Sen Gillibrand leads the march against abusive men…Is the ‘Just Believe’ movement right?….

Democratic NY Senator  Kristen Gillibrand has been crusading against sexual abuse in the military first, and now against the issue in Congress…She is the media darling right now…

But this week she moved onto a slippery slope…

She was th spear point for the Franken step down ….

And she has give the answer THAT appears  to knock Democratic icon Bill Clinton…..She has NOT made some people happy….Her efforts are NOT  being seen as helpful for a Democratic party that  is trying to claw back a majority next year…

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has put herself in the spotlight by calling on Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to step down and saying President Clinton should have resigned during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Taking on major figures in her own party has bolstered the New York Democrat’s standing as a voice for change in the nation’s reckoning over sexual harassment and misconduct, which is reshaping society.

But it has also won her criticism.

Supporters of Clinton blasted Gillibrand as disloyal for her statements about Clinton, with some noting how the Clintons supported her over the years.

Those sympathetic to Franken suggested it was craven for her to be the first out with a statement Wednesday calling for him to resign, and suggested she was both seeking attention and building her brand on a fallen progressive hero….


In addition?

There is the beginnings of a pushback that WILL form against the sexual abuse house cleaning push. that subjects men to being guilty by mere mentions in public…’just believe’?

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In this national “just believe” the accuser moment, it’s important to remember that part of the power of the recent accusations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein and so many others is that they are backed up by meticulous reporting that has provided contemporaneous corroboration and other evidence. Presented with these revelations, the accused themselves in many cases have provided confirmation by acknowledging at least some of their violations. A failed attempt by the right-wing group Project Veritas to persuade the Washington Post to publish the account of a fake accuser of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore demonstrated the power of verifying before believing…

In the past few weeks, a number of accused men have disappeared Soviet-style from public life, with the work of some—Louis C.K. and Garrison Keillor, for example—withdrawn from distribution. There has been discussion about whether everyone accused deserves a professional death penalty, or whether there should be a scale of punishment. After all, the violations run the gamut from multiple allegations of rape to unwanted touching. But in a statement on Facebook calling for Franken’s resignation, New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand came out against making such distinctions. “While it’s true that his behavior is not the same as the criminal conduct alleged against [Alabama Senate candidate] Roy Moore, or Harvey Weinstein, or President Trump, it is still unquestionably wrong,” she wrote. “We should not have to be explaining the gradations between sexual assault, harassment and unwelcome groping.”…

This amazing moment has a chance to be truly transformative. But it could also go off track if all accusations are taken on faith, if due process is seen as an impediment rather than a requirement and an underpinning of justice, and if men and women grow wary of each other in the workplace….


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I’m sure that Moore Democrats are unhappy with Gillebrand. But most of Moore supporters have now been Republicans for a long time. Franken resigned on his own. Her request and Franken’s actions won’t have the slightest impact on the race in Alabama, but that was not her intent. Only people like CG think it could have some impact. And with regard to Bill Clinton, yeah, her comments are a little late, so are all of the charges of the MeToo movement. That doesn’t make them… Read more »

I don’t think Gillibrand’s comments were harmful to the party. She said what she believed and millions of voters hold the same view.

Scott p

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said that Trump’s accusers need to be heard.

Wonder if she will be shown the door here shortly