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A funny confession…..from Digg…..

ah,he, he,he…. here’s the confession ….it goes like this…..” I SWEAR TO GOD I DID NOT WRITE THIS (pic)

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Do you have male or female friends?

What’s your choice?

If you are a female…do you get along with other females?….or do you just hang with the guys?

If you are a male…is it just you and your drinking buddies?……do you trust females?…or are they just sex objects?

Here’s an interesting piece on the question……

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Who really did NOT hack Twitter?……

In this piece in The Atlantic Magazine…..Carl Franzen points first at Twitter and a few of its security short coming as faults, and then goes on to wonder if the message sent to the social network wasn’t misleading and false……..

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Twitter hacked last night……

Here’s the story from the Wall Street Journal……..

Twitter suffered a hacker attack in the early hours of Friday morning, which made its home page redirect to a site for the “Iranian Cyber Army.”

Twitter later Friday morning posted an update that said its domain name records “were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed” and promised another update “once we’ve investigated more fully.”

Iranian reformist Web site Mowjcamp also appeared to be hacked by the same group, and remained down into Friday.

Tech Web site TechCrunch has a number of screenshots and video of the hacks, which also affected Google’s listing for the sites, according to the TechCrunch postings.

It wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for the attacks.

However, the attack comes as social media’s role in Iran has been in the spotlight in recent months. As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, Iran has been conducting a campaign of harassing and intimidating members of its diaspora world-wide — not just prominent dissidents — who criticize the regime, according to former Iranian lawmakers and former members of Iran’s elite security force, the Revolutionary Guard, with knowledge of the program.

Part of the effort involves tracking the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube activity of Iranians around the world, and identifying them at opposition protests abroad, these people say.

The crisis in Iran started with June’s controversial re-election of Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Claims of vote fraud spawned massive street protests, and a bloody crackdown.

.……could this have been a cyberwar incident?

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The Political Dog looks the other way…..some of those races out there are closer than people think….

The Political Dog is now working with a new source that thinks that things could be very different come election day next year…..

In several races, we believe that when you factor in a lot of other things, the results are very different from the current poll numbers…..

It just us folks…no one else…and we’re not polling people…but we believe that things are much closer in the Reid race in Nevada…and we agree the Alexi is out ahead in Illinois…..

Stay tuned for more…we’re out there following the trails…..

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This weeks twitter pet pictures…….

They are cute, aren’t they?…..Rocco’s my favorite……

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The Political Dog 101 has 33 twitter followers and we're looking for more!

We’re jamesb58 on twitter because those rascals over there wouldn’t let me have jamesb101…that’s not right!

I’m gonna keep coming at you everyday!

Ruff, ruff!

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Facebook just keeps growing!……I mean REALLY GROWING!!!

The social network site, Facebook, had just signed up 300 million members in September!…Do you understand that?…300 hundred million people are connected to their network!…That is the amount of people in the entire United States of America!…But this is what really blows me away….They signed up half of those people in the last year!……Oh , wait a minute…It’s December, right?….Well then let’s make that number 350 million!

……Twitter reportedly has 69 million, and they are growing also…but nobody seems to be able to touch Facebook…not even the big boys Google and YouTube…..

I wonder if they would lend me some of those signup’s?…just few hundred thousand so I could quit my day job?……you think they’d do it?

Wait a minute?! ….is somebody checking their numbers ?

Those numbers are just UNBELIVEABLE !

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A little something on balanced budget history (and the GOP) from a fellow blogger @ Politics1…..

