Republicans want this country closed off and back to the 1950’s…Open Thread for Dec 8, 2017….

No more immigrants….

Hunt down those who came here illegally , cuff them and ship them out

No more abortions…

Black and poor people denied the right to vote….

Guns for everyone….

Give your money BACK to your boss…

Gays are denied their civil rights….

War….Not Peace….

More guns and tanks….

Get rid of social safety net programs…

Tell OTHER countries…They are on their own…

Tell American exporters….You can only sell in this country….

Threaten to take away a healthcare program that has enrolled almost 10% of Americans who had NO healthcare except the emergency room…

Added to all this is the idea that it’s all right to put people (guys) into office that lie, cheat and steal from those less fortunate…..

All that excitement about Barack Obama being the first black/mixed race President and a Democrat has made the Republicans hard pressed to ‘take back’ a country that IS  into second decade of the 21st Century….

In order for the above to be stopped?

Democrats and some Republicans are gonna have to NOT accept resignation and rise up and VOTE….In local , state and Congressional election next November and in 2020….

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They could get some help from the Robert Mueller final throw-down which will show a New York Real Estate guy who fell into the Presidency of the United State ill equipped to handle it and has tried to get in bed with a foreign power’s people that have done a masterful job of penetrating a start-up American Presidential admin and  tried to get even with American winning the ‘Cold War’…..

In addition ?

At what point does the fear of replacing an American President over come the fear of leaving the guy in to wreck just about everything he touches as he has with past business dealings?…

Donald J. Trump IS the Grand Ole Party these days…He stole it in broad daylight last year and continues make it follow his outlandish and ill conceived action’s…..

Those actions listed above, and more?

Done by guys who MOST America’s do NOT approve of or Support…

Point to a country looking to go BACKWARDS….

Not to contiune being ‘Great’….

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Scott p

I predicated my comments by saying if there was a wave.

Historically IF that happens the competitive Senate races all fall the same way and you can wind up with a surprise or two with a formerly safe seat going the way of the wave.

Right now the signs point to it being a wave year next year but only time will tell.

Manila Calling!

I meant lose, not loose.

Manila Calling!

Alabama! Gateway to Mississippi?

Probably not.

Especially after what happened with Moore.

And Moore did not loose by that much.

There’s an awful lot of hubris in these comments. Granted, Republicans threw away a Senate seat in Alabama, which makes life easier for Democrats but in regards to the 2018 Senate map, Democrat still need a lot of breaks. Very few, if any child predators will be nominated by Republicans. Do not forget about all the seats that Democrats have to defend in states that were won by Trump. A small net gain by Republicans is as likely as anything else at this point. As… Read more »

I was amazed at how Jones built a ground organization so quickly from scratch in Alabama. If it can be done there it can be done anywhere.

I sure hope Moore runs for Governor. The gift that keeps on giving,

Scott p

At this point Democrats just need to get a good candidate and machinery on the ground in Mississippi to take advantage of a potential wave.

If it looks close there next October then as Zreebs said we almost certainly would have the Senate locked up by then with Nevada and Arizona and possibly Tennessee falling our way.


I’ll agree with you that we can win in Tennessee. If the Dems really have a chance at winning in Mississippi,then we will win the Senate.


Scott, I just don’t see a Democratic path to victory in Mississippi. McDaniel is much stronger than Moore.


McDaniel is nuts, not child molester nuts, but he’s nuts. It could be closer than we think given the energy on the Democratic side.

We also have a good chance in Tennessee.


Wow, I actually agree with Daniel. On this anyway.