Open Thread for Jan. 14, 2018…Trump’s daily Fox News briefing…


We now seem to know what the President of the United State is doing everymorning while he getting paid to help the world get thru a another day….

He’s watching Fox News, which he  seems think is  MORE informative and trustworhy than his own government information sources…….

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Everyone has a theory about Trump’s hyperaggressive early morning tweetstorms. Some think they are a deliberate ploy the president uses to distract the press from his administration’s potential weaknesses, or to frame the public debate to his liking. Others warn his rapid shifts from one topic to another indicate mental instability.

But my many hours following the president’s tweets for Media Matters for America, the progressive media watchdog organization, have convinced me the truth is often much simpler: The president is just live-tweeting Fox, particularly the network’s Trump-loving morning show, Fox & Friends.

It’s no secret, of course, that the president likes to tweet about what he sees on TV. Thanks to diligent reporting from the White House beat, we know Trump often watches several hours of cable news each day via the “Super TiVo” he had installed at the White House. And journalists at CNN, the Washington Post, New York magazine, among others, have compiled lists of Trump tweets they believe were inspired by Fox.

But here’s what is shocking: After comparing the president’s tweets with Fox’s coverage every day since October, I can tell you that the Fox-Trump feedback loop is happening far more often than you think. There is no strategy to Trump’s Twitter feed; he is not trying to distract the media. He is being distracted. He darts with quark-like speed from topic to topic in his tweets because that’s how cable news works.

Here’s what’s also shocking: A man with unparalleled access to the world’s most powerful information-gathering machine, with an intelligence budget estimated at $73 billion last year, prefers to rely on conservative cable news hosts to understand current events….


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  1. This place is getting to be too much.

    Remarks apparently being placed in “moderation “ for no reason.

    No continuity in posts.Replies that seemingly don’t belong where they end up posted.

    I’m out for awhile.

    1. Take a rest Jack…

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      Get’s a few hiccups now and then…Like we ALL do

      It’s fine…

      1. We all have a lot of hiccups. We need some serious medical (professional) attention to resolve.

        Please do not ration our care Single Payer style!

      1. NO ONE who considers themselves a fascist would say they like liberals. But I do understand why you need to change the definition of the word. You indicated support for Trump’s statement that he did not want immigration from Africa, but it would be okay from Norway. How is your position not fascist? I would prefer to ask someone who considers themselves a fascist, but you are the closest person that I know to that definition.

        1. First: Nazism is short for “National Socialism”. If you have an issue with that, take it up with someone else. I did not make the definition.

          Like communism under Stalin and Mao and whoever else attempts to institute such a political system, it is an evil, abhorrent, dehumanizing method of governance.

          Second: I do NOT support Trump’s statement that he does not want immigration from certain countries.

          I DO AGREE with the part of the statement where he characterized certain countries as sh*tholes. YUGE DIFFERENCE.

          If you do NOT understand the difference, I can’t help you. It should be pretty obvious.

          1. Wouldn’t it make sense that someone could come to your neighborhood in Bay Ridge and decide it is a shithole?

            That should not reflect any judgment on the people who live there or might be trapped there.

            Every descendant of just about every voluntary immigrant to America, came here to escape a “shithole”, especially the white people.

          2. Okay – Mike’s comment wins the prize for the dumbest comment of the yea so far. Based on this and previous comments on the subject, it is obvious you don’t have a clue about the history of Germany and the nazi party. A political Party can call itself whatever it wants. Everyone knows, or should know, that the Nazis hated liberals and especially communists. As far as taking it up with someone else, I have never heard anyone else make such an idiotic statement, so You are the only person I can take it up with. Maybe a start for you to read up on the history of nazism.

            Trump said he doesn’t want people from shithole countries. That is a very different statement than I only want people with good work habits or skills. His comment was blatantly racist by almost any definition of racism.

