police and the politicians the work for….

The CompStat system was put in place by Mr. Bratton, Mr. Giuliani’s first of three police commissioners. Versions of the system have been franchised to hundreds of police departments. It was adopted, and in some cases modified, by Mr. Bratton’s successors under Mr. Giuliani,Howard Safir and Bernard B. Kerik, and by Mr. Bloomberg’s commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly.

But as the city annually reported reductions in crime, skepticism emerged in certain quarters — several police unions other than the one that assisted with this survey, elected officials, residents in some neighborhoods — about whether the department’s books were being “cooked.”

Concerns over crime statistics are not unique to New York. Police departments have faced accusations of tampering in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, New Orleans and Washington.

In fairness to the NYPD…….

Mr. Kelly, for his part, has said for some time that he had instituted a rigorous auditing system to maintain the integrity of the crime reporting operation. And Mr. Browne [the current NYPD Spokesperson] said Friday that every precinct’s books were audited twice a year, “and where errors are discovered, they are corrected and reflected in revised crime statistics.” He added, “In cases where it is determined that the errors were the result of intentional manipulation, the personnel responsible are disciplined.”

The piece goes on to examine the effect of the Compstat system ……which like the No Child Left Behind phomonon…has begun to have supervisors do what the teachers have done…..’teach to the test’….not get students to laern… the police case…supervisor move to smooth the numbers down to ease the pain of being in Compstat sessions with rising crime figures instead of dropping ones……

Indeed, the researchers said the responses supported longstanding concerns voiced by some critics about the potential problems inherent in CompStat. The former officers indicate that it was the intense pressure brought to bear on the commanders of the city’s 76 precincts in twice-weekly CompStat meetings — where they are grilled, and sometimes humiliated, before their peers and subordinates, and where careers and promotions could be made or lost — that drove some to make “unethical” and “highly unethical” alterations to crime reports.

“CompStat was a good idea in theory,” wrote one respondent. “However the process rules managerial decisions. We do not manage to serve people but to lower crime statistics any way we can because your career depends on it.”


Roy T. Richter, president of the Captains Endowment Association, which represents the retired officials, said the challenges that his retired members had faced — and his active members still face — were significant, as crime continues to decline and precinct commanders must continue to beat their previous year’s performance despite a force with thousands fewer officers.

He called the survey results “troubling,” and said that while CompStat can be an effective tool, to the extent that it is “used as a sword to subject a commander to humiliation before his peers, I don’t think it’s an effective management tool.”

If you make a point that you want lower crime figures….and we all do…..the men and women in your employe will make it so….

And that will benefit the Mayor……whoever he or she might whatever town or city ….not just New York…..

Note…..All Police Chiefs are politicnas…they serve at the pleasure of their elected officials……

Police Chief’s that don’t do and look good….are expendable…..

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Eliot Spitzer is itching to get back into New York State politics…..

From PoliticalWire………..

BS Top - Grove Eliot Spitzer

Lloyd Grove spoke to three longtime friends of disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer who confirm he is seriously mulling a political comeback.

Said one friend: “He wants to be relevant. I think he keeps toying with it — running against Kirsten Gillibrand or running for comptroller. He doesn’t have to raise the money. He already has the money, if he decides to do it. I told him he had to consider if this was something he wanted to drag his family back through again, especially if there is anything else [that is, a fresh scandal] out there…I hear that Silda [Spitzer’s wife] doesn’t want him to do it.”

During his Colbert Report appearance, Spitzer jokingly asked his host: “Are you running for office?”

“Are you?” Colbert fired back.

To which Spitzer coyly replied: “I don’t have to answer that question.”

Not yet anyhow.

The Dog is positive that Eliot wants back in…it’s just which seat?…….

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SE goes after RedState again…….

Here’s more and the link…………….

From SE………

Sigh, it’s always the faux Conservative charlatans that make asinine posts like this. Here’s another gem from Empty-Suit-in-Chief Erick Erickson:

Yesterday I gave you background on Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine and why I think Republican Primary voters must unite to defeat him.

