Some Democrats get nervous about pushing Trump to resign over sexual misconduct…

Donald Trump’s misbehavior is back in the news…

A growing list of Democrats are calling for the President to do what a increasing number of politicans are doing across the country….

Step down from their jobs…..

THAT is bothering other Democrats….

They look to the last two big wins by Democarts in the South and wins in other places  and reject….

ALL of those wins where earned by candiates that ran against local problems  and the Republican overall efforts to take away benefits from voters…Donald Trump was a side issue…Not THE issue…..

Some Democrats are afraid that making the parties whole push a effort to dislodge Trump, before even Mueller supplies even more  poliutical and criminal ammunition will NOT work…..

And some remember a recent Democratic President who came out stronger after the opposition party was unable convict him on a case that started with a sexual misconduct situation….

Many veteran operatives and elder statesmen in the Democratic firmament worry that engaging in this fight is not the way to win in 2018. They think Hillary Clinton blundered by trying to turn last year’s election into a referendum on Trump’s baggage and boorish behavior. They worry that Democrats won’t fully capitalize on Trump’s unpopularity if they’re perceived as overplaying their hand. They’re nervous that the conversation over whether Trump should step down has sucked up too much political oxygen, possibly at the expense of the tax debate — which a lot of these Democrats believe they can win since so many voters already see the GOP bill as a giveaway to the rich at the expense of the middle class.

Ed Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said it’s very hard to ask Trump to resign when all the accusations of sexual assault against him were out in the open before the 2016 election. “The American people knew this, and they voted for him anyway,” Rendell said in an interview. “If there were any new allegations, that might be something different. But they knew it, and they voted for him.”

“It’s something that makes people think Washington’s gone nuts: Everyone’s asking everyone to resign,” he added. “I think the guy should not be president. I think he’s mentally unstable. I think there are things we know about what he did to impede the [Russia] investigation that might justify his impeachment. … But we’ve got problems in North Korea and all sorts of other problems at home. I don’t think that advances the ball.”

“Look, he’s not going to resign. So let’s not play games,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told HuffPost on Tuesday…

The specter of 1998 looms large for “Chuck and Nancy.” Americans felt the GOP overreached with the impeachment of Bill Clinton and punished them in that year’s midterms….


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