            1. We can dance around it?

              But likeminded people WILL conclude that Donald J. Trump IS afraid of people of color, and has been for most of his adult life…

              I have previously listed the issues he had with housing discrimination he had in the past…
              His comments recently only serve to confirm his views off people of color….

              I have siad this before…
              We ALL have biases…

              Trump as President was elected to represent 300 million + Americans….
              They come of different colors, races, sex’s and ages….
              He seems to be only interested a choice minority of whole…
              The group IS defined by their color…
              THAT accounting the words ‘from the horses mouth’…

        2. “”but you are the closest person that I know”

          -If I ever say that I “know” you because of several short messages on an internet blog, please make sure you tell me to back up and re-write the comment. You do NOT know me at all. You can infer some things, like “CG” can, but please do not think that your inference automatically becomes fact.

          1. Well by know I have read over 100 of your rather frank posts, so I have a pretty good idea of who you are. In some cases, I may make inferences that are wrong – just like you might. But if someone makes a dozen posts like you did arguing that Trump’s comment was not racist, then what do you expect me to conclude? And maybe, just maybe, you might not be recognizing something about yourself that others can see.

              1. James, Why did you post this irrelevant post in the middle of the tread? Are you deliberately trying to make it more difficult for two people other than you to converse?

                Previously you just often made posts to the wrong thread. Now you also make them to the wrong part of the thread. This new format is difficult enough without you making it worse.

                I’ll be posting less until you get thus straightened out.

              2. Keith – i replied to Mike.’s comment 1-31-18, 3:28 – which was his last comment above this one.

                I’m not sure why James responded to Mike’s comment with completely unrelated comments that had nothing to do with what Mike was talking about, thereby once again disrupting the conversation flow.

  2. I keep getting posts put into moderation for some reason.

    The news today is that a train carrying Republican Members of Congress en route to an official retreat in WV collided with a truck and while all the Members are reported to be ok, and helped administer medical help to the people on the truck, the trucker died. Very tragic story.

    (also former NBA player and one time Chicago Bull Rasual Butler died in a car accident last night, alongside his wife, former American Idol finalist Leah LaBelle.)

  3. I can surmise that among his speechwriters, Trump has some decent, patriotic normal Republicans on the staff, and also Stephen Miller and some other rogue bastards like that. He is sampling them all tonight and adding in his own typical b.s. flourishes, and thus this speech is approaching Castro length.

    He’s behaving well tonight though, as he did when he addressed Congress last year, which means we are in for some epic Twitter rants in the next couple days.

            1. 1 dead after train carrying GOP lawmakers to retreat collides with truck

              The train was carrying House and Senate members, aides and some members’ spouses and children, although it was not immediately clear which members were on board. The White House confirmed the fatality and said there were no serious injuries among members of Congress or their staffs…


  4. Trump continues to somehow slur the word “freedom” but at least he is attempting to mention it. In his convention speech, it never came up.

    Paul Ryan, who mispronounced Trump’s name when announcing his nomination at the convention, had another Freudian slip at the beginning tonight when he almost said it was his honor to “prevent the President.”

  5. Hillary Clinton has used her time during the State of the Union message to release a lengthy essay on Facebook in which she expresses her regret for intervening to save Burns Strider’s job in 2008. She says she would have done things differently if she could now.

    So, that was certainly a bit of a clarification from her Twitter posts from the weekend.

    1. RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Fox News that donations made by former finance chair Steve Wynn, who has been accused of sexually assaulting his employees, will only be returned if he’s found guilty.

  6. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) will not call special elections to fill seats in the Wisconsin legislature, following Democratic upsets in recent elections, The Nation reports.

  7. James,I might have missed it. Did you have a thread on Trump’s plan to allow owners some rights to the worker tip money?

      1. Joe Scarborough: “We learned this week that President Trump in June ordered the firing of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, but few Republicans on Capitol Hill bothered to raise an eyebrow. In more settled times, this kind of presidential assault on an independent investigation would have stirred grave concerns throughout the halls of Congress. But Trump’s corrupted coalition has instead trotted out one twisted conspiracy theory after another, all designed to distract the president’s most fevered fans and concoct a case against Mueller’s investigation.”