Let me give you some more today………

Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) is one of the most conservative Republicans in Congress. He is unapologetic in his demands for smaller government. He has no shame in defying Republicans leaders in Congress, routinely voting against the party and in favor of budget cutting legislation. The guy is a conservative hero in Congress………

Check the link for more……..

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The Dog get's it wrong on SE……..

Hey…… when we make a mistake ….we own up to it……

The Dog did two posts about SE wanting to vote for Roy Barners…..the Democrat running for the Georgia’s Governor’s job………


We mistaked another Blogger , Erick Erickson @ RedState……who was angry at Oxendine…. for SE……we regret the mistake……..

Here’s SE’s latest post In which he defends Oxendine for going after what he believes is fraud in the state…….

John Oxendine calls it one of the largest fraud investigations the Department of Insurance has ever conducted— and now, he says several prominent Georgians are connected to the company at the center of the criminal probe.

Westmoreland: Oxendine Playing Politics with SEUS Investigation
The company is Southeastern United Insurance Company (SEUS). Last year it was liquidated under court order, after it was discoreved the company didn’t have enough money to cover claims. SEUS sold workers comp policies mainly to municipalities well below market value. In all, it covered about 5,000 Georgians and scores of municipalities, when it was shut down for being financially insolvent. And at least six Georgia families can not pay for medical coverage related to workplace accidents due to SEUS’s collapse.

The former CEO of that company, Clark Fain, is under criminal investigation. Oxendine alleges Fain, and the company, kept “Enron-style” books.

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The FBI's special unit for interrogation's is not used again……

Back a while ago..The Dog made a point that the political band-aid  of the ‘special unit ‘ for interrorgations offered up by the White House doesn’t really exist……

The unfolding of the NW 25 would be bomber is proving the Dogs point……While the Republicans take the White House to task for the band -aid announcement…. the fact is the case is being handled as a criminal case by the FBI and Justice Department…..The CIA and State Depatmenet it appears are helping out…but this case is a criminal case with an intelligence sideline……

There is only mention of FBI inital Q & A’s by Chicago field agents…and subsequent follow-up questioning by counterrorist FBI agents with CIA agents present……The two people who went to Nigeria to find the family members and enlist their help where counterintelligence agents from the FBI….not CIA agents …who provided assistance along with the Sate Department……

Their efforts seem to be paying off in that  Abdlmutallab, a kid really, is cooperating…..There will be a plea bargain in the case for sure…since the suspect was questioned extensively before being Mirandized……

Here’s the links to the story……



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From Digg…… U.S. Female soliders have male soliders to watch out for……if this is true…..

The Dog doesn’t know if the numbers are verifiable…but if this story is true??…………

According to NPR“In 2003, a survey of female veterans found that 30 percent said they were raped in the military. A 2004 study of veterans who were seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder found that 71 percent of the women said they were sexually assaulted or raped while serving. And a 1995 study of female veterans of the Gulf and earlier wars, found that 90 percent had been sexually harassed.”

The BBC recently reported on The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen Benedict. This book examines the extreme difficulties female soldiers have in serving abroad. Benedict interviewed several women in the military to get a deeper understanding of the issue, and some of their stories were real eye openers.

Army specialist Chantelle Henneberry spoke of some of her experiences in Iraq, “Everybody’s supposed to have a battle buddy in the army, and females are supposed to have one to go to the latrines with, or to the showers – that’s so you don’t get raped by one of the men on your own side. But because I was the only female there, I didn’t have a battle buddy. My battle buddy was my gun and my knife.”

Another study concluded that 90% of all women serving are sexually harassed. Another one estimates that 90% of all the rapes do not get reported, despite supposedly easier ways to report the crime with confidentiality since 2005. Either way, this appears to be an epidemic that needs to be dealt with.

An online discussion from a former soldier whose identity is being protected had this to say, “At least a rape ends. It’s the day-to-day degradation that eats at you. None of my friends who were raped on active duty reported it. Or if we tried, we were told to shut up for ‘morale.’ Working with your rapist on a daily basis isn’t a lot of fun, believe me.”

