Utah GOP Senator Orrin Hatch will NOT run for re-election…

I’m a bit late on this but as I mentioned in the comments?

This makes the Utah US Senate seat Mitt Romey’s to lose….

Romeny polls better than Hatch and Trump in the state…

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Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Finance Committee chairman, President Pro Tempore of the Senate and longest-serving Republican senator, announced Tuesday that he will retire at the end of this term, his seventh.

Why it matters: Mitt Romney has been considering a run in the event Hatch retires. President Trump had urged Hatch to seek re-election, in part to block Romney. Romney has moved from “willing to run” to “wanting to run” in recent weeks, MSNBC’s Garrett Haake reports. He released a statement on Hatch’s retirement Tuesday, but did not comment on running for the open seat….



This announcement is a week after a major Utah newspaper Op-Ed asked Hatch to step down…



Hatch’s retirement is sure to set off all sorts of moves among Republican senior Senator’s according to RollCall….

A move back to leading the Finance panel in the final two years of President Donald Trump’s first term could be appealing to Grassley. But with scores of appellate court seats to fill, along with the potential for additional Supreme Court nominations, he might well choose to continue on the Judiciary Committee.

Should Grassley go to Finance, it would be Sen. Lindsey Graham on deck at Judiciary. A former campaign adversary of Trump, the South Carolina Republican has emerged as a vocal supporter of the president. He also brings a legal background as a former military lawyer, serving as an instructor for the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School and as a judge.

Graham has become a frequent golfing partner for Trump at the president’s course in Northern Virginia and elsewhere.

If Grassley were to opt to remain atop the Judiciary Committee, the next man in line at Finance would be Michael D. Crapo of Idaho. The current Banking chairman would likely be replaced in that role by Pennsylvania Sen. Patrick J. Toomey….



7 thoughts on “Utah GOP Senator Orrin Hatch will NOT run for re-election…”

  1. Zreebs,
    Why would Romney even do this? Just to oppose Trump? Give me a break. The guy turns 71 on March 12th. He would serve only 1-Term I think. I can’t see him running for Re-Election in 2024.

  2. I agree Zreebs. Every Mormon I’ve met has been nothing but nice to me, but they have such shared experiences with each other that they often seem most comfortable around other members of their faith.

    Idaho also has a large Mormon poplulation. Every client I’ve worked with in that state has been LDS
    Again nice people, not sure living there would be my cup of caffeine free tea.

  3. My experience with Mormons is that they prefer to only associate with Mormons. That obviously is a concern to me as I am not only not Mormon, but I am not Christian.

    Utah is a great state to visit. Would I like living there? Not sure. I would be open to the possibility.

  4. Utah looks beautiful but not sure I could handle living there either. My only experience with the state is traveling through Salt Lake City airport a few times. A friend of mine lived in SLC and loved all of the outdoor activities they have there, but she is also really into live music and concerts and at least when she lived there a lot of acts skipped over the state. She lives in Austin now and loves it for obvious reasons.

  5. Relative to other Republicans, I would be okay with Romney.

    Speaking of Utah, I interviewed for a job there last month. Didn’t get it, but not sure I would have taken it anyway.

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