Democartic US Senator’s ask Franken to resign….Update..He’s stepping down

I have said all along that Franken should step aside after Trump and Moore do….They have done thing more serious…

But it appears that some of his colleagues aren’t in agreement with this….

And are giving cover fire to the Republicans…

Seven female senators on Wednesday called on Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to resign in the wake of multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was the first of Franken’s fellow Senate Democrats to take that step and was quickly followed by Democratic Sens. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Patty Murray of Washington, Kamala Harris of California and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) also called on Franken to resign.

“While Senator Franken is entitled to have the Ethics Committee conclude its review, I believe it would be better for our country if he sent a clear message that any kind of mistreatment of women in our society isn’t acceptable by stepping aside to let someone else serve,” Gillibrand said in a Facebook post.

The calls came after POLITICO reportedthat a former Democratic congressional aide said he tried to forcibly kiss her after a taping of his radio show in 2006, three years before he became a U.S. senator. Franken, who had previously been accused by six other women of groping or trying to forcibly kiss them, denied the accusation….




D base is trending toward zero tolerance, R base trending toward Trump/Moore. They’re facing opposite currents.

Just 45% of Dems approved of how their party was handling sexual harassment prior to Conyers resigning and this Franken news (Q poll)

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91 thoughts on “Democartic US Senator’s ask Franken to resign….Update..He’s stepping down”

  1. Every day that Franken stayed (or stays) in office since this story broke has been what has given “cover fire” to Moore and Trump and their apologists.

    His resignation (assuming it happens tomorrow) is long overdue. No sensible person would insist on a standard that the wrongs of others justify their own wrong actions.

  2. The parties seem to be going in opposite directions here.

    But that’s OK. We’ll still have daily reminders here of what Mel Reynolds did in 1995 or Gerry Studds in 1983 in order to keep Both Sides Theater going.

  3. Had the Democrats listened to what I was saying about how Franken needed to go right away when this all started, so there could not be double standards, you all would have been spared a lot of grief, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump would be in a worse position now.

    But now, everyone here (except maybe james, but including Keith) has come around to saying Franken needs to resign. I wonder if he will announce he is entering rehab.

    Back later.

    1. Let’s face it….

      Democrats do NOT fight as hard as the GOPer’s….

      Trump is doing crazy shit NO DEMOCRATR would think of….

      Democrats just do NOT hang in there enough…

      Sometimes it’s makes me annoyed…

    2. I never offered an opinion on whether Franken should resign or not. I feel it is his decision, but if he chooses not to, he will be dragged through the mud. And he deserves it.

      But if every Democrat in the Senate called for Franken to resign, how many Republicans would then call Trump to resign? Maybe 5?

  4. So Democrats do the right thing eventually while Republicans double down on the wrong thing and it’s still “both sides”.

    And something about the Mayor of Seattle–who is now gone as I believe they elected an openly lesbian mayor last month when bigots and homophobes–and Virginia Republicans, but I repeat myself– took a nice shellacking at the polls

    But keep grasping at those straws!

  5. Yeah, that’s why Bill Clinton didn’t fight it out and resigned, (which is something Democrats will admit now he should have done…. it would have guaranteed Gore won in 2000 as well)

    Ted Kennedy sure resigned after he allowed a woman to die by suffocation several hours after he drove her off a bridge because he left the scene, called his political advisors to engage in crisis control, and took a nap, before he alerted authorities.

    I have already provided all the examples of how Republicans resign when confronted with “far less” (i.e, consensual extra-marital affairs with adult women) or lose elections. Democrats are far more likely to get passes on these issues.

    Roy Moore should be defeated by the voters or thrown out of the Senate if he does not. Donald Trump and Bill Clinton should never have been elected.

    But when the physical abuse of people like Franken, Conyers, or Packwood come to light, they should face the consequences.

    1. Bill Clinton did…

      Was impeached and the Senate did NOT convict….

      The guy HUMG IN THERE

      He came out of things STRONGER then when he went in….

