Republican candidate parents max out donations to his Democratic rival…


The guy is running aginst Wiscons US Senator Tammy Baldwin….

And Republican Kevin Nicholson’s folks don’t have his back…

The parents of a Republican Senate hopeful in Wisconsin have maxed out donations to the primary campaign of the Democrat he hopes to unseat.

Just months after Republican Kevin Nicholson announced his bid to run against incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) in 2018, Nicholson’s own parents donated the legal maximum to Baldwin’s primary campaign, CNN reports.

Nicholson’s parents, Donna and Michael, reportedly donated $2,700 to Baldwin in December 2017. Nicholson had announced in July that he was seeking the Republican nomination for the Senate seat….



Kevin Nicholson was a former Democrat….I guess his parents still ARE Democrats?

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  1. This is a terribly confusing system, and one of the reasons I haven’t posted in several weeks.

    Other than that fact I have been busy raising money for Conor Lamb. My husband told me tonight that he maxed out to Lamb this week and lots of our friends from his hometown have pitched in.

    And that brings me to Kevin Nicholson. Of course the fact that both of his parents maxed out to Kevin’s opponent mean they aren’t voting for their own son. What an endorsement! I wonder what Stephen Miller’s parents would do in the same situation? This has to be devastating to Nicholson’s campaign. At least my husband went to the same college as Conor’s dad and wants to help his old friend’s son win a seat in Congress. What could Kevin have done to have his parents turn their back on him?

    But my lack of participation is really driven by the subject matter. It gets old reading day after day that Donald Trump is really not a Republican or Conservative, that the GOP is really opposed to him and will, at some point, reject him as leader of the Party. The pretzel like logic here would be funny if it wasn’t such a constant refrain.

    The Republican Party is now engaged in a coordinated effort to protect Trump’s Presidency. They are actually in the process of trying, and they might be successful, to derail an investigation into Trump’s obstruction of justice and his collusion with the Russian government to “win” the 2016 election. The events of the last few weeks essentially prove that the Party as a whole (with only minor exceptions) have joined forces to protect Trump from charges of money laundering and, most likely, treason. This is something totally unprecedented in American history and something that will take years to repair, and something the Republicans created all on their own.

    Yet we continue to discuss those few Republicans who have found it in themselves to be critical of the “Dear Leader,” but who still vote with him at every opportunity. Continue to discuss false equivalencies designed to deflect from how racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant the Republican Party has become.

    Oh, the Democrats took back a legislative seat tonight in Florida, beating Vern Buchanan’s little boy Jimmy for a seat that should have been a gimme. Well, as I recall, Jimmy was born on third and always thought he hit a triple. Not tonight Jimmy, not tonight.

    1. I agree with your view of the party’s efforts to ‘protect and serve’ a crook who is pimping his country just like his adopted party and YES it IS gettinga bit old….

      I will continue to spotlight the people in Trump’s adopted party that expess displeasure with him and his crazy assed bullshit…

      I also agree that America WILL undo a good amount of his damage….

      I repeat….

      “Everything this guy touches turnes to SHIT’

      It ain’t any different now….

      1. Gallup shows that Trumps approval among Republicans on his Inauguration Day was 89%.

        One year later,it was 86%,a negligible decrease accounted for in the MOE.

        You can “highlight “ all these insignificant Republicans you want.You can call Trump an “adopted” Republican all you want.

        Nothing changes the simple fact that ,despite your increasingly desperate attempts to prove differently, the Republican Party overwhelmingly is in support of Donald Trump, that his program is straight out of the Republican playbook and that ,if you really believe everything he does turns into “shit?”

        Then the Republican Party likes “shit.”

        1. Desperately?


          I guess I’m reping the 3%er’s….

          Oh, and what about the Democratic Special election gains in places Trump swept by 20 oor 30% percentage points?

          I guess the margin Republicans have just stopped voting?

          1. You’ve been on here every few days since he took office, talking about this non existent “decline” in support for Trump among Republicans,regaling us with anecdotes irrelevant to his overall support among his fellow party members.

            The fact remains that Trumps support among Republicans remains pretty much where it’s been all along.

      1. I think two of our friends here are in denial Jack. The GOP jumped the shark a long time ago on the issue of Donald Trump. So, highlight all you like those few Republicans who have publicly taken exceptions to what the President is doing, but that means nothing. Nothing at all. Not only do they vote with Trump, but they are actively obstructing any investigation into how Russia interfered with our election, but they are blocking any investigation into Trump’s money laundering activities.

        In reality the Republicans adopted Trump and he has become their family’s favorite son. Scott can canvass Republican candidates all he wants in the run-up to this next election. None of them will break with Trump. Because at the end of the day they agree with his racist policies.

        1. Yeah I think Scott knows that.

          The only Republican candidates that might break with Trump are Republican Congressional candidates in deep blue districts who have no chance anyway.

          1. Despite any anti-Republican screed written here, at the end of the day, I remain very honored that Scott would support me for the United States Senate over Claire McCaskill if he were given the choice.

            I suppose that makes me a model for what a Republican is actually supposed to be these days. I can’t say I disagree.

