How Schumer and the Democrats lost on the shutdown….

Democrats in the Senate are gonna provide the votes Republicans need to continue funding the Federal Government until Feb. 8th….

What they got for this stand for a few days was basically a ‘promise’…

They LOST….

The winners in this dance was Donald Trump & Co. and the House Republicans….

Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer HAD the cards in the beginning…But played them weakly ….

First of all?

Trump and the Republicans went public in the media defining the shutdown in simple terms….It was about illegal’s….PERIOD….

American’s aren’t gonna support not getting their social security checks, or other things from the government for people who even Americans….

The Budget has LITTLE to do with Immigration actually…

It has to do with spending on Defense while taking money from social and help programs for those Americans….

Republicans NEVER are gonna mention the cuts and redirection of revenue away from people to guns, tanks and a ‘wall’…..

Schumer and Co. was just busy trying to over…


Schumer held things together, but Democrats as usual?

Don’t row together….

With the media stories amplified by Trump’s and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s insistence that it was the Democrats fault?

Democratic Senator’s began to get antsy….

As the hours ran by?

Democratic Senators began to abandon Schumer….

Republican House members then doubled down on their intransigence ….they signaled and got Trump to join them in saying ‘NOTHING’ until a vote….

All this went on while the media played up the idea that the ENTIRE US Government would stop running….

Than is NOT the truth….

As Trump pointed out himself?

Over 80% of the government’s function ARE running….

The fact is Schumer HAD to make a stand somewhere at sometime….

Props top the Democrats who stood with him….

As a matter of fact nearly ALL the Progressive and 2020 possible Presidential sweepstakes Democrats have made plain that Schumer’s ‘deal’ sucks….

But they too, do NOT have the votes…

This whole thing for Schumer rests on-a ‘promise’ to have a vote in the Senate on a DACA/Dreamers bill….

There is NOT certainty that House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan will agree to to support the vote in two weeks….

I would think to get an agreement that makes in any kind of sense means that Ryan would HAVE TO work with Pelosi ‘s Democrats in the House to get around the conservative Republican Freedom Caucus….

Doing THAT got the guy Ryan succeeded pushed out of his job….


There have been rumors that Paul Ryan wants to leave Congress by next year anyways, eh?

This whole thing could be replayed in two weeks folks…

But for now?

The Govt. shutdown that really wasn’t will be over in hours…

And Chuck Schumer walks away with virtually nothing….

Maybe the only gain is that some Senator’s HAVE BEEN forced to cross party lines to even get this?

via twitter….

It’s been a big nothingburger. Democrats started out with a public opinion edge, but it was deteriorating and their tactics weren’t well thought-out . They settled for 30¢ on the dollar, but that’s about what their position was worth. None of this is likely to matter in November.


11 thoughts on “How Schumer and the Democrats lost on the shutdown….”

  1. Republicans 48-2 yea on proceeding with John McCain absent.
    Democrats 32-15 (i.e. more than two to one)
    Independents 1-1 (Angus King of Maine yea; Bernie Sanders of Vermont nay)

    The 18 no votes and one non-vote today:

    NAYs —18

    Blumenthal (D-CT)
    Booker (D-NJ)
    Cortez Masto (D-NV)
    Feinstein (D-CA)
    Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Harris (D-CA)
    Hirono (D-HI)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    Lee (R-UT)
    Markey (D-MA)
    Menendez (D-NJ)
    Merkley (D-OR)
    Murphy (D-CT)
    Paul (R-KY)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Tester (D-MT)
    Warren (D-MA)
    Wyden (D-OR)

    Not Voting – 1

    McCain (R-AZ)

    Notes: the one Democratic nay vote from a Trump state is that of Jon Tester of Montana.

    The two Republicans to vote nay were Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah

    MSNBC’s reporter said the test of whether you voted nay was whether you were considering a run for President in 2020 and thus needed to please the Democratic base. That’s partly but not entirely true, and sometimes a hopeful’s vote was matched by a Democratic partner from the same state (e.g. both Kamala Harris & Dianne Feinstein from California or both Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey from Massachusetts).

    Some solid liberals from quite blue states voted yea, e.g Jack Reed & Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

    1. House vote on C.R. til Feb. 8th (+ + +)

      Passed 266-150 with 14 not voting.

      Republicans 221-6 with 10 not voting.
      Democrats 45-144 (3 N/V)

      The 221 GOP yeas were sufficient in themselves (as greater than 214 all other possible votes), but the 45 Democrats provided a nice cushion plus some sense of bipartisanship.

      However, unlike the Democratic Senators voting more than 2:1 in favour, the House Democrats voted more than 3:1 against.

      1. Different dynamic entirely….

        I wonder how things will go by Feb. 8th?


        If the ‘wave’ thing happens for the Democrats?
        It’s gonna be. Hot mess!
        GOPer’s are just thinking about today

  2. I’m not sure what you expected out of all this.

    Yesterday you were breathing fire and blasting me for simply making the point that this wasn’t good for the Democrats or the Republicans.

    Silver is right.

    In the overall scheme of things it’s no biggie, but this crap needs to end.

    It likely won’t but it’s all really pointless.

    1. I STILL believe that Schumer has no choice but to do what he did…

      The GOPer’s where just gonna walk over the guy….
      He couldn’t just stand there and take it…

      Actually ?

      The GOPer’s where working with him
      But as soon as Kelly and Miller got ahold of Trump and had him change his mind on just ok’ing anything ?

      Schumer was screwed

      Even ur Senator Graham is pissed and still complaining about the two….

      The whole thing COULD go on again on Feb8th

      The two knuckleheads aren’t politicians
      They don’t know how things are done
      Actually Trump is watching from the sidelines

      Either the Democrats prostrate themselves?
      Or they Fight Jack

      The Republicans have no problem with playing hardball

      1. I totally don’t sagree.

        This isnt the way to fight the Republicans.

        Instead of this maneuver (which most people dont even understand),Schumer and company should be holding daily news conferences tying Ryan and McConnell tightly around Trumps neck.They should be reciting his racist statements and demanding that the two leaders denounce him and when they don’t?Denounce them.

        Then again, you believe .against all evidence, that those two are somehow battling back against Trump.

        Your crypto defense of these two aside, the fact is that they’re all Republicans,Trump included.Until you accept that simple reality that they are all working together.,your complaints ring hollow.

        1. And I happen to agree with you and mention the Democrats failure to get the ‘ hearts and minds’ of the public thru the media..

          It would a heavy lift though
          Everytime Trump farts it crowds out everything else…
          It’s how he won the nomination and his day job…

          The other problem?
          Democrats have no counter from the party to Trump
          Biden, Sandes, Warren , Booker and others just do NOT get the attention

          1. I don’t think they’ve made a very good effort myself.

            Trump isn’t Superman and most of his publicity is negative.

            Just attacking Trump doesn’t cut it.

            It’s the Republican Party that needs to be attacked.As some of us have tried to explain,they are Trumps enablers.

            This idea that there is some difference between Trump and his party is total garbage.

            The one thing this shutdown proved was that Trump and the Republicans are all on the same playbook.

            All those White House staff people you complain about?Theyre all Republicans.

            You say you agree with me?Then can this daily yak yak about the non existent differences between Trump and his party.His is aRepublican Administration ,staffed by Republicans and pushing aclassic Republican agenda.

            1. I agree with the media mistakes


              Trump ‘said’ he’d sign ANYTGING

              They took him in the room to get him to change his tune

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