      Oh, and some GOPer’s had to step down CG, Remember THAT part?

    2. If you have to go back to Chappaquidick (sp?) in the 1960s of a former senator who has been dead for years to try to prove that Democrats today get passes that Republicans don’t you are losing the argument. You have recently complained that you didn’t want Examples of things that happened before you were voting, but now you use an example of something that happened many years before you were born? It comes across as awfully partisan for such a nonpartisan!

  6. Yeah, that’s the point. Republicans typically have more shame and embarrassment and step down, or they are held to a higher standard by their more conservative electorate.

    Times have changed though with Trump and Moore for some, but I don’t think that makes it right either.

  7. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.

    I am sure Scott thinks Mark McGwire belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame too. He didn’t want to “talk about the past.”

  8. Trent Lott quit (under pressure from a Republican White House) because he said something dumb while trying to give a toast at someone’s 100th birthday party.

    1. Ok….
      Since it looks like Franken COULD be going back to Minnesota to give it up….


      Rachel Cohen‏
      Rachel Cohen Retweeted Pass-Through Yglesias
      The progressive liberal who could conceivably replace Al Franken would be Erin Murphy. People overlook her in favor of the flashier statewide officeholders, but she’s got a lot more legislative experience and her local reputation is less mercenary

      Minn House member Erin Murphy….Wiki

  9. Well obviously the vast of majority of Republican voters no longer care about that repentant stuff as they went all in on Trump and are going all in on Moore.

    If these strolls down Memory Lane make you feel superior to us godless liberals about how things were 15 to 30 years ago have at it.
    But if you really want to change your party its a colossal waste if time.

  10. As I expected, right-wing Trump apologists online are very upset that Franken appears headed for resignation tomorrow as they are concerned that such a move will help Jones beat Moore in Alabama.

  11. Brit Hume

    “Republicans should now pray that either Franken refuses to quit or Moore loses. Otherwise, a hot mess for the party as Moore becomes their hood ornament.”

    Franken should have done this three weeks ago. He knew there were other women out there he had abused. The Democrats lost a lot of news cycles they could have used more effectively against Moore (and Trump.)

  12. From today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune (hardly a conservative paper) editorial calling on Franken to resign:

    “Some Franken supporters have said that so long as President Donald Trump, himself accused by a string of women of sexual misconduct, occupies the White House — and while Republicans continue to rally around Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, credibly accused of molesting and pursuing underage girls — Franken should stay. That is a cynical calculation that indulges in the same tribalism for which Republicans have been rightly criticized.

    Democrats have an opportunity here to set a higher standard. They can give hope to women across the country that the old rules are, in fact, changing and that credible accusations won’t be overlooked or hushed up but instead will trigger consequences.”

    Why would a liberal disagree with any of that?

  13. “Why is he waiting for tomorrow to resign”

    Clearly it’s a gift to you CG.
    What are you going to do without Franken and Conyers to kick around?
    Address the moral bankruptcy of your own party?
    That won’t be nearly as much fun for you.

  14. “What are you going to do without Franken and Conyers to kick around?”

    Continue to “kick around” Trump and Moore I suppose. I’ll be happy to get rid of Moore as a target after Tuesday. I’ve handed out figurative foreclosure notices left and right.

    Is Ruben Kihuen going to resign? He’s saying no, despite Pelosi telling him he has to.

  15. Tribalists at HHR- “when are you going to address the moral bankruptcy of the Democrats?”

    Tribalists at PDog- “when are you going to address the moral bankruptcy of Republicans?”

    If only I could get all you people in the same room…

  16. I don’t know. The info I have been fed about it on here turned out to be fake news. I think I am better to stay neutral on that “fight” and hope for the best for the country instead of just rushing into uninformed “Hot Takes.”

  17. What did I “defend” that was not factual?

    The fact is, that the Senate bill doubled the tax write off for teachers who purchase school supplies. It didn’t eliminate it. It doubled it.

    There might be and probably are other flaws with the bill, but that isn’t one of them.

