Democrats will take a ‘promise’ for a DACA vote to end Govt. Shutdown…

I do NOT like this deal…..

Republicans in the spirit of Donald Trump could back out of this deal which has the Democrats approving the House Budget as it stands till Feb.8th for a ‘promise’ to vote a DACA/Dreamers deal ‘in the futire’….

But I see Senate Minority Leader was losing his support from fellow Democrats afraid of being blamed for the shut downs effects…

The Republican hardliners won this round…

The government ‘shutdown’ that wasn’t , should be over in a few hours….

14 thoughts on “Democrats will take a ‘promise’ for a DACA vote to end Govt. Shutdown…”

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  3. Susan Collins (R-Maine) & Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) as leaders of the “Common Sense Caucus” are holding a brief press conference.

    Cloture measure passed 81-18 (John McCain, R-Ariz., apparently not voting).

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