About this place……

This website blog was born on July 24, 2009

I began it because the Politics 1 Blog stopped doing comments….

Several of the old P1 crew have come over to continue blogging here

Life is made up of Challenges and Doing new things…..

So for the last almost 7 years this ole Dog has religiously knocked out posts and comments 365 days a year from home or on the road….

It has been hard to think sometimes, It has been hard to get used to abuse that comes with being the editor of a political (AND other stuff ) website….But I’m hooked…

We’ve had our ups and downs and in and outs , some of the old crew have gone on to other things besides this place, some people have felt they belonged on other blogs more to their political liking…

That’s fine…

Me I’m gonna keep typing with these paws and engaging in good conversations and speaking my mind while others do the same….

So keep coming back to visit….

Get up the nerve to comment…

And Enjoy!


The Dog

( This site is done with a Apple iMac 27″ with macOS Sierra 10.13.3, WordPress.Org 4.9.4, the theme is Word Press’s Two Thousand Fourteen, Hostgator is our hosting service,

Support comes from amygelanddesign.com)

This site, along with its companion WordPress.Com site jamesb101@wordpress.com has had more than 4,000,000 hits since 7/24/09……(3,,553,000+ for THIS site.alone)

And has over 34,,000 + posts…..

You can also find us on twitter at JamesbPdog….

Oh, And I don’t make a nickel from this place since Google kicked me out….

I have the donation button on the front page….




Editor – in – Chief


History and Fact Checker

Democratic Socialist Dave (DSD)


Ambassador to the Vatican


( I am ALWAYS looking for an extra hand in contributing to this place as the guys above are doing))


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