  18. I remember you opposed the Bush tax cuts, which cut taxes on the middle class.

    So, it seems more like you are just against the concept of tax cuts, whether they are on the wealthy or the middle class. Just go with that and be consistent. I will respect that.

  19. I didn’t say I supported it, but I don’t understand the logic of that.

    If you supported Obamacare, you most certainly were not fiscally conservative though. You might have your legitimate reasons for supporting it otherwise, but “conservatism” would not apply.

  20. There are “flaws” in every bill.

    Everyone knows that.

    Here though we have atax cut measure supported by almost every Republican in Congress.Tax cuts have been one of the major planks of the Republican Party since the Reagan era.You remain a committed Republican.The major planks of the bill are known and your party has said this bill will be great for the economy .

    Do you not believe them?

    That’s odd as you are a big defender of the very people who are making these statements.You don’t trust their judgment?

    No,my “hunch” is that you don’t want to take a stand,at least here, because you don’t want to take the heat of supporting a cornerstone of Trumps program.

    This whole matter raises a real question.Along with your “neutrality” with the various Republican health care schemes ,what is your real purpose in discussing politics anymore?

    The only purpose of politics is to elect people to pass or oppose legislation .If one takes your position that you can’t take a stand due to not having enough information(despite the fact that the News was consumed with various details of the tacx cut.Indeed you seem to know about one of its more obscure points) ,then what is your point ?

    Is it just your admitted interest in the sexual aspects of the political and entertainment world?

  21. Is CNBC a legit source? I know it’s not Mother Jones, but to many Trump fans, it might as well be…

    What I am seeing here in this analysis is that taxes are cut for everyone across the board. Yes, the wealthiest will get the largest cuts, which seems to be obvious, but that the middle class and working poor; everyone who pays taxes, will get a cut, at least temporarily. The issue of what happens after 2025 is a concern for some.

  22. I only knew about the “obscure point” because Scott said on here yesterday that it screws teachers who want to buy school supplies and I said to myself, “that sounds bad”, so I quickly looked that up and in a matter of seconds, I found that it was completely untrue and that the bill actually helps them even more.

    I assume it was just an honest mistake by Scott and not deliberate propaganda to steer me astray. It was easy to look up though.

    I said on here last week that if Jeb Bush, whom I thought was easily the best candidate out of those who ran for President, supported it, that might influence my thinking, and he has indeed indicated his support for the Senate bill. I know that I will be told that Jeb himself is also a monster who feasts on minority children when he takes breaks from setting fires at nursing homes.

      1. NateSilver@NateSilver538
        People are like “but Trump!” but it’s pretty easy to argue that Trump is a major liability for the GOP and they’d benefit if he resigned tomorrow.

  23. Wait, so you’re telling me a Bush supports a Republican tax cut primarily aiding the ultra rich while adding trillions to the debt
    Stop the presses!

  24. and you are telling me that you prefer higher taxes on all and massive government spending. No new surprise there. I just know that none of this has anything to with DJT. A few years ago, he would have been right there with you saying how terrible Republicans were on these issues.

  25. No one has to “talk” you into supporting something you quite obviously do.

    This is silly.

    Now get back to the sex!

  26. A conservative group known as Reagan’s Battalions has accused Roy Moore of anti Semitism.

    Apparently the buffoon appeared on some radio show and went on a rant against a favorite conservative target,George Soros,declaring that Soros was going to Hell because he doesn’t believe in God.

    The RBs were with Moore in his dislike of Soros ,but declared his statement about the Jewish Soros anti Semitic.

    A hater has got to hate.

    It’s likely just a matter of time before he utters some racial nonsense I would imagine.

  27. “A few years ago he would have been right with you saying how terrible Republicans are on these issues”

    Yeah and today Donald J Trump is all about tax cuts that will greatly benefit the super rich like him.

    Does it bother you that he finally agrees with you that his kids shouldn’t pay a dime in taxes on the millions they inherit?
    I thought you’d be happy you found a convert–and one that could help you achieve your goal of seeing a few thousand American families no longer have to be “burdened” with taxes when they inherit millions.

