Donald Trump Still prefers Putin….

The Washington Post does an intriguing in-depth piece on President Donald Trump and his continual dysfunctional relationship with his intelligence community….

This has been going on from BEFORE Trump was elected….

The guy is locked into a ‘want’ to get in bed with the Russian President Putin….

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The piece points to the efforts that Trump National Security staff goes to everyday to NOT brief the American President on anything negative about the Russian President and his actions against the American political system…

The staff found out early on that including the ‘real’ on Putin actions would turn their prime intel briefing client defensive and annoyed at them and the information ….

One wonders how America can deal with aggressive actions against it’s political organizations when its leader cannot acknowledge that threat …

This dog wonders WHY is this so….

And I do NOT believe this is about Trump trying to get over the election view that Russia helped him beat Hillary Clinton….

I hope that Robert Mueller can give the REAL answer to this….

Nearly a year into his presidency, Trump continues to reject the evidence that Russia waged an assault on a pillar of American democracy and supported his run for the White House.

The result is without obvious parallel in U.S. history, a situation in which the personal insecurities of the president — and his refusal to accept what even many in his administration regard as objective reality — have impaired the government’s response to a national security threat. The repercussions radiate across the government.

Rather than search for ways to deter Kremlin attacks or safeguard U.S. elections, Trump has waged his own campaign to discredit the case that Russia poses any threat and he has resisted or attempted to roll back efforts to hold Moscow to account.

His administration has moved to undo at least some of the sanctions the previous administration imposed on Russia for its election interference, exploring the return of two Russian compounds in the United States that President Barack Obama had seized — the measure that had most galled Moscow. Months later, when Congress moved to impose additional penalties on Moscow, Trump opposed the measures fiercely.

Trump has never convened a Cabinet-level meeting on Russian interference or what to do about it, administration officials said. Although the issue has been discussed at lower levels at the National Security Council, one former high-ranking Trump administration official said there is an unspoken understanding within the NSC that to raise the matter is to acknowledge its validity, which the president would see as an affront.

Trump’s stance on the election is part of a broader entanglement with Moscow that has defined the first year of his presidency. He continues to pursue an elusive bond with Putin, which he sees as critical to dealing with North Korea, Iran and other issues. “Having Russia in a friendly posture,” he said last month, “is an asset to the world and an asset to our country.”

His position has alienated close American allies and often undercut members of his Cabinet — all against the backdrop of a criminal probe into possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin…



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