A Year Later, Trump Is Less Popular Across the Board….

We’ve been doing posts on this for the past year…

Some peole do NOT accept that Donald Trump IS losing support among the American public…

Some just drop back to the support that he has among his ‘base’….

The fact is?

He’s losing support in ALl those places…

President Trump’s approval rating fell across a wide swath of demographic groups over his first year in office, including among those seen as important to his base, like white voters, evangelical Christians and those who live in rural areas.

The data is from Morning Consult, a polling company that conducted daily tracking of Mr. Trump’s approval among all adults.

Despite losing some support across many groups, Mr. Trump remains popular with many of the constituencies that helped usher him into the White House. His largest declines were among groups that never supported him much to begin with.

While most presidents see their popularity fade after an initial honeymoon period, Mr. Trump came into office with record-low approval among independents and members of the opposite party (in this case, Democrats), and the decline started more or less immediately, said Charles Franklin, a professor and pollster at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee….

More with graphics…

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