Breaking…Fox poll shows Democrat Doug Jones with a TEN POINT lead over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race…

Oh Snap!….

This poll was done from Dec 7th to the 10th….

It’s results point to observations reported over the last week by several pundit’s that question the polling samples that have been done by smaller outfits….

In addition?

It has become apparent that Jones is gaining support among black and young white higher educated voters thru out the state….

The Democratic vote is united…The Republican vote seems split….

Roy Moore has NOT been out campaigning and adding Donald Trump to the equation maybe told after the vote as a mistake…

The actual vote tomorrow is anyone’s guess….But Democrats have to be in a better mood going into the vote….

Now we’ll see who actually votes…

Democrat Doug Jones holds a 10-point lead over Republican Roy Moore among likely voters in deep red Alabama.

Greater party loyalty plus higher interest in the election among Democrats combined with more enthusiasm among Jones supporters gives him the advantage in the race to fill the U.S. senate seat previously held by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

That’s according to a Fox News Poll of Alabama voters conducted Thursday through Sunday using traditional polling techniques, including a list-based probability sample with both landlines and cellphones.

Jones receives 50 percent to Moore’s 40 percent, with 1-in-10 undecided (8 percent) or supporting another candidate (2 percent) — which could make a difference Tuesday.  That’s even truer with such an unconventional election with unconventional candidates.

poll 1

This race’s uniqueness is significant.  It is impossible to know who will show up to vote in a special election to fill a seat in the middle of a term in an off-year.  And it’s December, a time when people expect to be going to the shopping mall, not the voting booth.

On top of that, accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore emerged November 9.  That’s just a month before the December 12 election.  Since then, he has repeatedly denied the allegations, and after the GOP initially pulled its support, the party ultimately backed Moore.

By a 6-point margin, Alabama voters believe the allegations against Moore are true (39-33 percent).  They were more evenly divided last month, believing the accusations by just 1 point (38-37 percent).  About one quarter, 27 percent, feel it is too soon to say or have no opinion.

Among Republicans, 13 percent believe the accusations are true, 60 percent say they aren’t, and 26 percent are unsure.  In November, it was 13-62 percent (26 percent unsure)….



This IS a Fox News poll folks….(The Fox News Poll is conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R).)

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Tonight, it ended for Roy Moore.

Tomorrow, and no later, it should end for Al Franken, Ruben Kihuen, Blake Farenthold, and anyone else who deserves to have it end for them politically.


Oh Donald, eventually it ends for everyone.


Needless to say, my telling the Moore apologists online and those who said ” I couldn’t vote for him but I hope he wins by one vote” would have found a way to say the same thing about David Duke in a comparable electoral situation is not sitting well with them.


I think there have been many winning white candidates, Democrat and Republican, who have quoted MLK in Alabama in recent decades.

I doubt Moore would have though.


Doug Jones is my favorite liberal, at least for tonight.

I would advise him to rent, not buy, in D.C.

Maybe if he decides he likes his job, he will start to “evolve” on some issues.

Scott p

” One of our attorneys is a Jew”
–Kayla Moore, wife of Roy Moore saying that proves they aren’t anti Semitic.
Only she said it “Jyew”
The crowd applauded.

Then you had Moore’s army buddy recalling how they “accidentally” went to a brothel with child prostitutes in Vietnam and Moore suggested they leave so that proves he didn’t molest teenagers a decade later.
Yeah dude maybe just don’t tell that story.

I don’t think Scott said that the Fox’s polling has been good; he said they performed best on the Virginia race. You don’t evaluate a pollster based on one poll, and unless you know something I don’t, their results have been around “average” relative to other pollsters. I agree with Scott that it is doubtful that Jones is up by 10, and I also agree with him that polling for this particular race is very difficult. So are you now saying James that you expect… Read more »
Here is my blog entry on the AL race, all stream of consciousness and un-proofread. There is simply to way to cover this race in the entirety either from the news narrative or as a personal perspective, so a ton I could have included is missing, but I tried to do both. It’s pretty long and there is no need for anyone to actually read the whole thing, but I am sure that the P1 Dems will be angered by much of it and… Read more »

I would probably go on the side of conspiracy theorists and say that is a Fox News attempt to swing the vote to ensure a Roy Moore Victory…

I could be wrong, but that is my gut reaction to seeing a Democrat up by ten points on a Repulican in a Backwards state.

Scott p

FOX had the closest poll in Virginia showing Northam with a 5 point lead while others showed it 0-2 points with either candidate leading. Northam won by 10


The Fox News poll results is a surprise. While Fox is not considered one of the best pollsters, it is not one of the worse either.

Scott p

If I were more conspiracy minded I’d say the FOX poll giving Jones a 10 point lead was an attempt to gin up Republicans to vote for Moore. But honestly I just think this race is damned near impossible to poll. I still think Moore takes it by 3, but if it’s anything from a 10 point Moore win to a 4 point Jones victory I wouldn’t be totally surprised.