Democrat Doug Jones beat Hillary Clinton’s numbers in Alabama….


Doug Jones campaigned  a LOT MORE IN THE state than Hillary did….

Donald Trump IS bad….

Roy Moore was worst….

But it IS interesting to hear the numbers…

Image result for hillary clinton/doug jonesDoug Jones will be the next senator from Alabama, the first Democrat to hold that position in the state since Howell Heflin retired in 1996 and Sen. Richard C. Shelby, reading the writing on the wall, shifted to the GOP in 1994.

Jones carried 25 of the state’s 67 counties. In each county, he did better than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did during the 2016 general election; in 12 counties, he won where Clinton didn’t.

It has been about 15 hours since Jones won, as of writing, and a lot of analysis of the results will ensue. But one factor has largely flown under the radar: In 11 counties, Jones actually received more votesthan Clinton. Not a higher vote margin — actual votes, even though 59 percent of voters statewide cast ballots in the 2016 election and the special election on Tuesday turned out only 37 percent of voters, according to Edison Media Research.

Interestingly, with only one exception the counties that Jones flipped aren’t the ones in which he earned more votes than Clinton. In other words, Jones earned more Democratic votes than Clinton in 10 counties that he lost anyway. In total, he outperformed Clinton by about 13,300 votes in those 11 counties. He beat Republican Roy Moore by about 20,700 as of Wednesday morning….



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