Another story from an unhappy Republican….

…from Tom Nichols, Opinion columnis @ USA Today….

Republicans once believed in limited government, fiscal restraint, support for the defense and national security establishments, family values, and a strong American role in maintaining global order. More than that, we were the party that believed in logic and prudence over emotion. Our hearts were perhaps too cold, but never bleeding.

Today’s Republicans, however, are a party of bellowing drama queens whose elected representatives blow up spending caps, bust the deficit, and attack America’s law enforcement and national security agencies as dangerous conspirators. Their leader expects banana republic parades, coddles the Kremlin, protects violent men in positions of responsibility, and overlooks child molestation. The rank-and-file GOP members who once claimed that liberals were creating a tyrannical monarchy in the Oval Office now applaud the expansion of the presidency into a gigantic cult of personality.

So, am I still a Republican?….


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  1. Republicans stand for nothing these days other than pissing off liberals, non-FOX Rush Limbaugh type media, and tax cuts for the wealthy no matter how much it balloons the deficit.

    Regarding the tax cuts that is one area a lot of people got suckered into thinking Trump would be a “different kind of Republican”. Nope. Just as gung go about seeing the richest of the rich pay less in taxes as the rest of them.

  2. What this guy doesn’t get is that Trump is now the leader of the conservatives.

    Except for a dwindling few they are all on board.

    He’s whistling in the wind.

    1. As I have said before, those who support Trump and who are “on board” even if they themselves consider themselves conservatives, will state that Trump is not a conservative.

      They will try to point out examples of conservative policies, but the overall default position is “the liberals hate him and that’s good enough.”

      1. There are now many people who have been considered part of the conservative “movement” for years who are actively “for” Trump.

        Your contention that Republicans “really” don’t support Trump and would “really” like to get rid of him is belied by the overwhelming support he enjoys among your fellow party members.

        Indeed, you yourself have conceded that there is little chance of deposing him through the Republican nominating process.

        Why not?If they “really” don’t consider him one of “them” such should be an easy matter.Its not,of course, because they not only support his policies but they support the person Trump.

        1. But again, it has nothing to do with “conservatism” has conservatism has traditionally been defined.

          These people have conceded that Trumpism is more popular and more effective than conservatism, so they are going to ride with that. For whatever reasons (and I was watching the Patty Hearst documentary on CNN last night), their loyalty is to Trump personally now, more than any idea, concept, or value.

          I also think that such a quick turn to Trump can theoretically equally an equally quick turn away from him.

          As the axiom goes, there does seem to be something about Republicans that makes them want to “keep in line”, at least when demanded of them. Someone like GWB did not lead the party like that of course

          1. And therein lies the problem.Your “traditional” definition of conservatism is no longer applicable.Trump is now the face of “conservatism” whether you like it or not.Indeed, your statement above implicitly infers that “conservatism” no longer matters to those who still call themselves by that term and that their loyalty as I stated earlier is to Trump the person.Actually we agree on this.As usual though you just don’t like to hear it from a Democrat.

              1. Thus, it makes perfect sense for those who actually do care about conservatism, however small that number may have dwindled, to be wondering and asking what has happened and how it can be remedied.

              2. This guy seems to think that essentially the Republican Party needs to be voted out of power.Presumably ,if such happened the insanity of Trump would disappear and rationale heads would prevail.You don’t agree with this,do you?

              3. People can reach different conclusions about that as part of the “diaspora” There are individual Republicans who should lose elections but I do not see the decimation of the entire party to be the answer to the problem. It’s the whole throwing the baby out with the orange bathwater thing.

                A structure needs to exist for anti-Trump Republicans (since a marriage with Democrats makes little sense for either of us) once Trump departs the scene, or otherwise, his supporters will just have a head start maintaining their own movement.

              4. Others here who still remember the campaigns of 1964 can reinforce or correct my own impressions, but I think there had been similar pledges and predictions by the wide range of Republicans who rejected Goldwater and Goldwaterism.

                The Ripon Society (at that time a centre for liberal to moderate Republicanism in the mode of Charles Mathias, Edward Brooke, Thomas Kuchel and Nelson Rockefeller) did enjoy a brief upsurge, but anti-Goldwaterism (or what its adherents would have called “traditional Republicanism”) never established a permanent or successful structure.

                Instead it was co-opted by the endlessly flexible and ingenious Richard Nixon.

              5. “Goldwaterism” was an intellectual movement, which had long before had seeds planted. It was not about a “cult of personality” and of course a far more effective messenger emerged from that movement.

                So, it was far less about Goldwater than Trumpism is about Trump.

              6. Again, I will vote for any Republican running in my jurisdictions this fall (US Senate, US House, State Auditor–the only MO state office open this fall–state senate and state rep) who is vocally anti Trump.

                In the spirit of bipartisanship.

              7. I hereby announce my write-in candidacy for the United States Senate in Missouri.

                If I get enough votes, they have to seat me. I think “CG” on the ballot will be good enough.

              8. There is talk that Missouri Republicans are unhappy with likely Senate nominee Josh Hawley over his comments blaming sex trafficking on the women’s movement of the 60s and also his lackluster fundraising. There is talk of trying to get Rep. Ann Wagner who passed on the race to reconsider (very unlikely). Perhaps CG can convince them he is a viable alternative–despite living in Illinois and being a Cubs fan. The latter is likely more unforgivable by both Republicans and Democrats, Cards fans and Royals fans.

