Republican’s are to blame in shutdown…Poll….

A new poll out has the Republicans taking the blame for the government shutdown due to the Senate’s NOT having the votes to pass a House designed budget…

The Democrats will NOT agree to the terms the Republican majority , along the President, are backing…

Pre-shutdown polls from last week showed nearly half of respondents said they’d hold President Donald Trump and/or congressional Republicans responsible for a shutdown, compared to less than one-third who said they would blame Democrats in Congress.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, conducted Thursday and Friday also found more voters would blame Republicans in Congress for the government shutdown, 41 percent, than would blame Democrats, 36 percent. Democratic and Republican voters, by wide margins, held the other side responsible. But more independents said they would blame Republicans, 34 percent, than Democrats, 27 percent.

Yet the shutdown is no clean political win for Democrats….


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          1. Well Jack
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  2. Trump’s hardcore base doesn’t care but the subset of Trump voters who bought into the line about him being a “master negotiator” who was “above partisanship” are liable to lose faith in him over this.
    I think a lot of those people have already soured on Trump though so this probably changes nothing.

    I agree Democrats don’t come out ahead on this.

    1. Trump’s base are just gonna see this as why they voted for him….

      The Democrats tried to shut down the government for people who ain’t even citizens….

      Their guy held tight….

      That IS why they voted for him…

      1. Actually
        Trump hasn’t done shit
        He’s just followed Kelly, Miller And House GOPers….

        The guy does not understand the details

        1. Cameron Joseph via Twitter

          Progressives are LIVID with Senate Democrats for caving on the shutdown — joining Dems from across the spectrum who aren’t happy with how they handled this strategically from the start.

  3. This article made the simple point I made yesterday.

    No one “wins” with these shutdowns.

    Indeed, if there is a” winner,” maybe it’s Trump,as this plays into his line that the government is broken..

    For those who contend that the Democrats need to “fight” harder for what they believe in?I agree.

    However, these shutdowns are not the way to do it.

    1. I agree Trump, in NY Real Estate way of trying to get AS MUCH as he can gets a win THIS TIME….

      And I just posted a list of how he HAS won a few time’s recently…

      Schumer was dealt a weak hand…
      No doubt…

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