There seems to be some Trump Republicans switching to Independents….

At least that is what a recent Marquette Law School Poll maybe pointing to….

Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School Poll, made an interesting observation over the weekend: The number of Americans who identify as Republican dropped in 2017, and the group that benefited appears to be independents.

There is an interesting connotation to this. President Trump’s low approval ratings (which have improved recently) are often discussed with an asterisk. He may be unpopular, but among Republicans he’s still viewed positively. But if there are fewer Republicans now than there were when he took office, that Trump maintained their support seems less impressive. If six of your 10 friends like your spouse, but then three of the four who don’t decide they don’t want to be your friend anymore, it’s not exactly a good sign if six of your remaining seven friends are still supportive…..


Trump’s strategy of insisting on boosting his base has appeared to keep his base loyal to him. But to some small extent, his party eroded over the course of 2017, which, given his margin of victory two years ago, bodes poorly for a reelection….


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