How the military is dealing with this appears to demonstrate a pattern of sweeping it under the rug. In 2008, 62% of those that were convicted of sexual assault or rape received very lenient punishments such as demotion, suspension, or a written reprimand.

If this story is true…something needs to done…..females are here to stay in the miltary…..some poeple want to address the gay issue…but this needs to looked into and dealt with first…

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Politics vs Reality on the closing of Gitmo……and Change….

President Obama made a political promise to the World and others about closing the Guantanamo Bay Detainee Facility…

He did that because of the bad press that place had when he was running for the Presidency…..

I put the World first in the promise sentence because that where it belongs……Most American’s…. Really would be happy for the bad guys to stay on Castro’s Cuban mainland.….

The ‘Scott Brown effect ‘has forced Obama, and his White House to look inward, at the country’s ill’s, instead of trying to make the world happy…..Gitmo is another example of the same problem…..Now that New York City is having second thought about hosting the terror trial..the cats sorta out of the bag…...I expect Gitmo to house bad guys fro a long time...

Like Bill Clinton…..Barack Obama campaigned on shaking things up…Change…..

Turns out people…and certainly opposition parties….. Don’t really like too much change.….

Just as Bill Clinton ran into a brick wall in his first year as President…Barrack Obama has hit his…….

The Dog posted here that Scott Brown’s election in a local sense was just about a better, smarted more down to earth guy …beating a smug, bad , absent tee campaigner…..and that’s all it was really…..But the media, talking heads, and voters kinda sent another message……Tired of a President that was out of the country too much…and didn’t seem top understand that the while the economy TECHNICALLY was getting better…things on the ground still hurting……

I have watched with fascination as several White House initiatives have unravelled in the last week……Healthcare, NY Terror trial, Other Congressional legislation and wonder what Obama is saying to Bill Clinton when they talk…And you know they do..because history IS repeating itself right in front of our eyes…….

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Wanna Know Wednesday 1.27.10….from Up 4 Duscussion…..

From JSin……

Welcome to Wanna Know Wednesday!!!

This Wednesday we Wanna Know all about REVENGE!

Have you ever been in a situation where you were wronged and you had a choice to make?

A choice of whether to FORGIVE or REVENGE!

If you’ve experienced a moment such as this share it.

Answer the poll question & leave a comment describing the situation you were in and what your ultimate choice was!

Also, enjoy this video showcasing some cheaters vengeance:

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Dialing 90# on you phone is not something might want to do……

This from my cousin in North Carolina….any feed back?

I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying

himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was

conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the

test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up.

Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.

Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#,

you give the requesting person full access to your telephone line,

which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone


I was further informed that this scam has originated from many local

jails/prisons DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE.

The GTE Security Department requested that I share this information with


After checking with Verizon they also said it was true, so do

not dial 90# for anyone !!!!!

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Sometimes it just comes back on ya'……Accorn filmaker guy gets arrested….

From Politco….

Federal authorities have arrested four men on felony charges for attempting to infiltrate Sen. Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans office, including one filmmaker who targeted the community group ACORN last year in damaging undercover videos.

Among those arrested was 25-year-old James O’Keefe, the conservative filmmaker, along with Joseph Basel, Robert Flanagan and Stan Dai, all 24. They were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses and attempting to gain access to the Democrat’s office by posing as telephone repairmen, according to a copy of an FBI affidavit unsealed Tuesday.

Here’s the link.

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TSA Prank… gets worker fired…….

A while back someone here send me information on a prank that occurred during a young women’s departure from an airport in Philly…..The TSA checker produced a plastic bag and asked the passenger if was her\’s?...When the passenger denied that (and stooped her heart from jumping out her chest) the TSA checker smiled and said the bag wasn’t her’s and  that the incident was a ‘test’…….

In some state’s that called entrapment….a criminal offense

….anyways…. the Dog felt for the passenger, but indicated in the post that probably nothing was going be made of the incident….. since the initial TSA explanation was essential….’tough s*#t!”…..