        “Wild tales of secret societies, Obama wiretaps and ‘deep-state’ conspiracies flow freely from the tongues of Trump apparatchiks. Those preposterous narratives are then spread across cable news networks and inside Capitol Hill cloakrooms.”


  8. By 77%-22%,Republicans believe Donald Trump is a good role model for their children.

    More of those “conservative values.”

  9. By the way, where is “CG”?

    Oddly, he has not been around much the last week………I am jonesing for my daily dose of sanctimony!

      1. CG came on after I changed the comment app, which has been succesful in keeping the place from crashing and said he couldn’t handle the new way it works…

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        Everyone else IS here….


        1. Yeah, there is lots I would like to say but I have decided that having to type in a Cap Sensitive code for each and every comment is a bit too high of a price. I hope there would be a way to make some major changes to the commenting system. In the meantime, carry on.

          1. Ah?

            So you’re STILL listening in?


            EVERYBODY ELSE is back..
            Maybe not as much but BACK….
            The site is back up and running and NOT BUSTED….

            Any good site HAS protection these days….
            I went thru a pain in the ass week of dancing to get the place back up so that everyone can continue to carry on here….

            I’m sorry for how you are handling this…
            Others have taken it in stride for the greater good…
            We would hope you could stretch yourself a bit like we ALL have…

            1. Sorry, at work, my first priority should be work anyway, and this code thing is just unbearable. Maybe others don’t mind it, but if anything, it’s a line telling me I shouldn’t be posting then at work. It takes 3 or 4 tries just to get the code accepted and I cannot even figure out how to have the posts appear as “CG” I just find it confusing as hell. Maybe I have some sort of dyslexia for it.

              After 14 years of posting comments on political blogs, maybe enough is enough for me, especially with the thoughts I have about tribalists on both sides of the aisle.

              Plus, what happened to “the Customer is Always Right?”

              1. Keeping the site from blowing up HELPS the customer….

                We ALL would like to see ya here…

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              2. If this present configuration is permanent James,you can pretty much forget attracting any other posters.

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                The regulars might hang around ,but I’ve noticed that even some of them are posting less,myself included.

                Maybe you should check other options?Its your site though and ,if you’re happy with it?So be it.

              3. LOL Jack. Tribalist? As in never voting for a Democrat for a statewide of federal office? That type of tribalist?

              4. Good Morning. I am glad to see our Short National Capcha Nightmare is over. There are still of course a couple other major things that could improve the comment section. Perhaps one day those could be re-visited.

            2. James, Is your point that “protection” may prevent you from getting something unwanted, but you will still get a “pain in the ass”? And what do you mean when you want CG to “take it” and “stretch himself”? Why assume CG is into that shit? You are disgusting James.

              And for that , I will rate your comment “thumbs down”. So there.

              1. Z?

                You ARE kidding me with this comment?

                My comment had NOTRHING to do with sex

                It had ALL to do CG complaining about making a comment here…

              2. I will be abstaining from casual comments on this site until it can be altered and improved for my pleasure. #timesup

  10. Sen. Bob Corker ,who was the darling of all the anti Trump Republicans for awhile, until Trump gave him a bunch of money in the Republican tax relief for millionaires act, now says Trumps “ unpredictability “ which he used to find worthy of condemnation is now“ helpful.”

    I’ll say this for the weasel,he didn’t sell out cheaply.

    More of those conservative “ values.”

    1. Why would you make that comment and end it with “More of those conservative “ values.””??

      Conservatives are the ones who are glad he is retiring, and now have a chance to elect a real conservative like Marsha Blackburn instead.

      1. some Trump supporters are glad Corker is retiring, but don’t be surprised if TN goes blue in 2018 without Corker at the to of the ticket.

        1. Wow Z?

          I did a fewcomments about breakthru’s for Dem’s in the South….

