A year of Donald J. Trump’s ‘My Way Presidency’…..

His supporters voted for him because he was the anti-polititican , rich guy, who would ‘shake things up’ in Washington D.C……

They got what they wanted….

But an almost a year later?

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A good majority of American , The World and even lawmakers from his own political party aren’t mostly happy with the guy who is the elected leader of the most powerful country on the planet….

A man who has no government experience is trying to half heartily run a organization of 2.6 million people….He ran his own companies with less than 4, 000 employee’s thru a tight net group of only a few….

Donald Trump has shown that he feels only he runs things….

In opposition to the past modern President’s he does NOT easily grasp the limits of his office….In fact he chaffs at those limits and spend the early days of his tenure in office hurting himself politically by trying to go it alone thru social media reaching out via tweets….

That has NOT gone well and has caused headaches for him and his fellow Republican lawmakers….

I said here an almost a year ago the office makes the man…

That view is correct I still feel, but it IS being stretched with Donald Trump….

We have discussed here at this place the bond between Trump and the political party he chose to run for the Presidency in and successfully captured and now leads….

My feeling is that Trump isn’t true Republican in ideology…..

For him it’s just about the wins that stroke his HUGE ego….

That separates him somewhat for the men who held the office in the past…

Trump, while throwing out the make ‘ Making America Great’ slogan ?

Has ACTUALLY embraced up what he knows best….

Making Donald Trump  MONEY….


Donald Trump got a job on the public payroll that allows only HIM to make money from the same public ….

Every-week he makes sure to travel to someplace the taxpayers have to foot the bill….

He has NOT given upon making money various businesses that benefit from him being the guy who ok’s companies and countries making money…


Donald Trump also take little council for his parties senior lawmakers, experts or even past President’s….

As I pointed out above?

It huts his agenda, and the countries as aides have finally learnded to let him put his foot in his mouth repeatedly  and then they clean up behind him or let him take the beat down….Trump’s staff turn over is the highest of any modern President….


His disregard of the rules and norms of the political field has led to his being investigated by a special prosecutor ….The system does NOT take kindly to those who ignore it’s rules….This oversight by a former FBI head DOES cause Donald Trump heart burn and will be a reminder to those who follow in his footsteps to the White House  that ‘doing your own thing’…..Costs….

The American Presidency is resilient ….

It will survive Trump….

Things will swing back with the election of the next Democrat , or even Republican , who will surely be a experienced politician

And the tenure of Donald Trump will a lesson it what the modern President should be….And should NOT be….

‘A Durable Institution’

If Mr. Trump’s unconventional presidency succeeds, he could set a new paradigm for the presidency. If he fails, it would be a cautionary tale for his successors.

“There are a lot of changes — whether they are successful in the long run, time will tell,” said Stuart Spencer, who was a longtime adviser to Presidents Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan. “But I’m sure the next president will take note.”

The next president may feel compelled to be more interactive with the public even as he or she feels less compelled to release tax returns or White House entry logs because Mr. Trump refused to. The next president may feel more emboldened to take on entrenched interests or less worried about stretching the truth.

“If he can get away with it, then why can’t other people?” asked Eliot A. Cohen, a State Department counselor under George W. Bush and one of Mr. Trump’s fiercest Republican critics. “The good news is he’s been so incompetent and he’s got such a short attention span. But what happens if you get Huey Long next time, which would be a lot scarier?”

Some critics predict that Mr. Trump will provoke a backlash that will motivate the next president to show that he or she is the opposite. “People are going to want more ethics in government,” said Richard W. Painter, the White House ethics lawyer for Mr. Bush. “They’re going to take conflict of interest more seriously. They’re going to take obstruction of justice more seriously.”

Mr. Axelrod agreed, foreseeing a demand for a return to decorum. But, he added, “The question is, ‘Can you do so much damage to public confidence in these institutions that that can’t be restored?’”

The presidency has shifted back and forth before. Mr. Carter, seeking to remedy what he saw as Mr. Nixon’s imperial presidency, tried to demystify the office by walking the route of his inaugural parade, carrying his own luggage, selling the presidential yacht and initially eschewing the playing of “Hail to the Chief.” Mr. Reagan made a point of restoring the more ceremonial, regal trappings of the presidency.

“Things go in cycles,” said Doris Kearns Goodwin, an author of books on Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, Johnson and both Roosevelts. “The hope would be that given the American people’s reaction to the way he’s handled the presidency, the people running next time will run in the opposite direction.”…..



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My Name Is jack

Re James @2:47…

Once again,who cares what his” ideology “is?(Hell, you can’t even explain Republican “ ideology,”you just “ know” Trump doesn’t have it!)

How does he govern?

Like a Republican.

As for the different “ types” of Republicans?

Why can’t Trump be an ,uh, “type?”

So much horse manure….


I think it’s going to take another three years before we see any daylight between Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Have a safe evening everyone.


The Dog is right! Embrace it when it occurs.

Happy New Year.

scott p

Yes Jack is right. Trump began the year by appointing an extremely conservative Republican cabinet (and the whitest, malest one in decades) and ended it with his signature tax cut for the wealthy which is a conservative Republican’s wet dream.

He fits right in with “Republican ideology”

My Name Is jack
Define”true Republican in ideology.” Explain how action wise Trump differs in any significant way from Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Way way too much is made here,mostly by you and CG, on this Totally insignificant and unknowable point of Trumps “ real” beliefs. Who gives a damn? What we know factually is that Donald Trump governs as a typical Right Wing conservative Republican.This indisputable Fact drives you and CG to distraction ,as the rest of us have to read these constant posts that Trump isn’t… Read more »