The Dog did point out that TSA people do get locked up from time to time for other indisgrations….

Turns out a bit of publicity can always make a difference…..

In the world of pranks, the sky’s the limit – unless you’re at an airport … and you’re a TSA worker, that is.

Transportation Security Administration worker at the Philadelphia airport earlier this month pretended to plant a plastic bag of white powder in the carryon luggage of a college student returning to school.

Rebecca Solomon, 22, a University of Michigan student, wrote in a Jan. 10 column for The Michigan Daily, her campus newspaper, that she was having her bags screened Jan. 5 before her flight to Detroit when the employee stopped her, reached into her computer bag and pulled out the plastic bag, demanding to know where she had gotten the powder.

Solomon said she struggled to find an explanation, wondering if it was bomb-making material or drugs.

“He let me stutter through an explanation for the longest minute of my life,” she wrote. “Tears streamed down my face as I pleaded with him to understand that I’d never seen this baggie before.”

A short time later, she said, the worker smiled and said it was his.

The worker “waved the baggie at me and told me he was kidding, that I should’ve seen the look on my face,” she said.

The worker is no longer employed by the TSA after the incident this month, a spokeswoman said.

Solomon said she asked to speak to a supervisor and filled out a complaint, and during that process was told that the man was training TSA workers to detect contraband.

Two days later, she said, she was told he had been disciplined.

“I had been terrified and disrespected by an airport employee,” she said. “He’d joked about the least funny thing in air travel

Well ….I guess the last laugh is on that person, huh?

Maybe they can laugh when they’re applying for unemployment…..

Read more:

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The line forms for the next New York State Attorney General…..

Since the current New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo will be, in almost all likelihood,  the next New York Sate Governor…His spot is going to be open…..

There are three main containers for the job at this time……and the money has begun to already to come in…..These are the top people in the running……..


The Dog has met Kathleen Rice several times, and has watched how she has gotten better at doing her job…..she is very popular on Long Island..and has been very tough on drunk driving convictions……the leader of the pack now is…….

Mr. Dinallo, who raised nearly $1.8 million in the period ended Jan. 11. Hundreds of thousands of dollars came from contributors connected to Wall Street, including hedge-fund manager David Einhorn, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Vice Chairman James Lee, former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Co-President Jon Winkelried, money manager Richard Pzena and U.S. pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, the filings show.

Among other people expected to run for the post now held by Andrew Cuomo, plaintiff’s lawyer Sean Coffey got about $1.7 million in contributions, while Nassau County, N.Y., District Attorney Kathleen Rice collected about $1.4 million. Some observers expect it will cost $6 million or $7 million to mount a major campaign.

We’ll see how things develop….but remember this….

The last two Attorney General’s will have moved on to be come Governor if Mr. Cuomo moves into the Governors mansion next year…..

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Common sense prevails….Justice Dept. advises the President to forget the politics of the issue…some Gitmo people can never be tried or go home…..

I am glad to see this story…while the thought of holding people indefinitely…..without trial doesn’t seem right (and will bother a great many people here, and abroad )….the reality of the world these days, dictates that the Justice Task Force’s recommendations make sense……

A Justice Department-led task force has concluded that nearly 50 of the 196 detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should be held indefinitely without trial under the laws of war, according to Obama administration officials.

The task force’s findings represent the first time that the administration has clarified how many detainees it considers too dangerous to release but unprosecutable because officials fear trials could compromise intelligence-gathering and because detainees could challenge evidence obtained through coercion.

While this is not where we might want to be….this country is in reality there already……

Human rights advocates have bemoaned the administration’s failure to fulfill President Obama‘s promise last January to close the Guantanamo Bay facility within a year as well as its reliance on indefinite detention, a mechanism devised during George W. Bush‘s administration that they deem unconstitutional.

The issue is very difficult…while the administration wants to certainly get rid of the problem…it faces problems at home on closing Gitmo…a big campaign promise Obama made…. Which is dear to the public abroad…..

