Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital angering Muslims worldwide…

The action is the opposite of previous American President’s  for seven decades who held the decision as a bargaining chip for a possible peace effort between the Palestinians and Israel

Trump will NOT actually move the American embassy anytime soon and has invited the Palestine Liberation Organization leader Mahmoud Abbas to Washington for talks….

But the notifications to the media  of Trump’s plan to for fill a campaign promise has been greeted with consternation from around the world…And worries of possible Muslim violence  against Americans….

The announcement was praised in Israel….

The Trump Admin cannot make the actual physical move without an ok from Congress….

The White House, which has done little to lay the groundwork for the move, on Tuesday contacted pro-Israel leaders from the Jewish and Christian communities to invite them to a conference call set for Wednesday afternoon, according to an invitee who spoke about it on condition of anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his relationship with Mr. Trump’s team.

Mr. Klein was among several supporters who questioned why the embassy move would take several years. Former diplomats have said that the United States could relocate the embassy simply by hanging a new sign outside the American consulate in Jerusalem.

White House officials, however, said the administration’s lawyers concluded that would not be in compliance with a 1995 law, under which Congress instructed the president to move the embassy and required him to sign a waiver every six months to delay it. Legally, the officials said, the United States would have to move embassy staff into the building as well.

Reaction to Mr. Trump’s move in the Arab world was swift and negative, even from normally friendly leaders.

King Abdullah II of Jordan strongly cautioned against the move, “Stressing that Jerusalem is the key to achieving peace and stability in the region and the world,” according to a statement from the royal palace in Amman. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the custodian of Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“King Abdullah stressed that the adoption of this resolution will have serious implications for security and stability in the Middle East, and will undermine the efforts of the American administration to resume the peace process and fuel the feelings of Muslims and Christians,” the statement said….



This is another move by Trump to counter accepted American foreign policy around the world…And a slight to the Arabs and a thumbs up to the Israelis….

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37 thoughts on “Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital angering Muslims worldwide…”

  1. That is inaccurate. U.S. policy has stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

    Israel of course has the right to decide what it’s capital is and U.S. Presidents, including Clinton and Obama, have recognized Jerusalem as the capital.

    Trump’s announcement is mostly symbolic. It would be years before we would move the Embassy, but I see nothing wrong with confirming what U.S. policy has already been on the matter. There are security matters to be concerned with of course but anybody who would engage in terrorism against Israel or the United States or anyone else is of course in the wrong.

    What is the answer to those who would advocate or use violence just because Israel exists in the first place?

    1. Actually it part of the agreement with Congress where the embassy is and yes it will take time…

      Trump as every American President had to routinely sign off on this every 6 months…As with Ira and other things?…Trump doesn’t like doing so and has pushed those things back to Congress with him what they do NOT want to…

      The policy change is against 70 years of history by both Democratic and Republican President’s….

      One hopes there is no violence in reaction to this…

  2. And for better or worse, that’s the thing that many people say they like best about him.

    You know I do not like him, but it’s not right to overreact about something that is largely symbolic and that will only anger most those who are not our friends.

    All recent Presidents, of both parties, have said this should be done. Hillary had said so as well. It was one of the very few policy differences she had with Bernie Sanders.

  3. Furthermore, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is taking credit for advising Trump to announce this.

    They are in on this together.

  4. So, what are you saying then james?

    Schumer is a puppet of the Jews?

    Jewish-Americans there or anywhere are against the best interests of the US?

    Spell it out.

    1. If Trump does this?
      He did it…..
      Schumer ain’t stupid is he?
      Trump says for the media he still wants peace
      He doesn’t
      But Schumer plays to his base a la’ Trump

  5. You are making some very scurrilous insinuations about Schumer and the people he represents.

    I have no doubt that Schumer thinks this is in the best interest of the U.S. and Israel. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all agreed with the position.

    You can take your stance with Bernie Sanders.

  6. Moving the embassy was a terrible decision.

    The current Israeli government continues to treat its Arab population as second class citizens, and the movement of the Embassy suggests Trump supports that.

    I am willing to bet that there will be one or more terrorism attacks here in the US down the road that will result either directly or indirectly from this action.

    1. It seems like Trump that guy that yiu tell make a left turn?….And he instinctively makes a right….

      No problem for him….He’ll have taxpayer paid Secret Service protection for the rest of his life….

  7. It’s time to face the reality of the situation and stop jerking off the Palestinians with this threat to move our Embassy anytime they get uppity.

    This two country solution is anything but.

    With Israel having almost total control over the water supply, the West Bank is more like the an Indian Reservation.

    And let’s not even talk about Gaza where the term “Rocketmen” might apply.

    This is an ulcer that may never heal.

  8. The embassy is not moving anytime soon and this is a bipartisan position that has been advocated by Presidents and nominees of both parties. Chuck Schumer was the one who pushed Trump to do this, after Trump had expressed reluctance. The announcement was more symbolic than anything else, and the U.S., as a staunch ally of Israel should not care how people who are not our friends feel about it.

