Could the Democrats actually have a chance for a US Senate majority come next year?

The reasoning?

If Democrat Doug Jones could win in Red Alabama?

Heck, what other places can they win that they thought where impossible? 

The Democrats got the political version of a miracle on Tuesday. Doug Jones’s victory in Alabama means Democrats have accomplished the most difficult item on their checklist in pursuit of the Senate. A Democratic path is now obvious, and the race for control is basically a tossup, perhaps with a Republican advantage.

It is hard to overstate how surprising this would have seemed a year ago. Democrats needed three states to flip control of the Senate, but they entered the cycle defending 25 seats (two of them independents) to the G.O.P.’s eight. Of those Democratic seats, a staggering 10 of them were in states that chose Donald J. Trump for president, including five that he carried by at least 18 percentage points.

Only one Republican, Dean Heller, represented a state (Nevada) won by Hillary Clinton. Jeff Flake’s seat in Arizona was also plausibly competitive after Mr. Trump’s tepid 3.5-point win in the state, but it was hard to find the third Democratic seat. Perhaps the next best Democratic opportunity was against Ted Cruz in Texas — a long shot at best.

But the Republican position has steadily deteriorated throughout the year. Most obviously, Mr. Trump’s weak approval ratings have decidedly shifted the national political environment….


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I am lucky enough to have the resources to support folks like Jones both financially and with my time. The Senator’s campaign disclosure will show I also put my money where my mouth was. As far as winning back the Senate, not an easy task, but now doable, very doable. A couple of things, then I need to get to a Christmas brunch with my Alabama friend (law school buddy of Jones) who dropped a bundle on the campaign and even hired a bus for… Read more »
Scott P
I sent Jones all of twenty bucks. Keith did a lot more with his phone banking If anyone listens to podcasts I would recommend Pod Save America–hosted by former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and another guy whose name I forget. This week’s episode broke down the Alabama Senate race and noted how the GOP still has some more Roy Moores out there in races next year. True none have been accused of pedophilia, but wackos Kelli Ward and Danny Tarkanian hit all the other crazy… Read more »
Let’s be honest. The a Dems only won in Alabama because the Republicans nominated a highly-polarizing candidate who we later found out also had a history of assaulting children, but if was too late to replace that candidate on the ballot. But the GOP also nominated Donald Trump. So it is highly possible that they will nominate terrible candidates in one or more states. And that is probably the only realitic path to a Democratic victory in deeply red states. At the same time, the… Read more »