Trump and Sessions leaning on their new FBI Director made him threaten to resign….

Could you image THAT?

Trump wanted Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gone….(McCabe was the Acting FBI Director for a few months and the word was he would retire..)

Something to do with the guys wife, Jill McCabe

Atty Gen Sessions along with Trump have on new FBI Director Christopher Wray’s case about getting rid of McCabe….

The Director passed on the message that he wasn’t happy with the pressuer on him….

Sessions was told to back off….The President couldn’t afford to have a brand new FBI Director quit…

McCabe still IS working as a FBI  Deputy Director

Trump and other Republicans have been hammering McCabe — who was selected by the White House as acting director after the Comey firing — for months on Twitter.

  • On July 26, Trump tweeted: “Why didn’t A.G. Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Comey friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation but got…big dollars ($700,000) for his wife’s political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives. Drain the Swamp!”

The latest: The New York Times — and others — reported in December that McCabe “is expected to retire after he becomes eligible for his pension [in] early [2018].” But senior Justice officials are still not sure what McCabe plans to do….



I will NOT be surprised if Trump’s people say he does NOT want McCabe’s job…

But THAT probably wouldn’t be the truth…


Donald Trump never spoke DIRECTLY to FBI Director Wray in this event…

2 thoughts on “Trump and Sessions leaning on their new FBI Director made him threaten to resign….”

    1. I think it’s more of Sessions doing what he can to keep Trump off HIS case…..

      The FBI people ARE gonna tighten up…..

      Trump attacking them probably will be counter productive in the end…

      Same as his attacks on the intelligence community…

      And these people WILL be around after Trump leaves ….

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