Here’s the post, which I think is good short history lession on balanced budgets and the GOP……

Well, to jump in a bit to something that was discussed earlier? The budget was balanced during Clinton because of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1994, a bill that every single Republican voted against, and that passed right before the Dems were wiped out in the Mid-Terms. This was a time when the GOP was stuck on the Reaganomics idea that “Deficits don’t matter”. as Dick Cheney said “Reagan proved”. The idea that W Bush was more of a penny pincher than any Democrat would have been is also bunk, because a Democrat wouldn’t have invaded Iraq–and by process make Afghanistan more expensive because of the limited approach taken towards it has strung it out towards a status quo that essentially existed in 2001. It was also Bush who started to bailout the banks and nation just as he was leaving office, a policy Obama merely continued. Every economist on earth (from the left and right) supported a stimulus package. I have no idea what Obams is spending that isn’t essential and geared towards future American infrastructure. The US is falling apart at the seems, with two wars, and a collapses workforce that was only artifiicial and bubble contingent in many ways anyway. The GOP has never ever shown fiscal retstrain, nor pursued limited government, and has often denied the impact of deficits, and sold the US to China as eagerly as could be imagined. It was the GOP, with a 90’s assist from Clinton, who pushed for a globalized economy and workforce that has hitched US employment rates to international forced we can’t control, all at the cost of creating American brands and making the wealthiest class even wealthier. The Republicans haven’t done shit, in short. The only meaningful deifict attention came from Clinton and the Dems in 1994, something the GOP stood completely against–because at the time they denied that defiicts mattered.


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For those who want Rudy for the Senate… this…..

Leonard Levitt writes his own column for his blog (which looks inside the New York City Police Department)  every week…..he’s a former crime reporter for New York’s Newsday newspaper… this weeks piece he reimds us of all the things we may have forgotten (I haven’t ) about the former Mayor of the City of New York……

November 23, 2009

So Rudy Giuliani is apparently not running for governor and is dithering about whether to try for the Senate.

We’ve lived through this melodrama before.

A decade ago, after months of indecision following his battle with prostate cancer and his split from wife Donna Hanover, he backed out of a Senate race against Hillary Clinton.

His excuse then was that he was a man of deeds more than words, and that his heart belonged to New York City, and not the U.S. Senate. Translation: As mayor, he loved giving orders.

Does that mean he’s not going to run this time against Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand? Even with a reported 15-point lead in the polls? Well, just remember his 2007 presidential flame-out after he began as the Republican front-runner.

As a candidate now, Giuliani’s problems go beyond appointing a crook as the 40th police commissioner of New York City. More important, in Your Humble Servant’s opinion, are his children, who refused to campaign for him in the past.

Is daughter Caroline, whose graduation from Harvard Rudy reportedly boycotted, still not speaking to him? And God knows what’s up with Andrew who, when last heard from, was suing Duke University for tossing him off its golf team.

Giuliani may indeed be a disaster as a father and a husband, but this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make an excellent Senator, or governor for that matter.

Forget the nonsense from his chum, former Staten Island Congressman and borough president Guy Molinari, that Giuliani declined to run because he feared he wouldn’t be effective in Albany. What he really feared was running against Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic attorney general who is killing Giuliani in the polls.

Indeed, if anyone in New York State can solve the problems of dysfunctional Albany, it is Rudy Giuliani. Put another way, if Giuliani can’t, no one can.

Rather, Giuliani’s problem as a politician is that, while he can solve monumental problems like governing New York City, he creates equally monumental problems because of his personality and character.

For examples, turn to his two terms as mayor, including his six-years as de facto NYPD commissioner.

With Bill Bratton as police commissioner from 1994-96, Giuliani did nothing less than revolutionize the culture of the NYPD. He and Bratton stopped a lot of blood-letting in the streets and shook up a once-proud department whose overwhelmed leadership had literally given up on taming crime. Bratton spawned new systems and new leaders, beginning 15 years of dramatic, then steady, crime declines under the city’s three successive police commissioners.

After the 9/ll attacks, Giuliani inspired the city. Picture Michael Bloomberg in that role and you’ll see why Giuliani will long be remembered when Bloomberg is long forgotten.

What has damaged Giuliani are his own demons. He fired Bratton after only two years with no credible explanation, citing trips Bratton had taken on private jets paid for by wealthy Wall Street friends. This reporter, who followed each twist of their tortured relationship, concluded that Rudy fired Bratton solely because Bratton was receiving too much publicity — at Rudy’s expense.

Those same demons reappeared in 2001 at the end of his second term. Then, he sought to amend the city charter, to extend his term for three months. He told voters — and maybe even believed it — that New York could not survive 9/ll without him.