              9. After Trump, indeed even now traditional Republican dogma still exists even as Trumpismis effect now ….

                Tax cuts
                Less immigration
                Defense spending are all tradition GOP

                HUGE deficit spending is NOT

              10. Your problem,of course, is that there are decreasing numbers of Republicans willing to admit they are anti Trump.In such an environment, it is difficult to see any such “ structure” emerging.Unlike the writer of this article ,Republican victories are paramount to you with the “ hope” that sometime or other Trump will fall of his own devices and the status quo ante in the Republican Party will return.It is just as likely ,however ,that if the party continues to be successful electorally ,anti Trumpism will continue its decline and that Trump will emerge as a Ronald Reagan type figure .Certainly this writers formula is guaranteed to eliminate Trump.He would be blamed for the party’s decimation.Your problem is that you just can’t stand to see Republicans lose and thus are simply “hoping” that Trump self implodes or goes away in other words , a wing and a prayer

              11. If the sole alternative are the Democrats of today, than that’s not much of a viable alternative to me or many, many others at all.

                Many things can develop to re-shape our politics in the long-term, but I think it is too early to close the history books just based on one election cycle or one President.

              12. Yes I’m of the view that Trumpism is a flighty thing
                I have posted several piece showing that there ARE GOOer’s out there that ARE flaking away from Trump himself
                They aren’t Democratic converts
                They are dissatisfied whit their party under Trump’s tenure in office
                And yes I DO feel that the Mueller probe results will NOT. Just be shrugged off…
                Crashes occur from not one cause
                But a chain of evens that overwhelm
                Trump in my mind is collecting the events
                And the bill will come in that even with all his supposed money won’t be able to pay

          2. The old political adage was, “Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line.”

            ¶ For various reasons (such as patriotism, religious faith, military or police background, belief in traditional families, general social values, or simple support for existing class structures), loyalty has always been high among the values that Republicans customarily champion.

            But that must be tough when the object of your loyalty (behaving like a textbook capitalist or corporate executive driven by pure economics) feels no reciprocal loyalty to you that he has any moral obligation to follow.

          3. The definition of conservative has changed over time. At one time US conservatives believed in a balanced budget. Today, they are less fiscally responsible than the Greeks. And you even seem to support the idea of a large tax cut without s corresponding spending cut. But that is not the traditional definition of conservatism. Reagan changed the definition of conservative – just like Trump is doing today.

        2. Trump will be their guy unless or until his numbers dramatically drop…
          I’m of the view that Mueller might be the only cause to have the right effect….
          The later he hands down his verdict the worst for Trump and Republicans

      1. I do believe (as I believed when the shoes were on the other feet) that it would make it easier for him (or a Republican successor) to be reelected, if the Democrats taken control.

  3. I think the set-up has definitely become an issue for just about everyone who was commenting here. It’s just impossible to keep up with the flow of discussion with everything so out of order.

    1. I hear ya CG

      It’s been quiet for a week

      I’m catching up on things and the site itself has had no issues
      No CAPCHA ?


      It’s gonna be an interesting week coming up for Ryan and McConnell

      Hope u and the others are doing fine

      1. Hope you are doing well.. The capcha is gone, but now there is a feature where “replies” are automatically hidden, so a lot will be getting missed thru that.

        Another issue is that posts get cut off and you have to click on “read more” and it seems like it takes at least 15 seconds every time for the rest of the text to load after that.

        Beyond that, it’s just very hard to follow a discussion that is so out of chronological order, especially when the newer replies go to the top and you have to read from the bottom to the top, when everyone else has always been used to reading from the top to the bottom.

        Unfortunately, people are just going to decide it’s not worth the hassle, when the site, while perhaps good for the Admin in not going offline, is so user unfriendly.

          1. One thing I might add, to anyone who might find it useful, is that if you click on “Comments RSS” under the Meta tab on the right, the most recent comments will come up in chronological order in that format, but only the last six, and you cannot comment directly through that page.

        1. Yeah the setup sucks.

          It’s your site James, but really what’s your point in maintaining it if no one wants to post anymore ?

          There never has been an adequate explanation as to the problem with the old format that had been around for eight or so years or the reason that certain posts ended up in moderation.

          Maybe you enjoy just talking to yourself?

          1. I’ll explain it….
            2 or 3 weeks ago this site went under a spam attack
            The sheer number overwhelmed the server the site rests on
            Over a period of 3 to 4 days I struggled with hosting techs to get things back
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            I had to strip everything down and put little piece back together to get the place to load right..
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            Along with a outside mointoring company
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            I still get our Texas person regularly spamming the site
            But he’s blocked…

            I will try to bring back the comment excerpts
            But anything that causes the server to run overtime just can’t stay

            The site will be getting a new look sometime this spring…

            1. The person who was unavailable? Are they now available? If not, has someone taken their place? If you are actually paying these people for their help and they are not “available” you should ask for your money back.

              1. Follow up to CG….

                On help for this place….

                I pay for what I get….

                Since I don’t have ads I try to keep cost’s to the minimum….

                Amy was out of the country….

                So I worked on things, learned a lot….

                Some of the tech’s at Hostgator was Great…some no so good….
                Getting good site help, that u can trust at a reasonable price is tough….

                In the end I got things going…
                As always ?

                I thank the regular commenters here for their company and assistance in things to post…

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    I’ve been gone for ten days or so and now there’s no one here anymore?

    Maybe they got tired of this goofy setup?

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