Overlooked in the Goverment Shutdown thing?…Trump is actually on a Roll…

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Trump & Co. won another one….

(This from a guy with 35% to 40% approval numbers and Republicans in Congress in the teens?)

Donald Trump IS gonna get a ‘Wall’ folks….

And guess who’s gonna pay for it?

Not the Mexicans….

You and me the taxpayers….

Oh, and he ALREADY got himself and his rich friends a tax cut….

And if he and the House Republicans hold tight enough?

He MIGHT be able to have enacted his effort to cut off the entarnce to the country of people of color….

via twitter….

Now that Dems have voted to reopen gov w promise of Senate DACA vote, WH spox on CNN flatly sez POTUS won’t sign Graham-Durbin deal

Just making some points here…


22 thoughts on “Overlooked in the Goverment Shutdown thing?…Trump is actually on a Roll…”

  1. He’s not really going to get anything.

    As several commentators have pointed out,it would be years before any “wall” is actually built.

    What he will get is a chance to brag to his supporters that he got the “wall” when all he will really get is some preliminary design work and so forth for a project that would take years to build and numerous seperate appropriations to be voted on.

    If the Democrats win control of one House of Congress this year or Trump loses in 2020,the “wall” will sort of wither away.

    1. He’ll definitely scream from roof top to roof to that he DID get what he promised in the campaign…

      And we’ll be paying for the damn thing…

      You’re right though…

      A Democartic House next year could stop things in their tracks

    2. The WALL is the least important item….BUT, I do THANK Democrats for FINALLY BEING HONEST and saying they do NOT want a wall. (I would love to see the Democrats true feelings about E-Verify as well. Please ask your representatives to make PUBLIC STATEMENTS For or AGAINST, and also campaign in such a way as you believe.)

      The main items will be chain migration and the end of the lottery system. The future will be interesting!

      1. Democrats do NOT. Want a wall


        ARE WILLING to front money for a ‘wall’ to get Trump to sign on DACA / Dreamers

        They get the House next year they can deal with the wall issue…

        1. An interesting question if the Democrats regain control of Congress and thus the appropriations process next year is would they fund not only the Wall but also the posited move of the U.S. Embassy to the State of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (According to the Vice President, the U.S. plans to complete the move not this year but by the end of 2019, which would also be the end of the first session of the next [116th] Congress.)

          Democrats voted overwhelmingly for this move a couple of decades ago when (perhaps) its explosive implications were not so apparent, and when the AIPAC/Israeli government consensus was far more prevalent in Jewish-American and general American sentiment
          than it is today. Whether to continue funding this move might well be a coalition-splitting wedge issue for the Democrats next year.

          The Trump administration might still try to move the embassy despite an explicit Congressional prohibition, by shuffling around various State Dept funds. But some such prohibitions seem to have held, e.g. the prohibition against using Defense Dept money to move Guantánamo prisoners to the mainland U.S. for trial under the regular U.S. Code (as amplified and limited by what the Constitution calls the Law of Nations).

          1. Good point DSD

            Dem’s like everyone else change their minds

            Obama deported MORE people than Trump up to this point I believe

            McConnoll is WELL AWARE that the Democrats WILL gain a majority in House sooner or later and will seek to undo many of the action’s his party members are currently doing..

            His failure to follow the rules is why Mueller is questioning people and causing Mr Trump to go to bed worrying about how long he has to keep his job making money off us taxpayers

            Senator’s have institutional memory
            Something Trump lacks and was elected to destroy
            He won’t
            He hasn’t

      2. When did Democrats ever say they wanted a wall?

        Your post implying that they were not being “ honest” previously is puzzling.

        If there’s anybody that’s not being “ honest,” it is a lot of Republicans ,who claim to not really support it ,but are afraid to frankly state their opposition for fear of angering their leader.

        How about you? Do you support Trumps wall and,if you do, do you believe Me I o is going to pay for it?

        1. Schumer AGREEDED to money for the wall in his deal negotiations ..

          If he didn’t

          HTF. Could he CALL TRUMP his ok back as I report in the post here that Durbin relates????

          Do I support a 1,000 mile wall for a TRILLON DOLLARS?


          Do I support a wall when the border crossing have DRAMATICALLY DROPPED?

          Heck No

          Even the GOPer’s ain’t gonna give him what wants
          But then Trump being who he is?
          One day says well i’ll Just fix some spots
          Then when Kelly goes with that?
          He says
          ‘ I didn’t say that!’

          1. So?

            You see in negotiations one side often gives away something to get something,even if they personally oppose that which they are giving away.

            Did Schumer or any other Democrat ever say they supported the wall?

            That was my only point.

            I have no idea what this rant of yours was or why you were addressing me.

            Nothing unusual though.

              1. Why the Hell don’t you bother reading what I actually write before addressing me with an irrelevant rant that had Nothing to do with my point?

              2. Once again,you don’t READ.

                Or are you just dumb.

                Read the whole damn thread beginning with Mikes comments.

                Obviously you don’t understand my posts and. Now are,as usual, trying to obfuscate and change the discussion.

              3. Further, this is a continuing problem .

                You often address people here in a lecturing manner on matters they weren’t even talking about, acting as if you are informing them of things they don’t know(usually obvious matters).

                I’m tired of it and will continue to call you out on this type of silliness.

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