    It is a myth that Arabs are treated as second class citizens in Israel. How would Jews be treated in Palestine? The two state solution remains optimal but the current Arab leadership makes that unlikely to occur anytime soon.

    The UCC is an organization that is virulently anti-Israel and does not even believe that it has the right to exist.

    1. CG is correct on the proclamation being symbolic….

      The embassy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon….

      As I pointed out?

      Schumer, who is Jewish, has a strong base in Brooklyn where he lives and in New York State…
      Of course the boro and state has arabs also….
      They won’t be happy…
      But all politics IS local…

      My view is that BOTH sides in this REALLY have institutionalized a NO PEACE view that works for then politically…
      I know that’s harsh…
      But I just do NOT see the political will from EITHER side to form a lasting peace…
      This has been going on for more than a half a century….

  9. I still think it is extremely distasteful for you to depict Schumer or any other Jewish-American as not being loyal to the United States and instead being subjected to outside pressure over doing what they think was right.

    That sort of attitude should have been done away with during JFK’s 1960 campaign when he spoke of being a Catholic running for President.

    The claim that the problem in the Middle East is on “both sides” is as factually and morally incorrect as when Donald Trump suggested the same occurred in Charlottesville.

    1. I have NOT endorsed Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020….

      I HAVE said that she IS a rising name in the sweepstakes run…

      Joe Biden continues to be the leader in polling among DEMOCRATS for the nomination….

      And I would certainly vote for HIM….

  10. That 90-0 vote was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, not to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

  11. The Resolution most certainly included the provision directing the President to comply with the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy law. I linked the language.

      1. How about this?

        The State Department has not yet said whether the U.S. considers Jerusalem to be part of Israel, raising questions about the practical implications of President Trump’s recognition of the city as Israel’s capital.

        Trump reversed nearly seven decades of U.S. foreign policy on Wednesday in announcing that the U.S. would acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a controversial move that threatened to derail future peace talks in the region.

        But that decision left questions about the overall status of Jerusalem, which has long been at the center of tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians….


        As usual?

        Trump does shit…And his people have to paddle along….

  12. “Recognizes the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification and extends the Senate’s friendship and hopes for peace to Jerusalem’s residents and Israel’s people.

    Reaffirms support for Israel’s commitment to religious freedom and administration of holy sites in Jerusalem.

    Supports strengthening the mutually beneficial American-Israeli relationship.

    Commends Egypt and Jordan, former combatant states of the Six Day War, for embracing a vision of peace and coexistence with Israel and continuing to uphold their respective peace agreements.

    Reaffirms: (1) that it is long-standing U.S. bipartisan policy that the permanent status of Jerusalem remains a matter to be decided between the parties through final status negotiations towards a two-state solution; and (2) the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 as U.S. law, and calls upon the President and all U.S. officials to abide by its provisions.”


  13. How else am I supposed to interpret your comments?

    You are saying Schumer has this position because he is a Jew.


    He is succumbing to the wrong political pressure by Jews.

    That does nothing but question to loyalty of Americans.

    (Public opinion surveys would probably show that a larger percentage of Evangelicals wanted to push on this matter than American Jews)

    Believe me, Jews have heard those theories for generations.

    1. Chuck in my view took a chance to get points with HIS base
      I did not say it was smart
      It isn’t from a overall context
      But all politics is local….

      Schumer is just another human being
      He does good and he makes mistakes
      But above all
      Like most pols?
      He want to keep his job

  14. Shame on the State Department then. They are wrong. Maybe Schumer needs to press Trump some more to get his Administration in line with what U.S. law is.

    (Get rid of the “reply” feature. That is the unanimous view of the commenters here)

    1. No shame on therudderless State Dept under Tillerson

      Trump was warned to NOT DO THIS
      Like a kiddie kid he went ahead
      Not him will have to deal with the mess
      Tillerson couldn’t give a shit
      He’s gonna be gone soon

  15. If you think that 90 senators support moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, then you are not only dead wrong, but you are stupid. The vote was mostly to commemorate the 50th anniversary. I don’t know how many senators would support such a move, but I know it is far less than 90. If there was broad support for such a move, it would have happened at least decades ago.

  16. What’s “HIS” base? Evangelicals?

    You keep proving my point about the insinuation you are making. If you want Joe Biden to be President, do you think he can be independent of the wishes of the Pope? Should he be?

    Why do non-Jewish Senators support this move?

  17. Read the language of the resolution. It clearly refers to the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and calls for the President and all U.S. officials to comply with it. There’s no way around the fact that it is in there.

    The bill to move the Embassy passed in 1995. The vote in the Senate was 93-5 (Byrd was the only Democrat to vote no) and it passed the House 374-37.

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