Why Donald Trump probably hasn’t fired Ropert Mueller…By the Numbers


The removal of an American President has evolved into a POLITICAL action….

NOT a criminal action….

By the rules we have in this country?

Donald Trump is correct….

He COULD walk down the Broadway in New York City…

Pull out a gun and shoot by stander and NOT be charged with a federal crime…

(He probably COULD be charged with a state crime though)

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Impeachment (indictment) comes from the House….

The charges are approved by a SIMPLE MAJORITY…..

If the Democrats win a majority come this November?

The pressuer on Pelosi and Schumer for an impeachment will be YUGE….

But there is a CATCH…..

To convict and remove a sitting President from office?

The Senate vote ‘Aye’ must be by TWO THIRDS.

There is probably NO CHANCE of THAT from 2018 to 2020…..

And THAT is why Donald Trump is probably NOT going to fire Robert Mueller….

To fire him WOULD tilt the balance  of his hairline support, by his party members, in the Senate, due to the reactionary media and public pressure from a move that WOULD CLEARLY be seen as  an ‘obstruction of justice’….

Democratic and Republican leaders along with the political/legal people on Mueller’s team are well aware of the above ….


For the sake of the country?

Democrats and probably establishment Republicans are betting that Mueller and Trump HIMSEL:F will make their bad dream go away with him bailing out of the White House….


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Jack and Zreebs are right, the Republicans talk a good game and then vote with Trump, even poor John McCain who appears not to know what “regular order” is anymore. But the effort to organize impeachment is far from wasted at this point. First, Tom Steyer’s ads are a great organizing tool for the midterms; but second, this effort explains and properly frames Trump’s treasonous crimes against the State. The Steyer campaign is a counterbalance to the Fox News and Republican efforts to undermine Mueller.
My Name Is jack
I do not see Trump voluntarily leaving the White House at this time. Actually he seems to enjoy the role.. Nor do I see any pressure from Republicans for him to do so.Indeed,, the whole ”NeverTrump” movement within the Republican Party is essentially existing in a static state. Bob Corker literally has taken the money and run.Hes no factor in anything.John McCain is ,regretfully ,in his last days .Jeff Flake runs his mouth a little,hints at a presidential candidacy ,but has been unable to gain… Read more »

It would be futile right now. Republicans would put Russia first over America. but Muellers work should continue.

My Name Is jack

Democrats would be well advised to concentrate on stopping Trump/Republican initiatives inimical to the best interests of the country rather than pursue impeachment if the take control of the House.

There is simply no chance of conviction so the whole effort would be anexercise in futility.