Senate Democrats warn Sec of State Tillerson to stop straving his Department….

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Tillerson is reported to have cut the US State Dept by 1/3 of it’s budget and refused to staff hundred’s portions in the agency….

Senate Democrats are demanding that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lift a hiring freeze, nominate more candidates for vacant diplomatic slots and share much more detail with Congress about his plan to restructure the State Department.

If Tillerson doesn’t step up his cooperation with Capitol Hill, the lawmakers warn, they’ll use legislation to force him.

The demands were conveyed in a stern and lengthy letter to Tillerson dated Wednesday and signed by all 10 Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, including ranking member Ben Cardin of Maryland.

The letter, shared first with POLITICO, is the latest sign of growing concern in Congress about the future of U.S. diplomacy under President Donald Trump. The missive also illustrates the growing unhappiness with Tillerson in Congress, where even some Republicans have questioned the merits of his plans for the State Department.

In the letter, the Democrats nod to reports of sinking morale in the State Department, where many top officials have quit and others have felt sidelined in the policy-making process since Tillerson took over in February.

“The department’s redesign, spending, and personnel moves are taking place largely behind closed doors and without the level of transparency we would expect,” the senators write. “Moreover, proposals that have come to light lead us to question whether the intended result is in fact a more efficient department that continues to serve the interests of the American people and promote our foreign policy objectives abroad.”….



The complaints about this non-action have NOT just been by Democratic Senators…..


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One thought on “Senate Democrats warn Sec of State Tillerson to stop straving his Department….”

  1. Who wants people who hate you, leak info, backstab, or otherwise have egotistical attitudes and act like their crap is ice cream to work for you?

    Maybe the real reason is it’s that many fewer “jobs” the Congress can spoon out as rewards and that many fewer spies they can deploy.

    On the other hand, and pardon my Normura and Kurusu, the Japanese Diplomatic Service kinda dropped the ball 76 years ago when they were late delivering the declaration of war to Cordell Hull!

    Still, at least no one from the White House tweeted “Remember the Alamo!” so maybe it’s not so serious.

    PS: I’m going to bed!

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