          But a Democratic Tenn Senator?

          Blackburn won’t win down there?


          1. More on Democrats in the South revival thing….

            Democrats Look for Inroads in Trump-friendly West Virginia

            ….in their quest to win the House majority, Democrats are targeting two out of the state’s three congressional districts, including one Trump carried by an even bigger margin than his statewide victory. (And that’s the seat Democrats think they have a “better” chance of flipping.)

            Democrats know they’re looking at reaches in the 2nd and 3rd district contests, both of which Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates as Solid Republican.

            They’re optimistic that with Sen. Joe Manchin III at the top of the ticket…


      2. Because of f course Bob Corker is a conservative.

        I see you’ve joined CG and James in arbitrating who is and is not a “conservative.”

        Corker has an overwhelming conservative voting record .

        Apparently ,to you,his “criticism” of Trump earlier means he’s not a conservative.

        Play those games with th CG and James.They like that stuff.

        Contending Bob Corker isn’t a conservative is laughable.

        1. M N I J,

          No, I have NOT JOINED “CG” and James in arbitrating who is and/or is not a conservative.

          My opinion of Corker has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his criticism of Trump. Those words were noise, and seeing as how I live in NYC, NOISE DON”T MATTER!

          And, for the most part, his characterizations of Trump have some merit…..of course, if you are silly enough to think that Trump does things without thinking about what he is doing, then you obviously have not watched Trump for the last 30-40 years as I have.

          My opinion of Corker is his willingness to be a person that the media can go to and have him speak badly about conservative policy. No conservative would do that.

          Hopefully Blackburn is up to the task, but good riddance to Corker (and hopefully Lamar Alexander follows soon enough behind him). Tennessee needs new conservative blood!

          1. You’re not arbitrating then you exile Corker from conservatism because of some statements he made?

            Yep that’s right out of the CG/James playbook .They frequently use old statements of Trump to “prove” he’s not a”real” Republican.

            Same as you’re doing with Corker.

            Corker has solid conservative ratings from all the major Right Wing groups.Indeed, he wouldn’t have ever received a Republican Senate nomination In Tennessee if he wasn’t view as a conservative.

            He might not be “your” kind of conservative,but a conservative he is.

            1. I do NOT think Corker was anything but a certified GOPer….

              He DID express comments about his party leader that was candid and THAT isn’t what ya do mostly with Donald Trump….

              Corker was a fiscal conservative ….

              But tax break that gets him millions might have changed his mind….

              Inaddition, Trump approved another Iran review, something Corker also wanted reportedly ….

              People do things in their own interest even if they think their party boss is a kucklehead….

              1. Of course Corker is a conservative, although when he first ran statewide in 1994, he positioned himself as a moderate and lost a primary and then when he ran again in 2002, he defeated two more conservative opponents in the primary who divided the vote.

                Nonetheless, Corker’s record certainly has been conservative in the Senate, across the board, as has the record(even more so) of Jeff Flake.

                However, many on the right now define conservatism as starting and ending with personal fealty to Donald J. Trump.

              2. GOP Rep. Patrick Meehan will not run for re-election, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Thursday night. The Pennsylvania Republican has been accused of sexual harassment and using taxpayer funds to settle a harassment case with a former staffer.
                Read more….

                Roll Call….

              3. Maybe “CG” could show his work……it has nothing at all to do with Trump.

                Please show some proof of Corker’s conservatism……and at the same time, make sure to grab Rand Paul’s ratings as well, for comparison.


              4. …via twitter…

                Nate Silver Retweeted

                Matt Fuller
                Sean Hannity: The New York Times is trying to distract you. They say Trump tried to fire Mueller, but our sources aren’t confirming that!

                Sean Hannity, minutes later: Alright, yeah, maybe our sources confirm Trump wanted to fire Mueller. But so what? That’s his right. Anywho…

              5. Good Question Z…..


                Being Pro America means that we DO NOT want our fellow Americans to able to have access to…

                Clean water


                Cheap imports that we can afford

                Being able to welcome those from other places who COULD/WOULD come here and add the this countries greatness

                Affording ALL Americans a chance to vote for who they want?