  28. CG desperately still wants to maintain, with no evidence whatsoever, that Trump is some kind of closet Democrat.

    A desperate man trying ,once again ,to make some sense of what has happened to his party.

    On some level One can have some sympathy for him but, at some point, one has to recognize that cleansing his party of the Trump stench is going to have to come from within and this “blaming the Democrats” routine has to be replaced by a real effort within the Republican Party to rid themselves of Trump.

    The problem for him is that ,at least within the party itself, Trump appears to be growing stronger as what passes for “leadership” in the Republican Party accommodates themselves to his “leadership.”

  29. I saw this comment on another site–in his statement tomorrow Franken should say considering his wrongdoings he has two choices–resign his seat or stay on as a Republican. Ha!

  30. Jeff Flakes contribution to Doug Jones should end any speculation that he will contest Trump for the Republican nomination.

    If he makes any move in 2020 it will be as an Independent or on some Third party effort.

  31. Yeah Franken could switch ,become a Republican ,and ,if Moore is elected, urge the Republicans to throw both of them out!

  32. The latest glitch?

    Posts are no longer appearing in chronological order.

    Zreebs post this morning is showing up with the posts from 1:00 yesterday afternoon.

    Whatever you’ve done James with the “reply” which no one is using, the listing of the individual posts by topic rather than what they said ,and now this,isn’t working.

    It’s none of my business, in a sense ,but if you think ,for whatever reason, these things have improved your site I believe you are mistaken and on this I think all the posters here agree.

  33. Ina moment of candor,Republican Congress,Mark Sanford of S.C. has forthrightly admitted that calling the Republican tax cut measure a Middle Class tax cut is a misnomer and that it should be called what it is..

    A corporate tax cut.

  34. James,

    I prefer the chronological order too. If we want to reply to an earlier post, we can reference the time of that post – which I have often done. Also since you restrict us from only seeing the last ten posts, it is difficult to determine what is new. Please change it to the way it used to be. In the meantime, going forward, I will always post my comment on the bottom anyway out of respect to the other posters, and I would ask for the other posters to practice the same courtesy. If you personally want to click reply of an earlier post, I am okay with that. Thanks.

  35. It appears that Al Franken will resign today. And while I support a process to investigate and make a ruling on this type of issue, it appears that Congress, especially this Congress, is not capable of actually managing this issue as it applies to all of the men accused of sexual misconduct.

    So, what will happen now to Joe “have you seen the pictures of my dick” Barton and Blake “pajama boy” Farenthold now that the Democrats are standing up to hold its membership accountable? Especially since Nancy has gotten Conyers to resign his seat.

    And what will Mitch McConnell do about Roy Moore if he is elected?

    I think we all know the answer to those questions. The Republicans are very willing to help send a child molester to the Senate if it will help them maintain their craven “save the rich” agenda.

    And, if we need to re-litigate the Bill Clinton matter should we also talk about Poppy Bush’s roaming hands or ask Clarence Thomas to resign from the Supreme Court?

  36. I had to go downstairs and watch it live. Been a long time coming.

    He says he is resigning in the “coming weeks.” What’s that about? All the calls for him from his party to resign yesterday said he should do it immediately. The issue is that the Alabama election is on Tuesday not in the “coming weeks.”

    Also, a theme of his remarks seemed to be that women should be believed, except for those who accused him. They are liars. Well, if he has nothing to hide, he should take a public lie detector test (as should Moore). Pictures say a thousand words though.

  37. Is the “next few weeks” designed to give him some wiggle room? So that if Moore wins, he can say he doesn’t have to resign now?

    He messed this up too. He needed to go before the Alabama election in order for the action to have the full effect. Schumer can’t be happy.

  38. I’m looking at this through the prism of “what is going to make it most likely for Roy Moore to lose.” Why does he have to wait several weeks? I am sure the DFL was hoping that their new Senator would at least be one up on the seniority chart than whomever Alabama picks, but that is not going to happen apparently.