To his credit, he backed down when mayoral opponent Fernando Ferrer called him on it. Former mayor Ed Koch put it best: If Rudy cared so much about the city, he should remain for three months — under the new mayor. (Too bad Koch didn’t make the same proposal to Bloomberg eight years later when he subverted democracy to gain a third term by buying off the City Council a la Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.)

Then, after firing Bratton, what did Giuliani do? He appointed crony Howard Safir. Crime continued to fall but the pressure to keep it down led to one of most outrageous acts in department history: the 41-shot barrage of police bullets that killed an unarmed African immigrant, Amadou Diallo.

To avoid testifying on the shooting before the City Council, Safir pleaded a “scheduling conflict.” Turns out, the conflict was his secret trip to Hollywood.

The night before the council hearing, he was spotted on national television at the Oscars, standing next to actress Helen Hunt.

Even worse, he had allowed the Revlon Corporation to fly him out to the coast on its private jet, and pay for his stay at a four-star Beverly Hills hotel.

Rudy never criticized Safir for the freebee trip as he had Bratton.

But, because this column, which at that time appeared in Newsday, carried updates on the Conflict of Interest Board’s four-corner stall in investigating Safir, he was forced to reimburse Revlon $7,100 for his Oscar excursion.

Then there’s Bernie Kerik, Giuliani’s former bodyguard and driver, who is headed for the slammer. Giuliani appointed him police commissioner despite the warnings of his staff and signals from the Department of Investigation of troubles in Kerik’s past.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Giuliani was cheating on Donna, who believed he was having an affair with his press secretary, Cristyne Lategano. (She denied it, saying that had she been a man, all the time she spent with Giuliani would not have caught anyone’s attention.)

Rudy then jilted her, divorced Donna, and took up with a new girlfriend, Judy Nathan, now his wife.

Sources say she is urging him not to run because during his presidential bid, the media beat her up pretty badly.

But when Giuliani makes decisions, he listens to only one person, often to his own detriment —

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Fundraising numbers for the US Senators and their opponents for the third qtr 2009…

Ok…I did this post before…but the text was screwed up……it did go out on twitter…but here’s the link, with a better presentation…..

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Megan McCain has breasts…what's wrong with that?

I’m a little late to this story but, apparently the senator (John McCain) from Arizona’s daughter, Megan McCain,  posted up on twitter a week ago a picture in which she was holding a book in her hand and was wearing a dancskin type top….it appears that that the young lady is er, endowed…something women spend a whole lot of money trying to be these days….of course republican women can’t do that , especially daughters of one’s that had their father run for president…….

Don’t people have more important things to gripe about?

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A little bit on Obama's drop in the polls and his usage of his popularity to effect change…….

We all know that Healthcare is driving the President’s poll numbers down ( he’s doing all right with the economy, but no one’s looking right now ) …… but I for one, believe that people still believe in Obama personally. Tom Schaller, asks in FiveThirtyEight , how has Obama used his political capital ( or popularity)?…..

Schaller gives four ways that Obama has worked it……..1) Obama has spend his political capital freely…not holding back…..2) Obama has worked it, thinking of the future…..3) Did Obama misjudge the push back on healthcare….thinking it ( the capital/popularity) would negate the opposition…… 4)In spite of  it,  he got mugged……Schaller’s piece is good… and he provides a graphic up front in the piece also……

As for me……For the past nine months I  believe that Obama has been true to his campaign speeches for the Presidency…. Using his capital and popularity to effect change in the basic  sense……he has challenged the status quo in that the congress, political parties and executive branches don’t want to deal with this HUGE issue…

This is what he promised  America to get elected…..and he is in it for the ‘Longhaul’,  and as I posted on August 16th……..also….as I posted on August 13…… this is Politics…and it will be up to Obama to ‘ decide if he goes for the jugular, with the Bluedogs, and Republicans, or dances around the ‘Public Option’  (which Liberals, and Progressives have made a beachhead ) issue’….

Update: A look back at August shows that things wasn’t so bad for Obama, who has swung back up in the polls…………

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