                Making sure woman get paid the SAME as men

                Making sure consumers get a EVEN chance in dealing with businesses

                Making sure the energy companies have rules/regs that prevent them from ruining our natural resources

                For favoring support for those who are sick and old and have worked all their lives over guns, tanks and jet fighters

                For supporting Americans of ALL colors to have equal access to whatever

                For NOT allowing people to withheld services from people according to who they love

                For NOT allowing people to withhold services from people aCCORDING TO THEIR RELGION

                For NOT penalizing people tax wise for living in state’s that are BLUE…

                For LOVING AMERICA…..

                Loving it SO MUCH that people are ALLOWED to have other people probe a President that has lied REATILY to it’s citizens…

                That has NOT shown his taxes…

                That is MAKING a profit from using the influence of that office…


                I have MORE ….

                I could on….

                Oh, and on Obama and the sorry stuff?

                Barack Obama was STRONG enough to go around the planet and apologize for the George Bush and now the Trump strutting around , looking DOWN on the rest of people of they planet like they are peons….

                Obama was BIG enough to ackonwlge that America , as big as it is?

                Cannot do it alone…

                That was a real man…

                Trump seems to not be able to shine his shoes…

                Recent polling shows the Trump isn’t making American ‘Great’ at home…

                Or Abroad…

              6. It’s not gone.

                It might be a good idea to take down the site for a while, or put up a “Undergoing Maintenance” message until you can talk to the people you are apparently paying to host it to get it right. Otherwise, they are just taking you for a ride financially.

  11. So Republican Congressman Ed Meehan who was hit with a sexual harassment charge has blamed his behaviors on the “stress” of trying to repeal Obama care.

    That’s a new one!

  12. As best I can determine, based on all the info Trumps lawyer has released.Trump gave pol star Stormy Daniels over 100,000 dollars or no particular reason at all.

        1. Site Update….

          It appears that new comments app , though a pain, is working….

          The place is holding steady….

          Thank You to everyone for your patience….

            1. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) announced Tuesday that she is pregnant with her second child ― news that’s expected to secure her a place in the history books….

  13. Alabama Republicans are launching a drive to censure Richard Shelby for failure to support the cabdidacy of Roy Moore. Incredible!

  14. David French of National Review largely got it right.

    To paraphrase, Some countries are worse places to live than others, but the president said we should judge immigrants by their country of origin, rather than by their their skills and educational level.

    And so Trump’s shithole comment qualifies as a racist statement.

  15. How the states voted in 2016, from the most hillarious to the trumpiest:

    (Clinton %-Trump %-Trump margin-rank):

    90.86% — 4.09% — -86.78% — 1 – D.C.
    62.22% — 30.04% — -32.18% — 2 – Hawaii
    61.73% — 31.62% — -30.11% — 3 – California
    60.01% — 32.81% — -27.20% — 4 – Massachusetts
    60.33% — 33.91% — -26.42% — 5 – Maryland
    56.68% — 30.27% — -26.41% — 6 – Vermont
    59.01% — 36.52% — -22.49% — 7 – New York
    55.83% — 38.76% — -17.06% — 8 – Illinois
    52.54% — 36.83% — -15.71% — 9 – Washington
    54.41% — 38.90% — -15.51% — 10 – Rhode Island
    55.45% — 41.35% — -14.10% — 11 – New Jersey
    54.57% — 40.93% — -13.64% — 12 – Connecticut
    53.09% — 41.71% — -11.37% — 13 – Delaware
    50.07% — 39.09% — -10.98% — 14 – Oregon
    48.26% — 40.04% — -8.21% — 15 – New Mexico
    49.73% — 44.41% — -5.32% — 16 – Virginia
    48.16% — 43.25% — -4.91% — 17 – Colorado
    47.83% — 44.87% — -2.96% — 18 – Maine
    47.92% — 45.50% — -2.42% — 19 – Nevada
    46.44% — 44.92% — -1.52% — 20 – Minnesota
    46.83% — 46.46% — -0.37% — 21 – New Hampshire

