Rand Paul’s brief Government shutdown ends….


President Trump has signed the spending bill officially ending the government shutdown this time…The bill extends to budget spending until March 23th….

The Kentucky Republican Senator held up the whole House and Senate budget spending extension ‘deal’ with his procedural block because HIS party has gone ahead an gotten rid of the limits against increased debt for the country….

Congress moved to end a five-hour government shutdown early Friday morning after the House voted to support a massive bipartisan budget deal that stands to add hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending on the military, domestic programs and disaster relief.

The 240-to-186 House vote gaveled to a close just after 5:30 a.m., nearly four hours after the Senate cleared the legislation on a vote of 71 to 28, with wide bipartisan support.

But action did not come soon enough to avoid a brief government shutdown — the second in three weeks — thanks to a one-man protest from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who delayed the Senate vote past midnight to mark his opposition to an estimated $320 billion addition to the federal budget deficit.

President Trump is expected to sign the bill later Friday to officially end the second shutdown of his presidency.

The shutdown was so unanticipated that the Office of Management and Budget didn’t tell federal agencies to prepare for it until Thursday evening. The closure is likely to end up being brief and having only a slight impact on federal workers and the public….


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  1. The vote split both caucuses, with about 70 on each side splitting with their party’s majority.

    R 167 – 67 – (4 N/V)
    D 73 – 119 – (1 N/V)

    T 240 – 186 (5 N/V)

    Both Dem Reps from NH voted yea, as did the sole Rep from Vt (Peter Welch, D) and one of the 2 Democrats from RI (James Langevin). Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) voted nay.

    Some Freedom Caucus Republicans, such as Ted Yoho (Fla), Justin Amash (Minn) & Dana Rohrabacher (S. Calif.) voted nay together with Nancy Pelosi (D-S.F.) & Raúl Grijalva (D-Tx).

    Marsha Black (R-Tn), Walter B. Jones (R-NC) and Elijah Cummings (D-Md) were among the five who didn’t vote.

    I haven’t had the time or patience to do a full breakdown of my own, but you can see the raw roll-call here:


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