    I thought Sen. Franken, even in this difficult moment, could be of some assistance to the country.

  39. “The full effect”

    The headlines will read “Franken Resigns” that’s it.

    Do you really think any Alabama voter is going to say “well I was all set to vote for Doug Jones but now that that handsy liberal Senator from Minnesota who used to be on SNL from isn’t leaving till the end of the month instead of in the next 15 minutes I got no choice but to vote for the child molester!”

    Not everyone–and by that I mean no one– is as obsessed with the fate of Al Franken as you are.

  40. Franken also left little doubt from his floor speech that he wants people to know that the women who accused him were lying. That’s what Trump says too and Moore will just say the same.

    Maybe they are liars and maybe Al Franken is the unluckiest person on the planet but it just seems odd why liberal writers and Democrat Congressional aides and supporters of his who took photos with him are all conspiring against him now. Plus, there is that photo..

  41. Does his pension increase if he is technically in office in 2018?

    I’m calling it right now. If Roy Moore wins, he is going attempt to back out of the resignation.

  42. From a quick check online I see two kinds of people obsessed with Franken’s resignation–right wing. Republican supporters of Trump and Moore who still hate Franken And Democrats no matter what–and CG.

    Maybe they aren’t so different after all

    Gotta get to work. Enjoy your obsession.

  43. The words “sorry” or “apologize” do not appear a single time in the text of his floor speech. That says it all and it is not going to go unnoted by people on both sides of the aisle.

    I will return sometime in the coming hours.

    1. …twitter…

      Benjy Sarlin
      . @SenWhitehouse statement on Franken: “The American people should take notice of national Republicans’ support for a morally degraded Senate candidate in Alabama and a President in the Oval Office facing equally credible charges.”

      1. Things getting REAL for the Democratic consequences of Franken quitting….


        Larry Sabato‏
        Larry Sabato Retweeted David Byler
        Our team at the Crystal Ball agrees. That’s why we rate the open Franken seat in MN as Leans D. BUT a savage D primary and a shrewd R choice could change that. Those are 2 big assumptions, though. That’s why for now it is Leans D.

        David Byler‏
        Minnesota is the sort of state where an R or D could win in an even year. But 2018 doesn’t look like it’ll be an even year —> D advantage in MN-SEN imo

  44. The Republicans should nominate Michelle Bachmann.
    Other than the pedophilia she’d be a Northern Roy Moore. Crazy, bigoted and stupid. Just the direction the Republican party is going.

    1. Oh SHIT!….


      Michael Trujillo‏
      SOURCES: @CNN and @washingtonpost working on exposing 20-30 congressional members 4 sexual harassment. #DC

      1. Rep. Trent Franks expected to resign

        Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) is expected to resign, according to a Republican operative informed on the congressman’s decision.

        Franks was first elected in 2002 and considered a 2012 Senate bid before deciding against it. Frank’s 8th District in Arizona backed President Donald Trump by 21 points in 2016….


  45. So let me get this straight–CG thinks its not right to associate all Republicans with. Roy Moore even though he is still the GOP nominee supported by the Republican President and the RNC

    Meanwhile Franken resigns after being pushed out by the vast majority of the Democratic caucus but since his resignation speech isn’t contrite enough it’s a probeen for all Democrats.

    That’s some pretzel logic there. And very Republican!

  46. It’s mostly a problem for Doug Jones, as I said, since he is the one on the ballot on Tuesday and I imagine he would like to win.

    I also believe that Schumer and other Senate Democrats are not pleased with the tenor of Franken’s bitter and unremorseful remarks nor his willingness to “resign immediately” as they publicly called on him to do yesterday.

    But to be clear, I have maintained throughout that Roy Moore would be a problem for Republicans.

    Scott is comparing apples to pineapples here. It’s very odd logic. It is not the fault of Democrats or Democrat voters that Franken abused women, especially since nearly all of the women were Democrats (sort of like how most of Moore’s victims apparently grew up to vote Republican), but that such “bad apples” in their midst would be a political problem for both parties.

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