            1. All you have to do is move to Missouri in the next 30 days and win a Republican primary in August and you have my vote.

              Easy peasy.

          2. As of now no Republican has filed to run against my Congressman Lacy Clay.

            An anti Trump Republican *could* enter the race. And if he or she does and is nominated I will be true to my word and vote GOP.

            Lacy will win with his usual 70+% of the vote.
            Republicans in this district have tended to nominate African American candidates who make Alan Keyes look reasonable.

  2. Well the best way to remember the victims of the NIU massacre would be to do something to reduce gun violence – like vote against politicians who support semi automatics – as was used in the killings.

    1. Of course there is THIS Z…..


      The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act has already sailed through the House of Representatives and has the full support of President Trump. It has roughly 40 co-sponsors in the Senate where a showdown is shaping up between the gun lobby and law enforcement over states’ rights and the second amendment….


    2. The weapons used 10 years ago today were a shotgun and pistols. I don’t think many politicians in either party will be clamoring to ban them.

      The main problem lies within the fact that people want to commit these acts, for whatever reason. It’s hard to reduce gun violence on the supply side without a serious curtailment on the demand side first.

        1. It is a Constitutional right after all.

          We know that automatic weapons are already illegal. If all semi-automatic were illegal, what is left? I am far from a gun expert. Does that mean that someone would have to load and fire one bullet at a time? What exactly is the definition of “semi-automatic?”

          That would not be a very good way for a law-abiding person to have any chance to defend themselves.

  3. I should also take a moment and think back that it was 10 years ago tomorrow when I was at work and heard the horrific news of the shooting at my alma mater. Please keep the families of the five innocent people who lost their lives in Cole Hall in your thoughts and prayers.

      1. A four-time felon was charged with the murder of Commander Bauer.

        A four time felon allowed to roam the streets freely. Disgusting. A couple months ago, Commander Bauer spoke publicly about this problem.

  4. This is pretty nerve-wracking waiting to hear more information. The Thompson Center is like a big tourist draw, not somewhere where a murder would occur, plus it’s literally where the Governor and other state officeholders have their official offices in Chicago.

    This is a big story in Chicago now obviously and horrible for whomever lost their life in the line of duty (even though they were off duty when they intervened) and I can’t help but think it’s like a 1 out 10 chance it could be my cousin.

  5. Why is it James that you seem able to reply to our posts but when we reply to each other the reply appears ahead of the post we are replying to?

    1. I’m sorry Jack
      I promise to explore the settings again tonight
      I can only ask for ur patience and I appreciate people letting me know what problems they might have

  6. I have no idea where Kars for Kids to to, I do not know that and was making a joke.

    Now, there is concerning news that a Chicago Police Commander, was fatally shot today at the Thompson Center in the Loop, and my family is concerned about a relative who holds that post.

  7. I will vote for any Democrat nominee in my jurisdiction who will promise concrete steps to remove the “Kars for Kids” jingles from all radio stations….. and if they oppose the horrible Obama Iran Deal.

    1. You DO Know that it’s reported that the cars donated to the organization are solely for Jewish organization and now for everyone?

  8. I don’t think we have any idea what the status of the relationship is between Nicholson and his parents, but it is true that there are often strong political disagreements in families. If they have had an overall falling out for whatever reason, I don’t think we can just assign blame as to who might be at fault because of political loyalties.

    Maybe he is a bad son. Maybe they are bad parents. Let the voters (including the primary voters) make up their own minds about who they want as their Senator.

  9. In case anyone missed it (not hard to do with this crazy layout)
    I will vote in the general for any GOP nominee running in my jurisdictions who is openly anti-Trump.

    After the Missouri primary in August I will contact every Republican nominee and offer my vote if they publicly rebuke Trump.

    All in the spirit of bipartisanship. Though I doubt I will have any cause to vote for any Republicans as this will be a bridge too day for most.

  10. I don’t believe all Republicans are evil, but I believe things like voter suppression, racism and destroying the environment are evil. If you think it is just a coincidence that many, if not most, Republicans support these things, then good for you. I’m frankly tired our your false equivalencies, and I feel it is my right to say so.

    Very few parents wouldn’t vote against their son unless they knew something we don’t. If this Kevin Nicholson is a good guy, then shame on his parents.

  11. Once again this place is all fucked up.

    I post a response to a James post and it appears before his post.This is stupid.Dont tell me this can’t be fixed.Its nonsensical.

      1. Around my way ?
        Rep Peter King comes to mind
        He has supported his fellow native New Yorker
        But he has also opposed him
        He ain’t gonna ask Trump to campign for him here on Long Island

  12. Good for his parents. I’m guessing like almost all Republicans running for office this year his son is a faithful follower of Trump.

    1. Though there ARE Republicans that are NOT Trump fans running for office. Especially I would assume the Republicans running for office in districts that are blue or even purple….

  13. The parents are longtime activist Democrats and donors so perhaps the parents are Democrats who believe that all Republicans are “evil” including their own demon spawn.

    1. I did point out that these parents ARE Democrats as WAS their son up until a little while ago…..

      Just because their son switched party?

      Doesn’t mean that THEY have to….

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