    47.27% — 47.50% — 0.22% — 22 – Michigan
    47.46% — 48.18% — 0.72% — 23 – Pennsylvania
    46.45% — 47.22% — 0.76% — 24 – Wisconsin
    47.82% — 49.02% — 1.20% — 25 – Florida
    45.13% — 48.67% — 3.55% — 26 – Arizona
    46.17% — 49.83% — 3.66% — 27 – North Carolina
    45.64% — 50.77% — 5.13% — 28 – Georgia
    43.56% — 51.69% — 8.13% — 29 – Ohio
    43.24% — 52.23% — 9.00% — 30 – Texas
    41.74% — 51.15% — 9.41% — 31 – Iowa
    40.67% — 54.94% — 14.27% — 32 – South Carolina
    36.55% — 51.28% — 14.73% — 33 – Alaska
    40.11% — 57.94% — 17.83% — 34 – Mississippi
    27.46% — 45.54% — 18.08% — 35 – Utah
    38.14% — 56.77% — 18.64% — 36 – Missouri
    37.77% — 56.94% — 19.17% — 37 – Indiana
    38.45% — 58.09% — 19.64% — 38 – Louisiana
    35.75% — 56.17% — 20.42% — 39 – Montana
    36.05% — 56.65% — 20.60% — 40 – Kansas
    33.70% — 58.75% — 25.05% — 41 – Nebraska
    34.72% — 60.72% — 26.01% — 42 – Tennessee
    33.65% — 60.57% — 26.92% — 43 – Arkansas
    34.36% — 62.08% — 27.73% — 44 – Alabama
    31.74% — 61.53% — 29.79% — 45 – South Dakota
    32.68% — 62.52% — 29.84% — 46 – Kentucky
    27.49% — 59.26% — 31.77% — 47 – Idaho
    27.23% — 62.96% — 35.73% — 48 – North Dakota
    28.93% — 65.32% — 36.39% — 49 – Oklahoma
    26.43% — 68.50% — 42.07% — 50 – West Virginia
    21.88% — 68.17% — 46.30% — 51 – Wyoming

    48.18% — 46.09% — -2.10% — Total Percentage of Popular Vote

      1. Yes, James. So did Iowa.

        Indiana and North Carolina voted for Obama over McCain in 2008, but then supported Romney in 2012 and Trump in 2016.

        Electoral Votes in 2012-20:

        6 – Iowa
        10 – Wisc.
        16 – Mich.
        20 – Penna
        29 – Fla

        81 – subtotal

        11 – Ind.
        15 – N.C.

        1. A failure by the Clinton campaign to actually poll in some of those states in the last weeks has been made…..

          North Carolina was close I seem to remember in 2012, even with the convention there?

            1. I do NOT think the Democratic lefties being able to take most of those states from Trump, Pence or whoever the GOPer’s run in 2020…

              But this just me thinking out loud a little less than 3 years out…

              1. Obama was able to win against stronger competition than Trump. You were wrong 9 years ago and was wrong in 2016.

  16. Ok folks Hostgator is driving me to drink….

    We lost the comments this evening for a while…

    They had to do a backup to get them back….I believe the backup is from soemtime last weekit’s from Jan 3rd……

    The problem with this place is we are WTF over the regular wordpress norms for comments and close to the regular limit for posts….

    I have been dealing with different Hosragtor techs who have differnt levels of skills and knowledge….

    I have had to strip certain things from the site to keep the techs happy….

    For now things ARE up and running….

    While Amy helped keep the site running….
    She has become unavailable…
    I am working on finding a good site developer, at a reasonable working price…

    I am determined to keep this site running, or developing a new one to have this site link into….

    Props to the Patriots and Eagles….

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