Moving a significant number of detainees to the United States remains key to the administration’s now-delayed plan to empty the military facility. The federal government plans to acquire a state prison in Thomson, Ill., to house Guantanamo Bay detainees, but the plan faces major hurdles.

Congress has barred the transfer of the detainees to the United States except for prosecution. And a coalition of Republicans opposed to any transfers and some Democrats critical of detention without trial could derail the possibility of using the Thomson facility for anything other than military commissions, according to congressional staffers.

The task force comprised officials from the departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security and Justice, as well as agencies such as the CIA and the FBI. Officials said that the process of assessing the detainees was extremely challenging and occasionally contentious, but that consensus was reached on each case in the end.

Some European officials, who would like to see Guantanamo Bay closed without instituting indefinite detention, are advocating the creation of an internationally funded rehabilitation center for terrorism suspects in Yemen and possibly Afghanistan. They say such a facility would gradually allow the transfer of all detainees from those countries back to their homelands, according to two sources…….

The timetable Obama gave a year ago is already past…..It will be forgotten…it was political in nature anyways……the solution for the detainees will involve a lot of work by a lot of people and its anyones guess what the final solution will be….

One must also be mindful of the political consequences of a major terrorist act, committed by someone the United States had in custody, that was found out, to have been released…..that is the stuff that can ruin a politicians political life for ever…..and get people killed……

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Martha Coakley…..will run for re-election for another term as the Mass. Attorney General…

This from the Boston Globe Newspaper…….

Despite being stung by her devastating loss to Republican Scott Brown in the US Senate race, Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley will return to work this week and seek reelection in the fall, aides said.

“She loves her job,” said Coakley spokesman Corey Welford. “It allows her to take on issues she feels passionately about, to fight for people in the state.”

I hope she decides to campaign harder this time……..

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The NW 235 suspect didn't talk to the new FBI 'special interrogation unit'……because there ain't one…..

I am not the least bit surprised…..

The unit was supposed to be political band-aide…back in August 2009 I did a post that pointed out that the unit would never be the first talk to any subject that was apprehended in a ‘terrorist act ‘……

Back then I wrote……”the first people to get their hands on the hot list people that the military doesn’t kill, will get a Q & A from the local military intel people, who will then hand the bad guy over to the CIA for a quick Q & A session before the  ’WH specials’ arrive from DC…”

And even that was wrong…..

The NW 235 guy, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,  arrived here in Chicago….and he was interviewed by FBI agents…local FBI agents……

……Here’s the sequence…..

Mueller said FBI agents took custody of Abdulmutallab at a hospital Dec. 25 and used a brief window to question him before he underwent surgery for burns. The interrogation provided what another senior U.S. law enforcement official called “a treasure-trove of valuable intelligence.” Abdulmutallab was read his Miranda rights that evening, Mueller said, and other U.S. officials said he asked for a lawyer and stopped talking.

A senior Obama aide closely involved in the administration review said in an interview that FBI authorities in Detroit have deep experience investigating al-Qaeda cases, and that they gained both valuable intelligence and preserved a criminal prosecution. The decisions “are consistent with our law, consistent with our principles, and so I have no problem with the way this was handled,” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity before Blair’s remarks in response to congressional criticism.

Damn…..This guy was initially interrogated by FBI field agents from Chicago…….and they got a green light from Justice in D.C…..And they have been backed on their actions by the White House….

Why are they wasting their time and money to set up this so-called ‘special unit’????

Even the FBI ain’t gonna call these ‘special’ people to get on  a plane and show up……and they’re FBI agents also!…….

They unit isn’t operational…porbably never will be…and no one in Intelligence or Justice Department is gonna want anything to do with it…..heck, they ain’t even gonna call them on the phone…..and wait till they arrive, and waste valuable time sitting and twiddling their thumbs…..

Guys…just man up…and admit it was a stupid political idea to make the media happy…..It’s okay…They’re just talking about Scott Brown right now…..

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